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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and
11:01 pm, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. facebook flops. the social network giant goes public with the second biggest opening in history. the disappointment for investors tonight and who is really getting rich off the deal. here's what people are talking about tonight. anticipation turns to embarrassment. the social network company with 900 million users ends the day right where it started. edward lorens has more. >> if you bought a share of facebook stock you are now 23
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cents richer. ended its first trading day just above its opening price. >> we have basically a nothing percent gain, so they unveiled the great new starlet and she fell on the red carpet. >> mark zuckerberg made $23 million on paper. his company is now worth more than $100 billion, more than am aan, disney and starbucks. he rang the bell remotely from the west coast. >> in the past 8 years all of you out there have built the largest community in the history of the world. you have done amazing things that we never would have dreamed of. >> reporter: he made many people here instant millionaires. many of facebook neighbors. >> some hope they share their
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wealth. >> hope they will put in some walking paths and better ways to get across the road. >> reporter: the public offering is all anyone has been talking about all week. >> are you kidding? is there stock left? how much is it? >> reporter: right now it costs $28.23 a share. now the sec is looking into what caused some glitches in early trading of facebook shares. the stock began trading about half an hour late. baltimore county police arrest a man for stabbing his father several times. police tell us the 23-year-old son got into an argument with his father. the son was also hurt in that fight. both men however are expected to survive. a key decision in maryland's same sex marriage. the state's highest court unanimously rules to allow
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couples married in other states states. >> reporter: say the appeals court is a step in the right direction for legalizing same sex marriage here in maryland. for years jessica port has been trying to divorce her partner. >> we both want closure. >> reporter: in 2010 a judge refused to grant the divorce because he doesn't consider the two women legally married. now a court of appeals unanimously overturned that marriage. >> it means that -- which is a big steppingstone. >> the impact of this decision affects family law, estate, all kinds of rights that married couples have. >> the governor who signed the bill legalizing same sex marriage said the court's ruling is a step forward. >> the laws of other states have found ways to protect the
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rights of individuals in the context of civil marriage and our state needs to do the same. >> but opponents disagree, a spokesperson tells wjz this is merely an example of how the courts and the legislature continue to be out of step with the clear will of the people. they say they already have 2/3 of the signatures they need to put same sex marriage to the referendum. >> for now i can be happy that maryland is moving in the right direction. >> reporter: opponents must turn in 55,000 signatures by the end of next month to get same sex marriage on the ballot in november. reporting live, eyewitness news. all right, thank you, megan. if the law legalizing same sex marriage does stay intact through the november election those marriages can begin january 2013. well, murders, conspiracy and drugs, police say they have brought to a halt a year long
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cycle of violence. a year long investigation ends with the arrest of 14 people. they are suspected in a crime spree that included 2 murders, 6 wounding shootings and many drug deals. tells us this is the biggest round up in recent baltimore history. some of the world's most powerful politicians are in western maryland. they are meeting to battle tough economic issues. president obama welcomed leaders to the mountain retreat tonight and they will talk about everything from the european financial crisis to -- with the latest developments from the summit. >> the most powerful leaders in the world are now in one of the most powerful and secluded places in the world, camp david. 11,000-acres of state and national park are on lock down.
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a no fly zone with a 30-mile radius is in place. in the past ga summits has seen violent clashes on the streets but not at this one. since they can't occupy camp david protesters were supposed to occupy the small town of -- but so far not many have shown up. >> what is your message to the leaders above you. >> we would love for them to show some compassion in every decision that they make today and take into consideration the faces of humanity. >> reporter: bus loads of protesters are arriving in chicago which will draw the g8 leaders starting sunday. france, germany among the elite leaders here. >> if that continues we are facing nuclear war. >> reporter: leading protesters, even in small numbers to the site of the
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summit. >> we're not going to violate anybody's first amendment rights and i hope they don't violate our rights. >> reporter: and had security measures in place but they did not have to activate any since the crowds were small today. now, police in chicago are much busier dealing with protesters. hundreds of members of occupy chicago stalled traffic. officers? in riot gear -- a giant has fallen. just one way reverend marion bass couple is being remembered tonight. the civil rights leader passed away of a heart attack. he was a leader in the founding of associated black charities and baltimore's first black
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fire commissioner. he was 87. controversy just hours before the preakness, a well known jockey is barred from racing tomorrow because he failed a breathalyzer test today. he was supposed to ride under ceo -- plank's team quickly found a new jockey. when those horses take the track the nation's eyes will be on baltimore. preakness weekend is filling the city's streets, restaurants. live downtown, kai jackson has the report. >> preakness is a big boost and it's not over yet. with summer like weather and thousands of people, preakness week got off to a big start. >> there's so much energy in the air, it's so cool to see all the female jockeys are so talented and trying to get the shine today. just having a wonderful time.
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>> reporter: may look forward to the race, but business owners say the sure bet is the steady stream of revenue it brings. the 137th running of the preakness state put baltimore in the national spotlight and so do events leading up to that day like this massive party. >> this is an invaluable piece of baltimore's history. >> hotels are booked. the new 4 seasons says it's 90% full. in recent years the future of the preakness has been on shaky ground. if the race left, businesses say it would be devastating. all those in little italy say with the prom all generating millions of dollars. >> without preakness it would be devastating. >> reporter: all the traffic you see down here, part of the preakness festivities, back to
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you. the downtown partnership says while many hotels and restaurants are booked they believe there will be plenty of places to dine after the race. a hospital ripped apart by the powerful tornado. see new video. plus a teacher's aid in trouble. the accusations against him and how his arrest is tearing apart the school community. >> keep going ma'am, this is very important. don't stop. >> calm under pressure. why some baseball fans will recognize that heroic voice. i'll have your complete weather forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kai jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano, it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,
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it is mostly clear, 60 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete weather forecast is coming up. you are looking at just released surveillance video from a hospital in joplin missouri. it shows what happened at the moment the tornado hit. now eventually the camera was ripped from the wall. a new hospital is currently under construction and tuesday will be the first anniversary of the joplin tornado. an incredible scene in houston as the former church is destroyed by fire. the smoke could be seen for miles as the now abandoned
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building crumbled. watch as a wall collapses from the intensity of the blaze. a nearby day care was evacuated. firefighters say in the end no one was injured but the cause is still under investigation. after a teacher's aid is arrested for committing lewd acts with a child. police say they arrested jorge dome i think ez. apartments were told -- parents were told about the accusations at a meeting but one said it did more harm than good. >> some believe he did it, some believe he didn't. it didn't put parents at ease and just the way it was brought to people's attention divided everyone. >> reporter: police say the boy was not a student at the school. dome i think ez's bail is set at. a toddler nearly drowns in
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the family bathtub. she might have died if not for a calm 911 operator and tonight we have learned that the life saving voice was none other than the voice of the baltimore orioles. >> my granddaughter has drowned. >> reporter: when this frantic call came into the 911 call center late last week it was david mcgowan who picked up the line. >> keep going ma'am, this is very important. >> reporter: only on the job for 5 months and still technically a -- his biggest weapon, his steady baritone voice and he used it to try to calm the desperate grandmother as they walked through the paces of performing cpr. >> david has a great voice. >> reporter: a strong voice that many baseball fans know well. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to
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oriole park at camden yard. >> i was also the stadium announcer up until i started here. >> for 14 years he was the voice. he retired from baseball in january and says he looked for a job where he could help people but he probably never thought he would actually save a life. >> she said the baby is breathing and i felt great. i said, you know what, i made the right job choice. >> reporter: the police department is investigating the incident. police say the grandmother was distracted. a florida company reveals their plan to salvage the costa concordia. crews will first patch the hull and then build an under water platform. cranes will lift the ship on to the platform so it can be towed
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away. the company said it will take one entire year to complete the job. the job of taking supplies to the international space station -- the first space x low cost rocket is set to blast off in about 5 hours. the space station will use a robotic arm. the senior class at one indiana high school adds a little color with the school's walls and they did it with post it notes. no one got in trouble because the principal was in on the senior prank. she did leave them one big post it note and it read, clean up this mess. >> i hope they recycled all of that, that's a lot of paper. >> that's a very good point, bob, give them a call. >> we have a good weekend coming up. take a look at temps now. we're 60, a little warmer than
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last night. no wind at all. the barometer is holding steady, 30.18 inches right now. 52, ocean city has been chilly there all day. 58. 60 here, 58 up in ellington. locally temperatures right around the upper 50s to the low 60s right now. the lower area is down by the bay and annapolis also at 64. 75 degrees today. beautiful afternoon. dry and sunny. 74 is the average high. this morning a chilly 47. the city got down to 42 this morning. 53 the average low coming up. 97 the record in 1962 and 1973 a chilly 35 degrees this late in may. no wind here but we have a gentle east, northeast wind in
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most regions right now and that's going to continue and eventually some of that ocean moisture is going to start moving our direction. already down to the south, a lot of clouds down there. there's been some rain off shore. some of that will eventually start moving into the carolinas. might see a shower here monday. in fact this system is slow moving. another front coming in from the northwest. we may see a chance of showers every day this coming week. not an all day event. maybe showers in the afternoon. you see some clouds here. these are high clouds. but for the weekend, clouds still over us. really nice temperatures. a lot of sunshine for the most part. all in all a very pleasant weekend for the entire region. along the coast a few more clouds. bay temp around 66 tonight. generally clear, 47 by morning
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the normal low. sunshine and some clouds, high near 80 for the preakness 77, mainly sunny skies, but dry. 78 on sunday. a few more clouds, maybe some scattered showers monday, tuesday and wednesday. if we get more clouds temperatures will probably be staying in the 70s, enjoy the weekend, denise. i will. coming up more drama for the other -- other orioles. next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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mark is here with our fans the sports report. says the reason they are doing so well is they brought back the bird. >> they are winning on the road. they are winning in extra
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innings and doing it primarily with good pitching. that's how the orioles have built the best pitching in the american league and all that played out in the season opener. 37,000 fans at gnash park to see the two teams meet for the first time while both have winning records. a dominating performance. he threw 7 strong innings, allowed just one run, tied his career high with # strike outs. but the mets pitched just as well. their starter jackson went 8 innings and jackson struck out 8 orioles. once again the os go to extra innings. nick up, high and deep to right field, there it goes and holds up in a 2-1 victory. the os have won -- the os are flying high. the big news on the eve of
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preakness here failed a breathalyzer test today. so he loses his assignment to ride tiger walk in the preakness. ramon has been picked to take his place. he won the missed preakness stakes. he will ride tiger walk, the maryland trained horse. >> don't have a lot of time to prepare but now we know [ indiscernible ] what they might like and what they might not and you just try to focus on your horse. >> reporter: 4 maryland raised horses will race tomorrow. the ladies were featured today. great finish for the fillies. in lingerie will win the black i do susan.
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-- eyed susan. they are stable mates. calvert hall and lee ole a, the top two teams in the area. it's a blow out. the cardinals unleash a barrage. calvert hall wins the a conference for the 6th time. winners go to the national semifinals. you have hawkins, lay ole a, maryland. >> and you have got baseball. >> and the preakness. >> yes. thank ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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