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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> this is wjz tv, and baltimore. >> cannibal a college student admittings he murdered his schoolmate. >> new insight from the suspect's friends. i'm vic carter. a chopped up body parts of missing man. a suspect admits to committing acts of cannibalism on that body. meghan mccorkell has the story. >> reporter: both the suspect and the victim at one point were stundents here at morgan state university.
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it was inside of a joppatowne home they shared. behind this door a house of horror. it's here police say 21-year- old alexander kinyua confessed to eating the harts and parts and brain of a missing man. >> human remains specifically head and hands were recovered on the main floor of the residence. >> reporter: police believe they belong to 32-year-old kujoe agyei-kodie. the rest -- two days before the murder, kinyua was released. he was in the process of being expelled from school after he attacked another student with a baseball bat here in the dorm. >> i just heard it was a random attack. he was walking down the stairs and boom. just hit him. >> reporter: that student
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suffered a skull fracture. friends say kinyua had a drastic personality change. >> i heard he may have been a bit out of the ordinary at times. >> reporter: the victim also a grad student, a native of ghana held several masters degrees. >> very scary especially knowing so close to home. >> reporter: a grizzly murder and still no motive. detectives so far kinyua showed any remorse for the attack. live on the campus, meghan mccorkell wjz eyewitness news. a judge tonight bail for kinyua today. breaking news in prince george county. five children rushed to a hospital after being hit by a suv. a woman accidentally hit the gas and ran over the children.
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police are interviewing her now. the children range in age from 1.5 to 11 years old. the victim of another crash in serious condition tonight. near route 450 in annapolis anne arundel county police tell us a truck tried to change lane. one of the drivers was flown to the hospital. a lockdown on campus of umbc when student was seen with a gun. >> reporter: police swarmed around a umbc apartment after a female student called 911. >> it was not a threat. >> reporter: the campus police chief immediately sent out text messages to all students. >> police in area and walker avenue report a man with gun stay inside. >> reporter: when police arrived they found a car and
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inside the gun they were looking for. the man and woman identified could not be found. as police begin searching for the suspect, cell phone text messages warned students who were not yet on campus to delay their arrival and warn those already here to stay indoors. >> i was really shocked. i didn't know what to do. >> before i was got on campus, i was sitting in my car for a while. >> reporter: campus wasn't closed because he ascertained the threat was isolated to a specific area of campus. we didn't feel it was necessary or prudent to close the rest of the campus. >> reporter: a door to door search came up empty handed. >> makes you wonder why it happened. it seems weird it would happen here because it is relatively safe. >> reporter: derrick valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. campus police confirmed the
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suspect is a student and the gun was a starter pistol. they have not filed out charges yet. another scare on a local college campus. police looking for a armed man who attacked a police officer. he hit the female officer yesterday morning as she took times out -- items out of her truck. after 9 days of deliberation john edwards fraud case ends in a mistrial. edwards was charged using campaign money to hide his pregnant mistress. >> reporter: john edwards left the greensboro, north carolina courthouse said he broke his marriage vow but not the law. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful lot that was wrong.
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there is no one else responsible for my sins. >> reporter: edwards was acquitted for one count of campaign finance fraud. the jury deadlocked on the other five. prosecutors say edwards accepted almost a million dollars on campaign contribution. edwards defense argued the 2008 presidential candidate considered the donations gifts. the prosecution relied heavily on testimony of andrew young. >> the ones who did testify andrew young and his wife, obviously this juror said wasn't credible enough upon which they were going to find a guilty verdict. >> reporter: edwards did not testify. after the judge declared a mistrial, he thanked his family. >> i don't think god is threw with me. i really believe he still think
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there's some good things i can do. >> reporter: prosecutors could move for another trial. legal experts say that is unlikely. wjz eyewitness news. now the jury spent nearly 50 hours trying to reach a verdict. if edwards had been convicted, he could have spent 30 years in prison. tough times for rg steel filed for bankruptcy. they announced plans next week. the paperwork shows the company owes more than $1 billion. 2000 workers will lose their jobs. police catch a man accused of committing crimes. state police arrested brian williams for recording boys using bathrooms at chesapeake house. now police want any other possible victims to come
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forward. williams drives a gray hyundai sin gnaw a. tour buses brought to a hault. it is the result of a year long investigation along the i-95 corridor. >> reporter: discount buses are are a popular way to travel. a government crack down has put many of them out of business. after a series of fatal accident, the department of transportation shut down operations. government leaders call it imminent hazards to public safety. >> these operators put passengers and other motorist at risk. >> the problem is, they are operating vehicles that are unsafe. they are driven by drivers who aren't commercial drivers. >> reporter: the bus services
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shut down are based in six states. many use the highly traveled i- 95 car dor to new york -- corridor to new york. eyewitness news talked with a man who supports the crackdown. >> you got a man on the road and i think complies with the program is the right thing to do. >> reporter: authorities accuse some of violating laws. we're told the discount bus company pick people up from this area here in southeast baltimore which used to be the baltimore travel plaza. the scrutiny from all of these companies is just gotten tighter. >> unfortunately these companies change their names and keep going. it's very hard to track them down. >> reporter: washington d.c. safety advocacy group says last year there were 24 motor coach crashes that resulted in 34 fatalities and
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467 injuries. >> you can learn which bus companies have safety violations by going to and clicking on this story. a carol county family came face to face with unsuspected visitor. they snapped this picture of black bear near their manchester home. they have seen all kinds of animals that their neighborhood. luckily the bear turned around and went home back to the woods. a quiet bar turns chaotic in a blink of an eye. a not so sweet decision. the ban on some sodas stirring up a big controversy tonight. a 15-year-old girl makes
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spelling bee history. the bright future of that incredible girl. a stormy and wet friday. but what about the weekend. forecast coming up next. that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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. >> it is clear and 70 degrees in central maryland right now. complete forecast is coming up.
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first amazing video from inside a bar in minnesota a truck comes crashing through the front door. six people including the driver was taken tost hospital. police say a medical problem caused the driver to veer off the road. commuters in detroit will face a dangerous drive home. the water rose above 4 feet stranding cars. no injuries have been reported. the former rutger student convicted of using a web cam had started serving his prison sentence. he gave us his right to remain free. his roommate committed suicide after learning he was spied on while kissing a man.
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the judge should have imposed a tougher punishment. a strange case of breaking and entering in one cleveland neighborhood. police say susan warren goes into homes and cleans them without being asked. they say she doesn't steal anything but leaves a bill for $75. warren owns a cleaning service. she has been charged with criminal trespasses. there is a proposal to ban large sized sodas. mayor michael bloomberg saying it another step to fighting the country's obesity problem. it would include restaurants movie theaters and concession stands but not grocery or convenience stores. baltimore writer and journalist has died.
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he chronicled his 18 month journey with the disease. respected journalist, he worked for the new york times and the baltimore sun. his work on his final book was almost complete when he died yesterday. a return to the white house for former presidential george w. bush and first lady laura bush. their official portraits were unveiled. president obama and his wife michelle hosted the ceremony. also in attendance another former president george herbert walker bush. it shows the president standing in the oval office. a 6-year-old girl steals the show at the national spieling bee. everyone wanted to talk to the dynamo from virginia even though they isn't make it. >> reporter: 6-year-old lorie ann madison said she will be on
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stage for next year's national spelling bee. just half the size of most of her competitors, lori ann is the youngest of the competition. . lorie ann got tripped up wednesday on a word you might have to know. >> i was really it's appointed that i spelled that word. >> reporter: the interesting story was so great she held a press conference in prince county. >> it's not mostly the trophy. it's something i liked
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spelling. >> reporter: lori ann is home schooled in virginia. >> i want to be a biologist. >> reporter: lori ann said all the media attention is a little overwhelming. the youngest contestant in national spelling beacon test was eight. -- bee contest. >> lori ann has 9 more years of eligibility. let's take a look at temperatures. beautiful afternoon, pleasant night 70 at the airport. east winds 5. barometer still on the way back up. locally 59 in oakland, 65 ocean
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city and east is 64. locally mid-60s and few spots reporting low 60s. by the water, lot warmer now, 75 and annapolis. and tomorrow with more humid air mass and a front approaching us from the west. we are going to start seeing shower activity. it's possible in the morning. there could be a couple showers because a warm front is developing down the south. already some showers here west virginia and it's moving generally toward our region kind of breaking up. that's just the first batch. the second batch that's what we will see in the afternoon. this can create some severe thunderstorm and heavy downpours, heavy rain and gusty winds and damaging storms possible with that system as it crosses the area tomorrow evening and then it's going to be followed by cooler and drier
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air for saturday. by sunday enough cool air and sunshine maybe a brief shower in the afternoon. generally a cooling trend for the next few day as you head into july. temperatures will get below normal. clear to partly cloudy 62 by morning, some suburban areas up in the 50s. some afternoon and evening thunderstorms, some could be locally severe with heavy downpours. really somebody can quickly get a inch of rain. 80 tomorrow but much better on saturday. 77 with sunshine in the afternoon. maybe a brief shower, sunday and monday and tuesday afternoon. as cool air comes in reacting with june sun, that's when you get popup showers, night time lows back in 60s. looking good. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,
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♪ this time . >> some orioles are licking their wounds tonight. >> they still kind of lose today. that's what happened. the agony of defeat intensified by the pain of injury. nick markakis will go under the knife. he is expected to be sidelined for about a month. it is the latest blow to orioles team that lost 5 straight games. he aggravated the injury when he someone at that pitch on tuesday. the o's and rays start the series. you can see the second game saturday right here on wjz saturday at 4:00.
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the o's hit the second most home runs in the majors this year. gonzalez hit 3 home runs last night and first at bat against the astros tonight. gonzalez goes deep again for 4th consecutive homer. he is the first rockies player to do that. in football the ravens wrapped up another session of mini camp workout. because the camps are voluntary, most of the veterans opt not to take part. but there is plenty of opportunity for rookies to make use of the practices. it's an important time for new guys. it take a while for a lot of rookies to fit in. >> it's really hard to evaluate some people. it's really hard to evaluate rookies when they don't really know what they are doing. sometimes you look out there and that guy looks terrible.
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he looks terrible because he's thinking about what he's doing. you really can't tell athleteically what they can do. >> linebacker sergio kendall drafted 2 years ago. because of injury, he's played so little, this could be a big year for him to contribute. finally outspoken nba analyst charles barkley played honors to oakland city tonight. barkley called oakland city a cow town. their team is beating san antonio in game 3. i was in oakland city last month. the people are nice. at bank of america,
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we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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. >> in kansas city a raccoon, he found himself on top of the street light. turned out the raccoon was building to a grand finale. watch into the grass below. it was a safe landing and even got perfect score from all the judges. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> thanks for watching eyewitness news. good night we'll see you tomorrow. it will be friday.


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