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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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out of control. a massive fast-moving colorado wildfire forces hundreds from their homes. >> it is completely unheard of. i don't know of any time we've been in this kind of situation. >> campaign criticism. the romney campaign is making the most of a comment by president obama on the state of the economy. and climbing back. global markets soar after spain's $125 billion financial lifeline. now will wall street get in on lifeline. now will wall street get in on the action. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, june 11, 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. firefighters in colorado and new mexico are fighting a series of fast moving raging wildfires. in the words of one colorado
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fire official, it is just so out of control. hundreds have been forced to evacuate. at least 18 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. colorado fire has burned more than 30 acres of west of fort collins. smoke can be seen 70 miles away in denver. the colorado fire is spreading as fast as 1.5 miles per hour. one person is missing and fire officials say for now, they don't have the resources to keep up. >> we have thousands of acres of fire, hundreds of homes threatened and dozens of fire engines. so you do the math and you see what kind of problem we're on. >> some 2,000 residents have been told to evacuate. stan bush of kcnc is in laporte, colorado, with more. >> reporter: terrell, this fire has grown more than 12,000 acres in just the last 12 hours. and it's getting worse. it has been raining ash. that's forced an evacuation center to close because the conditions have become too dangerous. it was standing room only where
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evacuees tried to learn if the fire had destroyed their home. stewart already knows hers is gone. >> shellshocked. as far as my friend, i feel like there's no solid ground underneath me right now. >> reporter: stuart says she only had ten minutes to escape. >> we got our animals out and our families out. we're safe. our community is incredible. our fire department is incredible. >> rick is not sure if his home survived. >> very worried. don't know if we got a place to go to or not. it's right in the middle of it. >> it was the scariest thing i think i've ever been near. 300 foot of wall of flame came down to the road and i had to drive past it and i just kept thinking, just keep driving, just keep driving. >> reporter: high winds made the fire explode on sunday. it came to door steps and chased homeowners away. >> the fire was coming down the mountain behind my house. >> reporter: did you see it?
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>> no. i could feel it. >> reporter: hundreds are sleeping in unfamiliar beds. it's unclear when they can go home. >> if i had not left the minute i did, it's very likely that i would not have been here. it's possible that my house could have been engulfed in flames with me in it. >> reporter: this fire may also be coming a public health threat to surrounding towns in the area. in laporte, colorado, stan bush for cbs news. in south central new mexico, 40 square miles have been burned by a fire that started friday. it's being fueled by dry timber and grass. at least 36 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. hundreds of residents have been evacuated. more heavy rain is expected today in the florida panhandle and southern alabama following a weekend of severe storms and flooding. pensacola got 13 inches of rain on saturday and nearly 2 more yesterday. there have been flash floods and power outages. roads have been washed out in mobile. electric lines are down leaving thousands without power. united states secretary of
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commerce john brison is being investigated for his alleged involvement in a hit and run accident in southern california. he's hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. the sheriffs office said he rear ended a car that stopped for a passing train. he got out of the car, talked to the occupant and hit the same car again as he left the scene. the sheriff's office said he allegedly caused another collision with a second car about five minutes later. he was found alone and unconscious in his car. at this point, no indication that is drugs or alcohol played a role. campaign 2012 now. it's no secret that the economy is playing a central role in recent remarks by the president have given republicans fuel for the fire. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: good morning terrell. one remark in particular. the private sector is doing fine. the president said it. the romney campaign is all over this one. it's not the only thing the white house is grappling with right now.
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the romney campaign is trying to capitalize on president obama's comments on friday. >> private sector is doing fine. >> this new web ad by the romney campaign features people who have struggled during the recession. >> i've been looking for a job for two years. >> the obama campaign says romney is twisting his words and ignoring the rest of his point. that if congress passed the american jobs act, it would put more teachers and first responders to work. >> what the president has said, we need to take urgent action and he's called on congress to do that. >> they're more eager to have a debate over an out of context clause in his remarks than the substance of what he said. >> another issue has the white house and congress at odds. who is responsible for leaking classified national security information to the press. >> it's very clear that this information had to come from the administration. >> the leaks include information about american cyber attacks against iran, how the u.s. picks
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targets for drone strikes and how a double agent foiled an al qaeda plot to bomb a u.s.-bound airliner. republicans say the white house leaked the information to make the president look tough in the war on terror. the administration has appointed two u.s. attorneys to investigate the source of the leaks. but some in congress object. >> can you have a u.s. attorney assigned through the attorney general investigate something that is clearly going to be at the most senior levels of all of the executive branches? >> many republicans are calling for a special council, not u.s. attorneys, to investigate the leaks. >> also, the leaders of the intelligence committees in both the house and the senate are now drafting new legislation to limit access to classified information even further and increase the penalties for release it. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington for us. cbs "moneywatch" time. overseas markets get a boost. on word that spain's banks will get a hand and gas prices plummet. erica ferrari in new york with
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that. >> good morning, european financial leaders are hoping a $125 billion loan to spain eases the debt crisis. on saturday, eurozone financial ministers offered the money so spain could bail out its banks. spanish financial institutions were plagued with bad real estate debt and spain government would have gone bankrupt without the assistance. investors responded positively to the news overseas markets soared today. the nikkei gained 2%. hong kong's hang seng added 2.5%. wall street gets a chance to react to the spanish bailout later this morning. after struggling through may, stocks had their best week of the year. the dow added 435 points last week. while the nasdaq was up 110. gas prices are sinking as we head into summer according to the lundberg survey. the nationwide afrmg for a gallon of gas is down 16 cents over the last three weeks.
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drivers are paying an average of $3.62 for a gallon of regular. apple fans will keep an eye on san francisco today. ceo tim cook is expected to show off new iphone and ipad software and updated mac computers at the company's annual conference. terrell, tech industry analysts say don't expect to see apple showing off a new version of the iphone or ipad today. >> erica ferrari in new york. thank you so much. >> opening statements scheduled to begin in the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. he faces 52 counts of sexual abuse involving ten young boys over a 15-year period. is his accusers will be publicly identified for the first time in court. a jury of seven women and five men was chosen last week. most of the jurors have ties to penn state. a gunman who shot and killed three people saturday night in alabama is on the run. investigators are searching for the alleged gunman who opened fire at a pool party near auburn university. two of the people killed are
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former auburn football players. drew levinson reports. >> hazardous materials teams in white suits scrubbed the crime scene near the campus of auburn university. a manhunt is under way for the alleged shooter. the 22-year-old, police say he shot six people, killing three of them. >> just shocked right now to know that this is all going on. >> investigators say the shooting happened at these apartments after a fight at a party saturday night. many people who live here knew the victims. >> i can't explain in words what happened. feel really bad knowing what was in my neighborhood. i see these people around every day. >> two former football players were killed. a current player was wounded. auburn's football program is a big part of campus life here and the team is successful. it won the national championship in 2010. but police say they don't believe football played a role in these shootings. >> the only connection that auburn football team has to this is they are victims of a brutal
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shooting. sometimes the young men get a bad rap i feel like but they're the victims today. >> in a statement, auburn coach, gene chizik said nobody should have to endure such unimaginable grief. we have a lot of people on our football team that are hurting right now and we're going to do everything we can to help them get through this. and auburn's police chief says his department plans to do everything it can to bring this case to a close. drew levinson, cbs news, auburn, alabama. >> we'll take a quick break. coming up. campaign push, gabrielle giffords making a rare appearance at a special election to fill her seat goes down to the wire. this is the morning news. down to the wire. this is the morning news. we are fed up with being fed on. we demand k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel.
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and mommy wake up calls. test take the goodnites better night test. peel, and protect. and see how goodnites bed mats can help. voters head to the polls tomorrow in southern arizona. special election is being held to replace gabrielle giffords. she stepped down in january to
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focus on getting better after getting shot in the head. as bill whitaker reports, sentiment and politics rarely mix. >> it was a dramatic moment as it is every time gabrielle giffords steps out in public. a wave and a wave of emotions saturday night as she campaigned for the man seeking to replace her in congress. ron barber was giffords district director. he was shot twice in tucson that killed six and left giffords critically wounded. barber is in a race considered too close to call with jesse kelly, a republican who narrowly lost to giffords in this republican district two years ago. when giffords was recovering, there was a reservoir of goodwill, many hoped that it was a sign that republicans and democrats just might get along. but politics as usual seems to have returned and it's personal. >> don't let them cut my benefits. >> don't worry, grandpa, i won't.
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>> with jesse kelly there's a lot to worry about. i'm ron barber and i approve this message. >> for his part, kelly said it's a referendum not on the beloved giffords but on president obama. >> we will choose to stop him. and run him out of this state. >> my opponent tried to nationalize it. i know better than that. it's not about the president. it's about what happens here. >> a local election forged in tragedy. but in politics, such reminders only go so far says university of arizona political science professor, barbara nor an der. >> there's a great deal of sympathy for her and understanding of what has happened with her over the past year. but that doesn't always sway voters to vote for a particular candidate. >> this congressional seat will be up for grabs again in november. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. up next on a monday, your weather forecast. in sports, a wild end as the cincinnati reds take on the detroit tigers. n the detroit tigers. at banana boat, we test our broad spectrum sunscreen
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it will be mostly sunny and dry from eastern virginia to new england. in sports this morning, the detroit tigers rally past the cincinnati reds and the as ripped a two run double down the baseline to tie the score at 6. also in the eighth, the reds normally unhittable. chapman throws a wild pitch allowing the winning run to score. tigers over the reds 7-6. the mets couldn't catch a break. pettis grabbed that with his bare hands. he wasn't hurt so he stays in the game. in the bottom of the ninth, full count, russell martin, walk-off homer deep to left. yankees rally to beat the mets. a slug-fest in chicago. yes, justin maxwell blasted two-run rocket to left that lands in the second deck. glimmer of hope for the white sox in the bottom of the ninth. hudson gets a three-run shot. it's not enough, though. houston powers past chicago 11-9. >> tennis, the historic men's final gets under way again today. play was rained out yesterday.
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rafael nadal was ahead 6-4, 6-3, 2-6. djokovic trying to become the first man in 43 years to win four consecutive grand slam titles. if nadal wins, he'll be the first to win seven titles. game one of the nba finals tips off tomorrow night. miami arrived in oklahoma city yesterday. the pressure is on lebron james and the heat to win it all. this is their second consecutive trip losing to dallas. the thunder in the finals for the first time since 1996 when they were the seattle super sonics. when we come back, a musical mishap. lady gaga suffers a bad hit to her head during a concert. but it didn't stop her from performing. m performing. ,,,,,,,,
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here's a look at the forecast. clouds and sun in d.c. showers in atlanta, 79 degrees. 87 in st. louis. partly sunny and 75 in denver.
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partly sunny and 72 in seattle. top stories on a monday morning. out of control wildfires are quickly spreading in colorado and new mexico. hundreds have been forced to evacuate and dozens of buildings damaged or destroyed. overseas stock markets soar after european finance ministers decide to bail out spanish banks with a $125 billion line of credit. a bizarre stage mishap didn't stop lady gaga from performing. the superstar accidentally whacked in the head, whacked with a giant pole during a performance in new zealand. lady gaga rubs her head, doesn't miss a beat and finishes the show. may not have looked like it hurt, but her makeup artist said she suffered a concussion, but is fine and will continue her world tour. tone a awards handed out. bragging rights to the love story wants. it took home eight trophies, best direction of a musical, best lead actor and the tony for the best play goes to a play by
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bruce norris. the story about racial prejudice and real estate was awarded a pulitzer prize. a big weekend at the box office and charlize theron. madagascar 3. europe's most wanted pulled in more than $16 million. prometheus starring theron came in second taking in $50 million and in third, snow white and the huntsman, starring, you guessed it, charlize theron as the evil queen. here in new york city, one of the biggest parades of the year. it's estimated millions turned out for the national puerto rican day parade on sunday. fifth avenue was in red, white and blue. among the marchers, andrew cuomo and victor cruz of the new york giants. are we getting the salsa in there? apparently not. coming up after your local news, how losing weight can reduce your risk of breast cancer. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." cancer.
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i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ lech ] acid erosion is a growing problem. acidic foods can cause softening of the enamel. once you lose enamel, it's gone for good. for those who want white teeth pronamel gentle whitening,
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4 minutes before 5:00 on this monday morning. marty is in the weather center. >> it's really pleasant out there. let's take a look at how the day is going to scare away. right now -- square away. right now it's 68. the high today 85. here is what we have on eye on today. dutch r, pesberger is discussing security events today. >> a basketball court is end vailed. >> already in the news, opening statements begin in the trial of jerry sandusky. >> a gunman is on the loose after a fatal shooting at auburn
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university. >> after a stalemate over the proposal to raise baltimore's bottle tax a vote could come as early as today. >> more news, more weather and your first traffic report in a,, ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city.
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if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. it's 5 o'clock on this monday morning. it's a beautiful get up and go. lovely half-moon hanging straight ahead. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at


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