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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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activity at home and we also saw her in her backyard. you may have remembered a year of vi ripken was the victim a strange abduction. she was taken from her home at gunpoint and driven around and the car was abandoned with her in it. that suspect has never been caught. although aberdeen police tell us that they have no indication today's incident has anything to do with this earlier abduction. simplyll us, "she has had a string of bad luck." cal ripken is not here in maryland. he is calling the and lcs game s game tonight. back to you. >> we are glad she is ok. onto our big story.
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the jury has been selected in the trial of a baltimore city police instructor. >> william kern faces charges in the shooting of a recruit training -- trainee during a training exercise. barry simms joins us live from -- with the latest. >> there was a last-minute offer from prosecutors but william kern rejected it. he did not want to plead guilty to second-degree assault so the case is moving forward with the jury really tear it. the trial will focus on what happened every 12 at this site. and questions about whether an officer should have had an -- a handgun with live ammunition during the exercise. the details aren't selling. ramin gray shot in the four head during that training exercise. he lost an eye. a man accused of shooting him, training instructor william kern charged with second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. he had an unhealthy attachment to that gun, prosecutors
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thought. >> it was interesting. acute observation. something is definitely wrong. >> the attorney has filed a $500 million civil suit. muscle function and has trouble maneuvering without help. gray will not see pictures of his injuries. question is impossible to hear from him and his condition. he does not recall anything that's a waste on that day. >> the jury could hear evidence describing how he was trying to teach the trainees alyssa, stay in anm about area. he may have pulled his service weapon by accident and following -- turned overas his weapon when requested. jurors will have to do consider if he followed proceeds -- police procedure and if you accidents were intentional.
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>> what i heard this morning almost in defiance of policy. he is a person have -- has been on the floor and none of policy. -- jurors will not hear that the maryland department of into health and hygiene was unaware that the training exercise was happening at rosewood in the opening statements are set for tomorrow. the trial is set to last for hree days. wrecks baltimore's mayor says do not expect the double tax to if a longtime grocery says the tax drove him out of business. >> bitterly fought when it santoni's decision by has put the bottle tax on the
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front page. the mayor insisted it is here to stay. so the released today five cent bottle tax is bringing in more than a million dollars a month. better than projected and one more reason today. asked if she would consider revising the tax the mayor answered this way. >> absolutely not. >> santoni's announced it would close after 83 years in business saying the bottle tax hurt sales and your weight customers but the store is facing increasing competition and has a new landlord. the mayor rejects the idea that the tax is to blame. >> it breaks my heart that he is closing but i think all of us are realistic about the reasons. --curt anderson said the tax the city was able to convince the state to devote a billion dollars to build new city schools. the bottle tax proceeds go to pay the debt. >> it is never a popular thing to increase a tax. newalternative was no
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schools in baltimore. we had to do something to change the culture and baltimore city did that. it put skin in the game. >> even with the tax five new grocery stores have opened in the city. three more are due to come online. the ceo of shoprite called the tax a ridiculous money grab. which he expected to have little effect on the shoppers he will start serving. the city had to suspend an online grocery shopping program because santoni's was the main grocer involved. a search for a replacement is underway. overryland's controversy gun permit law will stand following a decision from the u.s. supreme court. and rights advocates had been pushing to have an appeal heard by the high court but justices are refusing to review the case which claims current gun permit requirements violate the second
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amendment. anyone who applies for a permit to carry a handgun has to demonstrate a substantial reason for carrying that weapon outside the home. the supreme court will confront his biggest case of the term so far. one hour of oral regimens raises questions over race in her minis. the justices are being asked to decide the constitutionality of a voter referendum in the state of michigan. basedd race and sex- discrimination or preferential treatment in public universities mission decisions. this is the second year of oh -- they have taken on affirmative action. the court ordered stricter scrutiny of the law allowing the use of race in college admissions in that case. >> on day 15 of the government shutdown with a debt default limning, there are dueling plans emerging on capitol hill and now all of yesterday's talk of progress has been replaced with
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more uncertainty. sally kidd joins us live in housegton to explain. >> republicans came out with a new proposal this morning. it has one that amounts to seven times, democratic leaders say. wereenate negotiators putting the finishing touches on a bipartisan deal, republican leaders began uploading a new proposal. >> whatever propose we move forward will reflect our position unfairness that no special treatment for anybody under the law. >> in addition to reopening government and extending the deadline may, the house proposal would include delaying a new tax on medical devices and prohibiting contributions to the executive ranch and members of congress. >> we are continuing to work with our members to try to make sure that there is no issue of default and to get our government reopened. >> that was news to house democrats who said there is
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nothing bipartisan about it. sabotageicans want to the bipartisan effort in the senate. the senate majority leader says negotiators were blindsided. >> extremist republicans are attempting to to tito the bipartisan progress with a ill that cannot pass the senate. >> president obama sounded upbeat. >> we are stuck in the house but i remain optimistic that this will get resolved. the challenge is, can we get it resolved sooner enough? >> pulley -- republicans say they day. >> we want to find a solution for this in a bipartisan manner. >> senate leaders have suspended their talks for now while they wait to see if house republicans can pass that plan. >> what is the likelihood it will pass?
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>> it is not clear. speaker john benard has the votes to get that plan through. it could come up for a vote as early as tonight but is not likely to be put on the floor. if speaker benard says he does not have enough support for it. >> enqueue. -- thank you. he was at the center one of the most highly political scandals bethe -- but he wants to baltimore's state senator. julius hanssen spent two days . he tells 11 news voters in the 45th district where he plans to run would not only forgive him but vote for him as well. do you think you can win? >> absolutely.
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i would not be doing it if i did not think i could win. the current senator believes i can win and you must dig i have a chance because you would not be here. >> confident 64-year-old julius henson says he is now going after senator nathaniel 2014 and iseat and not holding back. >> people are hurting. most of the people do not know who their representatives are and those that do now are not satisfied with the direction the district is going. >> he served 30 days in jail for conspiracy trade for his role in the illegal 2010 election day robocall. that the race between governor martin o'malley and the former governor was over before the polls had closed. he said voters in the 45th district will be able to look past his past.
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>> it was a minor charge that still in the courts but we will see. it will be no problem whatsoever. agreesy glover committing his conviction could be a roadblock but not a dealbreaker. >> he would leave a bad taste in people's mouths. at the same time people will also have to consider 20 years as heator mcfadden and peaks? >> it will be very hard to [inaudible] >> there may be more of an uphill battle but it will get henson recognition. >> this will get him back in the public eye and allow him to state his case before the public and maybe restore his career as a political consultant. the three-ells us year probation which he says is under appeal prevents him from pulling out -- political
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consulting and not running for office. he plans to make his announcement official next monday. senator mcfadden declined comment for the story. >> thank you. maryland state board of education is pushing for some changes when it comes just in -- or student discipline. >> officials say we like the way our system works already. we will have details in an educational or. it is steelers week but it is also speed week as the ravens focus on getting off to a faster start this weekend -- this week. >> we will see if
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>> carroll county is trying to allow the -- encourage the state to keep their discipline house he. they will not take changes without considering public comment. they have been able to reduce numbers by sending students to alternate programs. >> we have -- understand the word has the ability to set guidelines. we believe the changes will change our policy which works. to be a less favorable result for us. >> the state ordered will take up that regulation when it meets in early december.
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>> 71 at dwi marshall. that is relatively mild. four degrees above the average and 49 this morning. three degrees warmer than normal. kind of a mild spell in the october. 86, the record high goes back to 89. temperature still mid-60's to low 70's in downtown baltimore. chris feel that 66. some cloud cover there and coming in from the west, the only part of the state that is under increasing cloudiness. with that blanket of cloudiness it will keep the temperatures up not much below 50 in the coolest suburbs and it will be a struggle to get below 60 in downtown baltimore tonight.
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an unusually warm october night. the storm that brought us that rain is over the atlantic area it is far enough offshore so that we have got some shin -- sunshine in the area. some showers and thunderstorms in the changes to snow. snowing and 36 in denver. there is some cold air out there behind this front. this is the front that comes to our area on thursday morning. we will not get into the chilly stuff until the weekend as it tracks across the country. a mild day but you can see our computer models are indicating lots of cloudiness and shower stay in the mountains through the day tomorrow. thursday we catch a chance for a sprinkle in the morning but the best chance for rain will be scattered showers in the afternoon and evening on thursday. the system will move through and get off the coast and clear up in time for friday and the weekend looks nice. not talking about flooding rains again. we're talking about some hit and miss showers mainly thursday afternoon.
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mostly cloudy and continued warmer than normal. 69 to 74 degrees. a southeast reset by miles an hour and that is the wind direction on the bay with waves around one foot and less than 10 knots for most of the day. they do have a better chance for showers but east of the mountains the front will fall apart. 63 in deep creek lake. eastern shore locations, more clouds than sun tomorrow but still mild and a slight chance of a shower on thursday. along the coast clouds and sun mix and showers into friday morning. 73 tomorrow and 74 on thursday. the front drops temperatures closer to normal. a for 60's for highs and lows back into the 40's by monday we could see some temperatures in the upper 30's. >> around here this week the
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mantra is faster started. they have not succeeded nearly often enough playing from behind. wantsall bar -- harbaugh to see his team get off to a faster start. they ranked 29th in yards gained on the first down. a lot of that has to do with the struggles in the running game and they do not stand alone in isolation. they have a trickle-down effect area they have struggled on first down and because of it face to many third and long situations which tend to lead to a lot of frustration on the sidelines. all more important on the road games and the ravens no to win in pittsburgh they have to start beating the steelers by beating pittsburgh each and every time they have the ball on first down. runou cannot consistently for two years -- two yards of
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kerry to be what you want to be as an offense. it makes it hard to stay with it. we need to do a better job of passing the first down. we need to pass well on the first and second down and keep ourselves third and long as much as possible. early down has not been good to us and we have to improve that. marlon brown joins us tonight radio to talkn about his first ever steelers game and more. tonight at 7:00 on the ale radio. a classic matchup in the championship series looking like it will be a series incident the sweep at the doctors say their way within a game of the cardinals last night with the series shifting to los angeles. picking up the action in the fourth inning. adrian gonzalez the living a double to the right and brings and mark ellis. the dodgers 1-0 at that point.
6:21 pm
and to bring a big hit. adrian gonzalez comes in to score and the dodgers in front 2-0 and ready to hold the lead at home. in the eighth inning, ramirez, sometimes placement is everything. a single into shallow outfield. crawford gets the greenlight. the dodgers climb back into the series dating st. louis last night 3-0. the cardinals lead the best of seven series two games to one and the american lake champion series, trying to beat out the comeback. this is -- what is this, the super bowl? a power outage led to a brief delay but they resumed play and they have gone to the bottom of the sixth. the power outage carrying over at home plate. scoreless between the red sox and the detroit tigers. stick around. tom tasselmyer is back to let you know how >> we are following breaking
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news involving the mother of cal ripken, junior. of --ken was the holdup victim of a holdup.
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she was not injured and a suspect is in custody. we will have many more details on that story and much more
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>> mild temperatures, 73 tomorrow, 74 thursday. that front will get temperatures back to normal as we head into the weekend. >> enjoy. thanks for joining us. >> nbc nightly news and brian williams coming next.
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>> see you back here at 11. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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on our broadcast tonight, danger zone for the u.s. economy as this dead lock in washington now threatens to pull it down. there are questions about the u.s. credit rating with just over a day to go now until the deadline. outrage over the events that led a young girl to take her own life. and who the local sheriff is blaming for her suicide. tonight, a wake-up call for all parents. acts of bravery, caught in an ambush, caught on camera, an american hero who led his team through grave danger as tonight his team receives the highest military honor in the land. and making a difference, a great story of a coach who is teaching students what caring
6:31 pm
really means. nightly news begins now. good evening, this was to be expected as the hour nears, but a major credit agency has put the credit rating of the united states of america on a negative ratings watch. just last night, we came on the air reporting that hopes were high for a deal, things were moving. that collapsed today in a pile of noise and hurt feelings in washington. the government has been shut down for 15 days. the debt ceiling deadline is just over 24 hours away now. the world is watching and the financial markets are clearly watching. and profiles in courage are in short supply tonight in washington. we have it all covered beginning again tonight with the sorry state of affairs in congress, kelly o'donnell has spent yet
6:32 pm
another day covering it. >> reporter: good evening, brian, confusion and being paralyzed are all i can say right now. they had a deal and then quickly scrapped it as speaker boehner said tonight they would not go along, the senators tell me they don't know how it will end. how did we go from this just last night? >> i'm very optimistic. >> reporter: to this today. >> and it is nothing more than a blatant attack on bipartisanship. >> reporter: hopes fell on a deal. when the house republicans rejected a bipartisan senate compromise. mr. speaker, can you guarantee that congress won't go past the deadline and push us into default? >> listen, i have made clear for months and months that the idea of default is wrong. and we should not get anywhere
6:33 pm
close to it. >> reporter: but time is running out fast, and the mood is so sour that clergy sang hymns as they walk from one lawmaker's offers to another, praying for a solution. behind these closed doors here, here in the basement of the capitol, the gop held the team meeting, and that is when speaker boehner found out he didn't have enough to make a deal. they wouldn't back down, demanding changes to obama care. >> oh, my gosh, we've lit up the obama care, we've made it crystal clear to the american public that we stand with them on obama care. >> reporter: democrats stood at the white house today. >> make no mistake, the bill republicans are putting on the floor today is a decision to default. >> reporter: why the urgency? congress sets a limit known as the debt ceiling for how much the government can borrow. the current limit is $17.6
6:34 pm
trillion, like ordinary americans do with their household budgets, the treasury department can keep moving money around to help, but it stops at midnight tomorrow. if congress fails tomorrow, america could default. nbc got a look at both sides looking for compromise. and john mccain begged democrats to stop bashing speaker boehner for the sake of getting a deal. >> so let's stop this. let's stop it, sit down, consider the speaker's proposal. >> reporter: but at this point, the gop leadership doesn't have a proposal on the table. the president has been mostly watching from the side looiline calling the gop strategy a bad strategy, and senior officials say we are now at great risk of falling into that financial peril as we get closer to default, brian. >> well, running out of things to say and ways to say it.
6:35 pm
thank you, kelly o'donnell. we're seeing the crisis play out on wall street, stocks took a hit today, all three major indexes were down, and as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast we're getting the first signs of serious concern in the credit ratings market. the fitch ratings agency has put the united states triple a rating on a possible downgrade if of course this doesn't get resol resolved. andrew, the public is now aware they are playing with fire, and they're playing with company money, our money. what happens if this happens? >> if this happens, we are -- the 2008 financial crisis will look like child's play if we actually go into extra inni inningin inningininnings. if we default or even get close
6:36 pm
to the possibility of defaulting, all of our assets will skyrocket, if somebody is going to loan you a dollar and they think they won't get paid back when they should get paid back they charge you more. and that will impact everything, how much money the country has, a 1 percentage point increase is a $20 billion cost annually, that is money no longer going to goods and services for the taxpayers. it will go towards interest payments, your mortgage payment will go up. that is what we're talking about here, and it will be global. >> on that note, i guess we'll be checking back in with you tomorrow night. do you think this is ninth inning? >> i think we're in the ninth inning and i hope we don't go into extra innings, i am hoping we don't. >> because of these clashing extremes in washington right now, it is easy to believe the same political divide exists in cities and towns and neighborhoods all across our country. and might just define our country and our politics these
6:37 pm
days. but nbc news and esquire magazine have partnered on a new survey of our current political landscape that suggests we are not exactly that. and in fact, according to a data we are still a nation with a wide political center. our report on that from our white house chief correspondent and political director, chuck todd. >> reporter: go to any neighborhood in the country and you will find what we found in our new survey. americans are a lot more pragmatic in their political views than washington politicians give them credit for. you have been conditioned to look at blue and red, but that is not what you are, a new survey found we could all use a new pair of 3-d center. a majority of the country, 51% actually falls in the middle lane of american politics.
6:38 pm
the hard left lane is just 21%, and the hard right lane is only slightly bigger at 28%. >> what is happening in washington is there is polarization, that is not necessarily what is happening in the country. >> reporter: the center is as diverse as the country and basically fall into four categories, the mini van moderates are are in the suburbs, the center lives on the coast, while the most cynical and sometimes apathetic group, largely under 40. emily robless, an international businesswoman, is a lot like the middle. >> i don't think i fit into a box. >> reporter: she is with the 53% who favor gay marriage, but also is part of the 7% who think affirmative action should end. >> you should be accepted into college, not on your heritage or the color of your skin. >> reporter: culturally, this is a live and let live group.
6:39 pm
52% are okay with legalizing marijuana, but 79% believe that government is spending too much money. this woman sums up the attitude toward both major parties. >> i have just come to expect that i don't fit. i don't fit in either party. so i have almost become comfortable in the middle. >> reporter: you know, brian, we asked a couple of major political consultants, david axelrod, mike murphy for the republicans, to analyze the data, here is what mike murphy said, all of congress should be listening to that. and check with us at nightly news. >> i love hearing the boxes that the pollsters insist on putting us in. >> we at least have more. >> chuck todd, thank you as always. one of these issues we just heard about was in the news today, specifically ending
6:40 pm
affirmative action. today, the u.s. supreme court agreed to answer the question can voters in any given state vote to ban the practice? our justice correspondent pete williams with us tonight from outside the court. good evening, pete. >> reporter: brian, good evening, the supreme court has ruled before that colleges can choose to use affirmative action, now it seems prepared to rule that voters in a state have the power to ban it. demonstrators outside the court urged it to uphold an amendment passed by michigan voters in 2006, ending affirmative action in the state. the justice attacked it saying that one of the sponsors would bring back segregation. she said it appears to have done just that. but one justice said do whatever you can to have diversity without racial preferences. judging from today's argument, the court seems headed for a ruling that would allow
6:41 pm
affirmative action bans in michigan and several other states to stand. >> pete williams, thank you. it was an emotional afternoon at the white house as a former army captain became the 79th living recipient of the medal of honor, u.s. army captain william swinson was honored for his heroism and his complete disregard for his own safety. during the war in afghanistan, some of it was captured on camera. president obama said swinson was an example of what americans can be at their best. >> reporter: september 2009, a medi-vac helicopter, army captain will swinson guides the chopper to a landing, in one of the worst battles of the army. he and his men walked into a deadly ambush.
6:42 pm
>> if you tried to get up and move, you could have bullets at your feet. >> reporter: he led his troops as they ran into the kill zone and rescued the wounded and searched for missing marines. >> you can never allow a service member to be taken hostage, alive or dead. you bring them home and that is what we did. >> reporter: swinson desperately radioed for help, but army commanders refused to provide combat helicopters or reinforcements. an army investigation later found those commanders were negligent, leading directly to the loss of life. the four americans were later found dead. >> you could clearly see they had been putting up a hell of a fight. >> reporter: swinson bitterly blames their death on other reas reasons, not soldiers, a helmet cam captures ken westbrook being helped by swinson helped to the
6:43 pm
helicopter. in a flash, he gives him a kiss. >> in the middle of the war, you kiss your fellow soldier, why? >> i wanted to make it clear to him, he had done good. you're going home. >> it sounds like you were surprised to see you would do that. >> yes, but he was my soldier. >> but you're glad you did it? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: westbrook died a month later. discourage discouraged, swinson quit the army two years ago, but is now working to return to active duty and the brotherhood of soldiers. nbc news, the pentagon. we also wanted to show you another photo of another heroic american service member that is getting a lot of circulation and comment on the web. it is a photo of army ranger josh hargiss, wounded last week in the attack in afghanistan that killed four members of his unit. he is being awarded the purple heart in the hospitals of this photo, a ceremony his commander
6:44 pm
thought he was unconscious for, until he started to raise his hand in a salute. he struggled to raise his arm with his doctors and his tubing, but he succeeded. the commander sent a picture to his wife, saying that grown men went at the sight, adding it was the most beautiful salute he had ever witnessed. still ahead, shock and sadness after the death of a 12-year-old girl. an outraged sheriff issues a warning to parents across the country. and on the field, making extraordinary kids part of a team. do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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6:47 pm
who couldn't take anymore. our report tonight from nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: florida police say 12-year-old rebecca sedwick couldn't take it anymore, after nearly a year of ugly on-line taunts and harassing messages, including drink bleach and die, last month, rebecca killed herself jumping from a cement plant. >> we all lost sleep over that child dying needlessly. and we can't to see things change. >> reporter: today, a stunning development. >> we have these wonderful photographs of our two new felons. >> reporter: we're not showing their faces, they're only 12 and 14 years old, charged as juveniles with felony aggravated stalking, in connection with rebecca's suicide. >> she should be here. she should be here to see justice getting served. >> reporter: rebecca's mother says after both school and police officials failed to stop
6:48 pm
the bullying, she moved her daughter to another school. but rebecca still had her cell phone, and the bullying continued. >> the difference with cyber-bullying is that it is etched in stone, that people can access the history of it, can review it, rewind it, and it makes it much more painful for the child who is experiencing bullying. >> reporter: legal experts believe this is the first time a person as young as 12 has been charged in such a case and that could pose a challenge for prosecutors. >> this defendant is by all intents and purposes a child, this is someone who may not at this age understand the significance of that sort of cruelty. >> reporter: tonight, from sheriff brady judd, a father of two and grandfather of nine children, a stern warning to parents. >> watch what your children do on line. pay attention. quit being their best friend and be their best parent. that is important. >> reporter: tonight, as the community tries to heal, the
6:49 pm
investigation into rebecca sedwick's death continues, rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. back in a moment with more news, also tonight, badly needed making a difference report. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed
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you may not know his name, but he is the man to thank for all things gummy. he is the reason it is tougher to get our kids out of the candy stores that charge by the pound. had hans regal has died, he put the candy on the map and introduced the world to the gummy bear. he built his dad's company out of the wreckage of the second world war and grew it to success, he was 90 years old. and apple hiring the ceo of
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burberry, angela ahrendts has been chosen and received widespread praise for the job she has done with the burberry brand, she is a native of infrin -- indiana, and based on what she did, others wonder if an ipad could be far behind. and if you regard these two women as contemporary giants in the world of comedy. amy poehler and tina fey, both stars at snl, proved a killer combination the last time they hosted. another attempt to end childhood as we know it. an elementary school in new hampshire has banned playing tag on the playground at recess, the principal put an end to it because there have been injuries. several parents protested that it was too excessive. one of them said "our kids should be wrapped in bubble wrap
6:54 pm
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finally tonight, and as promised our "making a difference" report, it is about a high school athletic coach in georgia with his own ideas about who show make the team. we get our story from gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: on this field, the highlight came before kickoff. >> you know, we don't get the opportunity to see our children like everybody else does. >> reporter: to understand why these parents are crying, and their kids are smiling, you need to meet coach scott hamilton. >> i need to know that i made an impact on people. >> reporter: coach hamilton works at the high school. two years ago he decided to pick at least one player of the day for every home game. each of them with special needs. what do you think this does for these kids? >> it just gives them a chance to be part of something they can't do normally. >> reporter: this time, he surprised two, austin biel and
6:58 pm
levi bishop. >> how do you like the coach here? >> i like him because he is good to me and the players. >> reporter: they get to wear jerseys to the pep rally, to the workout, to the pre-game bus just like the other players. >> i want to show these boys how to be men. you can be a tough guy and still have a compassion inside. >> they opened these players' eyes to the fact. >> for our boys, it is for these kids. >> honestly, i don't even think coach hamilton realizes what it does for them. >> because while levi and austin stand on the sidelines, they are now part of a team. >> it is the highlight of my day every day to you know, watch them come out and run through the tunnel. when i die i don't want it on my tomb stone, scott hamilton, a football coach. i want it to be more. >> reporter: for this coach, the
6:59 pm
only measure is not just a victory. >> and that is our broadcast on a tuesday night, thank you for joining us. i'm brian williams and we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.


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