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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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[ dennis ] mayhem is everywhere. ♪ ♪ >> tim: welcome back to "the jeep post-game show." let's get you back to the scoreboard. we show you this because jordan lynch was having another amazing year, four passes for touchdowns, one receiving for the receiver, the fly in the ointment remains the northern illinois huskies. cbs sports network, the 24-hour home of cbs sports.
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>> spencer: 22-yard touchdown pass. the luck of the irish. >> tim: oklahoma state and iowa state, big win today for gundy's club really well done, roland getting the job done. >> brian: they head to texas tech next week. >> tim: louisville taking on south florida. is there a bounce-back? >> spencer: teddy bridgewater passing to the end zone. damon copeland on the score. >> brian: do you think he's going to be playing for the buccaneers? >> tim: might be. in addition to that we have u.c.f. rolling again. they are b.c.s.-bound in the american athletic conference if they win out, manhandled -- manhandled the huskies today. manld minnesota and nebraska. tough for coach. >> spencer: bo pelini at that point. nebraska hadn't lost to this group since 1960. >> tim: a bad loss, no doubt
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about that. michigan state and illinois, b.j. >> brian: delson williams, running back, he's going to break away. show a little speed. that helped. 42-yard touchdown run. they sit alone atop the legends division. big brother comes to east lansing next week. big brother meaning michigan. >> tim: a couple of big games tonight. pac-12 and s.e.c. let's begin oregon and ucla. >> spencer: oregon has been putting up a lot of points, three games, over 700-yards-plus. i really like oregon to roll in that one. >> brian: i like oregon in this game as well, defensive coordinator will tell you don't let them do what they do best. oregon does everything best. >> tim: a huge game for missouri to hold serve against a gamecocks squad that you know wants to bounce back. >> spencer: south carolina has never been to this columbia before. i think missouri is so long at the wide receiver position, i think they come away with what
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people consider an upset. >> brian: jadeveon clowney, kelsey quarrels lead them, this is essentially south carolina's s.e.c. championship game. >> tim: missouri has made a believer. >> brian: i believe in them but i believe more in south carolina. >> tim: that will do it for this week. thanks for watching "the jeep post-game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. over on the cbs sports network, notre dame is taking on air force right now. be sure to tune in next >> tim: be sure to tune in next saturday. >> tim: are you a believer? >> brian: i'm a believer. ray charles is too. [laughing] >> tim: bye bye, everybody.
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searching for answers. family and friends remember a man stabbed to death trying to break up a fight. are police any closer to finding the culprit. >> good evening. tonight family and friends honor a man who was killed while trying to break up a fight between high school kids. they held a vigil in his honor. live in forest park. monique has their plea to the community. >> reporter: well, things are just getting started here on bell avenue. earlier this week is where 25-
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year-old dorel gaskins was killed. dozens of his loved ones, family and friends have joined here to hold a candlelight vigil. heartbroken family members of the 25-year-old were still coming to terms with the death of the father of two. >> hurts the most because i was right here. i was right here with him. >> reporter: she tells us her uncle was getting ready to leave for work when he heard a violent commotion outside and ran to break up a fight amongst a large group of students. >> some body else jumped in and hit him. he was fighting, turned back around he got stabbed. had him in my arms then he started ... >> reporter: in the chaos he was stabbed. his father ran to his son's
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side after seeing him collapse. >> i held my son in my hands and the last thing he told to me is daddy i love you i am not going to make it. >> reporter: the group of students are believed to be from forest park high school just a few blocks away. >> how did he get in school and outside of school with this knife and they have metal detectors. >> reporter: his father said his son was one of the good guys and didn't deserve to die in such a brutal way. >> one of you guys out there know who killed my son. you know who killed my son. >> reporter: now this vigil did just get started we will have more from family members tonight at 11. as for police they say anyone with information should call them. reporting live in forest park. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. a second man was also stabbed in the fight he was treated for minor injuries and released.
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the investigation continues into an accident that killed a retired state trooper. a car was travelling west on route 20 in rock hall when the driver lost control and crashed into the garage of a business. the business owner, died. he retired from the state police in 2005 watch serving nearly -- after serving nearly 22 years. there are two suspects involved but so far no charges have been filed. maryland state police and the county sheriff's office are both investigating. protestors demonstrated against government spy programs which they say violate the privacy of ordinary people. this comes on the heels of an international up roar. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators in washington dc protested against the national security agency's surveillance program. organizers are from the group stop watching us and want the
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government to do just that. many people carried signs thanking edward snowden he revealed details about a spy program that collects data from u.s. citizens. a message was read from snowden to the crowd. >> we are here to remind our government officials that they are public servants, not private investigators. >> reporter: he also leaked a memo suggesting, nsa was able to monitor phone calls of 45 world leaders. president obama insists the u.s. is not tapping merkling's calls. european intelligence chiefs are expetted in washington for answers. protestors delivered a petition to congress where
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legislation to curb domestic surveillance is expected in the coming weeks. a man tried to bring a loaded rifle on to a plane at kennedy international airport. he was arrested. police say he was boarding a flight to north carolina when officers found the weapon. investigators say he had high capacity magazines which are illegal in new york. he is being held on six count of criminal possession. a crackdown on panhandling they want to ban begging for money 10 feet from city restaurants and shops and 5 feet from parking meters. opponents say this does not tackle the the right issue. >> what we should focus on is ending the need for solicitation by ending poverty. we should end homelessness if we want to address this. >> the proposal heads to full council november 4th but free
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speech groups argue it is too broad and could be considered unconstitutional. it was another cool, autumn day in our area. in hampden it is chilly enough people are wearing jackets. taking a live lookout side, calm, clear and beautiful how is the remainder of the weekend shaping up. live with an updated look at current temperatures cool tim. >> it is. we got within just a few degrees of a record earlier this morning in the 6:00 a.m. hour. the record was 28 we came close. it was chilly but nothing like the last few. 41 oakland, 50 elkton we talk about temperatures milder than the last few days we are currently in central maryland, 2 degrees milder than this time yesterday. warmer out this cumberland, 11 degrees out there on the plus side area wide we talked about overnight lows a freeze warning
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in effect nothing like that tonight we did get down to 30 degrees in the 6:00 p.m. hour temperatures around the region got down into the 20s tonight a little milder we have high pressure and control that will continue to bring mild air into the region and right on through the next several days. as we talk about the first frost of the season, maybe last night in parts of the area we will start to see temperatures in the 70s in the week ahead. i did say that. complete first warning forecast coming up in a few moments. >> thank you. national aquarium in baltimore gets into the halloween spirit under water. a diver plunged into the atlantic corral reef exhibit and carved a pumpkin. all part of the halomarine. coming up spectacularrer
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rungs. lava pours out in europe. >> several children loads their lives after flames break out inside an apartment. and when you get up -- can i play?
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sicily's mount etna today. it happened after an earthquake hit. witnesses saw mile high ash plume above the crater around sunrise. looks beautiful the 14th time it has erupted in 2013. an apartment fire in the bronx claimed three young lives. it killed three brothers ages 5, 2 and 4 months their mother and young sister managed to escape. they were treated for smoke inhalation. at least three others were hurt. no word what sparked the blaze. today runners and walkers hit patterson park along with their four legged friends. barktoberfest benefits the baltimore animal care and rescue shelter. after the run and walk check out this one, participants enjoyed food, entertainment, contests, exhibits. that was nice what was that?
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like a tutu. >> i think it was a tutu. >> wings. >> yeah, bat dogs and dancing dogs. all kinds. >> every kind they are very cute. >> very nice. >> we talked about these cold nights being like two and three dog nights. >> little space heaters. >> not bad a little milder. right now 50 degrees temperatures will reflect that southwest wind. milder air ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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56-degrees today 604 we hit 30 degrees. just got to the low as the sun was coming up. normal temperatures 64 and 42 and we did get within 3 degrees of a record at bwi marshall. temperatures around the state, 41 oakland, 50 down on the riffer and ocean city, elk on the and hagerstown. 50 seems to be the magic
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number, 51 kent island and annapolis. 51 bel air and 48 westminster. you see a bit of uniform flow from the south and southwest that will continue to usher in milder temperatures into the next week ahead what we will see temperatures reflecting more of what is down in memphis and atlanta. still several degrees above where we are we are going to tap into that high pressure down around the carolinas carved out a clear notch. a low around the great lakes that will stay there. it will keep patchy clouds moving into our region. that all goes past us on the dry side we don't see any real impact from that at all. this high stays to the south. clockwise, that will keep directing milder air in. i think you will like the result when you see how it plays out in the 5 day forecast. our sunrise tomorrow, 38 degrees, patchy cloud, seasonably chilly. normal low is 42. 57 tomorrow, partly sunny and
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cool. look how this comes out just in time for halloween. 61 monday, 65 and 72 just in time for trick-or-treating. >> thanks tim. still to come, home coming in college park for the terps.,,
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in tonight the when wedge sports report -- in the wjz sports report, maryland is undefeated but taking on the 9th ranked clemson tigers. honouring their former all americans including randy white. the terps trailing 9-7. when
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boyd with a nice pass to jordan for the touchdown. clemson leads 16-7 half time. defense played hard. boyd passes to watkins who fumbles recovered by the terps but maryland could not capitalize. clemson again. boyd keeps it for himself for the touchdown that put the tigers up 26-13. they pulled away late in the game which actually just ended clemson wins 40-27. >> beautiful day for football in annapolis. 4th quarter navy trailing 21-14. reynolds will score. with one second left navy has a chance for the win. sloan's 30-yard field goal, navy wins it. be sure to watch the cbs prime
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timeline up tonight. and coming up tonight at 11 on wjz, stop buying that is the message from protestors in washington. a look at what attracted thousands. >> a father of two honored while he was stabbed trying to break up a fight. break up a fight. we hear from ,,,,,,,,,, is a paid advertisement
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