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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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> craigslist case cracked. police arrest the man they say lured online buyers to baltimore then robbed them. >> how police say he was already plotting his next attack. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the man arrested apparently carrying his crimes out in public. megan mccorkel have the shocking place officers made the arrest. >> reporter: david brown was using computers at the central library to log on to craigslist and today that's exactly where they found him. it was behind these doors at
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the central library where police say david brown set his scheme into motion. and it was here behind a computer screen he was busted. >> we suspect that he may have been lining up his next victim. >> reporter: police say brown used library computers to postfake ads on craigslist. advertising big ticket items like watches. police have linked brown to four cases, at one he fired a shot at a victim who ran away. but when police showed up at the library, brown had nowhere to run. >> you're taking advantage of the little something they give us. >> reporter: everyone who uses the library has to swipe their
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library card and the websites visited can be traced. >> when i do go to meet people i always take somebody with me. >> there's a lot of things on social network you didn't trust. >> reporter: because you never know who's really on the other end of the computer. >> reporter: and police are now questioning brown to see if he's linked to any other armed robberies here in the city. live at police headquarters, megan mccorkel. >> brown got away with nearly $5,000 from two victims just this month. hughly's lawyers fired a motion that claims there were at least eight trial and pretrial errors before a jury found him guilty of murder. love was beaten at her the áf dorm room. police are on high alert beefing up patrols at the inner
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harbor. the area is under scrutiny after several robberies. you're watching a flash mob robbery in progress, young people storm ago convenience store in montgomery county just months ago. witnesses describe a similar scene steps from the inner harbor where the manager said he was punched in the face trying to stop the thieves. police say some were students. legel is active in the community and works downtown. >> it's really disconcerting for a group of kids just to show up like that and to do the amount of damage they did and you know to beat up the owner of the store and i guess steal money and stuff. i mean it's just not right. >> reporter: school officials aren't talking it's the talk of the school according to this student. >> i know a whole bunch of kids went down to the city. i think it's crazy they would do that over slurpees, i doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: wjz has reported
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on kids of unruly kids getting into fights and blocking traffic on st. patrick's day weekend. the same weekend a tourist was beaten and stripped naked. new patrols involving school police and better camera technology to watch the streets. >> i hope they get the parents of these kids and sit them all down and give them a stern lecturing of what's proper behavior. >> reporter: they are working with city police to identify the students involved in that incident at 7/11. >> reporter: 80 people have been murdered in baltimore city this year one more than this time last year. well, take a good look at this picture, police say this man has been sneaking into women's bedroom and taking pictures underneath a stall.
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she was using the restroom at harbor place. a maryland man is arrested for an unthinkable crime repeatedly running over a kitten with his truck. michael alamoney is charged with animal cruelty and mutilation. he was caught on camera crushing a stray kitten. that video is being held as police evidence. alamoney is free on bail tonight. uncertain future for nearly 2,000 workers at sparrow's spoeupbt. >> reporter: this mill was once a thriving operation. maryland's biggest employer. >> it used to boom when i was here. >> reporter: soon it'll be a mill that once was. >> everybody thought they had a perfect job here. but it went bankrupt on them. they ain't got nothing. >> reporter: owner rg steel has announced it's laying off
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nearly 2,000 workers on june 1st. though disappointed state leaders say they are not surprised the company has been struggling financially since rg steel bought the plant last year. >> it's not the employees that's the problem, it's the market price for steel and it's the cost of raw materials. >> reporter: the baltimore county executive is hoping another company will buy the mill from rg steel to explain the cuts are the result of continued uncertainly regarding the outcome of discussions with our lenders. which means anxiety for business owners like gabrielle lessons. >> i think it's going to get really bad. >> reporter: lesson run rj calf day and relies -- cafe and relies on the steel workers. the maryland department of labor is helping those workers with unemployment benefits, training opportunities and of
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course finding a new job. weijia jiang, wjz. a beetle from china almost made its way from the port to the forms. the beetle is the size of a fingernail. port inspectors managed to find one. with no natural predators in the states it could have caused devastating damage to crops. this is video from the height of this afternoon's rush hour on route 50. you can see the major back ups on the road to the beach. here's a live look at the highway near sandy point where the road is still busy but moving well. all of those cars you see represent dollars for business
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owners. gigi barnett explains why they're so optimistic. >> reporter: at the start of memorial day weekend, businesses are geared. according to aaa, 89% of travelers will hit the road this weekend. it's a good thing gas prices are lower this month than last month. >> i paid $3.98. much better than it was a few years ago. >> i don't know how much work it can get but it can only get better hopefully. >> reporter: add together a slightly improving economy. >> we had a big weekend last weekend with the cruisers. and hopefully this weekend will be as big as that. that was a phenomenal weekend
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actually. >> reporter: a sunshining weather forecast. >> on vacation you want good weather, you want good weather do go out and see the sights. >> reporter: police have a warning for drivers this weekend, slow down and put the cell phones away. they are out in force. at the bay bridge, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. ocean city is looking forward to big crowds this weekend the town expects to see its biggest numbers for the fourth of july holiday. coming up tracking a thief, when an iphone the stolen on a disney cruise how these series of photos solved a crime. three toddlers were discovered in a shed. who discovered them and who left them there. a nice weekend coming our
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way, i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 32 degrees and clear in central m. maryland. incredible video, the roof of the house was torn off and only a couple of walls were
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standing. the owner says the family took shelter in the basement before the storm hit. police say they locateed the mother of three children that were found in a shed. the children are all believed to be under the age of four. officials say the toddlers are healthy and were placed in protective custody, so far no charges have been filed. the man who confessed to killing manhattan child patz is now facing murder charges in this case. pedro hernandez is being held in a hospital room after making suicidal statements. >> reporter: pedro hernandez appeared in front of a judge via video from a hospital room. he is facing charges for the killing of patz. hernandez was hospitalized after making statements about
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killing himself. hernandez is bipolar -- police searched the scene friday. a law enforcement source tells cbs news it was hernandez brother-in-law who tipped off detectives to hernandez. but lopez isn't talking now. >> so you weren't the one who made the known call? >> reporter: hernandez could get 25 years to life behind bars if convicted. now hernandez did not speak and did not enter a plea at his
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arraignment. the judge in the john edwards corruption trial closes the courtroom this afternoon. katherine engle admonished discussing the trial. unusual behavior in the jury has been noted. a passenger on a cruise ship's stolen iphone is tracked down because the person who had it kept taking pictures and those pictures were streaming on the mccathy's facebook page. one of those photos showed an employee of the disney cruise line. kathy forwarded the photo to disney, they are working to make amends with the guest. you don't have to fly to the moon to get a moon rock you can just go on ebay. an object proported to be a
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moon rock is for sale. the asking price is just over .25 of a million dollars. nasa confirms they have lost track of their lunar materials. they say over 430,000 samples were created. many of them were given as gifts or placed on loan to museums or for research. these party crashers, take a look at a herd of cows bellied up to a backyard bar. they stumbled upon the party. they ran the guests off and started knocking over the cans and lapping up the beer. fortunately the buzz bovines were easy to herd. they made it back home without further problems. and they're sleeping it off tonight. >> they knew it was a holiday weekend. >> swapping swash. >> how about that. >> we have a new tropical storm. take a look at temp conditions
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around here. clear skies, beautiful night. humidity 84%. barometer way back up. 30.12. 68 ocean city. 75 in washington, and locally temperatures generally around the 70-degree mark. not doing to get very cool around tonight. this batch of clouds beginning to form around here. we've been talking about it just about two minutes ago. the national hurricane center named it tropical storm burrell. kind of spin right in there. however it will be moving generally to the southwest toward southern georgia and northern florida believe it or not to our north we have a front could bring us a brief perhaps in some spots isolated shower or thundershower. most of our activity will be over to our north. take a another look at burrell,
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just announced but it's heading down toward florida believe it or not. it will not get much stronger. there's a lot of sheer. it's going to bring a lot of rain to north florida, maybe a little bit to south carolina, over the memorial day weekend. these folks probably going to have a pretty wet sunday and monday. unfortunately this just formed and this will be down to the southwest believe it or not. higher pressure over our region that's pushing it in that direction. it's not going to go out to sea it's going to head down toward the northern sections of florida. for our region hot and humid weather with high pressure bringing southwest winds around here. cooler weather to our north, will be in the heat humidity all weekend, that means slight chances of pop up showers each day. slight. tonight generally clear. 66 by morning. tomorrow lots of sun, maybe a few clouds here and there.
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but it'll be warm and humid. a high near 90 degrees. the next five days, 90 on sundays. maybe 92 monday for memorial day. slight chance of a shower near 88 and 86. a better chance tuesday into wednesday of thunderstorms and it will cool down after that, denise. >> thank you, bob. check in with gigi barnett and similar williams tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. coming up, the good times keep rolling for the o's. friday night fireworks and news of a new contract for a fan favorite. mark has all the details next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. >> mark is here with our fan sports report. >> you can say the team is enjoying some good fortune and it's literally a fortune for one player we'll tell you about that. the team is in first place, the fans are excited and a big part of the orioles future is about
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to be secured. all reasons for a baseball joy in baltimore. now that important future piece is outfielder adam jones, he's on the brink of agreeing to a new contract that would make him the highest paid oriole ever. jones stands to receive more than $185 million. but he's suffice to say it's the orioles pitching that pays off the most. six shut out innings, seven strike outs for hamel came to bat. that would include jones. he would add to his career hitting streak to score nick markakis. the o's got five runs in that 5th inning and jones has a hit now in 16 straight games. and of course it's not an oriole game without a home run. chris davis would deliver that in the 7th inning. the o's have the most home runs in the players and they end up
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rolling over the royals 8-2 the final score. 11,000 people bought their ticket today, that's a record walk up crowd. >> it was an incredible crowd tonight. it's been fun to see the stands fill up and just continued to play good baseball. hopefully it continues. >> good baseball means first place. still one game against tampa bay and two games against kansas city this weekend. you can see the series finale on sunday, first pitch comes your way at 1:30. it is championship weekend in college lacrosse. the final four will meet in boston. maryland meets duke in the second game. the winners will play for the national title on monday. the women's final four
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underway, stoney brook new york. north western takes the lead. the wildcats would go on to win it 9-7. north western moves on to face syracuse for the woman's title on sunday. the best in high school track and field are in baltimore this weekend. morgan state plays host to the state championship. today's action featured a state record on the heat for the boys, four by 200-meter relay. watch this blazing finish. this is henry wise high school of pg county. this kid is going. again that is a state record the three day meet will conclude tomorrow. that's like vic carter back in the day. >> tipped my hand off, would have been prettier than this. >> i'm not laughing at you i'm laughing with you. >> that's true. >> coming up, maryland in maryland. maryland. >> we'll ,,,,
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a 70-year-old maryland woman is ready to tie the knot for the first time. debra schultz says she searched her entire life to find mr. right and she has finally found him. schultz said she had to kiss a lot of frogs. >> he still doesn't have a name. take a look at dozens of m marilyn's gathered.
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230 took part in the fundraiser for cancer research. i could pick the guys out pretty easily. we'll know it in a few weeks if it'll be recognized as a world record. well, support your local bison. there's now a foundation. they want the bison to be the national mammal. the bison population has recovereded from near extension ÷ç??wó
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letterman is next, billy crystal. that's it for tonight everyone. i'm vic cart


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