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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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him during sunday's game. >> goodbye home run. adam jones a line drive shot to left. >> reporter: a 3-run home run. orioles all star adam jones is having an incredible season until this. after the o's 10-2 win over the giants, jones went on twitter to address a disrespectful fan. tweeting, i want to thank whatever slap expletive threw that banana toward me in center field in the last inning. way to show your class, jack, expletive. >> if i would see that person i would tell them a piece of my mind. >> throwing the banana is poor sportsmanship. whoever threw it i hope they threw him out of stadium. >> reporter: unfortunately they weren't. there's no video of the incident. the team issued this statement. the giants have a zero
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tolerance policy against this action. sean down says classless. who takes a banana to a baseball game any way. mc mccabe says it's disgusting. and carl says, adam should not have even addressed it, this is what that person wanted. jones says he's angry for people taking up for the banana wielding fan, and says he may give up social media all together. and the giant's are looking at surveillance to find whoever threw that banana. the giants have apologized to jones and the entire oriole's organization. >> jones was two for four with two rbis on the night.
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and the baltimore county woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband goes before the jury. >> reporter: is this a case of first degree, premeditated murder as prosecutors claim or as the defendant carla porter claims is this a case of self- defense and therefor only voluntary manslaughter? at first, carla porter blamed the 2010 murder of her husband ray porter on a robber and not the hit man she now admits she hired to kill him. >> have you ever seen him before? >> no. no. >> porter repeatedly lied to detectives after the murder but eventually confessed during this police investigation that she enlisted the help of several people including her family members to hire trigger man walter bishop who fired the final shot at this hess
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station which they both owned. >> what happened to carla? >> she was just being really mean over the past few days. >> reporter: porter told jurors she endured verbal and physical abuse from her husband. and her attorneys told the jurors she planned her husband's murder in self- defense. the abuse escalated to the point that porter felt the fear of death was imminent. but prosecutors blasted back that carla porter was lying about the abuse, saying she has had 3-1/2 years to come up with the most offensive story she could come up with about her husband. even if these stories are true he says it does not provide carla porter with any defense for what she has done. >> reporter: also at issue for the jury, several counts to consider of whether carla porter was guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder. most folks certainly agree that she will be found guilty on those charges because she
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admits her role in the conspiracy to have her husband killed. jury deliberations expected to resume at 5:00 tomorrow morning. live at the courthouse, derek valcourt, wjz news? if convicted on the first degree murder charge, porter could face life in prison without the possibility of parol. three weeks after the death of a man in police custody, city officials say there is still no cause of death. kai has more on the growing controversy from the newsroom. >> reporter: according to our media partner the baltimore sun. the medical examiner still trying to determine how tyrone west t died. west was pulled over for a traffic stop. he resisted arrest and ended up fighting with officers that's when they say he went into medical distress. witnesses say he was hit several times by officers even after he stopped moving. the medical examiner says since west is young and in good health they need to explore all avenues before releases a cause
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of death. his family is now pushing for answers and waiting for results before taking their next step, back to you. >> thank you, kai. the officers have since been cleared of any wrong doing. and a task force concludes a three month investigation of wrong doing within the anne arundel police department. monique griego has the story. >> reporter: when it comes to wrong doing, the task force did not find deep corruption, only a few people doing the wrong thing. >> it became apparent that the problems within our department required bold actions. >> reporter: laura newman formed a task force to look
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into the problem. >> we didn't see systemic problems. we saw a distraction. >> reporter: instead bill phelps said it was a few bad apples. john leopold was convicted of misconduct. that investigation also reveals officers in his protection detail had helped him carry out his criminal activity. amidst the allegations, former chief james tier resigned. his replacement larry toliver lasted nine months before stepping down. today the task force gave 10 reg -- 10 recommendations to the department and finding a new leader. >> all of the agencies suffer. this time around the police department suffered. >> reporter: other recommendations were to hire a private executive protection staff. increase ethics oversight, review the structure of the department and improve internal investigations. >> people need to know that there are recourses.
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that the internal investigations unit is effective. >> reporter: and the report also found the department never completed its internal investigation into the officers that were involved with leopold and it recommended they do so. monique griego. >> for a complete list of the investigation go to and look for the story. the video shows manning at the defense table and the judge at the bench. manning's defense team presented its case today. manning is expected to make a statement on wednesday. he faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking classified documents to the website wikileaks. oliver stone is speaking out on another nsa leaker edward snowden. stone is hailing snowden as a
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hero. snowden was granted asylum in russia after his disclosure caused uproar. the award winning directors of platoon and jfk praised russia for doing the right thing and standing up to the united states. >>snowden is a hero to me and snowden is a hero because he did this not for profit, not to give secrets away that would hurt our country, he's doing it out of conscious. a higher law of his conscious has dictated to him. he sacrificed his life because of this. >> oliver stone was in tokyo to promote his book and documentary titled the untold history of the united states. in florida, a massive sink hole causes a hotel to collapse
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near disney world. >> reporter: the sink hole has already swallowed a three story hotel. >> we heard shaking and running down the hall. next thing i know people are yelling, get out of the building yet out of the building. >> reporter: it happened overnight at the summer resort. two near by buildings were evacuated as a precaution. one vacationer caught a big part of the collapse on his cell phone. the building housed about 100 visitors. guests credit security guard shandley of saving lives, he knock on doors as the building
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was collapsed. >> one woman was sitting on the tub and the tub just levitated. that's when she grabbed a pair of shorts and just ran out with nothing. >> reporter: the developer says there were no signs of any problems at the resort before sunday night. melanie woodrow. >> tests done at the resort a year ago showed the ground was stable. a look live outside, the sun is shining with some clouds around. a seasonal august day. so how does the rest of the week look and will things stay this nice? let's check in with chelsea ingram and bob turk. >> reporter: the dewpoint has come down. wasn't all that uncomfortable although it did get to the 90- degree mark. we had shower activity southwest of us and northwest.
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and eventually it'll start moving toward our region. that's when we expect to see some action and we could see heavy rain during the overnight hours. the dewpoint still pretty low at 62. only 70 degrees in oakland and 80 in ocean city. how will tuesday and the rest of the week pan out? ? chelsea has a look. >> reporter: we will get strong even potentially severe weather heading into tomorrow afternoon. a very potent cold front is going to help to charge up the atmosphere. we're looking at a few threats. some flooding downpours possible because we have a lot of moisture in the air. damaging winds and hail. we'll be keeping a very close eye on this in the first warning weather center. we also have a slight risk for areas east of the i95 corridor for these storms moving through tomorrow afternoon. but then, a nice surprise followed after that cold front and that's what bob will talk to you about coming up in your
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updated forewarning weather forecast. now let's go back inside. >> thank you chelsea and bob. still to come. judgment day a verdict in the trial of reputed mob boss whitey bulger. >> this is chloe celebrating the first year anniversary of the animal assisted program. if chloe could talk. the story, next. >> i'm alex demetrick, coming up first annual brush with a comet's tail. and a mix of sun and clouds this evening. making for a gorgeous evening. what's ahead for your workweek? details coming up in your seven day forewarning forecast.
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mostly sunny, 89, the complete forecast is coming up. mike schuh reports, animals are now doing even more for patients. >> reporter: i imagine the best part of being a dog like chloe here is when you are going to work you don't even know it. >> he knows the way. >> reporter: this is a place that can really use his help. chloe's job is to help a 5-year-
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old today. lisa his physical therapist knows this will be a good session. chloe won't have it any other way. >> it makes him happy. it makes him feel like he's at home with his own animals. it puts joy in his life. >> reporter: a life now much different than it was. the new snow mobile, the bears outside the window, the family's horses still on an alaska postcard are all distant. >> he's 7-1/2. >> is he older or younger than you? you're five, so chloe is older than you. >> reporter: this past year, they began using animals that can be motivation. >> a motivator, the animals give the children a sense of the outside world outside of the hospital. secondary to that they have unconditional love and acceptance from the dogs. so dogs do not judge us on our failures. >> reporter: in the years since bringing in therapy dogs about 30 children have benefited something that this mother is grateful for.
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>> if he is having a bad day, the dog comes in. just brightens his whole day. his eyes get big. he's excited. it's awesome for him to have. >> mike schuh, wjz news. in order to keep that boy here in baltimore for another four to six months, his family has an online fund raising campaign going and we have a link at just look under local news. a 10-year-old girl is recovering in the hospital after being dragged by her dog. it happened yesterday in owins mills. the girl was out with her dog on a leash when the dog bolted. her condition is not yet known at this evening. if you want to see some of nature's fireworks look up in the sky today. we're at the peak of the meteor show that happens every year. there's a potential for mass extinction. >> reporter: 1992 was the last
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time swift tuttle was drawn. it swings into the intersolar system every 235 years. ice and debris firing up. every august earth passes through what's left of that tail generating the sparks and flashes of the meteor shower. >> the center part of the meteor shower are dust size ore a little larger. the reason they show up in our atmosphere is they're traveling very fast. >> reporter: the meteor shower show up because they're traveling 50 to 70 million - miles-an-hour. night skies like this one will not produce a look at the meteor, city skies have too much light. it's next approach in 2126 looked like it might hit the earth or moon. that possibility since has been
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recalculated to the year 4479 given its size and speed it could cause mass destruction, given that we're still here when it hits. >> it's called the pearea of meteor shower because the meteor shower seems to come from the constalation. let's look at temps and conditions right here on earth across this region. 62, humidity 43%. the barometer falling a little bit. we'll take a look at changes for tuesday. you will like the changes right after this. ,,,,,,
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here's a live look outside right now. beautiful day out there today, bob. >> really. >> a decent summer day. pretty warm out there too. i tell you the next five to 10 days we don't have a whole lot of heat to tell you about. it's going to feel more like september by the middle of this week into the weekend. temperatures getting below normal once again for a large portion of the the eastern third of the country. out west it's going to get really hot. phoenix will be 112 on wednesday and thursday if you're heading out that way. phoenix arizona that is. right now temperature wise we're upper 80s most places. 87 in elkton.
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and only a very comfortable 72 in oakland. 89 in dc, locally temperatures low to mid-80s around here. normal high today is around 86: currently we're one degree above that. we have a light north wind. tomorrow the winds go more back to the southwest. ahead of that front that's going to cause showers and storms. some activity over michigan. near chicago and a lot of activity also moving into kentucky and east kansas. that's moving off to the east. some of this is going to move across the ohio valley into our region overnight. you may see showers as early as 3:00 or 4: 4:00 in the morning. heavy downpours are possible even as early at 6:00, 7:00 in the morning believe it or not. so during the day a lot of clouds, shower activity with us. during the afternoon, we have a chance of another shower as the
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actual front goes through. the best chance for severe storms east of the region particularly delaware and the eastern shore. and eastern sections of virginia and southern jersey as well. the front will slow down a little bit. it'll be in the warm and humid sector. then we get into this cooler and drier air coming in. there may be record lows in the midwest over the next several days. could drop into the upper 30s in some spots. even garrett county wednesday and thursday night could be down to 40 degrees believe it or not. locally mid-50s in the middle of the week. it's going to get pleasantty -- pleasantly cool, more like september than august. sunrise 6:18, sunset 8:05. clouds building later on. showers in the morning into the evening hours. tomorrow showers and thunderstorms activity in the morning, maybe a break a while. then another batch coming through sometime maybe up to
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3:00 or 4 o four -- 4:00, the best chance for storms will be east of the chesapeake bay. we'll have more time to get things a little more unstable in the afternoon. so tomorrow evening dries out. wednesday looks just beautiful. >> okay. >> wednesday. >> thank you, sir. >> wednesday, hump day. still to come tonight. finally reunited after being at the center of a massive man hunt. the teen held captive by his family friend for nearly a week is back with her family. new reaction. and the attention has turned from aaron hernandez in the shooting death of oden lloyd. the woman now at the center of the investigation. >>m.a.r.k. commuters noticing a difference. find out where your transportation dollars are going. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:28, 87 degrees, mostly sunny in central maryland right now. good evening thanks for staying with wvz. here are some of the stories people are talking about. the father of the california teenager abducted by a family
6:29 pm
friend is speaking out about his daughter's kidnapping. bigad shaban has the story. >> reporter: anderson spoke to the media for the first time since being reunited with her teenage daughter. >> the healing process will be slow. she has been through a horrendous and terrifying ordeal. >> i'm hoping for peace and quiet. that hannah can get on with her life, and get the help that she needs. >> reporter: the 16-year-old is back in california with her father after a week long man hunt that landed in idaho. the teenager claims family friend james demaggio took her there against her will. a group of local horse back riders spotted the pair and called police. a hostage rescue team shot and killed demaggio after she was given the opportunity to surrender. >> reporter: the sheriff office
6:30 pm
says it wasn't until she was rescued that she learned her mother and brother were killed. the bodies of anderson and her son were found in the burned home. >> reporter: what is this doing to the family? >> devastating. right now we're in the mode of survival. >> reporter: demaggio was a long time friend of the family. but he had an unusual infactuation with hannah. >> reporter: cristina anderson and her two children visited james demaggio last sunday to say goodbye because he was planning to move to texas. boston mob boss james whitey bulger is bringing an end to a high profile case. bulgew was found guilty of 15 murders he committed -- bulger was found guilty of 15 murders
6:31 pm
he committed or orchestrated while he was an fbi informant. a new twist in the murder case against former nfl player aaron hernandez. his fiance is now under scrutiny. the weapon used to kill oden lloyd has not been recovered and police think cheyanna jenkins may not where it is. jenkins is seen on surveillance video leaving hernandez house after receiving a message from him. she allegedly puts an object into her car and returns a half hour later without that object. a loaded gun is found at bwi. the gun was loaded with five rounds and an additional magazine with six rounds. the man from lancaster pennsylvania was headed to las vegas and faces weapons charges. tens of thousands of marylanders depend on m.a.r.k.
6:32 pm
train service for their workday commute. one of the busiest stops on the penn line is finally user friendly. >> reporter: there's something new for commuters to experience at on the m.a.r.k. train penn line. it's the view from the bridge. the pedestrian walkway is one of the nearly $33 million in improvements at the station. >> five or six years ago when we would have events at m.a.r.k. stations it was to apologize for trains breaking down or for the tracks being in such poor repair. >> reporter: who can forget the summer of 2010 when the summer on the tracks became routine. >> it got to about 110 degrees inside the train. >> it was so hot it was traumatic. >> there were people that passed out on the train. >> reporter: some m.a.r.k. train service issues may remain a problem but access is markedly improved for 1,300 commuters who use the station. >> certainly rebuilding our
6:33 pm
transportation infrastructure. making mass transit much more available and attractive options, those are things we can only do together. >> i'm one of those people who drives back and forth to washington every day because of where i live and my schedule, i tell you, being able to take the train back and forth to washington creates jobs in our community. it also saves lives from heart attacks and things like that. when you look at the traffic problems. >> reporter: the edgewood and baltimore station are also showing improvement. the average daily ridership for m.a.r.k. reached 25,000 in the month of june an all time record. i'm pat warren, now back to you on tv hill. since 2007, $532 million has been invested in m.a.r.k. improvements. a new apple phone may be
6:34 pm
unveiled next month. the tech giant plans to -- to debut the new phone. there's no word on what exactly what the new phone will feature but it is rumored to include a new camera, processors and a fingerprint sensor. and here's what you can find on the baltimore sun, the terps look to stay healthy after a rash of injuries. remember to look for the updated forecast from the wjz weather team. how about taking a trip from l.a. to san francisco in a half hour? today billionaire entrepreneur elan musk revealed plans for a new transportation system. barry peterson reports from wjz on the inventer who is
6:35 pm
exploring the technology of hyper looping. >> it is ugly, made of styrofoam. yet this mock up may be a look into the future. it will take several billion bucks to build a system for sending these capsules down a sack -- vacuum sucked out to eliminate friction. the journey begins when the capsule moves through an air lock. colorado inventor daryl oyster calls his idea the transport technology and thinks it's an irresistible way to get the 400 miles from l.a. to san francisco in barely enough time to eat a tuna salad sandwich, forget the dessert. >> faster than jets. los angeles, san francisco how long? >> half an hour. >> half an hour? what i feel sitting in this capsule. >> like when you're in a
6:36 pm
corvette and push the throttle down all the way. >> reporter: if oyster sounds like a lonely inventor with nothing more than a lonely idea. consider elan musk who developed tesla, pay pal and -- now he plans to father and pay for something he called the hyper loop. using magnetic levation like this used on this bullet train in japan combined with a vacuum tube system, long used by banks. up next, extend the system across the country and then the world. >> new york to beijing.
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>> two hours. >> wow. >> if the capsule in the dream have their way, this could be some ticket to ride. barry peterson in denver. >> a high speed train that travels 223-miles-an-hour is also being considered in california. it's price tag is much higher than arthurs. >> i like anything that moves fast. a massive typhoon triggers flooding. the massive aftermath next. >> and a woman is banned from competing in the paralympics, why? shocking comparisons, next. >> and showers and storms after tomorrow, coming up in the forecast. and go to cb ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the h.h. gregg employee family prices event, where you'll pay what our families pay. you'll save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. get this samsung french door refrigerator for the incredible price of $1439. and save big on this proscan 39" led tv . only $277. plus tablets start at only 69 dollars. now through august 17th, save up to 25% on appliances, electronics, furniture and more. at the h.h. gregg employee family prices event, you'll pay what our families pay. the most powerful typhoon of the year hit the philippines today. it disrupted power and communications lines. at least one person is dead and 13 are missing. an incredible pile up on interstate 89 involving more than 30 cars and trucks. the accidents occurred between
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10:00 p.m. and midnight. at least 10 people were injured but their conditions have not been released. authorities are looking at what started the pile up reaction. a paraolympic swimmer is not being allowed to compete but she is fighting. authorities think her condition may not be permanent and she is not allowed to compete. she set a world record at the paraolympic games. attorney general eric holder wants to scale back sentences for nonviolent
6:42 pm
offenders. tara merginer reports. >> reporter: eric holder wants to end harsh prison sentences for some drug related crimes. >> we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, to deter and to rehabilitate. but not merely to warehouse and to forget. >> reporter: mandatory minimum sentences went on the books in the 1980s to fight the war on drugs. today federal prisons are operating nearly 40% above capacity. almost half the inmates are there for nonviolent crimes. this cost taxpayers $80 billion a year. >> every dollar that the d.o.j. spends keeping a nonviolent drug offender locked up is a dollar that can be used to buy bullet-proof vests for cops. >> reporter: now they're looking at changing the way they charge nonviolent drug offenders not connected the
6:43 pm
gangs so those offenders will not face mandatory long sentences. >> we can become smarter and tougher on crime. >> reporter: but former assistant bill oddis says mandatory long term sentences have proven beneficial. >> crime has gone down by 50%. >> reporter: more than a dozen states are already moving in holder's directions. shifting money away from prisons and to drug treatment centers. in washington, tara merginer, wjz eyewitness news. holder is also expanding the elderly who have completed their sentence for early release. and fishermen fought the
6:44 pm
beast for 3-1/2 hours. after taking pictures they decided to throw it back so it could leave another day. >> catch and release a shark, i like that. scott has what's coming up. >> america's most notoriouslinging gangster hear's the jury's sentence today. we were in the courtroom in boston and we'll have the latest tonight on the cbs evening news. >> here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in new york state. plan your vacation at the new state of new york. welcome. a few clouds across baltimore. the sun is still shining, it's sesonable. let's start outside with chelsea. >> thanks denise, hello everyone. as we head into tomorrow morning we start the day with a chance of showers, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. temperatures in the mid-80s in the afternoon with chances for strong to severe thunderstorms. that's going to take us into the evening as temps drop back down to the mid-70s. bob is back inside with a look at the next five days. >> don't be surprised when you wake up, maybe some showers or
6:48 pm
downpours in the morning. then in the afternoon, chance of showers and thunderstorms. cooling down, 65. drying out. beautiful wednesday, thursday and friday. upper 70s to near 80. back in the 50s primarily. a little warmer for the weekend. partly cloudy skies maybe a shower by saturday night. 84 and 65. denise, vic. >> okay, bob. thank you. have you ever dreamed of being on the price is right. now is your chance. come out to city furniture store from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that has to be the most exciting high powered crowd.
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a big exciting week for the ravens a preseason game at home. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report, mark. >> that ever changing roster of ravens for sure. after they won the super bowl the ravens vowed to get younger and through retirement. free agency departures and trade. most of the older players are all gone. but now the ravens are in a position where they need to bring in some older players and they've done that signing wide receiver brandon stokley and dallas clark. now clark hasn 't practiced yet. still has to pass his physical exam but stokley was practicing here. he is 27 years old and played for the ravens first three years ago. both are former indianapolis colts where they worked with jim caldwell. i asked stokley and caldwell what could be expected from the players now that they're late in their careers. >> we have a good blend of different personnel groupings that we use and we certainly could be able to get them in
6:53 pm
the mix and give them an opportunity to see where it shakes out. >> i think i'm a smarter player. i'm not sure if i'm as fast. i still feel like i can play football though and help a team win games. so as you get older you have to learn your role and i know my role and what the team wants and expects from you. and so i just try to go out there and execute it and help the team out. >> reporter: stokley can help at depth and wide receiver. after thompson suffered a leg injury last week at tampa bay. the ravens play the atlanta falcons in the second preseason game this thursday night at raven's stadium. injury intrigue at redskins camp, griffin iii says he's ready to play full speed but say it is coaching staff is holding him back. griffin said the redskins have gone against their word and later griffin attempted to clarify saying there's no friction between him and coach shanahan. let's talk some baseball now. the o's are getting hot out
6:54 pm
west. they won a series in san diego, a series in san francisco, and tonight they start a series out in arizona and the birds are living by the long ball. winning games with home runs and j.j. hardy was the home run hero in san francisco yesterday. a 2-run shot in the 7th inning to put the o's on top they would blow it open from there. winning two out of three and four out of five on the road trip so far. >> pretty good. i mean any time you come out to the west coast. it's tough out here and you know it'll be 4-1 right now going into arizona it's a pretty good feeling. >> hitters have been hot and the pointers have been on point too. the o's hitters are going to face diamondbacks left-hander baker. you can see the game on masn and i'll have the latest coming up tonight at 11:00.
6:55 pm
plus more on our conversation with the new raven who's an old raven stokley. we'll see you then. >> see you then, and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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be sure to tune in to tonight's line up. under the dome followed by the news at 11:00. i like this one a lot of hooting and hollering at the illinois state fair during the husband calling contest. >> kelly tearney of illinois won for the eighth time. you would think he would run in the other direction. he took home over $250 in prizes. says he will use the money for a trip to the kentucky derby. i don't know whether her husband is going with her. >> she can't do that hollering at the kentucky derby. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00 onight the verdict is in. america's most notorious living
6:59 pm
gangster hears the jury's judgment on 19 murders and a life of crime. don dahler was in the courtroom in boston. >> my family and i are eternally grateful. >> pelley: we heard for the first time today from the father of the kidnapped california girl who was rescued this weekend. ben tracy reports from san diego. a florida hotel is swallowed by a sink hole. >> it was almost like a vortex. pelley: manuel bojorquez explains how this happens. and a summer camp for broken hearts. jeff pegues hears from the children of cops killed in the line of duty. >> when it comes to your dad and dealing with your loss, what are you looking for? >> happiness. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley: good evening. one of the m


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