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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  August 5, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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coming up next on eyewitness news, a swan song for michael phelps. the most decorated olympian ever competes one last time. the very latest from london. plus, an update on accused murder jared loughner. what prosecutors are saying about the case. and good morning, everyone. ravens fever is officially kicking into high gear. coming up, thousands of fans pack into m&t bank stadium for the team's first open practice. taking a look live outside. the sun is out now. will we keep an umbrella nearby? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather from. you hear a lot about swim safety for kids but what about adults? here at the y in randallstown they offer adult swim lessons. coming up we will tell you all
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about it. eyewitness news is sebdz away. -- seconds away good morning. and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, it is 8:01. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. it is is 78 degrees. another steamy day. but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. however -- >> there is always a but, right? >> always a but. we will see cooler temperatures heading into the week. the transition could be a little dicey. we're looking at storms rolling through here late this afternoon. right now, good mixture of clouds and sun out there. and it is just going be another steamy day. we are already dealing with a slight, slight heat index. this is what is coming our way. we have a pretty strong storm complex in the midwest fort
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wayne indiana and those storms are moving our way and the front there in the top left of the screen, that is what is associated with all of these storms. moving in our direction. and that is going to be the transition. behind it, less humid air. and much cooler than it has been over the last few days and i say much cooler, we're talking maybe the difference of 5-10 degrees in some areas and start moving into this area by this afternoon. and into the evening and we have to keep a close eye on that because those storms can be very, very strong. as far as our temperatures, 78 degrees, the temperature at bwi marshal. and 70 in oakland and 79 in ocean city. the 78 already feels like 80 degrees. and we're going to day hime high in the low 90s. we got to 93 degrees yesterday. we will be right around that range again today, with sunshine and clouds, but again, a chance of thunderstorms, this afternoon, and evening, and we will talk about how it plays out in the rest of your weekend, in your complete first warning forecast. >> thank you, tim. but first, here is what people are talking about this morning. a very emotional day for a
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baltimore star olympian after winning gold for the last time, michael phelps officially retires. adam may has more. >> reporter: baltimore's michael phelps ends his swimming career with a final gold medal. easily wins the four by 100 motor relay in london one day after winning the 100-meter butterfly. >> another strong finish by phelps. >> i tried to fight it but then i just decided to let it go. and whatever happened, happened. and just taking these last couple of memories and moments of my swimming career. >> dozens gathered around computer screens at phelps home pool in mount washington, and a special trophy for his career achievements. >> i feel like he went out with a bang. that's the way you're supposed to go. >> phelps is now the most decorated olympian in history, winning 18 gold medals, two silver, and two bronze, over
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three olympics. he leaves the sport with 39 world records. and telling reporters, after retirement, he wants to travel europe, dive with sharks, and work with children. >> there is a lot of things that i want to do, personally. for myself, just to be able to relax and even though i am retiring and my competitive side of my career is over, there are still things that i want to do around the sport. >> adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> and phelps says he plans to stay involved in his charity swimming schools. well, we are learning more about the story we first brought you as breaking news late last night. the man charged with shooting congressman gabrielle giffords is expected to plead guilty. according to lawyers close to the case, doctors believe jared loughner is now competent to understand the charges against him and plans to plead guilty in court on tuesday as part of a deal that will send him to prison for life. he murdered six people in a shooting spree in january last year. 13 others were included.
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or excuse me, injured, including congressman gabrielle giffords shot in the head. a storm rolls through chicago, shutting down a major music festival. police evacuated la la palooza yesterday. sending thousands of people to underground shelters. the national weather service had issued flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings for that area. concert-goers say organizers took no chances this year. >> we were here last year and it rained and i know when it started, everybody kind of ran. i guess they're taking that as a precaution. >> the festival opens two hours later after the bad weth her passed on. back here investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fatal fire in baltimore county. firefighters say the blaze started in the bedroom of this house of this house on main street of reisterstown saturday afternoon. and an 80-year-old woman in a burned out bedroom was discovered after the flames were put out. her name is not released yet. the state session on
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gambling is on hold for now. lawmakers were supposed to convene this thursday. instead, they will push it back one day and start the special session on friday. house speaker michael bush sent members an e-mail telling them of the changes. in addition to internet gaming, push says the house will also address the recent controversial court decision regarding pit bulls. football fever is spreading fast. as ravens gear up for the preseason. and downtown yesterday it was all ravens all day. we have more on the purple birds, as they head into their first practice of the season. good morning, everyone. many fans arrived at the stadium hours before the practice even started. just because they wanted to get a good seat. [ cheering ] with the official start of football season just weeks away, ravens fever -- >> number one baby. >> is heating up. >> we love the ravens. can't wait. >> this is nice to get back into the football feeling. >> tens of thousands of fans put
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on their purple gear and packed into m&t bank stadium for the team's official practice. >> i will probably be here all the time and i like to be close to the action. >> coming here for free is really exciting because i don't get to go to the games. >> and in gives the fans a much-needed football fix. after the months long wait between seasons. >> it is nice to watch the orioles, but it is tough, and i'm glad football is back in town. >> mixed in with the excitement is also a lot of anticipation from fans who are keeping a close eye on the team's performance. >> just some of the new faces and just they come up with any new plays, and just to see how the veterans are doing. >> some fans came to check out how the ravens are playing, other fans came to get close to a player. >> i love to come up and see my players. >> who is your favorite? >> ray rice, of course. >> fans are showing a lot of
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support but they have high expectations. >> i have hope we will take it all the way hope. >> i hope for a super bowl win. >> it was just a practice, we are told around 20,000 people showed up to the stadium. wjz eyewitness news. >> and the ravens first preseason game is an away game on august 9 against the falcons. the first home game august 17. baseball now. where the orioles and rays are battling for a coveted spot in the playoffs. at least the wildcard. the orioles did it all. on both sides of the plate last night. the o's jumped ahead early with strong hitting and defensively they shut down those tampa bay bats. after getting shut out in game one of the series, the orioles returned the favor 4-0. and that is the final. the orioles road trip wraps up today in tampa. it is masn on wjz. you can see this afternoon's game against the rays at 1:30 live right here on wjz. the winner takes sole possession of second place and the american league east. of course and the winner will also win this three-game series.
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>> all right. very nice. we can hope that they do well, at least for now. >> so all of the sports coming up, too, we have the game today, and then next week, we have ravens, all day yesterday, and so -- >> a lot of stuff going on it. is the time of year where almost everything is in play. and -- >> no pun. >> true, no pun intended. and hopefully, when they come back home, i mean things will start to calm down and cool down a little bit. we are kind of over the hottest time of the year. our temperatures are gradually getting a little cooler, a little bit better. so hopefully when they come back and the ravens are playing and the birds are playing, our other birds, weather won't be an issue. >> good. >> right now, 78 degrees. and a bit of a hazy day. nothing too drastic right now. yesterday this time of the morning, a little steamier. and we were having issues, we talked about it with the wind shear and we couldn't get it to
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stay clear with the moisture in the air. temperatures around 80 degrees. yesterday, the dew point was substantially higher. so it is not quite as humid. but it is still a little bit muggy out there. 80 degrees right now. 72 the dew point. relative humidity at 76%. and the winds from the west/south west are going to bring in very warm air and 30.12 the barometer reading and barometer still high for now and there are going to be transitions in play here and we will show you how this all works out. 69 degrees in oakland. it is the coolest spot on the map and 80s after you get south of the metro area and 82 in dc and 81 in ocean city and patuxent river. and 77 in westminster. 78 in bel air. 79 in rock hall. 83 down around kent island and annapolis, temperatures reflecting a bit of a very mild water temperature. the water temperatures in the bay around 82 degrees. now, this west/southwesterly flow is around high pressure that had marched right on across the mid atlantic. it is now offshore and it is
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bringing in the clockwise flow, it brings in the west/southwesterly wind. and it is a little bit stronger down towards the dc suburbs on the lower eastern shore, eastham and patuxent river with double digit winds out there right now. as the high continues to move away and continues to pump in the warm humid air, our atmosphere will get kind of juiced up. the humidity is really the fuel that these storms need. now with a front approaching from the west, that clash of air mass, that cool air, and less humid air, is going to come crashing in to the humidity, and the heat that is in place. what that will mean for us is we will see a transition. a transition means that the storms that are associated with this front would be very, very strong. and that is going to happen this afternoon. you've already seen where they are out in the midwest. they are going to come through here this afternoon and this evening, late this afternoon, and we could start to see them firing up, coming from the western portion of the state. and they could linger through the early part of the evening into the overnight hours. and some of them could be very strong. we're talking about gusty winds. maybe hail and even a bit of a
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tornado concern. so we will keep you posted. but after it moves on through here, the less humid conditions build in and we're looking at a pretty nice start to the week. we are keeping you posted on the tropics. there are actually two storms out there right now. this is ernesto. tropical storm. now, with sustained winds at a miles an hour. the movement is to the west at 22 miles an hour. and the pressure is kine of stable right now. and -- kind of stable right now. this storm is expected to strength noon a category one hurricane sometime tuesday into wednesday as it moves across the yucatan peninsula and cancun and cozumel to the southern gulf. it could move on into mexico and the area around texas. we will keep you posted but all of our models keep it south of the area down towards central america. now, there is florence out there as well. so far, off the map, that we can't even really see it, isolated but florence is way back away from any land concerns. we will keep you posted on florence already a tropical storm as it starts to get closer if it in fact does get closer and start to strengthen. 8:13 our sunset time.
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and small craft advisory in effect through this evening and then through today, a strong thunderstorm possibly late this afternoon and temperatures up just around 93 with the heat index in the mid to upper 90s. and 73 degrees. the strong thunderstorms again lingering into tonight. and a strong thunderstorm tomorrow. and again, still in the afternoon. 88 degrees. and then we will start to see a bit of clearing on tuesday and wednesday. another chance of showers on thursday though. 88, 89, and 89 for tuesday and wednesday. 91 on thursday. and with that chance of showers, our temperatures go back down on friday, back down to 87, which is pretty close to normal for this time of the year. >> okay. still ahead on eyewitness news, sunday morning, a painful meeting, after this dog comes face to face with, you guessed it, a porkucpine, káupb. husky hospitalized. we will tell you how coach jim calhoun ended up in the emergency room. i'm sharon gibala live at the y in randallstown where they're not only teaching children to swim but adults as
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well. coming up we will tell you about their programs, straight ahead. but first, here are yesterday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. we're back in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news on this sunday morning. august 5. here is a cruise ship in our view there. probably getting off wondering why it is as warm here as it was wherever they probably left, probably bermuda. who knows where. definitely warm here. and anywhere in the region, temperatures in the low 90s, with the humidity high. if you're going down to ocean city, a nice time to be there with the water temperature around 75 degrees. low to mid-80s, with a good bit of sun, and could still again see a shower or storm down that way, but you have at least the water to keep you nice and cool in the meantime. that's our good samaritan hospital, it brings you your ocean city forecast for the remainder of this summer. as far as the rest of us, inland we're looking at temperatures around 93 degrees. strong thunderstorm potentially late this afternoon. and again, that potential stays with us through the early evening. 73 degrees. with strong thunderstorms around. and we will have the five-day forecast first warning forecast in a few moments. >> thanks, tim. back to some of the top headlines of the morning,
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massive evacuations are under way in northeast china, where two powerful storms are causing widespread flooding there. the remnants of two typhoons caused rivers to swell, and lots of trees to topple. and rescue workers evacuated hundreds of thousands of people and they're also warning local governments to be on the lookout for mud slides. university of connecticut basketball coach jim calhoun is on the mend this morning, after a serious bike accident. the coach fractured a hip yesterday, while cycling near his home. the 70-year-old underwent surgery late last night and not yet clear how long the injury will keep him sidelined. this season marks calhoun's 27th year coaching the u-conn's men's basketball team. a teenaged lifeguard in portland racks up a big bill for saving a boy's life. after john clark rescued the 12-year-old, he told emergency crews that he had a headache. well, they rushed him to the hospital. and then charged him $2600 just
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for the ride. >> i saw the physician's bill was $300 and he gave me a cup of water and a blanket. and the ambulance ride was $1900. and i mean i just got in, god my blood pressure taken, and -- got my blood pressure taken and fresh water. >> well, he was worried after seeing that big bill because he doesn't have life insurance. but since the story hit, people across the country have been giving him donations. he says anything that exceeds that $2600 bill is all going right into his college fund. well, get ready to eat up, baltimore. restaurant week will not end today. as originally planned. the deals on dining will continue through august 12. next week. and nearly 30 restaurants decided to extend the popular menu options, they're offering two-course lunches at just 15 bucks a pop and dinners between 20 and $30. now the dates for extensions vary. so make sure you call any restaurant before just showing
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up demanding discounts. >> demanding the discounts, wow, i want this discount. that's what tim will do. >> yeah, right. >> well, the kids may be all right but do the parents know all about the do's and don'ts of pool safety? >> wjz is live at the randallstown aquatic center. sharon gibala is there with more from the ymca giving adult crash courses on safety. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we all think about child safety when it comes to pools but it actually starts all with the adults. if the adults don't know how to swim, a lot of times the kids don't learn, either. we have ian mcneil here, who is the aquatic director at the y in randallstown. good morning. pretty shocking statistics about people who don't know how to swim. >> correct. and the african-american community, the statistics are about 63 to 68% in the united states, that are drowning, a lot
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of them adults. >> we have adults behind us learning how to swim. can you tell me, if somebody doesn't know how to swim, if you could give one piece of advice, for them to stay safe, what would it be? >> the best piece of advice was to just relax in the water, and learn how to float. the more a person panics, the more the person overreacts, and the worst the situation is in the water. so the best thing to do is relax and float. >> floating is a good option. and you all teach a lot of adult swim lessons here and people might be squared or intimidated -- scared or intimidated by it and you had a fantastic story from one of your students. >> a doctor wanted to learn how to swim and he wanted to take his kid and wife on vacation to swim with them. and he competed in his first triathlon this year. >> pretty fantastic. it is not that hard. it can be done. it can be done fast as well. and you can pass it on to your children. and here at the y in randallstown, they offer a huge
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swim program, and we will talk a little bit about more about that and we will talk about what you can do if you don't have the money for swim lessons as well coming up in about 20 minutes. back to you. >> all right. we notice that you don't have on your bathing suit, sharon. >> why not? >> i don't get paid enough to have be on tv with a swimsuit. >> good answer. >> okay. no problem. >> i have two kids. it is not going to happen. >> all right. sharon, we will check back in 20 minutes. thank you very much. live from the aquatic center. randallstown, ymca this morning. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning -- >> coming up, bringing mars down-to-earth. that story as eyewitness news continues.
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early tomorrow morning, the largest rover in mars history will be landing on mars. >> it is called curiosity and as alex demetrick reports a critical part of that machine was built right here in maryland. >> reporter: it weighs in at one ton. it is the size of an suv. and when the rover curiosity rolls on mars, its mission is a familiar one. >> we're looking for evidence that mars was ever inhabitable. >> reporter: doing the looking is sam, a compact chemistry lab based at the goddard green belt center.
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>> and to understand the surface chemistry of mars. >> reporter: engineers at goddard built a mars chamber of carbon dioxide and freezing temperatures. >> we went through 15 states, down to minus 45. >> reporter: which is relatively balmy. the chamber can reach minus 130 degrees celsius. that is 200 degrees below zero. >> we had to fully test all of our instruments to understand that they would actually be able to survive the martian environment. >> reporter: curiosity will explore an ancient crater where different layers of rock and minerals are exposed drilling into martian areas, and what is collected will be analyzed by sam's instruments. >> we're looking for evidence of organic molecules or carbon-based molecules that comprise life as we know it on earth. >> but first, curiosity must survive a harrowing landing at 1:00 a.m. monday morning. too heavy to parachute all the way down, deployed by a rocket-powered space crane. the first such landing ever. it is sure to be a nail biter.
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>> it will be but i have a lot of trust in the engineers that designed it and we're very confident it will go out. >> a lot of anticipation. i'm sure i will be awake. >> this is something that has never been done before. this is a challenge. but this is what nasa does. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> if all goes well, curiosity will be capable of at least two years of exploring. >> go nasa. >> yes. >> there is much more to come on eyewitness news, sunday morning, including a fiery night in oklahoma. as dozens of homes go up in flames. why investigators say this was no accident. and michael phelps bids the olympics fair well, in a spectacular way. we have more coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. it is 8:30. i'm gigi barnett. >> temperatures are just around 80 degrees. in parts of the area. and it is also a little steamy. much like it has been all weekend. and last night really never dropped down much below the 70-degree range or mid-70s i should say and it has started off much the same way it ended. we are looking at a day where the temperatures are going to be up around 90 degrees or so. a little hazy out there. and there is going to be a bit of a transition.
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08 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. -- 80 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. 81 at the shore. the 80 already feels like 84. it is only 8:30 in the morning. you know where we're going from here. the dew point is high. the moisture is very high. look for a chance of very strong thunderstorms because the transition is coming and it will mean comfortable conditions for us heading into the week but we have to get there. and it is getting rid of what is in place and the way we do that is with a front that is coming through and presents possibly some hail and some gusty winds, and maybe even a tornado concern, in parts of the area, late this evening and into the early night. this is what is moving our way. it is a front out there, poised to move in this direction. a lot of bright colors. those are very strong storms. we will keep you posted with the complete updated first warning forecast and talk about two storms in the tropics, coming up in just a few moments. >> active day. >> thank you, tim. here is what people are talking about this morning. a fast-moving wildfire destroyed more than 60 homes near oklahoma city. and now investigators believe it was set on purpose. as drew levinson reports for
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wjz, it is one of many wildfires spreading across oklahoma. >> people living in parts of luther, oklahoma, came back saturday, to find their homes reduced to rubble and ash. >> this one right here. >> oklahoma governor mary fallen toured the area with residents and saw some of the dozens of homes. destroyed by the massive wildfire. she called it heart breaking. many of the people here lost everything. >> lost everything else. it is just ash. i come back, early, thinking that i would pick something up and be able to find some things underneath that were protected but you can't pick anything up because it falls apart. >> overnight, firefighters got the upper hand on the fire that charred four square miles. the oklahoma county sheriff is investigating reports that someone in a black pick-up truck friday tossed out newspapers that had been set on fire. in crete county, fires have forced residents from their homes. >> i'm 82 years old.
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i've never seen nothing like it before. i have lived in this community all my life. >> the rege en is bone dry from the drought. -- the rege en is bone dry from the drought. temperatures topped out at 100 degrees. >> and the big flames coming across and the cedar trees look like dynamite going off. it gets scary out there. >> it takes days for firefighters to put out all of the blazes. drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> the oklahoma forestry commission says the state is on track to beat a record for the number of wildfires. >> we're learning more about the story we first brought you as breaking news late last night. the man charged with shooting congressman gabrielle giffords is expected to plead guilty. according to lawyers close to the case, doctors believe jared loughner is now competent to understand the charges against him and he plans to plead guilty in court on tuesday as part of a deal that sends him to prison for life. he murdered six people in a shooting spree in january last year.
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13 others were injured, including congressman giffords. who was shot in the head. meanwhile, millions of people are still talking about maryland's own michael phelps. he gave crowds a thrilling finale before ending his record-breaking career. monica villamizar reports for wjz, with the latest from the olympic games in london. >> reporter: fans grabbed a seat wherever they could to watch superstar michael phelps make one last olympic splash. phelps won the 18th gold medal of his career with the help of teammates in the medley relay. the most decorated olympian called it the perfect way to swim into retirement. >> i was able to really put the final cherry on top tonight and put all of the whipped cream and the sprinkles and i was able to top off the sundae tonight. >> reporter: on the medals stand, phelps fought back tears as he took in the last moments of his swimming career. >> i decided to let it go. >> reporter: no one may ever overcome michael phelps record, 17-year-old missy franklin made huge waves in her quest to
8:35 am
become the greatest female olympian. >> i think the only way the united states -- >> franklin grabbed the fourth gold of the games in the medley events and dedicated her races to her home state of colorado. after the theater massacre in aurora. >> it is still hard to believe that it really did happen. and i hope that i was able to bring some smiles back to colorado. >> u.s. athletes did not just find gold in the pool. serena williams demolished maria sharapova, the second woman to win all four major tennis titles plus the hrápbgs. south african sprinter austin presoiruis, the first double amputee to compete in the olympics, thrilled crowds as he advanced to the semifinals. in london, monica villamizar, wjz eyewitness news. presoirius nicknamed blade runner calls it an unbelievable experience. he was borned without fibula
8:36 am
bones between his knees and ankles and both leg had to be amputated as a baby. a tragic loss for the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. a midshipmen from pennsylvania was killed in a car accident on friday. according to the morning call newspaper the cadet is identified as 21-year-old austin bailic. and investigators believe he died when his pick-up truck collided with a tractor trailer. the crash is now under investigation. baltimore police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting. detectives found the 22-year-old man bleeding from gunshot wounds in the 3,000 block of garrison avenue. medics rushed him to sinai hospital, just after 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning. he later died from his injuries. and so far, police have no suspects or a motive in this case. the special session on gambling is on hold, for now. lawmakers were supposed to convene this thursday and instead they will push it back by one day and start the special session on friday. house speaker michael bush sent members an e-mail telling them of the changes. in addition to internet gaming,
8:37 am
bush says the house will also address a recent controversial court case, regarding pit bulls. >> in oklahoma, a bull dog is taking it easy after a bad encounter with a porcupine. the pictures are a little hard to look at but we want to tell you the doctors say he will make a full recovery. rusty soreet has the story. >> reporter: finally bell at bull dog is going back home to blanchard. she looks a lot better today compared to sunday when she came in contact with a porcupine near a pool in her own backyard. >> thank god they were able to get everything out. >> reporter: gerri and allison noles say bella and their other two dogs got a bit too close to comfort and all three took quills to the face and bella was the wort, an estimated 500 quills to the face and feet and mouth. vets in oklahoma city say it is the worst they've ever seen. >> it was devastating.
8:38 am
you know, these animals are our kids. and so when you see them hurt, and you can't imagine the pain, the intense pain that she had to have been in, it is definitely heart breaking. it affected the entire family. >> doctors say something like this doesn't happen a lot. but it can. and so if this ever happens to one of your pets, the first thing you should do is immediately try to get them to a place like this. >> there are still some quills imbedded in bella and there is a risk for infection. >> three days afterwards, we recommend that you still run your hands through it and see if you find any more. there is one right here. >> as we interviewed bella's doctor, he found one coming out near her eye and these unusual able animal encounters may be more common in oklahoma this year because of heat. >> i guess because it is so dry, we get a lot of animals come up by the pond to try to water. >> the porcupine and other wildlife have been using the pond in the noles backyard as a new source for water.
8:39 am
and as bella has learned, maybe sometimes it can be just too soon to go face to face with the new neighbors. >> it didn't mean to look like that but he will make a full recovery despite the quills. >> it looks painful. >> bella should be okay. animal control agents say pet owners should always be on the lookout in case their curious pets meet a wild animal and there are only porcupines in far western maryland here and shouldn't be running around outside and shouldn't see one walking across your yard like a possum. >> and can you imagine seeing your beloved pet walking toward you looking like that. i want to go strangle the porcupine. >> you don't want to do that because you will end up looking like bella. >> i know. >> it is not a probably we have here. the problem here is storms. later this afternoon. if you have any outdoor plans today, definitely keep an eye to the sky, when we get closer to the heat of the day, we're talking about late afternoon. yesterday we had widely
8:40 am
scattered showers. and many folks didn't see anything, and then the ones who did see it, saw storms roll up, really dumped a lot of rain for a short time and rolled out. only about a 20% of our viewing area saw any of those storms at all. and today, the sun is already out. and mixed with sun and clouds. a mixture of sun and clouds right now. bringing us a pretty steamy start to the day. we're already at 80 degrees. 72 is the dew point. we already have a heat index feels more like 84 around the 8:00 hour. and 76% relative humidity. south southwesterly winds bring in the warm air until our transition happens which happens later today and into tonight. 70 degrees right now in cumberland and in oakland. 81 in ocean city. and 78 in elkton. 82 in dc. 79 in westminster and we're looking at 80s pretty much from the metro area southeast and southwest of the region. our southwest winds are going to continue to bring in the warm humid air. it is all because of the high pressure. that has now moved off the coastline, and as we know, that
8:41 am
clockwise flow of air around highs, is going to tap into some very, very warm air down to our south. the gulf still pushing in moisture and some of that is the moisture that we're dealing with. along with the heat from our southern states. the front that we're watching and moving in from the west, it triggered some very, very strong storms. out toward indiana, and illinois, and back to chicago last night. and we expect that some of that will stay intact. and move across the state by early this morning. but most of it has not. so what we're going to be watching is now during the heat of the day, up around 90 or so. the humidity and the documents with all of that moisture, that -- and the dew points with all of that moisture, that will fuel the storms. the front could fuel the storms and they could get very strong. gusty winds and even hail and a tornado concern later this evening. as it goes on by, lesser conditions build in and a pretty nice start to the week. tropical storm ernesto is the first of two storms out there moving toward the yucatan peninsula, and then to central america, south now of the dominican republic and cuba.
8:42 am
expect it to strength ton a category one storm, a hurricane before it is said and done next week and keep an eye on it. there is florence away from any land interest right now and we will keep you posted on that one. that one is so far away, we can't isolate it on the maps but ernesto and florence are out in the tropics. and sunset today at 8:13. and a small craft advisory is in effect through tonight, and then we will start to see some clearing, 93 degrees today. and the heat index is going to be up in the mid to upper 90s. 73 degrees tonight. with a chance of thunderstorms. and the morning thunderstorm after those showers linger into tomorrow. and then 89 and 89 for tuesday and wednesday. 91 on thursday. and then 87 on friday. overnight lows in the upper 60s and low 70s. >> remember, the road trip wraps up in tampa. masn on wjz and see this afternoon's game against the rays live at 1:30 on wjz 13. >> the winner takes the series and sole possession of second place in the american league east. and still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning,
8:43 am
well, you know, marylanders tend to eat crab every once in a while. >> every once in a while or every day once in a while. and some of best chefs around are in the studio to talk about the big crab bash. i'm sharon gibala, live at the y in randallstown, where not just kids but adults are learning how to swim here, too. if you don't have the money, they can help you, even if you don't. that's s i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy.
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its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella.
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8:46 am
looking at 80 degrees, partly sunny in baltimore at 8:46 this sunday morning. welcome back. to eyewitness news. >> well, everyone young and old should know how to swim, even if they don't have a lot of cash for the lessons. >> wjz is live at the randallstown aquatics center where sharon gibala is there with more information as she is preparing with our photographer greg to do is synchronized diving and synchronized swimming this morning. >> and bring home the gold. >> that's right, sharon. good morning. absolutely that's going to happen all after the camera goes off. in the meantime, we're talking about swim lessons for adults and kids. we have swim lessons for adults and kids going on behind us right now. and a lot of people don't think about swim lessons for adults but here at the y in randallstown, as well as all nine y's in central maryland,
8:47 am
they actually offer them, for adults. and we have christie ryan here, who is the center director. tell us a little bit more. good morning. >> good morning. we really want to start with the adults. it is really important that the kids can educate and teach their children and give them the impact that swim safety is extremely important. >> how many adults do you have come in here that don't know how to swim? >> quite a few. our goal is to have every adult learn how to swim. we will get them in the water and teach them water safety. awesome. >> what if people are self conscious and anxious about getting in the water or worried about finances? >> we can handsel all of that. we definitely work with members that are afraid, most of our members are afraid of the water at first and take it slow and get you used to it and as far as financial assistance is concerned, that's one of the best things about the y of central maryland, we're an organization that provides financial assistance if you cannot afford. it the y is awesome. nine locations in central maryland with pools. come to any one of those locations and learn how to swim. >> again, not just kids and
8:48 am
adults as well. and you offer packages of seven, and essentially somebody can come in, not knowing how to swim, and after seven lessons, know enough to at least get themselves out of a tough situation? >> out of a tough situation. we can work on that fear within those first seven lessons. everybody learns at their own pace. we can definitely make a difference and change a life. >> very good. if you want to learn a little bit more about the y of central maryland and all nine locations and swim lessons that are available for you. you can go on to y back to you. >> sharon, great information. thank you very much. and we will wait for the video of your cannon ball and synchronized routine. >> absolutely. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. [ laughter ] >> all right, sharon, thank you very much. reporting from the randallstown aquatic center this morning. and still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, line them up. chefs are cued up. a clash of culinary kings. right here in the studio. >> that's right. some of baltimore's best. the scuffer, the wine market, and the bmo graphry here to talk
8:49 am
and the bmo graphry here to talk about the c
8:50 am
[ male announcer ] in a world where breakfast has become boring and tasteless... only one man can save the day... a man in yellow tights. ♪ he's nutty ♪ he's crunchy ♪ he is the crunchy nut ♪ he saves the day ♪ in his tasty way! delicious! super delicious, citizen. ♪ with his sweet and nutty, sweet and nutty crunchy nut ♪ [ male announcer ] it's super delicious! the mission continues on facebook.
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we have three chefs who are top at their game. >> they are all here to talk about a great cause. and great dishes to go with it. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> this is a big competition. this is really bragging rights, right? >> yes, we would definitely say that. >> yes and they say nothing. >> so, tell us about your
8:52 am
dishes. >> and then we will go to the bragging rights. >> go for it. >> my dish is a play on a crab craig. it is not really any crab involved, i figured everybody else was bringing crab so i would bring something vegetarian, summer squash that we grate down and get the water out of it and mix it no a patty. and there is a texture of a crab cake but no crab whatsoever. it is our faux crab cake. that is on our summer menu right now at the wine market. >> chef mar? >> i have a crab bruschetta where we will take a grilled corstini and top it with goat cheese. and a marinated tomato and then it's got maryland jumbo lump. and it is drizzled with balsamic reduction. >> and chef d, chef duncan? >> we have the tomatoes marinated with a little bit of olive oil, shallotts and sherry vinegar with maryland crab and avocado and a smoked tomato
8:53 am
vinaigrette. >> you guys sit around and think how am i going to beat chef duncan or chef mark? >> it is a competition. >> and i don't want anybody to know what i'm doing, so i don't show everybody on any other day of the week. or tuesday. it is top secret. >> on tuesday, it is called the crab bash. >> the third annual crab bash at the hotel monaco. and tickets are $50 and get them at mission tism .com. >> and how much are -- mission tix .com. >> benefits the national aquarium. you go around tasting. and then you vote. >> you say 10 chefs. >> yes. 10 chefs and specialty judges, right? >> yes. >> i want to come down this here. >> and one way to vote is not move from your table, right? >> that could be good. >> keep eating. >> that's exactly right. >> tell us about these items. tell us about the wine market
8:54 am
for folks. >> 921 east ford avenue in the historic foundry building. and we do dinner and lunch. five days a week. and brunch on sundays. >> chef mark? >> actually we're the rusty scupper obviously in the inner harbor. and baltimore magazine just figured out, one of the oldest traditional restaurants in the harbor now. so 401 key hi. >> there you go. >> when we will come back we will show you where jeff duncan is. we'll be right back in,,,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
8:56 am
chef duncan where can folks find you. >> at the hotel monaco. on north charleston. >> we talked about the event. of course it goes to a good cause. the aquarium. chefs from the aquarium will be there, with seafood. and it seems to me that they will be fixing seafood. >> how about beef? >> well, yes. and also members of the bartenders guild. >> the baltimore bartenders guild will create drinks that are paired with the crab dishes. >> that sounds like a good time.
8:57 am
and again all for a good cause. >> yes. >> gentlemen, have you great late night hours, so thank you so much for being here with us this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> that's right. >> that's our show this sunday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> and for the wine market, for the scupper, for b&o american brasserie i'm tim williams. and don't miss adam and gigi later. ,,,, at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. with the sleep number bed, it's not about soft or firm. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape.
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