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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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with everything. go! gooo! but instead she gives him capri sun. with absolutely no artificial preservatives. this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood,
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now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. deadly police pursuit, three people are killed in a north baltimore accident. what happened in the seconds before. hello again i'm jessica kartalija and here's what people are talking about today. an extensive investigation is underway this noon. three people are dead after an accident following a police pursuit. wjz has been on the scene all morning. mike schuh is live with the latest on the two vehicle crash that shut down york road for hours. mike. >> reporter: good afternoon everyone. police are very concerned about what happened here at northern parkway and york road after three people died following an attempted traffic stop in which the suspects fled. >> this is what a neighbor sees when he walks out the front door. both cars on fire, paramedics trying to pull a woman of the burning jeep. >> and that's when the whole scene unfolded. everything was like on fire.
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>> that crumpled ball is a honda. >> the officers followed the vehicle for some time, which got them to the intersection of northern parkway and york. >> and it's here the honda north on york broadsides this jeep. >> and they are also working on the jeep. they have like a crowbar to open the door because they couldn't get the door open and then the paramedics came and everything unfolded from there. >> there were two people in the suspect's car. one seen here being worked on by firefighters. >> as a result of that collision, two individuals in the first vehicle that was initially observed by the officer succumbed to the injuries of the traffic collision. >> but the driver of the jeep walks away. >> when i came out he was just walking out. somebody was helping him walk from that area. >> police swarmed the scene. investigators reconstructing
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what happened, keen to know if their undercover officers were chasing a suspect in violation of its restrictive pursuit policy. >> we have a lot of questions right now. and we have more questions than answers. what we know is tragically three individuals lost their lives and we will do everything to make sure we recreate the scene. that we identify what happened and what our involvement was and that's what we're trying to do tonight. >> reporter: police have not yet identified anyone involved in this incident. reporting live in north baltimore mike schuh wjz eyewitness news. back to you. a short timing a all roads were reopened to traffic. we'll have more on this story coming up today at 4, 5, and 6. the deadly siege in a nairobi shopping mall is in its fourth day. explosions and gunfire continue as soldiers comb the four-story shopping complex in search of remaining militants. alphonso van marsh reports for
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wjz. >> this grainy security photo shows two of the gunmen who launched the attack on nigh row nairobi's mall. at least three kenyan soldiers died on the fourth day of the siege that's killed more than 60 people. there is confusion over who is still holding hostages in the burning mall popular with expatriots and wealthy kenyans. al-shabaab is claiming responsibility calling it revenge for kenyan attacks. >> we're not weak and we're saying to them you should tell the kenyans to stop their aggression if you want to be safe. >> those who escaped the mall massacrer said at least one of the militants was a woman. kenya's foreign minister says the attacker are not only somali. >> from the information that we have, two or three americans. >> u.s. officials did not confirm the claims. mourners wait outside the morgue for word about their
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missing loved ones. the dead come from at least a dozen countries including england, france and canada. kenyan authorities warn there will be more bodies. alphonso van marsh cbs news. >> two women with ties to maryland were caught in the gunfire at the mall. sarah head from montgomery managed to escape. 33-year-old elif yavuz and her husband were killed in that assault. new details today on how the navy yard shooter may have slipped through the cracks of security. aaron alexis did not include information about a firearms arrest when he applied for security clearance in the navy. a background check noted the arrest but not the alleged use of a handgun. the u.s. navy says it will have personnel get ahold of all police records connected to potential employees or contractors. 12 people plus alexis died in the massacre last week. today maryland's attorney general doug gansler officially kicks off his tubetorial
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campaign. his candidacy sets the stage for a fiercely competitive contest for the democratic nomination. anthony brown and heather my my sewer are campaigning to replace o'malley. manny machado is taken off the field in a stretcher. wjz is live in the newsroom with the latest on his injury. >> such bad news. machado is set to have an mri on his left knee today. the video is hard to watch. manny ran to beat out an infield single in the 7th inning of yesterday's game. he hit the baseball awkwardly and tumbling on to the ground. he was in pain and spent several minutes on the ground. the heartbreaking development just as the orioles last hope for a playoff run slips away. they're expected to make an announcement today about his condition. >> hard to watch.
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thank you. tampa bay won the game in the 9th and the o's playoff hopes are just about dashed. john harbaugh says the incident is not something we want to be known for and nothing to be proud of. of course we were talking about the jacoby jones incident. we'll have more on that coming up. meanwhile let's turn to weather. the skies are clear today. the sun is shining brightly, taking a live look outside at a very comfortable afternoon out there. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. marty is out enjoying the crisp weather in the outback. meteorologist chelsea ingram joins us in the first warning weather center. hello jessica, hi everyone. temperatures sitting on the cool side out there. take a look across the region. we have a lot of 60s, 65 in baltimore, 67 in d. c. we are going to be warming up a little more than we were yesterday. low temperatures, 43 degrees that was our low temperature. we hit that this morning at bwi marshall. we'll have another cool night
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tonight. looking at sunny skies out there, just a few clouds located down towards our south. we will expect to see plenty of sunshine throughout the day. heading into tomorrow marty's in the outback with those details. thanks, hi everybody, short sleeved weather today and tomorrow. take a look at the graphics. high pressure still controls our weather. you see those clouds down there, it will continue to suppress that energy from moving into our slice of the mid-atlantic. just look forward to not only one but many days of dry and pleasant weather. how much so, details coming. meteorologist chelsea ingram with our first warning weather segment. now we'll throw it back inside. thank you. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon. president obama takes the world stage. the tough talk about the civil war in syria. >> and outside right now as we just showed you, the weather is glorious, clear skies, mild temperatures, don't miss your
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it's sunny, 65 degrees here in central maryland right now. your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. the world is watching closely
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as president obama addresses the un general assembly today. the white house says the president's speech will address diplomatic issues in iran and syria. sherry coo duncan reports for wjz from the united nations. >> president obama took the world stage focusing his address to the un general assembly on the civil war in syria. he said the united nations must enforce the ban on chemical weapons. >> if we cannot agree even on this it will show the united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic laws. >> the president opened the door to a new relationship with iran which has a new moderate president. president obama said iran will have to stick to its promise not to develop nuclear weapons. >> to concede conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. >> the big question is whether
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president obama will meet with iran's new president, the heads of each government haven't met face-to-face since 1979. the president said for the rest of his time in office, america's diplomatic efforts will focus on iran's nuclear ambitions. >> the real breakthroughs on these two issues would have a profound and positive impact on the entire middle east and north africa. >> the president said the u.s. will remain engaged in the middle east. president obama is also attending a health forum with former president bill clinton in new york today. ravens coach john harbaugh is speaking out after a star play is injured. jacoby jones was inside a party bus when a brawl broke out and an exotic dancer allegedly hit jones on the head with a giant
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champagne bottle. one of joneses' teammates is speaking out about the incident. >> people make mistakes. things happen. you never know when you're not there you can't really judge on what happened, so you know, we love jacoby. we're behind him 100% in everything. >> head coach john harbaugh says it's not something we want to be known for and it's nothing to be proud of. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at noon, clear skies on a very sunny autumn afternoon. meteorologist chelsea ingram is updating your first warning weather forecast. >> first here's a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back everyone. another absolutely stellar day out there for us, and really a stellar forecast too. temperatures still sitting a little on the cool side. the good news is we are going to be warmer today than we were yesterday. right now sitting in the mid- 60s in central maryland, right at 65 degrees or 64 at easton. mid-60s on the eastern shore. coolest spots of course in western maryland. locally seeing temperatures in the 60s as well. 61 in rock hall. 63 degrees right now in bel air. westminster at 59. they'll be in the 60s here shortly. wind generally speaking are coming out of the north. as we head into the afternoon
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or the latter part of the afternoon they're going to shift. that westerly flow is what's going to help us warm up a few degrees more than we were at least yesterday because we had northerly winds yesterday. the big picture showing high pressure in control. that's this area of clear, dry air. that's going to control our forecast as we head into the next several days, everyone through the weekend. we thought we might see a disturbance make its way into the forecast by sunday night. that's going to hold off at least until monday or tuesday. another beautiful weekend in store, too. here we go, things play out like this with high pressure staying in the control. that's going to slip to our south by wednesday. see a little extra cloud cover from that. otherwise still dry weather for us. 73 degrees on the bay, wind out of the north around 10 knots by the afternoon shifting again out of the west. here's what you can expect for today. highs around 75 degrees. we'll be mostly sunny and pleasant. could see a little patchy fog developing as we head into the overnight hours. 49 degrees a cool and chilly
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night. california's style. >> yes, we love that style. >> of course we do. >> thank you. the ravens take the show on the road with a matchup against the buffalo bills in new york. you can see the game next sunday at 1:00 only on wjz 13, and then make sure to stay tuned for our special postgame coverage. join me mark, marty, mary and former raven wally williams as we bring you the highlights reaction and analysis. a full football sunday right here on wjz. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, do you want to feel less guilty about your french fries, coming up what burger king is now offering its customers. >> and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on for instant updates log on to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's wjz health watch, the fda says it plans to regulate the expanding universe of mobile health apps for smartphones and tablets. tens of thousands of apps have spunked of in -- sprung up in recent years. they will subject to the same regulatory standards that apply to medical devices. apps that count steps or calories will not be regulated.
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midday naps for children improve learning skills. they tested the memory skills of preschoolers after they napped and after they skipped a nap. kids that stayed awake forgot 15% of the information they learned in the morning while children who nabbed remembered everything. burger kinshasa it has the skinny on the french fry. they're launching what it calls satisf fries. they have about 20% fewer calories. burger king says a small order is 270-calories because the new batter doesn't absorb as much oil. regular fries are 340-calories. be sure to check in with wjz eyewitness news today at 4, 5, and 6. we'll keep you updated on the story we've been following all morning. a deadly crash in north baltimore following a police pursuit. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> and who's really in charge of the situation at the westgate mall in kenya. the violence continues. join us for these stories and
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all the day's breaking news today at 4 after dr. phil. >> please stay with us. chelsea and marty will have your five-day forecast next. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price.
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boy oh boy is it nice outside. marty with a look at your next five days out back. >> looks like they're going to be just as nice. today the mid-70s. tomorrow we're talking about temperatures closer to 80. same deal on thursday and friday, saturday, and sunday.
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76 maybe a couple degrees warmer on your car thermometer. it's looking good. now back inside. >> nice, marty thank you. and don't miss tonight's cbs prime time lineup. at 10 it's the season premier of person of interest right here on wjz followed by eyewitness news at 11. and say good-bye to a symbol of the 60s counter culture movement. the last volkswagen bus will roll off the assembly line after 60 years of production. production is stopping because the van no longer meets safety requirements. bummer. >> what are we going to do? >> i don't know. the van is a classic. my brother actually wanted one when he turned 16 and we looked all over to try to find one. and they're not easy to find. and they're not cheap anymore, either. they're classic. what else do you want to know about bw buses? >> you seem to know it all. >> right. well, thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz
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maryland's news station. hopefully with what we're wearing we didn't make you too dizzy at home. i'm filling in for don again tomorrow. have a great day everyone. >> we will see you later, be sure to join us at 4, 5, and 6 and you can always visit for the latest news and your updated ,,,,,,,,,,
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