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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> jeff: tonight debating the deadline, with the health care web site still tangled in troubles jeff pegues reports on growing calls to delay the deadline. damage control white house officials meet tomorrow with the european delegation looking for answers on eavesdropping. john miller joins us in studio. >> the loss of a music legend. anthony mason looks back at the ground breaking life of lou reed ♪ baby ♪ you take a walk on the wild side ♪ ♪. >> jeff: and the artist of many faces, elaine quijano on a woman who found herself in the look of others. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."
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>> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. the web site doesn't work. the enrollment deadline might not either. from both sides there are now calls for delay in a key date. when millions were supposed to be signed up for health insurance this is kathleen sebelius under extreme pressure over obamacare on-line issues is set to testify this week. when begin tonight with jeff pegues in washington, jeff? >> reporter: jeff, the rollout is not, of course, gone as planned for the white house and for customers it's been frustrating as well. here in washington there appears to be growing consensus that those potential customers should get a break. with the white house working on web site repairs, members of both parties are now talking about delays in implementing parts of the affordable care act. new hampshire democrat jeanne shaheen a supporter of the law is leading an effort to let the dead lynn foreign rollment to slide. >> the rollout has been a disaster so what i am proposing is we extend the period in which people can
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enroll. >> reporter: in a letter to the department of health and human services shaheen and nine other democrats say extending the enrollment period without give consumers valuable time to choose a plan best for them. republicans have similar ideas. lust louis governor bobby jindal. >> it's harder and harder for them to justify why they wouldn't delay the individual mandate as well. i think will you see democrats and republicans both responding to the failure of this policy. >> reporter: today is the first family head for sunday services, the president declined to comment. >> come on guy, i'm going to church. >> reporter: but his administration is moving ahead. senior white house officials believe if they can get the web site working by the end of november, calls to delay will die down. and jeff there were more problems for the web site today. an important data center failed losing connectivity to a key portal on the health care exchange. >> jeff: jeff pegues, thank you very much. starting tomorrow european officials will be meeting in washington with white house aidees and members of congress over those reports
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the u.s. has been spying on foreign leaders. for more on that we're joined by senior correspondent john millerment john, always good to see you. let me ask you this. what happens when these meetings take place? >> well, it's going to be a little uncomfortable. but i think behind closed doors, once they get down to talking turkey, i think you're going to see two main messages. which is one, we're sorry this had to come out and that it's embarrassing. and two, remember, we may collect more intelligence than anybody else in the world but we also share more intelligence with anyone else in the world. and you all are the recipients of a lot of that. so let's baseline this about who we are going to be mad at and for how long. >> jeff: and does edward snowden come up, the fact that more leaks are going to come out come up. >> i think it does. and i think will you see it on a couple of levels, jeff, number one glenn greenwald from the guardian is already tweeting that another large country is going to learn that it was the subject of u.s. surveillance tomorrow. so the shoes keep dropping. >> jeff: yup. >> but i also think that
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there's going to be a reach out to people that we have worked with that may not be public knowledge that they cooperated with it, and those countries are going to be told this may be disclosed and could be compromised as well as people we may have listened in on to say look, this is going to come out too. and here it is in contact and let's try and move on. so this is a gift that keeps on giving and giving. >> jeff: john miller, thank you very much. a reminder you can see john's interyou have with former deputy director of the cia mike morell on "60 minutes" at 7:00 p.m., 6, central. tuesday marks the first anniversary of superstorm sandy. today new jersey governor chris christie responded to critics who charged the pace of recovery is too slow. he blamed the federal government. christie told the associated press, quote, to the victims i would say you're right t is too slow. and i wish the federal government would allow us the flexibility to get you the aid more quickly. sandy also slammed new york city where plenty of rebuilding still needs to be
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done. especially neighborhoods barely above sea level. terrell brown tonight takes a look at lessons learned. >> reporter: last october superstorm sandy swept joe courtney's home off its foundation. though he knew it would be expensive to repair, he had no intention of leaving new york's rockaway beach. >> there was not a question of whether we were going to rebuild or not. this is where i grew up. this is where my wife grew up. and this is where our lives are. >> reporter: his new home will be higher with a 14 foot concrete foundation. flood vents will allow high water to pass through. >> going upstairs in the atiq there in that dormer. hot water heater, boiler, utilities to keep the house will be upstairs in the attic. >> reporter: all those fixes are lessons learned from sandy that architects and city planners are applying to new construction up and down the east coast. >> there will be above the floodplain. >> reporter: vishaan change rab-- chakrabarti is an architecture.
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>> they have a lot of natural advantages in terms of storm that we really have to take advantage of. >> he's overseeing the redevelopment of this factory site on broke lynn's waterfront. a new neighborhood he believes will be able to withstand bigger and stronger storms. in his design buildings are farther back from the water and taller. vital mechanical systems like elevators and electricity are above any potential flood areas. streets are graded downward so water flows back into the river. parks and green space help absorb any floodwater. >> people want to live on the water. they want to enjoy the water. and there are a a-- ways to allow people to do that in a way that's still safe. >> reporter: that safety comes at a price it will cost more than $500,000 to rebuild joe courtney's home. half of it will be covered by government grants and loans. the other half he'll pay out of pocket. >> the main thing is that we're building to be safer and stronger. and be prepared for that next storm. >> reporter: with some homes on his street still left in
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unruins since the storm he considers himself lucky to be rebuilding. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: tonight is game four of the world series. but some are still having a tough time moving on from game three. a contest that ended with a wild play, a bold call, and the st. louis cardinals go will up 2-1 on the boston red sox. here's don dahler. >> reporter: st. louis had runners on second and third with one out. the cardinals batter smacked a scorching grounder to the red sox second baseman who threw out the runner at home. that's when things got messy. >> two outs. over to third, it gets away. >> reporter: st. louis alan craig became tangled up with third baseman middlebrooks, craig stunled slowing him up just long enough to apparently be thrown out at home which would have sent the game into extra innings. >> the umpire making the call, they're going to say
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he's safe. >> reporter: instead, the umpire made the obstruction call, declaring craig safe at home and the cardinals winners of game three. red sox catcher jar old ---- jarrod saltalamacchia reacted to the call after the play. >> i didn't see the obstruction. he is laying on the ground. craig was on the baseline trying to jump over. >> reporter: route rule 7 0i 06 says if a play is being made on the obstructed runner the ball is dead and all runners shall advance. it's unclear to many if middlebrooks deliberately on strokted craig's attempt to go home but according to the rule that doesn't matter. all that madders is that middlebrooks was in his way. >> the feet were up in the air and he tripped over middlebrooks right there. >> reporter: but the red sox can be forgiven if they feel snake bit by that particular rule. game 3 of the 1975 series saw a similar situation but that time it was the boston player who was clearly interfered with, and they didn't get the call. the red sox lost that game
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too, and the series. don dahler, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: the music world lost a legend today, lou reed passed away at the age of 71. tonight anthony mason has a look back at a man who changed the way we listen. ♪ take a walk on the wild side ♪ ♪ and the other girls go ♪. >> he had only one radio hit, take a walk on the wild side was unforgetably candid. and lou reed became one of the most influential artists of the last era. his disciples includes rock giants like david bowie, u2 and r.e.m.. born in brooklyn in 1942, reed studied poetry and journalism at syracuse university. after college he worked for a songwriter for pickwick records but as founder and lead singer of the vel-- vel set underground he would change rock 'n' roll, the band's debut album produced
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by andy warhol was a commercial failure but is now considered one of the most important american rock albums ever recorded. it was rock but unlike any heard before with frank descriptions of new york's bohemiam underworld. in the 70s reed struck out on his own. his 1972 album transformers produced by bowie included his biggest hit ♪ and the other girls go ♪ ♪ do-do do do ♪ness. >> an homage to the outkast he met in warhol's world. his work radically expanded the range of rock letterings and lead to punk rock and glam rock. the velvet underground was induct mood the hall in 1996, and acknowledgment of lou reed's enormous influence, which by then had far eclipsed his sales. anthony mason, cbs news, new york.
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>> jeff: police arrest the operator of a state fair ride in california. a woman in california once sentenced to life without parole now set to be freed and selling detroit. how gritty news makes for a great marketing campaign. when the "cbs evening news" continues. start up like this... or like this... and hit the start button to flip back and forth. you can make the important things big, keep the small stuff small, and arrange it all around you. you can be all work with office, all play, or even both at the same time. you can do it all simpler and easier on your windows tablet, pc, or surface. that's the new windows: one experience for everything in your life.
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>> jeff: the operator of the ride that malfunctioned last week in north carolina is unarrest tonight. investigators found that safety devices had been tampered with. and they charge timothy dwayne tutterow with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. three riders are still in the hospital tonight. sara kruzan was 16 when she was charged with murdering the man who forced her into prostitution. she was found found guilty and sen tenned to life in prison without parole but this week carter evans tells us she'll be free. >> sara cruzal-- kruzan was just 13 years old when a friend of her drug addicted mother forced her to work as a child prostitute. when she was 16 she killed
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him at this southern california motel. >> i remember the headline where it said teen prostitute kills pimp. >> sara's aunt anne rogan had no idea about the constant abuse her niece had endured. i couldn't understand. i couldn't wrap my mind around it. >> in 1995 kruzan was sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> i definitely know i deserve punishment. i mean you don't just take somebody's life and think that it's okay. >> reporter: this video of sara in prison was posted by the international advocacy group human rights watch in 2009. >> i found the ability to believe in myself. i have a lot of good to offer. >> reporter: her case became a rallying cry for those who oppose life sentences for juveniles. in 2010 then california governor arnold schwarzenegger reduced kruzan's sentence calling it disproportionate. but she remained in prison and just last week she became eligible for parole. >> i'm just elated.
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>> reporter: her aunt plans to take her in. >> things happen to us but then we volume of and we change and we become stronger and we become better. >> no matter what you have done or where you have come from or what you've experienced in life, it's up to you to change. >> sara kruzan is now 35 years old and could be released in the next few days. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> jeff: the hunt is on in oklahoma for four inmates who broke out of the cato county detention center early this morning of the sheriff's office says they escaped through a trapdoor above is the shower. investigators are sorting out a wild shoot-out yesterday that left three officers in new mexico wounded. authorities in albuquerque say a man shot at police with an ak-47. they returned fire. the suspect stole a police car that crashed and later died. >> next up, selling a watch? and the story of a city. and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure
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>> jeff: it has never happened before but tomorrow michigan's governor will take the stand in court trying to convince a judge the state was justified in declaring the city of
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detroit bankrupt. detroit remains in very bad shape. but some see that as a unique marketing opportunity. by now everyone has seen the dreary pictures of detroit. a cities that's lost two-thirds of its population in the last 60 years. but what they have seen less of is this, new businesses based here and boasting about it. >> develop a community spirit. >> steve is the c.e.o. of shinola. >> basically said we will take the most challenged, struggling big city in the country and base our marketing strategy around that. >> yeah, people love the story of somebody being knocked down and standing up again. >> reporter: in the last year shinola which specializes in hand crafted watches has taken downtrodden, upscale. spending more than $10 million to 4re9 people know exactly where it's located. they're also investing in local workers. many come from the auto business. hired without skills and trained.
6:21 pm
>> this is very hard to come by, you know, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. >> it all sounds about as homegrown as you can get. but the whole business of shinola is far more global. the components of the watches come from switzerland. the crystals, cases and watch hands from china. the made in detroit slogan was focus tested by a group in dallas. >> the idea of manufacturing watches in detroit was seen with great enthusiasm. and that panel talked to the fact that they would be prepared to pay a premium for that. >> reporter: the watches sell for an average of $600. and places like barneys in new york, and in shinola's own signature stores. >> the goal here so make money for create jobs in detroit. >> it's about detroit from the standpoint that we think detroit is a great city for us to have a base. >> how many jobs. >> well, two years ago there were six of us. today there are 120. by this time next year we expect to be at about 250 people. >> we have so much more work to do.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: he says the company is proud of its products and its business model. beyond the watches, it sells bicycles, leather good, shoe polish, even shinola cola. all bearing that catchy name, and a belief that people still want a piece of this town. >> it will regenerate itself. and for us to be a small part of that city going forward, fantastic. >> still ahead, the makeup artist who is her own work of art. maybe you've noticed.
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>> finally tonight this thursday is halloween. the one day all year when it's ryu tone to dress up like someone elsement but we found one woman who does it every day with remarkable artistry, here's elaine quijano. >> carly paige is a woman of many faces. >> anything's possible with makeup. >> each week the 26-year-old from montreal, canada, transforms her own face into the likeness of movie stars and celebrities. both real life people and fictional creatures. >> when did this fascination with the face start for you?
6:26 pm
>> as soon as my parents brought home face paints for halloween one day and we were getting ready for halloween, every day became halloween. >> that passion stayed with paige until well after college where she earned a film degree. >> my parents said to me, after you graduate and after you get a real degree, if you still have this passion and drive for beauty and hair and makeup, we'll discuss it further. and i did. i never let it go. it was still in me. beauty o special effects, anything. it's art. >> so you have not had any formal schooling in this? >> no, it's just been years and years growing up with a family of artists. my fotter is a painter and and actress. my father musician and graphic design. and i've touched on all of these things. >> paige uses an array of brushes, colors and techniques to create her work. wearing wigs, and even popping in coloured contacts. >> why contacts, though? >> i refuse to use photo shop. i figure the best way to make it as realistic as
6:27 pm
possible and changing the eye color really makes a huge difference. >> paige began posting her work on facebook hoping to get some attention. she never imagined just a year later she would have 10,000 loyal followers. >> originally i was posting the pictures to get criticism because i wanted to make a career out of this. i wanted to do special effects for movies and i really wanted to know what the public thought. i didn't think it was going to go viral. >> why do you think people are reacting this way? >> i think people always usually expect to see every day people but to see one face with so many different looks, it's just different and fun. >> reporter: paige recently quit her day job doing traditional customer makeovers at a cosmetic store to pursue her dream job full-time this week brings her next big opportunity to show off her talent. >> i'm going to do a xomby. i'm going to go outside, i'm going scare kids. that's what i want to do. that's all i can think of. maybe steal their candy, i don't know.
6:28 pm
>> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, montreal, canada. >> jeff: you can see more of carly paige's talents as she creates a dramatic transformation on cbs as well. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news murder suicide investigation, police say a city police officer killed two people, then turns the gun on himself, how officers are linking his military background to the crime. >> asking for more time, lawmakers call on the government to extend healthcare sign-up deadlines as problems persist with the website, how the obama administration is responding. >> reporter: in a sea of pink and making strides against breast cancer, the thousands who walk to beat it. i'm gigi barnett, the details are coming up. >> i'm ,,


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