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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  April 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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as you saw it close up in the 19 9 playoff that you ended up winning. the same putt. nick: different hole location, yes. downhill left to right. there you are. this one, nothing more than ight edge. the way he likes to hit them, jim, he wouldn't give the hole away. just inside right. jim: scott will just watch it if the scoring room, and this drops they'll be back to 18 for the playoff. nward. nick: my goodness. maybe this is going to be
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argentina's year. we have the new pope and now angel cabrera heading into another masters playoff. jim: i have to wonder emotionally how hard it's going to be for adam scott. because that walk up the hill -- nick: yeah, there was a lot of celebration. jim: does this not remind you a little bit of 1988, the last time we had a father-son combination on the bag? jack nicklaus/jack nicklaus jr. in this case, though, it's off to sign the card and threaten head back to the tee at 18. [the captioning on this program is provided as an
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independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports division] jim: adam scott, in the top five for the fifth time in the last couple of years in majors, so no one's surprise surprised by his play, but cabrera, from 269th in the world to showing the world a lot of moxie at the 72nd hole. making birdie when he had to. nick: when he gets the opportunity, plays like a champion. incredible. jim: never a doubt with that one. nick: look at that smile. isn't that great? thanks, my boy. good work, great. keep the clubs clean. keep them dry. see you in five minutes. jim: before, that he had to stand in the fairway and watch nd listen to this. really, adam had not made
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anything all day long. nick: no. as i said, he put in a good dozen chances. all good putts. you look at this reaction. . looked to the heavens he'll have to look at the heavens at this one. hand. is right jim: we're heading to a playoff for the second consecutive year and three of the last five masters. angel cabrera and adam scott, the 72 holes, 279 was total. that got them in this playoff. which is coming up. [ male announcer ] life changes by the minute. all tickets, please. [ male announcer ] so at&t helped amtrak change, too, with a transformative mobile ticketing system.
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m: coming back for the hole-by-hole playoff. it will start here at 18 and if it's not settled at that point, they'll head over to 10, where it ended a year ago, and where cabrera won back in 2009 on that very green. and if it goes beyond those two holes, it's back to 18. that would be the rotation over and over again. there's never been, in all these playoffs since it went hole by hole, starting with fuzzy's win. a playoff here has never gone
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before -- beyond two holes. there's charlie s on the right. he's known cabrera for most of his life. he's a longtime pro at houston country club and longtime mentor to lange mcallister. a professional who had five ins here in america. harlie first met angel down at where de golf course charlie was working as the head pro. and somehow charlie has prepared angel for championship golf. nick: and both men are seriously motivated. adam scott, the whole country pulling for him. tough whole of argentina pulling for cabrera. and with roberto celebrating his 90th birthday very soon --
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jim: it is today. nick: it is today. we signed a flag on tuesday. with roberto, happy 90th written across it. he's pulling for roberto. both guys have that outside motivation. jim: roberto is known as the father of golf in argentina. angel calls him el mice ro. e but australia -- ell maestro. but australia is truly a golfing nation. fanatical about this sport. and so many players over the years who have starred on the world stage. if you're adam scott, you've never been able to get that reakthrough win. you have to be shouldering the homes of an entire nation. it's a little bit harder right
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now, a little more precious on adam scott in this playoff. there's bubba watson. bubba is down here in the cabin where he'll be presenting the green jacket. a year ago, he closed out the masters with that miraculous shot. the fans have been all week long going out there and trying to find the very spot. it's one of the memorable shots in masters history and nick, it's one of those, too, one of the few that you can actually stand right there if you come to attend the tournament. nick: yes, i went down with my son matthew. he took me there when we played on sunday. we looked at that spot and i have a photograph of him pretending to be a lefty in
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that position. jim: adam scott. who had played those final four holes at either am at four over. had bogeyed all four. here at augusta today he played the last four two under, then cab remarks after watching all of that unfold, had this for veryone to take a look at. reaction here was almost like a winning reaction, nick. i mean, the celebration with the son and it was more than i've ever seen from angel, even when he won here or even when he won at oakmont. absolutely savored that moment to answer. nick: yes, it will give him another opportunity.
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m: the 18th hole is known as holly. and they'll face this tee shot through trees. nick: trile try and hit a little fade around that corner, level with the bunkers and come up the hill semiblind but they have that wonderful little backstop. you can see that short rise, that shaded area. five to seven paces behind that hole location is the backstop they're going to use under this intense pressure of a playoff. jim: your first masters win, nick, was played in very similar conditions to this. it was a dreary, wet day and that went to a playoff with you prevailing on the second hole of that hole-by-hole playoff. there they are. scott-cabrera.
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do you favor any player here? nick: i really don't. can't see how you could. they're both seriously motivated. i think they're both going to hold their nerve and i think more than likely under these conditions the golf ball shouldn't go too far. i got a feeling if it's going to be won here at 18, three is the score that's going to win it. jim: we had just talked about how rare it was to see someone birdie the 18th to win it. there was that 28-year gram rom arnold in 1960 to sandy in 1988 and look what happens. both adam scott and cabrera oth make birdie at the last. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> thank you.
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jim: i want to bring in ian baker-finch again since he's known adam. he's known his father for most of his life. known adam's father phil. you've seen this young man develop into this world-class player. you've seen the dreams, the hopes of your entire nation and this kid, everyone waiting for him to be a major champion. how is he going to handle this moment, you feel, ian, right now? ian: i'm sure he'll handle it well as i'm sure angel cabrera will as well. he's been there a couple more times but adam is so beabove -- beloved in australia and everywhere he plays. he had a good chance at the open championship last year. he deserves a win.
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it's just an amazing feeling, nick. you've been in this playoff situation before. you know the pressure and you've won a couple of them here in a playoff. what are your thoughts on that and the playoff? for me, he used a lot of emotion on that 18th green. nick: absolutely. fortunately he didn't have too long a time to go off and celebrate and shake everybody's hands and what have you. it all happened very quickly, which i think will help him. he's got the advantage of first tee shot and the most important thing is to strike it down the fairway, but make sure you stay in the hole. ian: i hope he didn't hurt his hand too badly. nick: that was quite a punch. quite a high-five. im: with driver. he loves it.
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nick: fabulous golf swing. jim: and cabrera just takes a lash. he doesn't even have to follow it. nick: love his smooth tempo. side by side. look at that level. almost to the yard. jim: can't tell who's away. they've been presidents cup teammates on several occasions but now they're combatants here for the biggest prize in the sport, the green jacket. 3.2 billion comments are posted online every single day.
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and that loop would continue until someone wins a hole. both players have had to try to keep these grips dry. nobody's put on any rain gear between the two of them and how difficult is it playing in conditions like this? it's starting to pick up intensity here. nick: i haven't even noticed it's raining. no, i agree. they are so focused and everything they couldn't care less about getting a wet shirt right now. lus, it's kind of humid. it doesn't change anything. the feel of the swing.
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jim: scott is away by a couple of yards. 167 is the number here. got it to 174 in regulation, to a little closer. >> i'm happy with that. >> yeah. nick: gets a big 8. jim: sounds like stevie talked him into a club here. nick: i thought there was a moment he thought 9 but no long is better than short. it's so important that the caddie says and does the right thing right now. jim: the caddie right there was n the bag for 13 of tiger's 14 ajor titles.
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nick: in the pouring rain you can belt it. nick: the eyes suddenly got wider. im: it was chunky. nick: it's ok, though. it's a straightforward chip out of very little break. unless angel produces another gem like 15 minutes ago. jim: he also was seven yards closer than he was just a short while back in regulation.
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this is 155 to the hole. not wasting any time. uh-oh. nick: does that mean right? no he's fighting for it to get p there as well. wow. now they go from side by side to getting it into each other's way. jim: we're going to have a little chipoff here for the green jacket. nick: it was all about the drive, chip, and putt. now the finest golfers in the world are just going to demonstrate for the kids. jim: listen to cabrera after he truck that shot. he knew it.
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he was saying fly, fly. with both of them. your clothes, everything is a little heavier. there is a factor there when you -- nick: absolutely. jim: playing in this weather. and it's not quite the free will have flowing swing that you started the day with because the weather has certainly picked up here the last couple of hours . >> and of course, the tension to boot. nick: they're both pretty much even-stevens from that spot. it's a simple chip. pick your landing spot. it's going to release forward. just clearing the air with his reactions. jim: back in 2005 when it was woods and dimarco, remember, dimarco nearly chipped in from that very spot. i want to bring back in ian, who was an assistant captain on
7:22 pm
presidents cup teams with both of these players on your team and tell us about their ability to chip in a situation like this. ian: well, they're both -- they put them together many times. they've been partners, not just on the same teams. we love angel. he's an honorary australian. he's one of the boys. he's a tremendous competitor and everyone wanted to be a partner with him. nick: be still, everybody. ian: both good under pressure. nick: come on, guys. don't distract your vision. stick to your landing spot. jim: and where is that landing spot, nick? nick: just three or four paces on. nice and low. nice hop over the hill. feeds down. jim: uh-oh. uh-oh. what a shot! nick: what a try.
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jim: wow! gorgeous touch. and now scott knows he has to get down in two. cabrera nearly holed it. nick: he also knows the break. but my goodness. now we really are talking perfection. can you land it on the spot, perfect line, perfect weight nd hole it to win? jim: at this point i thought maybe -- ick: absolutely. jim: now adam scott. if he were to chip it in, he would be the masters champion. goes with the lower route.
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nick: the whole of australia will have to go through its breathing exercises. im: yes. i don't think it matters where you're from, the tension. you love the game and you understand the stakes. you don't want to see someone lose the masters. you want to see someone go out and win it. nick: absolutely. this is dead straight. i rolled balls earlier on in the day from this spot. bsolutely dead straying. he didn't take long to read it, did he? jim: steps right up.
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gutsy. might want to get under an umbrella. and now cabrera, who never takes long. o send this over to number 10. we continue. in regulation -- here's how cabrera played the 10th. nick: he went with 3-wood and it was actually the first poor
7:26 pm
swing of the day. just blocks it right. firm bounce. skuttles into the trees and ended up perilously close to a tree. he had a couple of dicey back swings. we were all holding our breath because of the rules. jim: ended up making a five. here is camellia. nick: in this left-hand half of the fairway there's a large downslope. you can see the higher, right-hand side of the fairway. with the hole location now you're not going to worry about this big falloff at the front of the green. can you land it to the middle of the green and field that shot into the back left-hand corner. there it is. you can see how it rolls off as well, all the -- off the side of the greens. it's going to take a brave shot now. if the greens are softer they're going to have to throw
7:27 pm
it more than 2/3 of the way up the green to get to that hole ocation. jim: and again, scott will be irst to play here. nick: now you're kind of settled down. you've been really hyped up on adrenaline, very first playoff hole. and now it's kind of a weird feeling going to the second one. it's like who's got the mental strength to keep churning out the intensity shot after shot now? jim: adam was a second-grader, he stayed home to watch greg norman compete in the 1987 masters. and then he was 15 when he saw norman lose to you in 196.
7:28 pm
hence especially because of that i'd love to win a green jacket, because greg was so close. that was a confident swing by adam. see -- see if he gets the sling off the hill. nick: he does. see if angel can -- they'll end up holding hands next down the fairway, thrive so close. jim: the us the tee shot that cabrera hit in regulation weigh on him? nick: there's the answer. he didn't like it. so he's going to sting a hooky iron. jerry that's asking a lot on this one, wasn't it? nick: wow. it's got to get over the hill. and there it goes. he's so strong. he just clouted that thing. adam scott is -- my goodst, that was a belt. ♪ [ maouncer ] when the a.c. goes out in florida, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning
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7:31 pm
etched in our memories from the 10th hole. cabrera is going to be away. seven yards back of adam. 203 for angel to the hole. 9 for adam. and again, if this results in matching scores on this hole, they'll be back over to 18.
7:32 pm
nick, it gets very dark down in this valley right here at 10 and surrounded by so many trees. -iron coming up for cabrera. nick: saying fly again? oh, i can't believe it bit. jim: that's like the one he hit at 17 where you thought he wasn't happy and it was just below the hole. nick: you're right on the darkness. it's 7:58 sunset. of course, there's no sun around so it's going to be less than that. that's a pretty darn good shot to throw in there. that pine tree just to the right of the tv tower, where
7:33 pm
steve williams wants adam scott to aim at and if he can turn a subtle draw in and match and it tter it -- im: 196. nick: a little left to right. it's still flying. a great shot. jim: inside of cabrera. nick: he might have another puttout. looking very much hole it to win. adam scott may have the easier putt. cabrera's is going to have a strong right-to-left break. difficult to read but adam might be coming far straighter down the hill. jim: didn't cabrera have that same kind of line a little back of that for par in regulation? nick: that's true, good point. jim: he had the line and he
7:34 pm
left it in the jaws. this is cabrera's reaction after adam's shot. nd adam saw the thumbs up. right back at you. nick: well, i guess actions speak louder than words. that tells you about these two characters.
7:35 pm
jim: angel jr. puts down the umbrella for a moment. scott putt's he is easier one? nick: less break and obviously not as blistering fast with the deluge we've had for half an hour now. jim: i mentioned earlier, cabrera learned the game as a caddie living in car donea, argentina, a little more than 300 miles north of buenos aires and he lived just a couple of blocks away from eduardo romero. some of you may remember eduardo, who was a world player. played some here in the u.s. it was romero who convinced
7:36 pm
angel to take up the game. he caddied there at the cordoba golf club until he was 20. so his sons have tried to follow their father into professional golf. they've both played, dabbled in some big tournaments. not on the u.s. tour, and there's stepping up now, again, he's a quick one. he saw this line now two and a alf hours ago. it's a beautiful putt. oh. it's above the hole! that's like the one at 17 you thought had to go in. he'll nudge it in and adam scott will now have a putt to win it.
7:37 pm
he hit a beautiful putt, nick. nick: absolutely. if you're going to give it a chance -- you never know. three more rolls and it might have come around into the back door. wow. now adam scott's heartbeat surely went up thinking this is the opportunity for me. jim: it's about 9:35 in the morning in australia, from sydney to melbourne, if perth to brisbane to the gold coast. the whole nation is watching and hoping this is the long-awaited moment.
7:38 pm
he won the australian masters just five months ago in november and won the gold coat. now he has this putt for a green one. he does! adam scott! a life-changer. nick: an unbelievable magical moment. he's now unofficially the "wizard of oz." jim: to hole two putts. nick: the 72nd green and the
7:39 pm
10th hole. second playoff hole. incredible. congratulations, adam scott. jim: and ian -- it's your turn for the narrative for this special moment. ian: from down under to on top of the world, jim. jim: look at that respect. those two teammates matched up ogether in international competition. to think of the way he handled the devastating defeat last july at lithe happen. he picked -- lytham.
7:40 pm
he picked up so many fans around the world. his class, at that moment of despair, the four-bogey finish, and today he went out and absolutely showed tremendous determination. nick: tremendous patience as well. jim: all day long you kept wondering is he going to start holing putts? cabrera says you know what, how o you beat that? well, another very memorable masters indeed. and a moment long awaited for, adam scott, a major champion and australia will have a green jacket at long last. let's go to bill macatee. bill: jim, thank you very much. with angel cabrera and congratulations. you played brilliantly down the
7:41 pm
stretch. tell us about that last putt that almost went in. you know, that's how golf is. we had some issues during the course but i came back. that's how golf is. i had that chip on 18 that i could have won it but adam is a truthful good winner. bill: i you could tell you were happy for him because you know. you've experienced this kind of moment. you know what a lifechanger this is. [speaking in foreign language] >> yeah, obviously, i would have been happy if i would have won. he's a great person, a great player. i get along with hum.
7:42 pm
we've been together in presidents cups and i'm happy for him. bill: you're a terrific champion as well. thank you very much and congratulations on an outstanding week. angel cabrera. let's go back to jim nantz. jim: he hit two of the great putts you'll ever see in a pressure situation. adam scott just a couple of years ago said my heart wants to win the masters. i'd love to be the first australia on the win the masters. i think that course sets up best for me. i just have to putt a little better. he putted brilliantly when it counted and he's the masters champion. r full potential until we fe shortage of specialized math and science teachers. the national math and science initiative has a solution. its uteach program will graduate over 10,000 highly trained teachers this decade. thanks to those teachers, millions of students will grow up to be successful in a wide range of challenging careers requiring technical skills.
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so what can big data and analytics do for you? that's what i'm working on. i'm an ibmer. let's build a smarter planet. >> i don't know what to say at the moment. >> it's -- >> well, -- >> having it be such a tough quest to finally win, it feels that much better. >> finally made a bunch of putts and that was what was fun. >> i've never played an entire tournament with my a-game and this was pretty close. >> it's the most nerve-racking golf course in the world. >> i can't tell you how fortunate i am to win this tournament. >> i'm probably as happy as i've ever been in my life. >> i never got this far in my dreams to talk. jim: talking about the green jacket presentation, which will be coming up shortly down in utler cabin.
7:45 pm
how hard ask it, nick? -- is it,ic? at this point when this goes in he thought he'd won the green jacket and had to go out and win it a second time. nick: as i said, it wasn't too long to wait. only got to the scorer's table and did that and realized angel had hit an incredible shot. e knew straightaway. i think that may have considerably helped him. jim: good thing no one got injured here. celebrating with steve williams and what a sweet victory it is for him too. and then the one on the second hole of the playoff. after cabrera had come so close, and what i love about all of this, nick, is the fire and intensity you see in adam. that's what people have always
7:46 pm
said he lacks. this is just a sweet kid. anyone who covers golf around the world knows this is one of the nicest kids that's come around for a generation. nick: absolutely. we wondered what was the fire in his belly. jim: there's his dad phil. a former golf pro and now has the family business, golf course architecture. sanctuary cove back in australia. son of phil and pam scott is the masters champion and what this could possibly mean. he's been flirting with majors. not only the close brush last july but back here two years ago and there have been others, nick. this is really a high-talented player, who in many cases people would say if he just gets the one, look out.
7:47 pm
here's relook at the top 12 and ties. they all get invited back to next year's masters tournament. marc leishman with a fine performance, holding up all week. tied fourth. and oleson, who had a round of 78 to start this tournament in his masters debut. had a top 10 showing. and good for john huh. no question that he'll be back next year as he makes it inside that top 12. just waiting for adam scott to make his way down here to the basement of butler cabin and at the same time while this is being beamed around the world to some 200 countries in territories, we'll bee lining up all of those broadcast feeds as everyone will be taking this one presentation from chairman billy payne in a moment. in fact, let's do that now.
7:48 pm
we're all linked up and we send it down to butler cabin. >> good evening. i'm billy payne, chairman of augusta national golf club and i'm truly excited to be here in our famous butler cabin along with my good friend jim nantz. jim: thank you, billy. >> jim, another exciting performance. congratulations to you as well. jim and i will soon repeat the long-standing tradition of the award of the masters green jacket. before before we do, i'd like to take this opportunity to thank our television viewers across america and over 200 countries around the world for your long term and loyal support around the masters. i have the privilege of welcoming three gentlemen, all with smiling faces, this year's mr. tianlang
7:49 pm
systems guan. last year's champion, bubba wat on and of course, our new 2013 champion, mr. adam scott. >> thank you. jim: let's begin with the youngest competitor in masters history, and tianlang, guan, i have to ask you oar -- about your experience. what was it like for you? >> it was a great week for me and i learned a lot from the top players here and i learned a lot. jim: how do you think this performance will affect young golfers around the world and specifically in cloyne? >> i think it will invite more young kids in china to start playing golf. it's really helpful and i'm so fortunate. jim: it was an incredible performance. congratulations. >> thank you. jim: and adam, what a riveting,
7:50 pm
incredible day, and at long last you are a major champion, and australia is going to be wearing a green jacket here in just a moment. how do you put into words how you finished today? with the birdie at the 72nd and then the birdie to win on the second playoff hole? >> i don't know how that happens. it seem add long way away from a couple of years ago and even last july when i was trying to win another major. it felt my way today. there was some luck there somewhere. i don't know how to digest it all at the moment but it was incredible. bubba is an inspiration and so is tianlang. it's an incredible moment. jim: you think of how long australia has been starved to have a masters champ and you think of all of the great players who came before you who have their fringer prints on your career.
7:51 pm
what do you have to say about that? do you feel their presence here? >> well, absolutely. i tried not to think about anything today along those lines. the thing i did well out there was stay rights where i was, whatever it was on the golf course, i stayed in that one shot. australia is a proud sporting nation and this was one notch in the belt that we'd never got and amazing that it's come down to me today. marc, and jason day. it could have been any of us but there was one guy who inspired a nation of golfers and that's greg norman. he's been incredible to me and all the young golfers in australia and, you know, part of this definitely belongs to him. jim: i can only imagine how proud he is right now. and then to make the putt at the 72nd and think that you've won the masters at that point and have to go out and earn it all over again. how hard was that to do? >> well, it was a split second i thought i'd won.
7:52 pm
you never count your chickens but that was the putt we've seen so many guys make to win and that was what i thought it's time for me to step up and see how much i want this. and to make a couple putts to win the masters tournaments is just an amazing feeling. jim: it does change a career. it really does. congratulations. >> thank you very much. jim: that green jacket is about to be on your shoulders. billy, it's that time. >> bubba, if you'd please do the honor. adam, congratulations. very proud of you. >> thank you very much. bubba, thank you. thank you very much. jim: well, the week -- it's another one we'll never forget. it began with the royalty of the game meeting on the first and an overcast morning it ended with a finish, again, that will be replayed for years to come.
7:53 pm
greg norman. adam just talked about it, how close he had come. how he had inspired an entire country. there's adam in the background with greg at the presidents cup. you think of the past mange champions like ferrier and thompson and graham and baker-finch, brady and elkington and ogilvy and others who've had big careers and tried to win that green jacket. a newton, an allenby, baddeley. they all tried over and over again for this very moment. the drought is over. australia is wearing the green jacket. adam, congratulations. [applause] on behalf of everyone from cbs, thank you for being with us. at this tradition unlike any
7:54 pm
other where adam scott has won the masters. [captioning made possible by cbs sports division] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs, and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> logan: colonel kurt crytzer, a veteran green beret of 23 years, flew with us over the seemingly endless jungle, where the area they're searching is as big as texas. he took command of the u.s. special operations mission here not long after president obama decided to send troops 18 months ago to track down the world's most wanted warlord. >> crytzer: the environment is some of the most unforgiving on planet earth. when you get to the jungle, 50 feet in, you disappear. >> logan: you're like a ghost. >> crytzer: you're like a ghost. >> stahl: could you show us the difference between the fastball and the knuckleball, what the motion looks like? >> dickey: yeah, sure. be glad to. >> stahl: this is the fastball. see how it spins all the way to the catcher's mitt? now, watch the near-total
7:58 pm
absence of spin in r.a. dickey's knuckleball. from the time the ball leaves his hand, it rotates a mere quarter of one revolution. it's a pitch that's devilishly hard to control and won him the cy young award last season. >> ♪ blue texas skies keep shining down on me. ♪ >> safer: out on the lone prairie, a 200-mile drive from the nearest airport, stands marfa, population 2,000. the train doesn't stop here anymore, and, at first glance, the place may look half dead. but look closer. marfa today is an eccentric tex- mex stew of art galleries, tourists, cowboys and characters. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer.
7:59 pm
>> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ are everywhere around us. every minute. every second -- we fight for that inch. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is passion given a purpose. every day we chip away, because that's the only way


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