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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello, everybody. >> we begin with breaking news. >> reports of shots fired inside a mall movie theater in hagerstown, washington county. the call came in just before 9:00 tonight at the regal theater at the mall. there are no reports of any injuries and one person is in custody tonight. a baltimore toddler dies after being left inside a hot car on a scorching july day. and now city prosecutors have charged her grandfather in the death. wjz is live and we have details of the charges against him. >> reporter: a grand jury has
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indicted anthony towns for involuntarily manslaughter in the death of his granddaughter after he forgot she was in the backseat of his car. detectives combed through the backseat of this pick up truck where they say the 16-month-old died. the grandfather is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he was supposed to drop the little girl off at the highland village head start center. he came back here to his home on south paca street and fell asleep forgetting his grandchild was in the car. he slept for the next four hours. as time passed, the temperature rose to a blistering 88 degrees and even hotter inside the truck. when he woke, he went to pick up his daughter at day care. >> he was told the child was never dropped off. when he ran back out, he discovered the child was unresponsive in the backseat. >> reporter: city prosecutors believe criminal charges are warranted. some neighbors of the daycare
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center agree. >> i don't know how you forget about something like that. >> reporter: others question the charges. >> it's family members. i don't think that's right. it was an accident. he didn't mean it. >> reporter: now as he mourns the loss of his granddaughter, he faces 10 years behind bars. he has been released on $25,000 bond. >> thank you. experts say 42 children have died this year after being left alone in a hot car. we are about to enter the 10th day of the partial government shutdown. meetings are planned for tomorrow, but there is no end in sight. today the house voted to restore survivor benefits for families of fallen soldiers and the non-profit organization the fisher house foundation will front the money. meanwhile, frustrated d.c. mayor vincent grey begs city leaders to put his workers back on the job and tempers flare.
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>> we have our own money. >> i'm on your side. don't screw it up. >> what does that mean, don't screw it up? senator reed, what do you mean don't screw it up? the mayor is asking for the city's budget. >> grey confronted senate majority leader harry reed. he's fighting to keep the city government in business by exempting it from the on going shut down. stealing from the u.s. postal service. two post office managers are busted by the fbi for an alleged bribery scream. we explain how the scam was uncovered. >> reporter: the grass is high at the post office in the waverly neighborhood of north baltimore and weeds grow at the pikesville branch despite the thousands of dollars spent on landscaping contracts authorized by the branch managers. much of the work was never done
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and parnell and wright would instead collect check after check and bribes from the contractors, more than $50 grand. >> it's costing the government money and the lack of integrity in public office really impacts everybody. >> reporter: the federal after affidavit reveals this. the manager of the post office here in pikesville said she was scared she'd get caught. with the post office already struggling financially, this has frustrated many customers. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> when is the honesty going to come about? i mean, period. >> reporter: the postal service and inspector general is aware of the scandal and changes could be coming to stop future
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abuse. >> without appropriate oversight, there's a significant risk of corruption. >> reporter: they cannot comment on this investigation because it's still open. >> now federal prosecutors have also charged two of the contractors who were part of the bribery scream. a shooting at the courthouse in wheeling, west virginia. the gunman was an ex-cop. retired officer thomas, ificard fired up to two dozen shots and injuring two off-duty police officers before he was shot and killed. he retired 13 years ago. detectives are trying to determine a motive and if he acted alone. officially charged in the deaths of two men at the super pond. they say they were responsible for ordering the deadly
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training exercise. we are live and we have more on the charges and the consequences they could bring. >> reporter: that's right. those sailors who have been charged face several months of confinement and a reduction in pay. they drowned on february 26th of this year after a training exercise went wrong at the massive super pond in hartford county. four navy sailors were charged with dereliction of duty. >> supervisors should know what the risks are and how to avoid those sorts of things. >> reporter: james berger, david jones, gary lan, jr., and jason bennett are all charged with a violation of a uniform code of military justice, article 92. >> the problem in any death is being able to establish causal connection. did my act cause your death? >> reporter: both experienced divers went from a boat on the
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surface of the pond to a helicopter 150 feet below. reports state the men suddenly stopped responding and died. an investigation uncovered serious safety infractions including a lack of supervision. a military tribunal operates differently than civilian court. >> civilian court the rules of evidence are a little more flexible. it's much more structured in the military court. >> reporter: we can tell you tonight that all four of these men will be tried separately in january. and again, they face confinement of several months, no more serious charge than that, and a reduction in pay. >> thank you. in january, 41-year-old george lezero, jr. also died while doing maintenance work at the super pond. repairs continue on a large broken water main in baltimore county. public works crews are still working to fix the 24-inch
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water main. officials say some residents may notice a discoloration in the water. one of maryland's top cardiologists is in court today accused of performing unnecessary surgery on hundreds of patients. he's being sued by a high- profile patient who says he cost him millions of dollars in business deals. he takes the stand in his own defense. >> reporter: expanding clogged arteries with stints saves lives. the lawsuits hit in 2009 when the old st. joseph's hospital notified a number of the patients their stints may not have been necessary. >> he said it was 90%. after they reviewed everything, it was 10%. >> reporter: the percentages refer to blockages in blood vessels. he was sued for inflating those numbers, settled 200 cases out of court, and has lost his license to practice.
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now he's on the witness stand fighting a suit in court. glenn wineberg says his stint was unnecessary and has cost him as least $50 million when he cut back his business dealings because he believed he had severe heart disease. meday defended himself. >> what i did is what i would want for myself, for anybody in my family. they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for their well being. >> reporter: meday has always insisted he's innocent. if the jury should find against him, it seems likely the lawyer will ask for millions in damages. >> and like earlier suits, the former st. joseph hospital which was operated by the catholic church is also a co-
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defendant. black bear activity including sightings are on the rise in maryland. it says last year there were 40 sightings of black bears in frederick county. the bear population appears to be shifting from west to east. camping out for chicken. a new chick-fil-a is coming. even on a rainy night, people are spending the night in the restaurant's parking lot. the restaurant will open at 6:00 tomorrow morning. the first 100 people will receive 52 combo meal certificates. coming up, caught on camera. shocking video of a train and tractor trailer colliding. what caused the crash? mysterious death. a woman goes missing from her hospital bed. you won't believe where she's found. grace would have turned 17
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degrees right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a terrifying collision between a train and an 18-wheeler. the moment of impact was caught on tape. police say the 18-wheeler was carrying a load of pipes when it got stuck on the tracks. the driver was able to jump out of the way and there were no reported injuries. a universal studios malfunction leaving riders stranded 150 feet off the ground. the computer glitch caused the ride to stop at the top of the first hill. it took nearly two hours to get all the passengers off the ride. no serious injuries were reported. one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution. a missing patient is found dead in a stairwell. san francisco general hospital says the body is that of lynn
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spalding. she was being treated for an infection. friends say she was frail and likely confused from medication she was being given. at the time of her disappearance, the hospital said they did a full campus search. her body was found by a member of the engineering staff while he was doing a routine quarterly check. a near tragedy at an atlanta area high school when a chemistry demonstration goes wrong. these surveillance photos show a student engulfed in flames. the flammable liquid ignited and her arm caught fire. a fellow student got a fire blanket and put out the flames. the girl suffered second degree burns and is expected to fully recover. a family of a young girl who took her own life is taking action against cyber bullying. it's called kindness for grace in honor of what would have been her 17th birthday. more than 10,000 people have joined in online.
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>> reporter: easter sunday 2012, grace ended her life after nearly a year of cyber bullying. her cousins, all students at notre dame prep, turned their sorrow into action. >> this day is called kindness for grace and we are hoping that the internet is super positive today and that everyone sends awesome messages to each other. >> reporter: kindness for grace started on her birthday last year and more than 10,000 people sent out positive pictures and tweets. >> she was always a kind, loving person so we really wanted to spread her spirit out to anyone who might have experienced or is still experiencing cyber bullying and we wanted to use her love and her memory to promote kindness online. >> reporter: her death impacted so many across maryland and led to a new law that led to fines
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and prison time for cyber bullying. ray rice is supporting kindness for grace day and he designed a t-shirt for the campaign called be good to each other. her cousins' efforts focusing on words that heal, not harm. kindness for grace. >> kindness for grace is spreading across the nation. you can join the campaign on facebook, instagram, and twitter. hash tag blue for grace. a latte to the rescue if you're down in the dumps about the government shutdown. if you buy a fellow customer his orifer favorite drink, you're receive a tall brewed coffee for free. they hope they set a good example for the lawmakers in washington who come together and resolve the gridlock. >> we'll see if we can't get bob to buy us one of those big,
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frosty drinks. >> a tall is really a small, isn't it? >> yes. a tall is a small. there's a grande. >> it doesn't make sense to me. why don't they just call it small, medium, large? >> i don't know. it's an imperfect world. the airport so far has only had 5/100ths of an in. temperatures not going to go anywhere at 56. may get down to 50-52. north winds at 7. the barometer is holding steady. 30.24 inches. heavier activity on the eastern shore in delaware. around our region, spotty. it's light. around the city now, very quiet. north of our area is yet to reach northern baltimore. may never get to southern pennsylvania if it keeps like this. i think it eventually will because the low pressure is slowly moving up the east coast. we'll probably see some pockets
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of moderate rain during the day tomorrow. 62 in ocean city. 45 oakland. they've had generally cloudy to partly cloudy skies. no rain and they're officially 57. d.c. and easton and locally temperatures from the low to mid-50s. not going to drop a whole lot more tonight. we have north winds. we've had northeast winds. if we continue to see more of a northerly wind, we might get drier air in here. to the north, it is quite a bit drier. it's the wind off the ocean that keeps the moist flow from the atlantic ocean. there's some evidence that shows this is beginning to move to the north and northeast. if that trend continues, then we might actually have a little bit of brightening to the weekend. in the meantime, we'll be stuck in this low cloud rain pattern all day tomorrow at least on and off. all of friday, it probably will
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linger i think into saturday. the low is really not going anywhere. saturday still showing some rain in the area. sunday we may get a bit of a break. north winds in the bay at 10-20 knots. the bay temperature around 71. overnight tonight, rain, drizzle. down around 52 and breezy at times. tomorrow more rain, breezy, cool. the next five days, still rain likely on friday. some showers, possible drizzle on saturday. 65. back to 70 with cloudy skies, maybe a shower left over on monday. >> thank you, bob. coming up. are the ravens ready to make a change in their starting line up? >> we were with the team ,,,,
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mark is here with our fan sports report. we look forward to sunday's big game. >> they're a good team ravens. they have a winning record. too often this season they've been losing the so-called battle of the trenches. their offensive line not doing good enough of a job for ray rice and joe flacco. a big change is imminent. that change is at left tackle where monroe lined up in practice today. he was acquired from jacksonville last week in a trade for draft picks. while coach john harbaugh was vague today on whether he takes over on sunday against the packers, monroe says he's ready. i asked him about the crash course in getting aquila acclamated. >> this is the fourth offense i've learned. this is the shortest time frame to do it, but i think i've done
11:26 pm
a good job at getting the work in to be prepared. >> i'm trying to helpen him out if he has questions and just grab him and let's roll. he's part of us now and he's going to be good for us. >> the offensive line will be the absence of green bay packers pass rushers clay matthews. he was officially ruled out for sunday because of athomin jury. ray rice calls it a huge advantage for the ravens. >> obviously we're better with him out there. we're a better football team with clay matthews on the field. we've had injuries here in the past, and it's the next guy up mentality. >> rogers and the packers come to baltimore after their victory over the detroit lions that lifted the packers record to 3-2. kick off here sunday at 1:00. this is the week that baseball's play off teams are paired down to the final four. boston and the l.a . dodgers are already in. l.a . awaiting the winner of the decisive game in the
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divisional series between pittsburgh and st. louis tonight. a wild play off atmosphere in st. louis. winner takes the series. scoreless, second inning, frees connects off cole. 2-0 st. louis. and that lead would be enough for st. louis starting pitcher adam wainwright who threw a complete came, cards win 6-1. it was a great season for pittsburgh, but it's over. st. louis and the dodgers in the league championship series starting on friday. more on the ravens coming up tomorrow including the two tomorrow including the two quarterbacks, rogers and ,,,,,,,
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the phrase once bitten, twice shy does not apply to this fisherman in australia. he's recovering from his second shark attack in the last 9 years. fortunately his fellow fishermen came to his aid and got him to the hospital in time. he is the unluckiest fisherman in the world. four years ago he was involved in a ship wreck. in a ship wreck. >> i have ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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letterman is next with lieu security interest lou. >> thanks for watching. hope you have a good night.


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