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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  October 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sandy anniversary one year ago. the superstorm averaged the east coast. >> the communities struggling to survive. >> hello, i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. here is what people are talking about today. people up and down the east coast including maryland hunkered down as superstorm sandy roared through. 137 people were killed and hundreds of thousands of homes were killed. we are in breezy point, new york as the recovery efforts continue. >> reporter: construction crews are hard at work in breezy point one year later removing pieces of an old foundation. half the neighborhood is not back in its home after the superstorm triggered a massive fire. >> there had to be about 70 homes fully engaged, flames 50 to 80 feet high. >> he spent the next six months
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rebuilding his home. >> i can't believe it's a year. >> reporter: sandy cause destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, flowed lower manhattan and left a roller coaster in the ocean. 350 homes in breezy point were destroyed. high school students that lost their homes are pitching in on this year anniversary, forming a habitat for humanity homes in the rockaways. >> trying to rebuild stuff and her other -- help other families out. >> reporter: in new jersey, governor chris christie thanked volunteers for their help. in breezy point, residents today planted beach grass on a sand dune that they hope will protect them from future storms.
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>> marylanders are picking up the pieces from scenes like this one in crisfield. $19 million have been announced to err lower earn shore. with this marylanders will have receive more than $170 million related to the storm. sandy was the second costliest storm in u.s. history next to katrina. the brother of mia farrow will spend time in prison on charges that he sexually abused two children in his home. he was indicted after two men accused of sexually abusing them when they were 8 and 9. he was sentenced to 25 years but 15 were suspended. after spending the quarterback in a d.c. jail, charges against singer chris brown have been reduced. mary bubala is back in the newsroom with the story. >> good afternoon. it started sunday morning outside the w hotel in downtown
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wogs. brown is accused of punching a beltsville man in the face. brown appeared in court where the case was reduced to a misdemeanor assault. he was released without bail. he is still on probation for a domestic violence case where he beat up his ex-girlfriend pop star rihanna. he is due back in situations for a second court appearance november 25th. back to you. >> thank you, mary. >> the judge ordered brown to undergo drug treatment and make contact with his probation officer. three men are behind bars in the fatal shooting of a hotel worker in oxon hill. surveillance video captured the moment when he held up a pregnant hotel clerk and demanded money. jesse chavez confronted the suspect and was shot to death. a maryland man is charged in u.s. district court for his involvement with the black market web site silk road. according to the "baltimore
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sun," 32-year-old jacob george the 4th is accused of selling heroin and other drugs on the site. the silk road web site was shut down earlier this month. authorities say more than $1 billion in illegal narcotics were traded on that site. for the first time congress is getting the chance to grill a member of the obama administration about the troubled health care web site. here is danielle nottingham reporting for wjz. >> reporter: maryland heads medicare and medicaid services, the agency in charge of the troubled health web site. lawmakers were quick to offer opinions of her performance. >> you and your staff made repeated claims to the american public and congress that everything would be ready on time, everybody was a go. none of that proved to be true. >> reporter: she is a former nurse and hospital administrator said the site will be fixed.
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>> when the site went live few customers could create an account. now over 90% can. >> reporter: lawmakers want to know why it was broken in the first place. >> can he -- we can't solve a problem until we realize the full extent of the problem. >> reporter: many republicans and democrats are pushing president obama to delay parts of the plan. the president is taking heat for this promise. >> if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it. >> reporter: but cbs news has confirmed insurers are telling more than 2 million americans they will lose coverage because it does not meet new government requirements. those people have to sign up for a new plan through the health care exchange. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> tomorrow they will grill kathleen cep bell yays. many are calling for her to resign in the wake of the troubled health care web site. the white house is said to be looking at whether this country should end a program that allows the nsa to spy on
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foreign leaders. senator diane feinstein says she was flabbergasted such spying could take place. she is calling for a total review of all such activity. there are more problems for the contractor that operates speed cameras in baltimore county. the county claims xerox failed to recalibrate a dozen cameras in february. according to the "baltimore sun" xerox was forced to void 1400 tickets. the cameras were out of service for a month and the public was never alerted. xerox paid the county more than $57,000 as compensation. we are looking at another beautiful and brisk day outside. taking a live look this noon. are we in for any changes this week? wjz is live with first warning coverage. march at the is in the outback. chelsea ingram is in the first warning center. >> hello. temperatures are on the cool side. take a look at the currents across the region.
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we have a lot of 50s. 57 at bwi marshall. low 50s in western maryland. nearly 65 in ocean city. these cool temperatures are courtesy of high pressure and winds out of the north and east in most locations. at few clouds out there. mainly high clouds. plenty of shine throughout the day. we have a nice pleasant change in the forecast. let's go to marty bass for the details. >> thanks. let's take a look at the national temperature map. i want you to note out of the south and west there is a nice bubble of mild air. well, high pressure over us now will slip offshore and force that up the 95 corridor. it will get mild the next few days. as a matter of fact, temperatures at one point will be almost 10 degrees above normal. meteorologist chelsea ingram will have the details coming up shortly. >> thank you, marty. the ravens welcome a new
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player as they face the browns this weekend. bernard scott has traded tiger stripes in. it has been more than a year since scott played in a game. he injured his knee early last seen then let go by cincinnati. you can see the ravens taking on the browns in cleveland sunday afternoon at 4:00 live here at wjz 13. still to come on "wjz eyewitness news at noon," a tragic accident. country singer jason aldine is involved in a fatal accident on an indiana highway. >> what is your favorite halloween candy? what most trick or treaters are hoping for come thursday. >> we are looking at a crisp fall day. could that change? meteorologist chelsea ingram has the complete first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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complete first warning forecast is coming up. country singer jason aldine involved in a fatal accident where a pedestrian died. early yesterday a man walked in front of the tour bus on an indiana highway, hit and pronounced dead at the scene.
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only aldine and the driver of the bus were on board at the time. no charges will be filed against the driver. aldine took to twitter to express condolences to the family. demonstators are protesting the shooting of a 13-year-old by a sheriff's deputy. a deputy mistook his pellet gun for the assault rifle it resembled. protestors will march to the sheriff's department for an afternoon rally. the fbi is conducting an indiana investigation into lopez's death. more charges will be filed into an investigation of a ride at a north carolina state fair. timothy tuterow is being held bought bond they say he critically bypassed safety features on the vortex ride. three of the five injured are still in the hospital. disgraced former congressman jesse jackson junior is spending his first full day in prison. the 48-year-old was sentenced to 2 1/2 years behind bars for
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misusing three quarters of a million dollars in campaign funds. he plans on paying the money back by next june. his wife will be reporting to prison after pleading guilty to filing state tax returns. with halloween two days away, what will you be handing out to trick or treaters. chocolate makes up 72% of all halloween candy. coming in second and third, candy corn and gummy bears, reese's peanut butter cups are the single most popular halloween candy. more than 400 million pieces sold last year. i see my favorite in there. >> i have my kit cat bars then eat them myself. >> my favorite. >> there you go. still ahead on "wjz eyewitness news at noon" -- >> partly cloudy but fair. how long? the complete forecast is 2 1/2 minutes away. >> here is a look at the midday
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stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nurses who get to know you. that's evergreen health. learn more at welcome back. plenty of sunshine. temperatures on the seasonally cool side. take a look at our currents across the region. we are 52 in western maryland up to 65 degrees in ocean city. locally temperatures around 57 degrees at the airport.
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52 westminster then a warm 59 degrees at d.c. now, the temperatures will change into the next couple of hours. we will be getting warmer starting with this evening. actually we will be at 47 degrees by 9:00. as you head into the overnight, a milder overnighttime. 43 degrees around 3:00 a.m. by tomorrow morning it will be a much milder start to the day than it was today and even yesterday. around 9:00 temperatures around 48 degrees. by the afternoon, up to the mid- 60s we will go. so, we will be seasonal as we head into tomorrow. the big picture on satellite and radar is showing high pressure in control of the mid- atlantic. we have a system located out in the midwest bringing snowfall to places like wisconsin and minnesota then rainfall over the midwest. that is heading our way. the general consensus is that we will be dry for the trick or treaters on halloween then the rainfall pushes into the mid- atlantic overnight thursday into friday morning. here is how things will play
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out into thursday. mild air will push in as high pressure sinks to the south. we are going to get warm especially by thursday. temperatures all the way up to the low 70s. temperature 59. winds northeast 10 knots on the bay. here is what you can expect the rest of the day today. 59. plenty of sunshine. seasonally cool. as we head into the yomp night -- overnight hours, around 41. partly cloudy then at 65 tomorrow. variable clouds with a stray sprinkle possible. but most of us will be staying dry for your wednesday. >> chelsea, thank you. >> still to come, doctors are questioning a common technique to calm babies. why swaddling to be harmful. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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swaddling babies may put them at higher risk of hip problems. bundling them can help them fall asleep but swaddling can interview with the national -- with the development of their hip joints. it's okay as long as they can bends their legs and move their
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hips. gardening can help people live longer. 4,000 seniors that stayed physically active like doing gardening were more healthier. the most healthy had 20% lower risk of heart attack and 30% lower risk of dying earlier. smokers think about quitting on one particular day of the week. doctors at san diego state university looked at four years of google searches and find most people search on mondays. they are not sure why the first day of the week seems to hold significance. be sure to check in with wjz eyewitness news today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. confusing and applied unevenly. the mother of trayvon martin testifies before the senate. >> i have been imprisoned by allegiant airlines for over nine hours. i am outraged. >> stuck in a plane for 11 hours. passengers express anger online. so, will it make a difference?
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join us for these stories and all the day's breaking news today at 4:00 after dr. phil. >> stay with us, the five-day forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. beautiful shot past harbor with weekend changes on the way. i think you will like them. let's go to marty bass for the details.
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>> how could you not like the mid-70s. take a look at the five-day. tomorrow we move it to the mid- 60s. not a bad day. perfect for halloween thursday. 72, showers friday. frontal boundaries moving through the area after a high of 74. we get back to 66 then we slip below normal for the first time in the five-day display on sunday. let's throw it back inside. >> thank you very much. catch the prime timeline up on wjz this evening. at 10:00 it's person of interest followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. >> finally this noon, one baby in kansas is getting a lot of attention for his halloween costume. check out baby andy reid. his mom dressed him as the head coach of the kansas city chiefs full with the signature no tour mustache -- signature mustache. the dad posted the picture and it has gone viral. >> love it. >> looks just like him. >> cutie. >> thanks for watching
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eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryland's news station. i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott. >> with marty bass, i'm chelsea ingram. you can visit cbs baltimore for the latest news and first warning updates. >> have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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