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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 31, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ed. good morning. it is thursday, october 31st, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the cost of obama care you have not heard about. jan crawford uncovers where more than billion dollars of taxpayers' money is going. he served four tours in iraq and afghanistan. why his mission to save fellow marines could end his military career. plus, they're painting the town red in boston. the sox, did you hear, take the series and help a city heal. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your
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world in 90 seconds. >> it hasn't happened in 95 years. >> the red sox celebrate a win. >> why are you crying? >> i'm so happy. i love the red sox. >> i love the red sox. >> your life? >> pretty much. >> it's been down the entire time you've been testifying. >> a problem-plagued rollout of the health care website. >> this is completely an unacceptable level of security. >> massive storm system stretches across the nation's midsection damaged wind gusts, torrential rainfall and evacuations have already been ordered near austin, texas. >> knocking down an italian court. >> there are reports that nasa
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tapped into yahoo! and google. >> robin thicke is learning about the blurred lines of copyright infringement. he's being sued by two of marvin gaye's children. >> all that -- >> two fires in encino california. >> we're talking about health care today, but -- that is the wrong rally. >> -- and all that matters -- >> one of the things that keeps coming up because you're from kansas. >> toe toe we're not in kansas city anymore. >> down the yellow brick road. >> the republicans have no heart. the democrats have no courage and the people who run the obama care website have no brains. >> reporter: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning norah. happy halloween. >> good morning to you, charlie. >> it's moving beyond some states that set up their own health insurance websites have had problems of their own. >> and sources tell cbs news those websites are costing more than billion dollars. jan crawford is in washington. jan, good morning. >> well, good morning, norah and charlie. that's $1 billion with a "b" to pay for these obama care websites with the states who have set up their own insurance wages and that's being paid for by the federal government courtesy of taxpayers and some of the websites have struggled to get off the ground. with unusable for most administrators have pointed to efforts in the states and called it success. >> they're eager to enroll folks and that is going smoothly.
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>> reporter: but people in some of those states may disagree with how smoothly it's going. one thing is for sure. the federal tax dollars are pouring in. the 15 states that opted to set up their own exchanges have set up $1.1 billion to launch and implement their own obama care websites, often paying the contractor to do the same job in different states. california has dedicated $359 million while new york is spending $161 million. in kentucky it's $100 million. and in oregon the price tag is $50 million. the president has pointed to oregon where 56,000 people have signed up for medicaid. >> that's 56,000 more americans that have health care and they didn't count on the website.
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>> reporter: and that's a good thing. their applications came through the machlt clay johnson is a former member of the obama technology team. >> what we've done is created systems that enable this level of waste. >> reporter: he blames federal rults who went out over and over like cgi which won bids in five didn't states to help develop their websites. that's the same company now under fire for its role as lead contractor for the federal website. >> cgi federal had contracts with five different states, something tells me that they got paid five times for some of the same code. >> now cgi has had some better luck in some of those states like kentucky which is seen as a model. and other states are well under way, but charlie and norah, it goes back to the money, and why are taxpayers forking over a billion dollars on 15 state
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websites that are going to end up looking pretty much the same. >> all right. thank you. you saw health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius in jan's report. she testified for 3 1/2 hours yesterday at a house committee meeting. she said it's an admittedly frustrating experience. >> let me say directly to the americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> michelle snyder is responsible for the debacle. >> excuse me. hold me responsible for the debacle. >> you put their financial information at risk because you did not have even the most basic end-to-end test of the system. i don't want to turn over anything that is not confirmand reliable. >> well but that data comes out
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every year. >> some people like to drink out of a yellow cup with a step. you're taking away their choice. >> there's no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we're working overtime to improve it every day. every day. >> the president also defended his health care law. he believes critics are not telling the whole story. cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> how does the president get on top of this? >> i think he gets on top of it by having a website that actually works. most obviously that's because he didn't want the biggest public manifestation of his signature law. he wants that not to be kind of
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a flowing mess but also he wants it to actually work so that there can be this flood that they hope is good stories of people signing up. that's good for policy reasons because it means the law will be working but also from a crass public relation standpoint it means they can point to people and say, look the promises we make about law, it's true. they're happy. he needs those stories to come in. >> okay. but not all the problems are turning out to be true and he's had to modify some of them. so does that put his credibility at risk? >> right. the promises were always at issue with this law for the last four years. the president made promises and the people didn't trust him and that's why the question of keeping your doctor is so very important. the white house says well that only applies to 5% of the population. if you go back to when this law was being sold the president said that over and over again. it was the one piece of information people took in, and that's because it was a message that everybody had health
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insurance. the argument was this. i'm unleashing this chaotic new program, but for you who have this that's okay. things won't change. that's what promises were meant to connell vai. now that things aren't turning out, people who have their own insurance have worries and they think that this new law as it goes into effect is going to somehow affect them and that's the real political damage that's possible when things don't -- when these promises don't turn out to be true. >> john as you point out, it's more the glitches on the website. it's the substances. he said no one will take away your insurance no matter what. yesterday in boston he said for the vast majority of people who have health insurance that works, you can keep it. he made some qualifiers in that new statement, didn't he? >> exactly. and the qualifiers are what's the problem here. all throughout this law the president has said just trust me, lit get better. they were really hoping once the website was launched you would
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have da stay and real people. now that that's not happening, that's a problem. >> and, john on these new poll numbers by "the wall street journal" that shows the president's disapproval ratings, quite height his approval rating lowest ever, is this more than just a second term curse that a lot of presidents experience? >> well, it's a result of a number of things. people think the company is not going in the right direction and all of the things they see the president doing aren't related to making country go in the right direction. even if it's dealing with the republican shutdown that they blame the republicans for, it doesn't mean they think the president's doing a great job even though they may blame republicans more. the approval rating doesn't matter for him. he's not up for re-election, but the worry is the democrats who are up. >> and i was stunned that the majority of the americans no longer say they belong to either
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party. people are more independent. that's new. thank you. and a new report says nsa is mon tring more. the "washington post" says the agency tapped into cables of data centers around the world. that's according to secret documents from edward snowden. meanwhile they're rejecting allegations that they spied on the vatican. officials say the story from an italian magazine says that's not true. the boston red sox are world choips. last night they beat st. louis 6-1. here's the scene at fenway park. it's given the city a much needed boost. mark phillips is in the city. good morning, mark. >> what an inning. the crowd in here stood up and got louder weight for the
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magical moment. the triumph of perseverance. >> the red sox are the world series. >> reporter: bed lamb in boston. thousands of fans poured into the streets to celebrate the world series championship. ite tess first time in 95 years the red sox have won the world series. david ortiz was the world series mvp. >> this is for you, boston. you guys deserve it. >> reporter: outside of fenway park groups of fans ran through the streets pushing over cars, some were pushed over. boston is where tragedy struck six months earlier. ever since the tragedy in april, the motto for the team is boston strong. players grew beards all season long right through the playoffs and turned the baseball world
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upside-down. >> these guys in uniform over here to be an able to come to work with them every day, to see the work they prepared and put in, the greater fans of this sport, it's one heck of a night. >> you can't get much better than that. >> what do you think of the city? >> i think city loves us and we think they're special. boston strong. we've coming alonge along. it's a special meet for us and for the fans. >> are you going to keep the beard? >> i hope so. >> the fans for decades sat around wait fi a way to loose are now part of winning. >> for anybody who loved
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baseball, big papi had great series but it was such a team sooergs. >> my husband's from boston. we rootsed for boston. the kids watch the games. they love it. it's for the fans. it's to take back what was taken. now for severe weather this morning. flash floods and watches and storms for eastern texas. overnight at least 34 people were rescued from high waters caused by an overflowing creek. one resident has said she's never seen it bad. so far no accidents reported. megan glaros of our chicago station wbbm is tracking it all. >> it's not going to be good anywhere from michigan down
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through st. louis. houston as well. this is showing the exacted rainfall as it continue about but potential for thunderstorms as well. we think about two-plus inches in shreveport. more than an-inch now through tomorrow morning. everywhere we expect to see rain. gusty winds. severe weather today including strong winds, large hail, and possibly tornadoes in the kwloel area in the deep south. expect chilly rainy, windy conditions across the western part of the country. it looks pretty good out west. charlie, and norah? >> thank you. passengers are back after having to land during the middle of an international flight.
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fliers actually enjoyed this detour. >> reporter: for passengers on a flight that was 12 hours late arrival in san francisco, it was really an experience. >> reporter: their plane experienced engine problems. cold bay. population, 60. >> have you ever been to alaska? >> no. it was on my bucket list. now i can check it off. >> the 167 passengers and crew were quickly welcomed. we reached the town's school teacher. >> we met a couple who had adopted a newly baby girl from i
7:17 am
china. >> reporter: that couple is tim and tiffany neilson with their daughter ella. others headed to the barefoot bar where he got his picture taken and got a souvenir. >> and everybody has this is going to remember where they were. >> for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. it times to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's guardian says serious has declared all of its websites. it meets a deadline in a kyle
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deal d fed's policy-setting committee believes the labor market has improvened calling the economic growth moderate but the rest is high. an faa report is expected to be made public today. it could pave the way airlines still need to conduct in. >> in the last few years the number of tums use for mann roy na, this one quite sophisticated. >> no one is talking. as we reported the barge may block to google but the coast guard won't say who owned it.
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a decorated marine warns his friends about a warning in the midst and he may be kicked out for how he sent that warning. a bus driver rescues a woman. the video shows how he saved a life in the moment of crisis. and reading between blurred lines. did robin thicke play the pop hit the new legal maneuver by marvin gaye's family. the news is here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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worldwide leaders. >> are you saying other governments would do it if they had the means to do it? i i'm saying governments do do it. at 26 minutes past 7:00 you're looking down at light street and harbor place. you can see them can't you? sharon is watching the roads for you. marty is over at first warning weather. let's take a look at the forecast for today. i want to see sharon traffic cams. that's going to tell us about the fog around the area. it's going to be ours. it's 54 now, 70 is the high. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> they are foggy this morning. not very many accidents though. just that one on 97 northbound at 32. speeds are slow on the west and top sides of the beltway. 33 on the west side, 20 on the west side outer loop. 95 southbound still 54 and 52. that's a look at a foggy west side of the beltway.
7:27 am
that's a look at a foggy harrisburg expressway. this traffic report is brought to you by mummies of the world exhibition now open at the maryland science center. tickets available. we have a fog related eastern school school advisory this morning. talbot county schools will be operating on a 90 minute delay. that means no morning pre-k due to fog. concerns are being raised about security at federal facilities across the country. mike schuh has the story. >> reporter: good morning. a watchdog group said federal faciles are facilities can defend out of an attack. the attack last month since the attack at the nav yard congress is getting involved. there's 9,000 sites including 35 in maryland that need protection. the criticism that measures in training are not in place to stop a gunman on a rampage. there's a bill in congress to change that. one concern, the social security
7:28 am
campus in wood lawn. the family of a man who died in baltimore city police custody filed a wrongful lawsuit according to the baltimore sun. the suit alleges anthony anderson was beaten by three city detectives before he died last september. prosecutors said they found the detectives did not use excessive force. a local man suspected of giving students cookies laced with drugs is behind bars. 40-year-old clyde tatum is charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun. a business in technology website side baltimore is the 8th most underrated city for young people. it's based on music venues, bars, the number of single, access to public transportation and other factors. the city topped miami and dc and tied with new york city. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next a bus
7:29 am
driver is hailed as a hero for saving a life and it's all caught on camera. why a decorated united states marine may be kicked out of the military.
7:30 am
this woman was making news today. she's from north dakota. she plans on giving a letter to trick-or-treaters stating that sugar is bad to them instead of candy while the kids will send her a letter saying toilet paper or eggs you choose. >> kids are that smart. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a bus driver becomes a savior. we'll look at how he kept a woman from making a fateful choice. we'll tell you what he said to stop her from jumping off the bridge. plus details on a little boy who shared the stage with pope
7:31 am
francis. he would not go back to his seat. instead he found a much better one. an official calls it a move right out of a story. wait till you hear the story. a major could be thrown out of the military for throwing out classified information from his personal e-mail account. some say he shouldn't be disciplined. they believe he's a hero. david martin is at the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning, charlie and norah. that's right achlt marine officer tried to warn fellow marines in afghanistan about a danger in their midst and now it could end up costing him his career. a new york city firefighter in his civilian life jason brezler is also a marine in the reserve.
7:32 am
he met a local police chief called sarwar jan. he turned out to be a criminal. >> jason found out he was raping children and had him fired for that reason and other reasons as well. >> meanwhile sarwar jan was able to get back on. >> he sent an e-mail out saying important, sarwar jan is back. >> what did he do? >> telling them everything he knew. >> he sent an e-mail marked secret. >> without getting into the details, it recounted all the derogatory information that was available about sarwar jan. >> did brezler realize he was sending potentially classified information. >> he did not. as soon as it was indicate thad he might have sent classified
7:33 am
e-mail he turned himself in. >> the alleged gunman was a taejed servant sarwar jan. one of them lived in the district of congressman peter king. he along with other members of congress and other marine generals consider brezler a hero for trying to warn marines even if the informations with classified. >> the fact that there use a technical error should not detract from the fact that he tried to save lifes. >> it could kick him out of the marine corps for miss handling classified information. >> enable a decorated soldier who served in afghanistan -- >> it could order him discharged from the service but it could also recommend he be allowed to
7:34 am
remain a marine. >> david thank you. well, i hope the board of inquiry does the rye thing. >> or there's a way to overrule if he does the wrong thing. >> you know how we feel about this story. warn your fellow soldiers absolutely. a woman is saved because a bus driver made a stop of a lifetime. elaine quijano shows how quick thinking stopped a tragedy on the bridge. >> reporter: surveillance video captured darnell barton. a woman in her 20s dangling over a busy buffalo highway. >> mis, you all right. >> following protocol he feared since coming out.
7:35 am
>> he threatened a come of times. that's when it sunk in that okay, this needs to be taken care of right here and right now. >> he took a few careful steps and moved in. >> i grabbed her arm and put my arm around her and said do you want to come on this side of the guardrail? that was the first time she spoke to me. >> his compassion didn't stop there. he stayed with the young woman until the police arrived. >> i wanted to convey whatever it was, we're going to help you through whatever it is and it's not as serious as jumping onto the 198. >> his heroism didn't go unnoticed by his passengers. >> it was meant to be. i was supposed to be there for her at that moment and i was. i'm a football guy, so you know, you sit on the bench and the coach calls your number. you've got to go in there and make a play and do what the play calls for, and i think that's
7:36 am
what i did. >> the geico workers call big country proved that day he's all heart. for "cbs this morning," elaine quijano, new york. >> a lot of good people in the world. >> a lot of great people. i love darnell barton. >> he said i did what you're suppose dodd. >> a lot of people would have kept driving. we're learning this morning about a little boy grabbing attention. he helped himself to a seat alongside pope francy. allen pizzey are telling us what his parents are saying about his holy moment in the spotlight. >> reporter: pope francis seems to have a children with small children the same way his name sake st. fra sis of assisi had with creatures. a boy climbed on his popemobile but didier had nothing on this
7:37 am
boy. he took center stage with pope francis. the priest tried to shoo didier back. >> i tried to push him away but he was completely interested only in the pope. >> reporter: a security guard tried to lure didier off the stage by offering him a piece of candy. he took the candy handed the security guard the wrapper and stayed on. having children and grandparents near the pope to score the meaning of the day was the priest's idea. he had no idea didier would be a show stopper moment. >> didier really made the day. >> it was a perfect symbol.
7:38 am
>> exactly. >> symbol. >> withfell leeny couldn't have done it better. >> kids are perfect for the pope that call it a sim bler church. those dloes him say there's nothing manufactured about the way he acts. he acts that way even when there's no cameras around. didier didier's parents told the newspaper they want the blessing the pope gave him to reach all children which is what the pope seems to have in mind. for "cbs this morning," allen pizzey "cbs this morning." >> i love that line. he handed the wrapper to the amp bishop and stayed on the stage. thank you very much for the candy and here's the wrapper and
7:39 am
stayed on the stage. >> what an incredible story. robin thicke says he's a big fan of marvin gaye but now his family is take taking him to court. that's next on "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq. guys, you took tums® a couple hours ago. why keep taking it if you know your heartburn keeps coming back? that's how it works. you take some tums®. if heartburn comes back, you take some more. that doesn't make any sense. it makes plenty of sense if you don't think about it! really, honey, why can't you just deal with it like everybody else? because i took a pepcid®. fine. debbie, you're my new favorite. [ male announcer ] break wi th tradition take pepcid® complete®. it works fast and lasts. get relief from your heartburn relief with pepcid® complete®. great selection... ...glad i made
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♪ if that doesn't bring tears to your eyes. the angelic voice of a 9-year-old girl brought tears to the eyes of the judges.
7:44 am
this little girl sang and that earned her a spot in the main competition. she taught herself to sing using lessons posted on youtube. she should win. look at that face. >> everything. and all the people watching. we go to a music battle. robin thicke's "blurred lines." it was also a top song in 1977. ben tracy shows us why the family is fighting back. >> reporter: "blurred lines" was perhaps the song of summer number one for 12 weeks in a row, selling more than 12 million copies but the family of
7:45 am
marvin gaye said he did more than borrowing the hook. he stole it. they say "blurred lines" is a rip-off of marvin gaye's "got to give it up." >> if you listen to the music, you can -- i'm sure anyone will see the similarities. that's cost my family a lot of duress and myself also. >> reporter: robin thicke went to court in august to stop the gay family from implying that "blurred lines" was stolen from marvin gaye. now they're saying he was involved in copy right infringements. the cow bell instrumentation, use of guitar and use of
7:46 am
falsetto all contribute to the similarities here. >> i hear "blurred lines" and i absolutely hear "got to give it up." it's what i think of. but are there substantially similar compositional elements? maybe a rip-off but not infringement? >> reporter: robin thicke said he was a marvin gaye fan and was inspired by "got to give it up." >> i told him one of my favorite songs of all time was marvin gaye's was "got to give it up." i told him damn we ought to make something like that with that groove. >> do you think like marvin gaye when you write your music? >> no. >> reporter: if robin thicke is guilty of imitation, marvin gaye's family apparently does not find it flattering.
7:47 am
for "cbs this morning," i'm ben tracy. good morning. we've got fog in the area right now. it's pretty dense in some locations. it will be sharon's traffic cams in about 7 minutes that will give you the best idea of how dense and widespread this morning's fog is. variably cloudy skies in the area after this fog burns off which could be hours. a breezy but she's been called the most influential woman in all of china. we'll find out who she is and why she wields so much influence. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
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a little misty-eyed. >> if you keep cries, you end up with a bigger and bigger ball of water in your eye. >> that's not all we learn from chris hadfield. he talked about fear of heights. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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4 minutes before 8:00, that's a live look at the beltway. please notice the fog. sharon has traffic right after marty east -- marty's first warning weather. the mid 50s right now. it'sgoing to be a cloudy, warm, humid day breezy this afternoon. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> fall does seem to be effecting the morning commute now. we have a couple of accidents, including one on 95 northbound in the area of mountain roadblocking the left lane. another one 70 eastbound approaching marriottsville road also blocking the left lane. 75 at baldwin road, russell at bayard. on the beltway speeds in the teens on the west side. that's a live look at the west
7:57 am
side not moving very fast. this traffic report is brought to you by bge. are your lightbulbs wasting energy? details at we have one eastern shore school advisory fog related. talbot county schools are operating 90 minutes late. there's new concerns at federal facilities. mike schuh stays on the story. >> reporter: good morning. a watchdog group said federal facilities are prepared to depend off attacks. in the wake of the dozen people killed in the attack by the gunman at the navy yard in dc congress is getting involved. there's over 9,000 federal sites including 35 in maryland that need protection. the criticism is that measures and trainings are not in place to stop a gunman on a rampage. one place of local concern the social security campus in wood lawn. i'm mike schuh reporting. >> thank you.
7:58 am
stay with wjz 13,maryland's news station. up next, an introduction right now, he's busy earning 4 times the hhonors points... you did a great job. it looks good! ♪ wonder he's fueling up. enjoy our free hot breakfast options and up to 4 times the hhonors points on your next stay. feel the hamptonality 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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it is 8:00 a.m. happy hooechblt welcome back to "cbs this morning." the government has spend billions for their webb site but some of the sites have had the same trouble as china's version of "vogue" magazine has been thriving and so has the editor. she's been compared to another designer. and harrison ford is with us in studio. first here's a look at "eye
8:01 am
opener" at 8:00. >> hold me accountable. i'm responsible. >> kathleen sebelius testified for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. >> how does the president get on top of this? >> by having a website that actually works. >> they report nsa is monitoring information on yahoo! and google. >> what a night at fenway park. >> he told me i feel old. how do you feel right now? >> i'm back baby it's not going to be a good halloween in the central portion. at least 30 people were rescued. >> we're going to help you through whatever it is. >> a lot of good people in the world. >> a lot of great people. i love darnell barton. >> i tried to push him away. he was interested only in the pope. >> a lot of kids will be trick or treating.
8:02 am
why is it when kids walk up to a house demanding candy they're cute and when i do it i'm drunk? >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by benefiber. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president obama and other officials are apologizing for they're also defending the law behind the website. >> this marketplace is open now. insurance companies are competing for that business. the deal is good, the prices are low. but let's face it. we've had a problem. there's no excuse for it. i take full responsibility that it gets fixed asap. >> we were under the impression it wassed will to go. neither he nor i are technology geeks, and we assumed that it was up and ready to run. >> we still have a lot of work to do. we have a plan in place to
8:03 am
address key outstanding issues but consumers are using the site every day and continue to do so. and problems are being solved but we know that we don't have a fully functioning system that consumers need and deserve. >> meanwhile cbs news is uncovering the high cost of billing websites in more than a dozen states. jan is in washington with that part of the story. gore mording to you. they've invest add huge sum of money into these state websites that have also struggled to get off the ground. a cbs news analysis has shown that the 15 states that have opted to set up their own sites have suspect more than $1.1 billion, often paying the same government contractors to do the same job in different states. now, california's dedicated $359 million to its website while new
8:04 am
york is spending $161 million. and kentucky look at this. it's $100 million. and in oregon the price tag is $50 million. the president is pointing to oregon. it's hard to recognize things aren't working when oregon does work. the mu mededicaid forms we are talking about came through the mail. the firms are getting most of that billion in taxpayer dollars. thank you. and in boston the red wings fans are back in glory of the team's world series victory. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox beat the st. louis
8:05 am
cardinals. >> it brought some fans. i love the website. i've loved them forever. >> why? tell me why? >> they represent everyone in the city and i love this city and i love this town. >> and there's crying in baseball. the site of april's deadly bombing. >> those are happy tears with the exception of the st. louis cardinal false i don't know of anybody who cents happy for the city of boston after the year they've had. >> boston strong. boston strong. >> very good news. this is fashion week in beijing. the local edition of "vogue" magazine has a front seat. seth doane met one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry in the world. seth good morning.
8:06 am
>> reporter: good morning to you, gaichlt today they are vying for space as chi fa's fashion market grows. at shanghai's fashion night out. she presented center stage. designers want her attention because where she focus, so do chinese readers. she's the editor of kwtd vogue"vogue." >> you do look tall in this foal. yep, by 2020 that's expected to triple to $200 billion. "vogue" began publishing here in 2005 with chung as the editors. she's put them on the map by
8:07 am
petting them on fashion magazine. she's seen theer the tranformation. >> this is her as a 4-year-old holding the book of codes. the leader then was determined to destroy differences between rich and poor. >> that's how i was dressed up during the revolution where everyone was dressed the same. luckily i had a grandma what was like the bet there. >> the political situation here in china create as fwags voig. it would good to stans. . it's a national wing.
8:08 am
you know. people want it to be the same. >> reporter: cheung is sometimes compared to this firm "the devil wears prada." fax. almost a kaerk ka tur in a wade. >> you've seen too many meeshs. i think it's carried in every industry. >> reporter: for years cheung boycotted fashion week believing china has not taken fashion seriously. that's that's changed. >> i don't go see them because they all end of cooms to chem na
8:09 am
anyway. it's no longer about the big cities of shake high. they're putting shenk high is out across much of the city's countries. >> seth doane. i really like her. you can tell by her hairdo she's vl good. good morning. we've got some fog in the area. i mean widespread. in some places very heavy fog. it's in the mid 50s right now. we're going to go for a high of 70. it's going to be humid through the day and warm. variably cloudy skies breezy this afternoon. i think trick-or-treating tonight is going to be okay. over night we're going to see showers ahead of a cold front moving our
8:10 am
many years ago a studio executive told harrison ford you'll nerve mate it in his bilz. harrison ford is in studio 57 ahead on-deck.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
ago. he still knows how to draw crowds. look at security following him. back up. back up. harrison ford coming in. we'll show you his new describesci-fi movie and a young harrison ford we've never seen before. how do you get 18 million people to watch your thing? chris hadfield tured his station into a -- >> do you want to do it in the greenroom? >> all right. that's all coming up next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mercedes-benz and the all new cla. make a deal with me, kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so, what do
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8:20 am
colonel, we are delighted, chris hadfield, to have you here. >> i'm delighted. thank you for having me here. >> here you are this 9-year-old kid saw neil armstrong and said i want to do what they do and from then on you watched what they ate and what they did. >> that night was really hot and i walked outside, looked at the moon and thought, how did they do what they did and how do i get to it. i didn't know. i was only 9 years old. i thought if i work toward it i can do that. >> it's so tough. >> the odds are terrible. >> there are only 200 people. >> who have walked in space. >> and you're one of them. how much time have you spent in space? >> half a year and outside for
8:21 am
like what is equal to ten times around the world. it turns out to be better than what you would believe. the complexity of what's happening. the beauty. but also the fact that you're weightless. >> talk about that moment of lift-off the way you did in the book what they felt like when you were lifted off. >> you're lying on top of your survival equipment. for the first time all the simulations are real and you watch the light. the vehicle gets such source bends. there's a hood like hand underneath you forced you up to sparks vibration, like something crashed into the size of the tower. and it's this heavy pressure of
8:22 am
weight. >> is walking in space exactly different from that? >> oh yeah. walking in space you're locked in this little dark air lock with one other person and you're working for years and days and minutes and finally you're there and you pull yourself outside. it's like you open door and stand out on the edge of yosemite. the world is so for midably beautiful. >> you said you were not terrified, that you were not afraid. >> if they were to grab any of us from the table, you would be terrified. but they grabbed me 15 minutes earlier. by the time i got to space, everything was how i figured but
8:23 am
it was beautiful. >> how did you decide to make a music video and did you have any idea it would go viral? >> i had no idea. it was my son's idea. he said, dad, you've got do "space odyssey," everybody wants you to. i recorded it. he did the video. it went crazy. it's hundreds of millions of people who have seen that video. it's nice that they get to see what all the things that the space station can do. it's not just a great laboratory but an extension of it as well. >> you've seen the movie "gravity." >> i have. >> that sandra bullock came out of her spacesuit and she had on shorts and a top. >> we wear a big diaper and a liquid cooling halloween cause opportunity we come out looking terrible. she came out in her little boy underwear looking just perfect, but that's okay.
8:24 am
>> but beyond that -- >> did you like the movie? >> i liked the movie. there's no better movie visually for what space flight -- space walking looks like. this story is a hollywood story which is great but sandra does a great job. it's interested challenges. i liked it. >> how can you be an astronaut afraid of heights. you rightwrite that in your book. >> you should be. >> i am. but you. >> just because you're frad don't let that stop you and paralyze you. analyze why you're afraid. see what can work around it and see if you can function with smungs that inherently scares you and be able to go on and do a spacewalk even though standing on the edge of a cliff takes the heart out of me. >> colonel chris hadfield.
8:25 am
thank you sow much. from a real face pioneer to hans solo harrison ford is in studio. he'll show us at 25 minutes after 8:00 the fog has lifted ton west side of the beltway. marty is over at first warning weather. wow. that kind of popped out there. variably cloudy skies. this fog is going to take hours to burn off. breezy but this afternoon. 50 now a high of 70 later. here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. we still have fog for sure. we will show you traffic cam shots ins a minute. we have an accident 95 northbound at mountain roadblocking the left lane. 70 east bound at marriottsville roadblocking the left lane. accidents on russell street at
8:26 am
bayard street. slow on the west side of the beltway 35 and 23 are your averages on the top and west side. 95 hasn't been so bad today. that's a look at the west side at 140. back over to you. >> thank you. we have one weather-related eastern school advisory. talbot county schools are operating 9 0 minutes late. security at federal buildings, including those in maryland are said to need more training. mike schuh has the story. >> reporter: good morning. a watchdog group said that federal facilities are fully prepared to fend off violent attacks. a watchdog group said in the wake of the dozens of people killed at the u.s. navy yard congress is getting involved. there's over 9,000 federal sites including 35 in maryland that need protection. the criticism is that measures and trainings are not in place to stop a
8:27 am
gunman on the rage. back to you. >> thank you. a judge has denied a request to remove the united states naval academy superintendent from a sexual case involving two midshipmen. josh tate, one of the football players accused of raping a fellow midshipmen tried to get michael miller remove from the case. tate's lawyer said miller is bias due to pressure from the pentagon. state and another midshipmen now both face court marshall. annapolis high school takes disciplinary action against a dozen students accused of cyberbullying. one member of the group photographed another student and texted the photo to other student with a disparaging comment. the photo posted to social media where more people saw it. the ravens are shaking up their roster. they signed twlac and brown from the practice squad. to make room they cut huff and spears. stay with wjz 13, maryland's
8:28 am
news station. up next, harrison ford has a preview of his new si-fi movie. best selling author ann rice will be on the program as well. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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8:30 am
pretentious, infatuous, idiot. >> infatuous idiot who makes three times what you make. >> that's our show for this morning. see you tomorrow folks. good-bye. >> good-bye. >> good-bye. >> good-bye. >> and good-bye. >> good-bye. >> bye. >> bye. >> bye. >> >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour harrison ford's movies have covered the speck item.
8:31 am
there was a movie he made a long time ago. and best-selling vampire an reich. one of the most important stories in a city she calls home. you'll see that only on "cbs this morning." that's ahead. >> reporter: the "washington post" says veterans made up 25%. that's the highest percentage in more than two decades. the defense department leads the way. the moscow news says nsa contractor edward snowden has gotten a job. he starting doing it tomorrow. he's living in russia under national asylum. a halloween letter getting attention is probably a fakes. a radio station claims a woman
8:32 am
cheryl called in and suppose lid is wroteing a letter that sayet she goal going to be a moim. i thought she's the the laid that girls out apple ts. >> they say there's no shortage of wine. they read a report from more gab stanley. they say morgan stanley excited the wine. that's not true. there's more than enough to go around. harrison ford has played numerous roles. he was hans solo in the star wars movend and the whip-cracking snake-hateing indiana jones. he now stars in a science
8:33 am
fiction "enders' game." >> so i anticipate them. >> you're not ready. >> you're never ready. you know when you're ready enough. >> welcome. great to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about it this film wand wait was that made it you want to do it. >> it's a story based on the future that predicted the internet. it didn't predict al gore but it predidn'ted the enter net.
8:34 am
so there's a profound wisdom in this book and it's a story set in the future when earth has suffered an alien invasion another earth form comes to earth. now there's conflict, a pushback. the best soldiers to fight this kind of war are yum people. very young people trained in strategy in a waitness environment but who have the capacity to correlate and manipulate best the amount of information and derive strategies from it. and this young man i have recruit and trained, young ender, is especially bright but he comes from a troubles family
8:35 am
and i am a manipulator and a mentor. >> yo you a good guy or bad guy? >> you pays your money and taking your choice. i'm. we've got good parts, back pads. >> you don't look at genre's either. >> they say i'm doesn't 50 movies. three of them have something to do with space. >> but it was such an iconic role, i think. that's why. >> wi us glad to have been there. >> you've been there. i get it. >> this movie, ten years to make, over 100 million dollars.
8:36 am
why did it take so long? >> it took ten years to get the script to where they wanted it and they th you know it's a complicated movie and nobody wanted to make a complicated movie except the people who pulled up the mean for it. it's really a big film. >> the cast is incredible. viola davis, harrison ford. >> this young man. asia budder field. >> you mentioned you made many three or four. star wars is so phenomenal are you reluctant to talk about it at all? you're not reluctant, are you?
8:37 am
>> no, i'm not reluctant. >> what is it that made it what it is star wars? >> i figure. it was a 7 foot guy walks around around. it's a fairy tale, a fairy tale. you've got a wise old man walking around in his robe and a beautiful princess and a smart as. >> yeah. that would be me. >> you win what what let you make you a thung frmgs you always stand out. why does that stand out for you? >> because i still don't know whats he tack about.
8:38 am
even though i don't know what he's talk about, it's extremely good vice. >> don't let this handed to you. >> how about the executive who said to thatperson how do you leak me now? >> no. >> you don't relish that? >> no. >> a waiter came over to me and hand me a car. i took the karkd look add it ant it and i turned it over. he had written "i ms.ed pie brech. >> i looked around and didn't regular faiz thichl imbut he rocky mountains what i looked like. >> v niece.
8:39 am
i'm curious about the thing that you made that you're most proud evidence of. >> yeah. >> you? yeah. right, you know i heard ben kingsley -- sir ben kingsley say that he had entirely created himself that he made himself up and i was just referencing that. and you sort of do. in piece. you have these wonderful experiences. that's the great thing about being an actor is all of these different experiences, all of these different lives. people tell you stuff when you're going to play somebody that blows your socks off. it's great. >> well your film certainly in star wars and indiana jones they're ones that i wain.
8:40 am
>> all right. dliets go here are you sul excited? >> yeah this is good company, i enjoyed it. thank you. >> dwlieng. enders game opens in theaters tomorrow. an. let me see, super nature made you millions of dollars. temperatures in the mid 50s. fog is slowly starting to lift to tree top level. it's going to take this a while to burn out today. it's going to be warm and humid that's for sure. good weather for trick or treating later. breezy, a high of 70. i think after dinner we
8:41 am
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8:44 am
. this halloween, ann reich is doing what she does best, writing from the dark side. she conjured up famous vanilla pires. michelle miller sat down with rice for an interview you'll oil seal. >> they're deeply devoted and now the daughter is planning to put down new roots in a place that started the legendary career. >> reporter: the queen has been back. >> i've been away too along. >> reporter: but the fans have been keeping her supernatural world alive. >> i thought they really know
8:45 am
what matters. to guilt out of yours and yield to the imagination. >> reporter: it's ann rice's story that has got it started. it's her second book in a new series about werewolves. >> it was fun to do to might romantic and spooky at the same time. >> reporter: she credits the haunted history of new orleans with her imagination with all things super naul. but it's more than just about ghost stories. >> to me they're great metaphors for us. >> do you kneel in some way you're an outsider? >> i always have felt i was an outsider. >> except maybe here in her own town. i don't feel normal anyplace
8:46 am
else but i feel more normal here, you know in my old city. >> reporter: a city that's welcoming her back with open arms. ann rice left new orleans for california in 2005 after her husband died. but she grew up in this home on st. charles avenue and lived in the big easy for much of her adult life. >> reporter: how has this place inspired your work? >> it's inspired everything i've ever written sfloo she written a lot, it sold millions around the world. >> one of your most famous works "interview with a vampire" was turned down once not twice. >> how did you handle that? >> the keeps kept right on going. i knew the night i finished it
8:47 am
so i wasn't about to give up. >> later became a best seller and turned into a hit movie. nearly 80 years after bra ham stoker's dracula, vampires were in vogue. >> you made a business out of writing about the supernatural. >> seems like it. >> vampires witches, man wolves. not too many were doing it. >> another too many. >> now everybody's doing i. "vampire," "blood," it's made a comeback. >> cultural historians will say why suddenly? everybody went vampire kra-crazy. >> but at within point she gave up vampires and wanted to focus
8:48 am
on religion. >> i went back to the catholic church after 30 years after being an atheist and i realized i wanted to right just about jesus christ. >> reporter: four years ago she turned away from organized religion citing her stance on abortion and gay rights. >> i always want to have the courage. i looked up flip-flop because someone called me a flip-flopper and it says to make a complete reversal. so that's what i did. i have to say, yes, i flip-flopd. >> the 72-year-old is unpredictable. she has written several erotic novels. >> the sex scenes in the book are pretty racy. >> good. i want them to be so. >> what makes anne rice blush?
8:49 am
>> i don't know. i've written err rot ka and i may right some more. >> reporter: is that a scoop? >> sure. >> reporter: and she may not be finished with the walking dead either. >> how do you make walking zombies romantic. >> or sexy. >> that's a thought. what if around absolutely beautiful guy -- i'm beginning to get it. >> it doesn't take much for rice's imagination to run wild. she says the wolfs in her next book in the new series may end up sharing her louisiana routes that incredible. good story. >>
8:50 am
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at 5 minutes before 9:00 the fog continues to settle in in the area, especially up here on tv hill. marty is over at first warning weather. we were look at that shot is 15 minutes ago. i said it moved to tree top level. it's set back down. 55 degrees right now. it's going to take hours to burn this high. a variably cloudy afternoon with a high of 70. i think trick-or-treaters are going to be okay tonight. clouds start breaking up and it gets windy tomorrow. that 74 i think is going to be early on. 64 saturday, 56 sunday, chillier monday.
8:56 am
don, take it away. we know of one eastern shore school advisory. talbot county schools are operating on a 90 minute delay. that means no morning pre-k. it's a call for improvement at all federal facilities. mike schuh stays on the story. >> reporter: good morning. a watchdog group said federal facilities are prepared to defend off violent attacks. in the wake of the dozen people killed by the gunman at the navy yard in dc congress is getting involved. there's over 9,000 federal sites including 35 in maryland that need protection. the criticism that measures and trainings are not in place to stop a gunman on a rampage. one place of local concern the social security campus in wood lawn. the family of a man who died in baltimore city police custody filed a wrongful death suit. according to the baltimore sun the suit alleges that anthony anderson was beaten by three
8:57 am
city detectives before he died last september. prosecutors found that detectives did not use excessive force and no one was charged. a local man suspected of giving students cookies laced with drugs is behind bars this morning. 40-year-old clyde tatum is charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun. he worked at the reach partnership charter school. several students became sick last week after eating cookies that contained marijuana. a man is behind bars this morning for screaming restaurants out of hundreds of dollars. they dubbed andrew palmer the dine and dasher. he was arrested after eating at terps on sunday. he's said to have a long wrap sheet with 90 arrests. christopher carlson mailed
8:58 am
dozens of letters in 2012 contains fake anthrex. it tied up baltimore city police and fire departments. he faces up to 5 years in a federal prison when he's sentenced in february. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news and first warning weather today at noon.
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