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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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big business, is bringing a massive distribution center and a thousand jobs right into baltimore city. >> how the huge facility could bring a huge boost to the city economy. hello, everyone. >> we begin with breaking news. >> one of america's top tech companies announces it's coming to baltimore. will create a thousand local jobs at its new distribution center at the port. monique griego has more. >> reporter: all these jobs are full time with benefits and city and state leaders hope the center draws more big business
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to this area. on line retail giant amazon had be bringing major jobs to baltimore. the fortune 500 company says it picked charm city as the location for one of its new distribution centers. >> we talk about jobs, jobs, jobs. great thing for the city. >> reporter: the 1 million square foot facility had be going up in the port of baltimore. the warehouse is expected to create 1,000 full-time jobs, all with benefits that include 401(k), healthcare, and prepaid tuition for college. >> it's critical, i think, for any kind of employers to bring that kind of business and jobs to the area. >> i think it's important especially for folks who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford those kinds of opportunities. >> reporter: employees at the distribution center will pack and ship various goods to consumers. it is one of eight new
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warehouses planned nationwide. they're building centers in cities they believe have a large consumer base making it easier to get products to people faster. >> holds baltimore in a higher light and shows we are a world class area open for business. >> reporter: and it's still uncheer when construction at the site will begin but if you would like more information on how you can apply for the job at the new center, log on to . >> great news, monique, thank you. according to amazon think play employ ees 30% more than the average job. a gunman was 12 years old in nevada. investigators are trying to figure out why he pulled a gun on students, a teacher, and himself. chaos and fear can be heard during monday's shooting.
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>> 911 emergency. >> a student from sparks middle school, can you please send police out here. there's a kid with a gun. >> reporter: officers were on the scene in three minutes. >> we're inside the cafeteria where the students have been huddled. >> reporter: 700 students were starting the day when a 12-year-old classmate opened fire. teachers scrambled to get students inside. >> we have a gun pointed at him. >> you're locked down? >> reporter: police say as many as 30 children witnessed the violence. >> i got someone down who has been shot, a teacher. >> reporter: the boy shot and injured two fellow students and killed a popular eight grade math teacher michael landsberry and fatally shot himself in the head. >> we have a guy with a gun. he's down from a head shot wound, he's our shooter. >> reporter: the shooter made a chilling remark to his classmates.
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>> he pointed to us and said you ruined my life and i'm going to ruin yours. >> reporter: police believe the boy got the gun from his home. >> now the 12-year-old shooter's parents are cooperating with investigators. but they could still face charges for keeping the gun unsecured. baltimore police are investigating a woman's murder in broad daylight. sky chopper 13 over abbot court in east baltimore gwendolyn johnson was shot in the stomach and she died at hospital. anyone with information is asked to call police. state police say they caught the man responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelery from a store on the eastern shore. police arresthood 42-year-old roy tolbert. they say he robbed the all tra diamond ultra diamond store. he is being held without bail. police are searching for the criminal who stormed into a
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maryland hotel, threatened a pregnant clerk, then shot and killed another employee. surveillance video captures some of the frightening confrontation. we're live and kai jackson has the manhunt underway. >> reporter: prince george's point's police is looking for a murder suspect and as they do the family of the victims say their loved one stood up to the robber and is a hero. >> as you see, he comes in, jumps over the counter. >> reporter: prince george's county's police show video after armed robbery in an oxon hill hotel, that resulted in the murder of 27-year-old hotel employee jessie chavez. >> he heard a woman screaming for help and he came out to intervene. >> reporter: it happened at 10:00 monday night in austin hill. surveillance individual know shows a male suspect entering the hotel and jumping the counter. that man armed with a gun force add 22-year-old female clerk to
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hand over the hotel's cash drawer. >> and he heard the screams from our female victim that actually was accosted and robbed. and he intervened and he was at the door between the suspect and the suspect being able to get outside the to the vehicle. >> reporter: jesse chavez did something heroic. he struggled with the gunman and was shot and killed. the gunman fled in a dark colored sedan. >> reporter: police believe that dark colored sedan may be a toyota. the victim's family is proud of him. they're hailing him a hero. that clerk was not hurt because of jesse's actions. >> prince george's county's police and chavez's family
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agree, they want the man caught immediately sow no one else gets hurt. a pickup truck collided that a utility poll. the truck overturned knocking the pole down. there's no word on the impact or injuries in the crash. dozens of baltimore county businesses are still without water tonight thanks to a water main break on major road. the 12-inch main on joppa road ruptured last night. crews are working on repairs. the break happened as crews were working at the towson reservoir. swap sodas for healthier drinks but the soda companies are not happen. christie ileto explains in a new major campaign. it's asking major brands like coca-cola to stop advertizing
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cola. >> reporter: happiness doesn't come in a can, obesity does. the spot calls for the beverage giant to change the way they advertize. >> these sugary drink ads reach our youth and impact their consumption. >> reporter: it wants to work with beverage company to change that. >> they make healthy drinks but does little to advertize them. >> reporter: coca-cola began changing their ads pitching healthier drink. "we do a lot of marketing grams around our healthier beverages". >> reporter: soda and non-soda drinkers weigh in. >> i think it's good to heighten awareness. >> reporter: one in four marylanders is obese and every time you add a sugary beverage
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to their meal it increases their chance for health problems. >> we have an obligation to make our kids better, not worse. >> reporter: new ads and the the way to do it. you can be healthy and enjoy a soft drink as part of a healthy hive style. coca-cola says they're part of the conversation on how to address obesity. the ads will start running starting at the end of the month. >> the full length 90 second commercial can be viewed on our website, check the headlines section and click on the links. the blue angels are back. the navy's flight demonstration squad had roar into town after a three year hiatus. they were forced to cancel shows
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because of skwesration sequestr ation. a man unveiled his new book in hunt valley tonight. >> good looking. thank you. >> former star ravens linebacker ogans, fans lined up to meet him. he was diagnosed with a.l.s. >> he continues to smile and delight people. fierce flames, nearly a block of homes destroyed. police say the fires are no accident. the latest on the search for an arsonist. mystery unfolded, is the
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mystery girl in greece a girl who was abducted here in the u.s.? the five rules every parent needs to know about driving. a chilly end to our week and into the weekend. i'll have our complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. it is partly cloudy, 49 degrees in central maryland right now. the completes first warning forecast is coming up. fire crews are investigating a string of suspicious fires in colorado. four fires broke out within a mile of each other in lakewood. all began as car fires. flames spread to a nearby property destroying a home. two streets were closed tas crews battled the flames. no injuries were reported. a medical helicopter crashes in tennessee killing all three people on board. it was about to pick up a sick child when it happened. the victims included a nurse and respiratory therapist. the pilot was also a hospital employee. this fatal crash is the second in just three years for that hospital. no word on what caused the crash. greece investigators are still trying to discover the identity of a strange girl in a gypsy camp much the girl known as maria was not related to the
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couple raising her. parents from around the world saying maria could be their child. that includes a couple from missouri. a truck spills 50 gallons of oil own to a manhattan street. the oil is one of the dirtiest and toxic forms of fuel. all the people covered in oil were decontaminated. some went into the subway briefly disrupting service. facebook stirs up contrough city after lifting its
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limitation on violent videos. facebook says they can be published as long as they're intended to raise awareness. the move prompted protest from some facebook users. a new push across the country to stop teen driving tragedies. the national highway safety administration hunches a program called five to drive. how it could save lives here in maryland. >> reporter: fourteenagers killed in a tragic crash on kent island in april. a young father dies riding his motorcycle. the 19-year-old driver that hit him was texting behind the wheel. >> oh my god, he's on the other side. >> reporter: three anne arundel county high school graduates when the teen driver went the wrong way down route 50. all three died in a head-on crash. now, federal officials are trying to stop tragedies like those they launched a new campaign called five to drive outlining the five rules every
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parent should have for their driver. >> very important that parents set ground rules, it's important that parents be good role models. >> reporter: those rules, no cell phone use behind the wheels, no extra passengers, no speeding, no alcohol, and no driving without a seat-belt. >> it's scary how many people you see driving on the highway and on their phone. >> reporter: young drivers think it is a good idea. >> as a driver i try to hay void doing those things. >> reporter: avoiding risky moves to help save lives. aaa says drive with your teen in challenging situations like bad weather and heavy traffic. . officials recommend drawing up a parent/teen driving contract for your child to sign outlining consequences if they break the rules. a new hampshire city is getting into the hallowe'en spirit with thousands of jacko
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lanterns. keen broke a world record with the most light jack-o-lanterns. and they had candles, i guess. >> a lot of people to light them. >> no wind. >> what will they do with them now? recycle? compost them. >> or display them for fun. >> give them to the elephants at the zoo. >> if you have a pumpkin and you want to get rid of it, make a compost pile or have woods nearby, put it in the woods the animals will love the seeds. take a look at temperatures around the region. we are at 49 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. no wind, the barometer rising 29.86 inches. currently 36. still clear skies in oakland. 60 at pax river. 56 in d.c. we have clouds and a little bit
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of light shower activity across southern virginia that may move into the area overnight tonight mid-40s to the north of us. 64-42 today. the normal is 65/43. and the record 85, 1979, and 31 in 1952. right now, very light winds around local area. d.c. a north wind at nine. the north winds had keep us on the chilly side the next few days. cooler than we've seen in the last week or two. little bit of rain showing up. not a lot of rain. some of it is not reaching the ground. from richmond east of d.c. and baltimore, that's where the bulk of the rain is headed overnight. so we may see some showers overnight. also there's a weak area of rain out to the west and in some much the highest mountains to the west of us it's cold enough, i'm talking 2, 3,000 feet up, you may see wet snowflakes for the first time this fall. we've got a frontal system
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that's crossed the region. it's down across the southeast coast right now and it's continuing to sit right there to the west of us. there's a little batch of snow that fell in illinois and not a hot. area of low pressure developing along the front which could give us a little bit of rain overnight. in the meantime, by tomorrow afternoon, things had clear out, decent afternoon. it will be cooler, and that cool air stays with us to the end of the week. at night down close to freezing in some suburban areas, the first frost by thursday and friday morning. north winds 10 to 15 on the bay, bay temp around 65 and a small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. a hill rain by morning, we think it had happen east of us. 45/66 tomorrow. showers in spots early in the day and sunshine. chilly, 54, 54, 56, and 59, running 8 to 10 degrees below
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normal over the next few days. the ravens gets rest and we check on their mid-term report card. >> ray rice is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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skwlieshgs time to revamp for the second half. we have the sports report. >> we hear from the coaches today. the ravens get a rest. the coaches stay on the job for this one. the bye week a chance to rest and reflect. the ravens see a 3-4 record and an offense that has taken some steps backward from the one that they rode to a super bowl title last season. ray rice having the worst season of his career. he did seem to pick up his play in pittsburgh on sunday. 15 carries, 45 yards.
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rice says he's feeling stronger after he was hindered by a hip injury earlier this season. >> he tells you he feels better you have to go by that, right? from what we see on film i agree with him. he's feeling in the right direction, feeling good about where he is, and he can tell you better that i could, but i think ray will get better and better as time goes on. >> they got rice involved in the passing game with four receptions including that 14-yarder that he finished with a punishing hit on the defender. while the ravens rest, baseball reaches its grand finale. it's the world series and it starts tomorrow night in boston. the red sox held a workout at fenway park tonight. they play host to the st. louis cardinals in the best of seven series. the sox and cards clashed nine years ago. boston was the victor. >> credit where it's due and
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this team in boston has done a lot of amazing things to make this happen this year and in the past. and a few of us have bad memories of being here in 2004, and we're looking to right that ship. >> the cardinals have more than righted the ship since 2004. they've won two world series since. adam wainwright and lester the scheduled starting pitches for game one tomorrow. the world series means basketball. wizards and detroit, that's nene down the lane for a slam dunk. one good dunk deserves another, if not several more, and detroit delivers on a fast break. pope throws it down much the pistons win this warmup 99-96. the wizards tip off the regular season next friday against philadelphia. basketball here and the terps not far behind. >> all right. a moving tribute to michael
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. the ohio state marching band gives crowds an amazing tribute to michael johnson. they made an outline of the king of pop and then did a moon walk. they were creating the 25th anniversary of jackson's album "bad." we sped up our video so you could see it. look at white glove. >> whoa, that's amazing. whoa, that's amazing. i don't know how they figure that out. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,
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