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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, on the run. authorities in florida racing to capture two convicted killers that used forged papers to escape prison. this morning out rage from the family of one of the victims. hijacked, 11 children on a school bus taken at knife point chase for miles. and digs for dollars, steven colbert on everyone from politicians to the pope. >> if pope francis wasn't throwing the party we'd be at sweat pants at the ihop.
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>> the good cause behind the laughs today, friday, october 18th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm maria shriver along side natalie morales and al roker. >> wow. >> i don't want to sit next to natalie because everybody says he looks like a young version of me. i want to sit next to al. >> we're sisters. >> no, we're not sisters. she's a young version. >> we have done digging. we looked at the last time to see when the last time was you cohosted the "today" show. >> did i look like natalie. >> do you know what the top song
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was? night song. carter was in the white house. that was 1998. so welcome back. >> thank you. we're thrilled to have you. first let's get to our top story. we have a lot going on. tonight's top story is a man hunt for two dangerous inmates released from prison. mark potter in orlando. good morning. >> reporter: good rning, maria. phony papers were filed here at the orange county courthouse in orlando ordering the early release of two dangerous criminals. as a result they did get out and are being sought. joseph jenkins and charles walkers are convicted killers and are on the run. both were serving life sentences for murder but walked right out the prison door. >> we're putting every resource and effort we have into apreheading these guys and putting them where they belong. >> reporter: they were released based on forged documents that reduced their sentences. the paperwork had the signature
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of judge perry who gained fame as the judge for the casey anthony trial. perry says the convicts had to have help from the outside. >> anyone with any computer skills can look at a document and take that document off of the internet and lift the signature and paste it somewhere else. >> reporter: authorities say a third convict tried a similar scheme earlier this year but failed. he was serving time for attempting to kill a police officer. the state attorney's office says he tried to use forged documents to get out of jail but an alert detective foiled the plot. in a statement thursday the state attorney's office warned it is now clear that the use of forged court documents to obtain release from prison is an on going threat. as for jenkins and walker, their mistaken release was discovered on tuesday when a family member of would be of the murder victims was notified of the release and called authorities.
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now investigators are trying to find out how the two men pulled it off. >> it's very ingenious. it's a break out without having to break out. >> reporter: now, overnight, the family of pugh who was murdered by joseph jenkins issued a statement to nbc news saying they never thought this could happen because of his very long sentence. meantime, authorities are trying to determine if other inmates may have gotten out this way as they concentrate on the manhunt for the two escapees. back to you. >> thank you, mark potter. amazing. >> lawmakers are talking about how to avoid a repeat crisis one day after the shutdown came to an end. peter alexander is at the national zoo where the park is reopening today. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. >> we had this shutdown. it came about as the result of an attempt to either delay or defund obama care and the tactic
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didn't work but we understand now while the battle was lost by certain factions of the gop, the war over obama care is not over. >> reporter: that's exactly right, matt. we heard from senator ted cruz. he was the architect of the conservative republicans, shutdown strategy and he said that he is going to continue to go after, whatever it takes to try to get rid of what he describes as the train wreck that is obama care but the fights overshadow the bigger problem and that is problems with the implementation of this law taking place right now. the website has been a pr disaster. the costs have ballooned. tech experts say it simply doesn't work right now and that's another place that's going to be a prime target for the critics of the president's new law that needs to be implemented over the course of the next several months. >> and after all the dysfunction we have seen in congress over the last several weeks and with
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the work that has to be done between now and the two looming deadlines of january 15th and february 7th, where's congress right now, peter? >> reporter: that's a good question. probably back at home with their families. they're certainly not here in washington. they are now in recess, matt. the house after three weeks that most americans think were wasted won't be back in washington until next tuesday. the senate is off for all of next week. we saw house speaker john boehner at the airport. a photo was taken of him that we can show you as well. capitol tours resume. that's a good news for tourists and there was a unified effort. there were leaders from republican and democratic sides meeting yesterday to go over the budget issue but the hour glass has turned over and the countdown clock begins again. we have less than 90 days until we reach the potential of another crisis. washington is like a zoo these days. if you pan the camera over, 10:00 this morning, the folks here get to see the zoo, the
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panda again, as it says, the humans and animals can't wait to see you. peter, thank you. we'll have much more on the shutdown's impact and the next move this weekend on "meet the press". now to chilling news recorded during last month's deadly siege on a mall in kenya. richard engle is here with that story. good morning. >> good morning. have you seen these imagines? the story comes with a warning. the imagines are clearly disturbing but they provide a rare fly on the wall perspective of what it was like in the mall when the gunmen arrived. >> reporter: moments before the attack, nairobi's upscale west gate mall looked busy, normal. until a panic stampede from a door. a security camera captured what they're running from. one of the gunman believed to be from the somalia based group al shabaab. he shot a man cowering behind a
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counter. injured, the man struggled to move until another gunman came to finish him. trapped shoppers ran falling over each other. in a restaurant, a few organized defenses. two armed men can be seen trying to protect the room as the hostage round up began in the super market. a mother and her two children pushed a cart. in it, what seems to be a wounded child. behind them, a teenage girl limped forward as a gunman ordered them all to keep moving. throughout this first day, the gunmen seem calm and methodical, seen talking on cell phones. kenyan police believe they were receiving instructions from abroad as shabaab leaders tweeted status reports to the world. these security videos are the most accurate look at the massacre in the mall that would
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drag on for four terrifying days. the mother pushing the cart and the children all survived. >> these are also extremely useful to law enforcement officials. they can study the videos and see where they moved and used the space and tended to congregate. >> we hope they learn something from the individuvideos because difficult to watch it. >> all of these cameras watching it happen over four days. >> thank you very much. natalie has a big scare for a group of parents in arkansas. good morning to you. >> thank goodness all are okay. but a drive to school took a terrifying turn for a group of elementary school kids and their driver when a man armed with a knife hijacked their school bus. betty is here with the details. >> good morning, talk about a wild ride. for a time that desperate man had the wheel and nearly a dozen innocent children on board.
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police were in pursuit with no idea where he would go or what he might do. >> reporter: a police chase unlike any other you're likely to see. a string of cruisers in slow speed pursuit after police say this man, 22-year-old nicholas miller hijacked the bus. the frightening episode outside little rock began thursday morning when police say miller pulled a knife on a woman walking down the street and tried to carjack her. but she had no car. so he hopped on the nearby bus and ordered the driver out of her seat and hit the gas with 11 young children in the back. four police agencies joined in the chase that stretched across two towns but it came to an abrupt halt when police put up a road block. >> one agency deployed spike strips. however he did not run over the spikes. >> miller stopped the bus and gave up without a fight. none of the kids was hurt. parents were alerted by an automated message.
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>> pinewood parents, this message is to inform that you all students on board bus 47 are safe. >> reporter: all were relieved. >> everybody was okay and made it out safe. >> reporter: many hope the suspect faces justice. >> i hope they give him help and make an example out of him. >> reporter: miller is charged with vehicle piracy. he is also facing 12 counts of kidnapping and 2 counts of aggravated assault. now police say miller has had four prior run ins with the law just this year alone. investigators say he told them people were chasing him and he saw the bus as his only way to get away, natalie. thank goodness all are okay. thank you so much. a federal air marshall is accused of taking inappropriate pictures of a woman. he was boarding a southwest plane on official duty thursday when witnesses claim he used a cell phone to take a picture underneath a woman's dress. he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
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new information this morning in the edward snowden case. the former nsa contractor says he left all classified documents in hong kong and didn't bring any of them to russia. snowden says no spies got ahold of the secret u.s. documents. he tells the new york times that he turned everything over to journalists and he didn't keep any copies. the documents contained specific details about the u.s. surveillance activities at home and abroad. hundreds of thousands of computers in san francisco will have to find another way to get tho work this morning. bay area rapid transit workers walked off the job for the second time in two months. they're haggling over wages and benefits. 400,000 riders take bart every weekday. it's the fifth largest commuter rail system. nearly 100 wildfires are borning across australia today. the raging fires already killed one man and destroyed several homes. hundreds of people are forced to evacuate. strong winds and unseasonably
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hot temperatures fanned the flames and threatened surrounding towns including sidney. and a lesson on why it's always a good idea to check on your car every once in awhile. look at these pictures out of china. the owner apparently abandoned the car -- there was a car under all of that -- about a year ago. it's completely overgrown with ivy. the car has become a bit of a social media sensation. police finally responded to the complaints. they tried to remove the vines but they decided the vehicle should be towed away instead, vines and all. that's a lesson in taking care of that car. that car maintenance. >> i thought i was good at vining but he is much better. >> you have snow to talk about. >> that's right. let's take a look. there's denver international airport. you'll see the snow coming down. we're looking at 1 to 3 inches before it's all over. the good news is all the flooding in colorado, a lot of the ski resorts opening up. let's show you what it looks
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like on the radar. you can see we have the snow coming in. we're looking right now at winter weather advisories until about later on this afternoon at 9:00 a.m. winter weather advisories to the west of denver as well. we he frost and freeze warnings also. we also have a big change coming. cold front that's dividing the eastern third of the country with the western third. so much colder air coming in behind this system. we're looking at warmer air making it's way up from the south. the colder air coming in from the north so what we're going to see, temperatures dropping way down out west. denver, 22 degrees below normal. kansas city, 19 degrees below normal. ahead of the system, though, here in the northeast, temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they should be. we'll get to give me a few minutes, pete.
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give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks very much. the duchess of cambridge is keeping herself busy as she
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prepares for the christening of her son prince george. michelle kosinski is in london where kate is turning heads as usual. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, sometimes people ask what is modern royalty for? well, you might say carrying on tradition and helping people and that's exactly what they have been doing. new generation is into the power of sports and today kate was here at the olympic park. her first solo appearance since becoming a mother. catherine duchess of cambridge look as fit as ever three months after giving birth to the future king. at an event to help support some of the most promising athletes in sports that don't always get information. >> to have her as our patron is amazing. >> reporter: 17-year-old reuben is britain's number one young saber fencer, hopefully olympic bound. >> something i want more than anything. >> reporter: the princes have also been big boosters of sports
7:17 am
lately as william and kate settle into their new life as a family. william has left active military to focus on royal duty. they have moved into their incredible new apartment at kensington palace and william knighted his first loyal subject. an ancient ceremony, william even got to use the sword. >> be careful, i guess. >> reporter: and next week, the family will come together for a special event they are keeping private, the christening of baby george here in st. james's palace built by henry viii in the castle we elizabeth prayed and where princess diana's body lay before her funeral. >> it should be an enormous moment of joy. here we have a new prince, a new hope, and a new injection of the
7:18 am
future of the british monarchy. >> the british press has been full of stories about how william and kate are breaking this tradition and not picking any royals to be god parents for baby george. although their real choices won't be known until the day of the christening. >> michelle, thank you very much. a b charity event was held here in new york city last night. the alfred e. smith dinner. it's an annual fund-raiser for the catholic church and steven colbert was the keynote speaker and no one in the room was safe from his humor. >> my god, i'm standing in front of dr. henry and maria. you guys are dating now, right? everyone looks to lovely tonight, you know? it's like we all showed up at the same halloween party dressed as the monopoly guy. and that's kind of fitting
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because the wall street guys evidently have a get out of jail free card. if pope francis were throwing tonight's party we wouldn't be at white tie at the waldorf we'd be in sweat pants at the ihop splitting a fresh and fruity. chris matthews is here. good to see you chris. how are you? everybody knows chris is host of "hardball." i have good news. having hardball is now covered by obama care. is mayor bloomberg here? he's a very tiny man. the real reason he doesn't want drink cups larger than 16 ounces is he's afraid he might drown in one. >> ouch. >> that is the tone of that dinner every single year. so nothing different about that. >> no question. >> willie geist is over in the orange room this morning. he is in there while carson continues on assignment so to speak. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. maria.
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good to see you. come in any time. we have coffee, pastries, chardonay left by kathie lee. whatever you want. a concession speech was given tuesday night by steven lonigan. it's the relationship with his wife during the speech you want to pay attention to here. >> i have spent the last 20 years of my life in politics serving the people of new jersey the way i thought i best could. >> just brushing that dirt off the shoulder. that's his wife of 32 years trying to console him a little bit. not in the mood for consolation. brushing his wife's hand off his shoulder. he said afterward i love my wife. it was a tough moment. now, if we're being honest with each other, the top story on
7:21 am is booty call, kim kardashian selfie but the kids are still home so we'll let you go to to look that one up yourself. >> nice tease. we appreciate that. >> all right willie, thank you very much. coming up, a high profile trial is getting underway. a doctor accused of killing his wife, but without a smoking gun can the prosecution make it's case? >> and has the identity of big foot finally been revealed? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. the maryland board of physicians has suspended the license of outhouse and gynecologists. the doctor is accused of mr. bidding illegal drugs and store -- disturbing illegal drugs and storing images of female genitalia on his cell phone. he previously worked at saint agnes hospital.
7:27 am
a hearing with the state board of physicians is scheduled for october 23. out there once again. wilkens avenue on the ramp to the inner loop, heavy traffic due to an accident. as you travel on the outer loop west side, expect to be delayed back to baltimore national pike. and the cockeysville region, this is where we have an accident. ride along cranbrook road and pepper would drive them a we have a problem in sykesville. county,south and howard washington boulevard, guilford road, crashed avoid. spencerville road and santini road, closures and affected joint next and. -- closures in affect due to an accident. you can see that sinclair is going to be an issue this morning. the leas expected from 95 to the towson region. miri has a check on your
7:28 am
forecast. >> clear skies out there. plenty of sunshine and highs between 63 and 60 degrees. by -- 66 degrees by 4:00 this evening. small craft advisory on the bay. otherwise, pretty nice out there. here is your seven-day forecast. on sunday. 60 five monday. maureen chances on tuesday.
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we're back now at 7:30 on a friday morning. it's october 18th, 2013. and we've got the sunrise over charlotte, north carolina to show you this morning. pretty there. and we want to know what it looks like as you're waking up. tweet us your photos. the hashtag is today sunrise. here's some of the photos on our wall inside the studio. i'm matt lauer with maria shriver. happy to have maria here with al roker and natalie morales. savannah is on assignment today. we'll look at the stories making news. authorities launched a massive manhunt for two convicted
7:31 am
murderers that used fake documents to escape from a florida prison. >> and take a look at this, snow is falling in denver this morning. they can expect around 3 inches by the time the storm is over and people are already waxing up their skis. >> good news for folks in the mountains. and lawmakers already started meeting privately in hopes of reaching a permanent budget plan by mid-december. >> still ahead this morning, mystery solved. one man's surprising discovery after he decided to put the big foot myth to the test. >> and the florida sheriff that arrested two girls in connection with the tragic bullying case this week took his message to parents last night. so coming up in our next half hour, we'll take a look at the issue. is the problem of mean girls getting worse and why are some adults and parents looking the other way when it comes to this. >> you raised young ladies. >> girls who i hope aren't mean. >> you know what they deal with. it's tough. >> girls are tough.
7:32 am
>> let's begin with the high profile murder trial underway in utah. a doctor accused in the 2007 death of his own wife. it's the state's first ever televised criminal case. miguel almaguer is outside criminal court. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. it took prosecutors more than six years to build their case and now go to trial. for the next five weeks there should be plenty of drama in the courtroom. there's allegations of deceit, betrayal, and of course, murder. >> this case is a puzzle with many pieces. >> reporter: during opening arguments, prosecutors portrayed dr. martin macneill as a calculating killer. a man that told fellow inmates he could get away with murder. hard to believe for so many that considered him the picture perfect family man. >> he gave her drugs and sleeping pills to get her to pass out and die. >> reporter: a physician and a lawyer, he married a beauty
7:33 am
queen, had eight children, but his wife came crashing down when his wife michelle was found dead in the family home. >> fallen in the bathtub. >> who's in the bathtub? who's in the bathtub? >> my wife. >> reporter: michelle's death was never ruled a homicide but macneill's own daughter has long accused her father of murder. >> he killed my mother who was my best friend. most wonderful, incredible person. >> reporter: after michell underwent a facelift, prosecutors say martin macneill overdrugged and then drowned his wife in the bathtub but his lawyers say macneill that pled not guilty was at work. in court they hammered home the coroner's report. >> none of the medical examiners believed it was a homicide. >> with the plastic surgeon and a former colleague taking the
7:34 am
stand thursday, a key witness could be gypsy willis. she was macneill's mistress and his motive for murder. willis moved into the family home after michelle's death and even attended her funeral. >> the two of them exchanged over 20 text messages on the day of michelle's funeral. after the funeral, the defendant was jovial, laughing and smiling. >> it's very critical that during this trial you set aside your emotions and you evaluate this case based upon the facts. >> reporter: a case six years in the making that has gripped a community and torn a family apart. this case has turned family on family. macneill's daughters have been in court holding up a picture of their mother. they are poised to testify against their father. macneill and his mistress were convicted of fraud charges on a separate case after her death. in convicted in this case, he faces life in prison, matt. miguel, thank you very much.
7:35 am
lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is a circumstantial case. there's no smoke gun here. what's the strongest aspect of the case against dr. macneill. >> if this guy is innocent he has a lot to answer for, he's accused of pressuring her into the facelift overseeing the medications. almost overmedicating her once. a couple of days later giving her so many pills that she died and afterwards covering it up by disposing of the medications and logs. >> this is difficult to prove. this is a murder case. what's the weakest part of their case? >> that's true. causation will be a problem. showing that not only did he overmedicate her, but he did so intentionally. i'm sure he's going to say she was recovering from surgery and was in a lot of pain. we were controlling that by way of medication. yes i gave her the pills but i
7:36 am
did so to try to help her heal from the facelift. >> and he says he was either at work at the time of death or driving his daughter to or from school. >> that's right but apparently his office was only about five minutes away from the home and look if you kill somebody by giving them a lot of pills, they don't die instantly. it's not like a gunshot. the prosecution can find enough time in the time line to show he is good for this crime. >> and having the mistress move into the home posing as a nanny after the wife's death. if he was on trial charged with being a heel they'll convict him in a minute but there's a higher standard here. >> that's right. he is not accused of being an adult rer but a murderer. it gives him a motive. >> thank you very much. >> wow. >> okay. al. take it from here. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by farmers
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insuran insurance. the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. get smarter at well, we're looking at the gulf coast getting a lot of rain. a couple of reasons for that. we have a stationary front just off the gulf. we're also looking at subtropical jet stream bringing a lot of moisture in and upright through the gulf. so we're going to be looking over the next 48 hours at rain and heavy thunderstorms developing right along the gulf coast. more showers and thunderstorms moving through central texas. anywhere from about an inch to two inches in some spots over the next 48 hours. the rest of the country, low pressure moving out of new england. that's bringing rain there. patchy dense fog stretching throughout t appachians. slight risk of strong storms later today in mid texas. out west you can't ask for better weather. beautiful day in seattle. high of 64 and
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>> 63 in the mountains. we get temperatures in the upper 60s in ocean city as well. that's your latest weather and if you watch only one football game this weekend, this is the one you want to see, of course you only watch one football game. it's sunday night, football night in america. that's right. it's a dome stadium but outside if you're going to be tailgating, partly cloudy, cool, 54 to 58. we're watching peyton manning come in to the team that kicked him to the curb. will he get revenge. it's sunday night, football night in america.
7:39 am
go peyton. >> you've never seen him do that before? >> what is he drinking in the morning? >> you don't want to know. >> fermented something. coming up on trending, do you believe her? the super model that says she is struggling to find a date. >> oh my. what problems. up next, also has an oxford scientist finally solved the mystery of the elusive yeti. scientist finally solved the mm here at a marathon to tell people how to finish strong with a fresher bum. can i talk to you about... bums? your nerves kick in, you've got to go. is toilet paper enough? no you want that. and you want that in every port-a-let. you need the dream team. combo! imagine how great it would feel on your bum. mmmm... yeah that's the face, isn't it? mmmmmm... [ cherry ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. so let's talk about your bum on facebook. off to my next destination. so you want to drive more safely? of smart. so let's talk about your bum on facebook.
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face time and think time google... how do i get home?t. getting directions. we're back at 7:43 with an age old mystery. >> the big question of the morning, is there really such a creature as a yeti? and if so, what is it? as keir simmons explains, one scientist may have found the answer. >> reporter: yeti, big foot, call it what you will. an elusive creature set to hide
7:44 am
everywhere. he said they didn't exist until he saw one 25 years ago. >> long hair, they are going on two legs. they are much taller than a huge man. >> reporter: still many called the yeti a myth until now. one year ago the oxford scientist decided to put it to the test. >> this is the starting point. >> reporter: he gathered samples leading to sightings of the creature, like the hair o the creature. >> if there's anything we will find it. >> reporter: he tested the dna and he discovered there is a hybrid creature out there. it marched an arctic bear that lived tens of thousands of years ago. it means the yeti maybe a descendent of that animal. a bit like this museum piece. >> it's a bear.
7:45 am
>> reporter: independent expert sas the theory is reasonable but the professor is still searching because he believes other yetis maybe related to humans. >> what a discovery it would be to find a lost race of humans in the himalayas. >> or anywhere else. that's why i'm doing the work. >> reporter: his quest provided some answers but there's still much that is mysterious about the yeti. the creature of the mountains. for "today," keir simmons, nbc news london. >> this is big in your house. >> my kids are obsessed by big foot. i don't know why. they think he lives near our house. >> wow. real or not real? do you think. >> i hope it's real because there's so few things unexplained in this world. it would be great to have something you can't actually put your finger on. >> he's not there right now, he's in scotland riding the loch ness monster. >> i don't believe but i don't want to ruin it for your kids. i think you and your kids should
7:46 am
find out more about this and watch the big foot files at 8:00 eastern and pacific time on national geographic. >> do you believe? >> i do think way a long time ago perhaps. >> but not now. >> not now. >> up next, it's flash back friday in the orange room. maria be afraid. we're going to check in with willie right after this. >> maria big hair. >> yeah, that's mean.
7:47 am
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we'll help you get there. the fact that you're here for the first time since 1998, we head to the orange room for something special from willie. >> yes, matt, we dug deep into the archives to find our friend maria shriver. it is flashback friday. >> welcome to a friday edition of today. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm maria shriver. >> what are you doing? >> come on. >> i feel such pressure now. >> how was your trip with the first lady? after the interview at the thomas edison historic site. >> that's right. it was very historic. >> you were amazed at the history there. >> when people take a picture i said this is the first and last time you will see me sitting on
7:51 am
this bus. >> on a bus. >> but i had actually a very good time. it was fun. a really good time. nobody asked for either one of you. >> oh. >> we missed you. >> has it only been since '98. >> let me just say, if that's the worst we could find of maria, we're doing okay. we got a lot of reaction to maria being here. people are excited to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> matt's hair was almost as big as maria's head. >> and shoulder pads. >> all right willie, thank you very much. coming up on trending, how far would you go to lengthen your career? the female model who is now working as a male model. >> and then at 8:33, bob hope's iconic home is now up for sale and we'll give you a rare look inside. >> it's beautiful. >> coming up, john what if we took all this produce from walmart,
7:52 am
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>> this is the wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell. >> let's check the friday morning ride. several accidents, one in the city. pratt street and gay street, there are closures due to the water main break repairs. another accident in westminster. it's like this problem is cleared, fannie dorsey road and route 97 has been reopened. as you travel through sessile county, west on route 40, just people apart, crash justin.
7:57 am
60 miles per hour on the north side. -- 16 miles now on the north side. sinclair an issue. westbound delays from security to baltimore national pike. this is what it looks like it wilkins avenue. a little bit of a delay on i-70 eastbound towards 29. miri has a check on your forecast. >> cool start to your morning. 52 in cockeysville. 58 and the downtown area. temperatures around 51 in randallstown. 63 and 60 degrees good west winds at about 12 miles per hour. rule -- we will have around the to be 73 mark at 9:00 a.m. a small craft advisory right now. west winds on inner harbor at 10 knots. winds get up to about 13 knots today. waves of one foot or less than the expected.
7:58 am
sunday, the ravens taking on the steelers in pittsburgh. temperatures between 55 and 49 degrees during gametime. a few cuts possible as well. saturday, 68, and another front makes its way through with overnight lows i
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today, coming up from the schoolyard to cyber bullying, are mean girls meaner than ever before. come on guys, give her a break. why one of the world's most stunning super models says she can't get a man. inside a piece of hollywood history. bob hope's mansion of memories for sale today, friday, october 18th, 2013. we've been driving since yesterday to be here today on the "today" show for our birthdays. >> we came all the way from st.
8:01 am
louis and we love the "today" show. >> crazy. >> he put oi ring on it. >> announcing i'm pregnant. >> all the way from paris, tennessee. >> good to have you here on rockefeller plaza this friday morning. savannah is on assignment this morning. >> wow, it's exciting. >> how did the early morning treat you this morning? >> nice, i loved it. have my coffee. people are getting married and getting pregnant. >> on the plaza. >> exactly right. >> things have changed since 1998, haven't they? great to have you here. we got a lot to get to. let's start with the headlines of the morning. natalie is inside with those. good morning, again. >> good morning to you once
8:02 am
again. a man hunt is underway this morning for two convicted murderers that escaped from a florida prison using what officials believe were phony court documents. joseph jenkins and charles walkers were both serving life sentences. the men were released based on forged documents that reduced their sentences. a third inmate apparently tried the same thing earlier and officials feared the use of forged documents could be more widespread. shoppers are seen rushing for cover in newly released video of the mall siege last month in nairobi kenya. there's a panicked stampede away from the door. one terrorist can be seen casually walking up to a man cowering on the ground and then firing. the four day siege left at least 72 people dead. >> a high risk sex offender who fled canada has been tracked down in seattle. u.s. authorities are now ordering him to register or face possible arrest. >> reporter: seattle police say
8:03 am
officers found michael sean stanley thursday when staff stopped the convicted sex offender from trying to contact a guest and called the police. >> he is considered a violent sexual predator. >> reporter: he's been the subject of a search for more than two weeks. he cutoff his electronic monitoring bracelet and fled to seattle. and while his whereabouts are known, stanley has not been arrested in the u.s. the reason, canadian authorities declined to extradite him. he will be forced to register as a sex offender and could be arrested if he fails to do so. >> we can't arrest someone when the person issuing the warrant won't come get them. >> he has a long history of sexual offenses against women and children. after his release in canada he was monitored by police and required to wear an ankle
8:04 am
bracelet at all times. local residents say the community is on edge. >> we're all strong street savvy and city savvy people around here but you never know what's lurking with things like that. >> stanley has not committed any recent crimes in the u.s. at this time he is homeless but police say he told them he has a plan to get himself off the streets soon. six people including a small child were killed this morning when a police cruiser collided with their car at an intersection near columbus ohio. the cruiser was responding to a robbery call and did have the flashing lights and siren going at the time. one police officer suffered a serious head injury. >> a close call for dock workers using a crane to lift a boat in a russian port city. they were taking it slowly but their crane wasn't up to the task. suddenly it buckles and drops the cargo and then collapsed on top of it.
8:05 am
>> you'll love the next story. family pride paid off for a grandfather that placed a bet on his own grandfather. he made an $80 wager that his grand son would one day play for their welch national soccer team when the boy was 18 months old. this week, grand son harry wilson, now 16 years old is the youngest athlete ever to play for whales. grandfather claimed his pay out and announced he was retiring early as an electrical energy. back to matt, maria, and willie. got to love that story. >> not a lot of pressure. >> you have to be thinking ahead there. >> i didn't know sports books took that kind of action on 18 month old kids. >> apparently they're desperate these days. >> mr. roker is at the other end of the plaza. >> a big friday crowd. the blue devils. >> the blue devils. >> what are you guys all doing here.
8:06 am
>> we're on a field trip from richmond, virginia. >> okay. that's good. nice to see you. and they have the little blue devil. let's see what we've got coming up. pick city in the day, you happen to be in the greatest city in the nation, new york city. your weekend looking fantastic. clouds on saturday. cooler on sunday but plenty of sunshine. rest of the country, afternoon temperatures that will see highs getting up into the 90s in central florida and down in extreme southern california, really chilly making its way through the rockies where we've got snow today. rain in northern new england. otherwise gorgeous day up and down the east coast. west coast is spectacular today. 64 in seattle. 76 d.c. look for a high of 77 in
8:07 am
and that's your latest weather. >> so much energy out here. >> working the crowd. >> a super model, this stunner says she can't find a man. >> and also we have issues for teens and parents, has bullying become a path to popularity? i hope not. >> and a peek inside the home of one of the all time greats, bob hope. that's right after this. google,? glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
press, scientists may have figured out why we feel so sharp and refreshed after a restful slumb slumber. when we sleep, our brains get rid of the junk that piles up during the day while we're awake. the study appears in the journal of science and may have new clues to alzheimer's disease. your brain is like t garbage disposal of brains. it gets rid of all the junk. >> i wish i wouldn't wake up with all the junk still there. so i don't believe all of this. >> you have to get a good 8 hours of sleep. >> solid sleep. >> which means we all have dirty brains around here. >> well. >> you cram in so much information every day that your brain naturally just kind of expels it at the end of the day to make room for the next day. >> i think it has to. >> the disk gets full and data falls off.
8:13 am
>> that's why people say who did you interview today? and you can't even remember. >> i'm natalie. all right. trending on twitter, here are two stories about what happens to beautiful women. the first one, this is really interesting. 31-year-old model who wasn't finding much work, so she decided to reinvent herself as a male model. well, now she hides her curves, and she says the unusual move actually helped her career and she told the new york post that unlike female models, male models don't need to look as young. >> she is beautiful as a man or a woman. >> does she go to the castings telling them she is a woman or she tries to fool them? >> we don't know. >> the taylor too. >> someone is going to figure out that she is a female model. >> well, her story is out now. no fooling anyone. then, there is bar rafaeli
8:14 am
on the other side of this. stunning. the stunning 28-year-old says she just can't seem to find a man. real problems, right? she told a newspaper i don't understand it. i look great. i'm cool. i like going out and being home and going to the movies. i like eating. what's wrong with me? why am i alone? to which men everywhere respond, we can help. >> this is a call to action everywhere. step it up. >> you have a 23-year-old son. >> i do. there you go. wow. >> amazing. >> why can't she find a date? >> for her? >> yeah. >> it might be that people are intimidated. >> she did date leonard leonardo decaprio. >> trending on facebook, what our kids really think of us. we all like to think we're hip parents. do your kids think you're cool? >> of course. very much so.
8:15 am
>> no. >> i fall into this category. a quarter of parents say their kids see them as uncool. here's the top five reasons. okay. so, for example, number five, you own a sensible car like a minivan. yes, true. your outfits. my daughter said i wear mom jeans. true. >> you wear mom jeans? >> i don't think they are. >> dad jeans. >> you don't know new song lyrics. >> you're good on that. >> i am good at that. >> you can't work your new iphone and you don't know the number one song on the charts. >> right now, katy perry. >> no. >> royals. >> yeah. >> and the fox is number six. >> you're cool. >> as long as we're talking about what's trending, we want to bring you up to date on a campaign that willie, al and i all launched on the third hour
8:16 am
here. >> al is reluctant but we'll push it forward. >> we heard the oxford dictionary is looking for new words so we invented one and nominated it. the word is digin. needless to say, digin is sweeping the nation. >> it wasn't all that long ago the internet was a mystery, even to our "today" show anchors. >> can you explain what internet is? >> two decades later, a whole new language born of the internet age, blog, tweet, cloud, and hashtag all part of every day vernacar. how about digin. >> it means to use social media. willie, go ahead. >> hey, natalie, what are you doing over there? natalie, what is that? >> i can't -- >> say it. it's going to take off. >> i'm digin.
8:17 am
>> you're digin right now? >> i'm digin right now. >> but to make it official, a newly invented word would have to be used by a large number of people in an array of different sources such as newspapers, books and magazines as well as more casual contexts such as personal blogs and electronic communications. so we're doing our best for digin'. >> people love it. >> if we don't make it in the dictionary i'll win an academy award for my acting. >> natalie, what are you doing right now? >> i want a word. we have to try harder than that. you can have a word too. next time you're back, bring a word with you. >> that's what's trending today. still ahead, a look behind the gates of bob hope's famed los angeles home and we're busting style myths when it comes to full figured fashion. >> that's good.
8:18 am
also first a tragic case of bullying in florida lead to talk about what teens and tweens are facing every day. mean girls aren't going away but are growing more vocal. here's kate snow. >> reporter: in florida, a mother mourns. >> not having becca. she should be here. >> reporter: her daughter jumped off a tower after authorities say she was relentlessly bullied by other girls. >> how many of you have been bullied when you were in school? the overwhelming majority of you. >> reporter: last night the outspoken sheriff told parents at becca's old school it has to end. >> it's a reflection of something much bigger happening in our country and society. >> these young girls agree. this morning they start performing a musical with an
8:19 am
antibullying message at schools outside of new york city. part of their motivation, that the mean girls are getting meaner. >> i think that mean girls are getting meaner because with all the social media going on these days it's easier for rumors to spread. >> reporter: amelia said someone targeted her. >> she would criticize if i wore shorts with cowgirl boots she would be like that's so ugly. why would you come to school and then at one point on the bus it got physical. and this year we decided to home school because it was just enough. >> reporter: meanness has become a path to popularity. >> i feel like most mean girls they do it for power. >> and i feel like some people are just sucked in. like my friend, she has been my friend for years and recently she is popular because of her mean friends. she's not a mean person but when she is with them she is mean to other people and she feels like she has to be mean. >> reporter: parents, they say, often look the other way.
8:20 am
>> some parents just don't get the memo that you need to address this. if nobody addresses it it's going to keep going on and it's going to continue to get worse. >> reporter: for becca's mom it's too late. >> the best legacy for my daughter is for all parents everywhere to monitor their kids to make sure they know everything that they're doing. that's one of the things that i wished i had stayed more on top of. >> reporter: her daughter's birthday is tomorrow. she would have been 13. for today, kate snow, nbc news, new york. >> so how do you break the cycle? she is a psychiatrist. and shelby holiday reports for channel one news which broadcasts to students. they're joining us this morning. let me begin with you. is there power in being mean? >> there is power in being mean. i've been talking to girls about this the entire week and a lot of them describe female bullies
8:21 am
as vicious, back stabbing, gossiping. there's a verbal element and online girls say this happens on social networks and it gives females power. >> but how do we change that? is it parents that have to break it up themselves? how do we give the power to the good girls. >> parents can break it up but one of my favorite answers was you can be yourself. the more confident you are and empowered you feel and more secure you are the less power that bully will have over you and the less it will tear you down. >> are girls struggling with more self-esteem issues than ever before because they can be bullied at school and online. they're trying to be good girls, they don't know what to do. are you seeing that? >> absolutely i see a lot because of cyber bullying. social media has an impact creating permanent and public and lasting humiliation. a lot of what parents need to do is be able to monitor what's involved and bolster that self-esteem and confidence.
8:22 am
you see kids vulnerable to bullying may have a history of anxiety or depression or may develop problems as a result of the bullying but then that also makes them more susceptible for continued bullying. >> what is it do you think that's at the root of all of this? is it just the anonymous way that you can bully today? is it that girls are more anxious than ever before? >> yes, there is more accessibility to this because of the internet option but also because a lot of times children really are looking to peers and at the age of 11 from onward, we don't look to our parents for approval anymore. we don't look to our teachers. we're looking to our peers and this gives them attention and reinforcement. if they know i can go online and create more fans, so to speak. >> and you don't leave school and get away from the bully. that bully is in your phone, they're on your computer. >> as a mother, i have two
8:23 am
daughters and two boys and the boys are always commenting about how mean all the girls are. my daughters say don't get involved. other people tell you to get involved. some say don't go on their facebook and look at their text messages. others say go in and get involved. >> that's a big question. i think a big thing parents can do is be careful not to isolate your child. it's tempting to take away their facebook or move schools. >> you're saying don't do that? >> i think you need to take bullying seriously and consider those options but if you isolate -- if you're being bullied and you're isolated that sort of gives the bully the power. >> let's talk about that. people say we're not an empatheic society and culture. how do you teach empathy. >> it's part of emotional intelligence. as we go to the work force that's something we'll take with us.
8:24 am
parents can help identify and validate your child's emotional experience. you may not always agree with their behavior but you can teach them to identify and self-regulate their own emotions. and that's a big part. another thing is to teach them to walk a mile in somebody else's shoes. >> use the kitchen table to talk about how would that make you feel, try to find out what's going on in school. talk to them about feeling -- >> talk to them about feelings and showing them physical affection. that's key not only on an emotional level but neurobiological level. oxytocin helps us identify and connect with other people. >> role of fathers. >> i think fathers play a very big role in empowering young women. >> i think most fathers don't know that. tell me what a father can do if he sees his daughter closing down and feeling anxious, lowering her self-esteem. >> the first thing is recognize it. be aware of it. pay attention.
8:25 am
if your daughter's sleeping habits are changing or social habits are changing. be in touch with it and reach out. have a conversation. be able to talk about it and offer her a way to. >> okay. thank you both so much. the bottom line here, talk to your kids, pay attention, be involved in their lives and a particular shout out, i think to men to be involved with their daughters. also, coming up, we're going to take a look at bob hope's house. it played host to stars and presidents and we'll take a
8:26 am
>> this is the wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. happy purple friday. i am mindy basara could let's get the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> still monitoring a few problems for your friday morning commute. less than 100 in glen burnie at i-97, accident just in. tiny orchard parkway, watch for delay is due to a crash. spencerville road, looking at closures at santini road. as you travel in the city, alameda and woodburn avenue, we have an accident there. the last highway in elkton, chesapeake boulevard, we have an accident. delays on the north side.
8:27 am
delays at harford road as you make your way towards the towson region. some there could still be an issue. 23 miles per hour on the west side. only from security out of or national pike. i-70 in good shape at the beltway. no problems to report out of the owings mills area. j.f.x. on the harrisburg expressway running smoothly. 53 degrees in cockeysville. temperatures around 57 in downtown baltimore. skies are clearing up after the cold front moved through the region and we will have plenty of sunshine with highs between 63 and 60 degrees could west winds about 12 rows per hour. this is short-lived. but he percent chance for showers tomorrow. high temperatures around 60 degrees. second cold front moves through the region. 61 on sunday. 65 monday. that a strong cold front is packing quite the punch will move through tuesday. temperatures at 67 degrees.
8:28 am
after a close out, look at the cool down. thursday, overnight lows around 36 degrees. >> we're back with another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's 8:30 on a friday morning. it's the 18th day of october, 2013. i think it's a chamber of commerce day here in new york city. not a cloud in the sky. beautiful. we have a big crowd out on the plaza. saying hi to the folks back home
8:31 am
getting ready for a nice new york city fall weekend. i'm matt lauer along with maria shriver who is here while savannah is on assignment. we're here with mr. roker, mrs. morales and mr. geist as well. >> glad to be here. >> straight ahead, i shouldn't say this. can't wear a miniskirt or s stelletos if you're full figured? is that the truth. >> that's what they're saying. not here, not me. >> i've seen you in a couple of miniskirts. >> no, you haven't. >> back in the day. >> but do you know how long we have known each other? 30 years. >> like you two. >> we worked together in 1987. >> wow. >> i wasn't born yet. >> 38. >> oh my gosh. >> he's the baby of the bunch.
8:32 am
>> author john grisham trying out new things. his first broadway play and sequel. what has him worried about his new book. >> and giada de laurentiis is here. she's here with soups to help us warm up. >> and the questions you should ask if you're in the market for a new home right now. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> let's show you what we got for you today. we have been asking you to send in #today sunrise. these are the great pictures you're sending in so we can get a look at your sunrise. our weekend ahead, a little on the wet side. down in the gulf coast, southeastern atlantic states, gorgeous weather in the western 2-thirds of the country. and then sunday, sunday, another fantastic day eastern half of the country. we're looking at wet weather all the way from the plains down into texas. sunny and cool in the pacific
8:33 am
northwest to mountain snows in interior sections of the >> 63 in the mountains. we get temperatures in the upper 60s in ocean city as well. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. bob hope, one of the most popular entertainers in history. now the home where he swapped jokes and sipped cocktails with presidents and other stars is up for sale. it is the first time television cameras have ever been allowed inside. take a look. >> reporter: behind these iron
8:34 am
gates, each one branded with a giant h sits a massive house that for nearly 75 years belonged to one family. the historic home of bob and delores hope, now for sale. >> thanks for the memories of rainy afternoons. >> reporter: for the legendary star of tv and film there was no shortage of memories made in this home. the place where he raised all four of his kids. today, ten years after bob's death and two years after delores, the hope house is on the market for $27.5 million. >> the standing joke was whenever bob left town, delores would remodel or add on. whenever he would come home he would say where is this room? wheris that room? everything is different. >> reporter: here legends like
8:35 am
liz taylor would hold court and by the piano musicians would sing with bob. here in bob's study, george burns, johnny carson and milton burrel would sit around and share jokes and argue over who they belonged to. >> he lives in this star studded stretch of the neighborhood. >> when my wife and i lived here from new york city we called our friends back east and said we were moving bob hope adjacent. >> reporter: the house is staged for selling with the hope's furniture art and antiques recently auctioned off but the property bears permanent symbols of their passions like delorse's rose gardens and bob's backyard golf hole he would fondly show case. a house with a legendary reputation just waiting for a new owner to make new memories.
8:36 am
for today, joe friar, nbc news los angeles. >> i just hope someone doesn't buy it and gut it. >> it looks perfect. >> in good shape. >> beautiful. >> all right, how any body type can look fabulous wearing everything from stripes to leggings. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
okay. we are back at 8:38 and we're here to debunk a popular fashion myth. we've all heard certain trends don't work on full figured bodies but the folks at in style say you can rock any look you want no matter what your size is. okay. she is the magazine's beauty editor and she is here with us this morning.
8:39 am
true? i don't believe it. >> curvy women can do it all. we're going to show you. >> all right. first, we're going to begin right here and we're going to begin with stripes, right? >> yeah. >> we'll begin with stripes and we're always told don't buy stripes. >> yeah. so it's all about the width of the stripe. a curvy woman should do a thicker width because it's more proportional with her frame. tend stripes can make you look a little larger so thicker stripe. this is about two inches wide. we love this look. it's gorgeous. >> it's all about the size of the stripe. >> it's all about the size of the stripe. exactly. >> all right. myth number two, miniskirts. >> curvy women heard they can't wear miniskirts. they should. >> only if you have good legs? >> well, no. it's all about the shape. this is an a line skirt. it hides your hips and accentuates your waist.
8:40 am
you can pair it with tights. >> so much has to do also with comfort with your own body and your own self-esteem. >> and confidence. >> absolutely. okay. there you go. looking beautiful there. okay. stripes, make them big. all right. now we're going to talk about another myth. another fashion myth. dresses that emphasize your waist. >> i like your attitude girl. >> she has the attitude today. you don't need to wear a dress that emphasizes your waist. you can do a straight dress or shift dress as long as there's something interesting about it. make sure it's not too long. this one stops right above the knee. otherwise it can look like a sack. she also has a short sleeve. it's nice to balance it out. >> another myth about stelletos. there's a myth that you can't wear them. but every woman can wear them as long as you can walk in them. >> exactly. they're sexy and pair them with
8:41 am
a tight. she is wear the black booties with the tight and that makes her taller. >> why is that important? it makes your legs look thinner. >> thinner and longer. >> is this a fall look? >> it's a great look for fall. with the tights and the booties it's perfect for fall. >> and i like, one again, the attitude. the attitude to match. to rock it. we'll take a look at another myth. what's our myth going on here? that we shouldn't wear leggings. >> that you shouldn't wear leggings or oversized tops. this is all about playing with proportion. if you're going to do a blousey top you want to do tighter pant. >> also she is pairing stelletos with the leggings. it's about playing with your
8:42 am
proportion. >> so often we're referring to plus sizes. these are normal sizes in the united states of america. these are curvy sensual women. i think we have to change our language around this category as well. >> totally. >> looking great there. that's right. confident once again. now to bring attention to the face with jewelry. >> jewelry. totally the accessory, statement, necklace can embellish any outfit. >> final myth. i think it's number four. >> yes, it's all about sweats looking sloppy and this is totally false. especially during a time now where designers are really embracing sweats. it's a sweatshirt. >> that's a sweatshirt. >> a sweatshirt but it's embellished with jewels. it's really fashion forward of the moment right now and we're pairing this with boyfriend jeans which is something a lot of people think that curvier women can't pull off but they're comfortable. you want them to hit at your waist. >> why do we call these
8:43 am
boyfriend jeans? >> because they're loose and comfortable and usually distressed in the knee area. >> maybe bar rafaeli, she can't get a guy so maybe she can put them on. >> put on the boyfriend jeans and get a boyfriend. thank you for coming and the models that rocked it. it's always good to debunk myths. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> up next, we'll be talking john grisham on his new broadway debut and why his wife was against him doing it. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
song of the season, the rink at rockefeller center open. nice to see. best selling author john grisham is making personal history with a new thriller and broadway debut. >> jamie caught up with him for a look behind the scenes.
8:46 am
good morning. >> good morning. john grisham is a baseball fan. so for him, this is a double header. a new book and new play all at the same time. but for those that think success was always so easy, grisham told us he used to go door to door selling his first book. >> reporter: john grisham is used to his books being blockbusters. >> do you think the jury should convict carl. >> objection. >> turn him loose. >> reporter: but he admits he can't believe his very first book, a time to kill, is opening on broadway. >> i stay out of the way and let the pros do it. but it's still pretty cool to be on broadway. >> reporter: we tacked along to watch rehearsals and meet the cast, including familiar faces. former senator fred thompson and
8:47 am
the veteran actor. >> it's a nice revisit of a lot of the characters. >> i hope i do it justice. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine now but when he wrote the book it was far from a best seller. >> i had never written before. i didn't know when i started if i was going to finish it. i didn't know when i finished it that i would ever get it published and then i didn't know if it would ever sell. >> it had a slow birth. >> it was almost a death. they put in 5,000 hardback copies and i bought 1,000 copies to try to sell out of the trunk of my car. >> literally. >> i went to 35 libraries in mississippi for tea and cookies and at some libraries i would sell two or three copies and at some i'd sell 30. that was a big day. >> his next book, the firm changed all of that. it's success relaunched a time to kill. >> how many copies have sold? >> probably close to the 12 million in 40 some odd
8:48 am
languages. >> wow. >> reporter: but while he always wanted to write a sequel, grisham was looking for the right story and he also had to convince a certain someone. his wife renee. >> renee was not too keen on a sequel because she said when you wrote a time to kill, you were that young lawyer and i'm not sure you can recapture the authenticity of what we were living through 30 years ago. and i said i hear you but i'm going to try. and she said, you know, most sequels don't work, which is true. >> she was really encouraging. >> she is pretty blunt. i said, okay, let me write a few chapters. i think i can convince you after a few chapters. and i did. >> reporter: the result is sycamore row and a trial that keeps you guessing. >> i have a bone to pick with you. you kept me up all night. >> i love to hear that. >> without giving too much away, it starts with a death of a man and he has a secret. >> he made a lot of money and
8:49 am
left everything to his housekeeper and once that explodes, the town wants to know what was really going on. that's the first two chapters and that's all i'm going to tell you. >> you have to read. >> yeah, you have to buy the book, okay. >> reporter: after 32 books he is still selling and hopes his latest book is as good as his first. >> how worried were you that it would be -- >> still were ied. i hope for all of those that are fans of a time to kill, i hope it delivers for them and it's satisfactory for them. >> there's something reassuring that john grisham had to go door to door. inspiring for struggling young writers. if you suffer see a writer sitting in a bookstore all along, talk to them and don't buy one book, buy two books. >> he bought 1,000 of his own
8:50 am
books. that's crazy. >> wow. >> it's so interesting to hear people's angst when they get going and starting out. >> even after 32 books. he still gets it but it's a great book and i read it and it's fabulous. >> thank you very much. good to see you. appreciate it. up next, gi i canada is
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back at 8:51 with today's kitchen doing cooking with the incredible giada. >> that's right. >> that's right. she is going to cook something. >> she is a today contributor and she is warming us up with fall soups. >> can you not cook? >> i cook a little bit but not really. >> you have a daughter that loves to cook, though. >> yeah, she loves to cook. she has a little website. >> okay. this is for catherine. >> i follow instructions well. >> i'm going to give you some. >> okay. >> will you top it for me. >> top it? >> so the idea is stuffed artichoke soup. you can touch it. >> okay. >> so make it look like that. >> so basically you take all the things from the stuffing of an artichoke. >> put whatever you want. this is all you have to choose from.
8:53 am
>> okay. >> i'm going to get started. leaks, a little olive oil and you guys know what leeks are? >> well, a lot of people use onions and you like leeks. >> matt did his homework. i only like to use the white part. this is fibrous and chop it up. it's sweeter for artichokes because they tend to be sweet. so i use frozen artichokes. you can use fresh but you aren't going to want to clean them. maria for sure isn't going to want to. you let it cook and puree it. >> that's it? i thought it was going to be hard. >> the ingredients are salt, pepper, chicken broth, artichoke. >> yeah. >> what i do is really it's the potatoes that have to cook, a make it nice and creamy and blend it all together. >> good. >> okay. you have another soup now. >> this is more up your alley
8:54 am
mat. so it's panchetta and onions. >> maria is saying all the italian words in my eyes. >> it's an italian cook. >> is that all the fat of the panceta in there? >> all the fat. it's good. canned tomatoes and rye bread. it gives it a nice texture. >> you said frozen tomatoes and bread. >> no, i said canned tomatoes. >> canned tomatoes. >> you already made a mistake. >> basil to make it spicier and chicken broth and let this cook for 20 minutes. a little under actually. >> this is a whole meal. >> this is a whole meal. >> is it okay to keep it in the fringe? >> a week, yeah, you can freeze
8:55 am
them if you want to and then just defrost them. >> and they're healthy. >> they're healthy. >> what do you have there? this is the soup and -- can you say? it. >> yogurt. >> and then i just take a little and -- actually maria, why don't you do it? >> thank you. >> you get to do something too. >> you said you couldn't cook. >> that's right. >> there you go. >> she can garnish. and then a little bit of basil right on top. see how nice that is? then a lemon chicken soup. a friend made it when i had jade. in fact, would you like to try it? natalie came in earlier and got a bowl of it. this might not be up your alley matt. but maria might like it. >> go for the tomato. >> i'm going to end up with a noodle hanging down my chin. it is a little spicy.
8:56 am
it's good, though. it really is. thank you so much. and can we say thank you to you mar yee i can >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. happy purple friday. last day of practice for our ravens as they get ready to resume the rivalry against the pittsburgh steelers. ravens, 4-4 for the
8:57 am
steelers, obviously not a team in first place as they head-to- head sunday. just as always, it is bound to be a good game. kickoff at 4:20 5 p.m. this sunday in pittsburgh. go ravens.
8:58 am
>> plenty of sunshine to start your weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 67 in southern maryland, 69 in ocean city. mountains will see temperatures around 23 and 64 in southern pennsylvania.
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