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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> visitors wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. sent tens of thousands struck through a fourth day without a seat. more helps arriving, but how much longer it will take. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> sometimes house by house the power is coming back on, but now the threat of new storms could cause major setbacks. tens of thousands in the dark and four days after the storm there are trees down. earlier here on state augustin's road, crews trying to remove the downed trees. it's a difficult task in the near 100-degree weather.
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incredible new video. this shows how powerful the straight line winds were ripping straight lines -- street signs back and forth. more storms and an update on the heat. megan mccorkle live where the lights are still out. >> here a long lake avenue, crews are actually out here guarding this giant tree that is wrapped in power lines. the work here hasn't even started yet, which means this neighborhood may not be online until the weekend. >> reporter: street after street, much of maryland still looks like a war zone. this is what stands in the way of edna getting her power back. she's terrified for her 91-year- old neighbor. spinach eaters for windows bolted. she's been living here for 45 years. >> with the heat not letting up, officials say this is a critical time for the elderly.
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>> this is when the senior citizens are most vulnerable. >> 3500 utility crews are now working to restore power here. in the emotions are running high. we know that. that will not deter us. there is no fourth of july for pge. >> the damage across the region is worse than most hurricanes. >> here people have been lining up to get their hands on some dry ice. this store has sold out of two shipments already and people try to save the contents in their fridge. >> i was at the plant on 6:00 saturday morning and sunday morning. i know the plant manager well. he wasn't even returning my calls. >> generators, batteries, and flashlights also hot sellers as neighbors prepare for another night in the dark. >> five days without power. >> and their patience wears
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thin. >> pge says it's received more than a million phone calls about power outages. 80 percent of the customers are back online. megan mccorkle, wjz eyewitness news. >> crews from as far away as quibec and oklahoma are helping the crews here. >> people in nearly every county in the region are cleaning up. this is the scene in elkridge where a large tree caused extensive damage to this home. it's a painstaking cleanup process that probably will take several more days. and it's much the same in anne arundel county where a large tree wiped out this deck. there's no damage estimates on the storm as of yet and no indication when the first ones could come in. collate check with pge. still more than 116,000 customers without power, but that's a far cry from where we were 36 hours ago. the majority of the outages are in baltimore county. 44,000. there are 30,000 also in baltimore city. >> this is exactly the wrong
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time for people to be without power and ac with the seventh straight day of temperatures above 90 degrees. he is proven to be deadly. first warning weather coverage continues now. reality is, there likely will be more. >> reporter: outside it is a scorcher, which is why inside city hall offices it is the phone's heating up. >> we are calling senior citizens to make sure that you are doing okay. >> the city set up a phone bank calling thousands of baltimore residents over the age of 80 checking on how they are handling the heat. those who don't answer me get a visit. >> we are going door-to-door. we are doing everything we can to make sure we eliminate the deaths. >> maryland has seen four deaths from the heat. doctors say those most at risk have underlying health problems. >> they do worse with the heat.
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you can see increasing problems and increasing deaths as the heat wave goes on. >> but it's so hot even healthy adults are in trouble. >> i've gotten busy, so i decided to carry an umbrella today because the heat just comes on you. it's excruciating. >> if i had business, i take care of it in the morning. >> i am not young myself, so it's pretty hard on all of us. >> howard already opened his air-conditioned home to friends and family. with power still out, health officials are hoping others will do the same and keep the sun from taking lives. >> even hospital emergency rooms are feeling the heat. they've seen a noticeable uptick in people 65 and older coming in for treatment. that wjz eyewitness news. >> first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk. more on the extreme heat. he's tracking some storms in the region. >> light showers in the city,
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but done in dc, pretty good thunderstorms. no reports of any damage. still some stuff going on across the extreme southern maryland. my biggest concern now is this big batch of precipitation across northern pennsylvania. look at the thunderstorm activity. that's moving to the south and southeast. i think probably during the morning hours literally 6:00, 7:00, or 8:00 a.m. dealing with honor and lightning and gusty winds and rain in our region. as far as temperatures go, we've got more 90-degree days coming. 17 already. probably another four or five before this stretch is done. maybe by early next week we will be back in the 80s. >> thank you. wjz is always on. check-in for update on the forecast and live doppler radar anytime. log onto >> heat, rain, or storms. no matter the weather, the nation will celebrate its first mile.
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in baltimore police say they are determined to make it a safe fourth of july holiday. monique has more on plans. >> these new crowd control barriers are only part of the changes happening tomorrow. police tell us their main goal is to make sure all the violence we saw last year doesn't happen again. >> reporter: fourth of july festivities at the inner harbor will bring hundreds of thousands together in one place. >> we are very excited because we saw the plans for tomorrow. >> but in 2011, as lights lit up the sky, fireworks ignited in the crowd. so this year police have a new game plan to keep violent events from repeating. >> people planning to come down and act like troublemakers or cause problems will be dot with very swiftly. >> in addition to the fight last year, a 26-year-old tourist was stabbed to death by a broken bottle and a four-year-old was hit in
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the leg by a stray bullet. >> we don't want anyone getting hurt. we don't want to see that page come across for that innocent four-year-old. that is ridiculous. >> to increase safety, police are adding a new parameter to the harbor changing the way officers are deployed using gps technology to track routes and for patrol and calling in more help from other police agencies. >> the presence of police always makes you feel a lot better, a lot calmer, less worried. >> police also say other tactics implemented after the beating of a man on st. patrick's day are already working. so far the people we have talked with say they believe police have thanks covered. >> we feel that you have good security here. we are going to go with the flow. >> and police do say it celebrations should be a perfect example of how big events can be violent.
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monique gray go, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. the fireworks will begin at 9:30 tomorrow night. >> a serial drunk driver convicted in a fatal hit and run all the john hopkins student wants a new hearing. thomas media and pleaded guilty to be taken in manslaughter in the 2009 fatal hit and run of mary m franco. our media partner, the baltimore sun, is reporting that he wants a hearing claiming he was pressured into a plea deal when the woman walked into the path of his truck causing the loss of her life. prosecutors have not yet commented on the request. a 4-inch knife found by tsa agents, and now a woman is under arrest. this is the blade agency was hidden inside a calm and buried in a binder. the woman was trying to board a flight to atlanta when agents found in her carry-on bag. no flights were disrupted by the discovery. >> tonight president obama joins the nation in remembering a
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performer of extraordinary talent. andy griffith died today at the age of 86. he was the star of the stage and screen but he will always be remembered as tvs sheriff andy taylor. >> reporter: no mistaking the theme to the integration of show. and no mistaking the plain talking, down-home charm of indie griffith. the straight man to comic don knotts. >> just make sure it clears your underwear. >> and father to a young ron howard. >> he would call me young man. >> a man who elevated the show by playing to a higher standard. >> and he was a little more of a jimmy stewart kind of character. >> howard says to fully appreciate his life, look beyond his
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biggest roles. >> look at facing the crowd or one of his dramatic turns on tv or in the movies. he was a real artist. >> andy griffith was 86 years old. wjz eyewitness news. >> griffith was awarded the presidential medal of freedom, one of the highest civilian honors in 2005. >> is hard to believe a whole generation of people who are never seen the show. >> go to tv land or whatever it is. >> or blockbuster. >> coming up, a midair meltdown. a pilot rants about jesus and al qaeda. what a federal judge just ruled. >> not your normal rush hour obstacle. a little dog dodging traffic on a busy highway. >> first of its kind program training dogs to help wounded war veterans. wait until you see who is doing the training. that story coming up. >> more 90-degree days. your complete first morning forecast coming up next.
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>> complete coverage continues with denise coke, vic carter, kai jackson, and first morning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. viviano. it's wjz, maryland's new ,,,,,,,
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>> it is partly cloudy. 83 degrees in central maryland. looks like a foam on. your complete forecast coming up. the intense heat buckles the surface of a highway in wisconsin. now watch what happens when a driver hits the blogs. the vehicle goes airborne, ends
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up on the other side of the highway. police say the two people inside the car suffered back and neck injuries. the row had to be shut down for nearly two days in order to make repairs. >> the jetblue pilot who forced an emergency landing after a midair meltdown is not going to prison. a federal judge ruled clayton osman, not guilty by reason of insanity. in march he left the cockpit and began rambling to passengers about terrorists and the plane crashing. he will be sent to mental health facility for further examination. he's due back in court for another hearing next month. >> more progress in the battle against the devastating waldo canyon fire in colorado. fire officials said 70 percent contained and only 2000 people remained evacuated from their homes. just released video from a colorado springs fire department shows how quickly the fire swept through an entire neighborhood. firefighters will get more help. the military lifted an order that grounded the fleet of sea-130
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air tankers. >> thurgood marshall airport will be welcoming a new discount carrier in september. nonstop service to fort lauderdale. round-trip tickets will cost between $77 and $88. >> the states casino revenue makes a dramatic increase all thanks to maryland life. the casino generated $28.5 million to its opening on june 5th. by comparison, the casinos in ocean city brought in combined total of $12 million in june.
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it benefits everyone including the prisoners, the vets, and the pets. >> reporter: at the maryland correctional institution in hagerstown, a dog crate now rests in inmates sell. it's part of a new program that has incarcerated veterans training service dogs for wanted and disabled u.s. veterans. inmates care for the puppies make sure they are fed and groomed. the u.s. army vet and inmate thankful to be part of the new program. >> this is an opportunity for us to show that we can do stuff positive. >> correctional officials say the program gives inmates a second chance. >> this is a project that when they are done, they are going to get rewarded deeply. they will have memories for every. >> at a special ceremony to introduce the program, inmates heard from veteran dan lascaux who served in a famous, lost part of
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his leg, and had a tremendous brain injury and is healing with the help of a service dog. >> there's just certain things that a dog can do for a disabled vet. >> it's proving pet therapy that is working in more ways than one. >> if we do a good job, it's going to reflect on them. it lets the society know that we have work. >> the dogs come to the maryland correctional institute in hagerstown through an organization called americans that dogs, a nonprofit based in new york. mary bilbao, wjz eyewitness news. >> 12 dogs trained at a time. >> because they traffic in chicago's south side was a dog on nasa's morning. that's because of this canine ended up on the highway. he ran around the 20 minutes and his inventor was played out on live television. that prompted someone who lives nearby to chase the dog.
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he finally corralled the dog. he's doing fine and was turned over to an animal shelter. hopefully, he will be adopted by someone who has a leash. >> definitely so. >> all right. we have some better storm activity to the north and west. but had some rain gusts around 40 miles per hour. so we have to watch out for that during the overnight. i think the timing may bring us in between for a clock at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. maybe some folks heading off to work and the lightning and thunder and maybe downpours with that. right now of very warm 83. the 2 points come up tonight of the earlier attempts. earlier today, while 50s making it very comfortable. 50 percent humidity right out, southwest winds.
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71 oakland, 80 ocean city. 77 in dc. some pretty good thundershowers around the region. that next batch is what i'm concerned about in the early morning hours. 85 in annapolis. no rain. the areas that got some shower, westminster did get some rain. they are down to 75. everybody else in the lower '80s. 96 and 67 today. a record 104 three the average now is only 87. this is about the warmest it gets all year long. the next couple weeks we get a couple days where it gets up to 88. that's the maximum average high temperature for this region in the middle of july. we will talk about that later on. a record low was 50, by the way. wind southwest. that means more humid conditions in hot weather for the next several days. a couple impulses of energy coming from the great lakes. the first one brought the showers tonight.
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that kind of weekend. the next one came over detroit this afternoon. and now cost -- it's now across northern pennsylvania. pretty extensive with heavy thunderstorms there. if it continues to hold together, we will see that in the early morning hours. once this passes, there's a good chance things will stabilize the atmosphere and we may not really see much more during the rest of the day, tomorrow being the fourth of july. that would be a good thing. in the morning hours, hot and humid weather. a little dry but still hot thursday and friday. it might even be warmer toward the end of the week. on the day tomorrow, west winds five to 10 knots. overnight, showers right now and then possibly thunderstorms don. 73 and 96. a stray thunderstorm with hot and humid conditions in the afternoon. very hot thursday, friday, and saturday. cooling down a bit and 92 on sunday. >> check in with john scott and marty passmore morning starting at 4:55 for the updated weather
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>> stan is here with our wjz sports report. the orioles taking on seattle again. >> guess what? they are having more medical problems. some news of much impressed. brian roberts headed to the disabled list due to a great groin strain. this amid an admirable comeback following for the team months from the game. tillman will start tomorrow night's game. tonight in the game underway at, xavier henry actually out of pennsylvania today. on the left, the orioles step
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right up. casper wells swinging and missing. it's a pitching duel early on. right now in the fifth inning, here's the score. 0-0. nonetheless, let's move along. martin maldon auto grounds this behind the back. executed to perfection. however, was held. carlos gomez and the golden globe. the bruins did win 13-12 over miami. men's grand slam tennis. a drop shot that has marty fish diving. he eliminates the last american male.
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