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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  February 3, 2013 8:00am-9:00am EST

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why ♪ ♪ who's got the power the power to read? ♪ ♪ who looks into books for the answers we need? ♪ ♪ super why ♪ ♪ super why ♪ ♪ and the super readers we're gonna fly ♪ ♪ come along ♪ ♪ with the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ super why and the super readers ♪ ♪ adventure waits when you're with super why ♪ ♪ yeah! super why ♪ [ ♪ ] [ ♪ ] hi, so glad you're here. it's me,
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whyatt! welcome to storybrook village where all our fairy-tale friends live. [ cellphone ♪ ] it's red! i think she's looking for something. come on! [ ♪ ] hey, goldilocks is teaching baby bear how to play hopscotch! hmmm. hi, red! hi, whyatt. i'm looking for my basket. have you seen it? um, no, i don't think so. what does it look like? it's round and red
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basket of goodies back. [ groaning ] what should i do? this is a super big problem. and a super big problem needs us... the super readers! we need to call the rest of the super readers. call them with me! [ cellphone ♪ ] say, "calling all super readers!" children: [ in audience ] calling all super readers! [ remote phone ringing ] to the book club! to the book club! children: to the book club! come on, to the book club! [ ♪ ] whyatt here. [ ♪ ] "p" is for pig! [ ♪ ] red riding hood rollin' in! [ ♪ ] princess pea at your service! and you,
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say your name. great. we're all here. together we will solve red's problem! let's go! [ ♪ ] [ electronic beeps ] okay, red, state your problem. i lost my basket of goodies and wolfy found them! really? oh... then what? then what? i took my basket back, but now wolfy is so sad. what should i do with my basket of goodies? good question. when we have a question we look... all: in a book! which book should we look in? peas and carrots carrots and peas...
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book come out, please, please, please! let's read the title of this book. we know what to do. we need to jump into this book... and find the answer to red's question. first we look for super letters... and then put them in... our super duper... computer. super duper computer how many super letters do we need? [ beeping ] wow! in this story we need 12 super letters, and then we'll get... [ triumphant ♪ ] our super story answer! it's time to transform!
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we're ready to fly into this book! [ ♪ ] ♪ super readers ♪ ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ it's time to fly with the super readers ♪ ♪ 'cause we've got a problem to solve ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ ♪ to the rescue! ♪ ♪ super readers ♪ ♪ working together with powers to read ♪ ♪ into books we fly ♪ ♪ to find the super story answer ♪ ♪ with super why ♪ ♪ super readers to the rescue! ♪ presto! we're in "the rolling rice cakes" book! let's read! why writer... highlight!
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read with me! mmm, my favourite snack! rice cakes! mice: ah! rice cakes! mmmmmm! ga-a-ah! those mice have my rice cakes! those are my rice cakes. mine! oh no! ah! the old man took his rice cakes back from the mice just like i took my basket of goodies back from wolfy. and that super readers, is why we are in this book. the old man and red both took back what belonged to them. let's go see what the man does
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about his rice cakes. to the man on the mountain! [ ♪ ] [ munching ] excuse me, sir. we're the super readers, and we want to talk to you. please, not right now! i have to get my rice cakes back up the mountain so they don't... roll... oh-h... away again! who-oa-ah! my rice cakes! they rolled away again. i must get them back. wonder red: let's roll! come ba-ack! i'm hungry! oh no! ah, ha-ha. got them. huh? oh-h! lost them. egads! the rolling rice cakes are stuck at the top of that mountain. i can't climb that high! how will i ever get them back? we can build
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a way! [ ♪ ] alpha pig to the rescue! with my amazing alphabet tools i can find the letters in the word "roll" so the rice cakes will roll back down the mountain to the old man! will you help? great! a-b-c, sing with me. [ ♪ ] ♪ sing with me ♪ amazing alphabet singing! for the word "roll" first we need the letter "r". now, where is the "r"? children: there!
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alpha pig: there's the "r"! [ ♪ ] ah! it's working! [ giggling ] okay, super readers, where is the letter "o"? children: there! alpha pig: there's the "o"! [ ♪ ] okay, now we need an "l". do you see an "l"? children: there! alpha pig: "l"! [ ♪ ] and finally, we need another "l". where's the "l"? children: there it is! alpha pig: there's the "l"! [ ♪ ] [ drum roll ]
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[ fanfare ♪ ] lickety letters! we built the word "roll" and made the rice cakes roll down the mountain. [ ♪ ] let's give ourselves a big thumbs up. get ready, tummy. [ chuckling ] don't forget to look out for super letters. my magnificent mouth-watering rice cakes!yoback. i'm so ha... ahhhhhh! mmm, yummy yummy rice cakes! mice! these are my rice cakes, you hear me? mine! ohhh. oh-h-h! got 'em! [ ♪ ] ah! you see super letters? which
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letters did you find? children: "g"! "i"! "t"! "r"! "g", "i", "t" and "r". we need to put them in... our super duper... computer! eight more super letters and then we'll get... our super story answer! [ triumphant ♪ ] awesome job, super readers! [ ♪ ] oh, super readers, i'm so very glad i've got my rice cakes ba... aaaaa-aaaa... aaaaaaaa-chooooo! ahhh! my rice cakes! they're rolling away... again! come back, rice cakes! come back to me. [ gasp ] oh my peas!
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the rice cakes fell into this hole. my rice cakes! [ straining ] i can't reach them! [ groan ] they're gone! go-o-o-one! [ sobbing ] the hole is too small. now what will we do? [ sobbing ] [ ♪ ] cue the sparkles. cue the music. princess presto to the rescue! with my magic spelling wand i can spell the word "dig" and dig a bigger hole so we can get the rice cakes! wands up! spell with me. what letter makes the sound "duh-duh-duh"? hmmm. children: "d"! "d"! write a lowercase "d" with me! now, what letter makes the sound "ih"?
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children: "i"! "i"! write a lowercase "i" with me. now, what letter makes the sound "guh, guh"? children: "g"! "g"! let's write a lowercase "g"! "g"! presto! oh! spectacular spelling! we spelled the word "dig" and now we have a nice big hole. let's take a bow. [ ♪ ]
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[ ♪ ] you found super letters? what letters did you find? children: "o"! "t"! "h"! "s"! oh yeah! "o", "t", "h" and "s". now we need to put them in... our super duper... computer! four more super letters, and then we'll get our super story answer! [ triumphant ♪ ] right on, readers! now let's roll into the hole and get those rice cakes back! oh, ha-ha, oh, oh, oh wheee! rice cakes here i come! wheeee!
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[ giggling ] whee-hee-hee! yeah. woo-hoo! wheeee! wheeee! whoo-hoo! yeah! [ laughter ] it's... the... mice. ahhhh! and they're about to eat my rice cakes! mmmm rice cakes! let's dig in! just one minute, mice! those rice cakes are mine. oh no, they're not! they rolled right into our hole. they are ours. mine! ours! hey! all: whoaaah! they're rolling out the door! maybe we can catch them. no, it's no use! they're gone. gone! go-one! it's in my story. see?
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oh my chinny- chin-chin! how can we get them to come back? super why to the rescue! with the power to read i can change this story and save the day. let's change the word "out" in this sentence. ready, set, zzzzap! why writer, write! super readers, what is the opposite of "out"? is it... "in"! the opposite of "out" is "in"! hmmm, where is the word "in"? children: there! there's the word "in". zap it with me!
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ready, set, zzzap! let's read. did the word "in" help the rice cakes come back? children: yes! yes! super job super readers! we changed the story and helped the rice cakes roll back in! ah-ha-ha! hooray! now i can take my rice cakes back. gah-huh-huh! yummy, yummy! mmmm so good. oh my. that rice cake made the mice so happy. and seeing you happy makes me happy! mice, i want you to have the rest of my rice cakes! you do? yes. i enjoy rice cakes
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but i think i know a family who would enjoy them even more. yeah! [ giggling ] that's so kind of you! thank you! heh-heh. you're welcome. enjoy your dinner of... rice cakes. all: bye, mice! mice: bye. bye. thank you! i'm off to make some more yummy rice cakes. [ ♪ ] you see super letters? which ones? children: "v"! "e"! "o"! "e"! "v", "e", "o" and "e"? oh yeah! let's put them in... our super duper... computer! oh!
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we found all of our super letters! now we can get... our super story answer! thank you so much, super readers. you're welcome! super readers: goodbye. why-flyers! back to the book club! [ ♪ ] ♪ we found the super answer ♪ ♪ with super why ♪ [ ♪ ] [ beeping ] super duper computer give us our super story answer! [ beeping ] read with me!
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space... space... the super story answer is... [ triumphant ♪ ] but... why? pig: because the old man decided to give to others. he saw that giving the rice cakes to the mice made them happy and that made him happy too. so my question is: what should i do with my basket of goodies? and the answer is:
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all: give to others! hmmm, i could give my goodies to others. and i know just who to give to! come on! [ ♪ ] hi, wolfy! hi, red. [ stomach gurgles ] about my basket of goodies... uh-huh. i want you to have them! me? you want me to have the goodies? why? because your tummy was grumbling and besides, it will make you happy, and that will make me happy. here. wow! thanks, red! ♪ goodies, goodies, goodies ♪ ♪ are so good-y for me ♪ ♪ goodies goodies... ♪ gee! i don't think i've ever seen wolfy so happy before, have you? woo-hoo! hey, red, why don't you join me? we can eat the goodies together. ah! that would be great. both:
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[ munching ] hip, hip, hooray! the super readers save the day! [ ♪ ] ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ we changed the story ♪ ♪ we solved the problem ♪ ♪ we worked together so hip, hip, hooray! ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day ♪ ♪ hip, hip, hooray ♪ ♪ hooray! ♪ ♪ the super readers save the day! ♪ [ ♪ ] let's imagine we're wearing space suits. whoa! oh, cool! girl: it's a lot of fun to imagine things with elmo, being anything you want to be and going anywhere you want to go. shape ahoy! add a bunch of math... subtraction!
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at, we believe that learning is the greatest adventure of all. early learning academy proud supporter of pbs kids and super why! hola! let's learn about letters just like alpha pig. some of my favorite words start with the letter "h," like hug and hooper! his name starts with the letter "h," too. now can you tell me what sound the letter "h" makes? hhh, hhh! hip-hip-hooray! you do know your letters just like the super readers, and you can play more games with them at now all aboard! "dinosaur train" is next. [train whistle blows]
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miss rosa, voice-over: it's the pbs kids field trip. can you guess where we're going today? here's a clue. so did you guess where we are today? that's right-- at the fire station. and look--here's captain lou. hi, kids. come on in. i've got something i want you to see. ooh, let's go. who's that? captain lou: that's tara. she may look a little strange, but that's what all firefighters wear when they go put out a fire. what's that over her face? [muffled voice] it's a mask. it stops me from breathing in smoke. why do you sound so funny? well, my mask has a speaker on it which makes my voice louder. so when she needs help, all the other firefighters will hear her. then help's on the way. speaking of help i could really use some help taking my gear off. firefighters are good at helping people. you never know what you are going to learn when you explore new places and new things.
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>> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today we're going to learn how some of the stars in the sky make groups called constellations, so come along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! [whistle blows] >> this program was made possible by... contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you! thank you! [train whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ [whistle blows] >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ >> ♪ once upon a time there was a mom her name was mrs. pteranodon sitting on her nest she heard a scratching and said... ♪ >> oh, boy! my eggs are hatching! >> ♪ one by one her kids popped free baby pteranodons 1, 2, 3 ♪ >> i'll name you tiny, shiny, and don. >> ♪ but tiny said... ♪ >> wait! there's one more, mom! >> ♪ last little baby was a different size with teeth and a tail and big green eyes he didn't look anything
8:32 am
like the rest ♪ >> what am i doing in a pteranodon nest? >> ♪ but dear, old mrs. pteranodon said... ♪ >> oh, this is your family, and i'm your mom. you may be different, but we're all creatures. all dinosaurs have different features. come on, buddy. we'll take a vacation. i'll get us a ticket at pteranodon station. we'll travel the world in sunshine and rain and meet all the species on the... >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ >> ♪ dinosaur train ♪ >> ♪ we're gonna ride ♪ >> ♪ ride, ride, ride, ride ♪ [whistle blows] >> ♪ the dinosaur train ♪ [roaring] >> look at that one really bright star. i think sometimes stars seem to make pictures in the sky. >> you're right, buddy. a star picture is called a
8:33 am
constellation. [train whistle blows] >> it's the night train! [cheering] >> welcome, pteranodon family. ooh! i'm tickled orange that all of you are here. >> hello, mr. conductor! >> ready to ride the night train and do some stargazing? >> [cheering] >> i can't wait to learn more about the stars! i have so many questions. >> ooh! i like questions. ooh. and i have one. why aren't we already on the night train? >> blooouuuggh! >> ohh! ohh! >> all aboooooaarrd! >> mother, i am supposed to say that. ahem. all aboard! >> wow. >> so let's talk stars, a dazzling part of nature at night. >> wait. stars are a part of nature? >> absolutely, shiny. all stars are part of nature, but here's a question. is the sun part of
8:34 am
nature? let's take a look. >> well, i'm pretty sure that if there wasn't a sun flowers wouldn't grow, so i think the sun is part of nature. >> exactamundo, tiny! our sun is part of nature and--hold your beaks and toes--the sun is also a star just like the other stars you see in the sky. >> our sun is a star? >> wow! >> heh. learned something new tonight. >> mr. the conductor, why does the sun look so big if it's a star? >> our sun looks bigger because it's the closest star to earth. other groups of stars are much further away. ooh! speaking of which, groups of stars have a special name. >> constellations! >> right. now gaze upward. >> wow! >> it's a star show. some stars in the sky do seem to group together and make
8:35 am
constellations, which are like connect-the-dots. in this case we connect the stars to make pictures. >> awk! ohh! i love this view. >> this is so cool. >> ♪ la la view ♪ >> hey! that constellation looks like a twinkling fish. >> yes. in fact, tiny, that's the constellation we call--ha ha--the fish. >> that's like a dinosaur with a long neck. >> we troodons call it the sauropod, and this time of year, you can see it on most clear nights. >> he stars twinkle, but they don't seem to move around at all. i have a hypothesis. the stars in the sky are always in the same spot every night and don't ever move. >> hmm. interesting hypothesis buddy. >> i'm trying to connect the stars and find my own constellation, a donstellation. >> ha ha ha! >> well, mr. the don, you have a full night ahead to try to spot your donstellation. tonight, we'll travel to see
8:36 am
the night sky far away in another part of the cretaceous. >> there's that really bright star again. >> mm-hmm! >> hmm. where do the stars get their light from? >> each star makes its own light. ha ha ha! >> oh, mother. mother taught me that and so much else about the stars. we used to gaze at the night sky when i was a little troodon. >> oh, ho ho ho, sonny boy. you're still my little shining star. >> awww. [watch chimes] >> ahem. oh, my, oh, my! we're getting close to our stop, where you'll meet sydney sinovenator. >> is he a friend of yours, mr. conductor? >> sydney is from the troodontid family of dinosaurs so he's much like a troodon. cousin sydney is quite an energetic creature. ha! and he loves stars very, very much. >> do you think the sky will look the same where we're going, like it does here?
8:37 am
>> well, we'll find out very soon because our next stop is sinovenator station. sinovenator station in another part of the cretaceous time period! and now more of our nighttime stargazing adventure. well here he is--sydney sinovenator! >> hello! i'm sydney sinovenator--oh! hey, cuz. long time, no see. >> indeed! wonderful to see you, sydney. >> hi, sydney! >> i'm tiny pteranodon. this is my sister shiny and my brothers buddy and don, and this is my mom and dad. >> hello, hello, hello, hello. nice to meet you all. welcome to my starry, starry night. >> you look at the stars a lot right? >> oh, yes, i do! i look at the stars more than i look at anything else. the stars and i
8:38 am
are friends to the end. >> sydney, i've been looking at the stars for a donstellation. >> a donstellation? >> yep. a star picture that looks like me. >> hmm. haven't seen a donstellation, don, but my stars, i would really like to! >> sydney and mr. conductor, since you're troodontid cousins, i was wondering if we could compare your features. >> excellent suggestion, buddy. let's compare! >> hmm. sydney is shorter. now may we see your claws, please? a big claw on sydney's toe! >> and a big claw on mr. conductor! so you're both nocturnal. sydney, you have really big eyes. >> yes! the better to see at night. it's another troodontid family trait like our eyeshine. the moonlight reflects off our eyes. time for a tour, a sky tour! you came on a great night, just a sliver of a moon. we should
8:39 am
hurry. we don't want to keep the stars waiting too long, hmm? >> sydney, we saw that really bright star earlier at home in the same spot. >> oh, yes! that's the star of the nightly starry show! bravo! that star can be found in the same spot pointing toward the north. i call it bright star! >> how about the sauropod constellation? shouldn't it be right where i saw it? >> good question, tiny. often it is hard to find certain stars and constellations. do you know why? >> because there's so many stars up there? >> i like that answer. >> me, too, and you're right buddy. from here on earth, we can only see thousands of stars, but there are soooo many more stars up there in the sky that we can't see. >> millions, right? >> actually billions. >> my cuz is right--billions and billions of stars. impossible to count them all. >> 1, 2, 3, 10, 100, 2 million.
8:40 am
yup. looks like billions to me. [all laughing] >> but, sydney, the sauropod constellation isn't in the same spot where it was before. >> yeah. i wonder if my hypothesis was right. aren't the stars always in the same spot? >> i think i can help with this "where are the constellations" question. who wants to go to my superspecial stargazing site? if you do, say, "i do, sydney." >> i do, sydney! >> all right. let's go to starry hill. behold! the best stargazing site ever! >> wow! >> i feel like i can reach up and grab stars right from the sky. >> me, too. >> awk! awk! huh? oh. >> hmm. i can't find the fish
8:41 am
constellation. >> it probably moved like the sauropod did. where are you, sauropod? there you are! you did move! >> so i guess stars do move around, right? >> it may look like the stars have moved, but no! it's not the stars that are moving. it's the earth that's moving! the stars--yes, stars, i'm talking about you again--they just look like they're moving! >> the earth is moving?! >> cousin, will you help me out and pretend to be the sun? just stand still. >> well, uh, ok. heh. >> good. you're mr. sun, and i am the earth. i spin around. uh-uh-uh-ooh-yee-yee! and at the same time, i the earth slowly travel around the sun. so the creatures on earth get to see different parts of the sky! >> oh. so it only looks like the stars and constellations move. >> right. our sauropod constellation looks like it moved to a different place in the sky from earlier tonight.
8:42 am
>> but the earth was the thing that moved. >> huh. learned another new thing today. >> but what are those two glowing things? they're moving faster. >> huh? >> bloouuugh! >> aah! >> hello, sonny boy. >> mother! >> oh, hello, sydney. lovely stars tonight. >> hello, auntie. yes. whew. stupendous stars. >> aw, you always loved the constellations. well pteranodon family, time to head back to the night train. all abooooard! >> mother, as i said earlier that is my job. >> oh, right. ha ha ha! i keep forgetting. >> oh, all aboard. >> sydney, thank you for a starrific evening! >> thank you, sydney! >> we learned so much! >> bye! >> hoo hoo hoo! thanks for visiting, pteranodon family.
8:43 am
keep stargazing and follow the stars! >> bye, sydney. >> bye, cuz. >> ha ha ha! >> look! it's the fish. >> ooh! there's the sauropod! >> hey! if you connect those stars, it makes a constellation that looks like a shell. >> ohh! look, look up there! connect the stars. it's my donstellation! >> [cheering] >> way to go, don! >> good job! >> great! >> great job! >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott, the paleontologist. and this is sinovenator. like its cousin troodon, sinovenator may have been nocturnal, which means it was most active at night. we humans tend to be most active during the daytime, but it's a lot of fun to go outside at night. hey, there's sidney sinovenator pointing out all the stars. on a clear night like this, you can see
8:44 am
hundreds of stars in the sky. look at them all. come on, let's count them. are you ready? 1, 2, 3...oh, forget it! it's hard to believe, but there's actually billions of stars out there in the universe. if you look closely, you can see constellations-- groups of stars that form a pattern. it's kind of like playing connect the dots, but at night. now, if we connect the stars over here, we get a constellation called the big dipper. and here's a constellation called the little dipper. and that bright star is called the north star, or polaris. you can be a stargazer too. just get outside into your backyard, or better yet, far away from all the city lights, and look up at the hundreds of stars. i'll bet you'll be able to find plenty of cool constellations. ok, keep watching for more dinosaur discoveries.
8:45 am
>> hello, folks. it's me the conductor. today buddy, tiny shiny, and don decide to start their own club all about nature, so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard! >> ha! you sure love digging holes, don. >> i do. want to help me dig another one? >> my little t. rex arms are tired. i think i'll just see what tiny and shiny are doing. >> ok. more holes for me. >> hey, buddy, my old buddy. >> hi, tiny. what you doing? >> watching shiny. she's building something amazing out of shells. >> see. it's a little nest. >> ooh. >> it's just the right size for my tiny dolls. i'll be right back. >> your shell nest looks so cozy, shiny. i wish i could just curl up inside it and take a nap.
8:46 am
>> don, what a great idea. >> a nap? >> no. the nest. >> i don't think i can fit in the nest, buddy. maybe if i make myself really small... >> no. i mean, why don't we make your own kid-size nest right here on the beach. >> huh? >> yeah. out of sticks and branches and stuff. it would be our very own beach nest. we could play in it. >> and take naps in it? >> well, sure, don. >> let's do it! >> whew. >> rark! over there. not like that. good. >> uh! >> [snoring] >> wow. it's perfect. >> and it would make a perfect clubhouse. >> yeah! >> yay! >> wait! if we're going to have our own clubhouse, we have to
8:47 am
decide what our club is about. >> i never thought of that. >> hmm... >> well, we all love exploring and having adventures. it could be a club about exploring. >> how about collecting things? i could start a new nature collection down here and keep it in the nest. >> it could be a club where we play our games, like tracking all the creatures that live around us. you know, out here in nature. >> yeah, tracking means following a creature's tracks. >> we all love nature, so let's make it about loving nature. >> yeah. the we all love nature club? >> hmm. needs to sound more adventurous. >> the nature exploring adventurers? >> keep trying. we all like being outside. >> the outsiders? the outsidees? >> don, aren't we pretty much always outside? >> we all like tracking. that's adventurous. >> hmm. ah. i know. the nature trackers. >> yeah! we're the nature
8:48 am
trackers! woo! >> fantastic. now, let's get this club organized. first thing we do-- >> wait, wait. how come you're in charge? >> because the nature trackers club was my idea. >> hey, it was just as much my idea or buddy's. >> come on, nature trackers, the first thing we'll do is explore what's way up high in the air. >> uh, shiny, i can't fly. >> then...let's play a game where we can explore what's down on the ground. we'll call it how low can you go. ok, nature trackers, what amazing nature do you observe down here on the ground? observe means to look closely and carefully. >> well, i discovered that lots of things in nature are really really small. >> yeah. and if you take the time to look carefully really close to the ground, you can find all kinds of things. >> yeah, like bugs. >> [chomp] >> don, we're observing the
8:49 am
nature that we find, not eating it. >> ha ha. >> did you ever notice that when you look at a leaf really closely, you can see these little lines in them? >> no. and did you ever notice there are teeny tiny flowers down here? >> and tiny little shells. i think it's some kind of a snail. aah! well, that's enough exploring down here on the ground. let's explore something else. go nature tracking down at the shore. [humming] ah! >> hmm? >> rark! hey, come on! >> but shiny, we were just getting started finding cool stuff down here on the ground. >> yeah, see how low we can go. >> well, now it's time to do something else. >> so how come you're in charge again? >> 'cause we're the nature trackers, and we're tracking nature. and because i thought of it. >> but pretty much kind of everybody thought of it, and-- >> now we're all going to the edge of the water and turn rocks
8:50 am
over. come on, nature trackers let's see what kind of nature we can find under rocks. rark! >> ooh, look at all these little crabs. >> don, don't eat the nature remember? we're observing it. >> hey, i think i found a hermit crab. >> oh! i know all about hermit crabs. hello. you're a hermit crab, aren't you? >> huh? why, yes, i am. what are you? >> we're pteranodons, and my brother is a t. rex. my name is shiny. >> hello, shiny. my name is herbie. herbie hermit crab. >> actually, herbie, you look a lot like another hermit crab i know. he's from the big pond, and his name is henry. >> henry? you know old henry? please say hello for me the next time you're at the big pond. >> i will. i like your shell. how long have you lived in it?
8:51 am
>> yeah, it's nice, isn't it? i moved into this one a few weeks ago. >> i'm always looking for new shells, too. but i don't live in them. i collect them, especially the shiny ones. >> you don't say? >> yep. we started a club. we're the nature trackers. we're all outside observing nature. that's why we observed you. >> oh, ha ha. that's very flattering. >> like i noticed that your shell is blue but with little darker blue spots on it. >> well, what do you know? you're right! >> and right now we're down here at the edge of the wat-- what? excuse me a moment. >> sure! >> rark! come on, you guys we're still exploring along the shore! >> no. we're putting the stuff we found in our new clubhouse. >> i'm gonna start a beach collection. >> but we were tracking nature. come on back where we were before. >> we're having fun over here. >> no. we have to be organized! we're the nature trackers. >> hey, if you're just gonna boss us around, maybe being
8:52 am
nature trackers is a bad idea. >> what? >> yeah, maybe we shouldn't be nature trackers anymore. maybe we should quit. >> rark! but tiny, you can't quit! >> oh, yeah? i'm quitting right now. >> what's going on? wait a minute. i got a mouthful of fish. ptoo! there. now that's better. what's the problem, tiny and shiny? >> well, it all started when shiny made a nest out of shells. >> and then buddy thought we should build a nest of our own to play in. >> hmm. well, that is some nest, kids. >> thanks. so we built it, and then shiny said-- >> that since we have a new clubhouse, we should be a club and we all thought of names... >> like the nature exploring adventurers! >> and the outsidees! 'cause we're always outside. >> and then i thought of the nature trackers, and everyone agreed, so there you go! >> but now shiny wants to be the boss! >> well, i did think of the idea for the club and the name! [all arguing] >> rrrrrrr!
8:53 am
wait a minute! this is all great. you built your own clubhouse. and then you started a nature trackers club. fantastic, team. so why are you fighting about anything? >> 'cause we couldn't decide who was in charge? >> well, you kids are on the right track to get out into nature and make discoveries. and no one has to be in charge. >> but there's so much to learn about nature. >> we have to do it right! what if we make mistakes? >> you can make mistakes. you don't have to know everything. if you did know everything well, then you wouldn't be able to make any new discoveries. >> really? >> really. you figure it out as you go. what have you discovered so far? >> we brought everything we found back here to the clubhouse. don wants to start a beach collection. >> yeah! and maybe even a museum. >> wow! leaves, shells feathers, and look at this little piece of coral. did you know that coral is made by tiny
8:54 am
animals that live in groups? they're called colonies. >> really? who told you that? >> oh, my dad, probably. he taught me all kinds of stuff about the sea. i still learn new stuff about fishing, and i've been fishing since i was your size. >> wait. you were once my size? >> i sure was. >> whoa. >> the point is, there don't have to be any rules to be nature trackers. you just need to remember to have fun, look around you. there's trees, the sea and sand and plants and animals. nature is incredible. >> ah! dad's right. we don't have to know everything or do everything right. we just have to get outside, get into nature, and make our own discoveries. >> yeah! >> rark! >> ♪ get up, get outside get into nature get into nature get up, get outside get into nature >> meet a new creature
8:55 am
>> there's living things all around just look around >> yeah, down on the ground >> if you really get close and pay attention there's almost too many things to mention >> so get up, get outside get into nature get into nature get up, get outside meet a new creature >> check out his features >> instead of looking for great big things look for something tiny >> you might find something down in a hole >> you might find something shiny rark! >> so get up, get outside get into nature get into nature get up, get outside get into nature get into nature oh, get into nature yeah ♪ >> let's go, nature! >> well, nature trackers, it's time for dinner. let's go up to the nest and eat.
8:56 am
>> well, wait, hon. what if we have dinner down here at the kid's new beach nest clubhouse? that is, if it's ok with the nature trackers. >> yeah! >> that's ok! >> hi, there. i'm dr. scott, the paleontologist. and it's time for nature trackers. >> the nature trackers! yeah! >> the ocean is a fantastic place, because it's home to all kinds of plants and animals. one of the best places you can explore the ocean is a tidepool. a tidepool is a body of salt water left by the ocean at low tide when the water level is at its lowest. there are so many types of organisms here like seastars, mussels, and barnacles. scientists use tidepools to learn all kinds of things about all kinds of creatures. it helps them understand more about the environment we live in. you can study tidepools too. why
8:57 am
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