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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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navy warship in the mediterranean tonight interrogating one of the most-wanted terror suspects in theñi world. abs in a al-libi, a 49-year-old libyan, is charged in the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in tanzania and kenya thatñi killedñtr 224 people,ñi includi& americans. u.s. commandosñi capturedñi himr the weekend in libya. the government wants face justice, but the slope thar he will also information about al qaeda. justice correspondent bob orr has the latest. >> abu anasñi al lib sbi being held aboard this navy ship in the mediterranean sea. sources say al-libi, who was part of osama bin laden's inner circumstance until the mid-'90s is being trained by a specially trained team of c.i.a. and counterterrorism experts. the so-called high value detainee interrogation group i'r
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pressing him for intelligence about the al qaeda networkñr and potential attack plans. al-libi, who spent years as a foreign operative for al qaeda, was captured just after dawn saturday on thisñiñr street bacn his homeland of libya. u.s. army delta force commandos suddenly converged in three or four vehicles near al-libi's home in tripoli. his family told reporters the commandos wearing masks surrounded al-libi's car, smashed the windows and whisked him away. al-libi is under indictment in new york, accused of helping to plan the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in africa. federal prosecutors say al-libi did surveillance for al qaeda prior to the attacks, taking pictures of potential targets. sources say he is also a computer expert and the likely author of this al qaeda training manual which lays out step by step instructions for launching any major terror attack. the guide was discovered in al-libi's computer files in 2000 when scotland yard raided a british safe house where he'd
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stayed. now, sources say eventually al-libi will be brought to new york, read his rights and face charges in federal court there. but investigators are in flo no particular hurry to make that transfer because, if al-libi proves to be a cooperative prisoner at sea, scott, he can be there for white a while. >> pelley: bob, thank you. the target of another u.s. raid over the weekend was a kenyan terror suspect wanted in plot to attack the parliament building there and u.n. headquarters in nairobi. but the mission to capture him in shol ya had to be aborted. more about that now from national security correspondent david martin. >> reporter: his face has never been seen by the public but he goes by the name ikrima and he is a senior planner for the somali terrorist group known as al-shabaab. he will now also be known as the one who got away from seal team 6 who failed to capture anymore a pre-dawn raid. the seals came out of the india ocean in small boats but were
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spotted as they moved toward the seaside come bound where they believe ikrima lived. a fire fight broke out. with the element of surprise gone, the seals had lost their chance to take him alive. the seal commander could have called in an air strike in an attempt to kill ikrima, but they were too many civilians, including children, in the compound. instead, he ordered his known withdraw back to their boats and to a navy ship offshore. there were no casualties among the seals. one or two ikrima's men are believed to have been killed or wounded. the aborted raid came just two weeks after al-shabaab launched the attack on the west gate shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. an official said the operation to snatch ikrima had been in the works long before that. officials briefed on the operation said the seal commander made the right call in deciding to withdraw. the seals had not expected to find so many women and children, in effect human shields, inside the compound. >> pelley: david martin at the
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pentagon for us tonight. david, thank you. remnants of tropical storm karen met up today with a huge storm system moving from west-to-east, bringing severe weather from the carolinas all the way up toñi vermont. a school bus overturned this morning on a muddy road in north carolina. nine students were taken to the hospital but theñr injuries ar serious. when the weather service in anchorage, alaska, put out its forecast last friday, it seemedi like any other-- until you look closely. the first letter of each lineñr spells out "pleaseñi pay us." turns out, the staff is working without pay during the federal government shutdown. hundreds of thousands of federal workers haven't been paid since theçó partial shutdown one weekó ago. there's no movement in the forecastñr for that, and now the is a second storm coming.ñr next week the u.s. won'tñi be ae to pay the interest on itsçó des
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unless congress allows uncle sam to borrow more. the most conservative republicans in thexd house say they will not pass these bills unless they obamacare and other federal programs. folks are beginningxd toxd wondr why running the government has becomeñi impossible so we're bringing in our experts, nancy cordes and major garrett.ñiñi major, the president made his point today by visitingçó the federalçóñi emergency management agency. >>èjporter: that's rightñi,ñi u nearly allxúqederal emergency management workers areñiñiñiñi furloughe about 200 worked without pay this weekend to monitor tropical storm karen. president obama said today house speaker johnçó boehner can fixñi this. >> just vote.çó let every member of congress vote theirñi conscience and make them detmrdine whether or not she want to shut the govdpnment my suspicionññi is--ñi us is spigs is-- there areá enough vote therexd is and the reas hadn't called a voteñi on itñi s becauseçó he doesn't apparently
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want to see the governmentçó shutdownçó end atñi the moment. >> reporter: house republicans have passed a bill to pay federal emergency management workers. the white house rejects opening up parts of the government, demanding house republicans pay for all federal services. >> pelley: major, stay with us as we go to nancy cordes. nancy, speaker boehner said over the weekend there aren't enough votes to pass a bill to fundñ government without cuqw >> reporter: that claim is anñr iffy one if you look at the numbers, scott. all 200 democrats have now said they would vote to fund the government no strings attached and we've confirmed so far 15 republicans who said they would do the same. so right there you're very close to the 217 votes needed to pass this bill. but speaker boehner would face a huge backlash if he tried to do something like that, primarily with votesñr from the other parties. soçó that's just one of several reasons why he's holding firm for now,çó scott. >> pelley: nancy,ñi why didçó te speaker demand these concessions when the outcome's unern? >> reporter: well, primarily because it has worked so well in
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the past. back inñ!ó 2011 we were workingt a similar deadline over raisingó the debt ceiling. republicans held out and wrangledñr $1.2 trillion worth i spending cuts from democrats. so they see this as one of the best ways and really one of the only ways for them advance their agenda when they don't control the senate or the white house. >> pelley: which makes you wonder, major, if this is why the president said he won't even consider negotiating. >> that's exactly right, scott. the president considers his decision in 2011 to negotiate with republicans one of the worst of his presidency because it forced him to give up budget concessions simply to avoid a government default and the president's number-one goal now is to end this give-and-take forever to prevent his presidency and future presidencies from having to haggle endlessly over budget items simply to avoid añi government default. >> pelley: major garrett, nancy cordes, thanks very much. wall street is tired of all of this. it lost ground for ten of the last 13 sessions. the dow fell 136 points today to close at 14,936.
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most of the military civilian workers who were furloughed last week were recalled over the weekend. that's about 350,000 people. but among those federal workers still off the job are thousands who work for head start early education programs. we sent michelle miller to bridgeport, connecticut. >> let me see you go around the sideñi! >> reporter:ñi it's beençó a wek since danielle smith told parents this learning center that its head start program was closed. the government shut downxd befoe it sent grant money to connecticut. what did your@ >> i had parents who told me "i'm going to lose my job. if i don't child care, i can't go to work." they were asking for help but i couldn't help them. >> reporter: 300 students have been affected here. it's also cost danielle smith her job as a family counselor. how long can you last? >> i don't know.
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i'm struggling. >> reporter: did you know this was coming? >> i followed it but i really thought the politicians on both sides would come together and realize that this was going to affect millions of people. >> call us back and see if there's anything we can do for you. >> reporter: a thousand children have been locked out at the 13 programs run by bill bevacqua. >> we issued 313 layoff notices. they don't alternatives to turn to, you know? it's going to get cold pretty soon. they're going to have heating problems. the lights have to stay on. the landlord wants his rent. >> reporter:ñi danielle smith wants to look for work but can't. her son was a student here, too. >> not only can i not go to work i don't have child care for my son, they are. we still have your stuff for when you come back. >> reporter: how does this make you feel? >> sad. it's just sad. >> reporter: we received word just before the broadcast that
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the national head start association has received $10 million from finance year and philanthropist john arnold to temporarily reopen some of those programs. but, scott, as many as 87,000 children could be affected across the country if the shutdown drags on to november. >> pelley: real consequences for real people.xd michelle, thanks very much. the government may be running out of money to pay its bills but it can still change a hundred. have a look. this is the old $100 bill and here's the change that is coming tomorrow. a c-note redesigned to make it harder to counterfeit. move the bill and the security ribbon liberty bells change to 100s. that big 100 changes color and the liberty bell in the ink well seems to disappear. the new benjamin. pay with it or play with it. the million-dollar question tonight is how did a nine-year-old get on a plane
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happened. we asked dean reynolds to look into this breach of airport security. >> reporter: airport officials say the nine-year-old made two trips to the terminal. last wednesday he took the train to the airport, lifted a stranger's suitcase from the baggage carousel and took it with him to the hot dish restaurant. there he had lunch, dropped the bag, and skipped the check after telling the waitress he was just going to the restroom. after that, officials say he went home. but surveillance cameras picked him up again the next day being screened at president t.s.a. airport checkpoint. steps away on concourse g, deal flight 1651 was boarding for an 11:15 departure to las vegas. airport officials tell us the surveillance tape shows the boy without a boarding pass darting past a distracted agent and on to the plane. charles slepian, a security consultant for several major airlines says the situation is not unimaginable. >> you see a nine-year-old child
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who doesn't look like he's lost, doesn't look like he's upset, you tend to assume that he's with somebody that would be required to put him on board an airplane. >> reporter: the flight was halfway to las vegas when the crew realized the boy was not on their list of unaccompanied minors they called the las vegas police which met the flight and took him into protective custody. now the t.s.a. says the boy was properly screened at this checkpoint here behind me, but it is investigating whether some reconfigured barrier might help prevent future stowaway episodes. scott, we're still not sure why the boy did it or what his parents think about it. >> pelley: dean reynolds, thank you, dean. three americans won the nobel prize in medicine today. james walkman of yale, randy scheckman of the university of california and thomas sudhof of stanford were recognized for discovering how cells transimportant hormones such as
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>> pelley: detectives are poring over the video of last week's road rage attack in new york city. dozens of bikers are seem swarming an s.u.v., but where were the police?
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well, it turns out that there were officers riding with the bikers. don dahler tells us those cops could be in trouble. >> reporter: an undercover cop stood by when the s.u.v. driven by alexian condoleezza rice yen was attacked by a gang of motorcyclists. his attorney says he did not witness lien being beaten. the officer took several days to tell his superiors about the incident. the attorney says he did not intervene because he didn't want to blow his cover. this is video taken before things turned violent on september 29. in addition to the undercover officer, there were at least two other off duty officers among the bikers. 911 operators received over 200 calls complaining the bikers were endangering pedestrians by riding on the sidewalks, going against traffic and running red lights. police say the series of violent confrontations started when christopher cruz slowed in front of the s.u.v. contained lien, his wife, and two-year-old daughter. cruz says he was trying to find
7:20 pm
his friends. he is one of three men currently facing charges. bikers surrounded the s.u.v. moments later it accelerated through the crowd, seriously injuring one of the motorcyclists. biker reginald chance, who admits he's the man breaking the car's win we do his helmet, turned himself into police. his attorney, gregory watts, says his client was also knocked over by the s.u.v. >> this is someone who is a victim of an accident and should at least attempt to get the identification of the motorist. >> reporter: a passer-by, sergio consuegia saw an uneid biker beating lien with his helmet. he stepped in to stop it. >> i thought he was dead. i said "stop. let him go." i don't know what they were thinking but somehow they stopped. >> reporter: the undercover officer has been stripped of his badge and gun pending an internal affairs review. officials are still investigating why none of the officers intervened. scott, they could face criminal charges for impeding in the
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>> pelley: last night's game between the broncos and the cowboy's was one of the highest-scoring in n.f.l. history. the battle of the quarterbacks ended 51-48 on a broncos field goal. a heart breaker for jerry jones. the cowboys' owner has the most valuable franchise of all, but he's had trouble making the playoffs. we talked to jones about two issues that have going to have a big impact on the league-- expanding overseas and expanding drug testing. we first met jerry jones for a "60 minutes" story at his monument to football now known as at&t stadium. jones is on the n.f.l.'s management council executive committee and we wanted to know why the league and the players' union hasn't reached an
7:25 pm
agreement to begin testing for the banned drug human growth hormone or h.g.h. what would you say to the players' association about human growth hormone and your desire to test for it? >> oh, i would say let's get this together. let's get on the same page. we said that's what we would do two or three years ago. most players agree with that. the politics of getting that done are hard. >> pelley: if most players agree as you say, and you and management agree h.g.h. has to go, why has it taken three years and you're still not thereto? >> well, scott, if i could solve that then move me on up to washington and there's some problems up there i can solve. >> pelley: you were determined to get h.g.h. out of the game if it there's? >> absolutely. >> pelley: after jones bought the cowboys in 1989 he helped reinvent the n.f.l.'s business model, generating enormous wealth. the cowboys are now worth $2.6 billion. we asked jones if there's even
7:26 pm
more room to grow. the commissioner, roger goodell, seems hell bent to start a team in london and i wonder what you think of that. >> you know, scott, only 7% of n.f.l. fans have ever been inside an n.f.l. stadium. just 7%. not 80%. so it's television and that's how people participate. so as far as our game is concerned and all of our fans in the united states, a team playing in london can be viewed and be entertaining and be competitive and be very much a part of the n.f.l. >> pelley: it sounds like you're for this. >> i think i'm for growing the pie. i am for pushing the envelope. >> pelley: but you see looking down the road professional american football being globalized? >> where we have great markets that have a history of being interested in n.f.l. football
7:27 pm
and american football-- which we have that in mexico, we certainly have in the canada-- can we have in the great britain? i think so. and so, yes, i think there's enough there to get interested. i haven't -- i'm not ready to vote for it yet but that's what we're in, a trial stage to look at it over a two-year period. >> pelley: last week jones was inducted into the national football foundation's leadership hall of fame. and this's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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inside miley's image rehab. no foam fingers. no twerking. >> and she kept her clothes on hosting "snl." i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> then you are defy not sexual. >> in tonight's top story, miley's confrontation with matt lauer. the day before her new album drops. >> there's a lot of speculation that she is completely outinite control. >> the family illness that kept billy ray from coming here to do an interview with me. >> ashley judd's estranged husband survives t crash. now will it save their marriage. ?


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