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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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life from artie donovan. >> reporter: a very emotional day. more than 800 people came here to cathedral of mary our queen. very sad. but also happy as people recalled some of their finest memories of art donovan. >> reporter: at the cathedral of mary our queen, a baltimore legend is remembered. [ singing ] >> our father loved us. his family more than himself. his children were his life. we defined him. >> reporter: hundreds gather to celebrate the life of the nfl hall-of-famer. the colts' defensive tackle, known for his incredible athleticism on the field. and his larger-than-life personality. >> my father will not rest in peace, unless i tell you how much he loved all of you. the citizens of baltimore molded a boy from the bronx to a great man, on and off the
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field. you gave him so much happiness. >> reporter: several former colts greats like lenny moore, jeno marquettey, tom matte, bracey and andy nelson attended the funeral. >> he was a special personal. and he was what baltimore was all about. >> we used to get -- auto people i see -- the people i see here today, that's amazing. >> to have a guy like donovan. your mind is on what you have to do and how have you to do it. and you're tightening up in your head. then all of a sudden, you hear a roar over there in the locker room. there's donovan over there, you know, getting guys together. loosening him up. >> governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich, join hundreds of close friends, former teammates and family members to remember the great art donovan. >> reporter: and while the funeral service here at the
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cathedral was public, the interment was, in fact, private. close friend and teammate says artie still playing football, just on the big field in the sky. we're live at cathedral of mary our queen, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> artie, of course, survived by his wife of 57 years their five children, seven grandchildren. sheriff's officials say that william william was shot. as deputies attempted to serve a warrant. when deputies arrivedda the home in the 4600 block of gald over place in waldorf, that's when they encountered bell. he had a rifle. there was an exchange of gunfire. then bell was shot multiple times. he was taken to a local hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. the original warrant was for an outgoing mail fraud investigation. the woman who claims years of abuse drove her to hire a hitman to murder her husband, continues to avid a vite -- to
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to -- >> reporter: well, defense attorneys called psychologists to talk about the state of mind karla porter was in because of all of the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her husband. prosecutors, meanwhile, trying very hard to paint a picture of karla porter as a cold and calculating killer. jurors will have to sort this out. >> reporter: karla porter says after years of physical and verbal abuse from her husband ray, she said he felt she had to hire a hitman to kill him. and in march of 2010, that's what she did. with help from some of her family members, she hired a hitman to shoot him in the head. she frantically called 911 and said he was shot by a robber. >> you know the person? >> no. i've never seen him before! [ crying ] he was black. and he just came in the side door. i went out and i came in.
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>> reporter: but under pressure during a police interrogation, she finally confessed. >> are you understanding what we're saying to you? >> i don't think so. >> we know. we know. we're not stupid. >> after i told you what a wonderful man he was, i didn't want you to know that he did hit me sometimes. i just wanted somebody to hit him. i didn't mean for any of this to happen. >> reporter: the demeaning abuse was much more severe than she originally toll police. the psychiatrist said she had severe depression, and a condition called post battered spouse syndrome. and that this was her way of coping with the stress of abuse. >> reporter: the defense has now rested. closing arguments in the case expected to begin on monday. we're live in towson, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. karla porter faces the possibility of life in prison without patrol.
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-- parole. police are looking for a man who assaulted a woman while jogging. it happened at the intersection of stone cloud and majors lane in columbia. a man came up behind her, grabbed her chest. she screamed and the suspect ran off. the woman was not hurt. but the search for the suspect is still under way. stepping up security. several recent crimes at johns hopkins school of medicine in baltimore put police and hospital officials on alert. wjz is live. linh bui explains these new precautions. linh? >> denise, since mid-july, several hopkins employees have been attacked and robbed near the campus. but these measures should make the area much safer. >> reporter: a stronger police presence, around johns hopkins. more foot and bike patrols, between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. along north wolf and north washington street. >> i noticed that johns hopkins security guards, every time i go up that way. they're coming farther and farther down. it might help the community. >> reporter: plans for
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increased security on ashland avenue. and a security kiosk outside student apartments on north wolf. >> three different incidents led to this increase in security. one person's cell phone was stolen. another person was robbed. and a third person was assaulted. >> hopkins gave wjz this statement. our security department takes all crimes very seriously. and they act quickly to ensure the well being and comfort of the community. our patients, their families, students and staff. >> it's a little disturbing. you know, it's hard to keep your personal things safe. >> reporter: police say the majority of robberies in the city are cell phone related. so always be aware of your surroundings. >> make sure that they're walking in well-lit areas. that they walk in groups whenever possible. and that they're not advertising whenever they have a cell phone. we don't want to see anybody become a victim of a crime. >> police recently made arrests and are also stepping up patrols. >> what you won't see are the unmarked and undercover officers that have been put into the area. >> reporter: people living near
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hopkins say they're glad more officers are around. >> baltimore police are still following leads. and they expect to make several more arrests related to robs -- robberies near hopkins. >> reporter: thank you very much, linh. if you ever see anything suspicious you want to report, just contact baltimore city police. updating a developing story, a small plane crashes into a home near the east haven airport in connecticut, leaving several people missing. officials say the missing include the pilot and two children in the house. ages 1 and 13. the faa says a small plane flew out of new jersey this morning. two homes caught fire in the crash. one woman was screaming that her children were inside the burning home. but roaring flames prevented crews from going in. the state department is warning americans not to travel to pakistan. and it has evacuated dwi plomats from-- diplomats from a consulate in that country. mary has the latest from the newsroom. >> it all sparked a threat from
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the u.s. consulate's. the u.s. government ordered all nonessential staff to leave the area. the consulate was already scheduled to be closed through sunday for a mus holiday. it is -- muslim holiday. it is a period where there are threats from attacks. u.s. officials say the consulate closure is not related to the closing of 19 u.s. diplomatic outposts throughout the middle east and north africa. earlier this week, the state department is advising u.s. citizens not to travel to pakistan. back to you, denise. >> all right. thank you, mary. pakistan continues to face a fierce insurgency from the pakistani taliban and their allies. president obama says he wants the american people to have confidence in the check and balances in government surveillance programs. today, he rolls out new steps to make that happen. marlie hall reports for wjz from the white house. >> reporter: president obama uses the beginning of his 25th formal white house news conference to wade into the debate on government
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surveillance. >> given the history of abuse by governments, it's right to ask questions about surveillance. particularly as technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives. >> reporter: the president says he will appoint a panel of outside experts to tackle the big questions about the balance between national security and americans' privacy. and they'll consider how we can maintain the trust of the people. how we can make sure that there absolutely is no abuse in terms of how these surveillance technologies are used. >> reporter: panel will present its findings to the president in 60 days. and he will send recommendations to congress on ways to increase tranparency by the end of the year. >> reporter: nsa leaker edward snowden exposed the secret monitoring programs that have rattled the public's trust. the president is facing questions about snowden's temporary asylum status in russia, and his own canceled meeting with the russian president. >> you think, our decision to not participate in the summit was not simply around mr. snowden. it had to do with the fact that
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frankly, on a whole range of issues, where we think we can make some progress, russia has not moved. >> reporter: he took reporters' questions as he prepared to leave for a family vacation at martha's vineyard. at the white house, marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama also condemmed new anti-gay measures in russia, but said he did not think it would be appropriate for the u.s. to boycott the 2014 winter olympics in russia. president obama is expected to sign a bipartisan bill that will slash interest rates on student loans. the house passed the measure late last month. white house officials say the plan will save millions of students an average of $1500 on loans they take out this school year. well, a whirlwind of weather in baltimore. couple of hours ago, there were heavy downpours. you could hardly see through the rain it was coming down that hard. but a live look outside now. and the sun is back out. bob turk is in the first warning weather center, tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> we still have showers south and east of us. take a lock at radar.
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we have a line of activity from about dover to henderson to denton. to the east of queenstown now. and just really around eastob. the strongest activity now is over southern portions of charles county. whether we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15. the next few minutes, that storm is pretty strong, moving directly east at about 20 miles an hour. that's where the strongest storm is now. the rest of the region, from the city on north and west, very quiet. although there's a front hanging up across pennsylvania. we could still see a shower or thundershower later on tonight. although it looks rather isolated at best. most of the action now has slipped off to the south and southeast. and looks like tomorrow, we get that front through the area. lower humidity, dryer air moves in. a lot more comfortable this weekend. although it will be warm and pretty much sunny to partly cloudy skies. looks like a nice weekend. vic? >> okay, bob. thank you. baltimore ravens are flying high against the tampa bay buccaneers. sports director mark viviano has more on last night's win.
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>> vic, it was a resounding ravens victory, featuring pretty much all round domination. it doesn't hurt to have the early boost from a positive result. >> reporter: maybe a few moments of early frustration. but overall, the ravens hold their heads high, after trampling tampa bay in the first dress rehearsal. for most, it's just good to get on the field and face another team back into the feel of competitive football. >> first game, still tired the first series. no matter how hard you go. you're so anxious to play football. and we had a lot of changes. but it's almost like it never really happened. >> those changes include a number of new players, like chris canty, who had a quarterback sack. plus, the rookies playing in their first game. like ravens top draft pick, ray elam. >> this is an exciting opportunity for me. i'm very excited. i mean, just to go out and have fun. and do it in front of my family. >> reporter: ravens' fans
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brave the rain and were rewarded with a 44-16 win. we ask you, with our wjz fan cam, what part of the victory excited you the most? >> i think they did a wonderful job. i mean, the new players that they had did an outstanding job. and i was very excited. >> there wasn't one person out there that was just, oh, he's going to get cut. or he's gone. it's going to be a tough contest to see who gets what position. >> the defense. it surprised me a lot. i really wasn't expecting them to do as well as they did last night. >> we're going to hear from new ravens' linebacker, darrell smith coming up later. we'll hear from them in a workout on sunday. preseason game 2 for the ravens is next week at home against the atlanta falcons. >> i like those 44 scores. those make me happy. still to come on eyewitness news. wildfire concerns. scientists predict future conditions, based on satellite images.
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what they say. death in the msdz chest-- medicine chest. i'm pat warren. the state-developed programs to deal with prescription drug abuse. plebes and parents meet up after the summer for first-year midshipmen comes to a close. i'm gigi barnett at the naval academy. that story is next. sun is back out. mixture of clouds and rain. will the wet weather return? bob is updating the first warning weather forecast. that's just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is sunny complete first warn weather forecast is coming up. a raging wildfire in southern california. burning 90 miles east of los angeles, expanded to about 2,000 acres overnight. six people had been injured, including five firefighters. the fire has destroyed 26 rural homes and forced hundreds of people to be evacuated. >> nasa satellites are playing a key role in fighting these fires around the world. mary is in the newsroom with more on what that means. mary? >> vic, hotter, dryer conditions are fueling more wildfires. and scientists are worried about the future. destructive wildfires are burning across southern california, with winds pushing the flames into timber and dried woodlands. hundreds flee as fire consumes their businesses and their homes. extended periods of triple- digit temperatures.
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and dry conditions have fueled wildfires from alaska to new mexico. it is something nasa has had its eye on all summer long, with these dramatic images. >> we're living in a warmer world and dryer world. when we have a dry world, there's more areas susceptible to fire. >> reporter: nasa says they follow a simple but dangerous combination. hotter, dryer conditions, plus more people in the world, equals a greater likelihood that there will be more ferocious wildfires threatening more property. >> reporter: this shows the fire threat, through today and up to the year 2100. >> the areas in red are areas across north america and the united states that we think are going to be more prone to fire over time. so for example, you can see that they're areas that you're used to having fires in, like alaska, the western united states. but look at the midwest. the great plains. these are areas we don't normally think of as being wildfire prone. but our model suggests that that will be happening more in the future. >> reporter: nasa has been
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keeping a close eye on fires, giving free, realtime data, to those fighting the fires below. >> they actually text information to people on the ground, as to where the fires are in remote areas. >> reporter: and just this summer alone, more than 870 homes have been destroyed by wildfires across the united states. back to you, vic. >> okay, mary. thank you. and officials say california may see its worst fire season in a year, in more than a century. six weeks of hard core grueling physical fitness comes to an end for midshipmen plebes. this weekend, they get to see their parents and family for the first time in a long time. more on parents' weekend. >> reporter: back in june, parents dropped their former high schoolers off at the naval academy. >> sir, yes, sir. >> reporter: since then, it's been only drills and discipline for the new midshipmen. but this summer, plebe summer is over. and parents were invited back to see what the navy has done.
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>> they've worked them hard this summer. so they're well prepared. we'll be glad to see them. >> reporter: the navy took away all access to television, movies and the internet. and plebes received just three 30-minute phone calls all summer long. >> starboard patallion-- battalion, dismissed! >> learning navy culture. >> 3 inches under the chair. squared our corner like this. every meal, which is rough. it's been crazy. >> reporter: alex lynch is following in her dad's footsteps, a naval academy grad. she wrote home as much as she could. but for many of the plebes and their parents, this reunion is a long time coming. >> so proud of her. because whether she makes it a career or not, she just got a great start to life. sorry. just so happy to see her. >> reporter: after nearly no contact with their parents for the last six weeks, plebes will be able to spend the entire weekend with their family.
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there's a parade on saturday, and a free day on sunday. at the naval academy, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and plebes get a little over a week to rest. then they head back to class for the academic year august 19th. >> not a place for wimps. >> no wimps apply. >> no. >> i mean, they're outside in the heat and whatever. ask they've got tough academics. take a look at temps and conditions now. we have clearing skies. rain moved south and east. jumped back to 84. but it's humid. dew point 73. west winds at 8. barometer right now holding steady. come back and take a look at a dryer weekend ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. showers and storms in the baltimore region. take a look. a line moved through the area here. about an hour and a half ago. heavy downpours for a few minutes. but it's moving very, very quickly. right now, the strongest activity across, let's say the central bay now. you folks getting some activity. central aa county. much of calvert county and over in delaware and east of denton now. and we have another batch here over charles county. there was a warning over there. but still heavy showers down there. could see wind gusts to 30, 40 miles an hour. and heavy downpours. there's another little batch to the west. that may affect our region later tonight. as the actual front associated
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with that will cross the region. behind that front, guess what. there is lower humidity. dryer air expected to come in here for the weekend. that's good news. so it will feel a lot more comfortable than did t does right now. 84, the dew point is way up at 73 degrees. it's tropical. 90, pax river. 90, d.c. they sort of missed the rain. 83 now in hagerstown. and only in the 70s and 60s now in orc land. comfortably cool out there. 86 in easton. you're going to get rain shortly. they were in the 70s but the sun is back out and it's warmed up again. rock hall, cooling down to 77. we now have a west wind here, primarily. and that will bring in dryer air, beginning late tonight. and tomorrow. this front goes through the area. a little bubble of high pressure will give us a nice weekend. particularly from baltimore north. from d.c. south. that front is going to hang up. maybe a couple of scattered storms across virginia. and maybe even the lower
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eastern shore. once this goes through, we'll get into an air mass that will feel better than it has the last couple of days. the big difference being, sunshine and clouds. but lower humidity makes it much more comfortable. west winds on the bay at 5 to 10 knots. tomorrow, the bay temp at 77. showers and scattered storms possible at least the next few hours. low of 72. 88 tomorrow. clouds and sunshine. but lower humidity makes it a lot more comfortable. it will be a nice, warm summer afternoon tomorrow across the region. >> good. we need one. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. more rain. residents in the nation's midsection prepare for flooding to get even worse. a look at the problems already caused and what lies ahead, coming up. a closer look. investigators look to the future on how to prevent future train crashes like the one in spain that killed nearly 80 people. the plans next. he's one of the longest surviving heart transplant patients. and this month, he's
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celebrating 30 years of longevity. i'm christie ileto. and his story is next. ,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. 84 degrees ask sunny in central maryland now. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. more heavy rain is in the forecast for the nation's midsection, where floodwaters have already washed out many areas at least three people have been killed and dozerns have been forced from their homes everybody adriana diaz has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: the fast-rising floodwaters in tennessee sent residents to their rooftops awaiting for help. emergency responders received calls for help. >> this is hard. >> seven inches of rain fell in just a matter of hours in the area. forcing rivers into their banks and into people's homes. >> we just opened the door and started letting it draining and start running out. now we're back at pulling it apart. >> reporter: in southern missouri, high water forced some residents to evacuate multiple times. crews had to rescue more than a dozen campers from an ieferld in the middle of a river in
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mcdon -- mcdonald's county. emergency workers are overwhelmed. >> we have two cell phones here and a line. it's been crazy. >> reporter: parts of arkansas have seen more rain in just a matter of days than they normally get for the entire month of august. in eastern oklahoma, four straight hours of rain turned small creeks into rivers. >> i'd say it's 10 or 12 feet above the creek bed. >> and the situation could get worse. rain is forecast into the weekend with flood warnings and watches posted from kansas to tennessee. adriana diaz, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: now, oklahoma police say a 60-year-old man drowned while trying to rescue a relative. >> officials in spain are reviewing speed limits on train tracks, following a deadly derailment last month. mary has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: a court investigating the accident said the train of traveling 121 miles per hour, on the stretch where the speed limit was just 50 miles an hour. investigators also learned the
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conductor was talking on his company-issued cell phone. officials are now discussing how to enforce speed limits, improve rail signs and introduce hands-free communication for the conductors. last month's train derailment killed 79 people. back to you. >> mary, thank you. the train's driver, francisco jose garzon almow is under investigation but has not been charged. national security leaker edward snowden could be getting company in russia, as early as next week. snowden's father has applied for a travel visa to russia, in hopes of seeing his son. lon snowden says he's been unable to speak to his son since he leaked the documents. the elder snowden says he wants to make sure edward is is aware of his legal situation in the united states. prosecutors are aware of their sentencing in the army court-martial of private bradley manning. they wrapped up the session in fort meade. manning was convicted of leaking classified documents to
6:33 pm
the anti-secrecy website, wikileaks. he faces up to 90 years in prison when sentenced by a judge. drugs and death. the maryland health department is addressing a 15% hike in fatal drug overdoses in maryland. pat warren reports. >> reporter: cecil county has a problem with drugs. >> it's so bad here. like very, very bad. >> cecil county is seeing a nearly 800% increase, nearly do you double the number statewide, of people admitted for treatment for prescription drug abuse. >> when i lost everything. my son was with my mother. i lost my home, my car. i had no job. i had nothing. >> reporter: increased numbers are also seen in baltimore, harford and carroll counties, and prescription drugs are only part of the problem. >> heroin is now surging back. >> counties across the state are seeing increase in heroin use. the increase in fatal drug overdoses in the state was driven by heroin. up 54% %. overall drug abuse is
6:34 pm
a major public health and issue safety issue. >> it sure is. we've lost more people in 2011 to heroin overdoses than we lost to homicide. and sadly, our neighbors here in cecil county have now become the leader in the dubious category of having the highest rate of overdose deaths. some of them are heroin- related. some of them are related to prescription drugs. >> reporter: this round table addresses those issues around the state. leo edgecomb suffered cardiac arrest and brain damage from heroin use. >> i think i knew that immediately something was wrong. next thing you know, i'm unconscious. i'm trapped in my body alt 17 years old. >> reporter: >> reporter: reducing drug abuse is at the top of the state's to-do list. >> because we can't sit back and allow so many young people to lose their lives to overdose deaths. >> and the state is developing a prescription drug monitoring program that will be implemented in the fall.
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i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. >> treatment services are available. and you can get more information any time, by calling 211. a new development in a mulli -- multibillion dollar lawsuit. a federal appeals court rejects exxon's bid to have the suit litigated in federal court. according to the daily record, a judge says the case should not be heard by a federal court since it is still pending in state court. 750 fallston residents filed a lawsuit in 2004, claiming their water was contaminated by a potential carcinogen from the former upper crossroads exxon station. time for a quick look at the stories you'll you'll find in the baltimore sun. maryland's tax-free shopping gives the same as black friday's holiday shopping season. and a look at the black and gold game. and a look at the ravens' preseason win over tampa bay. remember to look for the
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updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, a maryland man celebrates the 30th anniversary of his heart transplant. christie ileto explains, this week's milestone makes him one of the nation's largest surviving heart transplant patients. >> reporter: baltimore county resident orlando defeliz knows firsthand just how far heart transplant surgeries have come. >> the way we're walking now, 30 years ago, you wouldn't have been able to do this. >> it would have been very difficult at the end. >> reporter: at 28, battling a serious heart condition, defeliz was fighting to live. >> when i was first told that i was going to need a heart transplant, that was very scary. especially at that time. you know, heart transplants weren't being done. >> reporter: in 1983, a team of heart doctors put the heart of a 16-year-old girl, killed in an accident, into his chest.
6:37 pm
making defeliz the second heart transplant patient. >> we knew it was going to work. we didn't know how well wassing it go work. >> at the time, the procedure was in its infancy. doctors giving him a 50% chance of surviving his first five years, post surgery. >> he was a pioneer. >> he wasn't the one who performed the surgery, buzz he's been -- but he's been defeliz's doctor for 20 years. >> to say this man is alive is a pal possibly good feeling. >> reporter: this week, he celebrates 30 years of life, post surgery, becoming one of one of the longest surviving transplant patients. >> we have seen firsthand how wonderful organ donation can be and how can it save someone's life. >> they are asking others to be organ donors so someone else may have the same chance as orlando. to date, johns hopkins has done almost 600 heart
6:38 pm
transplants. at hopkins, christie ileto, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> and even today, there is still a shortage of donor hearts. doctors are hoping the story will encourage people to be an organ donor. a man is accused of murdering his wife. then posting on social media, about what he did. what he told people online next. dui dancer. a man tries to make light of a serious situation. how police respond comingum. bob turk. first warning weather center. dryer air for the weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warn being ing five-day forecast. and wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for the updated news and forecast, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a south florida man posts a murder confession on facebook. police say the wife of derek medina was fatally shot inside their home. medina posted a picture of his wife's body slumped to the fluor. the 31-year-old claimed he was being punched and could no longer take the abuse. he is charged with first-degree murder. police in california say a car belonging to the man suspected of kidnapping a 16- year-old girl has been found in idaho. they say people matching the descriptions of james dimaggio
6:42 pm
and hannah anderson was -- were spotted hiking in the cascade area. dimaggio is suspected of killing hannah's mother and possibly her brother. >> we need her home. she needs to be home. you never plan to bury your grandchildren, if that's what it comes to. something you just can't comprehend or cope with. >> dimaggio's car was covered in brush about six miles from where horseback rider say they talked to a man and teenage girl. dimaggio is described as a lifelong friend of the family. a driver busts out bans moves during field sobriety tests. [ inaudible ] >> what? i don't give a -- i don't care. i'm not driving anyway. >> reporter: police had pulled him over for speeding and then suspected he was intoxicated.
6:43 pm
officers soon got tired of his dance performance. they put him in handcuffs. they say his blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit at the time of his raift. the man has pleaded not guilt to operating the vehicle under the influence. >> would have arrested him just for the dance moves of the. in missouri, questions were made about a mysterious priest. emergency workers were freeing a 19-year-old from a collision when the woman asked him to pray. suddenly, the priest appeared and said a prayer moments before the fire. -- they saved woman. workers have not had any luck finding the priest. the woman is recovering from serious injuries. jeff glor has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. firefighters in california make progress on the silver wildfire. but is it enough to save more than 500 home. >> we'll take to you the scene tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. take a look at that. the sun is making an appearance. after clouds and most recently rain. how will things shape up for the weekend?
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bob turk has the five-day forecast. and what we can expect for tomorrow. still have rain south of the area. particularly in the lower eastern shore. pretty good shower activity. a while ago, cambridge, southern maryland. that will continue to progress to the east and southeast. you folks in salisbury, ocean city, next hour or two. that will move in your direction. another weak batch to the west of us. we could see that later this evening. tomorrow, it will dry out. believe it or not, we'll have the lower humidity. it should be pretty comfortable. it will be warm in the mid- to upper 80s. but with lower humidity, it will be a lot more pleasant than we've seen the last few days. 88 on saturday. 85 sunday. 87, 86. maybe a shower here monday night and tuesday. and it will turn cooler and dryer again on wednesday. 82, 81 at the beach. a thundershower likely there tomorrow. but water temperature, pretty pleasant at 71 degrees. denise? >> thank you, bob. the iconic love boat from the popular television show that some of you may remember
6:48 pm
is on its final journey. the ship known as the pacific princess is headed to a scrap heap in turkey. it had been decommissioned for five years and officials say it would be just too costly to do renovations. the love boat tv show ran from 1977 to 1986. each week, the ship sailed from california to mexico while passengers fell in love, had fun, a little drama, sometimes they got sick. but it always ended happy. always ended happily. >> looks like that boat is lifting a little bit. looks like it's time to retire. >> the love has ended. a new look at the ravens. so far, so good. >> mark has reaction from the victory in the preseason opener. next in sports. i drive. i drive. i drive wherever my best friend wants to go. i drive, just to drive. she drives until i pass my driving test. i belong to bp driver rewards. a new rewards program for people who drive. it's easy to join. i save on quality bp gasoline.
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we have baseball and football. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> football starts starts to reel in less than four weeks. and the ranks preseason began with a victory. plus the requisite bumps and bruises. with the help of bernard peers and starter, deante thompson. both were knocked out from injuries. from injuries to initiation
6:52 pm
vetter linebacker dave smith. and with several starters gone from the super bowl team, a number of newly acquired ravens are using this preseason to build something. >> it is a process. and the more and more we play together and practice. especially in the game experience. i think we all gain that chemistry we need and communicate. and be able to do some good things. >> among the first timers earning kudos. undrafted free agent brandon copeland. picked up a pass in the second half. huge thrill for the rookie who played high school ball. ravens play the atlanta falcons. and the next preseason game here in baltimore thursday. orioles start a series in san francisco tonight. they're facing the reigning
6:53 pm
world series champs, whose world isn't so great. this year; the giants are in last place. san francisco is a team known for pitching and the o's would like to know more for theirs. till manch was named an all- star this season for the first time this his career. oriole pitching has been up and down. but tillman has been mostly steady. you can call him the team's best. and he like the sound of that. >> like to have your teammates and trusty. that's that's a part knowing that you got your back every night. >> tillman has better results on the road. he's going to face the giants in san francisco tonight. the o's started the trip with two wins in san diego. giants starter ryan vogel, making his return from the
6:54 pm
stabled list. he had a broken hand. late night, out west, first pitch around 10:00. and you can see the first pitch. halfway through. golf's pga champion shop, not so good. at the oak hill course near rochester. woods is nine shots offer the lead. the guy on top is jason did you have -- did you have ner. he tied an all-time record for a round in a major tournament. shot at 63. he's nine under for the championship. did you have ner two shots up on adam scott. did you have ner, shooting for his first major title. and he's got two more pressure- packed rounds to get it done. >> thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
been claimed. a supervisor for ocean county, new jersey, says 16 of his, i love this, will share a third of the winning prize. that leaves one unclaimed ticket out there. it was also purchased in new jersey. so i guess the garden state is now the lucky state. >> yeah. those folks have been through so much up there. that's great. >> it is great. >> yeah. that's it for us now. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. and for bob and for mark, i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. we don't want to you go away, because there's much more coming up ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. including tonight, president obama addresses the nsa leaks and proms new privacy protections for all americans. so we take you now to new york. and jeff glor, who is filling in tonight for scott >> glor: tonight, reigning in
6:59 pm
government surveillance. the president promises new privacy protection more and openness. >> we can be more transparent. >> glor: major garrett is at the white house. >> glor: firefighters make progress at the wildfire in california but is it enough to save 500 homes? ben tracy is there. he ordered the killing of an american agent 28 years ago. now the godfather of mexican drug trafficking is out, his rtnviction overturned. >> we are angry. we are mad. this is personal. n glor: sharyl attkisson on the case of caro quintero. nkd what on earth was frank kovac building in his backyard. >> there was a huge sphere covered up by a blue tarp. >> pelley: steve hartman with the big reveal "on the road." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, everyone, scott's on


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