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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 13, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> you don't go to mcdonald's because it reminds you of what-a-burger. you got to mcdonald's because it's not like what-a-burger. [laughter] i'm thinkin' of several sentences but david and barbara, i don't want you to get sued, okay? you didn't buy a honda because it reminds you of a cadillac. it wasn't like the cadillac. you must inventory your life. what has god put inside... of me that's not in others? what's the difference in others? the law of difference is very critical. what makes your business unlike another? i believe the next 24 months are critical here in america and around the world. i believe the next 24 months will be an investor's paradise. i believe when the egyptians have a problem, god's people have an opportunity. i believe when there's a problem in pharaoh's house, joseph has a chance to get out of jail. i believe with all of my heart that the next 24 months for the
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believer is critically important, because i do believe that there's a difference. we're entering a difference. write this down: if you can succeed in your mind, you can succeed with your life. i consider my mind to be my greatest investment. it's more important than my house. i would never spend more money on clothes than i would my mind. i would never have more money in my closet than i would in my bookshelves. i would -- my mind's more important than my father. my mind's more important than my children. your mind's more important than your family, because if you take care of your mind, you can take care of your family. if you don't take care of your mind, you can't take care of yourself. so your mind needs three things. i mentioned this in the book, and let me tell you you three things your mind needs. first, it needs a goal.
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it needs a focus. your mind is a living thing, and it needs a focus. the only reason men fail is broken focus. because if your mind doesn't have a picture of the future, it will replay the painful memories of the past. and everything you do is to correct the past or create the future. your mind must have a focus: "this one thing i do." not looking to the right or the left, joshua 1:7-8. "my heart is fixed," david said. your mind needs an instruction. your mind is not you. it wants to master you, but your mind is your servant. you must continuously remember that your mind was given to you to serve you, not to master you. this is why your mind will resent the presence of god. it's important in your home to have a secret place where you meet with the holy spirit. and every morning that you meet with the holy spirit, the first seven minutes of every day, your mind will remind you of everything you should be doing. "you forgot to call bill back."
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"you're running out of milk for breakfast." "you're low on gas." your mind hates his presence. your mind needs an instruction. god gave you a mouth to conquer your mind, so your mouth tells your mind what to do, what to think upon. then your mind needs a hero. you've got to have a hero. you've got to have an example of somebody you wanna be like. paul wrote, "follow me as i follow christ." elisha saw a hero in elijah. ruth saw a hero in naomi. timothy looked at paul as a hero. joshua looked at moses as a hero. esther looked at mordecai as an advisor, as a hero. so your mind needs an example to follow. the law of the mind. i tell my staff there's three things i want in every room i enter, 'cause i believe in preparing an environment for learning. i really do. i'm a strong believer in
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nurturing an environment. every house is built with a purpose. some homes are built with a purpose of a playpen and things for children. others for conversation. and my home was created for learning. i have a learning environment. i think learning. i think constantly about knowledge and information because the holy spirit is the spirit of knowledge according to isaiah 11:1-2. he's the spirit of wisdom according to ephesians 1:17. he knows everything. so i want to be a learner. now, my mind needs to be fed food. my mind is wanting to absorb, and it will pick up negative if i don't give it an assignment, an instruction. so i tell my staff, when i walk into a room, i want light, movement and sound. i want light, movement and sound. now, don't turn off every light 'cause you're trying to save 38 cents this month. leave the light on. i love sound, because what i hear determines what i feel. >> right.
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>> i wanna hear. i wanna hear sounds that i love. and i like movement. i like waterfalls. movement's the proof of life. what investment are you willing to make for your mind? my mother invested in books and encyclopedias. she would pay any price that we would have an environment for a mind. i would encourage you today to invest in your mind. i bought a book one time for $84 that a young man said, "i can't believe you bought that book for $84." i said, "son, i didn't. i bought a man's life. he's 70 years old. he's a billionaire from australia." i said, "what took him 70 years, i'll know in two hours." >> ossie: hmm. that's good. >> your mind needs several things. your mind needs pictures. so you want to turn your goals into pictures. not words; pictures. pictures on the wall of your future.
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pictures of where you're going. if you wanna lose weight, you don't put a picture on the refrigerator of porky pig, do you? [laughter] you need pictures. you need pictures. it's important to have pictures. it's important for your mind to have conversation... self-talk. the bible calls the word "meditation," which means to mutter to yourself. meditation is a sound. meditation is not a thought. meditation is a sound. meditation means to mumble to yourself. to mutter over to yourself. to talk to yourself. so it's important i get up every morning with that romans 10:17: "faith comes by hearing... hearing by the word of god." what is faitatod likes. it's the only thing that god enjoys. god does not respond to my pain.
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god does not respond to my tears. god has never responded to heartache. god has never responded to anybody in trouble. he only reacts to faith. faith is confidence in god. and he says, "my words contain confidence, and when you hear something i say, faith will rise. when you hear something i say, faith comes." faith comes by hearing. something i am hearing is deciding my faith. i have to hear something god would say. so i say what god says... so i can feel what god feels... and have the faith of god. your mind needs that. it's very critical. most people are not protecting their mind; it's more fragile than anybody's telling you. some of the greatest men on earth have lost the battle of the mind. the more creative you are the greater your struggle with your mind.
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winston churchill, abraham lincoln... some of the greatest intellectuals on earth had trouble with their mind. i don't know what you're experiencing right now there at your house, on your job... i don't know if there's a fear that grows, because the only way to conquer fear is with faith. it's the only way. but your mind may be going through the fight of a lifetime. many marriages, when a thought comes into your mind about the unfaithfulness or the possibility of unfaithfulness with your partner, when you feel like you've been stripped of your significance, all of life's battles are in the mind. there's a great book that you ought to read. it's lance armstrong's book called it's not about the bike. i keep 500 books with me every day of my life. they're in my e-book reader.
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and i carry these 500 books everywhere i go so that my mind can run on the track that i want it to run on. lance armstrong, the great bicyclist, incredible athlete, just incredible athlete... had cancer. he lost all interest in the thing that he loved most. day after day and week after week until there was zero passion. and the things that he had once been excited about he lost all interest in. and nobody feels what you feel. nobody sees what you're experiencing. sometimes most of us, we're calm, we look at each other, we talk, we converse... but inside, it's a volcano. we're thinking, "i hope i can keep on track. i hope my life doesn't come apart." this is why the word of god is so important. and there's three chapters that
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you should write down to read aloud when your mind is in its greatest battle. the first is psalms 119, the 119th psalm. it's the longest chapter of the bible. i consider it the most important chapter in the bible. and then psalms 91: "he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty." and then psalms 37. it will wash your mind, it will renew your mind, and your mind will submit to the authority of god. when the words of god enter your mind, strength comes. the secret of strength is not determination; it's the absorption of words of god. daniel said, "he spoke, and i was strengthened." "he spoke, and i was strengthened." the third law that you must never forget is the law of
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recognition. the law of recognition. write this down. everything you want is close to you merely awaiting your recognition of it. something you're not seeing is hurting you. something you don't know about is close to you. true story... did you hear about the gold rush back in the 1800s? true story... a young couple wanted to find gold, so they sold their little farm and began to go all across america, trying to -- and ended up in england, bankrupt. years pass, they decide to come back to the states. they borrowed some money, came back. they said, "we wanna see where our little farm was." they never found gold. and they couldn't get close because there were barbed wire and soldiers for the government were walking all around it. it turned out to be sutter's mill, the second largest gold reserve on the north american continent. >> ossie: oh, my lord. >> the second largest gold mine under their house. >> audience member: wow.
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>> that'd make you suicidal... think that you'd gone all around the world looking for gold and there it was. >> ossie: the whole time. >> true story... in the papers. a man saw a picture frame... in like a little flea market and wanted $2.39 for it. and he didn't like the picture, but he liked the frame. so he bought it, got home... pulls out the old ugly picture, and behind it, is another arresting and very fascinating painting. he said, "this looks like an important painting." he called the museum. they said, "bring it over and we'll look at it." turned out to be a painting by a famous artist worth -- and the museum paid him $11 million for that painting that he bought for $2.39. somebody saw it and did not recognize. everything you're wanting is close to you merely awaiting your recognition of it.
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david was a master mentor, but absalom didn't recognize his father's greatness. solomon did. i wish i could tell you that if you had a fabulous mentor, someone who could -- someone comfortable with your weakness, but knowledgeable of your difference. someone who would pour themselves into you... i wish i could tell you you'd succeed. but judas and john had the same mentor. one recognized who he was. what is this you're not seeing? what is it that you don't see? what is it in your son that you don't see? what is it in your daughter that you're ignoring? what has god hidden in your mother that... you don't see? god always hides something you need in somebody you don't
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enjoy... so that only the most passionate can discern the difference. write that down: "the law of recognition." there's something you're not seeing. a friend of mine was offered by his father at the age of 18 years old in florida... "i'll give you $10,000 cash or this piece of land." he said, "daddy, give me the $10,000 cash." and later, when disneyland purchased that land... [laughter] he said, "what a fool i was... to lose that $10,000." the law of recognition. everything you've ever wanted is close to you merely awaiting your recognition of it. law number four: the law of two. the law of two. satan never showed up in the garden til eve did... 'cause two
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are necessary for multiplication. one cannot multiply. matthew 18:18-19 says, "where two people agree as touching anything, it shall be done." hell's greatest fear is relationship. when one falls, the other one can lift them up. jesus sent them out two by two, even in the ark, male and female. the law of two. the bible has it in a fascinating way and says, "one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put," how many? >> ossie: ten thousand. >> "two can put ten thousand." the power of covenant is profound. >> ossie: yes. >> hell's greatest fear is the protege's relationship with the mentor. satan's greatest fear is the prayer request within the hands of an intercessor.
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two are better than one. there is a person that god wants to put close to you. and that relationship and that connection will create instant multiplication. it may be a boaz that sees ruth in the field. it may be like the samaritan woman who had one conversation with jesus, had a whole different picture of her future. there's somebody who sees in you what you don't see. the difference between seasons in your life is not years, it's a person. the difference in seasons is who likes you. i cannot change your life til i change who likes you. all rebecca needed to be the daughter-in-law of abraham was
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one man liking her: eleazar. ruth meets boaz. they produce obed, who produced jesse, who produced david, who produced solomon, and the lineage of jesus. the difference between poverty and prosperity is a person. you are one person away -- have you heard about the law of relationship that you're four people away from any human on the earth? means that i know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. i know somebody who knows president obama, president obama knows so-and-so. you are four people away from any human on the earth. four. god can get you anywhere he wants you in a day. in a day.
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the difference between seasons is one person. do you know myles munroe? >> ossie: yes, sir. >> he and i travel a lot together to preach, and we were on our way to... ghana. so we're in england, we're at the airport and everybody's getting on the plane. he and i are the last ones. we start to get in, go on, and a man comes through the turnstiles and he says, "you know who that is?" and i said, "no." he said that's the number three soccer player in the world." i don't follow soccer, so i said, "wow." and... "'kay." and he walks over, and he hugs myles, and myles said, "i want you to meet mike murdock." and he said, "oh, i know mike murdock." he said, "i've got your books." he said, "hold on, i'll be right back." he rushes out, comes back in, everybody's on the plane. me and myles are standing, waiting to get on the plane. and he comes out with this huge bag of money, english pounds. you know a pound is like two to one. 20 pounds is like 40 dollars. 10 pounds, like 20 dollars. and he said, "i can't be around you and not give you some seed."
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he starts handing me these bundles of money." >> [ossie laughing] >> whoever tells you money doesn't make you feel good is lying through their teeth. they're lying through their teeth. and so i started stuffing all these bundles of money in my pocket. you remember eddie murphy's movie? >> yes. >> 'member where... he's all swollen out? and -- was it the nutty professor or something...? and so anyway, i felt like, "man, they're gonna think i'm a drug dealer just as sure as the world..." [laughter] and so i've got all this money stuffed in pockets, and i'm walking on the plane, me and myles munroe, and the holy spirit whispers to me, "i can get money to you anywhere you are." "i can get money to you anywhere you are." i wanna say that i don't care what you're experiencing, i
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don't care what you're going through. you're not five years from your dream. you're not 17 years from your next season. years do not decide seasons. a person can create a new season in your life. you are one person away from the season you've been dreaming about your whole life. i could almost get excited there in remembering that blessing. chapter five is the law of place. write that down: the law of place. where you are matters as much as what you are. god made places before he made people. even jesus did not do well in places. that's why he left nazareth and went to capernaum. you don't belong everywhere; you belong somewhere. let's talk about that for a moment because everything god created solves a problem. my glass solves a problem. your watch solves a problem. my eyes see, my ears hear, my
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hands reach, my feet walk, my mouth speaks, my mind thinks. lawyers solve legal problems. mothers solve emotional problems. preachers solve spiritual problems. lawyers solve legal problems. everything created contains an invisible instruction. the tomato seed doesn't look over to watermelon seed and say, "what do you think i oughtta do? what should i become?" it contains an invisible instruction on what to multiply, what to do. everything god makes contains an invisible assignment. you don't decide your assignment; you discover it. >> ossie: yes. >> in jeremiah chapter 1, god gave you your assignment in your mother's womb. your assignment's always to a person or a group of people. how do you know two whom you are assigned? whose pain do you feel?
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whose tears affect you? whose enemies are you willing to confront? who do you long to protect? your assignment's geographical. where you are matters as much as what you are. you can be the right person, like jonah, in the wrong place... in whale university. [laughter] you can be a wrong person, like the samaritan woman, who had had five husbands, but be in the right place where she met jesus. geography really does matter. throughout the bible, every time god talks to people, he discusses the place they're to be. he told abraham, "leave your family; i've got a new place for you." "naomi, leave moab and go back to bethlehem." jesus instructed the disciples,
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when you go into a place, a city, and you enter a home, test and qualify that home for your anointing and for your blessing through honor. and if that family and that house does not show you honor, take the blessing that's on you out of that place... and go where you'll be celebrated instead of tolerated." the law of place. a great pastor in dallas pastored about two hours from dallas and failed miserably, he told me. moved to dallas and exploded. he said, "mike, i am convinced that there is a place where the blessing of god is on your life." there's a place you belong. there's a place you don't belong. they brought some fish to my property. i have seven fish ponds, and
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they were putting some fish in some of my ponds. they had laid them on the grassy slope. and i was looking at them, and you watch fish -- and i thought, "boy, fish... they're stupid, aren't they? look... they're stupid. can't walk, can't talk, can't fly... can't -- huh. fish." then i dropped them in the water. and when i dropped the fish in the water, their genius appeared. pwhoo, pwhoo... and the lord spoke to my heart, "when you are where you belong... you have no rivals. nobody can compete with you when you're in the center of where god wants you to be. the law of place; write that down. the law of place, 'cause money doesn't follow you. money is waiting for you at the place of obedience. money is waiting for you at the place of your assignment. you will flourish when you are
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where god's assigned. in first kings 17, god tells elijah, "go to the brook. i've commanded a raven to feed you there. there." many years ago, i was sharing this some time ago. i was preaching for joel osteen in houston. joel's got a great work there, he and victoria. and his mother dodie and john had been long-time friends. i've preached years ago when i was in my 30s. i was preaching for john osteen. he had a little book called the place called there. and he mentions how elijah woke up one morning and the brook had dried up, because the place called "there" had changed. and god says, "now go to zaraphath. i've commanded a widow woman to feed you there." wherever you're supposed to be, divine prosperity is there.
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money is anywhere god wanted you to be. "well, mike, there's no money where i'm at." can you get the message? picture jesus standing on the shore, and he's hollering at the... disciples, "children, have you any meat?" they said, "we fished all night and there's no fish." and jesus said, "they're not over there; they're on the other side of the boat." [laughter] provision is the confirmation you are in the place of your assignment. money is anywhere god wants you to be. it's called the law of place. got time for a couple more? >> sure you do. >> six, the law of honor. the law of honor. every sin is a sin of dishonor.
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there are ten commandments, and the first four deal with honoring god. the last six deal with honoring people. the first commandment with a promise was number five: if i honor my mother and father, it would go well with me all the days of my life. i consider this wisdom key to be the most important wisdom key you will ever hear in your lifetime. your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor. write that down there at your house. now, now. write it down right there. your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor. battle is the seed for territory. listening is the seed for learning. knowledge is the seed for change.
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but honor is the seed for access. adaptation is the proof of honor. remember when joseph was willing to shave his beard to meet pharaoh because the egyptians hated beards in those days? esther soaked in oil for 12 months. daniel studied conversation for three years before he could have a meal with the king. adaptation is the proof of honor. who have you chosen to honor throughout your life? my father is 92, but he doesn't believe in tv. he won't even watch me on tv. so i don't bring it to my theater room. but he's my father. i buy his houses for him. i buy his cars. i give him money. i don't let him pay for anything. why? he is my father. he is my father. all blessing comes through the
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chain of authority. the prisons are full of men and women who were not trained on who to honor. i mentioned earlier that god conversation, that your future depends on a conversation, that everything you're wanting to know can be found in a conversation. conversation is the seed for knowledge, and knowledge is the seed for change. changes are always proportionate to your knowledge. i cannot change your life until i change what you know, because the way you're living, you're living your knowledge. if i change what you know, i change what you do. when i listen to cnn... fox news...


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