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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wisconsin showdown. badger state voters decide whether to recall governor scott walker in an election with national implications. campaign catch. bill clinton helps president obama raise millions of dollars and takes some direct shots at mitt romney. >> his plan is to go back to the bush program except on steroids. and fit for a queen. a star-studded concert and a spectacular fireworks display at queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown.
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voters in wisconsin go to the polls today in a high-profile election to decide whether to recall governor scott walker and elect democrat tom barrett. at its core is to limit the public employees ease union bargaining rights, but it has national political implications. walker, a tea party favorite is battling democrats in a historically democratic state. susan mcginnis starts us off in w this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this vote could indicate which way the state swings. it could make history because walker is only the third sitting governor to ever face a recall election. >> since i've been sworn as your governor -- >> republican governor scott walker is in a political fight for his life. >> i need your help between today and 8:00 tomorrow, and if you help me with that, together we can move wisconsin.
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>> wisconsin voters will decide today whether to keep him in office or give his job to democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett. last year governor walker signed a law that diminished the power, pay, and benefits of public sector unions to help balance the state budget. opponents argue the governor's conservative agenda is wiping out funding for education and medicaid and that his tax breaks favor the rich. >> we have a governor who's done a wonderful job making wealthiest people the happiest people. >> for a year the contentious battle has simmered in wisconsin exploding into a national debate. >> it's about so much more than wisconsin. what's at stake is how the state fills "i" budget holes. >> millions of dollars into campaign funds are pouring into the state from democratic and conservative groups across the country. even well known politicians have flown in to help.
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>> this is about what's best for you and your kids and your future, but it's also about america. >> all eyes across our country are on wisconsin. everybody's looking at wisconsin. >> polls show governor walker with a razor thin lead over barrett, but pundits say it's still too close to declare a victory. it will all come down to who shows up at the polls to vote. now, we are expecting a record voter turnout today. also there are efforts being taken to stop voter fraud by the attorney general and the justice department. and, terrell, the other two recall elections with sitting governors, both of them left. >> we'll be watching. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you so much. today's election hinges on political core values. a just-released pew research poll finds surging partnership including government's role and its effectiveness.
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in 1987 the average disparity was ten point this year, an 18-point difference and just 56% say they are either a democrat or republican, and an unprecedented 38% reject both parties and call themselves independent. president obama is back in washington after teaming up with former president clinton at a series of new york fund-raisers. mr. clinton said he deserved a second term and he said a mitt romney presidency would be a calamitous situation for the nation. >> what's the difference here? share prosperity versus continued austerity and high unemployment. a politics of cooperation versus constant conflict and divide and conquer. >> president obama raised at least $3.6 million at the big apple fundraisers. several more clinton events are plant before november. >> they're optimistic a cia
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drone attack hit a target command. the fbi is offering a $1 million award for abu ya-ya al libbi who moved up the al qaeda ranks after osama bin laden was killed. the u.s. officials say it's unclear if he was killed. jury selection is scheduled to begin today in the trial of former assistant penn state coach jerry sandusky. sandusky is accused of molesting ten boys, charges he denies. the prosecutors want to bring in an out-of-town jury, something he's objected until now. "cbs moneywatch" time now on a tuesday morning. cigarettes. the tax fight in california right now and the return of the summer job. ashley morrison's here in new york with that this morning. ash, good morning. >> good morning, terrell. they talked about europe's debt crisis. tokyo's nikkei rose more than 1% snapping a four-day losing streak while hong kong's hang seng added about a half a percent. a sense of calm on wall street after last week's wild finish.
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stocks were mixed after a day that saw little volatility. the dow was down 17 points while the nasdaq finished up 12. voters in california will decide today whether to make lighting up in that state more expensive. proposition 29 would raise the cost of cigarettes up by $1. the extra fund would go toward cancer research. california has not raised taxes on tobacco products in more than a decade. there is some good news for teenagers looking for summer work. an analysis of friday's jobs report finds 157,000 16 to 19-year-olds found work in may. that's double a year ago. forecasters also say this year will be even better than last year, and last year saw a 13% increase in teen hiring. and samsung is getting ready to take on apple's iphone. the company will start selling its galaxy s3 later this month. the smartphone will be supported by the four major wireless carriers here in the u.s.
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the galaxy has a bigger screen and is thichber than the iphone. so the competition continues there. >> it's about time because the iphone is killing it right now. ashley morrison here in new york. ashley, thank you so much. the transportation security administration has fired five workers and disciplined 30 others because they didn't form ran don screamings at a random airport. it followed an internal investigation. the alleged incident happened last year at southwest international airport outside of airport itself. federal aviation officials are expected to begin their investigation of an air tanker that crashed while fighting a wildfire. two pilots were killed in sunday's crash. the fire on the nevada border has burned 8,000 acres. the crash has promised calls for the firefighting fleet to be updated. coming up on the "cbs morning news," her majesty's moving tribute to seb bright her
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60-year reign. this is the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by ice blue aqua velva, the choice for many generations. aqua velva, men get it. ♪
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and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one. oh, what a throwback. that's madness singing their hit "our house" on top of buckingham palace, otherwise known as buck house. laugh night at queen elizabeth's celebration, she was there wearing some very fashionable yellow ear plugs. joining her were 12,000 concert winners to watch the big show. the pomp and pageantry, all of the fun, all of it ending today. for more on the royals, monica is in the square. monica, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. al very big day of festivities today.
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she'll head to the cathedral for a service and host lunch for 700 people. if you wondering where the 700 people fit, the answer is right behind me, westminster hall. and some of our viewers may be familiar with it. that's where big ben, is and it's also the house of parliament. it truly is a celebration fit for a queen. the four-day diamond jubilee marking the queen's 60 years on the throne. the royal family will attend a service at st. mark's cathedral. one member of the family will be missing. the queen's husband, prince philip, who turns 91 on sunday was hospitalized yesterday with bladder infection. he'll remain under observation for a few days. hundreds of thousands have turned out to celebrate the diamond jubilee. after 60 years the queen is more popular than ever with approval ratings of over 80%. >> i've been with her all may life. i watched her core neigh and watched her through everything. i think she's amazing.
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>> reporter: last night the queen attended only part of a star-studded concert featuring stevie wonder, elton john, and paul mccartney. but she was there to enjoy the cheers of the crowd initiated by her son prince charles. >> three resounding cheers for her majesty, the queen. hip, hip -- >> hooray! >> hip, hip -- >> hooray! >> hip, hip -- >> hooray. >> reporter: the night ended with a kiss on the hand and a smile and a fireworks display, lighting up the sky above buckingham palace. and, terrell, the buckingham palace up till now said the queen will address the nation today. she wants to thank everybody for the days of celebration. it's not clear whether she'll mention her husband prince philip who's at the hospital. >> monica, thank you so much.
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fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter go ahead. cheat on butter. you naughty thing. it's in your future now. [ female announcer ] discover the power of aveeno positively radiant. with total soy, it's clinically proven to visibly reduce past damage, while broad spectrum spf 30 helps prevent future damage. aveeno positively radiant. a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. thunderstorms, 66 in new york. afternoon storms, 91 in miami. partly sunny, 71 in chicago. afternoon thunderstorms. 92 in dallas. clouds and sun in los angeles, 76 degrees.
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let's check your national forecast. going to be a very wet day for most of the country. look for showers in the northeast, severe thunderstorms with wind and hail will target the deep south. rain and scattered storms will pop up in the west, so it will be mostly dry in the midwest. in sports this morning the l.a. kings are on the brink of history. just one game away from winning their very first stanley cup. and goalie jonathan quick helped put them there with another great game. he made 22 spectacular saves if the devils for a third postseason shutout. the kings blanked nu eed new je 4-0. they can clinch the cup tomorrow night in l.a. in basketball, one more win and the oklahoma city thunder are headed to the finals. rustle westbrook's jumper. with a minute and a half left in the game puts the thunder up by four over the spurs. he finishes with 23. manu ginobili throws up a prayer for a tie with three seconds on the clock, but he misses. the thunder beat san antonio 108-103 to take a 3-2 series lead. to baseball now, the oakland a's jared parker got so close to throwing a no-hitter.
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the rookie was mowing down the rangers in the skechbth inning, striking out six. then in the eighth michael young singled for center, getting the only hit off parker. a's blast texas, 12-1. and some ninth inning heroics. the dodgerss hereras, top of th inning against the phillies, he punches one into the left field to drive in the inning with a run and in the bottom of the frame, he makes a great diving catch. l.a. rallies past philadelphia, 4-3. at the french open, maria sharapova barely survived the marathon match. it took her three hours and 11 minutes to knock off klara zakapalova. she'll move on to the quarterfinals. on the men's side, 6-2, 6-0, 6-0. when we come back another look at this morning's top stories and cancer connection. childhood survivors of cancer appear to be at a high risk of developing breast cancer. a high risk of developing breast cancer. amage.
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a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. in d.c., thunderstorms and 72. thunderstorms, 82 in atlanta. partly sunny and 82 in st. louis. partly skies in seattle, 57 degrees. top stories on a tuesday. voters in wisconsin go to the polls to decide whether to recall governor scott walker. walker's decision to take on public employee unions triggered the vote. walker, a republican, is running against democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett. and former president clinton appeared with president obama at three fund-raisers here in new york. mr. clinton said a romney presidency would be calamitous for the nation. 43 years after a u.s. soldier died fighting in vietnam, the letters he wrote to his family are finally coming home. sergeant steve flaherty was killed in 1969. he was only 22. during the war the vietnamese recovered his letters and used them as propaganda.
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leon panetta received the letters yesterday. to health news now, radiation treatment has saved countless children from lymphoma and other types of cancer but now according to a new study, women who beat cancer as girls have a higher risk of develop g ing breast cancer. dr. jon lapook has the details. >> reporter: jeanie miller was just a teenager when she was diagnosed with cancer. >> i heard hodgkin's and i didn't know what that meant at 16 years. >> reporter: it meant hodgkin's lymphoma, cancer of the immune system. miller was successfully treated with chemotherapy and radiation. for the next 20 years she was carefully monitored for health problems from cancer treatment. >> i knew there was a reason i was going back every year. i knew that they had saved me once and that, you know, i may need them again. >> and this is showing some of the abnormal areas. >> reporter: she did.
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last august cancer was detected in both breasts. >> i expected it to come when i was 60 or 70. >> reporter: when did it come? >> when i was 36. i just kept saying, you know, this cannot be happening. >> reporter: again. >> again. >> reporter: the study of more than 1,200 women who received chest radiation for childhood cancers found 24% developed breast cancer by age 50. for hodgkin's lymphoma survivors like miller, it's about 30%. that's about 15 times the normal rate. this doctor helped run the study. >> we're talking about 50,000 women alive today who have been treated with high doses of radiation, and based on the risks we find in our study, these women should be getting screened. >> reporter: but fewer than half get the recommended breast exams and mammograms starting at age 25. jeanie had a double mastectomy
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last year and appears to be cancer-free. >> reporter: did you ever think about it coming back? >> it's a scary place. you let yourself go there for two minutes, two seconds, and cry your way back out because it didn't and i'm grateful for that. >> survivors of any type of childhood cancer need close follow-up. possible long-term effects include getting a number of cancers, not just breast, as well as damage to the heart, kidney, and lungs. dr. jon lapook. cbs news, new york. you won't believe this. a 69-year-old truck driver has suffered some serious sun damage. look at how wrinkled the left side of his face is. the unidentified driver spent 28 years behind the wheel. so the left sued of his face got a lot more ultraviolet rays than his right. too much sun could lead to a form of skin cancer. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," erica hill wraps up coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee celebration in london. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." ^.^abu ya-ya alley by alley by
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no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ 4 minutes before 5:00 on this tuesday morning. marty is in the weather center. >> there's lots of clouds out there. here is first warning doppler weather radar. there's really nothing happening in the immediate area, unlike when you went to bed. this day a bit of a change, a little bit calmer. we will talk about that coming up shortly. here is what we have our eye on today. the student accused of cannibalism was described as a virginia tech waiting to happen. >> lawyers for the east coast rapist want to enter an insanity plea. >> already making news this morning, the clean up continues
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around maryland after 10 tornados touched down here. wjz has first warning weather coverage county to county for you. >> conner's law, a new proposal aimed at keeping children safe in the pool this summer. >> the results of adam jones mri. will he be playing tonight with the oriels in boston or not? >> more weather and your first,,
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