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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 14, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good monday morning. coming up on "early today," demonstrators in washington take to the streets to voice opinions on the government shutdown but did the government make any progress? have you seen this man? british police believes he holds answers in the six-year investigation of madeleine mccann. 58 million american, about to get squeezed a little tighter. plus, chocolate prices are about to skyrocket. and meet the $8 million horse. this columbus day edition of "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, october 14th. good morning.
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it is nice to see you. i'm veronica de la cruz. shutdown day 14 lots of talk but no action on capitol hill over the weekend. but in less than 72 hours it could go from bad to worse. that's bht debt ceiling expires. congress has raised or adjusted almost 80 times since 1960 without drama. but now we're seeing the first ever default on the nation's bills. raising the debt limit does not give the government authority to take on new spending only to take on the bills it already has. things like social security, military pay and veterans benefits. nbc news's chief white house correspondent chuck todd. well, what a complete wasted weekend of the leaders. it was amazing how things had been moving starting thursday night into friday. you had another meeting of senate republicans and the president. you had some back and forth and it looked like things were moving along. they even had a schedule of meetings, harry reid, mitch
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mcconnell. all of a sudden it came to a halt. harry reid's ceiling emboldened by the numbers punishing the poll. particularly in our poll. and how the republicans are essentially walking away. we have path one, this negotiation going on in the senate. maybe they come up with an agreement that gets us through january. path two, if that fails, is the house caving in at the last minute and passing just a six six-week extension and we'll do this all again a couple weeks from thanksgiving. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. can lawmakers reach a deal in the next few days, that is the question. >> it is a question. chuck talked about path one, two and three. with the government still in shut join, no one really wants to see that. here's where we are right now, with failed negotiations between house republicans and president obama, over the weekend, the senate took over. s there a small group of senators, six republicans and
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six democrats trying to hammer something out, as chuck ted, the least on a temporary basis to buy some time to negotiate. but avoid this debt ceiling deadline on thursday. those involved think that it is likely they'll come up with something, but there's still a lot of skepticism. >> if we had engaged in this negotiation, the budget conference and there was an impasse, i'd say, well, there's fault on both sides. republicans and the senate would not allow us to go to even a budget conference to debate the issues for six months. >> the greatest act of bipartisanship over the last few decades have been democrats and republicans alike overhomes wering overspending and yes, there's fault on both sides. >> and the senate reconvenes today. we'll wait to see if that small working group comes up with anything to avoid the deadline. >> thank you. the frustration is spill ought on the streets. protesters from both sides express discontent with the
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showdown. demonstrators at the world war ii memorial, they stacked barricades which became a symbol of anger over monument. tempers flared with protesters squaring off with police. tea party and vice presidential nominee sarah palin said the government is using the military as, quote, pawns in a political game. also there, texas senator ted cruz. british police homele images will reignite the investigation into madeleine mccann's disappearance. police say they saw this man three years ago in portugal when she was 3. madeli madeline's experience captured the attention of the world. her parents went to have dinner, leaving madelaine, her brother and sister sleeping just a few feet away.
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overseas in central india, the death toll still rising after a horrific stampede. it happened when thousands of religious programs were crossing a bridge. rumors said it may collapse causing people to trample over one another. it's unclear how many people were on the two-lane bridge at the time of the incident. local media say upwards of 500,000 visitors were in the area pending festival. also, the cleanup is continuing after the cyclone phailin. it came to shore after the area bigger than france. look at the damage, entire villages gone and people wondering what's next. the last time a storm this size hit the country, 10,000 people died. but this time, more than 800,000 people heeded warnings to seek higher ground. and this morning, the death toll stands at 17. back here at home, nine teenagers went missing over the
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weekend are safe. the boys were all under the care of the tiara camp for abuse. an amber alert was issued when police found no one was there. cops haven't said where the boys were found but say they may have traveled out of state. the man in charge of the program scott chandler is considered a person of interest. and the fbi is investigating an patient dry ice explosion at los angeles international airport. it happened late last night in an employee bathroom in a restricted area. flights were delayed and a terminal was partially evacuated when an lapd bomb squad investigated. multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news it appears to have been a prank, but they stress 2 is still early in the investigation. no injuries were reported. for the second straight
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year, nearly 58 million americans who receive social security are likely to only see a small bump in their benefits checks come january. according to an analysis of the associated press predict an increase of 1.5%, one of the smallest automatic increases since 2005. the increase has been tied to inflation numbers delayed by the government shutdown. nbc' bill karins with the forecast. happy columbus day. >> yes, happy columbus day to you. some people are lucky, they got the day off. it's monday morning. as far as the weather over the weekend, still kind of very cloudy and gloomy in the mid-atlantic over the weekend. and this big storm is now cranking through the intermountain west. this is similar to the storm that we had about two weeks ago that dumped that huge blizzard in areas of dakotas. the only change this time is it's a little warmer. almost all rain and some lightning flashes on the map.
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there is thunder with that, too. and another storm, over texas, a bunch of rain over the ft. worth and dallas region. again, it's not thunderstorms, a light, soaking rain. and south of san antonio's got rain to deal with. that weather is going to continue there. there's a little front going to new england. overall, i don't think we'll see a ton of problems over the weekend. we will see storms day. kansas city, you're included, oklahoma city, maybe dallas even later this afternoon. that's your national forecast. now here's a look at weather outside your wind. in boston today, 62 degrees and sunny. so that's beautiful weather. we did have a great weekend. areas from new york city northward really saw high pressure and beautiful condition. a lot of leaves near their peaks, hopefully, a lot of people got there and enjoyed that. at least for our friends in the northern plains, they're getting another big storths but but this one is not snow like the one two weeks ago.
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meat and chocolate prizes will be on the rise for a very different reason. but if you're looking for huge discounts on vacation, stick around. we have the details in two minutes as "early today" continues.
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good morning. welcome back to some stories making news this morning now. visitors return to the statue of liberty in new york harbor now that new york is paying the operation costs during the federal government shutdown. and grand canyon and mt. rushmore opens today. zwloot israeli army discovered a mile-long tunnel that was believed to kidnap israelis. workers in a res res cent volunteer have been kidnapped in a town in northwest syria. it's not clear who abducted them but the area is controlled by rebel forces. . nfl commissioner roger
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goodell said he believes the redskins owner snyder is way down the road on changing the name. in south dakota, tens of thousands of cattle in last week's blizzard when up to four feet of snow fell. some ranchers lost more than 50% of their herds and few of them have insurance. and a surveillance video shows dozens of visitors falling into the water as a food bridge to a ferry collapsed. the life rings helped people in the water and ten people were sent to the hospital. just three days before the october 17th deficit deadline, uncertainty reigns. imf exchange christine lagarde predicts major problems if the default. and chocolate lovers expect spikes in prices more than 20%.
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the china and india demanding more and the fact that cocoa beans, the main ingredient in chocolate are in limited supply. a 1-year-old female horse was sold at auction nor a world record $8 million. the unnamed horse is the daughter of galileo the world's most sought-after stallion and sire of franco who blamed a perfect winning record in 14 races. speaking of high price tags the world's most expensive wine is going on sale. three battles, each holds 12 letters of chat stay margaux from france. the asking price, $195,000. one has been sold. it wasn't me. if you need a vacation from it all, you are in luck, it is off-season for cruises and carnival is offering deals as low as $35 a night while royal caribbean has dropped the cost of some trips by $1,000. coming up, a wild comeback at fenway.
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and nfl highlights, too. first a bit of sports trivia. who played the most postseason games in major league baseball history, derrick jeet are, david justice, bernie williams or jorge posada? the answer when "early today" returns.
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okay. before the break we asked who has played the most postseason
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games in major league baseball history? is it derek jeter, david justice, bernie williams or jorge posada? the answer is yankees short stop derek jeter with an impressive 158 postseason games. that's wrong. okay. now the latest in sports. the baseball playoff, a stunner between the tigers and the red sox. bases lowed in the eighth inning, red sox trailing 5-1. big papi at the plate and bam, a grand slam to unload the bases. thanks to a single hit to the left, jonny gomes, red sox win 6-1. fox sports bradder erin andrews getting a surprising gatorade bath. the good sport posted this self- selfie, you've got to love baseball. and a 86-yard touchdown and
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rg3 in trouble. he is sacked, losing the ball. later, griffin throw, this powerful pass to the end zone. but it is picked off by dallas' orlando standrick. the boys win it 31-16. legendary running back adrian peterson played despite the death of his 2-year-old son friday. peterson said that not playing was never an option. >> you know, i never thought about not playing. you know, it was all about this and having the chance to get through and help my team. that was my focus. the play of the day, might you see a classic clutch move by tom brady, with just eight seconds left. he throws his beautiful touchdown pass. 30-27. peyton manning and the broncos held off the jaguars to stay undefeated winning 35-19. >> the pittsburgh steelers
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finally get a win. curtain deal the deal with this interception in the fourth. steelers bet the jets 19-6. the chiefs managed to breaked guinness book of world records by having the loudest stadium. 145 decibels, they beat out 136.7. and the football play of the day, seattle, botches it. trice improv. he's hit. the ball is fumbled and then it is recovered by jason mlccortney who runs it all the way down for a touchdown. all the way down. what a way to end the first half. nice. your weather for the week is coming up next. plus, bruce willis makes his quarter century return on "saturday night live."
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that's all next.
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welcome back on this monday morning. as far as heading out the door for your weather today, here's what you need to know. umbrellas definitely needed once again, pretty much all of texas. up near oklahoma, storms will roll through there in the afternoon hours kansas city. we will see snow in areas of wyoming. higher elevations will get the bulk of it. then as we look for tuesday, the storm headed for minneapolis. ahead of it thunderstorms
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possible for chicago, st. louis. still lingering rain from louisiana all the way back to texas, the east coast will stay dry for much of this week. >> thanks, bill. this weekend, "gravity" swept the box office yet again taking in $44.3 million. "captain phillips" with $26 million. the cloudy, machete kills and runner runner round out the top five. christian gray no more. christian bale backed out saying he's too busy with sons of anarchy. michael douglas said he lied about his battle with cancer. married helen chan in miami on saturday. >> reporter: cute. bruce willis was back hosting "snl" this weekend after
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a 24-year hiatus. he was welcomed back in the form of a boy dance party. ♪ here's some info that may come with a surprise sometimes we like to dance with just us guys ♪ ♪ yeah party party it's boy dance party ♪ >> where were you in all of that, though? >> i've had my own boy dance party. this universe olivia colpo may be spending times behind bars. hugh jackman brought in $1.8 million for the motion picture with his appearance with his 46th birthday. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. good morning. we have a little cloud cover out there today. we will see some sunshine today and tomorrow. 52 in westminster. 57 degrees in chestertown. we will start with clouds early this morning and then it will become partly sunny. high temperatures between 65 and 70. >> 57 degrees at the airport.
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>> a government shutdown is lingering for the 13th day today. >> the u.s. is running out of time to avoid default in on its loans. the story coming up. allegations that a candidate for governor encouraged state troopers to drive recklessly. >> it is not something we go and plan on messing up. >> the ravens running game black mark.only lac >> tracking some closures in anne arundel
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