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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you sa that, during the surgery, my heart would be stopped. you don't want it beating when i'm in there trying to cut. vivian: so, for that hour, i'll be dead. paige hobson-- a stranger shows up at her offe, and she disappears. jack: you are? emil dornvald, security attaché for general gamba. what's your interest in paige hobson? our counterintelligence has identified her as having close ties to adisa teno. teno was part of a terrorist group-- the mlf. they may be plotting an attempt on general gamba's life. paige: you told me the money was for opposition candidates, for relief supplies. sending rice is not the solution. fbi! get down, get down, get down! freeze! fbi! put your hands in the air. emil: i just sent you something. adisa is under arrest. i want names, faces,
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locations of the other mlf members. jack: i think i just made paige hobson. she's got a gun! paige, drop the gun! drop the gun! you don't seem like the type. i'm not. adisa says there's a moment that makes people take action. i guess that was my moment. ( phone ringing ) taylor. hey, it's me. i'm at the hospital. viv's okay. she made it through. i just thought you guys would like to know. danny: thanks a lot for the call. come on, man, let's go. it's a green light. ( beeping horn ) get down! get down! get down! ( tires squealing ) oh! back, back, back, back, back! ( tires squealing )
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easy, easy, easy! ( tires squealing ) ( steam hissing ) ( coughing ) ( panting ) ( clicking )
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( gunshots ) ( gunshots ) ( soft groan, quiet gasping ) ( panting ) martin. ( panting ) martin.
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woman: gsw to chest and stomach. he get hit anywhere else? i don't know. how long has he been unconscious? jack, he's bleeding a lot. his breathing's labored. let's scoop and run. sir, we'll take him from here. where are you taking him? to st. luke's. no, no, no. not for a gunshot wound. take him to st. vincent's. they have a level one trauma center, okay? and i want notification. will do. danny: you got it? we got it from here, okay, sir? danny, let them do their job. we got it. danny, danny, danny. come here, come here, come here, come here. ! get me that board. jack. come on. jack: let 'em do their job. ( sirens wailing ) you sure it was dornvald? yeah, and that guy over there. dornvald took off in a blue van. i-i got his plates. i called them in. i reloaded my gun, but i think it got jammed. i took a shot, but... okay, okay, okay, okay, okay... we're gonna go kill that son of a bitch. you know what? you need medical attention, okay? jack... you want to help me? go with martin, okay? go get cleared by doctor so you can come back and work on the case. emt: one, two, three. danny: come on, come on. come on... okay, okay. ( ambulance doors closing )
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( siren blaring ) man: relax, relax. relax. you're gonna be all right. you're gonna be all right. just hold still. i know... i know it hurts. take a walk. sir, we need to take this man to a hospital... take a walk. what is your problem? where's dornvald? ( panting ) ( groaning ) where's dornvald? ( groaning ) where is he! ( groaning ) valhalla valhalla? what does valhalla mean? ( groaning ) what does it mean? all right, that's enough. that's enough. i'm taking this guy right now. he's all yours. jack? how bad is it? danny's okay, but martin's bad. he's on his way to the hospital. they're doing everything they can for him. look, i need you to focus, okay? i need help with dornvald. sam?
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yeah. i need help. okay, what can i do? i need you to put out an alert at all the train stations and all the airports. i think this guy is gonna try and skip the country. all right. i'll, um... i'll put out stop notices, and i'll make sure all the tv stations have his picture. okay. do a background check on dornvald. find out all the information you can. run an i.d. check on the shooters and see if the word valhalla comes up anywhere. why valhalla? it's where the shooter said he might go. you also need to get paige hobson into fbi custody. she could be a possible target. okay. ( monitors beeping ) sir, sir, can you hold still, please? you banged your head pretty hard. we may need to keep you overnight. why? possible head trauma. i'm going to order up a ct scan. i'll be back in a second. where are you taking him?
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we've got him stable enough to send him up to surgery. how long is he going to be in there? it could be a while. one of the bullets came dangerously close to an artery. another nicked the small intestine. it's not good. now, please. ( phone ringing ) taylor. danny, hey. how is he? he... he just went into surgery, sam. and? you know these doctors. you can never get a straight answer out of them. but they... they seem positive. okay. any news on your end? uh, yeah. we i.d.'d the shooter. he's from special forces. he worked as a mercenary in chad with dornvald. is he talking? he never made it to the hospital. all right. where... where's jack? he's at the makeban consulate. i am isaiah nuru, consul general, and i wish to make a brief statement. it is now clear that the assassination of general gamba was part of a plot to destabilize makeba.
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for, within hours of his death, rebels staged an uprising... back off, shaquille. nuru: ...crushed by government forces. nuru: the people of makeba mourn the loss of our beloved general. but, with our sorrow comes determination to bring all those responsible for his murder to justice. thank you. sir! sir! sir! ( reporters clamoring ) special agent jack malone, fbi. how special can you be? as i understand it, the fbi failed to prevent the general's murder. that's absolutely true. but it appears that you got even. please explain that remark. adisa teno was behind general gamba'assassination, and now he's dead. adisa teno is dead? neil dornvald was the shooter. where is he? i have no idea.
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he's the head of general gamba's security, and you have no idea? when was the last time you saw him? this afternoon. but, by the time he arrived, it was far too late. how did this happen? a girl shot him. a girl. paige hobson. you know her? she did it for adisa teno. you knew this, and didn't stop her? i didn't think she was a threat, sir. well done. now the leader of our country is dead, because of you. adisa teno will pay. i cannot even look at you. he called me moments later, insisting he could kill teno. i made it clear he was to do no such thing.
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i then told him never to return. that his employment here was terminated. so what? he just decided to kill teno by himself? perhaps it was a misguided effort to get back in my good graces. yeah, well, he certainly went the extra mile, didn't he? make no mistake-- the makeban government strongly condemns his actions. yeah, well, before the makeban government was strongly condemning his actions, where were you putting him up? at the carson hotel. that's pretty fancy digs for a killer. mr. dornvald was acting alone. you better hope he was. or i guarantee you're going to see me again. what's going on? why did you guys bring me back here?
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we need to ask you a few more questions. i already confessed. i shot gamba. what else is there to say? what did adisa tell you about emil dornvald? just that he was dangerous. and he is. i mean, he killed my friend julia for no reason, except to get back at me. did he tell you where dornvald came from? where he lived? why are you asking this? did the word valhalla ever come up? no. what is this about? adisa's dead. what? but i just saw him. he's in your custody. he was being transferred. there was an ambush. dornvald? we're trying to find him, paige. well, i don't know anything more than what i've told you. i wish i did. i want you to keep thinking about it, okay?
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maybe something else will come to you. did adisa suffer? no. i'm very sorry for your loss, paige. director fzgerald. special agent samantha spade. of course. martin told us about you. i flew in from dc as soon as i heard. any word from the hospital? yeah. he's still in surgery. his mother is there, monitoring things. i felt that this is where i could be most effective. right. i understand. can she shed any light on this dornvald individual? not yet, but we are working every angle.
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and i assure you, sir, we will find him. where'agent malone? he's out in the field. i can contact him... no, thank you. i'll track him down myself. man: agent malone.
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i'm owen with guest services. i'm told you have questions. yeah. when was the last time mr. dornvald was here? he's been a guest for two months, but i haven't seen him in about a week. would you mind closing that, please? you know him well? i handle all our long-term guests. knowing them is part of my job. so where's he been for the last week? i really couldn't say. i thought part of your job was knowing yo guests. does he have a girlfriend? sir, you're asking me personal details about a guest of the hotel that i'm not at liberty to discuss. stop jerking me around! the man's a terrorist and killer-- now what do you know? ( sighs ) he approached me a few weeks ago. i found it quite awkward. ah, mr. dornvald. how are you finding new york? lonely, i'm afraid. very lonely, indeed. i'm sorry to hear that. is there anything i can do? you're a man of the world, owen. where might one turn for a little female companionship?
6:19 pm
well, i can recommend some very hot clubs in the area. i had in mind something a little bit more private. money's no object. oh. i see. sir, i don't think i can really help you with that. she should be beautiful... and she must be black. let me see what i can do. so i set him up. i think he's been seeing her ever since. this her? no. i don't know who that is. what's the hooker's name? lila. lila what? lila green. jack. hey. you done at the hospital already?
6:20 pm
yeah. doctor checked me out. he said i'm good to go. you're good to go? yeah. that was quick. yeah. so, where we going? we're looking for a hooker. makes sense, him hooking up with this girl. it gives him a safe house if something goes bad. danny: hey, tech just sent me lila's dmv photo. looks expensive. easy, tiger. danny: clear. clear.
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and a guy matching dornvald's description walked out a couple minutes later, and he was carrying a big metal suitcase. that would place him here just before the ambush. yeah. jack: she must have walked in while he was prepping for the hit. woman: what's going on here? who the hell are you? fbi. fbi. melanie? melanie! no, melanie! no! no! no! ( screaming ) no! oh, my god! who would do something like this? do you know this guy? yes. his name is edward drake. did you ever tell him that you had a roommate? there was no reason to. she wasn't due backtell him for another month. roommate? we had a house rule-- nolients allowed--
6:27 pm
but... the money was right, and with mel out of town... did you ever see mr. drake with a metal suitcase? yeah. he left it here. he said he didn't want to leave it at the hotel. what else can you tell me about him? he didn't talk much about himself. he said he was in the military. you spent over a week with this guy doing god knows what. surely he told you more than that. just once. do you ever think about quitting? i don't mind the work. you're still young. and what are you, an old man? a poor soldier. i enlisted at 17. it's the only life i've ever known.
6:28 pm
( inhales deeply ) i used to imagine i was protected by invisible armor... bullets couldn't penetrate. all the things i saw and did woulroll off me like rain on glass. it sounds like maybe you should quit. i've wanted to... for years. i even found a place to settle down. mm. so why are you here? my nest egg isn't what it needs to be. but my fee from this job will take care of all that. so this job he was talking about-- did he ever mention anybody named adisa? he didn't tell me. did he talk about valhalla?
6:29 pm
so you have no idea where he wants to settle down? noth-nothing? he just said it was someplace that he worked a couple of years ago. okay, in the past two years, dornvald's worked as a mercenary in nine different countries. any reference of valhalla come up? i checked. i even checked the word's origin. it's from norse mythology. it means "heaven for warriors." i have a feeling this guy's not going to heaven. if dornvald's looking to retire after one last job, this photo would suggest that he might look for somewhere coastal. well, that rules out afghanistan, paraguay, bolivia... and iraq's pretty much out of the picture. okay. what about burma? he was a military advisor there in 2004. yeah, and it says here that he went to thailand twice last year on a tourist visa. well, let's check out southeast asia. jack, deputy director fitzgerald wants to see you. okay. um, check all flights that were booked in the region in the last six hours. he probably paid cash. ( typing )
6:30 pm
got a flight: jfk to bangkok... booked five hours ago by an edward drake. edward drake. th's the name that dornvald gave lila green. come on in, jack. alex olchek was good enough to find some room for me here. ( sighs ) victor, i'm really sorry about martin. we're doing everything we can for him. i want you to know i'm taking an active role in this investigation. yes. i would do the same. this is ted banes from homeland security. ted wants to have a few words with you. i thought i'd sit in on the meeting. seems fair. first of all, let me say that, uh, our prayers are with you guys. it's a terrible thing whenever an agent gets hurt trying to do his job. why do i feel like there's a "but" coming? but don't think anything is gained by harassing mr. nuru.
6:31 pm
makeba is an ally in the war on terror, a friend. we should raise our standards. let's agree we all want dovald. my point is, our odds of getting him are better if the makebans are on our side. i thought you just said they are on our side. you just said they're our friends. they've expressed an interest in paige hobson. in what sense? they feel she should stand trial for general gamba's murder... in makeba. they have a case. technically, she did kill him on african soil. and in exchange for paige... ...nuru's offered you what, to help find dornvald? is that it? what, you support this? i think it's worth exploring. paige hobson is a u.s. citizen. you extradite her to makeba, and her trial will consist of being tied to a post and shot. we'll take that into consideration. that'll be all.
6:32 pm
sam, i want you to get as much information as you can on isaiah nuru-- let's put him under surveillance. you think he knows where dornvald is? he's in it up to his eyeballs. we think dornvald booked a ticket to bangkok, right before he ambushed us. ( phone ringing ) samantha: yeah. his plane left ten minutes ago; he wasn't on it. you sure? positive. he used an alias, so he wasn't on the manifest. we called the aircraft. they did a passenger inventory. something must have happened to make him change his plans. danny: right, thanks. nypd just got a report of shots fired on avenue c. there was a blue van involved. let's go. ( siren wailing ) found the van here. looks like he ditched it. any casualties on avenue c? no, just gunfire. if there were bodies, i would have heard. jack...
6:33 pm
come take a look at this. it's definitely dornva's van. obviously, somebody else is after this guy. jack: looks like somebody got a piece of him. you got a picture of the perp? officer: me and every cop in the city. when did the call come in from avenue c? about 20 minutes ago. that gives him a pretty decent head start. i want you to send officers to all the local hospitals. set up check points about ten blocks out. all right, you got it. what's the nearest hospital to here? st. andrews, right? about 20 blocks? there's a medical clinic a couple blocks away from here. man ( on tv ): i have proof that england is covertly involved with these aliens... malone: excuse me, uh... we're the fbi. have you seen this man? i don't think so.
6:34 pm
woman: hey, do you know where dr. klein is? her patients are really stacking up and she's not answering her pages. uh, who's the doctor you're looking for? dr. klein. i haven't seen her in, like, 20 minutes. danny: what does dr. klein look like? blonde, cute, about 30. have you checked the kitchen, stairwell... i checked everywhere. it's just not like her. what about this room? well, no, when the little light's on, you just can't go barging in. i want you to get everybody out of here. what's this about? do what i tell you. go. woman: come on, let's go. it's clear. get out, get out. malone: okay, out, out, out. let's go, go, go. go.
6:35 pm
jesus, what are you doing!? let go of me. let go of me. dornvald, come out! you can't go anywhere. send the doctor out. he ran out. are you okay? i want you to call dispatch. get all the units sent down there. try not to shoot anyone. can you handle that?
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come celebrate kenmore's 100th anniversary and save up to 30% off all kenmore appliances. this is celebrating big. this is sears. look, i overreacted. i'm sorry, okay? i want you out of here. jack, i said i'm sorry. shut up. you know what? you could have killed that doctor. i want you to go back to the office until i call. just go. how are you feeling? like i could use a scotch. can you tell me what happened? i had just finished with a patient. i never even saw him coming.
6:41 pm
make sure you take the pills for the full seven days, then call me next week, okay? i have a gun, so do exactly as i say. look, uh, we don't keep drugs here. i don't need drugs. i need medical treatment. where can we go that's private? here. try not to be afraid. that's kind of asking a lot, don't you think? is that a... a gunshot woun you have to go to a hospital. we can't handle that here. do you have antiseptic, forceps, stitching material? then that's everything you need. but, i... i can't. i mean... i've never d-done this before. there's a first time for everything. while you were patching him up, did he say
6:42 pm
what he was going to do, where he was going to go? not to me, but he got a call. ( phone ringing ) hello? how am i? well, an odd thing happened when i tried to collect my fee. a misunderstanding, huh? i went to the rendezvous. your men tried to shoot me. no needles. this is just a local anesthetic. trust me, you wa to be numbed up. for all i know, that's a sedative. do the procedure without it. no, no, you listen. you offered me double to make him pay. i spilled more blood than i cared to, to keep my side of the bargain. i want my money, sir. one way or another, you will give it to me. i'll be in touch. ( groaning ) heever said the caller's name, so i don't know
6:43 pm
who he was talking to. what's up, do we know who she is yet? still working on it, but we id'd the boat. mccusker yachts out of new zealand. okay, let's get them on the phone. see if they can narrow down who owns it and where it is. i'll keep you posted. thanks. yeah, hi, this is special agent spade again. yeah, no, you know, i've already left messages. i really need to talk to dr. rugio. well, what does that mean, that he's still in surgery? what does... why is it taking so... why won't anyone tell me what the hell is going on here? yeah. okay, thanks. hey, i thought you, i thought you were, uh, with jack. yeah, he, uh, wanted me to come in here and help you out. great. sam. sam. he's gonna be all right. he's been in surgery
6:44 pm
for over five hours, danny. no one will tell me what's going on. i just... you know what? i just need a minute. i just... okay. it's me again. got business at the un? what brings you here, agent malone? you expecting trouble? the work of our new security chief. think they can protect you against your old security chief? i don't know what you mean. i think you do. you didn't fire dornvald. in fact, you promised to pay him double if he killed adisa teno. that's absurd. and when he went to collect, you tried to have him killed to cover up your tracks. which explains why you hired the new york giants defensive line. this is an emotional time. your agent was wounded. but in truth, there is only one man responsible.
6:45 pm
if dornvald doesn't geyou, i will. it begins and ends with dornvald, agent malone. if this isn't clear to you now, it soon will be. what's that supposed to mean? you will get justice, and so will we. ( phone ringing ) hey! hey! you need to stop right there! you have no authority to take this woman out of the building. actually, i do. she waived extradition. paige, you agreed to this? i want dornvald for what he did. this is a way to get him. paige, don't do this. i think we're done here. what do you want? paige hobson. you can't have her. i accepted nuru's offer. that's gonna get her killed. i wish you had felt some of the same concern for my son.
6:46 pm
there's no way that i would have intentionally put your son in harm's way. why no swat escort? why wasn't martin wearing a vest? 'cause i didn't think that my agents would be ambushed. still, this happened on your watch. and i'm doing everything i can to rectify it. well, i don't see any results, jack. making a deal with nuru isn't gonna fix it. i want dornvald. and so do i, but he's just a triggerman. no, i've been assured he acted alone. with all due respect, sir, you're being sold a bill of goods. nuru ordered the hit. there is no way that they're giving us dornvald-- not unless they deliver him dead. that is a possibility. we gotta get to dornvald before nuru does. how is nuru gonna find dornvald, if we can't? he's gonna use the money he owes him to lure him out. dornvald won't go for that again. yeah, he wants the money. i bet he's got a plan to get it. okay, when dornvald gets backed into a corner, he targets people's loved ones, right? like what he did to paige when he killed her friend. does nuru have any family in the u.s.? i'll check. all right, thanks. i found valhalla. a boat company made 58 of these. three of them are based in thailand-- one of them is named valhalla.
6:47 pm
great. nuru's got a son, william, in boston, attending mit, and weot a phone number. man: hello? yeah, this is special agent spade. i'm with the fbi. could i speak to william nuru, please? wow. no, he's not here. uh, do you know where he is? he left for new york to see his dad. did he drive? no, i dropped him off at the bus station. you know which bus he got on? i don't know, but it should be getting into new york right about now. does anyone else know he took this trip? just you and the other guy thatalled. which other guy? some security dude from the consulate. come on.
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[knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price. coverage checker from progressive.
6:52 pm
uh-huh. okay, thanks, a lot. jack, the bus got here five minutes early. all right, seal off the building. what gate did the bus come in? 307. all right, listen up! no one leaves the port authority without getting checked. we're looking for emil dornvald and william nuru. dornvald is armed and he's extremely dangerous. you got that?
6:53 pm
excuse me. excuse me. sorry, man. danny, you got anything? nothing yet. you at the bus? yeah, people were still getting off when i got there. i think he's still here. okay, y-you want me to send some bodies? no, i dot want to spook him. i'll keep you posted. all right, jack.
6:54 pm
( door rattles ) ( radio static hisses ) ( gunshot ) you're a persistent man! let the kid go! there's no way out! his life is the way out. please, don't hurt me. shut up. what do you want? to leave! it's never gonna happen! and you can forget about valhalla. we had the thai police seize your boat. and your girlfriend? she's long gone, buddy.
6:55 pm
come on! come on, give it up! give it up, before the cavalry gets here and it gets a lot more complicated. by that time i'll be gone! i don't think so! this is gonna end right here, and right now. throw your gun on the groun you throw yours! if it'not on the ground by the count of three, i'll shoot the boy! do as he asks! you know there's no way that i can give up my weapon! and you know i'm not bluffing! if you want his blood on your hands, it's up to you! one! two! please, don't let him do this to me! three! come on! come on, come on. get out of here, go, go, go. go, go. go! just drop the gun. drop it.
6:56 pm
then what? i want nuru. you help me get him, i'll work something out. i... i stayed in this game a bit too long. just drop the gun. drop it. that's what you would do? no, it's not. you're a soldier. you understand. just drop the gun, please. drop it.
6:57 pm
was it a good shoot? there's no such thing. nuru's fled the country. we could still file charges, get the ball rolling. i didn't get much traction with that idea. i was told there are bigger issues, whatever that means. i want paige hobson. i'll have ted banes get her to you. thank you. i heard martin's coming around. yeah, his vital signs are getting better, and the doctors are hopeful. i really lost all judgment, jack. he's your son.
6:58 pm
i'm gonna head for the hospital. maybe i'll see you there. ( monitors beeping ) i'm sorry i... didn't come to see you sooner, i, uh... i guess i was scared to see you like... this, i think. i want you to know that i know... ...that i haven't been very good about...
6:59 pm
...being there for you. but i'm here now, and... ...i'm not going anywhere until i know you're all right. ( monitor beeping steadily )


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