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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> zach to go. advantage to the guy that tees off first, i always feel. put the pressure n the other two. >> zach has done well in the playoffs. the other two have never been in a pga tour playoff. zach, 3-0.
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seems to be right on his number. nailed it again. perfect. now the pressure is on the other two. that is why it is good to go first. >> now jordan spieth. how tough is it when you have been done for a while to go out and hit a pressure tee shot like this? >> fortunately it gave him an opportunity get away from it all and go and hit some balls. it hasn't been that long that he ot called.
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>> he just rilled that. >> that is miles. >> past the bunker, david. just a sand wedge eft. >> 19-year-old nerves. now the man from canada, david hearn. >> after a good, solid round of golf today. shaking his head. is it down the right again? yeah. just like regulation in that right rough. >> well, zach johnson is already booked passage on the airplane. there it is.
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>> about eight weeks away. jordan spieth is not a member of the pga tour so not eligible and does not have fedexcup point standings but if he wins he will get all of those points and would move to 11th from no status at all. >> they become retroactive if he does win he will be an automatic member of the tour. a great opportunity here in addition to everything that goes with a win at a pga tour event and chance to get into the field at the masters if you are not already qualified. >> he is no stranger to special accomplishments. he has won the junior twice, usga junior championship. only tiger has done that before, he won it three years in succession.
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>> great showing at the byron nelson. 16 years old. >> that is right. i can't believe that was three years ago. >> ended up tied for 16th. a chance to win at the age of 19. almost unheard of. something that tiger never did, rory or phil. >> zach looking for his 10th victory confidenting and in another playoff this year like last year when he won against troy matteson. and then david hearn, canadian has been out on tour.
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>> big tree in front of him. the lie, he can start it inside. this is a horrifying line. 193 yards. >> he knew it as soon as he hit it. that is the last thing he expected. fortunately it stayed in the first cut that made the chip a lota easier. did not get into the thick stuff. >> zach has 7-iron out, 170 yards. now he has to go right at it. no decisions here.
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>> once again damon knew more than he did. earlier today damon green was correct on the shot. he thought that was really good. he cannot believe that it went that far. >> try to look at what jordan spieth is trying to accomplish here. 1931 the last time that a teenager won a pga tour event. alph guldal. >> just a itching wedge.
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the young voice of his caddie. at the u.s. junior two years ago. >> just right. i am not sure that he got all of it. not bad. >> just a fraction steep in the deep divot there. advantage jordan spieth right now about 25 feet for irdie.
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zach johnson may putt that but he might chip it as good of a chipper as he is and david hearn 20 yards from the back with a pretty good lie. odds are we will see three pars ere. zach johnson liked that second shot. through the air he thought that it was right on. hit it too well. that is the adrenaline flowing. >> nine wins for zach. david hearn 34 years old looking for his first pga tour victory. jordan spieth, 9.
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zach is as old as jordan and his caddie combined. >> that is amazing. check of the book to see all of the information he put down over the week. he will make notes on each putt. what is the grain. what are the endancies. zach at the putter out at the moment. david hearn having a good wander around and a good look trying to get the feeling of where to land this chip-and-run. i don't think he can pitch it on with the lob wedge. i think he needs to bounce it into he bank.
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well played. eautiful shot. >> he will have five or six feet for par. again, coming into the final round he led the ield in putting. these three really come at this with very different perspectives. zach johnson has won a major. he is a masters champion. trying to win for the 10th time on the pga tour. this was a huge event for him winning here last year. david hearn, does not necessarily know how many more opportunities he is going to get. jordan spieth at 19 is confident
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that he is going to win a bunch. >> zach just reading the way that this is go to break he will fly it all the way to the green and try to check it a little bit and really try to make this one. >> once again it is a beauty. >> if it touches the flagstick it goes in. >> it appeared me that it did touch the flag. that was a beautiful chip. unlucky to not go in. >> it never ceases to amaze. >> he thought he hit a perfect approach shot. it went long. he thought that was going in and somehow it stayed
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out. >> lipped and pin or just lipped? oh, boy. >> did that catch the flagstick? >> it does not appear there. but in the first one it did. if it caught the flag it caught it on the way by after it hit the lip. it hit the lip first. that is for sure. but i think that if it catches the flag first david it is in the middle of the hole. >> yeah. yeah. bsolutely. >> he makes it and he wins. >> yeah. it did catch the flag. it just caught the very edge of t.
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his for the win. >> at least he is in for four. getting more experience than he bargained for, david. >> pretty similar to the line before. maybe just a little short of flag high. a similar length putt. just a fraction
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right to left. >> solid stroke. >> zach johnson there saying nice putt. well done. >> and the playoff continues oh, he's a fighter alright.
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>> we are back at the john deere classic. big brother, good wife and the mentalist. once again we have had a lot of drama here at the 18th. jordan spieth 72nd hole. this is what got him in the playoff.
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that would have been wet. then a few moments ago. zach thought maybe. but it stayed out. so, back they go o the tee at 18. >> just a fraction too much speed on that chip, flag or no flag for that to go in. it was a good one though. it is amazing, every year. >> is it easier when you go back to hit the tee shot on the second playoff hole? the alarm level goes down. it is still ringing. ust quieter. but he loves this drive. just feed its down there left to right. just hasn't finished it off.
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>> lingered a little bit. but he will like that. >> he liked it the first time around but it finished in the bunker. he hit it 20 yards farther that time. jordan spieth ripped it 30 yards past him. >> this poised 19-year-old. he has played this in 1-under o far. >> that looked goo good, too. >> he is so casual about it. >> so
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unflustered. another 20-30 yards beyond zach again. that might be in his divot from last time. there he is. >> just another casual sunday. >> oh to be 19 again. now to do something about that shadow in ront of him. >> again, leaning left. let's see how this ends up. >> that is in the same divot for sure. >> three in a row. second hole of sudden death at sudde[ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i got it. [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment?
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evening at tpc deere run. second hole of sudden death of the john deere classic. zach johnson and jordan spieth found the fairway. david hearn once again in the rough to the right-hand side. jordan spieth the 19-year-old trying to become the first teenager to win an event since the santa monica open back in 1931. all of those great players who have come and gone since. tiger. rory. phil recently were not able to do it. they won their first pga tour event in their 20's. spieth out of texas has a chance to do something special. >> i remember when tiger won his first one on tour down in las vegas. he was just 20 years of age in a
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few months. he wasn't allowed to go celebrate where they had to go for a cold beverage or two. >> this is the 24th event for jordan. he had a bit of a career. 16 as a pro. two time u.s. jr. champion. >> runner up finish in puerto rico. played in 16 events, made 12 cuts and five top 10s.
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>> what about this lie for hearn? >> it is better than it was last time but it may be quick. 185 yards. trying to run it up there. looks like a better pace. what a shot that is. >> spectacular shot. >> that is phenomenal. >> wow. >> that is just about where jordan spieth was when they played this hole 10 minutes ago. >> very makeable putt having seen the line a few minutes ago.
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that is a good looking shot. needs a kick left. excellent shot. >> and they love it. >> pretty straight putt from there as well. very good chance for the three. pressure is on jordan spieth.
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>> punching an eight. that is to the right. definitely needs a kick to the left. oh, in the thick stuff. not so easy from there. >> again, the lineup tonight on cbs begins with 60 minutes and an interview with one of the worst serial killers ever followed by an episode of big brother and the mentalist tonight only on cbs. beautiful setting. second hole of sudden death if they continue they will go over to the tee at the par 3, 16th and then play the par 5, 17th before returning to 18.
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david hearn with that masterful shot. jordan spieth with a shot into the green side rough. players alone with their houghts. zach enjoying such great support here. everybody knows how important the event has been to him. he has finished first, second and third in 3 of the last 4 john deere classics. zach a member of the tournament board here as well. cedar rapids, about 0 miles way in iowa.
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>> this is not an easy shot, david, for jordan spieth from that lie. when you are so close to the hole in a deep lie like that. >> any time you have to make a bigger swing than you want. there is water behind. he has to make a decision how it will come out ask stick with it. >> he has to lob it on the green rolling. you have to make quite a good swing. i like to play it dead handed rather than the hinge. let's see how he does it. he hinged it. that is too much


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