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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  October 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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at&t stadium in arlington, texas, where tonight sunday night football features a pair of long time division rivals in an nfc matchup. tony romo's tremendous production was undermind by a critical late game error and gave the broncos a 51-48 victory and dropped the cowboys to a 2-3 record.
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following an nfc title last season, few could match the approval ratings of robert griffin iii but the lingering effects of his knee have the defense off to a 1-3 start. still, a victory tonight would put them right back in it in the slow pace nfc east. not too many people have gathered just yet. we're about an hour and a half from kickoff. better than 90,000 will be here at 7:30 central time. wh wa when washington and dallas go at it. the eagles, al, won today over winless tampa bay. that makes the eagles 3-3. and the 0-6 giants though, a sub- .500 doesn't put you out of the division. >> it's a crazy division k washington get some traction? started 0-3. they had a bye week. i'm looking at dallas' schedule, if they lose tonight, they'll be
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2-4. they play four of the next five on the road. they go to philadelphia next week, detroit, they have the vikings here, then they go to new orleans, then they go to the giants. so i think tonight's game for the dallas cowboys in particular is a critical game. >> focusing on washington a year ago, rg-3, a sensation and then in the play-off loss to seattle, serious knee injury, extensive rehab. how close to back is he? >> every time he takes the field and in my case even for warmups i'm watching everything that he does. >> he was right behind us here at the 10 yard line. >> i notice, okay, he doesn't have the knee brace on. that's a good sign. so, okay, he is limping without the brace? turns around and drop kicks a field goal from about 30 yards out. >> shades of doug flutie. zbl unbelievable, right? really does not want to wear the brace. he sort of been told you have to continue to wear it. asked him would you take the brace off tonight he said they won't let me. >> last time in this building,
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four touchdown passes. >> he's a kid who was born in okinawa. his parents who are here tonight, we met them before, they were in the service. then he went to new orleans. but he's a texan really. he grew up in texas. he went to baylor. he has a lot of pals here. he lit it up here on thanksgiving day last year. >> al and cris to call it later right now, dan patrick an tony dungy and dan harrison are standing by. >> i have to look at green bay. they finally get a road win in baltimore. their defense played really well. but injury problems on that offense. >> you have randall cobb and james jones who were hurt in that game. >> green bay, he was the has beeniest -- the happiest guy in the room. >> time now for the sunday seven, seven best plays suggested by your tweets starting this week with a pick six for alec ogletree and the rams.
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all the way the other side. detroit. at the 30. at the 40. alec ogletree down the sideline. he'll walk into the end zone with his first nfl touchdown. >> he's back. he is going deep down the far side for riley cooper. touchdown! >> in the pocket. wide open. he's across midfield. down the near sideline. they take it to the house. it's a foot race. to the 5, touchdown, carolina panthers! >> wrapped up by stafford. he's got it! make it a triple for the rookie. third touchdown of the day. touchdown, detroit lions! >> and a play action fake. ben's going to go long. down the field, wide open. he's gone. pittsburgh steelers touchdown. he ends it with a complete somersault. >> throwing for the end zone.
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he's got the ball. did he get his feet down? yes! touchdown! >> packers off set i to the left. play fake deep drop. airing it out. he has jordy nelson wide open. 5, touchdown, green bay! >> and that's the sunday seven. more "football night in america" right after this.
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a touchdown would put the cowboys ahead. >> pressure is on. intercepted by rob jackson. >> tony romo simply fooled. >> i feel as though i let our team down. and that's a very frustrating and hard thing to think about. >> i just want to say to you, don't listen to what anybody else is saying about you. you're a great quarterback, man. >> who wants it more? shotgun snap to romo. looks left. throws left. pass is intercepted. on a diving catch by danny.
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>> it's frustrating. >> i really would rather not hear people say, see, i knew romo would screw up at the end. >> i am so proud of romo. basically he has lived up to everything on my chart that i thought about. that is amazing. >> all right. cris, after the game jerry jones called it a moral victory for the cowboys. thoughts? >> everybody knows that in the national football league unless it's a tie, you usually get one of these or one of these, right? and that's the bottom line. but i do think that he loves seeing his quarterback match throw for throw with peyton manning and that great offense and point for point until the very end. i also think that jerry jones is a pretty smart guy. when he sees that his quarterback is going to be under siege for throwing that last interception, what does he do? he comes out and says things like it's his best game.
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it's a moral victory. so now some of the headlines the next day they're talking about jerry jones and what he said instead of his quarterback's interception. >> jerry jones, by the way, turns 71 today. so happy birthday pregame to jerry jones. by the way, want to talk about moral victories? jacksonville jaguars lowsise 35 to the broncos and in a certain sense they're backers a moral victory. >> moral victory for heinz ward. >> absolutely. cris and i are on our own for the following reason. hines was in hawaii where he completed the iron man triathalon in 13 hours. we text heiines when the next in man is and wanted to know when is his next iron man and he said never. >> that's a moral victory. >> why did he train so hard? >> that's a moral victory. let me ask you about something cris collinsworth said to start
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the show. he said he sees rg-3 without his knee brace on. he says are you going to play without the knee brace? he said he would. the team won't let him. how much is physical? how much is mental here? >> a lot of it must be mental, dan. we looked at him before the injury last year. we're going to compare it to what we saw early in the season. that is the plant off the right foot. he is still able this year to plant off that back foot, that injured foot. but here's where it's a little different. the setup and delivery. he is protecting that back leg this year. last year you saw the weight transfer to the left foot, following through with the right foot. these were strong, accurate throws. this year, no, not even putting my weight ton that front foot, keeping the back foot out of it. not wanting to swing into traffic. i think that part is mental. this last game when he had to throw quick and did the think about it. you see the weight transfer following through with the right foot, a nice, hard, accurate ball. >> this is what we didn't see the first month of the season. he takes that hit. and also the athleticism to get outside that pocket.
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this is where he is most dangerous. and, dan, it is tough on him because it is more mental. his knee is perfectly fine. it typically takes two years for you to feel 100%. but each week you feeing better. >> you had the same knee surgery. it took two years before you didn't think about it when you played? >> correct. >> for the latest nfl news, we turn to peter king and mike florio. >> a lot of criticism last january when all 15 nfl head coach and general manager hires were white. the nfl has formed an eight-man committee that had the first meeting in new york last thursday to address the issue. and on the committee our tony dungy. >> a couple of quarterback injuries on sunday matt schaub, injured in that blowout home loss to the rams. it's a lower leg injury. the team says more tests are coming. more will be known on monday. for the buffalo bills, new start starter thad lou hiss a foot injury. x-rays negative.
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an mri is coming. lewis said he should be fine. mri will say more. >> two receiver injuries for the green bay packers. ate pears that randall cobb's knee could be more serious than james jones' shin. cobb left the stadium today on crutches. after week six the window opens for players on the physically unabled to perform list to return to practice. the biggest name, percy harvin. he had hip surgery in august. i'm told he is close to being able to return. and there is speculation that seahawks may hold him until late in the season when he has a bigger impact. when he's ready to go, they'll put him on the field. >> we've assumed all along that first pick in the 2014 nfl draft would either be the pats rusher clowny or the quarterback teddy bridgewater. but not so fast. talk to two quarterback needy teams over the weekend who really love marcus mariota of oregon, he will be draft eligible. >> plenty of developments on the
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debate regarding the redskins name. next tangible event will be a meeting between the nfl and the indian nation. tentatively set for november 22. efforts are under way to accelerate that meeting. >> all right. more on the redskins name controversy at halftime. right now we bring in the former executive of the year with the nfl. trade deadline in a couple weeks. four trades in the nfl is tthis season. do you see buyers and sellers? >> you have to look at the fact that you have to be careful. right now if you do a trade too early, you send a bad message to the head coach and locker room. now we have two extra weeks, like last year, for the trade deadline. some deals may be done. >> give me names here. team involved and players involved. >> first of all, teams that might be involved, new england patriots have been looking for a wide receiver. now with today's events, the green bay packers may be in the market for a receiver as well. you look at hakeem nix who is in the last year of his contract with the new york giants who are 0-6. you also have to look at emanuel
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sanders who during the off-season he was signed to an offer sheet by the patriots. those may twob names moving, dan. >> thank you, scott. if you want the full sunday night experience and while you're watching to night's game, check out nbc sports live extra at along with live hd streaming of the game. show us how you're getting ready for tonight's game by using the #snm. "football night in america" continues.
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a look at the plaza here at 30 rock. days getting shorter. we welcome you back inside our studio where we're ready for the highlights, a long afternoon of football around the league. falcons and dolphins had the weekend off. but there were 12 games on the agenda. we begin in tampa. the bucs hosted the nfc's top offense, the eagles. but that offense had been led by michael vick, he was an innocent bystander, suffered a hamstring injury last week.
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say hello to nick foles. acting like vick. gets in for the touchdown. 7-0, eagles. bu bucs down four in the second. vincent jackson, first touchdown of the season for jackson. earlier this week deshawn jackson said revis couldn't keep up with him. >> i agree with him. >> he's right. he's looking for the safety. where's my help? right before the half, jackson. bucs lead 17-14 at the break. second half, following a bucs turnover, it's foles and cooper. cooper career high 120 receiving yards on the afternoon. 21-17, philadelphia. eagles up one in the fourth. and it's foles to jackson. six receptions, 64 yards and that is easy. >> no one can cover that guy. >> eagles win it. here's coach kelly on his qb situation. >> was he 100 for 100? >> he was close. >> he was close.
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i wish he was 100 for 100. that would be a record. we'll evaluate everything and watch the film and see what he did good and bad and where mike is. >> he speaks fast. >> the soif fasoffense is fast, he. first quarterback to three six-six four consecutive games. hopkins left it on the turf. the former buckeye will take it 43 yards. led to a field goal. 10-0, rams. second half. sam bradford and brian quick. >> that is too easy, dan. >> third three touchdown of the year for bradford. keyshawn martin fumbles the ball. it's darren baits. 31-6, st. louis. schaub injured on this chris long sack. lower leg injury. houston fans were cheering when he left the game. tjh picks up. we can't have a fifth
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consecutive game with a pick. >> i think we might. >> we have! it's alec ogletree. houston gets blown out. >> that's tough. >> i mean, at the same time, i really don't want to talk about it. but completely do not agree with it. the guy that gives everything he has to the game of football own to the city and does way more outside of this stadium and people forget about. he's a great teammate, a great person. and when people react like that, it's barbaric. >> they have to go home and look at themselves at a hurt man. that's all right. they can get emotional. that's not how i was brought up. that's not how -- that's not the kind of man i am. >> his teammates sticking up for him. pittsburgh at the meadowlands. geno smith led three game winning drives in five games this season. tied at three. steelers get creative. antonio brown to felix jones. led to a field goal.
7:22 pm
jets down six. that stephen hill. polamalu. roethlisberger and he manual sanders and this was easy. only touchdown ben threw on the afternoon. antonio cromartie got burned on the play, rodney. >> he's in the backfield again. double move. this kid is fast. you better stay deep on him. >> cromartie will throw the flag on himself. jets next possession. it's smith. this is the first take away of the season for the steelers ryan clark doing the honors. three minutes left in the game. jets down 13. smith had thrown ten interceptions. the latest one, this one on the receiving end. you know geno smith is frustrated. >> i thyme just frustrated to lose the game. i mean, regardless of what happened in the game, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. so that's what i'm most frustrated about. but i
7:23 pm
they were super bowl caliber team last yearment they get brian cushion back this year. they're supposed to be helpthier and better this year. matt schaub seems to be bearing the brunt of this. how much do you put on him? and how much do you put on everybody else? >> everybody wanted to point the finger at schaub his last couple of weeks. but this week you're playing at home. you know your quarterback is undefeated. you have to step up and nobody did. arian foster played great. the special teams didn't show up. t.j. yates threw a pick. fwhut houston team did not play good football today. this was a team loss.
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>> after posting wins against ben roethlisberger, aaron rodgers and tom brady, the bengals faced thad lewis and the bills in buffalo. thad lewis with your pro out of duke. heck his second career nfl start. he didn't seem bothered. here's the pass. >> just like duke. >> 47 yards. longest passing play. 7-3, buffalo. this is all a.j. green. andy dalton throws it but a.j. green oh, man. >> look at the concentration. 10-7, cincinnati. three straight goal line stops, james harrison prevents lewis from scoring, fourth and goal. dalton, ensuing drive. bernard -- >> video game. >> nine play, 98-yard drive. after a successful field goal called back due to holding,
7:25 pm
second one, 34 yarder, wide right. lewis, scott clahandler. bills back with the ball. lewis, marquis goodwin. with a minute to go! >> yes. >> we're tied at 24. how did that happen? it happened. brandon tate in overtime. 29 yards to the bills 33 yard line. and then it's nugent. a chance to redeem himself from 43 yards out to give the bengals the victory and it is -- good! bills a valiant effort. they drop to 2-4 with the loss. bengals 4-1 in their last five. thad lewis threw for just over 200 yards, two touchdowns, ran for a score and even in defeat not short on confidence. >> it felt great. coming to the game you have to be confident. if i was nervous in any way, shape, form or fashion, the bengals would have ate us up. i was confident getting to the
7:26 pm
game. getting that first pass completed, our receiver was coming to play. >> i thought it was a good day to dayment we have to keep pressing forward. as long as he doesn't worry about what everybody else says about him, he'll be fine. let the ball go where the coverage dictates. that is the most important thing. >> detroit and cleveland, guess who's back? calvin johnson. how about the second year wide receiver out of miami? this is travis benjamin. this is sort of like josh cribbs, 2.0. last week's afc special teams player of the week. seven plays later, brandon we weedon. matthew stafford and reggie bush. 17-14, cleveland. and then stafford has a new friend, the rookie out of ucla.
7:27 pm
i like when he scores. he gives me some dances. 23-17. brandon weedon. >> no, can you not do that. >> under five minutes to go. down a touchdown. and they're going to capitalize. and let me see. give me a may day. cleveland loses at home 31-17. detroit is matched the win total from last season with four. brandon weedon is 0-3 as a starter for the browns. and he faced the firing squad after the game. >> i was kind of falling down to my left. i couldn't turn away through it. and so regardless, i mean, both feet and falling on my face. i should have just tucked it. i didn't. it's on me. just a bone headed play. i was trying to make a play. trying to avoid a sack. zant infect my confidence. >> talking about that pick. just under 5 minutes to go. >> well, the bone headed play.
7:28 pm
you can't do that. i was really impressed with the detroit defense. oi the offense struggled. they made plays to give them a short field and helped that offense out. >> calvin johnson, he was coming off an injury. they found a new target in joseph fore. he is 6'7," he had three touchdowns today. when your main guys are struggling, you have to find other guys to step up. >> and they got reggie bush, too. we talked about that. all the off-season acquisitions around the league, that helped them with their offense. it's not one dimensional. >> yeah. best was the threat for them. since he left, they really hasn't had it and reggie made big play after big play. >> detroit hosts the sicincinna bengals next weekend. washington and dallas tonight, sunday night football still ahead. pierre garcon and demarcus ware.
7:29 pm
>> you have to make plays. and challenging situations, you have to find some way to get good. >> denver wins it. >> we have to find some way to finish games. >> pierre garcon, touchdown redskins. >> a victory would help us keep going off that run like we did last year.
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7:31 pm
it was friday that adrian peterson found out his son died in a hospital. he was the victim of an assault of his mother's boyfriend. the vikings hosted the panthers
7:32 pm
much and both peterson and the vikings getting off to a slow start. got to give credit to carolina. they were playing great from start to finish. 7-0. cam newton, mike tolbert, 14-0, carolina. peterson had 62 rushing yards on the day. he runs for nine here. he'll get the fumble back. newton is not done. 21-3, carolina. and we'll go back to a moment here. ted ginn jr., rodney -- >> what a block. >> what a block for a little guy. >> newton ran for one, threw for three. peterson, 62 yards rushing. it's 28-3 when castle looks for greg jengs with someone in his face.
7:33 pm
and it's incomplete. adrian peterson and the vikings fall 35-10. final score at home, carolina dominating time of possession. ninth straight game holding opponents scoreless in the first quarter. after the loss, peterson shared his emotions. >> it hurts. it's private. i have a good supporting cast surrounding me. i never thought about not playing. it's all about going out there and having the strength and praying i have the strength to get through and help my team. that was my focus. >> next up for adrian peterson and the vikings, they'll be at the giants on monday night. back out to bob costas in dallas. >> well, much attention continues to surround the play
7:34 pm
of washington quarterback robert griffin iii. griffin's top receiver pierre garcon is in the midst of a career year. it's been an unlikely route to this point. the son of haitian immigrants, he was drafted by the colts five years ago as the sixth round pick out of division three mt. union. and he enjoyed some productive years as one of peyton mannings receivers in indy. now he's firmly entrenched as washington's number one target. garcon is eager to showcase his skills on tonight's big stage. >> all the way, pierre garcon. touchdown, redskins. >> what matchup in the dallas secondary are you looking forward to the most? >> all of them. every play is an opportunity to make a play. whoever is out there guarding me, you know, it's a matchup. it's a battle. i'll give everything i have. >> you're a guy with a bounce p your step. always smiling. you seem to enjoy yourself. look at you. you can hardly control yourself. >> i'm enjoying it. i'm enjoying life.
7:35 pm
it took a lot of hard work to come here. i represent the guys. i'm giving them efforts. >> touchdown, redskins. pierre cargon. >> give me a self scouting report. what is your greatest strength and what if anything is a relative weakness? >> my greatest streng s esest s? >> yeah. >> my greatest strength, i never give up. i've been through a lot of things in life and on the field. i'm back at it the next play. my weakness is, you know, sometimes i get too excited and tire myself out. >> you get this excited talking to me, i can just imagine how excited you are once you step on the field against tony romo and the dallas cowboys. >> the energy is crazy. the blood is flowing. there is so much intensity. i tire myself out just by being so excited.
7:36 pm
>> how much of your life has been spent in haiti and how much in the united states? >> most has been in america. but i've always gone back and forth to haiti. we have a lot of family there. we still go back. my mom just got back from haiti. we go back a lot. definitely good thing to see when you go to haiti. >> do they have satellite dishes? >> they do watch sunday night football. >> so this is big? >> this is big. >> high rating in haiti tonight. >> of course. of course. they were telling me they're ready. >> garcon's relatives figure to hear his name called often tonight. he has 29 resengceptions alread. washington and dallas tonight on sunday night football. >> this is our house and it's our division. >> last year the redskins resurged with turbo charge with
7:37 pm
an rg-3 upgrade. an an exhilaration to the head of the class was complete. now the cowboys to jump on the closest competition. but despite eye catching performances, are they built to last? >> intercepted. >> the race for the nfc east is on sunday night football. [ beep ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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the cowboys beat washington the first three time the teams met. but rg-3 and company ended that last week. you can watch eight games at once or select any game and watch it full screen. get every game every sunday only with directv. already we showed you the steelers winning their first game of the season, beating the jets at the meadowlands. meanwhile, kansas city, terrell prior and the raiders coming off that late sunday night win over the chargers visiting alex smith. the undefeated chiefs. oakland won the last six meetings at arrow head. terrell prior trying to extend that. this will help.
7:41 pm
moore, a little slant. he's gone! >> he's fast. >> 7-0, oakland. first and goal, charles says it's 7-7 ch. pryor had not thrown an interception in his last 91 attempts. i just jifrnxed him. charles scored a goal in every game this season. and the chiefs defense right on cue. entered the game with the most sacks, fewest points allowed in the nfl. holly again. 3 1/2 sacks on the day. eric berry also sharing in the sack exchange here. he gets pryor for an 11 yard loss. pryor when he did have time to throw, marcus cooper, the rookie out of rutgers filling in for brandon flowers.
7:42 pm
17-7 kansas city. hussein abnula stepped in. and i'm sure the crowd is very, very enthusiastic and they are. kansas city broke the guinness world record for loudest open air stadium, 137.5 decibles. kansas city allowed 65 points this season. that is the best in the nfl. after the game, it was time for andy reid to -- exhale. >> bob sutton and the defensive staff, they had a great game plan against an up and coming quarterback. he took off and ran. there were a few time i was holding my breath. i was shoelding my breath when he took off. so we were able to keep him boxed up for the most part. when he goes and when he takes off and runs, he can take off and run. >> packers winless on the road if baltimorement aaron rodgers was focused.
7:43 pm
we're focusing. ravens going for it. fourth down. bernard pierce stops at the goal line. big moment. >> where is way rice at? >> no points. under a minute. rodgers, randall cobb. >> you're going to see more of these, dan with, the way the rules are. >> oh, man. low hit by the db. >> rodgers and the rookie out of florida have words here. it's 9-3, green bay. third quarter winding down. jordy nelson, i think somebody got toasted. four receptions, 113 yards, a touchdown. 16-3 green bay. ensuing drive, it's flacco. jacoby jones missed the last four games due to a knee injury. he's back. 16-10, green bay. fourth and long. ravens needing a first down. flacco, doss, the kid out of indiana. >> where is the defense at? yikes. 19-10, green bay. flacco -- how many times you have seen this, tony?
7:44 pm
>> oh, about 20. >> clark, 19-17, green bay. ravens need a stop. rodgers to engineer mijermichae. they lose by two. and no points on that goal line stand. packers averaging more than 140 yards rushing a game. eddie lacy had 120 himself on the afternoon. as for rodney saying where is ray rice? 14 carries, 34 yards. coach harbaugh, what? me worry? >> the thing i'm not going to do is overreact. you don't go in there and make any kind of major adjustments when you know you're doing things right and you have the people to do it. we're a work in progress, no doubt about it. we had a chance to win it at the end. we didn't get it done. >> days like today really give you that appreciation for what you're doing and if you ever question how much you love this game, the feeling we had in the locker room, those are the
7:45 pm
moments 20 years you look back and remember probably not the score, the stats, or the final drive but the twim teammates. >> time to simplify the game presented by the new windows. one touchdown on the afternoon. you have the coach's clicker. >> we're going to look at it. really, a lot of mistakes about it baltimore defensive backfield. jordy nelson is really the primary threat left in the game. the best corner is on him. he makes a mistake, rodney. >> he does. it looks like corner coverage where everyone has corners of the field. this is man-to-man coverage. the safety takes a peek, too. he looks and tries to jum tp th crossing route. >> right here, there is no way. >> this is double coverage. >> you cannot have jordy jones that wide open. >> the only guy you have to worry about beating you is jordy nelson. >> we were watching kansas city. now this is -- this defense is
7:46 pm
playing as well as -- well, better than anybody now. you know, they're putting up historical numbers so far. >> they had good players last year. they just never had the league. this year with andy reid and jamal charles is running the ball, they're getting the leads. the defense can tee off and create pressure. >> this defense knows how to get pressure. that allows the defensive back to play aggressive, create turnovers and get the ball. >> ten sacks a day. a lot of take aways. they're playing great football on defense. >> guess who is coming to town next week, the texans. >> yikes. >> can you catch more tony and rodney on wednesday on the "coach's clicker." that is wednesday at 5:00 on nbc sports network. redskins-cowboys ahead. sunday night football kickoff is coming up.
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the cowboys put up 48 points last week without wide receiver miles austin. he returns tonight and will start after missing the last two games with a hamstring injury. and washington running bacall fred morris who rushed for exactly 200 yards the last time he faced dallas will start tonight as well. morris suffered bruised ribs two weeks ago but got a bye to heal up. a lead source tells mike florio the 0-6 jaguars could trade maurice jones drew if the price is right. you can catch mike every week day on "pro football talk." peter king and scott will join dan tomorrow to recap today's action and look ahead to peyton
7:51 pm
manning's return to inldy nedy sunday night. now we have more highlights. >> jacksonville and denver. nobody gave them a chance, right? peyton manning has thrown one touchdown pass in 203 of his 229 career games. jaguars first possession. fake a punt. stop short. denver takes over. manning, julius thomas. all right. only 7-0. and then it's 7-0 and then it's -- >> the fake screen. >> 14-0. wes welker, 22 touchdown passes. the jags defense did something remarkable. they created turnovers. blackmon, a hit. 59 yards for the pick six. 22nd time in his career he had a pick six. denver up two in the third. and manning to thomas. peyton, 28 of 42, 295, two
7:52 pm
touchdowns. i guess that's an off day for him, considering. no shawn moreno. 15 carries, 42 yards, 3 touchdowns. chad henne to justin blackmon. ta the rookie out of the university of south florida. moreno is in. denver, 35-19. moral victory? denver at indy coming up next sunday night here on nbc. jerry jones might say it's a moral victory there. 17th straight regular season win which is tied for the fourth longest regular season winning streak in history. here is coach john fox after the game. >> all these games are hard. people say it looks easy. will is nothing about it that's easy. will is resistance out there. it is called the other team. and i think, you know, day to
7:53 pm
day we're looking forward. >> we haven't said this this year, peyton strugled to day. >> they did. they held him to 35 points. but what happened was they got pressure without pressure. and that allowed them to do some coverage things. >> i was proud of the jacksonville jaguars defense because they challenge peyton. they hit him. they played physical. it's tough to match up with all the weapons across the board. they did a good job. >> this is a game you have to win. you know you're supposed to win and you have the colts coming up next week. does that factor in at all? >> a little bit of that trap game. they had the big win in dallas last week. they know they have the colts on
7:54 pm
for the winning ingredients. today in the red zone, he audibles to a lot of runs. it was that denver running game and especially no shawn moreno. down and close, pounding the ball in when everybody is playing pass. today it was no shawn moreno that was the winning ingredient today. tracy calling hemlock holmes. go ahead, tracy. elroy, you're a genius. a regular chip off the old block. it's morphin' time. go, go power rangers. (sung) kit, call the police and have them pick her up. right away, michael. giant robot, put your laser ray on that tower. i think uncle gadget may be in trouble. go, go gadget copter! (growling) bones, you and sulu to the transporter room.
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washington getting set to take on dallas, sunday night football. right now, back to the highlights. tennessee and seattle. pete carroll, third quarterback on the depth chart. >> i hope they don't get to him. fourth and goal. lynch. second quarter, the kickoff
7:58 pm
darius ranod. oh, no, stephen. no. it's worse. it's worse than that. he goes up top. oh, my. battered and bloodied and out. so it's the punter john ryan in for him. oh, no! he coughed it up! >> he hurt his nose, not his legs. >> jason mccordy picks it off. tennessee goes up 10-7. >> these kicks have to get tougher, man. >> seattle up 13-10. fourth quarter. ryan fitzpatrick. >> you have to stay away from him. oh, there's richard. hi, richard. 7-6 in his last ten games. russell wilson, sidney rice and the tiptoes? sidney rice, wilson threw for 257. fantastic job. next play, it's lynch. seahawks go on to win for the 11th consecutive time at home. 20-10. seattle, a short work week in
7:59 pm
arizona coming up on thursday night. chris johnson, 12 carries, 33 yards. lynch had 21 carries, 77 yards. here is pete carroll after the win. >> we made it rough on ourselves today. we could have had a better day. but some stuff, you know, got away from us. the ball was greased today. we haven't seen that many fumbles and stuff. it really gave them a chance to get in the game. we could have controlled it earlier. >> tennessee can make you play ugly though. but did you see anything in there that bothered you about seattle? >> seattle played their typical game at home. so tough to run the ball up there because of the noise and now that front can just tee off and rush the passer and that creates a lot of havoc. >> you have a great pass rush. but the secondary definitely a beneficiary of that pass rush. richard sherman interception, he is the best cornerback in the league.


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