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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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event. playery bubala is in thurmont now, as the summit gets started. mary? >> reporter: that's right, denise. the g-8 are here. it stands for group of 8. and they will sit down at a dinner table, very soon at camp david, which is behind me, in the catoctin mountains. they have lots to discuss, including the war in afghanistan. the crisis -- economic crisis in europe. all of this is happening under very tight security. >> reporter: the most powerful leaders of the world are in one of the most secure and secluded places on earth, camp david. roads leading into the presidential retreat are now shut down. and 11 states and national parks are on lockdown. a no-fly zone with a 30-mile radius over western maryland is in place, with fighter jets ready to respond to any threat. in the past, g8 summits have seen violent clashes on the
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street. but not at this one. >> reporter: since they can't occupy camp david, protestors were supposed to occupy the small town of thurmont. but so far, not many have shown up. >> what is your message to the g-8 leaders in the mountains here. >> we would love for them to show compassion in every decision they make today. and take into consideration the faces of humanity. >> reporter: instead of camping out in rural maryland, bus loads of protestors are arriving in chicago for the nato summit, which will draw the leaders and dozens starting sunday. >> reporter: the g8 represents some of the strongest in the world. >> it say -- if conditioned, we are facing thermal nuclear war. that is russia's prime minister's war. >> reporter: leading protestors to the site of the summit. >> we're not going to violate anybody's first amendment right. and i hope they don't violate our rights to peace and order. >> reporter: and if you recall, the g8 summit was supposed to be held in chicago. but president obama changed it
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to here at camp david, much more secluded. and he said said he wanted a more intimate setting. many protestors said he just wanted to keep all of the leaders away from confrontation. and for the most part, he did. my colleague, mike hellgren is here. really reporting on the town and how they're handling all of this. >> reporter: well, listen to this, mary. president obama has visited here 54 days during his presidency. his predecessor, george bush, by this time in his presidency, had visited camp david, 256 days. so you might think people here are kind of used to this. but not on this scale. >> it's a beautiful little town of 6,000 people. >> reporter: for many in thurmont, the protestors and reporters from around the world, covering them, are the attraction. >> it's not bad. it's quiet down and everything like that. >> reporter: it provides a little excitement? >> yes. >> reporter: a spectacle in a town, a few hundred feet below the retreat, where the world's power players are gathered. but also a world away. >> when i was a marine at camp
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david, under the reagan and bush administrations. it's surrounded by woods. a lot of deer and wild life. >> it's serene -- serene. quiet. you can take a stroll, the president can, knowing that the marines, air force and everyone up there in secret service are guarding him and he with k relax. >> we live down here. and we'll see the president's motorcade and the helicopters flying and everything. >> reporter: there's always some frustration here. >> putting our kids' life at risk. plus, i have my pit bull with me. he's fine. he'll protect me. >> reporter: but there are signs of a warm welcome. auto hard not to find a place decked out in red, white and blue. it's the american way. >> reporter: people in town are pretty much amused for the most part. because we live it. camp david is just over the hill from us. we see camp david coming and going. auto really in the anything that we don't see on a daily basis. >> reporter: and there's certainly a lot of drama going
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on behind the scenes with the tension between the united states and russia, with the new french president. this is his first time -- the first time on the world stage. so you know, we're not going to be able to see that. but the most interesting stuff is going on up in those mountains. and it's also important for the president, politically. this is an election year. >> is an election year. and you know, he's going to take everything that he accomplished here at the g8 summit and do a back-to-back summit. he heads to nato. this town will get back to normal. all of these g8 leaders head to chicago for the nato summit. most will leave tomorrow night. back to you. >> all right. thank you, mary and mike. stay with wjz for complete coverage, as world leaders arrive for the summit. and coming up at 6:30, mary will continue to report from camp david. and vic carter will report from the white house. murders, multiple shootings and now mass arrests. it's one of the largest roundup of suspects in recent baltimore history. alex demetrick reports, drugs
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and revenge hits cycle the violence. >> reporter: dorian kest was stabbed to death. the very next day, sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene of a triple shooting. alex vennable was murdered, two other men were wounded. federal and local law enforcement agencies say over the next eight months, revenge shootings claim one more life, and four more woundings. >> a shooting occurs over here. it spawns a shooting over here. and another over here. and in fact, one victim even allegedly was shot twice, as a part of this cycle of retaliation. >> reporter: a cycle police allege with three people at its center. robert moore, a stabbing victim, his wife, sarah hooker. and hooker's brother, donny adams, all charged with murder. another five suspects were all arrested on murder and attempted murder charges. here's how. >> surveillance. court-ordered wire taps. witness interviews, both in and outside of the grand jury. forensic work. cell phone tower tracking. and other investigative tools. >> reporter: charges also
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extend to seized cocaine. not in the amount seen here. but five kilos worth, which also brought six more arrests for a total of 14. >> reporter: according to law enforcement, cooperation among law enforcement agencies is going to mean more crackdowns and arrests. >> this law enforcement team is focused and dedicated to make an impact here in the city of baltimore. and you're seeing it today. and you'll see it in the future. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> agencies involved in the mass arrests were baltimore city police, the states and u.s. attorneys' office, and the dea. the maryland court of appeals will not reconsider a ruling that has upset many police agencies and state prosecutors. it will not overturn a ruling that bars police from collecting dna samples from people arrested on charges of committing a violent crime. now, the court says it violates constitutional protections of search and seizure. law enforcement argue it is
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just as legitimate as taking fingerprints. attorney general doug gansler says he will appeal the case all the way to the supreme court. and a controversial ruling from the state's high court. it will allow divorce for same- sex couples. the court ruled 7-0 that same- sex marriages from other states can be divorced here. maryland lawmakers approved same sex weddings this year. what an incredible end to what has been a very nice week. here's a live look outside right now. just doesn't get much better than this, unless you're off work. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. bob? >> interesting. that shot is looking often to the east. and that's where we're seeing the high clouds. that's where the clouds are going to pretty much remain. take a look at radar. there's no precipitation around. until we get down really to north carolina. coastal area. and on the south and north
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carolina border. some shower activity down there. it's going to stay there, probably until maybe sunday night or monday, when we think we might get a shower over portions of maryland. temperature-wise, right now, very, very pleasant once again. we're at 72. the cool spot, ocean city. at 63. oarveg land, at -- oakland alt 68. and temperatures now, running two degrees cooler right now than they were yesterday at this time. but oakland and cumberland, a little warmer than it was. tim has a lack at that preak -- look at that preakness forecast. tim? >> it's going to be gorgeous. our forecast high tomorrow, around 80 degrees with a bit of a shift in the wind from what is now a northeast wind, to basically a south and southwest wind, tapping into 83-degree temperatures. with the high pressure in control. what that means, daytime high tomorrow around 80, around post time, as temperatures drop into the evening, temperatures will be around 77. very dry, fast track. no mutters out there making a statement. it's going to be a quick dry
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infield for everybody. tell be a nice day out at old hilltop. we'll have your complete first warning forecast with bob economic up. but for now, back inside. >> the sun is in your eyes, tim. thank you. sun is going to be nice. just like tim said. complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija, live at historic hilltop. big day today, too, jess. >> absolutely beautiful. denise, i know you were out leer today. so -- here today. so many people having a wonderful time. the sun was shining. and i can tell you that there was a significant raiment of black-eyed susans consumed. >> black-eyed susan. >> it's delicious. i don't know what's in it. >> reporter: the drink of choice for racegoers. the black-eyed susan is a baltimore tradition. >> the official drink of the preakness stakes, folks. >> reporter: on the east of the 137th running of the preakness stakes, racing fans place their bets. >> my mom just passed away in 2010. and they called her memom. and the horse that is running in this case, it's called "it's
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me mom." >> i go by name. >> okay. name? >> how do you guys choose? >> i go by colors. >> reporter: it's the people's pink party at pimlico, with lady legends for a cure. retired jockeys, riding in support of susan g. komen. and a $30,000 female jockey challenge. with rosie napravnick. the first to win the kentucky oak. >> i love riding and seeing all of my friends and the people that got me started. it means a lot. >> reporter: black eyed susan day is a first for kentucky berby win -- derby winner, doug o'neill. >> it's cool. especially to see all of the female jockeys with all of the talent. >> my husband loves the horse races. so what better thing to do than to come and spend the day with my husband, doing what he loves to do. because then he can't complain. ♪ [ music ]
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and baltimore's own sagamore farms, owned by underarmour ceo kevin plank, has a horse. guys are cheering for the home team. that's the one we have to watch for. >> and the odds are so good. if he wins, you make a lot of money. >> and we can all retire. >> right. more on the horses in the field coming up later in sports. in the meantime, still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. status update. fairs book becomes a publicly traded company. did the launch go as expected? travel about two hours south. and we end nup solom-- end up in solomon's maryland. this little place received a national honor. and they'll be happy to tell you about it when we return. living in terror. a sniper taking aim at school buss in one -- buss in one community. ready for the weekend? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's sunny. 73 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. in today's healthwatch, several states around the nation are reporting cases of whooping cough. teresa garcia reports for wjz, the centers for disease control wants to get the word out. that vaccination is the best way to prevent the disease. [ coughing ]
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>> reporter: the centers for disease control says whooping cough is making a comeback. so far this year, there have been 9,000 cases in the u.s. that's a 50% increase from last year. health departments in new york, pennsylvania, illinois, minnesota, texas, arizona, and colorado are reporting hundreds of cases. wisconsin and washington have more than 1,000 each. >> they're seeing rates of disease that are higher than what they've seen had close to 50 years. >> reporter: whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection that triggers violent, uncontrol believa coughing, making -- uncontrollable coughing, making it hard to breathe. and teens and adults who lose immunity as they get older. >> reporter: california had a severe outbreak in 2010. but thanks to increased awareness and vaccinations, there were no deaths here last year. >> it's really important for all adolescents and adults to get their t dap booster.
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also, we're pushing for pregnant women to get vaccinated and boosted. it is really a high risk disease and risk for death. >> reporter: this mom caught whooping cough and gave it to her 2-week old daughter caroline. >> i said, oh, my gosh, it was me. and i had inadvertently given my newborn a potentially fatal disease. >> reporter: they both recovered. for heidi, she said it is now a no-brainer. she said getting a vaccine is the best way to protect you and your family. teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> the centers for disease control says the vaccine for whooping cough is effective, though not necessarily 100% effective. a respected member of baltimore's african american clergy is being remembered tonight. reverend marian baskum has passed away. he was a civil rights pioneer
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and pastor emeritus are if more than 40 years. he was also the first black fire commissioner of baltimore. he was 87 years old. it's always nice to get a compliment or be recognized. and now, mike schuh reports, that is exactly what happens on a national level to a small town in southern maryland. >> just what you can't drive any farther in calvert county, this boardwalk appears, a perfect place for families of all sorts. >> what do you girls like about the boardwalk? >> the ducks. >> the duck. >> feeding the ducks. >> we're in solomon's. there's water here, and here and here. you're newly surrounded. a place where watermen deliver crabs and meat directly to the restaurants. a place with a laid-back vibe. a place where we learn what made maryland great. >> right now, just sitting and enjoying the breeze. [ laughter ] >> a police generational book ends can relax in the gazebo. >> and i think that's what is so nice about it. you are -- you can be a
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pedestrian. you don't have to be in the car. >> reporter: it's such a nice, relaxed place, that you might think by now, someone might have spread the word. >> so this little stretch here, this mile, was named one of the friendliest, coastal towns in america by a national magazine. what do you think? >> well, so far, so good. i made it on the news. and i just got out of the car. [ laughter ] >> reporter: over a dozen restaurants are here. most, like stoney's on the waterman's pier are on the water. they figure this will help. >> hopefully it will bring more people down to the area. and have a good time. and check out the sights. >> reporter: in solomon's, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. and solomon's is located about an hour south of annapolis. >> it's a wonderful little town. love it. >> and friendly. >> and friendly, as we just found out. >> the bridge you saw that goes to the st. mary's caddy, that is the 302. >> the bridge? >> yes. >> that bridge is an amazing
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bridge. it really is. whoa. high and like a roller coaster. take a look at tips. don't like that bridge. 72 degrees. east winds, 6. barometer, 30.13 now. rising. come back and take a look at the preakness weather after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities...
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good evening. i'm mary bubala. reporting from thurmont. very close to camp david. we have had gorgeous weather. the catoctin mountains behind me. they always say it's the cooler weather. and that certainly is so. the sun has been shining brightly as the g8 summit gets under way. we'll get back to bob. he has more on the forecast. >> it's a good omen. beautiful weather. and it's going to continue all weekend long. particularly out there. take a look at temps in the area. really pleasant afternoon once again. we're at 72 here. up in thurmont, it's 69 degrees. 68 in oakland. 75 now in cumberland. and the cool spot with the winds off the ocean continuing there. 63 now. only in ocean city. locally, generally around the low 70s everywhere as you can see. 72, rock hall.
6:23 pm
by the by -- bay. and east winds. ocean city, a little stronger at 15 miles an hour. right off the ocean. winds a little east and northeast. later, over the weekend, i think they're going to turn more to the southeast. and when that happens, we'll have a longer fetch of some of that moisture from the ocean. we'll start seeing some clouds on sunday. maybe a shower late sunday night. but it appears it's probably going to hold off until maybe monday. and then monday, tuesday, into next week. there will be a risk of shower activity, probably every day. to the west of us, heat building. and it's going to stay there for a while. 92 right now in minneapolis. chicago, 85. detroit, as you get into the cooler air. 73. still high out to the west. you see memphis, warm and humid in the 90s. and 82. we're only 72 here. boston, winds offer the bay there, at 62 degrees. 96, you saw that out in phoenix. to the west, a weak front across the northern plains. eventually, some of that will approach our region. but really not until next week. in the meantime, we're watching this little disturbance off the
6:24 pm
coast of the carolinas, just kind of spinning around, spending around. not doing much. but we do think eventually it's going to head off to the negotiate and northwest. and that will probably bring us clouds. and yes, the risk of shower activity by early next week. in the meantime, pleasant, high pressure over the entire eastern half of the country. keeps us dry. right along the coast, maybe showers here along the carolina coast. maybe in southern virginia, perhaps by sunday afternoon. i don't think we'll see anything here in baltimore. probably until maybe monday, a shower. northeast winds, 10 to 15 on the bay. bay temp, around 66 degrees. clear. another cool night. pleasant, sleeping 47. by morning. close to 83 degrees with sunshine for the most part. high clouds. but that's not going to dim that nice, warm sunny afternoon. it's going to be a really nice day for the preakness. dry track. now, early in the morning, there will be some dew out there. right on the grass there. >> okay.
6:25 pm
>> we're talking not -- just regular dew. >> not mountain dew. we'll be clear about that. >> thank you, bob. volunteers hit the streetses to clean up one of baltimore's most historic neighborhoods. monique griego has more on the ongoing project in fells point. >> reporter: ron fermin isn't afraid to get down and dirty for his beloved fells point. >> well, it's my neighborhood. i spend a lot of time down here. and my business is down here. we want it to look beautiful. >> reporter: as the owner of max's broadway. fermin takes pride. and that's why he's spear- heading an effort to spruce up the square. >> we're digging tree pits. replacing trees. today, he was joined by volunteers from main street. the water front partnerships and a group from morgan stanley. >> cleaning up some of the debris that is around. pulling weeds. repainting some of the street signs. so they're raising their children. they're going out in the evening for dinner. and thaiptz to make sure that they live in a place that
6:26 pm
they're proud of. >> reporter: in addition to the local volunteers, cleanup crews are even getting some help from some sailors making a pit stop from far, far away. >> the sailors off of that ship from the japanese navy are also on the square, helping us out, hanging baskets on the square. >> reporter: fermin says it's going to take a continued and combined effort to make sure fells point remains one of baltimore's best neighborhoods. and that's why he hopes more people will consider pitching in. >> when i think of baltimore, i think of fells point. it's a great neighborhood. residents, community, businesses. all working together. >> reporter: monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> if you'd like to help with the upcoming cleanup, you can contact fells point main street. their number is 410-675-8900. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a new era. for the first time ever, a private company, ready to head into space. why it's critical for the future of space travel. controversial case. the fatal shooting of trayvon
6:27 pm
martin. what new evidence reveals about the night he died and his confrontation with george zimmerman. the g8 summit gets under way at camp david. i'm mary bubala. vic carter and i have more coverage. why is it the g8 summit? and why is it always the flash point for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. 72 degrees and sunny. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. billion-dollar business. fairs book officially becomes -- facebook officially becomes a publicly-traded company. and is worth now more than mcdonald's and many employees are now very, very rich. >> reporter: facebook's california headquarters look like a party on the day the company went public. after a half-hour delay, facebook stock opened in the late morning. more than 80 million shares traded in the first minute. the price moved higher before settling back down near the $38
6:31 pm
million listing price. earlier, fairs book ce -- facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rang the opening bell. >> i want to say to all of the people who use facebook and our product, thank you. >> reporter: the social networking site is worth $100 billion, making it the most valuable company to everybody go public. but zuckerberg that -- said that is not the goal. >> our mission isn't to be a public company. our mission is to make people more connected. >> reporter: facebook started in a dorm room. but now it has to turn a profit for investors. >> this gives facebook the opportunity to have larger acquisitions. >> reporter: thanks to this, zuckerberg now has a net worth of $20 billion. and many here at fairs book headquarters are millionaires. >> reporter: they have mixed opinions about joining the stock. >> everyone has a bright future. >> i'm not going to buy.
6:32 pm
it's overpriced. >> reporter: nasdaq officials presented mark zuckering -- zuckerberg with its first hoody. >> now, zuckerberg is facebook's largest shareholder and remain -- retains control of the country. a suspect in custody for two roadside murders. police arrested 28-year-old james willy this week for domestic disturbance. a gun was confiscated at that time. and ballistics tests marched the gun to both killings on the highways. police now believe willy was not posing as a police officer. but they weren't sure why his victims appeared to pull over for him. no word on a possible motive. drivers are relieved, hoping to get back to their regular routines. nearly 200 pages of documents, photos, video and audio rourkes. -- recordings. evidence in the trevon martin- george zimmerman case. >> reporter: in the
6:33 pm
surveillance video, trayvon martin has twebtsz minutes -- 20 minute toss live. he left the convenience store with scitlezs ask a -- skittles and a can of iced tea. he headed into a confrontation with george zimmerman. in this evidence file, detail of the fatal fight spill into public view for the first time. crime scene photos show the immediate aftermath. zimmerman's injuries, broken nose, gash. nearby, his 9-millimeter gun. paramedics found him lying on his stomach. the can of iced tea still cold in his sweat shirt pocket. they flipped over his body to perform cpr, unsuccessfully for six minutes. >> they're doing mouth to mouth. told them to stop. put him on the heart monitor. the monitor showed no heart activity. >> reporter: martin was shot around the heart.
6:34 pm
gun powder suggests that zimmerman shot him from no more than 18 inches away. they also note martin was hurt in the fight. no eyewitness saw the shot. but an unidentified one the file calls "witness 6 "says he saw martin beating on zimmerman. >> and then the one guy on top, in the black hoody was pretty much throwing down blows on the gierks kind of mma style. >> like a ground and pound? >> yeah, like a ground and pound on the concrete at this point. >> reporter: but three times, zimmerman refused to go to the hospital. and an early report maintains the confrontation was avoidable by zimmerman if zimmerman had aawaited in his vehicle for law enforcement. >> reporter: it is unclear where zimmerman is now in hiding. the jury has just gone home for the weekend in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards.
6:35 pm
edwards is accused of using campaign funds to cover up up an affair. neither edwards or his mistress ever took the stand in his defense. if convicted on all charges, he faces up to 30 years in prison. president obama is preparing to welcome the world leaders to the g8 summit. some of the biggest names on would world stage are descending on camp david, near the small mountain town of thurmont. complete coverage continues with my colleague, mary bubala, reporting from western maryland. >> reporter: the g8 meets every year. and this year, it's at a secluded location of camp david. but the issues are always very important. and as vic carter reports from the white house, the decisions that the world leaders make at this meeting can impact us all. >> reporter: the g8 is composed of the most powerful leaders in the world. they have been gathering for nearly 40 years. this year's meeting at camp david will address some of the most critical issues facing us all. >> reporter: in maryland's catoctin mountains, 70 miles from the white house, the presidential retreat, camp david, about to take center
6:36 pm
stage with the annual g8 summit. >> i can't think of many times in history when it was more important for the nations in the world, that members of the g8 to be together on all of this. >> reporter: the group includes leaders of the united states, united kingdom, france, russia, germany, japan, russia, italy. they meet to discuss common concerns. they say previous summits have focused on global security, the environment, and financial policy. >> for most people, we are so far removed from the g8. why should we care about what happens those couple of days? >> the thing that is going to hover over the summit will be the weakness of the global recovery in the wake of the great recession. >> reporter: the policies the leaders debate trickle down to everyday issues we all face, like gas prices. the cost of goods and how much your money is worth. >> the best we can hope for out of this is the possibility of more trade and more jobs. >> yeah. that's the idea.
6:37 pm
get more economic stimulus. every now and then, these make a difference. >> reporter: as host of this year's summit, president obama moved it from his hometown of chicago to maryland's camp david. >> it probably was a very good idea to move this meeting to a place where these people can actually get together and talk. and not have to worry about going out immediately after the meeting and having to come up with some sort of a progress report or a sound byte in all of that. this keeps it very, very serious. >> reporter: two of the largest nations are not members of the g8. but they have been invited to pint this participate this year -- to participate this year. they are china and india. >> tonight, after an opening dinner, the leaders will get down to business, discussing the world economic crisis, specifically focusing on greece. and tomorrow, they will focus in on the war in afghanistan. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. back to you. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the g8 summit.
6:38 pm
wjz the continue to bring you the latest from the summit, throughout the weekend. well, time now for a quick look -- quick look at the baltimore sun. the battle between the top two boys high school lacrosse teams in the area. some of the more unusual routines. preakness jockeys go through to get ready for the ride. and a small red fox has taken up residence at pimlico this spring. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather team. >> pimlico employed them from the fox hunt. still ahead on eyewitness news. danger in the line of duty. firefighters go through a roof. see what happens next. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. we'll look at a beautiful weekend for the preakness coming up in my exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,, ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm done. my skin's so raw. try new gold bond friction defense stick. it soothes skin and reduces friction. thanks, jimmy. think gold bond.
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a georgia grad student's battle with a rare flesh-eating bacteria continues to take a toll on her. amy copeland will now lose both of her hands and her remaining
6:42 pm
foot. he said the surgery was necessary in order to stop the bacteria from spreading and killing her. the 24-year-old became infected after cutting her leg in rizip line accident. a firefighter in oregon survives a frightening fall in a condominium fire. he was checking the roof for hot spots when it gave way. and as you see, he fell through. now, fortunately, other firefighters were able to reach him and pull him to safety. the damage caused by the fire is estimated at $1 million. a sniper scare has students at one part of atlanta, going to school with police protection. their buses were given police escorts, after a man was seen pointing a rifle at a bus monday. police say they recovered a gun, along with a note, listing school bus numbers. the fbi has joined the investigation. so far, no arrests have been made. well, nora o'donnell has a preview of whooses coming up tonight to the cbs evening news. facebook set a record for the most shares traded on his
6:43 pm
first day of public offering. but will it live up to all the hype? tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. ,,,,,, [ boss ] okay, okay.
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another near perfect spring evening. a live look outside right now. we know the forecast for the preakness looks good. but what about the beginning of next week. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. let's first go out to tim and talk about tomorrow. tim? >> it's going to be a gorgeous night tonight. that's going to translate into a nice start tomorrow. we'll go down to about 50 degrees, with sunshine and blue skies. we continue this trend right on through tomorrow. temperatures right on through the 60s. right on through the 70s. and we'll top out tomorrow, just around 80 degrees, with sunshine, blue skies, and low humidity. it's going to be a gorgeous day for saturday for this saturday in may. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> a few more clouds on sunday in the mid- to upper 70s. maybe a shower monday. probably a better chance sometime on tuesday. may get that warm. we have more clouds going to stay in the 70s. and partly cloudy. still a risk of a shower on wednesday. upper 70s, near 80 degrees
6:47 pm
again. kai? >> bob, thank you. a private u.s. company is just hours away from launching an unmanned rocket to the international space station. on board, lots of food equipment for the astronauts. randall pinkston reports for wjz, it could mark a new era in space travel. >> reporter: this is america's newest venture into space. a low-cost rocket, designed and built, not by nasa, but by space ex, a private corporation. the two states, falcon 9 rockets plan to blast off saturday morning and deliver the gragged cargo ship into space. >> this is no question this is a historic flight. >> reporter: this saturday first commercial spacecraft, designed to dock with the space station. the space shuttle program is over. so it's a cheaper way to get to space. >> if you do the math, that's about $133 million emission. that sounds like a lot. but in the world of space operations, that's a bargain. >> reporter: but that bargain comes with a price. the rocket has less power to maneuver than the shuttle.
6:48 pm
the unmanned falcon 9 has to launch directly into the space station's orbit. that means a narrow launch window. >> by 4:55 and a couple of seconds, we haven't lifted off, we will have to scrub. >> reporter: if all goes well, a robotic arm will grab the dragon and pull it in for a final docking, where it will unload over 1,000 pounds of supplies. >> reporter: wile the first priority of space exis to transport cargo, there are plans to modify the capsule to take humans into space by 2015. >> reporter: nasa says that may slip to 2015. >> but we're not going to preclude an earlier availability of services. we recognize that many of our partners believe they can get there quicker. and we certainly don't want to slow them up. >> reporter: space ex is one of a half dozen companies competing to take people into space. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> the forecasters put the odds of good weather at 70% for the
6:49 pm
launch. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. on the brink of horse racing history. can the kentucky derby winner win in baltimore, on his way to a triple crown? >> mark has the latest in pimlico, next in sports. ♪
6:50 pm
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let's check on how the odds are shifting. mark is live at pimlico, the wjz the fan sports report. hello. the big news on the preakness concerns maryland-based entry, tiger walk, owned by kevin plank. hall of fame jockey was supposed to ride tiger walk. but earlier today, in new york, disormo failed a breathalyzer test. so he has lost his preakness assignment. and ramon domingyez will ride it. we were live, 6:30 p.m. as kentucky derby winners ielg have another, headed out for his final track. the morning line favorite is bob aboveord's entry, bodie meister. bodie meister finished second to i'll have another at churchill downs. the derby winner trainer talk said about tomorrow's challenge. >> i think we'll be okay. and i think we've got a horse who is versatile enough to give bodie some heat early.
6:53 pm
and then, ideally settle a little bit. and go after him again late. >> reporter: i'll have another is doug o'neill's first winner in a triple crown race. meanwhile, bob aboveord has won nine, including five here at the preakness. ladies day here at pimlico, featuring the phillies and the black eyed susan stakes. four in a group stampede to the finish. in lingerie will take the lead. and coming up from behind, to capture the second race, the gray horse, disposable pleasure. in lingerie wins the black-eyed susan. they are stable mates, both trained by todd pletcher. what is a big weekend of racing here in baltimore. and a big baseball weekend, down the road in washington, d.c., where the orioles will take on the nationals in an interleague series. both rate it as a big surprise. buck showalter's orioles are in first place with the best record in the american league. winners of seven straight road
6:54 pm
games. davey johnson's nationals are off to that team's best start, since the franchise move to washington. just a half game out of first place in the national league east. big crowds expected at nats stadium. and many orioles fans will be there. so how much of a rivalry is this series? showalter weighs in. >> if it's important to our fans, it's important to us. you know. initially, you know, we're just busy trying to prepare three starting pitchers to play offense. and we all know, at least i think, that it's obviously an adventure to the national league team. >> kind of get a feel for the atmosphere of it. >> reporter: their first up- close look. brooks harper, 19 years old. a couple of weeks into his major league career. this has helped energize a washington lineup that has needed offense to go with his pitching. pitching has been a difference for the o's so far.
6:55 pm
jake arrieta getting this. o's coming off a two-game sweep in kansas city. veteran right-hander will start with the nats. he last faced the birds in 2010, when he was with the white sox. first pitch, 7:05. see it on masn. baseball preakness, and the college lacrosse tournament. it means it must be the month of may. national quarter finals in annapolis. tomorrow, long-time rivals, maryland and johns hopkins. the terps beat the rays last month. also, top seed loyola will take on denver. that game also in annapolis. a whole lot going on. and we have it covered for you. i'll have orioles highlights for you tonight. all tonight at 11:00. back to you for now. >> great weekend for sports. ,,,
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's an episode of blue blood. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. i'm kai jackson. and for bob and mark, i'm denise koch. don't go away, there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with pgh >> rodriguez: tonight the facebook frenzy. as investors pour billions into
6:59 pm
the company, the price of the brand new stock barely moves, but facebook employees become instant millionaires. reports from anthony mason and john black stone. what witnesses say happened just before george zimmerman shot trayvon martin to death in sanford, florida. mark strassmann has the latest on the evidence. the congress get anything done? nancy cordes on the battle over protecting women from violence. >> stop playing games with the lives of women! pgh >> rodriguez: and steve hartman "on the road" with a man who gives america's fallen heroes a star-spapbd -led honor. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm nora o'donnell. the biggest game in town was south of manhattan where the debut of facebook stockne


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