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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 23, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jones being hit on the football field. but earlier this morning, he was hit with a champane battle. jones was on board a party bus this morning at 3:00. he was out celebrating mckenney's 31st birthday at the opera ultra lounge. a fight broke out on board that bus and an exotic dancer hit jones over the head with a giants ace of spades bottle according to a the story that first surfaced on during a press conference, coach harbaugh said he was disappointed in the report and has spoken to both jones and mckinny. >> i was very impressed personally with the report. it's not something we want to be known for. i would hope it's not something those guys will want to be known for. it's nothing to be proud of. jones has been sidelined with a sprained acl since the
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first game of the season. both jacobi jones and mckinney were at the under armour training center today. and coach harbaugh has spoken to the team about what happened early this morning, telling them, nothing good happens after midnight. >> and jacobi jones is due to be out due to a knee injury he sustained. government forces are claiming they have gained control of the mall and vowed to finish and punish those responsible. tara mergener reports with more from the state department. >> reporter: loud explosions and gunfire erupted. they say two militants have been killed, 10 have been
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arrested and more hostages have been freed. plumes of black smoke billowed out of a skylight, reportedly mattresses being set on fire. the kenyan president spoke with president obama over the phone. >> the kenyan people, we stand with them through this terror attack. >> reporter: al-qaida is taking responsibility. and claims three americans took part in the attack. the state department says they have no confirmation americans were involved with the terrorist group. but do say five u.s. citizens were injured. elane dang escaped the massacre. two of her friends were killed. >> i'm okay, i'm very grateful to be alive. >> reporter: john kerry say it is u.s. will pursue the terrorists responsible.
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at the state department,tara mergener. 63 people are still missing. new fears fears on the campus of the university of maryland east shore after a student was shot on campus. >> a student is recovering at home after being shot and wounded in an off campus incident. university officials officials say he was treated and released. the student was shot in the leg. an alert was sent out on the campus urging students to be vigilant. there's been no word of arrests is just yet. campus officials say that incident was the first killing of a student in 35 years. we have some breaking news, prosecutors have decided to dismiss all charges against a baltimore county father arrested. the confrontation was all
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caught on camera. wjz is live, derek valcourt reports on the controversy, derek. >> reporter: the blow up was all about over a standardized curriculum and as you are about to see, it has some parents downright frustrated. >> reporter: parent adam howell decided to speak out instead of writing down his questions. that's when a police officer walked in flashing his police officer. >> you're sitting here like -- >> reporter: small was literally handcuffed and pulled out. >> i was outraged as i saw the video of what happened to this father. >> reporter: several parents backed small on questioning the
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new curriculum. maryland was the first among 45 states that voluntarily signed on. state school officials insist teachers will have lots of control about how they're able to instruct. >> what will be different i think is the idea that students again, there's going to be a focus on critical thinking, on applying what they learned to real life situations. >> reporter: what's wrong with that? >> what's wrong with that? it doesn't meet the specific needs of each child. children learn differently. they don't all learn the same. it will succeed better, if you leave the decisions related to standards, curriculum, teaching methods, if you leave that to teachers, and parents and principals. >> reporter: as for that outspoken dad, the county investigator decided that even though the officer was within his right, further prosecution
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in this case would not accomplish anything, the district attorney decides. the baltimore county schools superintendent says they did learn a lesson from the meeting. it will postadditional information on its website. a 5 -month-old girl is dead and charges are looming. police said she died of asphyxiation. rochelle richie ha the story. >> reporter: police are not releasing much information on this. but the woman we spoke with said alcohol may have been a factor. 5-month-old morrison stopped breathing. >> she's like my baby is dead. and i was like, what? did you call 911. when she got downstairs she was
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limp. >> reporter: very little details are being released about the baby's death. but police were called to the home for an unresponsive child. little elderiya died at the hospital. the hospital -- her neighbor said that the woman told her she had been drinking. >> she said she was sleeping and she rolled over the baby. >> reporter: neighbors with children of their own still in disbelief. >> babies need to be in a crib or bassinette. he sleeps in his bed. he can't get in mine. i don't want nothing to happen to my kid. >> reporter: and now police say they are working with the state's attorney office to possibly file charges. >> rochelle thank you. and police have not said who
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they plan to charge. and outside, it's just a spectacular is it a first day of fall. we're going to get a closer look at the forecast. chealsea ingram is in the outback. and we go to bob turk. >> easton at 66. this morning with clear skies and a bit of a light wind. we had some fog in a couple of spots. 51 here and 30 in oakland. and 50 at ocean city. tomorrow another beautiful day with high pressure over the entire region. we'll call it a little breezy, a little chilly for this time of year. a couple of degrees warmer than it was this afternoon. we will warm up a little bit later this week. we'll have the forecast, which
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chealse is in the outback. >> let's talk about what summer was like. was it a cool summer? >> actually it was very close to what you would expect for this time of year. the average temperature was just under 85 degrees and that's pretty typical for summer. we had no days with high temperatures in the triple digits. now rainfall wise, we were a little bit below normal with only about 6.75 of an inch. the last day of rain occurred the last day of summer that was on saturday night. we can remember that easily. we'll have a look at what you can expect for the next couple of days of fall coming up in your exclusive first warning weather. now let's go back inside. it was two in a row for the ravens. it was an impressive
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performance against the houston texans. and mark vivano has what the fans had to say. it has to be all good, mark. >> reporter: yes, two wins at home as you mentioned. joe flacco and the rest of the team have not played at their best. fitting that ravens great ray lewis was honored on the day that the ravens dominated a good houston texans defensive team. doss developed a touchdown with a punt for a touchdown in the second quarter. doss was cut by the ravens before the season started and is taking full advantage of a second chance while filling in for jacobi jones as a fill in man. >> i am confident with what i have to do. it's been a rocky, first couple
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of years but it's been amazing. hopefully i keep doing it. a total team win for the ravens and we asked you what was most impressive about the win over houston. >> i was most impressed by the defense. holding them to nine points. >> actually d backs in the front defensive line, stopping the run and stopping the pass and the whole shut down that texas saw offense. >> the run by ross and ray man there. >> pressure we get from the front four. >> i like the interception. the defense certainly impressive. >> defense, defense stepped up. defense looked awesome. >> reporter: a lot to be impress with that ravens defense. but they will likely be without jacobi. he suffered a knee injury. unlikely cody will play but there's good news for ray rice who missed yesterday with a hip injury. rice was close to playing yesterday and is in the
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ballpark for making his come back this sunday in buffalo. that's the latest from here in owings mills. now back to you. >> and be sure to stay tuned for our special postgame coverage. mark, marty, jessica and i. and former raven wally williams will bring you analysis and reaction. a full sports sunday. you know i don't bring the analysis. >> you can bring the analysis,. >> i just bring the pep. that's all. that's all. if you've flown on a plane recently then you've certainly heard a flight attendant say, turn off all your mobile devices. but that soon may change. the regulations the faa is looking to relax.
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>> and dignitaries are gathered to invite marching bands to march for the second time. and it is dawned the tall ships. a sunny and cool day in baltimore. don't miss the updated forewarning forecast with bob ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's sunny and 67 degrees maryland. the complete warning forecast is coming up. for the second time in three days passengers try to sneak a stun gun through security. the most recent case was sunday and the stun gun was found in a woman's bag.
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that gun was confiscated and the woman was allowed to go on her way. september17, a different woman was found with a pink stun gun. and there may soon be a change on what passenger are allowed to do on planes. the faa is thinking about relaxing their conditions on electronics. >> reporter: the faa is trying to find new ways to balance safety with electronics. >> my i pad. my laptop, and of course my iphone. >> reporter: like many passengers chris macoli stays fully connected when traveling by air. >> i've seen guys with two laptops, iphones, ipods, the whole nine yards. >> reporter: the faa created an advisory council to look into relaxing some of its inflight
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electronic regulations. >> i think you're going to see a relaxation in the use of these devices. >> reporter: generally passengers have to turn off all devices during take off and landing. but according to a report by the new york times, new guidelines might allow people to read e books, phone calls, text messages e-mail and the use of wifi will still be off limits. >> i would like to see them relax it enough to provide some actions i guess. as long as safety is not impacted. >> over the years pilots have reported hundreds of incidents where they believe a device may have interfered with the plane's instrument but there's no hard facts to report that. there's been a good deal of study done. the amazing part about it is it neither confirms or denies the fact that the interference can affect the airplane. >> i think people will be happier about it but if it
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affects safety i would rather not do it. >> reporter: now the faa does not have the authority to allow cell phones on airplanes because cell phones are actually regulated by the fcc and it has said that they interfere with cell phone towers on the ground. kai back to you. >> the council is expected to make its recommendation to the faa by the end of the month. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work let's check on the roads with parker shane at traffic control. >> reporter: hi kai. unusually heavy on the south side. on 295 and route 100 because of an accident that has been cleared. downtown heavy to laurel and some delays on 895 headed to the harbor tunnel. now if you're traveling on the topside interloop, as you cross over into delaney valley road you can see speeds of 18
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through that area. your delay is continued to bell air road. and from harrisburg to beyond shewan road. there was an accident on the outer loop it was cleared quickly at security boulevard. this report brought to you by sesame street live's all new make a new friend at the model at the lyrics september 27th through the 29th. tickets on sale now through ticket master, back to you. it is known as america's tall ships but the cutter eagle is much more than that. it's where future officers and the coast guard learned the ropes and this past weekend it was anchored in the inner harbor. >> on the main court, she ho. >> reporter: it was one more way the eagle seemed to be pulling everyone aboard into a by gone century when boats sailed the high seas.
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its mast is 57 highs. the captains teach fundamentals of the seaman ship. one example navigation without gps. they charted the course the old fashioned way. >> we're on the bottom of the sun is over top of us. >> reporter: west palmar, 27- year-old is head master and commander. >> it's an opportunity to take you back to the basics and how people navigated for hundreds of years before we had satellites in the sky. the eagle sailed for sailors in hitler's army. ever since generations of coast guard trainees aboard have literally learned the ropes. matt marlor is half way through officer candidate school. >> it was definitely an eye opening experience and one we will always take with us. >> challenging? >> challenging, i've never been so tired in my life.
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>> reporter: the eagle averaging four to five months at sea and is expected to go into a few months of maintenance so everybody gets a little break. >> beautiful. and a beautiful day. the air is going to be warmer the next couple of days. the dewpoint is way down as well. west-northwest winds at nine. the barometer on the way back up. come back and take a look at a perfect week right after this. ,
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well if you're happy with this weather you're going to love this week. it's going to be dry, sunny, school nights beautiful afternoons all week long. right now we're at 67. so far that's about the warmest i've seen in here. 67 up in elkton and only 50 in oakland. 66 down at the beach. locally temps in the low to mid- 60s. normal high is 75. we have a west-northwest wind any where from five to 12, 13 miles per hour. tonight the winds are diminished and temps will drop. we'll be in the low 40s by
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morning. it started out pretty chilly. to the west rain activity continues over portions of colorado today. not very good for those folks in the clean up. in the east, totally clear conditions around the entire eastern half of the country. so pleasant, dry, high pressure in control. all week long literally low pressure sinking to the south. we really don't see any rain at all for the next six or seven days. just dry conditions. a lot of sunshine. nice cool nights and it warming up to the low and mid-70s. just about average for this time of year, beautiful. northwest winds in the bay at four to 10 knots. bay temps down to 76. and sun sets at 7:01. the forecast it'll be clear. later on totally clear. maybe some patchy fog, mid-40s as an average. your high will be 44. tomorrow any patchy fog morning will quickly burn off by about
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8:00. sunshine for the most part all day long. for the high back up exactly where it's supposed to be this time of year. low humidity, comfortable conditions, all week long. once this starts to fall is absolutely perfect. >> what did we do to deserve it? >> by the way saturday, that was the heaviest rain we've had in the last two months. about .9 of an inch fell at the airport. but for the month of september we've only had 20% of our normal rainfall. we still need more rain. >> we can see it in the grass. thanks bob. and coming up, debt settlement. how attorneys of dzhokhar tsarnaev are trying to get it off the table. >> and new laws require new regulation. i'm pat warren in annapolis where gun control protesters stand outside a hearing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:30, 67 degrees and plenty of sunshine in maryland right now. good evening thank you for staying with eyewitness news. a legislative committee votes for new state gun laws. pat warren has more. >> reporter: that's right, the general assembly passed the law and then a committee has to approve a complicated set of regulations in order to implement the law and that
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rekindled the fire protest against the gun act. >> it was against the wishes of the people. the people showed up here in masses and still they refused to listen to up. >> reporter: craig lester was one of the thousands of protesters in rallies against gun control this year and he's back today to reregister his complaint. >> it's as if they're run amuck. they're not listening to us anymore. >> reporter: not more than the legislation listened to each other. >> they didn't know what they were doing. it's obvious that this bill is going to be extremely difficult to implement. >> reporter: none of the supporters expect it to be easy but that won't stop the process. >> i'm not against guns. i personally want to reduce violence. i have a process in place that makes sense. >> reporter: opponents of the law protesting on lawyers mall this morning say none of it makes sense to them. >> so i can talk to five other firearms dealers and we'll all have a different response to one particular regulation. so if we can't understand it.
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how is the common you know citizen going to understand it. >> reporter: it looks like they'll just have to do their home work. and despite some objections the committee approved regulation by a 9-6 vote, clearing the way for gun laws to take effect. a man shot to death in roseville is identified as david woto. police were called to alde rberg court around 3:00 yesterday morning. found the man dead inside the home. a preliminary investigation found shots were fired from outside. whoever did it took off. police believe this is not a random act. search suspended today t u.s. navy says it will stop losing for two missing airmen. they crashed yesterday in an mh60 night hawk helicopter like this one.
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the copter was flying over the sea. it's very unlikely the other two airmen will survive. the names of the two other airmen are not being released. today the attorneys of dzhokhar tsarnaev are in court. vic explains why. >> reporter: the 20-year-old faces capital charges in the april 16th bombings at the finish line of the boston marathon. eight people died and 200 were hurt in that attack. in court today, they said they did not have key evidence. a prosecutor argued its been almost six months since the bombing which is a reasonable amount of time. kai back to you. >> vic, thank you. eric holder will ultimately make the decision as to whether profession cue -- prosecutors will seek the death penalty. boston's police commissioner ed davis says today he is leaving the job at seven years. davis says it is time for a
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change for both him and the city. the 57-year-old says he is leaning heavily toward a fellowship at harvard university. maryland's unemployment rate continues to be below average. maryland is still recovering jobs it lost in the great rescission but the governor says the state is making strides. in the last 12 months he says maryland has created more than 43,000 new jobs. spending show down. there's just a week to go before the u.s. government runs out of money to operate. nancy cortis reports from washington. a spending bill now heads to the senate. with one week to go before the coffers run dry, house republicans are defending their strategy. >> we don't want to shut the government. i want to make it clear we want to shut down obama care. >> i don't think in america we
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should throw tantrum and hold the government captive. >> i think senate republicans are going to stand side by side with house republicans listening to the people and stopping this train wreck. >> reporter: most senate republicans say it's not worth the risk when democrats control the senate and the white house. oklahoma's tom coburn. >> i think it's a great attempt to raise the issue of some of the weaknesses and the problems with obama care. but it's not a tactic that we can actually carry out and be successful. >> reporter: if the house and senate are unable to reach an agreement by october 1st, millions of federal workers deemed nonessential will be furloughed with no guarantee they'll get back pay when the government reopens. social security checks and veterans benefits would go out but possibly late since fewer workers will be available to process the payments. national parks and museums
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would be closed. the senate vote is expected to take place later this week. apple announces record breaking sales. they've nearly doubled the 5 million iphones apple sold during the first three days of the iphone five when it was on sale last year. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you will find tomorrow on the baltimore sun. a preview of the city's second largest convention of the year natural products expo east which opens on thursday. and a look ahead to what we're lookly to see as the orioles wrap up the regular season. for all these stories and a whole lot more read tomorrow's baltimore sun. look for the latest weather forcast from the wjz team.
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and every student is hoping to be good enough to play with their school band. if they're good enough, they will play at disneyland. >> reporter: a little snow on the ground doesn't deter a quality marching band. they spent hours perfecting their act. but if you really have your stuff together you get to fly your flag here, england. this is 2007 and guess what -- >> thanks to our performance we received another invitation. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: in appreciate the band played for the invited guests. much to the delight of the
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superintendent. >> to get nominated to this and to be invited once is monumental. but to get it two times is just phenomenal. we've been known as one of the best systems in the country for music education. it's solidified today with this. >> reporter: everyone appreciates hard work. this is one of the largest new year's day parade in the world. what do they see in our kids? >> they're wonderful. >> reporter: delaney to panama. only a handful of schools in our hemisphere get invited. >> i think it's wonderful. to learn how they choreograph and play. they're just jolly good. >> reporter: well said. >> all of the money will be raised by the students and their parents. >> lots of bake sales, candy sales. and other creative ways. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news.
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speaking out, amanda knox is defending her choice to not return to france for her trial. what she has to say coming up. the song and dance that is the emmy's. we have a wrap up of the funny and emotional ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a beautiful dry fall day in the region. it's going to be chilly overnight tonight. chelsea is out back to look at your forecast. >> a little cooler as we start out tomorrow morning. we will see patchy fog, that will diminish by about 10:00 a.m. by the afternoon we'll be up in the low to mid-70s. plenty of sunshine across the board. temperatures dropping into the mid- to upper 60s for the most of us. let's go back inside to bob for a look at the next five days. >> a lot of sunshine for the next five days. a little bit above average for thursday and friday. 78 to start the weekend and
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mostly sunny skies again. mary. >> thank you. clean up is under way in southern china after a typhoon bore ashore. it took down trees and power lines and forced airlines to cancel dozens of flights. at least 15 people were killed. the typhoon was the strongest in the nation's history with 52- mile-per-hour winds. and four costa concordia officials were sentenced to jail in july for their part in the disaster. the wreck of the cruise liner was turned up right last week as part of a lengthy salvage operation. amanda knox is defending her decision not to return to italy for a retrial in the killing of her british roommate six years ago. that trial is set to begin next
5:44 pm
week. knox said she is too scared to go back to italy to be retried. she spent six years in an italian jail already. now the court wants them back. >> i do, people may say why not go back if you are innocent and you have nothing to fear or nothing to hide why would you not go back. >> nothing to fear? i have plenty to fear. because i was already inprisoned wrongfully. i was already convicted wrongfully. >> knox talked to british broadcasters from seattle where she returned since being sent free. her lawyer will represent her instead. sheriff deputies in wise texas say they found two adults and three children dead inside a home. rice is located south of dallas. deputies have responded to the home at least four times before. officials say the investigation is concentrated inside the home as a murder suicide.
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they do not have any reason to believe anybody else was involved. no word on how the family died. the governor of illinois is considering bringing in the national guard following last week's mass shooting at a park in chicago. but this weekend, there's a surprising new side of hope. ted rolland has more. >> reporter: the assault rifle shooting in park of 3-year-old deonte howard and 12 others thursday is an example of how bad chicago's problem with gang violence can be. >> but saturday there was this example of hope. rival gangs together playing basketball. >> if you bring everybodytogether. you work as a team. accomplish our goals and move on. we leave all the gang banging for the streets. >> reporter: called the peace tournament, the gang basketball games included nba star rose and hall of famer isaiah thomas both chicago natives all pushing for peace. the event is run by father
5:46 pm
michael flager who spent the last 30 years trying to stop gang violence. >> i want to just balance it. there's this horrible thing of violence on thursday. this wonderful thing of peace on saturday. >> reporter: how to find that balance is the problem. illinois's governor is suggesting bringing in the national guard. >> at some point they're going to have to leave. and then what? you're still left with the same issues. mayor rahm emmanuel is frustrated he has not been able to fix the problem. >> we will not allow the children in the city of chicago to have their youthfulness, optimism, their hope taken from them. >> reporter: the number of chicago homicides is actually down compared to last year by 21%. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. denise is standing by with a preview for us. denise. >> reporter: mary, corruption scandal, drugs sex and
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contraband behind bars. the member accused of being the master mind. at 6:00, a new plea deal in the case. and check in for these stories and all the breaking news coming up all new at 6:00. now back to kai. tv honored its best and brightest last night in the emmy awards. >> reporter: nancy you are literally pulling an all nighter and you look fantastic. so good to have you on the show. >> you're very kind jessica. i am pulling an all nighter. absolutely zero sleep. that's what it is to cover the emmy's. you go all night long because there's people to talk to after the win, there's parties throughout the night. it's all work. it feels like play but it's still work. >> i would imagine it never gets old. what were the highlights last night for you? >> oh gosh. there were so many highlights. one of my favorite is jim parsons because i'm a big fan
5:48 pm
of the big bang theory and i'm such a big fan of his. he was just so emotional as you saw when he gave his speech on stage and i talked to him why he was so emotional and here's what he had to say. >> how does it feel? >> this is the most dream like trip i've had here. i just felt like one boy only deserves so much good fortune in a weird way. you know what i mean. i just, the numbers game alone to be invited here with -- it's just. i don't know really. it's really touching. >> he is so very deserving. having won like three in the past four years that's what he means that he deserves that much luck. and that he was just overwhelmed because of the moment and not realizing that he would win yet once dependence. >> - - yet once again. >> and a lot of talk about michael douglas. >> yes, because he arrived on
5:49 pm
the red carpet with zetta jones. i asked him about his relationship and he's very open on where they are. >> how are you holding up with everything that has been going on. >> we're fine. we're taking a little break. we've talked, everything is going to be fine and i'm very hopeful. >> as we all are. they make a great couple. and there was a ton of fashion. did you have a fashion favorite on the red carpet? >> i loved all of them. sofia vergara always looking great. and we love dryfus because they film here in baltimore. >> you get much more emmy wrap up tonight on entertainment tonight. thank you for having me. >> thank you. a very large surprise for residents near broomfield colorado. a moose is spotted wandering around yards and neighborhood
5:50 pm
streets. now wildlife officials have been called in to track the animals whereabouts. moose tracks. residents have been told to leave that moose alone. the hope is it will leave the area without stirring up any trouble. >> there's a cute song called there's a moose on the lose. >> there's a game called there's a moose on the loose too. >> we should be playing that. practicing for a plane ride for special needs children. gets to go through the airport without that routine rush. a look at the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for families with an autistic child air travel could be a huge task. now an airline is offering them a new experience. >> reporter: their youngest child calem has autism. the 4-year-old has never been on a plane. calem often acts out in unfamiliar settings especially when there's a lot of noise and activity. >> being out in public and doing things with him is very difficult. >> reporter: the prices and 100 other families who have autistic children are getting a chance to practice the entire travel experience. jet blue airways and autism speaks sponsored a program at jfk new york airport. families lined up for check in. boarded a real aircraft then taxied around the airport. >> this is an environment where everybody has been trained and they're supportive. >> reporter: parents of children with autism say one of the toughest part of the travel period is the time to turn off
5:55 pm
all devices. >> jet blue says they plan to roll out similar programs in boston, orlando, fort lauderdale and san juan in the near future. >> with the change of the electronic devices, maybe they can play it during take off and landing. it's a purple monday after another ravens ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up right now on eyewitness news at 6:00. ravens involved in an overnight incident. what head coach john harbaugh had to say tonight. and a parent arrested at a school board meeting. what it has to do with a new teaching initiative. a 16 -month-old girl is dead and now officials are investigating. what the girl's mother told us,
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coming up ahead. mall massacre, do kenyan authorities finally have control of the situation? check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. # hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a brawl in a party bus injured a ravens player. jones was hurt when he was hit over the head with a champane bottle. megan joins us with reaction from coach harbaugh. >> reporter: the ravens did confirm


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