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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. we begin with breaking news in
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baltimore county where a watermain break is causing a lot of problems for people in schools in perry hall, carney and parkville. wjz is live, sky high chopper 13 and jeff long over joppa road with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. this watermain break is near the 4100 block of east joppa road between seven courts drive and belair road in perry hall, baltimore county. this is a 12-inch watermain and the impact is being felt from belair road on the east to loch raven boulevard on the west and as far south as northern parkway inside the city limits. some customers have no water while others are experiencing low water pressure and some will even see some brown water. the department of public works is on the scene as you can see. they are trying to isolate the break and the crews are working hard to return service to the affected areas. in the meantime as you can see east joppa road shut down
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between belair road and seven courts. reporting live from sky high chopper 13, captain jeff long. back to you. >> several schools are impacted. immaculate heart of mary and st. ursula are closed. carney, white oaks schools are affected but remain open. we'll have updates and later today on 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. today police in sparks, nevada are trying to figure out why a 13-year-old would bring a semiautomatic to school, shoot two students and kill a teacher and himself. grief counselors have been called in. >> reporter: dozens found the strength to attend a vigil last fight nor math teacher michael michael landsberry, a student killed him in a shooting near reno, nevada. he was like a second dad. he cared so much about the students. >> reporter: police say the 45-year-old military veteran
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tried to stop the 13-year-old gunman monday morning by telling him to lower his weapon but instead the teen shot landsberry in the chest. >> he said i would help you guys. i would do anything for you guys. i guess that meant taking a bullet. and he did. >> reporter: landsberry's sister told reporters she's not surprised her brother lost his life trying to protect students. the shooting at sparks middle school started around 7:15. law enforcement officials say they arrived within three minutes. but by the time they got there the shooter had already wounded two students, killed landsberry and turned the gun on himself. >> he said you ruined my life and i'm going to ruin yours. >> reporter: police say it's too early to determine whether the 13-year-old student targeted specific people. jerika duncan, cbs news. >> police say the teen got the gun from his family's home. also in nevada las vegas
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police are releasing new information on the shooting in the bally's there. 41-year-old benjamin frazier is charged with killing a patron, wounding two security officers. investigators say he got into an argument, then a physical fight with security early yesterday morning. witnesses say he started to shoot when he was denied the return of his cover charge. the man killed was a patron trying to help security get the man under control. here city police make an arrest in a stabbing in north baltimore. 30-year-old gabrielle smith is charged in the death of 32-year-old letricia gowdy. police say gowdy was picking up her son, and smith was with the ex-husband. the two women argued and fought. the state medical examiner says gowdy has a six-inch stab wound and she bled to death. smith is being held without bail. a montgomery county 7-year-old is in critical condition after being hit by her mother's suv in the
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family's driveway. police say the woman was leaving for the grocery store sunday night, unknowingly struck her child later found unresponsive and paramedics were called in. the incident remains under investigation this noon. the labor department's most important measure of the economy is being released today. the monthly unemployment report is two weeks late because of the government shutdown. here's alexis christoforous reporting for wjz. >> reporter: employers added 148,000 jobs in september which was lower than expected. but the numbers were strong enough to help push the unemployment rate down 1/10 of a point to 7.2%, the lowest it's been in nearly five years. >> wall street looks at trends and the trend is saying that the unemployment rate is dropping. we've gone from 7.3% and went to 7.2%. that is really the important story. >> reporter: but part of the reason for the drop is that more americans stopped looking for work so they are no longer counted as unemployed. economists say the employment
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numbers for september and october could be affected by the government shutdown and we may not get a true picture of what is going on until the november report comes out. more good news for job seekers. retailers are planning to hire more holiday help than in recent years. those part time positions could turn into full time work. >> it means the people running the retail business have a positive outlook. they are expecting more people to walk through their doors and spend money. >> reporter: while a large number of retailers are planning to hire college students for the holidays many say they intend to hire more retirees and experienced workers who are not retired. alexis christoforous, wjz, eyewitness news. the stock markets open today higher following the release of that unemployment report. weatherwise today started pretty but clouds moved in. a live look outside now shows overcast conditions and as you see on the lens there some are already seeing some rain. wjz is live with complete first
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warning weather center. marty bass in the weather center. >> man, i hate it when we get it right. we mentioned this morning after a beautiful start to the day that about lunchtime we start to see some clouds and showers. scattered showers in the forecast now through about bedtime tonight. not a lot of rain but scattered showers. i want to look at temperatures around the region now. it's 59 degrees on tv hill. that 59 is actually going to be -- let's see -- they just updated, five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. here's why. here's first warning doppler weather radar. always cools from the rain, doesn't it? of course. the shower activity is running up along the leading edge of a cold front moving from the upper left side of the screen to the lower right. it's going to take about nine hours to get moisture out of here. once it passes it's going to be on the chilly side. we've been discussing a real hint of fall coming our way. how much so? we'll have the first warning details coming up shortly. back to you. as you know the ravens are
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heading into the bye week with a losing record and there are cerches about this year's team -- concerns about this year's team. ron matz with tough talk from the head coach. >> reporter: good afternoon. for the first time in john harbaugh's six-year tenure as head coach the ravens have a losing record an seven games. three wins, four losses following the heartbreaker in pittsburgh. the ravens continue to have issues across the board, offense, defense and of course their special teams and now have extra time to evaluate themselves and make improvements as they reach the bye week. >> we're going to do whatever it takes. we will trade guys. we'll cut guys. we'll sign guys. we'll coach guys. we'll change schemes. doesn't matter. we're going to find a way to get better. that's the business we're in. we got the men for the job. i like our guys. >> reporter: you just heard from john harbaugh how frustrated he is. now we want to hear from you. what are your frustrations with the ravens so far this season?
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tweet us at cbsbaltimore and tune in tonight at wjz at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll read back some of your tweets on the air. how about that? don, back to you. >> i hash tag thank you. the ravens are two games out of first place though in the afc north. after a three-year absence the blue angels will fly again in 2014. >> the squadronwill once again take to the air next spring. it was grounded after an unsafe maneuver was performed elsewhere in 2012. then the next year all shows were cancelled because of the federal government's sequester. now we're also being told the blue angels will fly over here, baltimore, next september as part of the navy week celebrations. still to come -- maria the mystery girl, the
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case that is drawing international interest and attention. the latest from greece coming up. >> trouble for cee lo green. he's answering to charges in a los angeles courtroom. and light rain is falling on a gray day in central maryland. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you can see there are rain showers and it's 59 degrees. the complete forecast coming up. a couple in greece in jail this noon on charges they abducted a little girl. the child called maria is 5 years old, in protective custody. dna tests show they are not her parents and the search is underway for her biological parents. the couple denies they are abducting her though they are giving conflicting accounts of how she came to live with them. singer songwriter cee lo green is not being charged with sexual assault but will be prosecuted on drug charges. he pleaded not guilty to his only charge of giving a woman ecstasy in a los angeles courtroom yesterday. the woman claims he sexual
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assaulted had her but prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to go with that. green is out of jail after posting $30,000 bail. his attorney says he'll eventually be cleared of any wrongdoing but if convicted green could face up to four years in prison. an ohio family is battling a cemetery to let them use the markers they placed on their daughter's grave. army sergeant kimberly walker survived two tours of duty in iraq only to be murdered once she got back home. eight months later her family is being told they have to remove the two spongebob squarepants memorials at her gravesite. the cartoon character was walker's favorite. the family says they got the go ahead before buying the monuments. the two sides are set to meet again later today. some terrifying moments when a massachusetts woman sleepwalking falls on to boston subway tracks. this is surveillance video from yesterday. the 31-year-old was said to be sleeping on a platform bench. stands up, walks straight ahead right over the edge and down on
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the tracks. she appeared to be katia tonic, never broke stride. several good samaritans as you see rushed to her rescues, pulled her to safety. she hurt her arm but otherwise is ok. still ahead on "eyewitness news at noon" -- light rain is falling in some areas right now. don't miss your updated first warning weather forecast in two and-a-half minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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got a view from the chopper. we have a couple of korean naval vessels in town. some good shore leave here on the -- at the land of pleasant living. we have two, wrapped it up in locust point. and don is a -- is it brazilian? >> yeah. >> a brazilian warship at the inner harbor. don and our general manager were actually kayaking sunday and kayaked up to a warship and were met with a very stoic response. here's first warning doppler weather radar. we've got shower activity in the area right now. not supposed to come within 100 yards of a commercial vessel or warship or cruise ship. uh-oh.
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we've got first warning doppler weather radar right now showing shower activity over the area. this is absolutely not unexpected. it's the beginning of a change to some chillier temperatures where our current 59 is not even going to be our daytime high over the next few days. 59 now. 69% humidity and west northwest breeze at 3 and barometer 29.87. 34 oakland now. it's kind of the same look those brazilians gave don in the kayaks. 52 cumberland, 57 hagerstown. 66 easton, 62 degrees down the ocean. 55 westminster, almost 60 bel air and columbia. low 60s rock hall and annapolis and kent island. i've got news for you, not only is it going to get cool tomorrow but look at this, even into the late week we've got our first big significant dip in the jet stream. you can see it right here, that's going to keep us in fall for a few days. we're not going into terribly cold conditions but averaging
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10 degrees -- 10 degrees below normal day and nightside for the next few days because of this really first hit of central canadian air. let's look at the forecast today. we're going for a high of 67 degrees. lingering showers today and tonight overnight. 43. the normal is 64 and 45. tomorrow 56 degrees. got to show you something real quick before we get out of here. we have a tropical storm, going out to sea. not going to be factor but should be noted. lorenzo is in tact. we keep -- hurricane season is going through the end of november. so we're constantly watching this. just want to let you know. how did the guys look at you? >> i tried to joke with them but my portuguese is not that good. still to come -- spanking your children could affect their vocabulary. coming up in health watch. remember, wjz 13 is always on. here are the stories on our web site at this hour.
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for constant updates and weather go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the health watch report. we know the phrase spare the rod and spoil the child but a study shows spanking can be damaging. research from columbia university shows children who
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were spanked by their fathers had decreases in verbal activity by age 9. it's unclear if spanking has a direct impact on brain development or that families that spank are less likely to read to their children and use more complex language around them. the first study of flavored cigars show they are a hit with underaged smokers. the centers for disease control and prevention report one in 30 middle and high school students say they smoked the candy or fruit-flavored cigars. percentages rise as the children get older to nearly one in 12 high school seniors. in maryland the sale of cigars and cigarettes, flavored or otherwise are illegal to those under the age of 18. be sure and check back in with eyewitness news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. there's growing concern about a potentially deadly mosquito problem. inside the man -- the minds of man's best friend. new research that suggests dogs have emotions similar to ours.
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that and more at 4:00 an "dr. phil." stay with us. ,,,,,,
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skies and sun will be the main part of the forecast. >> i have to bring my pepper plant in. don't miss our primetime line-up. thank you for watching. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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