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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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charge him with one misdemeanor count because there is no felony law on the books for phoning in a violent threat to your employee. >> prosecutors say they only had enough evidence to charge neil prescott with a misdemeanor for making violent threats to his supervisor. including saying he was the joker and would load his guns and blow even up. -- everybody up. the threats made more alarm after the recent batman colorado shooting. >> i believe that when people like mr. prescott threaten violence, especially in this day and age, with all that we have going on right now, he ought to be facing felony charges, not just misdemeanor charges. but the state of the law in maryland at this time does not make it a felony. >> reporter: authorities found thousands of rounds of ammunition at prescott's home and more than 20 guns. they now say he has them all legally.
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authorities say he answered his door, wearing a t shirt saying, guns don't kill people, i do. >> it's hard to measure what you prevented. but all of the elements were here that we believe that a tragedy was averted in this case. >> reporter: the misdemeanor charge is for misuse of telephone equipment. prescott has been held on an emergency medical order for mental evaluation since his arrest last week. >> absolutely a concern for us. this is why we need a law, a statute. and we will go before the general assembly, being in january to make a case for this. i absolutely believe these charges as they stand are insufficient to cover a threat like the threat that mr. prescott made. >> reporter: so police here in anne arundel county seized all of those guns. will he get them back, though? well, the state's attorney says that will not happen while this case is pending. and if he is found guilty, she says, he will never get those guns back. reporting live at anne arundel county police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> mike, thank you. prescott has no prior criminal record. police identify a man shot and killed by an officer in north baltimore. vic is in the newsroom with an update for us. vic? >> 43-year-old john blankenship died when police responded to a domestic disturbance call. they found him fighting with a pregnant women. police say he turned and found attacking the woman. and that's when the investigators shot. they say that's possible that that's when blankenship threatened the officer with a knife. >> the pregnant woman was not hurt. aberdeen police are still looking for help in identifying the man who abducted the mother of cal ripken jr. at gunpoint. weekis live -- wjz is live in harford county. rochelle ritchie has more on why police hope have more news on the suspect. >> they have set up hay special hotline for this investigation. and while they have been flooded with a number of tips, there's still no arrest.
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>> reporter: this 35-second surveillance tip from wal-mart shows the investigator tied up vi ripken, threw her in the back of her car, and drove her around central maryland for an exhausting 24 hours, while tips have come in. still no solid leads. >> yeah, it's taken time. >> reporter: the surveillance cameras show the man on the day of the kidnapping. police are not saying if the video was taken before or after her abduction. >> it's just horrible. >> reporter: after speaking with witnesses, police were able to come up with this composite sketch. the suspect is a white man, weighing about 180 pounds. with glasses. the white shirt and orange baseball cap he is wearing in the surveillance video is the same clothing he wore the day of ripken's kidnapping. last week, the for -- 74-year- old mother was outside the home of 46 years, when the suspect, armed with a gun, ran up to her and kidnapped her. the crime shocking those throughout central maryland. >> i just thought it was very strange, you know, that
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somebody would do something like that. but there's very strange people out there. >> reporter: investigators are hoping someone visited this wal- mart the same day ripken was taken. and they're hoping they recognize the suspect in that video. >> reporter: for those who frequent wal-mart in glen burnie, knowing the suspect is still out there is unnerving. >> thinking that anybody could be kidnapped, especially when you got children or if you're by yourself. >> reporter: police are hoping that they will be able to take a closer look at this sketch and recognize him and get him off the street. >> reporter: and the fbi, maryland state police, as well as harford county sheriff's office, are all assisting assist aberdeen in -- assisting aberdeen in searching for the suspect. >> the ripken family is not commenting on the case. baltimore's top cop spends a final day on the job. police commissioner fred bealefeld retires today. the mayor's office credits him
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with reducing crime by 20%. the search for his replacement begins immediately. baltimore-born michael phelps is the most decorated olympian in history. jessica kartalija explains why we can expect to see phelps a lot in the future, jessica? >> reporter: well, mary, he's already considered one of the top 10 most marketable athletes in the world. but now we can expect to see phelps even more out of the pool. >> reporter: maryland and the entire country have phelps fever. >> i want to congratulate michael phelps. most medals we've ever seen. >> it's so amazing that he's from baltimore. >> reporter: winning a silver and gold medal in london tuesday, baltimore bullet michael phelps becomes the most decorated olympic athlete ever. >> i get very emotional. really tear up when i watch the races. >> reporter: his star power has endured for years. now he's expected to gain even
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more exposure with a broader appeal. >> his marketability is going to go through the roof. he's getting a lot of attention now. the focus is on largely on michael. >> reporter: already considered one of the most marketable athletes in the world, phelps has appeared in ads like this one for underarmour. >> he'll be everywhere. and he should be everywhere. >> reporter: marketing expert john maroon says phelps will broaden his appeal to athletic endorsers and nonathletic endorsers as well. >> anyone who wants to tie them to athleticism, patriotism, the speedos, the swim wear and the underarmour. and then there's going to be the other ones. people really have come to like michael and root for him. >> come up, michael. come up. >> reporter: for now, fans are getting a glimpse of the world's greatest olympian, however they can. >> he deserves it. he has sacrificed a ton for
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what he's done. and he's worked really, really hard. >> reporter: and maroon tells me that phelps' next challenge is to stay rel vabilities at-- relevant at 27 years old. we are all anxious to see what he plans to do next. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> phelps has three more races in these olympic games. >> the month of august begins with lots of clouds. not much sunshine tonight, as we take a live look outside. temperatures are right around normal for this time of year. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are updating our conditions. bob? >> we have a few showers and thundershower activity to the west of us. the rain southeast of us is pretty much gone. but we have activity now over washington county. and there's neighboring counties in west virginia. they picked up hail, one-inch hail over portions of berkeley springs, west virginia. not that long ago. right now near martinsburg, and a weaker storm, west of
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hagerstown. that has weakened considerably in the last few minutes. watch it as it comes down from the p.a., it has weakened. most areas tonight are still very, very dry. we may get one or two here in the baltimore region later on. 85 degrees now. d.c. has dropped to 88. in the 70s, ocean city had rain pretty much all afternoon. they're only at 75. dew point at 69. not that humid. but looks like we're going to warm up over the next few days. now, bernadette has a look at tomorrow and a quick look at the tropics. bernadette? >> that's right. the heat that is still over the middle of the country. we're going to tap into more of that. as we get rid of the clouds and a couple of thunderstorms -- storms have been on top of us. we jump back into the 90s tomorrow and stay there for a few days. as bob was just saying, this came in about a half hour ago. tropical storm number 5 is born way out there in the atlantic. pretty far out. and it is moving off to the west. and you can see winds are 35 miles per hour. along this track, it is
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expected to strengtszen -- strengthen, up to at least a tropical storm in the next 24 hours. and maybe even more than that over the next few days. so something is still way out there. we'll have to watch and keep you updated on. back inside. >> bernadette, thank you. a boost for women's health starting today. the affordable care act requires insurance companies to offer several preventive services at no cost. but as teresa garcia reports for wjz, the new role comes with controversy. following me. >> okay. >> expectant mother, christine kimmel testified negative for gestational diabetes. starting today, most private insurance companies will have to cover screenings for gestational diabetes, with no cost for the patients. it's one of eight preventive healthcare services for women mandated under the affordable care act. >> i think it's just a huge win for women's health in general. >> reporter: the covered services are annual well visits
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for women, screening for gestational diabetes. screening and counseling for domestic violence, contraception, breast-feeding counseling and supplies, hpv testing, counseling for sexually transmitted diseases. and hiv screening and counseling. >> an estimated 47 million women are in health plans that must cover these services without copays or deductibles. now, certain religious organizations, such as churches and schools, are exempt. >> reporter: this includes access to the morning after pill, which is some groups claim is equal to abortion. >> to force women of religious views and values and certainly pro life to subsidize whether it's contraception or abortion, it's wrong on many levels. >> reporter: but kimmel appreciates the new rules, especially the breast-feeding support. i know there's a lot of equipment with the pump and the tools that you need. >> reporter: and most women won't get free benefits today. the new regulations kick in
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only when their insurance plan is renewed. in beverly hills, teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> and under the healthcare law, there are also free preventive services for men and children. they include flu shots along with screens for cancer and high blood pressure. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. rescued at the airport. caught on tape. how security agents saved a woman's life. if a hurricane hits or any other type of water rescue, this is the team that responds. i'm monique griego. coming up, we go out with the heart team. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, bringing mars down to earth. that story as eyewitness news continues. and what can we expect for the first week of august? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob. ,,,,
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it is 85 degrees and partly sunny in central maryland now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. when a major hurricane hits or flooding traps marylanders, the special rescue team is one you can count on to save you. today, monique griego is there as they practice real-life scenarios. >> reporter: dangling in the air. ready to be hoisted into a waiting hospital, is probably a position most people don't expect or hope to be in. but it's exactly the type of emergency that harp is training for. >> we're trying to put together different scenarios, so if the need arises, we can go ahead and effectively operate it. >> reporter: harp is made up of students from the baltimore county police, fire department and maryland national guard. and today, at the back river near essex side park, wjz was in the air, as they practiced various water rescue scenarios. training that had recently come in handy. >> the storms that we have been getting lately, with the high
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water, we have been using them from there. there has been rescues out in the reservoir in pretty boy. >> in 2008, harp responded to the widespread flooding in israel in 2003. >> that was one of the biggest rescues we had. and if that should ever happen again. now that these agencies are traveling together. we can most effectively train this. >> preparing free agencies to work together and save lives on a moment's notice. >> it's important for us in a state with so much water. and we never know when the guard is going to be called in to augment the local resources. >> reporter: the heart team gets together only every 40 days but only does a major training operation like this once a year. monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> and rescue scenarios were also practiced in kingsville and gun powder. if you're waiting for someone to get home from works, let's check on the traffic with kristy breslin. >> hi, everybody. 95, definitely i major problem
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this afternoon. starting with southbound 95. the ramp to eastbound 100 is completely closed off to you. an accident involving a tractor- trailer. northbound 95. delays continue there from whitemarsh boulevard to mountain road. the earlier accident or there has been cleared. but obviously not the delay. northbound 95 also slow there, from 32 to route 100. and the beltway on the west side inner loop, 25 minutes now from baltimore national pike to security boulevard. north side inner loop, the delay begins at the jones falls expressway and goes over to harford road. average speed at this point, about 30 miles per hour. and as far as accidents go, caton avenue at wilkens avenue. bradshaw. at rafael. let's take a live look. the harrisburg expressway, definitely busy there if you look to the right-hand side of your screen. the delay begins at shawan road and goes to belfast. but also, as you can see, southbound going well. this is brought to you by medieval times. more action, feasts, fun for the family. dial 1-888-we joust.
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back over to you. >> kristy, thank you. early next monday morning, the largest, most advanced rover in nasa's history will land on mars. it's called curiosity. alex demetrick reports, a critical piece of that was built here in maryland. >> reporter: it weighs in at one ton and is the size of an suv. and when the rover curiosity rolls on mars, its mission is a curious one. >> we're looking for parts of mars that are inhabitable. >> reporter: and doing the analysis is sam. its job. >> to better understand the surface chemistry and the atmosphere chemistry. >> reporter: and to make sure it will work, engineers at goddard built a mars chamber, with martian air, carbon dioxide and 15 chambers. >> we went down to minution fri. >> which is relatively balmy. it can reach 245 degrees below
5:19 pm
celsius. >> we had to make sure they would be able to survive the martian environment. >> reporter: curiousity will explore a different layer, where rocks and materials are exposed. what is collected will then be use the i by sam's instrument. >> we're looking at carbon- based molecules that comprise life on earth as we know it. >> reporter: but first, curiosity must survive a harrowing landing monday morning. too heavy to parachute all the way down, it will be prepared to deploy a rocket. it is sure to be a nail biter. >> tell be. but you know, i have a lot of trust in the engineers that described it. -- designed it. and we're confident this is going to go well. >> i'm sure i'll be awake. this is something that has never been done before. it's a challenge. but this is what nasa does. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> if all goes well, curiosity follow be capable of at least
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two years of exploring. >> you know how people thought they didn't really land on the moon? it would be just a movie? >> that's a hop, skip and a jump. mars is pretty far away. even though it's our neighbor, it's still pretty far. let's take a look at temps around the nation. 85. southeast wind the at 9. few showers in a few spots. we'll show you those after this. ,, hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a live look outside from sky eye chopper 13. it's beautiful outside. >> a nice day for august 1st. >> normal high today is 87. the high today, well, it's about 86. that's about it. take a look at radar. there are showers and storms west of us. particularly around the hagerstown area. but they had really weakened, except around martinsburg, west virginia. this just moved through hagerstown. it still heading out to the east. but it's much, much smaller. another near cascade, north of fairmont, heading south, right around the catoctin mountains. around the baltimore region, it's quiet. some of this activity might make it into our area, later this evening. and still, kind of a moist
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atmosphere. and still a little disturbance moving through the mountains. we still have a chance, between let's say 9:00 and 10:00, of a widely scattered shower or thundershower. and these have had heavy downpours. 85 here. 75, ocean city. still light rain. rain pretty much all day long. the lower eastern shore. 82, elkton. 77, showers. and hagerstown, recovering now to 78. oakland had rain earlier. locally, temperatures ranging from low 80s to the mid-80s. once again, d.c. with no rain. and a lot of sun. they got up to 88 now. east winds on the region. that kept us from getting the really hot temperatures that will begin to move in. when i say really hot, compared to the mid-80s. go back to 90, 91, 92. over the next few days. it's going to feel warmer than it has in the last, really last three or four days. there's a lot of rain offshore. that's moving away from that low pressure. it's actually helping our air to kind of sink. and sinking air typically dries out and does not help to form
5:25 pm
storms. it's just a weak disturbance now moving across the mountains in portions of west virginia. once that passes tonight, we'll be back in the more stable air. but it's warmer back here. with a lot of sunshine. temperatures reach 90 to the low 90s. so we'll be looking at that in the region. looks like thursday and friday both pretty much dry. slight chance of a shower friday. and even warmer air, more humidity comes back. they're looking at temperatures maybe in the low to mid90s. and a few degrees warmer than that. particularly friday and into the weekend. but the chance of showers aren't that spectacular. just widely scattered stuff. south winds on the bay. around 5 knots. bay temp, still around 82 degrees. still tonight, a widely scattered shower or thundershower. otherwise, patchy fog. 92 tomorrow. and that's 6 degrees warmer than today. but the chance of showers tomorrow, very, very slim. maybe 10 to 20%. >> all right, bob. thank you. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. an upgrade for the national
5:26 pm
aquarium in baltimore. what visitors can expect to see from a multibillion dollar project. cash. new money woes for the postal service. will this impact mail delivery? a nasty boating accident here. and a dramatic rescue and some of the people who live nearby saw it all happen. i'm derek valcourt, with that [ male announcer ] it started long ago. it's called passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment. so does aarp, serving americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp dicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. to find out more, call today.
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it's just before 5:30. 85 degrees and partly sunny. good evening.
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thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. four people are recovering after a traumatic boating accident along marley creek in glen burnie. a boat struck something and tossed all the passengers on board into the water. >> that accident happened right around 5:00 on tuesday night and some of the people who live here along marley creek saw it all. >> from sky eye chopper 13, you can see the medics trying to help an injured woman still in the water. she was one of four people riding in what police describe as a small speed boat. this witness who asked not to be seen on camera, saw the accident while sitting on her front porch. >> all of a sudden, i saw this flap. and i saw this boat fly up. and it like tilted. and i saw people go flying. >> reporter: a nearby jet skier rushed to help people in the water. only this woman needed medical attention. dnr police. >> they hit something, either the ground or floating object under the water.
5:30 pm
and all four persons on board flew out of the boat. >> reporter: already, there have been multiple boating accidents so far this year on the bay. and just a couple of years ago, there was another tragic accident in this same area of marley creek. >> reporter: 47-year-old rick hynson, beloved by many, died in 2009, after his boat collided with another, also in front of this woman's home. >> you just don't want to see someone treat this like the indanapolis 500. and unfortunately, some people do. >> reporter: police say speed is a factor in most boat accidents, as it was when this 40-foot sea ray slammed into a concrete pier earlier this summer. seriously injuring passengers on board. >> slow down. know the limitations of your experience. >> reporter: dnr said the cause of this boating accident still under investigation. they say they'll be looking at whether speed and alcohol may have played a role. in glen burnie, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> dnr police say so far, there have been at least 50 boating
5:31 pm
accidents in maryland this year, killing six people. also, in anne arundel county, a frederick man is killed on a construction site. police say he fell off the top of a building on dorsey road in hanover. it happened while he was trying to secure some safety equipment. paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators are trying to determine exactly what went wrong. tsa agents save a woman from her kidnappers in dploord. vic is -- florida. virveg is in the newsroom with how they-- vic is in the newsroom. >> july 5th, the group was going through security when agents noticed the woman who seemed uncomfortable. agents say she was hiding her face and had noticeable scars and was trembling. when agents approached her, they say she broke down crying, saying she had been kidnapped. four others were questioned. and later arrested. >> the group had been in miami for the independence day weekend when police say they turned on the woman, beating her up, robbing her and threatening to kill her.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: the department of agriculture is investigating a bird strike that ripped a hole in the plane. take a look at united airlines plane. hit a bird as it was about to land in denver yesterday. the plane had 151 passengers aboard. it landed safely. the birds' remains were recovered and are being looked at to determine the species. this brings the strikes to nearly 10,000 in 2010. a new poll has mitt romney leading president obama in three battleground states. >> reporter: president obama brought his campaign message of middle class tax cuts to ohio. >> hello, ohio. >> reporter: the president came on a day a new poll shows him six points ahead of mitt romney in the battleground state. the quin piac university poll shows the president has the same lead in florida.
5:33 pm
it also has him 11 points ahead in pennsylvania. >> we need tax cuts for working americans. >> reporter: the president is pushing his plan to increase taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year and says romney's tax plan would mean tax cuts for the wealthy, while the rest of the taxpayers pick up the tab. >> he's asking you to pay more to the people like him to get a big tax cut. >> reporter: while the president is among those polled, many don't approve of the way he's handling the economy. >> it's going to be a rough run on the president's economic policies. >> reporter: the romney campaign is airing this new adin ohio, where the president is there, criticizing his support of the auto industry bailout. >> i received a letter from general motors. they were suspending my credit line. we had 30-something employees out of work. >> reporter: and with so many out of work, both republicans and democrats will be watching the july unemployment numbers when they're released friday. in washington, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news.
5:34 pm
>> the president heads to the battleground state of florida tomorrow. remember, check in with wjz. for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to update you on the big issues. the u.s. postal service defaults on a big bill, after congress failed to help. the agency cannot afford to pay more than $5 billion in healthcare payments for future retirees. this will not disrupt mail service. but it brings the agency closer for bankruptcy. it is currently operating on a loan from the treasury. a big jump in the prices at the pump. the national average rose 17 cents in july to $3.42 for a gallon of regular. that saturday third highest average in july on record. triple a blames middle east instability and global economic news for the price hike. we are keeping a watch on gas here in maryland. it is
5:35 pm
up a month ago. but down last year when prices hit $3.70 a galton. -- gallon. karen brown reports for wjz from arkansas. where ranchers are being forced to sell cattle at rock bottom prices. >> reporter: del has been selling cattle his whole life, with love and pride. >> you see them every day. just like a grandchild, basically. >> which is why he's breaking his heart to go. >> 234. how many do you have left? >> well, i've got 112. >> the drought has killed the grass and forced pruit to start using up expensive winter hay. says he's selling off cattle. >> it's just a hard feeling. you know they'll be better off down the road, where there will be plenty of grass for them. >> reporter: at the arkansas cattle auction, it's a buyer's market. owner randy goodman is selling
5:36 pm
twice as many cows as usual. and they're going for a third less than the normal price. >> i'll have those cattle. and that's sad. >> the lucky ones find homes in states. gerald drove 260 miles from oklahoma. when he waves his card, it means he's bidding. >> did just buy cattle? >> yes. >> did you get a good price? >> yes. >> nap had to sell off his own. now he's rebuilding. >> all i can hope for is next year it won't be this bad. >> reporter: all of this selling means less cattle for next year. and that could drive up beef prices as much as 5%. by then, some ranchers will be out of business. del truitt says he won't be one of them. he'll survive this drought and be billed in better time. >> the summers brought unusually hot and dry conditions in maryland. wjz's drought watch continues now. meteorologist bernadette woods.
5:37 pm
bern? >> that's right. we may not be as extreme as some of the other places. this is where we stand. you remember in july, very variable rainfall amounts! areas get underneath the thunderstorms will get a lot more. but everything is measured officially at bwi marshall. and for the year so far, we're just over 16 inches. 16.65. and our normal during that same stretch is 24.68. so we are definitely below, over eight inches below. and we're going to continue to track this. because there are some chances for showers and storms in the forecast. but when they come to thunderstorms, it's very spotty. we'll have that forecast coming up. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. maryland's environmental chief testifies in washington about the potential problems global warming will have for our state. the olympics have also been good for michael phelps training partner, allison schmidt. she is rocking it in the pool. in a guide to back to school shopping. for more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the
5:38 pm
updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. the national aquarium in baltimore announces a major overhaul for one of its major attractions. wings in the water is being transformed into a $12 million state of the art exhibit, that will bring us face to face with the shark. >> reporter: at the center of the national aquarium in baltimore, we have watched the sting ray swim for years, along with zeke and zoe and the beloved sea turtle name said calypso. now they're getting a new state of the art home. along with a huge coral display. aquarium ceo john rockinelli says it is the most exciting in years. >> i'm a diver. i can't wait. >> including all the new ways to see it. going to be a pretty neat way to dive in. >> the changes mean cooper schaefer will be able to come face to face with its faifortsd thing in the world.
5:39 pm
sharks. >> down below, a new popout will make it feel like you are swimming with the shark. >> you're going to be able to get closer to the shark. what do you think about that? >> that's going to be cool. >> do they scare you at all? >> you're not scared of sharks at all? and how old are you? >> four. >> you're four? what do you like about them. >> i like -- i like their color. >> so cute. construction on the new exhibit begins this fall. the aquarium will remain open the entire time with a new area unveiled next summer. it's going to be very cool. >> that should be nice. and they have a ton of other interactive state of the art things that they're going to run with it. >> kind of in tandem. >> yes. a whole new technology upgrade, along with the new exhibits, too. >> it's popular. going to help it soar through the roof today. >> it was packed today. still ahead on eyewitness news.
5:40 pm
wild plunge. an rv crashes into a backyard swimming pool. what happens next. another needle discovered in an airplane sandwich. which airline is facing questions tonight. i'm bob turk. some warmer temps hassed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a couple of years ago, the national science foundation gave the college an $800,000 grant to build a robot lab. now, as mike schuh reports, they have followed up with more money to enable students to go into science centers. >> what would you do if 90% of the students coming to your college needed remedial help in mathematics? perhaps toy robots wouldn't be your first answer? but these two men, dr. michael kay and dr. yu lu think it will be the best answer. >> we will show them the mathematics related to robotics. >> reporter: pi -- by playing with these, the students enjoy and develop their math skills. >> many times, the students are here until 4:30, 5:00, still
5:44 pm
playing, still wanting to do more. and i have to start flashing the lights and saying, okay, guys, the day is over. we have on go home and come back tomorrow. >> it sounds fun. but no other community colleges in the country are doing what is being done in this room. and the national science foundation kicked in $600,000 to offer the classes to all who enroll at bcccc. >> i would like to develop myself to help the kids from the urban areas. >> reporter: the robots to improve math skills classes are for credit. but once completed, it will allow a student to succeed in credit courses. and that adds up. >> based on the study, we object this project will be a huge success. >> reporter: at bccc, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and those new classes begin in the fall semester. >> it's a cloudy start to the month of august. the skies are overcast tonight. when can we expect the sunshine to return? that's the question everyone is
5:45 pm
asking. bob turk has the five-day forecast. but first, meteorologist bernadette woods shows us what we can expect tomorrow. >> hello there. as far as tomorrow's forecast goes, we've got the sun out right now. it has broken out. and tonight, we're going to see, other than a thunderstorm or two, the general clearing of skies. because our front is trying to make its way through. tonight, we'll start out with more sunshine. 68 for our early morning temperatures but in the afternoon, that climbs to 90s. and a slight chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> and the chance is really the next couple of days, not really that much. but it will be very widely scattered if you get one. 92, back up to 94. the chances increase over the weekend. into early next week. 94 and humid saturday. maybe a thundershower. same thing on sunday. liehigh near 90. 88 as we start next week. >> in today's energy saver, a way to cook smarter. cook with a full oven. if you have three dishes to be
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cook said, take the average of all three. and don't peek every time you open the oven, the temperature is lowered by 25 to 75 degrees. and use a broiler when possible it uses less energy and preheating is not required. for more information, go to and scroll down the right-hand side of the page and click on our section. several people are rescued in arizona, including a baby, after heavy rains flooded a busy highway. the baby and his mother were trapped after she tried to drive through the fast-moving water. firefighters say it was four feet deep in some spots. in all, nine people had to be rescued. no one was hurt. a driver in massachusetts takes his trip into a camper, right into his family's back pool. this rv crashed through a fence and landed in a pool in brockton. the driver is expected to be okay. investigators believe he suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel, causing him to lose control. >> that is quite a sight. well, it has happened
5:47 pm
again. another sewing needle is discovered inside a sandwich on board an air i were. -- airplane. an air canada passenger found a needle. the airline said it is working closely with the caterer to make sure security issues are in place. this comes two weeks after needles were discover said in several sandwiches on delta flights from amsterdam to the u.s. tonight, chick chick-fil-a is drawing major opposition and support. elizabeth cored onon breaks down both sides of the troar -- controversy. >> reporter: it's chicken and fries with a side of politics. some are flocking to chick-fil- a to buy the food. others to make a statement. >> i'm supporting mr. kathy in his views, biblical views. and it's not necessarily his views, it's god's views. and we're just supporting him today. >> reporter: dan kathy made comments in support of the biblical views of the family
5:48 pm
unit. while it does not necessarily reflect the views of individual franchise owners. >> it's terrible policy and terrible business. >> i think you have to be careful when you're dealing with the public. you just can't get into any controversial issues. >> reporter: according to a survey by yuga, the controversy took a big bite out of chick- fil-a's customer perception of the company. but conservatives are applauding cathy. >> it's about religious freedom and freedom of speech. >> reporter: so they're putting their money where their beliefs are. >> they have standards and i'm glad they're sticking to them. >> reporter: the restaurant released a statement making it clear it did not initiate the appreciation event but thanks customers for their support. our goal is simple, it said, to provide great food, great hospitality and provide great food for all who come in to chick-fil-a. opposition are planning a
5:49 pm
nation wide kiss-in. facebook followers have agree said to participate today, which simply means showing up and eating at chick- fil-a. check in for all new stories coming up at 6:00. gun rights in focus. another ruling from another judge on maryland's concealed weapons controversy. the latest at 6:00. baltimore city's murder rate. is the rate going down or up? check in for more on these stories and the day's breaking news. coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. and still to come tonight. at 5:00, we are just days away from football season. >> that's right. sports director mark viviano is live at the facility with the latest from training camp. hi, mark. >> how are you doing, kai? we're going to hear from number 20. ed reed, one of the best in history. strong player, known for his strong player, known for his strong chent -- ,,,,,,,,,,
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
ravens are just eight dayas, way from the start of their preseason schedule. wjz is live at the training
5:53 pm
facility. mark viviano has more on one of the ravens defense. >> how are you doing? yeah, you're talking about ed reed. one of the best in the game. and he made his comments for the first time since training camp started. and when sneed reed -- ed reed talks, people listen. certainly had plenty to say in the off season that raised some eyebrows. for much of this past off season, it was unclear whether ed reed was going to continue playing or he might retire after 10 seasons. he skipped mandatory mini camp. he was fined for his absence. said he was assessing his future. and alluded he wanted a new contract. also suggested that he was at odds with management and that player his no leverage in the nfl. today, reed talked about why he said what he said. >> i choose to deal with it the way i deal with it. that way young guys would know
5:54 pm
it, kids would know it. i'm not a guy to hold things back. that's why you get what you get. and if i didn't do it that way, you wouldn't have the information to write about. >> reporter: we'll get near of -- more of that information to write about, coming from ed reed next hour as she addresses his desire for a new contract. i'll have highlights of the birds. that's ahead at 6:00. back to you for now. a virginia man is thanking his daughter for saving his life. alec carnaki was working on his car. his daughter found him crushed under the critic. and immediately sprang into action. she moved the car, weighing a ton and a half, off her father's body. >> lifted up right here. and just kind of -- i didn't see the car. just kind of threw it. i shoved my body into it as hard as i could. i came back and dragged it out and started cpr. >> mind over matter.
5:55 pm
well, her dad had several broken ribs and other fractures, but nothing appears to be permanent damage. >> amazing. what a daughter. wow. london's mayor won't be receiving a gold medal for his attempt at zip lining. take a look at this. the mayor is zipping along when all of a sudden, he comes to a stop. he is left suspended in midair, above a crowd of people. the failed attempt was part of the celebration for the olympic games. after being stuck for a few minutes, staff at the park pulled him the rest of the way. the mayor has been -- >> goofy. >> and he's been very outspoken during the olympics, trying to get people rallied behind them. >> and standing up for his city. >> he's a good sport, though. >> he is. >> any other mayor would be like get me down from here. and he was just chatting from everybody. still ahead on eyewitness news. police say he called himself the joker and threatened to blow up his workplace. why he's only charged with a misdemeanor. misdemeanor. and why prosecutors say the la,,
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
has phelps fever. i'm jessica kartalija. why the olympic athlete is becoming even more market marketable than-- marketable than ever. that's straight ahead. hotter weather returning? stick around for the first warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. troubling threat. a man accused of trying to shoot up his workplace. >> tonight, the surprising charge he faces. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm mary bubala, in for denise. here's what people are talking


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