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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the fight over president obama's health care l the fight over president obama's health care law takes center stage on capitol hill today. lawmakers prepare to grill health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius on the government's faulty insurance website and the millions of americans who have had their insurance policies canceled. >> is it your experience that allies of the united states have spied on the united states historically? >> yes. >> the government's spy secrets come into the open. two of the nation's top intelligence officials defend the program that puts dozens of leaders under surveillance. and while the red sox prepare for game six in the world series in boston, airplane trouble keeps the cardinals stuck in st. louis until late last night.
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captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, october 30th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, president obama heads to boston today where he'll talk about his health insurance law. the affordable care act has been plagued by serious computer glitches, and there are now charges the president mislead consumers. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. in boston the president will ask for patience from americans through this health care rollout, and he'll try to draw comparisons with assachusetts, a health care experience, with what's known as romney care. he's also facing a lot of questions about those earlier promises he made to americans that if they like their health insurance plan, they can keep it, and here on capitol hill today a senate panel will grill the president's top health care official.
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kathleen sebelius will be in the hot seat today, testifying in front of a house committee about problems with >> the president should ask the secretary of human health and services kathleen sebelius to resign her position because of the disastrous rollout of obama care. >> in prepared testimony, secretary sebelius blames contractors for the building of the website. she says, unfortunately a subset of those contracts for have not met expectations. >> do you swear that the -- >> but in testimony last week, those contractors said the real problem was with cms, which demanded last-minute changes and did not allow enough time to fully test the website. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> marilyn tavenner, the head of the cms, says it has improved the website. >> you're saying the system right now is working?
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>> i'm saying it's working. it's just not working at the speed we want or the success rate we want. >> but the troubled website is just one problem with the new health care law. >> the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> republicans have seized on a cbs news report which shows more than 2 million americans have been told their existing insurance is being canceled because it doesn't meet the minimum standards laid out in the affordable care act. >> it's really sort of emerging as one of their biggest talking points about obama care and one of their biggest attacks. >> it's an attack secretary sebelius is sure to be questioned about later today. and more and more republicans are calling for secretary sebelius to step down or be fired. in her testimony today she does not directly talk about all the americans who are having their insurance policies canceled, but she is certain to face lots of questions from the panel today about that and a lot more. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. it's still unclear exactly how many people have actually enrolled in obama care, but the website problems have forced
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insurance companies to change the way they do business. sharyl attkisson has that part of the story. >> reporter: evergreen health of maryland is a nonprofit insurer that got started with a $65 million loan from the federal government. just days into the enrollment fiasco, he had to blow up his business plan. >> we had to call a meeting immediately upon learning of the difficulties of the exchange of our entire 35-person staff and say, listen, guys, we're going to have to switch our marketing strategy, our strategy of how we're going after folks. >> to discuss your health care. >> that means forgetting about individuals for now and instead targeting small businesses the old-fashioned way with phone calls and tv ads. >> neighborhood care, same-day appointments. >> reporter: the 23 small co-ops across the country that are part of affordable care are intended to provide competition. as they attempt to stay afloat,
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some analysts worry that obama care as designed might not. their biggest fear is with the website problems, enrolled employees will be the sickest and most motivated. that could mean increasing premiums and that could cause more healthy customers to flee. in the insurance industry it's known as the death spiral if that would come to pass, the obama care business model would collapse. he said he only knows for sure only a dozen signing up for evergreen so far. >> if we have 1,000 at the end of the year, that will be a problem, but we think we're far along in our business planning, and we expect to have about 15,000 or so, which would be break even. >> reporter: for contacts, they plan up signing up 7 million people over the next six months. that averages about 39,000 people a day. sharyl attkisson, cbs news, washington. and now to the uproar over u.s. surveillance programs. top intelligence officials defended their operations during
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capitol hill testimony. they said reports that the nsa collected millions of european phone records are misleading and that much of the data was actually collected by nato allies. danielle nottingham has this report. >> reporter: intelligence officials told lawmakers trying to figure out what foreign leaders are up to is spying 101. >> it's one of the first things i learned in intel school in 1963. >> reporter: but some members of congress argue the implications really problematic. >> it could put the united states in a difficult position. >> reporter: revelations that the national security administration eavesdropped on allies including german chancellor angela merkel brought international criticism and delegates to washington. >> never spy on your friends. >> reporter: the white house says all intelligence gathering is under review. >> we understand the concerns
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that have been raised, and we have been working with our friends and allies. >> reporter: and the nsa director is refuting reports in foreign papers that the u.s. spies on european citizens. >> to be perfectly clear, this is not information that we collected on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> the intelligence chiefs also warned that trying to curb data collection could put the u.s. at risk. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. nsa chief keith alexander also said spying on allies is commonplace and a two-way street. he was questioned by minnesota republican michele bachmann. >> is it your experience that allies of the united states have spied on allies historically?
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>> yes. >> or even as we speak? >> yes. >> a bipartisan plan introduced yesterday would allow the government to seek records relating to ongoing terrorism investigations. a 13-year-old california boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy was buried tuesday, but the circumstances surrounding andy lopez's death prompted protests and calls for justice. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: family and friends of 13-year-old andy lopez gathered at his funeral mass to say their final good-byes. many still struggle to make sense of his death. >> it makes me very upset that something like this would happen to a 13-year-old who was just walking down the street to go see his friends. >> reporter: investigators say sonoma county sheriff's deputy eric gailhouse shot the teen seven times in ten seconds after mistaking his pellet gun for an ak-47. he is a 20-year veteran. >> it's tragic event on many levels for many, for the lopez and the community but it's affecting us also. just hours before lopez's funeral, thousands from across
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the state, including many middle and high school students, marched to the sheriff's department in protest. >> justice needs to be done for him and for every little teenager kid that they can feel free to walk down the street with no fear. >> reporter: the shooting has inspired a series of rallies in the normally quiet town of santa rosa. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: the fbi, san to rosa police, and sonoma police and the attorneys office are conducting investigations into lopez's death. bigad shaban, cbs news. and on friday a concert will be held in honor of michael landberry who was killed last week. a beloved math teacher and former marine has been hailed as a hero. he walked toward a 12-year-old gunman to try to get him to surrender. the boy shot and killed
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landsberry on the spot. landsberry's wife said she was not surprised that he tried to save others. >> when i first heard this going and i didn't get a text message back from him, i knew, and when it transpired on school grounds, i knew exactly what he did. i knew that he stopped it. i knew he stepped in front. >> he served in afghanistan as a member of the national guard, and his wife said he told her he loved her every day. coming up on the "morning news," taking a walk down penny lane. we'll tell you which beatles' childhood home sold for top dollar. this is the "cbs morning news." beetles apz childhood home sold. to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. have you found your balance™? you see the gray. try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. just brush our permanent color matching creme
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but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. [ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. on the on the "cbs moneywatch," shopper discrimination, and the house by penny lane fetches big bucks. gigi stone is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, gigi. >> good morning, anne-marie. this afternoon the federal reserve will announce if it's
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continuing its economic stimulus program. investors believe the fed bond buying program will proceed. that sent the dow to a record high. blue chips rose 111 points yesterday, ending the day four points above its previous all-time high. the nasdaq rose 12 points. asian markets got a boost from wall street's record highs. tokyo's nikkei gained 1%. hong kong's hang seng added 2%. the largest u.s. bank in the government tentatively agreed to a $13 billion settlement over the bank's mortgage bond. it's reported the bank doesn't want to pay for mistakes paid by a failed mortgage lender if bought before the financial crisis. the new york state attorney general is looking into complaints of discrimination against two stores, barneys and macy macy's. in total three were filed by three black customers.
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they want to meet with store executives and is demanding information on store policies regarding racial profiling. silicon valley has a new historic site. >> the home where am co-founder steve jobs grew up. jobs and steve woz nee yak built the first 100 computers there. the house is currently owned by jobs' sister. the buyer was an anonymous american. the house is close to penny lane which inspired the beatles' song. quite some history. thanks a lot, gigi. coming up in sports, the miami heat raised their latest championship banner and a soccer ref cannot seem to keep the peace. of infinite deliciousness. perfect. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love. so good! [ wisest kid ] at [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good!
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it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why were declaring it the unofficial official fruit of the holidays! the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ laughs ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, mostly cloudy today, 60 degrees the high. miami, sunny with 84 the high. chicago, cloudy, but thunderstorms in dallas and sunshine in los angeles. in sports now the new nba season tips off with the miami heat celebrating their latest title, the defending champs raising their second championship banner to the rafters. they're showing off their new rings and the heat picked up where they left off.
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lebron finishes with 17 points and miami beat chicago, 107-95. the los angeles lakers opened the season to their rival the clippers. and despite not having kobe brienlts on the court the lakers surged past the clippers in the fourth period for a 116-103 win. and a milestone on the ice. new jersey devils forward jaromir jagr scores on a break-away in the second period, and it turns out to be a game-winning goal in tampa bay, but it's also the 119th game-winner in jagr's career. that breaks the record by phil esposito who retired in boston. and hopes are high in boston as the world series resumes tonight. the world series resumes tonight. if they win, they'll clinch a win for the first time since 1918. the cardinals' arrival in boston was delayed by six hours. a mechanical problem with the team's plane kept the cardinals stuck in st. louis until 9:00
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last night. the cards finally got to boston just after 11:00 p.m. and usually it's the players who lose their cool with officials, not the other way around. in kuwait, a soccer referee punched player who was complaining about a penalty call. as the tempers attempted to simmer, the ref kicked another player. by the way, the player, not the ref, got kicked out of the gate. when we return, rising from superstorm sandy. residents in one hard-hit area mark the one-year anniversary as their beach community returns from the ruins. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. ♪ this week at kmart, get 50% off costumes. and, shop your way members get an additional 10% back in points. plus, fun size candy is 2 for $5.
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the country. kevin deleoforecas washington, d.c., cloudy today, 67 the high. atlanta, sunshine. and cloudy in st. louis. cloudy also in denver today. seattle, some sun with a high of 54. a dust storm in arizona caused a huge pileup, killing three people and injuring at least 12 others. police say 19 vehicles were
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involved in the chain reaction crash yesterday. at least one car was pinned between two trucks. the blinding dust kicked up on interstate 10 between phoenix and tucson. that scaffolding didn't stand a chance when a powerful storm roared through denmark tuesday. some wind gusts reached up to 120 miles an hour. the storm killed 14 others across europe. tens of thousands were without power. and back in the u.s., one year ago tuesday, superstorm sandy devastated the northeast. the storm is blamed for at least 182 deaths. property damage is estimated at $65 billion. one of the hardest hit communities was new york's breezy point. vinita nair followed this report. >> reporter: residents of breezy point, new york, gathered in prayer to mark the first anniversary of superstorm sandy.
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it was here that fierce winds and a 14-foot storm surge fuelled the fire and the floods that destroyed 2,000 homes. >> honestly, we all kind of looked at each other and said how are we going to do this. >> reporter: over the past 12 months, despair and damage have given way to optimism and saw dust as breezy point is born again, but the rebuilding effort has been slow. federal housing recovery money has yet to reach any of the residents here, and many say they are still fighting with their insurance companies. 12 miles across the bay the flames reaching into the night sky over sea bright, new jersey, were in celebration. the bonfire and potluck dinner serving as both reward and motivation for the ongoing recovery effort. >> it's just real good to see everybody doing better. >> reporter: all along the northeast coast, sandy's scar remains, but new is slowly replacing old, and while rebuilding will take time, the result is already obvious to
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many who live here. >> maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next year, but within a couple of years, this community is going to be back stronger than ever. >> reporter: vinita nair, cbs news, breezy point, new york. w york. we threw a party in this house. the next day, we sprayed febreze air effects and asked real people what they thought. i can't believe i don't smell any of this. febreze did a really great job. impressive. febreze air effects eliminates tough odors for good. febreze, breathe happy. [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™
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4 minutes before 5:00. you're waking up to clouds. marty is over at first warning weather. >> there's a lot of clouds. let's take a look at the day part, how it's going to square away. there's a warm front pressing up over the region. believe it or not i can't rule out to the far west a shower. i'm not worried about it locally. mid 40s to low 50s now. 62 at lunch on its way to a high temperature in the mid 60s. here's what we have our eye on for you today; a frederick man is is heading to jail for stealing more than $278,000. 31-year-old mario meyers is sentenced to 9 months. a correctional officer is pleading guilty to smuggling drugs. 26-year-old kimberly
4:57 am
dennis will face up to 20 years. the towns of boonsboro is looking for a new town manager. 51-year-old debra smith resigned this week. a top government official facing tough questions about the flawed health care website. the latest on the hearings and americans waiting to sign up. a morgan state university fa from personty under fire. more on the clean up efforts after super storm sandy. more news, first warning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a couple of minutes. well ladies, now there's big news in controlling your overactive bladder symptoms. the new oxytrol for women patch. the first and only over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle.
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