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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 15, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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as tensions run high on the korean peninsula, the north celebrates the birthday of its founder. while the u.s. says the door to negotiation is open. if you're a law-abiding gun owner, you're going to like this bill. >> the senate prepares to debate the first gun-control legislation since the sandy hook school shooting, but does it have enough supporters to pass? there it is! adam scott, a life changer. >> and a masterful finish to golf's most celebrated tournament. adam scott becomes the first australian to don the green jacket as masters champion. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 15th, 2013.
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the united states says it is ready to open new talks with north korea. that's despite the recent threats the north has made of a possible nuclear strike. speaking in tokyo, secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. would be a ready partner if the north abandoned its nuclear program. in an interview to be seen a little later on on "cbs this morning," our margaret brennan asked kerry if the offer still applies even if north korea test fires another missile. >> there are some things that if he were to do would be even more provocative and dangerous. i think if he shoots the missile, which i think is both unnecessary, unwarranted and reckless and provocative, i think that we still have the ability to get to a place working with china and others where we could turn this around. >> well, today is a national
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holiday in north korea as it marks the birthday of its first leader. tara mergener is in washington. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. all eyes are on that 101st birthday celebration today. there's fear it may be used to demonstrate the country's military capability. north korean celebrated the birthday of kim il-sung, the country's founder, with the unveiling of statues and a marathon through the streets of the capital, but no missile launch. secretary of state john kerry met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe monday morning. >> one thing is certain. we are united. >> reporter: he says the u.s. and japan are hoping to open negotiations with north korea to de-escalate tensions in the region. >> but the burden is on pyongyang. north korea must take meaningful steps to show that it will honor commitments it has already made, and it has to observe laws and
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the norms of international behavior. >> reporter: that seems unlikely north korean state tv dismissed the south korean offer to enter peace talks as a crafty trick. secretary kerry says the u.s. is working with china to find a solution to the crisis in the korean peninsula. >> their preference is obviously for a stable region, and north korea right now is threatening the stability of the region. >> reporter: china has issued a public appeal for north korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. but north korea continues to work on a way to put a nuclear bomb on a ballistic missile. and some fear it may be close. >> i think it's a matter of time before they have that capability. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say they expect north korea to perform another missile test sometime soon. and there is reportedly no sense of panic in the north korean capital. the country's own media is giving little indication, anne-marie, about how high
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tensions really are. >> tara mergener in washington, thank you. a bipartisan group of senators, the so-called gang of eight, expects to release its proposal on immigration reform tomorrow. florida senator marco rubio says the proposal regarding the estimated 11 million immigrants in this country illegally does not include an amnesty provision. >> they'll have to come forward and pass a rigorous background check. if they're criminals, they won't qualify. if they pass that bakground check, they'll be given the opportunity to pay an application fee and a fine. and in return, they will get a worker permit that will allow them to stay in the u.s., work, travel and pay taxes. >> rubio says they will have to be in that system for more than ten years before they qualify for the existing legal immigration system. and it is all predicated on strict security measures including securing the border. this week senators are also expected to begin debate on the first gun-control measure introduced since the sandy hook school shooting. the bipartisan bill needs 60
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votes, but it will need considerable support from republicans in order to pass. >> reporter: at least three gop senators are expected to give their support to the gun-control legislation. last night maine's susan collins said the bill would strengthen background checks without infringing on second amendment rights. she joins mark kirk and pat toomey who co-wrote the bill as the only republicans to back it so far. >> there is not a single word in this legislation that in any way infringes on the second amendment rights of a law-abiding citizen. >> reporter: the legislation requires background checks for almost all gun buyers, increased prison time for straw buyers who purchase guns legally, then pass them on to criminals, and new safety measures in schools. senators will also be able to offer amendments before a vote is taken such as a ban on assault weapons and wording that will allow americans with concealed weapons permits to carry them in any state. marco rubio was one senator who
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voted to block gun-control legislation from being debated. >> but my bigger hope is that this issue doesn't just become about guns, that we can broaden it to make it about violence and deal with things like mental health and prosecutions of those who are criminals that have been trying to buy guns. >> reporter: on saturday the white house continued its push for stricter gun laws. francine wheeler whose son was one of the sandy hook victims gave the president's weekly address. >> we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common-sense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> even if the bill makes it through the senate, it will likely have a much harder time passing through the republican-controlled house. now, a former justice of the peace has become a focus of the investigation into the murder of a texas district attorney and his wife. mike mclelland and his wife, cynthia, were murdered last month. they were killed about two
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months after assistant d.a. mark hasse was also killed. both mclelland and hase helped prosecute marek williams on charges he stole office equipment. manuel borjorquez reports. >> reporter: investigators pulled a white crown victoria from one unit. they also found multiple guns. ballistic tests are being done on the weapons to see if they are connected to the murders. just a day before the search focused on the kaufman, texas, home of a man who knew the victims, eric williams. williams is a former kaufman county justice of the peace. he was fired last year after being convicted of stealing computer equipment from the county. >> there's three monitors missing. one's on your desk right now. where are the others at? >> reporter: assistant district
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attorney mark hasse and mclelland prosecuted the case. hase was killed in january outside the courthouse. mclelland and his wife were found shot to death in their home last month. williams denied any involvement in an interview two weeks ago. >> my heart goes out to all the families that have been affected by this tragedy, and especially to the people that work at the courthouse. >> reporter: his attorneys said williams has cooperated with law enforcement, and he hopes that the perpetrators are brought to justice. "the dallas morning news" says it was a threatening e-mail traced to williams which led to his arrest yesterday for making terroristic threats. he is not charged with the killings. manuel borjorquez, cbs news, kaufman, texas. now to the weather. and a powerful storm front that battered central florida overnight. severe thunderstorms and several possible tornadoes were reported across six counties. gusting winds exceeding 60 miles per hour, trees and power lines
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are reported down. but so far no reports of injuries. and an early spring snowstorm hit the upper midwest yesterday. in western minnesota, a slippery road conditions caused a crash between a truck carrying pigs and a truck hauling cows. the livestock ended up grazing along the road. a winter storm warning remains in effect from minnesota to eastern montana this morning. coming up on the "morning news," it's deadline day for your taxes. plus a spectacular jail break. we'll tell you how a notorious gangster used explosives to mastermind an escape from prison in france. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news." it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii!
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including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. an international manhunt is under way after a career criminal blasted his way out of prison. it happened in northern france over the weekend. authorities say redoine faid used explosives to blow out five separate doors.
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during the breakout, he took four workers hostage but then released them after he got away. police believe he smuggled the explosives into the prison. he was convicted in a series of armed robberies. on the "cbs money watch," tax day is here, and the supreme court takes on patents for human dna. erica ferrari is here in new york with that and more. good morning, erica. >> good morning, anne-marie. today is the day millions of americans are dreading. it's april 15th, the deadline to file your income tax return. even with the advent of electronic filing, some people just won't be able to make the midnight deadline. you also have until midnight to ask for an extension to file by october 15th. and that's something more than 10 million people did last year. asian stocks were lower on weak growth data from china. tokyo's nikkei lost more than 1%. hong kong's hang seng also dropped more than 1%. we'll see how wall street reacts to a series of corporate
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earnings reports released this week. last week the dow continued posting gains, up nearly 300 points. the nasdaq also in the black, gaining 91. can a company take out a patent on a human gene? that's the issue in front of the supreme court this morning. the company myriad genetics holds patents on two genes that can cause breast cancer. the biotech researchers say patents are essential in order to invest billions of dollars of experimentation. opponents say no one has the right to patent part of the human body. disneyland has voluntarily shut down the famous space mountain roller coaster. it's a temporary measure after california officials cited the park for safety violations on the ride's facade. in november a maintenance worker was injured there. the matterhorn bobsleds and a simulated hand glider ride have also been closed. and baseball drama "42" was a home run at the box office. the story of how jackie robinson broke major league baseball's
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color barrier debuted at number one this weekend, taking in more than $27 million. "scary movie 5" finished in second, making just over $15 million. and the aniated comedy "the croods" in third with $13.2 million. the big winner was tom cruise's new sci-fi flick, "oblivion," anne-marie, it made more than $61 million in its debut overseas. >> i wonder how much it cost to make. that's pretty good. erica ferrari here in new york, thank you. straight ahead in sports, the lakers' mull life without kobe. and down to the wire, a playoff is needed to settle the 77th masters tournament. t. that'2 newborns.5 jobs, it's no wonder i'm getting gray. but kate -- still looks like...kate. with nice'n easy, all they see is you -- in one simple step, nice'n easy with colorblend technology, gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's perfectly true to you.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i'm feeling better with lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, showers. miami, thunderstorms. showers in chicago as well. dallas, nice and sunny, 91, the high. and los angeles, sunny with 65, the high. in sports, golf's most storied tournament completed a memorable chapter on sunday. the 77th masters featured a playoff round, first-time winner and a controversy involving the sport's biggest star. susan mcginnis wraps up the action from augusta. >> reporter: a dramatic finish at the masters. on a rainy sunday, adam scott won a playoff against angel cabrera, the first australian to win this tournament.
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winning your first major, is it extra special that it happened here at augusta national? >> i mean, i think it's a culmination of everything that i've done as a golfer. >> reporter: scott came from behind in regulation and made this long putt on the 18th hole to take the lead. but cabrera made a tough putt of his own at 18 to force the playoff. it ended up being a frustrated tournament for tiger woods who was the favorite going in. he stayed within striking distance, but he couldn't overcome the controversial two-stroke penalty he received for an illegal drop on friday. >> well, we could do that what-if in every tournament we lose. we lose more tournaments than we win out here. >> reporter: as always, woods drew big crowds. another fan favorite, tianlang guan, known more for his age than his final score. the 14-year-old is the youngest player ever to compete at the masters. the middle schooler from china will now trade his golf clubs for textbooks. >> where do you stand on your
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homework? have you been able to keep up? >> yeah, probably tonight. >> reporter: the final day saw the leaderboard change several times which kept scorekeeper kevin wilson busy. >> i'm able to go hole by hole, make sure that each score has been posted correctly. >> reporter: scott finished with the best score, earning him the coveted green jacket. susan mcginnis, cbs news, augusta, georgia. the los angeles lakers are learning what life without kobe bryant is hike. the 15-time all-star suffered an achilles heel injury friday night. over the weekend bryant posted these pictures of his surgery to his instagram account. his surgeon tells "the l.a. times" that he's optimistic about bryant's recovery. meanwhile, the lakers inched closer to securing a playoff berth. they get past san antonio, 91-86. in baseball now, the yankees are picking up steam after a slow start. new york's brett gardner hit a two-run homer. there you go. and pitcher hiroki kuroda
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mastered the orioles, striking out four in a complete game shutout. the yankees win, 3-0. and about 27,000 runners are gearing up for today's boston marathon. for one runner, though, this probably won't be the toughest race of the year. gary craig also ran a marathon at the north pole last week. he can finish a regular marathon in just over three hours, but the one at the top of the world took him more than six hours to complete. i say relax a little. when we return, justin bieber in hot water again. this time the pop star makes a controversial comment during a visit to the anne frank house. k house. and we got a hundred dollars in points from sears to use on jim's mower... hold the phone! ...and points from the grill helped pay for my dress... now you're just pulling my leg. get this, sometimes points just show up in our account. get out of town! with points from shop your way, there are more ways to save than ever at sears.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., expect some rain. atlanta, sunny. both 75 in washington and atlanta. thunderstorms in st. louis. snow and rain in denver. seattle, sunshine.
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the wreckage of a lion air jet that crashed off bali will be cut up into several parts in order to be recovered. all 108 people on board survived when it overshot the runway and slammed into the water on saturday. the plane landed in shallow water and snapped in two. it is the airline's seventh accident in 11 years. and more trouble for justin bieber on his european tour. the pop star visited the home of anne frank in amsterdam and left the following inscription in the guest book. "truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber." now, belieber is the nickname for bieber's fans. this triggered a flood of criticism on the museum's facebook page. anne frank was a jewish teenager who died in a nazi concentration camp in 1945. and george w. bush has a new title. grandpa. his daughter, jenna bush hager,
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gave birth to her first child in new york city on saturday. jenna and her husband named the baby margaret laura, or mila, for short. this is the "cbs morning news." for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. but lately she's been coming in with less gray than usual. what's she up to? the new root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. with the new root touch-up, all they see is you. and "multiple choice," come to walgreens for help finding the one that's right for you... like centrum. now, get four dollars off select centrum products with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy. for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended,
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good morning. i'm jessica kartalija in for don scott. first let's head over to the first warning weather. good morning. >> good morning. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast for the day. we're going to start wet. the morning commute is going to be damp, that's for sure. we'll get partly cloudy by the midday and afternoon. 55 right now on tv hill. jessica, take it away. city dock in annapolis has received federal money towards a $12.6 million renovation that will help with flooding issues and will improve boating facilities. >> maryland attorney general is set to unveil a new safety
4:57 am
program around facebook. >> today is april 15th, that means it's tax day. >> a teenager is shot in the face in the city. now an investigation is underway. >> costing you money every time it rains. that's what a new tax does. wjz is live with what this means for you wallet. >> there's a new person sporting a green jacket after the masters. who won the tournament and the exciting way he did it. >> more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in just a couple minutes. ,,,,
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