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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> party brawl. a wild night in d.c. leaves a star ravens player hurt when he's hit over the head with a champagne bottle. >> i don't think it's anything to be proud of. >> tonight how the coach, the fans and the super bowl champion team are taking the news. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> a beloved baltimore raven injured by a stripper. jacoby jones was on a party bus after sunday's win when things got out of hand. the incident making national headlines. here's meghan mccorkell with details. >> reporter: off john harbaugh says he is not impressed with the early morning antics of some of his team.
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>> caught for the first down. >> reporter: jacoby jones used to getting hit on the football field but he was far from the ravens stadium when he took a hard hit early monday morning. according to a report that first appeared on tmz, jones seen here in a photo was attending a birthday party at a d.c. nightclub. he was inside a party bus with other ravens players when a brawl broke out and an exotic dancer smashed jones in the head with a giant sam pain bottle. on the -- champagne bottle. on the right you can see the bottle in question. a police source says jones was profusely bleeding. >> it's not something we want to be known for. i would like to think it's not something the guys want to be known for. it's nothing to be proud of. >> reporter: ravens fans say they're not impressed either. >> i'm a little disappointed because we expect more for our players. >> it was after hours, coming home from a birthday party. i can't imagine what was going on in the bus.
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>> reporter: ray lewis says the incident shows a lack ofleadership on the ravens teams. >> when you have an incident like last night, the thing a leader will do is find some way to dissolve it before it comes to that type of head. >> reporter: team officials say jones is fine. he and mckinney attended practice sessions monday. and coach harbaugh says he has spoken with the team about the incident, telling them nothing good ever happens after midnight. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you, meghan. mckinney has seen similar trouble in the past in 2006, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct along with several of his minnesota vikings teammates after they were accused of performing sex acts in public on a boat. a volatile situation in kenya where terrorists took control of a mall killing
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dozens of people. a maryland woman narrowly escaped the gunfire. kai jackson has the worldwide impact of the ongoing attack. >> reporter: the world is watching the events unfolding inkenya and that includes people in maryland with close ties to that nation. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: gun fair continued for a third straight day in nairobi, kenya. a terrorist attack at an upscale mall killed more than 60 people and left police battling with the gunman to end the siege. >> a lot of casualties rushed in, hurt, we're just trying to get them in and treated as fast as we could. >> reporter: the assault started saturday when gunmen stormed the west gate shopping mall. al qaeda linked terrorist group is claiming responsibility for the attack. the state department says americans are among the injured. president obama has even spoken with kenya's president. >> to the kenyan people, we stand with them against this terrible operation that's occurred. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating claims that
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american citizens were involved in the attack. sara head of silver spring montgomery county resident was in kenya on business. she was at the mall when the attack happened. >> there was quite a bit of gunshots initially and after that we didn't hear anything for quite awhile. people began to calm down. it got quite hall. >> terrorism has no place anywhere. >> reporter: he's a computer trainer in baltimore county. he's from kenya and has lived in the united states for 20 years. he believes the attack is retaliation for keep i can't's effort to help -- kenya's effort to help stablize nearby somalia. >> i think this is a payback, stay out of our country, our business, something like that. >> reporter: he also believes that someone gave those terrorists safe haven. he says when they're eliminated it will help root out that activity. back to you. president obama plans to provide whatever law enforcement support the kenyan government may need. one person was struck and killed by a commuter train in
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prince george's county tonight halting train rides back to baltimore. it happened near baltimore avenue and decatur street in hyattsville. the pedestrian was found dead at the scene. a train derailment caused problems on the eastern shore this afternoon. you can see where the rail cars left the tracks. one tipped over outside fredericksburg. the derailment caused a hazmat spill that is being detained. a local parent clashes with administrators at a town hall meeting. he's dragged away by police. derek valcourt explains why prosecutors decided to drop all charges against him. >> reporter: parent adam small decided to speak up rather than write down his questions at a town hall style meeting with baltimore county school officials. that's when a security officer stepped in flashing his police badge. >> i won't stand for this. you're sitting here like cows.
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>> reporter: small was literally pushed and pulled out of the meeting, handcuffed and charged with assaulting an officer. >> i was outraged when i saw the video of what happened to this father. >> reporter: stephanie morgan joined small in raising concerns about what's called the common core state standards, new curriculum implemented this year in math and language arts and new standardized testing all designed to make sure graduating seniors meet basic skills to prepare for college or the work force. maryland was the first of 45 states that voluntarily signed on. they insist teachers will still have lots of control over instructing. >> there will be a focus on critical thinking, on applying what they learned to real life situations. >> what's wrong with that? >> it doesn't meet the specific needs each each child. children learn differently. they don't all learn the same. >> reporter: as for that outspoken dad, the baltimore state's attorney says while the
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dad did disrupt the meeting and while the police officer did act appropriately, the state's attorney says further prosecution in this case would not accomplish anything. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. baltimore county superintendent admits they learned a lesson from the town hall meeting and can do a better job of explaining common core. for the second final in a week a tsa agent sees a woman with a stun gun. it was in a georgia woman afters carry on bag friday morning as it went through the x-ray machine. three days ago a puerto rico woman tried to bring one. they're forbidden on planes but the faa may soon relax row strikeses on other gadgets. you may not have to power down purchase electron particulars in time for takeoff.
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>> reporter: like many passengers, he stays fully connected when traveling by air. generally passengers have to turn off all devices during landing and takeoff. but because so many people are so technically dependent, the faa is looking into relaxing some of its inflight electronic restrictions. the advisory county's recommendations are expected this week. >> i think you're going to see a liberalization of the usage of these personal electronic devices. >> reporter: according to a report by the "new york times" new guidelines may allow people to read ebooks, listen to podcasts and watch videos gate to gate. phone calls, e-mails and the use of wi-fi will still be off limits. >> i would like to provide some options, i guess, as long as safety is not impacted. >> reporter: over the years pilots and mechanics have reported hundreds of incidents where they believe a device may have interfered with the plane's instruments but so far there's no hard evidence to support that. >> there's actually been a good
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deal of study done. the unfortunate part about it, it's neither confirmed nor denied the fact that electro magnetic interference can effect the performance. >> reporter: many travelers said they would ditch their device if it made things safer. >> i think people would be happier with it but if it affects safety i would rather not do it. >> reporter: the faa doesn't have the authority to allow cell phones on airplanes because they're regulated by the fcc. the council is expected to make its recommendation to the faa by the end of the month. if approved, changes could take effect next year. one of baltimore's most promising orioles suffered an injury. machado was taken off a stretcher tonight. sports director has the latest on machado's condition. mark viviano. >> we expect an announcement from the orioles tomorrow after the team's doctors look at
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anmri of his left knee. we know he played his last game this season. the injury occurred at tampa bay. he steps awkwardly and twists his left knee crumbling to the ground in pain. the worst fear is that the orioles 21-year-old all-star will need surgery that could jeopardize his ability to play next season. again the o's will make an announcement on the extent of machado's injury before their game at camden yards tomorrow. he was with the team on their flight home. he has started every game for the orioles since making his major league debut last august. that's more than 200 games in a row. >> mark will have much more on the o's painful loss including reaction coming up later in sports. >> bad luck. coming up, hate crime under investigation. >> one of them said get them osama and the terrorists. >> why this columbia professor believes he was targeted by a
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group of attacksers. iphone obsession, now see which ones are selling for thousands of dollars apiece. amanda knox back on trial. why the italian supreme court says not so fast. that story next. more sunny dry days ahead. i'm bob turk, your completely first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is clear, 51 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. the strongest pacific storm of the year has made landfall in southern china. this is some of the destruction typhoon usage has caused. the -- usagi has caused. 3 1/2 million have been affected by the flooding and power outages. the heavy wind and rain caused air and train delays in the province. new york police say they are treating an attack on a new york university professor as a hate crime. two dozen boys on bicycles yelled osama at him. he says they knocked him to the ground and began punching him. he says a man and woman helped break up the attack. he was treated for an injury to his jaw. tonight we learned two men have been charged in the mass shooting at a chicago park.
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13 people were injured on thursday night including a 3- year-old boy. they were caught in the crossfire of a drug dispute between two rival street gangs. the attack led the governor of illinois to offer the services of the national guard and help chicago deal with their violence program. chicago mayor says the city's violence reduction strategy is working. he went on to say help is needed but in the form of tougher gun laws. one week before she is set to be retried for her roommate's murder, amanda knox speaks out about the charges she was once acquitted of. knox says she will not return to italy to face the italian supreme court. this time she will watch the case play out from the u.s. mary bubala has her comments tonight. >> reporter: amanda knox told british tv anchor she is too scared to go back to italy to be tried again for murder. >> i would do anything to prove my innocence. >> reporter: she spent four years in an italian prison for the murder of her roommate. she and her ex-boyfriend were
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acquitted in 2011. now the court wants them back. >> people may see why not go back if you're innocent and you have nothing to fear or nothing to hide. why would you not go back? >> nothing to fear? i've plenty to fear, because i was already imprisoned wrongfully, i was already convicted wrongfully. >> reporter: knox talked to british broadcasters in seattle. she returned there after being set free and secured a book deal reportedly worth millions of dollars. now she says she can't afford to return to italy and stay for the entire trial. her lawyers will represent her instead. the 26-year-old was asked if she would take a lie detector test. >> a lie detector test would be just -- i would be fine with that. >> reporter: the only person behind bars for the murder is rudy giludi who knew knox and her boyfriend at the time. he is serving a 16-year jail sentence. the retrial was ordered because of inconsistencies in the appeal courts decision to free
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amanda knox. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, knox's book waiting to be heard has not been published in britain or italy because publishers are there are reportedly afraid of being sued by her enemies. former nfl player brian holloway offered up redemption to teens who damaged his home in an out of control party. he asked them to come and help clean up. so far only a few showed up. he reached out to the teens by posting their pictures and tweets from the party on his own website. some parents are threatening to sue holloway for doing that. apple's newest iphone model is starting its own gold rush. since friday 9 million have been sold. the gold colored 5s models are being treated like real gold. one just sold on ♪1 e 0 bay for over $10,000. the lack of phones is causing the dem/?txuit shows your phone not only has to ring, it has to
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have somebling. >> i know one person who will never have that phone. >> bob turk? >> bob turk. >> not a chance. i'll stand by my old one. you know. don't have those anymore. but my parents did forever. take a look at temps and conditions right now. we have 51. no wind at all. humidity 82%. the barometer rising again. dew points in mid-40s. that's about where it's going to end up by tomorrow morning. chilly night. 41 in oakland. they'll be down a few more degrees and upper 30s. 53 in hagerstown. only 46 at the airport in ocean city, away from the influence of the ocean. sandy soil, clear skies, light wind, temperatures can drop like a rock. salisbury has the same problem. 46 dew point. that means most places will be in the mid-40s by morning. and some low 40s in some spots. 56 in athens. by the bay it will be quite a bit milder. maybe as much as 8 or 10
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degrees. winds are just about dead calm. we could see a little patchy fog forming overnight. shower activity continues over much of central and northern florida. naples, they've had heavy showers in portions of the area. west of us, some shower activity. we think it may be the first snow of the season in come of the northern rockies up around 10,000 feet, which is pretty common. they did get rain in portions of colorado today. they don't need that. here in the east, big area of high pressure. the entire eastern half of the country with the exception of national radar under generally clear and very pleasant conditions. very dry air will stay with us tomorrow, wednesday, thursday. looks like this, high pressure is going to still be here for friday, saturday, and sunday, maybe even next week. very little changes. so if you like this kind of weather, you can enjoy this whole week. pleasant and dry. cool, pleasant nights and very nice sunny dry afternoons.
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on the bay tomorrow, a light northwest wind, 5 maybe 10 knots at times. bay temp around 73 degrees. sunrise 6:56. tonight clear and chilly, down in the mid-40s. could be a little bit of patchy fog in some locations. some of those valleys will fog up a little bit. morning fog burning off, pickly on the eastern shore. sunshine 75 in the afternoon. really nice week. look at these temperatures. generally right about or slightly above average, 78, 78, 76, that's about normal. and 78, lots of sunshine to start the weekend as well. denise, vic. >> thank you, bob, coming up an oriole star is injured and a losing streak continues. >> tough time for the team. mark has the latest including orio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, mark is here with our
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wjz 13 the sports fan report. another blow to the orioles. >> this is a september to remember. the loss of manny machado to a knee injury piles more pain on on to a late season orioles collapse. we showed you the injury earlier. the o's now await an mri on machado's left knee. he was taken off in the 7th inning. the o's were leading by two runs. more pain in the bottom of the 7th. a diving catch but he'll come down and his head collides with the knee of mark. the ball falls free. two runs scored. game tied. shaken up, suffering a possible concussion. then in the bottom of the ninth, tampa bay wins the game when pinch hitter james loney hits a home run off tommy hunter. everything that could go wrong for the o's goes wrong. a 5-4 defeat, losing all games
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at tampa bay, five overall and playoff hope is just about dashed. >> it's frustrating because our guys left it all out on the field. it's a group that the city ofbaltimore and our fans should feel real proud of. a couple of unfortunate injuries on the field, but that's really where my heart is right now regardless of the way the game ended. >> four and a half games behind in the wild card race with just six games to play. the orbs' take on toronto at camden yards tomorrow night. to football now. the ravens have their share of aches and pains. terrence cody and witha knee sprain. running back ray rice is making progress and may be able to play sunday. bernard pierce filled in for rice and got most of the carries yesterday. whether it's pierce or rice, the running game has been slow to get going this season. their average yard per carry rankings near the bottom of the league. that's something that coach john harbaugh addressed today. >> but our running game is not
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where it needs to be. we're going to go to work on that. we have been working on it. we'll continue to do so. philosophically we're going to stick witness. it's something that we think is important. we're going to be able to run the ball here. it's just part of our dna. it's part of who we are as a football team. >> the ravens travel to new york to battle the buffalo bills sunday. the game you believing see here on wjz. when the game is done we have highlights and reaction from the locker room, plus analysis with former raven wally. again, orioles back in town tomorrow. about the end of the season for them. >> the fans will give them a good warm welcome. still to come, moose on the loose. >> what do you do when a 1,000 pound wild animal visits your front door? we'll find o,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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colorado neighborhood had an interesting visitor during breakfast. a moose was wandering around the streets and drew a crowd but the moose pretty much stayed to himself. he eventually ran past a couple of schools before wildlife officials were able to fran whichlize the animal -- tranquilize the animal. he was safely taken back to the woods in time for lunchtime. a runner in illinois got a unique view of a marathon and provided entertainment. he ran the 26.2 miles backwards while juggling three balls. it took him about six hours to finish the quad city's marathon. he said the crowd energy helped him complete the race. when asked why he did it, he said it was a bucket list it,,,,
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