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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 17, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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capitol building freakout. >> this is not -- one nation under god. >> her bizarre rant. >> did a conspiracy theory drive her over the edge? then road rage disaster. >> he's hitting us, he's hitting us. >> slammed head-on by a crazed driver. this little one's mother didn't deserve to die. and -- a-rod shocker. >> the new book that claims he hired high priced call girls to come to his apartment. >> while he was dating cameron diaz. >> and kate hudson. plus the doctor on trial
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for drowning his wife in a bathtub. eight days after she got a facelift. >> he was planning to move his mistress in within days. hello. then -- [ cheering and applause ] "saturday night live" fire storm. then -- >> welcome to the bob hope estate. >> the comic legend's huge master suite and bob hope's huge master lair. >> there were two women that were allowed in. plus kim kardashian's cheeky self-ie. >> and the world's most expensive bra. now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello everybody and thank you for joining us. washington, d.c. has been the scene of a lot of bizarre happenings in rerent creeks but nothing like -- recent weeks but nothing this. the stenographer became a part of the official record when she had a bizarre freakout in the well of the house.
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>> a bizarre scene on the floor of the house of representatives as the official stenographer suddenly freaks out. >> it happened at the close of the historic vote to end the government shutdown. watch as house stenographer dianne reidy calmly marches up to the podium and has a meltdown as the nation watched. dianne reidy is a 48-year-old mother of twins. her facebook page is punctuated with religious messages like -- to god be the glory. she was hustled off the floor of the house by capitol police and taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. >> what made this so much more dramatic is that i could see the reactions of people around this woman who knew her. and who clearly just felt terrible. >> "chicago sun-times" washington bureau chief lynn sweet shot this dramatic video.
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>> of some people that looked like they were crying around because this was one of their own. who somehow for some reason, snapped. >> reidy was ranting about the founding fathers and freemasons who have long been a target for conspiracy theorists. dan brown's bestseller "the lost symbol" featured sinister freemasons in dc and the movie "national treasure" centered on a treasure hidden by the freemasons during the revolutionary war. but there was nothing fictional about this public meltdown in front of millions of people by the stenographer on live tv. >> deborah: miss reidy who was hospitalized was still under medical care on thursday. another incident of road rage. this time it's left a 20-year- old woman dead. police are still trying to fick out why a man -- figure out why
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a man became enraged and then started ramming one car before slamming into another car head- on. >> a terrified woman call 911 as the driver filled with rage tries to run her off the road. the gains,ville -- in gainesville, georgia. the driver 48-year-old michael williams is crazy out of his mind and he's about to cause a disaster. >> seconds later, williams tried to pass them by moving into the opposite lane. this is what happened next. >> this is all that's left. the red truck was driven by that raging maniac. he smashed into this white suv. instantly killing 20-year-old chelsea gerrish. that awful moment of impact happened right here.
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the road rage driver in the pickup truck was traveling this way in the wrong lane. chelsea and two friends were in the car coming up over the blind hill. they had no chance to get out of the way. >> she was taken away too soon. much too soon. >> her family is mourning her senseless death. she was just getting started in life. an aspiring model who was paying the bills by waiting tables at a local restaurant. her mom is severalling for answers -- searching for answers. >> the first thing i feel for you guys is sadness but it's also -- >> it's very angering. i'm very angry. >> williams also was killed instantly. he was a married father of three. the police have no idea what triggered the road rage. >> this individual was mad for some reason. he was mad at this particular vehicle. we may never know the answers. we may never know what was going through his mind. >> there were two passengers in the car with chelsea. they survived somehow. mia fort was in the front seat. fighting through the pain she limped to the podium at chsea's funeral to pay tribute to her friend.
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>> she had such a great personality. everyone loves her. >> chelsea also leaves behind a 2- year-old son aiden. the toddler broke free and ran to his grandfather as he was giving the eulogy. >> this is aiden. anybody that doesn't know, he looks just like his momma. >> nobody can make sense of this tragedy. a little boy's mother taken away by an act of stupidity. >> we watched somebody that we treasured dear to our hearts and it's not fair. >> deborah: according to the aaa at least 1500 people are seriously injured or killed every year during senseless traffic disputes. it's being called the world's most powerful address and an apartment building overlooking new york city's central park where a number of big stars live including disgraced yankee baseball star alex rodriguez. a new book claims that a-rod was pretty busy not only with
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his famous girlfriends but also with hookers. paul boyd explains. >> did baseball's highest paid player hire high priced call girls two at a time twice a week at one of new york city's most exclusive apartment buildings? one time he had two go up. they came down and left and ten minutes later cameron diaz walks in said one building employee at 15 central park west. alex rodriguez lived here at the exclusive condo on the upper west side for two years moving out in 2011. he paid $30,000 a month. at some point, denzel washington, sting, mark wahlberg and kelsey grammer have all called the building home. in "house of outrageous fortune: 15 central park west, the world's most powerful address" the author michael gross says people who worked at the building buzzed about a- rod's love life witnessing his famous girlfriends including cameron diaz and kate hudson come and go. but it's the revelation about high priced call girls that's making headlines --
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says the "new york daily news" -- and this is the "new york post" -- >> a spokesman for a-rod is denouncinghe report saying -- >> deborah: a-rod's currently appealing his suspension from baseball for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. "saturday night live" is one of the most enduring programs in camdy but also one of the least diverse? the controversy's been stirred up over one cast member's asking where are the black female comics and is the booking of the upcoming host connected to that controversy? >> kerry washington of tv's "scandal" has just signed on to guest host "saturday night live." the announcement that she will host on november 2nd comes a day after the show came under fire for a lack of diversity. >> the show is getting hammered by critics and even some of its
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own stars for having zero african-american women in its cast this season. >> for the sixth year in a row, there was not one black female comedienne in the new cast. who were introduced a few weeks ago by tina fey. >> congratulations. >> but the controversy turned into an uproar earlier this week when cast member kenan thompson told -- referring to african-american female comediennes. sherri shepherd of "the view" couldn't believe it. >> you're not doing the work. if you -- tell me that there's no funny black women. >> "the talk's" aisha tyler was outraged. >> so many funny young women doing this. and it's just crazy to me. it's laziness. >> that's right. >> in "saturday night live's" 39 year history, there have only been four black female cast members. including maya rudolph who left in 2007.
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>> because of the show's stature in society in pop culture. diversity is something they have to think about. >> and get this -- whoopi goldberg once auditioned for "snl" but was rejected. >> i once sent them a tape yeah a long time ago. early '80s they said no thank you. >> wow. >> but you know what? listen. no no no. it was the best thing that could happen to me. >> deborah: by the way she has never guest hosted "saturday night live" either. but who knows? maybe that will change. kim kardashian is apparently pretty proud of her postpregnancy figure. especially her postpregnancy posterior. >> kim kardashian gets cheeky in a new instagram photo. the new mom poses in a revealing white swimsuit showing she's dropped the baby weight while maintaining her voluptous curves. boyfriend kanye west tweeted three words. "heading home now." but not everyone is applauding the jaw- dropping selfie. one critic tweeted that should
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be for your man's eyes only. you are a [ bleep]ing mother. "elle" magazine is under fire for its november cover featuring melissa mccarthy in an oversized coat. the star is all covered up with just a glimpse of skin exposed. critics are taking to twitter to complain -- >> "elle" is responding -- and it's the world's most expensive bra. victoria's secret just unveiled its $10 million jewel encrusted fantasy bra. which features 4,200 gems including rubies, diamonds and sapphires. >> let's put it on. >> south african model candice swanepoel got to wear the bra along with a jewel belt and because of the $10 million price tag, two bodyguards are never that far away. >> deborah: those are the two happiest working guys in
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america promise you candace will be wearing the bra during victoria secret's big televised fashion show in december. we'll be back with more after this. next the doctor on trial for drowning his wife in a bathtub. eight days after she got a facelift. >> he was planning to move his mistress in within days. hello. >> then -- the american sniper's wife speaks out. her first interview since the murder of her hero husband. >> think about him all the time. >> and -- >> welcome to the bob hope estate. >> the comic legend's huge master suite. and bob hope's private lair. >> there were two women that were allowed in. >> "inside edition" in high definition will be right back.
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inside the food network. next "inside edition" -- rachael ray, bobby flay, paula deen. the untold story of how the food network turned unknown chefs into household names.
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>> imreal was shocked that he was being let go after ten years of being king of the network. then is this the new worst song ever? ♪ next "inside edition." >> deborah: a once respected doctor and sunday schoolteacher use a facelift as a means to murder his wife? that's the question to juries being asked as opening arguments begin in a trial known as the facelift muer. >> a doctor goes on trial for murdering his beauty queen wife. a crime that has torn his family apart. his own daughters are convinced of his guilt. they showed up at a court hearing holding photos of their beloved mother. >> one of the sisters called i think daddy killed mother. i think he killed her. >> dr. martin macneill is accused of drowning his wife michele in the bathtub of their home near salt lake city. prosecutors say michele couldn't defend herself because her husband had doped her up on pain medication as she
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recuperated from a facelift eight days earlier. macneill called 911 saying he found his wife in the bathtub -- >> but prosecutors say the doctor drowned his wife so he could be with his mistress. the family nanny. in opening statements thursday, the prosecutor said macneill allegedly admitted to another inmate what he had done. >> he explained that he can get away with things and stated that one of the things he'd gotten away with is killing his wife. that he was glad the was dead. >> even macneill's own lawyer made a not so flattering crack about her client. >> you may think that he's a total jerk but it's very critical that during this trial you set aside your emotion. >> she insisted the doctor did not kill his wife. >> michele macneill died of
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natural causes. >> the trial is certain to get a lot of attention. nancy grace is covering it on her hln show. the macneills have eight children four of whom were adopted. after michele died, the doctor sent one of them back. >> after michelle macneil died that day if her bathtub -- in her bathtub. dr. macneil wanted a do-over. >> jim moret spoke with macneill's daughter alexis. >> you don't think your mom died from an accident. >> i know my father killed my mother. he's an evil man. >> deborah: macneil who pled not guilty faces life in prison if convicted. he was one of the military's most deadly snipers. credited with 150 kills. but he died not on the battlefield but cops say at the hand of a disturbed fellow veteran. now his wife is speaking out in her first interview since her husband's death. she says she is still trying to make sense of his passing. >> navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle was bigger than
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life. >> i think about it all the time. the battlefield legend held the u.s. military record with 150 sniper kills. he survived four combat tours in iraq. his book "american sniper" was a number one best seller. now it's being released in a memorial edition with new passages taya kyle has written about her one of a kind warrior husband. >> protected his fellow man. got through hell and back with his soul intact. >> who could have dreamed such a man would be killed here at home after his military service ended allegedly by a fellow veteran? that's what happened last february when kyle invited a troubled vet to a shooting range at the exclusive rough creek lodge in glen rose, texas as part of the vet's mental health recovery. >> chris was always known in the community as someone who did anything for anyone. it was supposed to be all good. >> but cops say former marine
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eddie ray routh, said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, shot kyle and another vet dead at point-blank range. arraignment. uilty at his >> you definitely don't expect it while you're helping someone they're going to turn right around and -- you know in cold blood brutally murder two people. >> chris kyle's funeral at cowboys stadium was worthy of an american hero with 7,000 mourners in attendance including country star randy travis. ♪ amazing grace >> i am extraordinarily grateful to the people who came together to make a memorial like they did. >> deborah: the trial for the man accused of murdering chris kyle begins next week. still to come -- >> welcome to the bob hope estate. >> the comic legend's huge master suite. and bob hope's private lair. >> there were two women that were allowed in.
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>> deborah: he always signed off his show thanks for the memories and now bob hope's memories can be yours. >> welcome to the bob hope estate. >> celebrity realtor jade mills
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took me on an exclusive grounds in toluca lake, california. bob hope was 100 when he died here in 2003. the main house is 15,000 square feet on five acres of pricey l.a. land. so this is the master suite. >> this is the master suite -- >> but it's really a number of rooms isn't it? the master suite has three, count them, three bedrooms. bob's wife dolores used them as closets. altogether there are seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. so this is the library. the wood paneled library is where bob entertained some of hollywood's greatest stars but only two women were allowed inside his lair. >> there were two women that were allowed in. katharine hepburn and phyllis diller. >> bob built the house in the 1940s when he was number one at the box office. his daughter linda gave us the never before seen family photos of life at the hope home. you can see a putting green even a sand trap because bob hope loved to play golf. he entertained eight u.s. presidents here and played golf with many of them. bob had two swimming pools.
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one outdoor and one indoor. what's it going to set you back? to live like bob hope? >> the house is being listed at $27,500,000. >> wow. that was a lot of coin but then again -- this property comes with a lot of memories. ♪ thanks for the memories >> deborah: proceeds from the sale of the house will go to the bob and dolores hope foundation that benefits several charities that were important to the couple. when we come back, it's doctor's appointment for a really cute baby panda.
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>> deborah: baby pandas make really cute sounds. we will prove that in just a moment. closed caption sponsorship for "inside edition" is brought to you by: stay tuned, there's more "inside edition" to come.
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>> deborah: finally today, a trip to the panda pediatrician. >> ow! >> how's this for adorable? this 8-week-old baby panda is a star attraction at the national
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zoo in dc. she's getting measured by vets. and like all babies she doesn't like to go to the doctor either. >> i know it. >> and what a smart puppy. >> let him in. let him in. >> his buddy wants to come back in. so the little guy holds the door open. is that a wave to come on in? >> uh-oh. >> finally, success. and they scamper off to play. >> good boy. >> deborah: apparently ow is the same in panda and in human. that's "inside edition" for today. thanks so much for watchinsmashs
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targeting parents at day care--at 11 lights, camera, access. she's showing what she's got. boom. plus is it becoming a little more clear why charlie ran away from "grey"? i'm billy bush.


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