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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 26, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> announcer: the following program is made possible in part by the mpt new initiative fund founded by irene and edward h. kaplan.
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>> narrator: scallops of sand, endless meanders of marsh and tidal creek. if the shoreline of the chesapeake bay could be unraveled it would stretch from the easto west coast and back. the chesapeake is the country's largest estuary, where saltwater mixes with fresh. 200 miles long, three miles across at its narrowest, nearly 30 at its widest. yet for hundreds of square miles it is knee-deep.
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romance clings to the private coves, the watery sunsets, the smell in the breeze. there is, perhaps, a tendency to long for what has been lost of its heritage. but soaring above, we see how much of it remains, and the incredible beauty held in its embrace. anyone who has ever hauled a catch from its depths, loafed the small towns that ring it, beheld the marshes blazing in the sun, or skimmed the surface, knows it's more than just a place on the map. experience the treasured chesapeake, her famous landmarks, natural wonders, cities, towns, and preserves that still look as glorious
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and untouched as th did a thousand years ago, all from an exhilarating vantage point. [captioned by maryland public television] dawn over the susquehanna river, headwaters of the chesapeake bay. the chesapeake is the drowned valley of the susquehanna, engorged by the melting waters of glaciers ten thousand years
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ago at the end of the last ice age. named for the native susquehannocks who lived along the riverbanks, its headwaters begin far to the north, flowing down through pennsylvania and new york state, into the chesapeake bay and out to sea. conowingo is native susquehannock for "at the rapids." here, at those rapids, a hydroelectric plant harnesses the surging momentum of the river. the rocky bottom
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and canyon-like walls of the river little resemble the wide, pan-flat mud-bottomed bay broadening on the horizon. just beyond the town of havre de grace, "harbor of grace," where highway and railroad span the widening river, the chesapeake bay is born.
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a new day brings a flurry of activity and the inevitable feeling of possibilities up and down the bay. standing majestic in morning light, calvert cliffs dominate the southern maryland shoreline for 30 miles. formed over 15 million years ago, when southern maryland was awash in a shallow sea, these cliffs teem with fossils.
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south of the cliffs, homes with water's view bask in the sun. we are drawn to places like solomons island, where land meets the great estry.
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the calvert marine museum, home of the drum point lighthouse, symbolizes a once-booming fishing village, with fleets of schooners & sloops centered 'round the hauling and shucking of oyster, that has become a popular point of departure for those in search of adventure and favorable winds.
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tranquility seems to define life on the bay but appearances deceive. every day, nature's rhythms and human rituals play out. smith island is located 12 miles out in the bay. her quintessential fishing villages cling to the few patches of ground above sea level.
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come sunrise on any given morning, the towns of tylerton, ewell, and rhodes point are deserted. everyone is out crabbing.
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smith island fishermen, a fiercely independent breed, heed the call of the water and chart the very same courses of their forbearers, doing what 13 generations before have done since the first settlement at jamestown in 1607. for hard-working watermen the bay has always held the promise of plentiful rewards. pound nets jut from the shore like arrows pointing towards a bountiful catch.
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watermen can still earn a living by fishing, crabbing, and oystering... but it is becoming increasingly challenging. dredgers, pound netters, purse netters, hand tongers, crabbers...fishermen of all kinds casting their fortunes in chesapeake waters.
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holds heavy with the harvest; rockfish, bluefish, crabs, oysters, whatever the day's catch, return home... towns like crisfield rock hall, chestertown solomons, tilghman, and scores of others.
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there are reasons why these places were settled long ago. proximity to the bay meant, of course, pleasant living. but also fruitful labor, and sustenance. deep and safe harbor.
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upriver, and protected yet connected by navigable waterways, enabling vital trade. on the banks of the chester river, chestertown was a thriving port of entry for early maryland settlers and boom town of colonial commerce. george washington gave chestertown his stamp of approval with the founding of washington college in 1782.
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first college established in the new nation. locals who live by the waters side can hardly conceive of any other place to be.
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>> hello, i'm rhea feikin and i'm here with donald thoms. please stay tuned for more of chesapeake bay by air. oh what an absolutely gorgeous program.
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this special was compiled from hours of footage, and a lot of it was shot from 2,000 feet above the chesapeake bay, and we used state of the art, high-definition cameras to bring you this epic portrait that features some of the most stunning and dramatic hd images ever captured of the chesapeake bay. we're getting to experience famous landmarks and natural wonders from a vantage point that we've never seen before. shows like this are made possible because of the generosity of people just like you, our viewers. and now we're coming to you tonight to ask for your financial support so that we can continue to broadcast and to produce shows and specials just like this one. please call us now at the number on your screen and when you contribute at certain membership levels we have some very exciting ways of saying thank you. here's more about them. >> announcer: soaring
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your public television station, and when you call in and make pledges during a program like this, you're indicating that this is the kind of program that you want to watch throughout the year. don't forget that the blu-ray and also the dvd, have a bonus in it, and that's the skipjacks bonus documentary that i think you're going to enjoy just as well. the number is on your screen. the only thing you have to do now is get up and go the phone and make a pledge. it's really easy to do. and after you've done it, sit back and enjoy the rest of chesapeake bay by air. >> narrator: on the bay, broad shouldered, blue collar, offbeat idiosyncratic, port of entry,
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cultural center. home of the star spangled banner. locust point, the first port of baltimore; tobacco shipping out, sugar from the caribbean shipping in. city of neighborhoods: fells
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point, federal hill bolton hill, cherry hill, canton.
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outside baltimore, where the patapsco river meets the bay, sparrows point. a once-sprawling complex of steelmaking and shipbuilding. in the mid-1950s, the largest steel mill in the world.


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