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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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("the underdog" playing) ♪ picture yourself in the living room ♪ ♪ your pipe and slippers set out for you... ♪ you get done cleaning up that mess, go tackle the john. stopped up again. i look like a janitor, tommy? haven't taken my lunch yet. you're spending too much time on each job, ed. you gotta turn around six more . ♪ the need to get up for it ♪ oh, you cut out the middleman... ♪ i'd eat first before i walked in there, ed. or call fema. hey, channel 7, what's she wearing? welcome to pennsylvania power... wearing out your bank account, buddy. it's a sucker's dream. ...2007. ed... can i talk to you? yeah. um, i just got the estimate on my car. i can't afford this.
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(whistles) two grand-. ain't that beautiful. tommy ought to be ashamed of himself. yeah, i just got my tuition bill, but i needy car to get from work to school... relax. relax. most of these repairs you don't even need. and i got a rebuilt water pump in the back. i just need it to run. uh... what can you afford? um... maybe 400. 400? okay. i'll fix all the stuff you need to have done and drop it off your place tomorrow. don't sweat it, shelly. thanks, ed. you'rehe best. ♪ leto of it ♪ you can't let go of it 11... keep cutting folks a break like that, boss'll take it out of your hide, ed. yeah, he can kiss it. 20... 49... hey, what's it up to? huh? jackpot. what's the latest? i don't know. seven, eight mil? 27... break's over, george. ed, you just tell that customer
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we padded her bill? ...and 55. thanks for playing pennsylvania power lotto today. benefits to public school... get out of here. talking to you, ed. you can stick it where the sun don't shine, tommy, 'cause i quit! (laughing) (cheering) look at this! (cheering and applause) how long you playing the lotto, ed? well, since my sister pam was old enough to buy me a ticket. hey, ed! what are you planning on doing with the eight million? what do you think? i'm gonna spend it! (applause and whooping) oh, yeah.
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well, detective strickland just caught that double over in point breeze. i'll call you later. look like you could use a few winks, walt. too many open jobs, lil. hoping you might be able to take one off my plate. heard one might be thawing out? auto mechanic named ed dubinski got popped in fishtown on his way back from the swiftmart. way back to where? working late in the garage. shooter took his wallet. robbery gone bad. what we thought. thing is, dubinski wasn't just any grease monkey. he won eight million in the lottery six months before. eight million? yeah. i asked the bank to keep ed's account open in case the doer tried to use the stolen atm card. how much was in the account? seven and change. seven mil? $7.39. dubinski went through it all. lost eight million dollars? yeah.
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turns out a lot of these lottery winners get in over their heads. one third of them go bankrupt in five yes. (whistles) ed was no different. something kicked up on the case? someone used dubinski's card yesterday at a sandwich shop in center city. atm camera working? there wasn't one. do attempted a withdrawal, checked his bank balance. means the killer knew his pin number. someone who knew him? or the stickup guy made him give it up. but why wait two years to hit that account? captioning sponsored by warner bros. television
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is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. valens: ed dubinski, 34. moved back to his old fishtown apartment a few days before his murder. talk about bottoming out. the guy burned through eight mil in six months. wait, how's that even possible? what was he, smoking it? jackpot's up to 18 mil this week. more people in the pool, more tickets we can buy. i don't know. seems like a chump's game. well, this chump's gonna be rich when the money train comes in. you in the lotto pool, will? nope. it's pointless. wrong. point is, dreaming about the things you'd do if you won. dubinski went for a pack of smokes at the swiftmart around midnight. shot in an empty lot on his way back to the auto repair shop. slug from a nine recovered from the body. cashier, shelly reid, last to see talking to rush. any surviving next of kin? uh, older sister pam, owns a hardware store
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in east falls with her husband marty. took custody of ed at age 18. what happened to the parents? st mom to a car accident, dad to prison. what else we got on ed's finances? money manager listed here as a roger weaver, on the way in. pin number was 747539. figure the killer had to know ed to get that number? what are the odds of guessing a six-digit pin? i'll bet i could guess yours. shut up. 50 bucks. jeffries: give me your atm card. tell you right now, it ain't my birthday or my address. machine eats it, you owe me double. we'll see. i work part-time at the swiftee. going to night school to become a veterinarian. tough, though, you know? you knew ed from the store, shelly? he worked up the street, used to come in for coffee and smokes. seemed like a nice guy. you said that he fixed your car? it was always brking down. he knew i was on a tight budget, so he'd cut me a break
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and then i'd give him free refills. ed come in to use the atm a lot? sometimes. just coffee that night, though. he'd just moved back to fishtown. he seem okay to you when he left the store? i think he was a little embarrassed about losing all that money. can't believe somebody would shoot him. sweet guy, you know? i can only offer financial advice, detective. most of my clients take it. mr. dubinski was an exception. an $8 million exception. 5.2 after taking the lump sum. 3 million after taxes. another million down on a house with property tax due. and the rest went to whomever had their hand out first. how'd you get hooked up with ed, mr. weaver? well, i get most of my clients through referral, but mr. dubinski found me in the yellow pages. you draw up a will for him? well, i set him up with an attorney to handle it, but he was killed before the scheduled appointment. so any money would've gone to...? his sister, now stuck with probate. but i'd be surprised if there's enough to cover his funeral expenses.
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we'll need to take a look at all of his financial records. ittle brother practically grew up in this store. always tinkering with something. marty taught him how to fix things. how he got so good with cars. anyone you know had a problem with ed? no. everybody loved him; he was like a big kid. if anything killed ed, it was that damn lottery. the lottery killed ed? his face gets on tv, and all of a sudden he's surrounded by a bunch of phonies taking advantage of him. any in particular you remember? pam: i didn't know any of them. too many freeloaders to count. well, hard to believe how fast he burned through all that cash. i tried to get him to do something constructive with it, but it was like, like the money wasn't real to him. cleaned out his apartment, there was nothing but bills left. and this probate thing is still a mess. i'd like to get copies of ed's probate papers if that's okay. however i can help. is ed the kind of guy that'd give out his atm card or pin number? maybe. ed trusted everybody-- generous to a fault.
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problem was, he just... couldn't say no. ("chelsea dagger" playing) (lively party chatter and laughter) hey! hey, hey, you guys check out the bathrooms? all-black porcelain and gold fixtures. plasmavs in every one. huh? oh, it's, uh, it's really something, ed. are those, uh, a pinball machines over there? yeah! i used to get up every day to fix cars, now i just play pinball all day. hey, pammy, you remember when we were kids when we went to atlantic city? and then we just like played all day. of course i remember, ed. yeah. do you know all these people? sure, they're all my friends. just hope you're not spending too much money. oh, hey, that rends me. i got, i got something special for you guys.
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no, open it. open it. oh! the atlantic city boardwalk. it's 50,000! wow! i owe you, pam. ed, you know you don't owe me a thing. thanks. you're the best, bud. thanks. if you guys need anything else, you just let me know, okay. (walkie-talkie beeping) george: smokey one-niner, youthis is rubber duck!kay. your presence is requested outside on the double. oh, dude. sounds like my ride just got here. hey, come on. come on! (engine revving) ed: hey! whoa! yeah! wow! oh! oh, hello, pretty car. ed: this is awesome! how much this car cost, ed? who cares? look at it! (tires screeching) (crash) ♪ chelsea, chelsea, i believe... ♪
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(laughing) (laughing) yeah! ♪ ...the boys get lonely after you leave... ♪ old georgie wasn't laughing too hard when his buzz wore off. george sweeney, from the garage? yeah, the two of them were... like kids in a candy store. used to be good friends. sounds like he handed out a lot of checks. pam: we didn't need it, but we put it to good use... something i wish that ed woulhave done. jeffries: now, george sweenefiled a two million-dollar lawsuit against ed. hired that ambulance chaser with those late-night tv ads. the "king of compensation." any record of a trial or a settlement? looks like it was dismissed. george still works at the auto shop in fishtow near where ed was killed. yeah, maybe old george figured out ed's pin number, thought he was still due a nice settlement. what do you got? figure out how the code's personal, we figure out how the shooter could have known it. run ed's personal info? mm-hmm, old phone numbers, addresses, friends' birthdays, social numbers, you name it. nothing yet. we get any paperwork from the money manager? eight million dollars of it.
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saw the latest jackpot just went up to $33 million. nick sucked you in on that pool? 33 will pay for a lot of old blue note vinyl. how about you, boss? got a better chance of winning american idol. first try, sucker. knew it had to be either flyers or boobies. jeffries: hey. (bangs head) that's gonna lve a mark. jeffries: a little jumpy, george, or you just naturally clumsy? what's this all about, guys? ed dubinski-- you took a dive on his property. ed was my friend. is that y you sued him? i had a lot of medical bills. i just needed ed's insurance to pay up. it wasn't personal. oh, sure it was. you go back to rebuild transmissions. he goes off to spend his millions. look, i... i was his friend before he won that money, and i was still his friend after he lost it. how did you know he lost it all, george? why else would you move back to fishtown? you own a gun, george? no, no, no. i never asked ed for a thing, but, i mean, you win a lotto like that, you never know
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who's gonna come crawling out of the woodwork. ♪ there's something natural in the way you touch me ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, ♪ it's a feeling that i can't describe ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ something mystic in the soul connection ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ there's something magic in your misty eyes... ♪ to the good life. ♪ don't you say that it's all the same... ♪ listen, ed... i feel real bad about that shark lawyer bugging you. yeah, i got to say i was kind of surprised you didn't talk to me first. i mean, we go way back, right? i know. i had no idea that he was gonna sue you. yeah. i talked to my, uh, insurance people. they said that atv accidents aren't covered under my policy, so... here. 25 gs? that's a lot of money, ed. i can't take this. george, we're like family, man. i don't want this to come between us. just... just take it.
11:17 pm
thanks. tsk. thanks. oh. i best be going. some of us got to go back to work. what, tommy threatened to fire you? told me i got to do three clutches tomorrow. hey, make sure you resurface the flywheel. armchair mechanic. what can i say? i get bored. all right. first one with a head shot doesn't have to make a run for beer. (hollering, guns firing) ♪ i lose myself... (gunshot) when the real guns came out, you know, i knew that it was time to get back to reality. the hell was this crazy old codger? ed said it was his father. his father? thought he was long gone. yeah, he must have heard about ed hitting the big money. came to pick up a payday. didn't look like he came back to have a catch. sready in a minute dad.
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(pounding on door) hey! jack dubinski, philly pd. open up. i'm entertaining a friend. do you mind? not at all. open up, jack. come back when you got a warrant. (groans) what did you do that for? no, you don't. welcome back to philly, jack. watch the back-- not my back! miller: that gun's gonna land you back in prison. how long depends on what you tell us. what did i do now? for starters, you're here... in the same town your son got capped. the world's a rough ace. miller: i don't recall your daughter telling us you were at his funeral. i got no relationship with my daughter. no, you just came out of your rat hole to shake ed down. a month later, your boy's dead. just 'cause i'm a crappy dad don't mean i'd hurt my own blood. ed's old bank card got used a couple days ago. we turn this place upside down, we gonna find it? don't know what you're talking about. why did you go see ed, jack? it wasn't a shakedown. i just... needed a little help, get back on my feet. ♪ we've lived in bars and danced on tables... ♪
11:23 pm
some place you got here, ed. thanks. we like it. want a drink? we got a bar. uh, beer is fine. hey, can we get two beers, baby? you remember nikki? engaged, huh? congratulations. thanks. ♪ open the blankets and give them some air ♪ ♪ swords and arches ♪ bones and cement... might want to keep an eye on her. what do you mean? one thing i know about... women who've gotne hand on your wallet and one foot out the door. no risk, no reward, right? i must have got that from you. why i kept playing the numbers all these years. blew through my share of cash, too. wished i'd put some aside, looked out more for you. pam took care of me. and marty.
11:24 pm
how is your sister? she'd be surprised to see you. yeah. i know i was. i'm sorry i wasn't there for you, kid. but we have plenty of time to catch up now, don't we? sure. yeah, i'd like that. all right. hey, i got something for you. ♪ the kid was a homecoming, the champion, the horse... ♪ it's a... it's a french circus nikki's been wanting to see. we're, uh, driving over to atlantic city tonight. hoping you could join us. it sounds like fun. yeah, i thought, like, afterwards, we go to the boardwalk, like when pam and me were kids. and then we could go play pinball and go over to that museum, you know, the one with the... with the mermaid in it. yeah, sure, ed, listen... uh, about that thing... what, dad? we talked about it before. ♪ we will bust down your door ♪ if you're not there ♪ lived in bars and danced on tables... ♪
11:25 pm
thanks, son. don't worry, i-i promise to pay you back. ♪ we swim with sharks... ed didn't like what i said about his lady, but he sort of knew i was right. so, where were you the night ed got shot? st. joe's. the hospital, getting prepd for surgery. surgery? fused vertebrae so i can work again. ed's money saved my life. finally able to hold down a job. another hallmark moment in the dubinski clan. maybe you could call your daughter, see if she'll bail you out. "riskey," with an e. uh-uh. why? guy's a mechanic, not a spelling bee champ. put it in. satisfied? not until i get everybody in the pool. (clears throat) know what the jackpot's worth? enough to get me a down payment on a main line mansion. walk-in closet...
11:26 pm
full of high-heel shoes. more tickets we get, the better our chances. (paper rustling) mama could use a new pair of shoes. mm-hmm. (zipping) rush: i'm going through the probate papers. found this: a nikki dubinski opened a credit card using ed's name and social. week before he died. ed's fiancée-- they ever married? well, looks like she was enjoying an extended stay at the four seasons when he found out about the card. froze the account, and she was arrested for credit card fraud. nikki dubinski, nicole atkins, nikki von haven. quite a sheet. fraud charges were dropped after ed's murder. lucky lady. know where she is? faxed her photo to a few of the high-end hotels and just got a call back from the hardtmore. the concierge recognized her as one of the ladies on the four-star lounge bar circuit. oh... happy hunting for her next millionaire. macall 18, neat.
11:27 pm
old school scotch man. i like that. nicole gillette. pleased to meet you. john stillman-- the pleasure is mine. i'm thinking finance or pharmaceuticals. close? not quite. try not to make a scene, nikki. hate to snatch you up out of here in front of all these nice, rich people. ooh. oh, my. i see three different names, nikki. what's the matter, fellas, slow night in killadelphia? ed dubinski. your late fiancé. i'm aware. someone used his atm card looking for money. a little pillow talk, figured you knew his pin. i don't know anything about that or ed's murder. do i look like a killer? takes all kinds... even pretty ones. look, ed knew the deal. he enjoyedy company, but we both knew it wasn't built to last.
11:28 pm
two guys out front just repoed your little race car, ed. really? what, you don't care? you got checks bouncing all over town. hell, the pool boy even quit. is that before or after you slept with him? i have no idea what you're talking about. i know how this works, nikki. it's been a good ride, but it's time for me to get off. no, it's time for you to get off your duff, ed. get it together and figure out wi want you to keep the ring. so, that's it? it's time for me to get my house in order. well, i'd start by paying your property tax bill. it's three months late. i don't know whh was worse, nikki... winning the lotto or meeting you. that was the beginning of the end for ed. went into a tailspin when he couldn't buy his daddy's love. evidently yours, neither. what happened to the rest of ed's money? he was all but broke by the time he moved back to fishtown with his tail between his legs. where were you the night ed was shot?
11:29 pm
with a lawyer from chestnut hill. i'd call him at work. his wife's a real bitch on wheels. in weaver's paperwork. yeah? how so? for one thing, he charged him 20% off the top. 20%? he should have just hit the guy over the head. hmm. and weaver only put the minimum down on all of ed's hard assets.- his house, his car. to put the cash into bonds? or so he said, but it looks like he was moving money in and out of his accounts. using ed's money as a float. hmm. maybe to shore up other clients' accounts? robbing peter to pay paul. i checked with the board of standards for certified financial planners. ed filed a formagrievance against weaver just before his murder. could have taken away weaver's license. a/v unit found something else. check it out. also found him with three other powerball winners around the state. miller: lottery millionaires were his racket. johnny on the spot. makes you wonder how he keeps getting there first. you know what i'd get? a new bugatti.
11:30 pm
it's mad torque, over 600 ponies. only built 300 of them. well, you ain't getting boo-gatti 'cause you didn't pony up for the pool. what? what? it's not too late, is it? sorry, pal. next time. oh, wait a minute. wait a minute. hey, hey, hey, here, come on. well... (clears throat) nice. vera: whoa. what the hell? look at this. are you serious? (grunts) punkass bitch! (grunting) punkass bitch? you do this to my car, pal? huh? you the guy that been calling me? oh, man, you guys are cops? yeah, you got two seconds before you catch the beating of your life, moron. what is your problem, man? my problem? he slept with my wife. what? who's your wife? frankie. she's my wife.
11:31 pm
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