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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 16, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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missing boater. intense search under way in hartford county. >> marine rescuers try to find a man last seen struggling to stay afloat in the bush river. >> i am kayak son. >> i am mare -- kai jackson. >> i am mary bubala. >> alex talks with those who saw this tragedy unfold alex. >> reporter: it has been a day long search for the man missing and presumed drown after he and a friend tried to beat the heat swimming in the bush river. boats using sonar, drag lining toes searched the bush river, in hartford county looking for a man who slipped under the water sunday evening. he was with a friend on a bass boat similar to this one at the tail end of a hot day. >> two guys were out in the boat and they decided to cool off they jumped over board, one of them got away from the boat the other one tried to help
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him. >> theresa's husband ran to their backyard dock. >> he watched and realized the guy was in distress and needed help. >> calls for help brought two neighbors out in boatless cued the man still struggling to stay afloat >> it was hard to get the guy on the boat because he was so panicky. >> michelle parks husband made the rescue and brought the man to shore on his boat. >> a couple people called him a hero for rescuing that guy and he said it is still so useless, empty because he could never have found the other guy. >> the rescued man met police at the dixon's home as authorities looked for the missing man. >> he did say he feared he was going to go under himself and that is why he swam back to the boat. >> a search and rescue sunday evening became a recovery today. >> not an exact science with the tide and the wind, we pretty much are going with experience how to look for them. all during that search,
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agonizing what ifs. >> we wish we would have been there seconds earlier we could have possibly saved the other gentleman. >> just a short time ago natural resources police the man presumed drowned is a 35- year-old from edge wood. kai. >> thank you the survivor is 34- year-old sunny sing from essex. today's other story a heatadvisory in effect for baltimore city after a small break temperatures are back in the 90s with high humidity that pool looks like the perfect place to be. people who work outside must take precautions and drink plenty of fluids and here is a live lookout side, still hazy and hot let's go right to bernadette woods tracking temperature mrs. the first warning weather center. -- temperatures in the first warning weather center. first warning doppler radar similar to yesterday, just scattered about and really starting to develop these are
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drifting from the northwest, down to the southeast. we are going to see more as we head through the afternoon. thunderstorms building up and southwest of that, a thunderstorm, that will drift towards gaithersburg a few more on the east earn shore. this is just a small portion but the heat will continue and could expand over the next couple days. 94 degrees baltimore right now, the one spot, 77 in the mountains the dew point is high throughout the entire metro area, we are at least in the 90s except just along the water, 82 degrees. we will have your forecast coming up. >> thank you stay with wjz for first warning weather coverage for the latest on advisories, log on to man hunt under way in howard county for the man with shot two people, inside a nail
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salon in ill i cot city. >> reporter: police found the suspects car abandoned on a street in columbia now they are trying to find the man who opened fire on his ex- girlfriend while she was inside a busy nail salon. this is 35-year-old tuan minh pham now on the run. saturday night, 7:00 p.m., he came armed with a gun to this salon where his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children, worked as a nail technician. employees at nearby cold stone creamery, heard some of the commission. he encountered a man waiting to pick her up after her shift in the parking lot. >> they ran by and went into the nail salon and we heard more pops and we are looking over like what is going on we see a guy come out his whole shirt was covered in blood he had a gun in his hand i was
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like oh, my god he has a gun. >> reporter: the nail technician was shot in the shoulder her male friend also shot. >> i saw a victim lying on the ground. >> reporter: both are expected to survive the nail technician had an active protective order against tuan minh pham. they called the isolated incident a shame >> because they are part of the community and run a wonderful business and very kind i would hate to have something like this effect them. >> the search continues he faces charges of 1st and 2nd degree attempted murder when he is captured. howard county police offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest. expanding gambling in maryland, today governor o'malley said he is making progress. jessica is live in the newsroom with more on several meetings the governor had today. >> reporter: time is running out for supporters to get
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legislation to create a sixth casino. today o'malley met with rawlings blake and executives from montgomery and prince georges county all three support plans to build a sixth casino at national harbour resort and add table games at the five remaining casinos, special session is necessary to get the issue to voters this fall. the governor is scheduled to meet with michael bush and miller, tomorrow about a special session. wjz will have more at 5 and 6. 2012 grand prix of baltimore continues to gear up for this summers race. today organizers unvailed three major sponsors for this year's race, sonoco, dr. pepper 10 and giant foods signed multiyear deals, construction of the track will begin in two weeks the grand prix will take two
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city streets august 31st through september 2nd. let's check the roads with christy breslin. hi kai, hi everyone. big trouble northbound 795, accident at franklin boulevard blocking all lanes and really beginning to back things up the delay is solid back to the belt way as far as the belt way itself travelling on the inner loop, will kins avenue, to security boulevard north side inner loop minor slow down as you make your way over to hartford road on the outer loop, stock and go stevenson road to liberty northbound 95, crawling along, and two accidents, up in bel air area, 924 and thomas street at route 22 let's take a live look you can see there is a look at the accident northbound 795 all lanes are blocked we will keep you up-to-date as soon as more information is available this traffic report is brought to you by the all new mazda cx 5.
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back over to you. thanks christy. breaking news about ravens running back ray rice according to our media partner, rice just signed a new contract, rice had until 4:00 p.m. to sign a new deal. a multiyear deal or he would have played this year under a one year contract. the contract is reportedly a five year deal worth $40 million. sports director, mark will have much more all new at 5 and 6:00 p.m. >> wonder if he was looking at his watch, 3:59 p.m. >> i bet. >> it is one of the busiest days ever at london's heathrow airport as olympians and their families arrive. >> reporter: athletes from 50 nations started arriving for the olympic games in london. members of the u.s. yachting team were among the first to pass through heat row airport.
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>> great. london is ready and excited. >> reporter: record number of passengers, nearly 237,000 of them are expected to use the airport. >> where are you from? >> finland. >> reporter: members of the sailing teams told us they sailed through immigration. >> pretty smooth really, nothing really. >> easy, quick don't have the think about anything. >> reporter: an army of 1,000 trained volunteers who together speak 20 different languages are on hand to greet the olympians. >> welcome from a youthful volunteer with a big smile saying welcome to london, good luck with the games. >> reporter: 16,000 olympians are arriving in london this week most flying into heathrow. >> welcome to london. >> reporter: the athletes and families don't have to worry about infamous traffic jams they are allowed to use special express lanes to drive from the
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airport to olympic village starting next week 30 miles of roads will be restricted to olympic use only violators will be hit with $200 fines. rita nissan, wjz eyewitness news. >> games kick off next friday. >> still ahead at 4:00 p.m., new video of a deadly land slide in british columbia is there any hope for the three missing people. july heat wave again baking maryland, get your updated first warning weather forecast.
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it is 94 degrees, mostly sunny, in central maryland, complete first warning weather forecast coming up. >> land slides in british columbia making the search for victims dangerous for crews. on sunday a man's body was recovered, local reports say at
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least three people are missing. the search was suspended briefly saturday, crews were worried there could be more movement from the land slides officials have now labeled the effort as a recovery not a rescue. powerful stuff there. rescue in california, will remind swimmers life vests can save lives. search and rescue teams had to rescue a boy who got stuck on a rock, in the cur ran riveter 14- year-old got stuck this -- river, the 14-year-old was stuck this weekend and pulled to safety. this is the third rescue in this area in days. in health watch a new study finds parents may want to be more mindful of the kinds of fillings, dentists use to fix their children's cavities. >> reporter: zoe is getting her annual check up at the dentist. >> how you doing? >> good. >> good. >> reporter: she is only 7, but she already had a couple
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cavities now a new study in journal pediatrics looks at what is in those fillings researchers found fillings made with chemical bisphenol a or bpa may be linked to problems later on. >> they have a link to social or psychological issues. >> reporter: they have been popular because they are the color of teeth but the chemical has been linked to hormone disruption it is used in plastics and canned goods, it was fought to be banned in baby bottles. >> reporter: researchers stress more study is needed and unclear how much bpa if any is in the fillings and whether any is getting into the body. >> i wouldn't avoid dental material all together because of this one potential risk. >> she looks great. no cavities. >> reporter: dentist jill says there are bpa options available
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which is what -- bpa free options available which is what her practice offers. >> the kids are having safe products used on them. >> reporter: dentists say the best advice is brush and floss regularly. theresa garcia, los angeles. the study looked at 500 children aged 6 to 10 with cavities. can wall street get the week off on the right foot. concerns about the economy keeps stocks down. dow is down 50, nasdaq down 12 let's go to new york alexis has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: americans are pulling back on spending, government says retail sales fell half a percent last month third straight monthly drop as people spent less on autos, furniture and appliances analysts say the weak job market is making consumers more cautious about spending the
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last time consumer spending fell for three straight months was during the fall of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis. even lower gas prices are not convincing americans to spend more according to the lundborg survey the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.41, down 7¢ over the past few weeks but analysts warn prices may have bottomed out and will likely start rising again. international monetary fund has lowered its outlook for global growth over the next two years london organization fights concerns about europe and china, imf now expects the world economy to expand to a 3.5% rate, down 3.6% in april. positive earnings from citigroup had little market impact. they made nearly $3 billion last quarter beating wall street's profit. city says, lower the amount of money it keeps aside for loan losses, because more customers paid back their loans on time that is your money watch for more just head to cbs money
4:18 pm in new york,. northern lights make an appearance in iowa city, check out this view, the colorful blightings known as aurora boreal -- lights known as aurora borealis, it is the collision of electricically charged particles from the sun as they enter the earth creating quite a view for spectators we will check with bernadette and make sure i pronounced it correctly. >> i think you did. >> thank you. >> aurora borealis. >> sounds like a fine bottle of wine. >> aurora borealis. >> whenever it comes up we will cue kai. coming up, deck collapse why this rescue was so difficult, for firefighters. fleeing the deadly wild fires in colorado, another fire. heat advisory in effect for baltimore, the updated forecast with bernadette coming up next.
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all right taking a live look there it is. >> cool off cam. we need to show that a lot the next couple days. >> yeah >> make everyone feel a little cooler out there, yes, the heat is on today and it will be the next couple days here. first warning doppler radar, in addition to heat we have thunderstorms popping up not a whole lot but probably will see more as we head through the afternoon hours. they are scattered about, drifting down to the southeast, now i say passing northwest, because we are not cooling down behind this cold front. open this up is a little more thunder showers making their way through gaithersburg and big storms on the delaware beaches yesterday just a couple out there now and probably see a few more through the afternoon and evening. sunshine earlier today giving way to some building clouds now a couple thunderstorms those
4:23 pm
will die down overnight a bit of a breeze, and we've got temperatures up 95 degrees, is where we sit right now in baltimore look at all of those 90s across the map. dew point also way up, up to 70 degrees last hour now dropped to 69, but when you factor that together feels like 101 in baltimore, right now, there is a heat advisory in effect. so far, the high has been 95 degrees, back above the average of 88. 104 not quite there but going to be way above this average for the next couple afternoons and this is why, we showed you this a couple weeks ago it has returned. 90s all the way up to the canadian boarder, 96 right now minneapolis, 92 denver and that is the air that will continue to move our direction. so we have that front passing north of us today, slightest chance something could pop up tomorrow but a pretty small chance, you notice this off to the northwest, that is the next front that will move our way and it will come our way on wednesday, when it moves into the hot air mass there is a
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chance for not only thunderstorms but strong thunderstorms as we head through the late day hours as this front tries to push off to the south on thursday, it gets elongated and will slow down. it will start to knock down temperatures as we head through the second hatch of the week. bay temp, 83 degrees, southwest winds 5 to 10 knots outside of any thunderstorm, tonight 72, any thunderstorm out there will come to an end. tomorrow sunny to partly cloudy, up to 98 dealings, 98 degrees, upper 90s late wednesday. >> thank you. don't miss cbs prime timeline up tonight at 10, hawaii five-0. amazing video from nasa, just released of last week's solar flair. it happened thursday the geo magnetic storm didn't hit earth
4:25 pm
until this weekend. it made it possible to see the north earn lights further south than usual. nasa says this kind of solar activity, is normal. so that is easier to say than. >> aurora borealis. >> lots going on in the sky. >> mm-hmm. lots more ahead at 4:30 p.m. kidnapped in asia, new details unfolding as two americans set free. >> mystery in des moines what police are saying about the disappearence of 8 and 10-year- old cousins. gloves coming off, president's new add campaign attacked mitt romney. eyewitness news at ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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4:28 p.m., 95 degrees, partly cloudy thanks for staying with eyewitness news i am nick carter. it is starting to gitanasy,
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today, president obama -- get nasty, today president obama continues to build his argument against mitt romney and his time at bane capital. today romney is pushing back. >> reporter: president obama brought his campaign to ohio for the second time in less than two weeks. >> hello cincinnati. >> reporter: at a town hall meeting in cincinnati he tried out a new line of attack against his republican rival the president claims mitt romney's tax plan which ships jobs overseas, at the expense of middle class voters, like the ones in the battleground state. >> governor romney's economic plan would in fact create 800,000 jobs. there is only one problem, the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> reporter: the obama campaign recently launched a tv ad, claims he did just that as the head of bane capital the
4:30 pm
president is brushing off criticism, that he is running a negative campaign. >> we've done a whole slew of positive ads, those just don't get attention in the news. >> reporter: romney and his camp are pushing back hard, romney says the president is misdirecting his energy and insists he has his facts wrong. >> so a campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty does not have long legs. >> reporter: romney's fellow republicans are jumping to his defense. >> people are not worriedant details as to when mitt romney left bane capital to save the olympics or the details about his assets managed by a blind trust for pete sakes they are worried about their family's future. >> reporter: he headed south monday to raise campaign cash with bobby jindal he has been mentioned as a potential running mate. at the white house danielle nottingham. >> romney is expected to announce who his running mate
4:31 pm
will be in the next five weeks stay with wedge when for complete coverage we will keep you updated on the updates and issues. after a small reprieve, a heat advisory is in effect for much of baltimore it may be slowing some people down, in the city. children in surrounding suburbs are not letting the warmer temperatures get them down they are making the most of summer vacations. outside right now, it is partly cloudy, very hot let's go over to bernadette woods who is tracking temperatures and live doppler radar. hello. yes, a couple thunderstorms to go along with the heat today. first warning doppler radar, these have just been developing over the past hour to two hours you can see they are drifting down to the southeast, not just scattered about we do see a couple thunderstorms around bel air and just to the south, and if you move a little farther south, you see just to the west of milford and a cup until southern mare -- a couple in southern maryland. we do have, in addition to all
4:32 pm
that a heat advisory in effect for baltimore city and southern parts of baltimore county the heat is on. 95 degrees, is where we sit, a lot of 90s across this map when you factor in the dew point looks like 101 outside. it will stick around forecast coming up vic. stay with wjz for first alert warning weather coverage. log on to fire investigators sifting through ashes looking for what caused a fire in baltimore county dozens of people are without homes after flames raced through an apartment building in randalls town it happened early sunday morning at a 3 storey building on glen michael lane the fire then spread to another building. no one was hurt, wjz speaks to firefighters and residents coming up all new, at 5 and 6:00 p.m. four days after two young cousins disappeared in iowa, police have yet to turn up any clues. the latest on the massive community effort to bring the girls home safely. >> reporter: combing corn
4:33 pm
fields, looking deep into a lake, going door to door, holing out hope for two cousins missing from evans dale iowa since friday. >> like they vanished. >> reporter: 8-year-old elizabeth collins and 10-year- old lyric cook left their grandmothers house for a bike ride their bikea purse were found near a lake so far those are the only traces left behind. more than 1,000 volunteers joined the search over the weekend, they battled heat, tough terrain and bugs, authorities are suspending the volunteer effort and are no longer asking for additional help. >> right now we just don't feel putting more civilians out there on the street looking for us will be of any benefit. >> reporter: several leads turned up empty. >> no indications of any foul play, there is no one has come forward and said hey, we saw a person in that area of interest or anything like that. >> reporter: the girls families are relying on their faith. >> i feel, you know, that god is really just strengthened us you know, and not left us in a
4:34 pm
discouraged state so i mean we are just going to you know -- extremely helpful. >> reporter: the girls families are co-operating a number of state and federal agencies including the fbi are on the ground helping with the search. investigators say the disappearence is still considered a missing person's case. president oh florida a and m university officially resigns today. james ammonds was scheduled to leave in october he has been under fire since the november hazing death of robert champion the death put a spotlight on hazing specifically within the famed marching band they are off the field for at least one season several students face criminal charges. family of the late joe paterno says the allegations that he concealed jerry sandusky's sexual abuse are not true. findings were revealed by the freeh report last week and fbi director, louis freeh said the late football coach and other penn state administrators
4:35 pm
concealed it protect the university. scary situation for a group of people in austin texas they got together for a birthday celebration. the deck they were standing on came crashing down hour into the party. >> realized what was going on and then it just kind of -- everybody screamed, not traumatic but, there were like screams people falling down. >> reporter: exclusive images of the collapse, as people scrambled trying to help each other, some even tried to hold up the deck >> i was thinking oh, man someone is going to die >> it fell inwards not out wards when it fell in it had another chance to topple back over. >> reporter: i could see people inside the pool holding it. >> more than half a dozen ems crews along with fire and police were called out to the
4:36 pm
home, around 7:30 p.m. this afternoon. >> people being carted off with broken bones and gashes pretty bad everybody is shaken up. >> almost 400 square feet of deck collapsed and fell down, into the ravine below at that time there was probably 15, 12 to 15 people stand orange the deck. >> some fell down -- on the deck. some fell down the hill some had to be removed from the back of the home. >> there were multiple injuries, six people taken to hospital some treated at the scene investigators say 40 to 50% of the deck collapsed. checking in on your price at the pump, gas prices have been fluctuating a lot lately. we seem to be down from overall last year let's check with mary bubala live in the newsroom with tonight's pump watch report. >> reporter: we could be seeing a rise in gas prices as oil prices are moving away from the recent lows, oil supplies in june were at a 22 year high. they have declined since then, as demand started to rise again in the u.s. which means prices will be on the rise again, and if you are filling up around
4:37 pm
baltimore, we are spot on the national average at $3.41 a gallon that is up a few cents from last week but compared to last month it is the same, a year ago a gallon of gas would have cost 3.68 dollars. thank you to find the lowest gas prices in your neighbourhood log on to wjz click on links and numbers. let's check on the roads christy breslin wjz traffic control. >> hi everyone, first let's give you an update northbound 795 moments ago all lanes were blocked, there at franklin boulevard they are reopened but we still have quite a delay back to the belt way because of that trouble, as far as the belt way goes, 25 minutes on the west side inner loop from will kins avenue, along to security boulevard north side inner loop stop and go charles street, hartford road and outer loop crawling along for the jones expressway, along the ricer town road. a couple problems 95, in the northbound direction, slowing from the belt way to white march boulevard southbound 95, disabled vehicle at white march
4:38 pm
backing things up. as far as other accidents southbound 295, annapolis road, emmerton at slum tree in bel air and oakley avenue at poe that is a look at white march we did have that disabled vehicle, southbound direction it has just been cleared but as you can see traffic is still crawling along in that direction. this traffic report is brought to you by subway stop in and try their soft cake. if you have a ford escape you will want to listen closely ford is recalling thousands of 2013 escape suvs due to a potential problem with brake pedals. mispositioned carpet padding in more than 8,000 vehicles could prevent drivers from moving their feet from the accelerator to brake pedal. ford will fix it free of charge. renew your drivers license
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online instead of inline. drivers under the age of 40 who qualify can use self-serve kiosks. drivers under the age of 40 are exempt from vision screening so they get convenience first the second phase will accommodate the vision requirement for those over 40. new pictures of an atlanta grad student as shery covers from a flesh -- as she recovers from a flesh eating bacteria. increasing violence in syria. and more update on the heat wave ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a deadly wave of tornadoes touches down in poland. you can see bits of debris floating through the air in one town there is a funnel cloud rips through dozens of homes storms left one person dead and hurt 10 others they are being blamed for destroying hundreds of acres of forest in the
4:43 pm
baltic region. >> tens of thousands of people rally in japan ending an end to nuclear power. protestors have been gathering outside the japanese prime ministers office in tokyo every friday opposing the use of atomic energy, demonstrations have been getting bigger and bigger since the melt down last year. new violence prompted officials to declare the crisis in sierras a civil war. the bloodshed is getting worse -- syria, a civil war. the glad shed is getting worse. >> reporter: in new video posted online, it is the worst fighting since it began 17 months ago. the forces control the capital, forces are battles hi troops in the suburbs international red cross classifies the escalating conflict as a civil war.
4:44 pm
war crimes prosecutions could follow. this in village residents are mourning after dozens were reportedly ied last week. -- reportedly killed last week. un observers say troops with heavy weapons went door to door. >> so far we are seeing a lot of remnants of war in terms of shelling, bullet holes et cetera. >> reporter: the syrian government insist it is military is not targeting civilians, and denies using tanks and helicopters. randall pinkston wjz eyewitness news. the latest clashes come as russia accuses the west of using blackmail to secure a new un resolution to allow use of force in syria. four day hostage situation in egypt comes to an end. live with more on the release of two americans in the sigh nigh peninsula. americans and their egyptian tour guide are under the protection of sinai
4:45 pm
security officials the kidnapper freed them after officials promised to work on releasing his uncle from prison. they were abducted friday making their way to a christian monastery. the kidnapper wanted to grant them mercy because they had nothing to do with his dispute with police. recently other tourists have been kidnapped by tribes men and released unharmed. anthony weaner is considering running for mayor in new york city one year after he resigned from congress amid- a scandal over sexually explicit photos on his twitter account. >> so today i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> reporter: conventional wisdom dictates after a tweet storm, of the weiner variety, nothing could rebuild his political career. history may be on weaners side. consider charles wrangle
4:46 pm
charged in 2010, with almost a dozen ethics violations he just won last month's new york primary his seat just might be safe. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: president bill clinton of course is the poster child for political redemption, not a proud moment for him or the country but infidelity hardly ended his political career >> thank you. >> nor did it for some high wattage presidential hopefuls, rue do feel giuliani and newt gingrich had high profile affairs and marriages, cheating hardly seemed a deal breaker in eyes of many voters, so just what would? it is hard to say not that moral and ethical lapses can't end political careers. >> i did an awful awful lie that was wrong. >> reporter: cheating on his wife suffering from cancer, john edwards ended his bid for the white house. >> but he now hints his public
4:47 pm
life might not be over >> i don't think god is through with me i really believe he thinks there is still some good things i can do. >> reporter: maybe weiner feels the say way. maybe voters don't care what a candidate does in his private life or maybe they really can forgive and just want the forget. multiple media outlets in new york report weiner is considering a political come back including the new york times, weaners camp has not yet commented. georgia woman fighting a rare flesh eating disease is preparing to go home in a few weeks new photos taken of amy copeland she met with an intier your design tore discuss new additions to her home. she lost her hands and feet after contracting a rare, flesh eating bacteria in may. woman evacuating the waldo canyon wild fire manages to
4:48 pm
spark another wild fire. phase one of the clean up is in process right now, while fleeing the flames the woman was on her way to idaho when she crashed her car, starting a 2000-acre wild fire there. the waldo canyon scorched 14,000-acres at least two people were killed. consumer watch, warm weather and drying up crops those conditions are effecting corn prices in maryland the cost is up 45% from this time last month that rise can be attributed to the extreme heat in alabama. 90% of the state is under a drought emergency. >> latest in life and death of sylvester stallone's oldest son sage. >> reporter: coming up entertainment tonight the latest on the death of sylvester stallone's first born son stage as we look back at his first et interview. >> hi, how are you? i'm sage. >> reporter: he was literally the son of rocky, born to sly
4:49 pm
and his then wife sasha while his father was making the classic film and he made his acting debut as his son in 1990 he just turned 14 when et met him on the philadelphia set of rocky 5. >> it is going pretty good, hard at times easy at times but you are never too old to learn something new. >> reporter: and dad was always there to help, or goof around. >> let me see your tongue seems to be twisted. nope, looks good to me. he has grown up with all the assets and liabilities of being my son. so, in the movie, when he has to play those, assets and liabilities, to have wealth and then have it stripped away, whatever it is something he has been practicing 14 years so he is ready. he is ready. you are on your own pal got to stand alone pal. >> reporter: also tonight, suri and the puppy the story behind the photo new video of justin bieber after the paparazzi car
4:50 pm
chase that and much more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> see it here on wjz. steamy afternoon, believe it or not, tomorrow will be worse. [ barks ] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit
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we have been telling you and you have been experiencing it is a steamy afternoon here in baltimore we are looking ahead to see what will come up next. >> that's right. this will continue another july heat wave but thunderstorms going along with that heat. first warning doppler radar we will show you not everyone getting these thunderstorms but there are a couple out there, and they are drifting down to the southeast, this one made its way out of bel air, making its way over to the eastern shore and also, south, we have a couple popped up lower parts of maryland, and the eastern shore, and you can see they will make their way over the bay, and over to lower parts of the eastern shore where they haven't already. we will switch it over and show you, sunshine, gives way to building clouds and while a cold front passes north of us
4:54 pm
it is sparking this last round of scatters showers and storms cold front passes by to the north, it is not going to cool us down we don't get in on the air behind it. we've got a northwesterly breeze but a heat advisory in effect, and temperature wise, it is 95 degrees outside, look at those -9d 0s out there dew points -- 90s out there, dew points are high makes it feel like 101 baltimore, 99 dc and 96 degrees cumberland. we did manage a high of 95, that has been our high so far still could go up from there average is 88, not quite the record of 104 but we will be way above average for the next couple afternoons because of this. look at this, over most of the country once again all of that heat building up, and it is going to cycle east ward. we've got that front leaving us today, then a little bit of a break before another front comes our way. this next front is right up in here. what it will do is move our direction later wednesday into thursday as it does it will spark up another round of
4:55 pm
thunderstorms possibly strong ones later wednesday and then gets strung out and lays on top of us for thursday. with it close enough still chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms, temperatures will start to come down on thursday, looks like friday, a little bit of relief from this heat, that will be around for most of the week. on the water, 83 degrees, bay temperature southwest winds 5 to 10 knots, sunset now, 8:31 p.m., tonight we are going down into the 70s any thunderstorm out there will die down tomorrow we go right back up going up to 98 degrees, so not quite the record but way above average and it is going to be hot and it is going to be muggy there is the slightest chance we could see a thunderstorm pop up but not much of a chance to tomorrow most of the day tomorrow hot and muggy wednesday chances go up again heat continues we will get through it. >> we are in a pattern still. >> it is still july and summer. >> thanks. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. coming up, trying to cool
4:56 pm
off, proves to be a fatal choice. that story as eyewitness news continues. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next, a blast of hot weather how long will this round last? updating the breaking ravens news. i'm derek valcourt with the new leads police are tracking down as they try to find a man who opened fire inside a nail salon. that story coming up on eyewitness news. on track, i'm mike hellgren with a major announcement about the health and stability of
4:59 pm
baltimore's grand prix. >> check in on these stories and the day's breaking news. eyewitness news starts right now. hi i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. we start with breaking news. >> a deal has been reached. >> reporter: rice will take the money and run. $25million guaranteed. that's part of a five year deal worth a potential total of 40 million. rice earned the big payday by becoming one of the big offensive threats in the league. last year he led the nf


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