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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> after days of investigation new clues are starting to surface. wjz is live, derek valcourt has more on the shooting and the call for security changes, derek. >> reporter: authorities learned more about the shooter and his motivation. some are calling for transportation security officers at those airport check points to carry firearms. authorities say it was a 23- year-old suspect responsible for the shooting. he walked into the airport with
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two bags. two other tsa employees and passenger were shot before airport police shot the suspect four times. according to court documents, ciancia meant to kill tsa agents. >> we're not advocating at this time that all 45,000 officers be armed. we believe that creating a layer of security within tsa where there are law enforcement officers at tsa that are, would provide like a nationwide law enforcement force to back up our officers and secure those checkpoints is something that needs to be examined. >> reporter: reports also indicate that ciancia's father
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called police on friday after another family member received a suicidal text from ciancia. police went to ciancia's apartment to investigate but by then it was too late. the shootings had already begun. >> thank you, derek. federal authorities are now promising a new review of security reviews in light of friday's shootings. mary is live in the newsroom -- >> reporter: reports of a person carrying a gun or handgun. 400 student residential metro. one student told police he saw a suspect wearing a mask camouflage mask and carrying a sword. turns out the scare was unfounded. the lock down was lifted late this afternoon. three students are being questioned by police. back to you vic.
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so far no charges have been filed. deadly dog attack. a baltimore woman mauled by her pet and it's not the first time the pit bull has attacked. wjz is live, rochelle richie has the latest on this tragic story and why it was allowed to happen. >> reporter: baltimore city police were called to douglas home to a gruesome scene. the dog attacked the woman ultimately killing her. >> just really sad. she's a nice lady. >> reporter: it's a murder tony salecki says it should not have happened. >> i'm on the record saying it will happen and it will happen
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with these dogs. >> reporter: in 2007 soleski's son was attacked by a pit bull. >> its paw hit me in the face then it bit me. >> reporter: douglas and family member had been bit by the dog in the past. why the dog was returned to douglas after it attacked her remains a huge question that is unanswered. we tried to speak with health officials here at the city health department, they would not go on camera but released a statement saying they kept the dog for 10 days, checked it for rabies and did not find it to be a threat to public safety. they're statement went on to say quote the owner was adamant on getting the dog back. >> this is really a problem of policy. and it's a problem that they are aware of. and the only time it gets addressed is when we have these horrific indenses. >> reporter: advocates for pit bulls say the breed is not to blame. >> i don't think pit bulls are
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any more likely than any other breed of dog to do any more damage. >> reporter: according to the website dog, 251 -- 151 people were killed by pit bulls compared to 48 by rotwillers. we're live tonight, rochelle ritchie. a hagueers town woman is charged in the death of her baby and is out on bail today. police say that 22-year-old yadina morales was highly intoxicated and lost consciousness. the child was found inresponsive under morales custody. a townsend university student remains in the hospital
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after being stabbed. the attack could have stemmed from a cell phone robbery, monique. >> reporter: the student is so severely injured he has not been able to tell police what happened. so until they can speak with him, they cannot confirm this was an armed robbery. however they do say the victim's cell phone was missing. a townsend university community on alert after a 24-year-old student was viciously stabbed just blocks away from campus. that's exactly the alert the university sent out to students. >> it's frightening. you know. >> it's unfortunate just life for a cell phone doesn't really add up. >> reporter: the incident happened last night just before 11:00. baltimore county police say the victim was walking near burke and center avenue when three suspects attacked him and one of them stabbed the student multiple times in the torso. although the student's phone was missing he was so severely injured he could not tell them what happened. >> it's possible it's a result of a robbery. until we're able to talk to him
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about what happened we can't positively verify that this was a robbery. >> reporter: after being stabbed the victim was able to flag a woman down. >> he was able to wave his hand and call for help. >> reporter: the robbery sent shock waves which is a main path way for students to walk to the university. >> as a parent of one of these students i would really be frightened for my child. >> reporter: police are urging students to walk with caution. the student remains in the hospital in serious condition. police are asking anyone who may have information on this attack to call them. vic back to you. >> monique, thank you. police are not releasing the information on the victim for security reasons. but they say he lived in the neighborhood. a serious accident in baltimore county. sky high 13 and captain jeff
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long are on the scene. >> reporter: two medical units responded. they have both since left with patients. this is on south western boulevard on leads. the road remains shut down. clean up and investigation under way at this time. so no traffic getting through. south western boulevard is the work around. i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> thank you very much, jeff. 15 horses were rescued from a massive fire that destroyed several buildings in rural fredrick county this morning. the 911 call went out just after midnight on holder road when fire units arrived they found several buildings in flames including a shed and a barn. there are no hydrants in the area. so water tankers were called in. 26 chickens died in the fire but the horses were rescued. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. hour below average
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temperatures continue but the fall colors wow spectacular. sky high 13 was over townsend where the trees seemed to be bursting. the colors are vibrant. oranges and golds. the sun is down, the sky is mostly cloudy. the sunset a little after 5:00 tonight. it gets dark pretty early now. let's take a look at temps it's dropped down to 41. 37 oakland. 49 down by ocean city with a little bit of a breeze coming off the ocean. this is very dry air, 20 degrees right now. very dry air. temperatures now running 9 degrees cooler than yesterday at this same hour. everybody running five, six, seven, eight, 9 degrees cooler than we saw yesterday. this morning we get down to
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freezing 32. 32 easton. the warm spot dc down by the water. it's a lot milder. 36 and 37. so, chelsea has a look at a warm up on the way after its been so chilly. big changes the next couple of days. thanks bob. hello everyone. it's chilly right now changes on the way. let's take a look at some of the numbers here with the wjz mobile weather lap and weather station. we're looking at temperatures setting just under 42 degrees. so it is cooling off quickly with that sunset. but again, some changes are headed our way. i'm going to take you to a couple of graphics. first the jet stream forecast. the jet stream separates that cool air from the warm air. it's dipped down throughout the day today and tonight. so that's helped to pull in some of that cold air located in the polls and in canada and through our neighborhood. but it's going to migrate toward the north as we head up toward midweek. so we are going to be trending
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mild. just how mild? we'll be looking at widespread 60s for wednesday and thursday. closer to 70 degrees. but that's going to come at a cost. that means a little rainfall in the forecast by thursday. bob will have those details coming up in your exclusive first warning weather forecast. for now we are live at the weather lab here. back to you guys on tv hill. chelsea, thank you very much. and bob. it is a very blue monday for the ravens and their fans following yesterday's loss at cleveland. wjz is live at the team's training facility. mark viviano has the latest on coach harbaugh and what the ravens are saying about the loss. >> reporter: losing three straight games, now with a record of 3-5. which is the worse in their six seasons that john harbaugh has been their head coach. for years the ravens could at least count on beating the browns. but everyone that's not a sure thing after a disappointing
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loss in cleveland. in fact, the browns now have a better record than the defending super bowl champs taking advantage of the ravens many flaws and showing how far they've fallen since winning the championship. but the season is just half hour. so the ravens feel there's time to change course. >> you get back to work and put your head down and look forward to the next one. you have to be positive. you have to keep your head and your eyes forward. and that's what we're going to do. >> now our focus becomes one game. and what we need to do is win one game. that's what we need to do. the momentum is a crazy thing. you have to stop theirs and build yours. you have to make a play. you have to win a game. we asked you with our wjz fan cam. what's the number one problem for the ravens right now. >> the loss of too many key players which is going to take more than a year to replace. >> i think the number one problem is the offense. the offense is pretty bad right now. >> just flacco being rushed too much. our running game we cannot get
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it started. >> they cannot protect flacco. until they can open up the ground for ray rice the ravens right-hand ravens -- the ravens right-hand turn going to do anything. >> reporter: despite the fact that flacco was sacked five times he said in looking at the game tape of yesterday he thought the offensive line blocked well. we'll hear more from the coach tonight. >> can't wait to hear what he's saying. and don't miss the ravens against the bengals right here on wjz. a jury continues to deliberate to set the damage amount for a heart procedure that was not needed as eyewitness news continues. from baltimore to washington in 15 minutes it's possible with the maglab who wants to bring the world class
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mostly cloudy, 41 degrees but beautiful pictures of colorful leaves out there at drew hill park. first warning weather is coming
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up. millions of dollars at stake, still no verdict from the jury weighing what damages should be awarded to a maryland businessman for an unnecessary medical procedure. >> reporter: this jury is deliberating damage which could reach into the millions of the dollars. it started when former cardiologist dr. maday placed three stent into wineburg. worrying he had heart disease, wineburg took time off of work. he says he missed out on the project and its profits. the majority of the suits were
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settled out of court. the court ruled maday performed an unnecessary surgery on wineburg. the judge told the jury to come back and try again tomorrow. >> dr. maday is in the middle of lawsuit. court marshal is set for a u.s. naval academy mid-shipman accused of sexual assault. mid-shipman josh tate is facing charges. the alleged victim was drinking heavily and says she cannot remember having sex with tate. it is expensive, runs at more than 300-miles-an-hour and has the power to transform the east coast. investigator mike hellgren looks into the push for a new super train that could bring
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big bucks to baltimore. >> reporter: it's a train like no other. the magla engineered in japan, and if some get their way it's coming to baltimore. the magla blows the acela away. you get to baltimore in just 15 minutes leaving dc and on to new york city in just 45 minutes more. the able foundation robert emery is a big supporter. >> there are few if any capital projects that would have the impact on baltimore this would have. >> reporter: but here's the catch. it's expensive. perhaps $10 million between dc and baltimore. so do the cons, high ticket prices, high construction cost and long building process outweigh the pros of economic development and fast connection. >> it's a whole bunch of pollution. and shortage of fuel, and we need to do this. >> i think what we need is the need. i think maryland has a good transportation system.
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>> reporter: these trains would be unlike anything america has ever seen. they would move without the friction of traditional rails and the rout from baltimore to washington would be mostly underground. the president backs light rail investments. >> this is the initial investment to make sure high speed rail comes to america. >> reporter: japan has promised to share technology and part of the cost. but congress would have to pay the rest. making this far from a done deal. in baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. now the maglap train uses magnets to produce an electric current. the company pushes it here believes it will create thousands of jobs. >> but they're going to lose money on snacks. >> you can't finish your hot dog. >> 311-miles-an-hour. it's almost like a plane. let's take a look at temps and conditions.
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a chilly night right now but not as cold as last night. 41. east winds at five. the barometer still rising, dewpoints low. humidities low. let's take a look at the ,,,,,,,
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i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram live with the mobile lab here. we're at the chilly 41 degrees but we have a warm up on the
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way. for that let's go inside to bob for a look at the updated warning forecast. >> reporter: we have 41 at the airport officially as well. the rest of the region it's a pretty chilly night but not quite as cold as last night. 45 in dc. 47 in oakland and 49 down in ocean city. locally temperatures in the 40s. if you're headed out tonight definitely wear a jacket of some kind. we do have an east wind at five to 6 miles per hour. up to 14 miles per hour but it's a southeast wind. ocean city getting winds off the ocean at 13. to the west of it, clouds, some rain activity as far as texas. the jet stream down there bringing the moisture into texas and portions of northern louisiana, arkansas, missouri into southern wisconsin. this front slowly moving in our direction. but ahead of it we've got some warmer air. down here in the south, temperatures in the 60s and
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70s. that warmer air is riding over the cool air we have. that's what's creating the clouds we have right now. we'll see some clouds. and during the day tomorrow we'll see clouds and sunshine. essentially it will be breezy and milder in the next couple of days. you bet you. compared to what we saw today, mild air flows in. we'll see some clouds from time to time. thursday another front to the west with shower activity likely. then it turns cool again for the end of the week. the bay temp right around 58 degrees now. sunrise 6:39. sets at 5:01. yeah really early compared to what we had. tonight partly cloudy. 42 downtown. 57degrees tomorrow. about 10 degrees or more warmer than we had today. with clouds breaking and some sun by the afternoon. so a nice fall day and milder
6:26 pm
than today. >> okay. >> milder than okay. okay, thank you bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. the baltimore county wide convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her husband gets serious prison time. i'm mary bubala, details about how long carla porter will spends behind bars, next. terror at l.a.x., police piece together more details about the deadly shooting at one of the nation's busiest airports. destined for development, i'm pat warren coming up. why this parcel of lands is so important to baltimore city's important to baltimore city's future. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tnññ
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it is 42:89, mostly cloudy. 49degrees. good evening thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a frightening text message has the family of the suspected l.a.x. shooter send police to his home. but the lapd missed intercepts him by minutes. paul ciancia's family is making their first statement. >> reporter: the spokesperson read a statement from the family of the international airport shooting suspect. >> paul is our son and brother. we will continue to love him
6:30 pm
and care for him. we will support him during the difficult times ahead. >> reporter: officials say 23- year-old paul ciancia walked into terminal three of the airport on friday. pulling a suitcase with a bag on top. there were holes in both pieces of luggage hiding the rifle inside. he shot gerardo gonzalez killing him. airport police shot him four times. according to court documents, ciancia left a letter saying he made the conscious decision to try to kill tsa officers in order to instill fear. he also talked about how easy it was to take weapons into the airport. like many passengers no one could tell was stopped at a police checkpoint as he entered the airport.
6:31 pm
>> i'm a little bit nervous. but honestly since 9/11, air travel is always a little edgier than it used to be. >> ciancia's family called lapd to check on him after receiving texts suggesting that something bad was going to happen. ciancia continues heavily sedated after being shot four times by police. jessica kartalija is live with more. >> reporter: the jury find eric rivera guilty of second degree murder in taylor's death. taylor was shot and killed during a botched home invasion. rivera told police he shot taylor after kicking in the bedroom home of taylor's fort myers home. rivera says investigators coerced his confession in the eagerness for a conviction.
6:32 pm
four people were arrested. >> at 24, sean taylor was one of the nfl's best talents. mary is live with more an how carla porter will pay for hiring a hit man to murder her husband. >> reporter: carla porter is going to prison for the rest of her life. a baltimore county judge sentenced carla porter to life in prison plus 40 years without the possibility of parol for plotting to kill her husband ray. today his family reacted. >> i think she got what she deserved. >> reporter: porter claims she acted in self-defense after years of abuse at the hands of her husband. >> there was no abuse. this is based on other factors. it was based on greed and
6:33 pm
money. >> reporter: prosecutors agree that porter enlisted the help of several people including family members to hire trigger man walter bi bishop who fired the fatal shots inside the service station the two owned. >> what happened karla? >> he was just being really mean in the past couple of days. >> we're disappointed on the sentence received for karla porter. we're upset that an instruction was not given that would allow the jury to determine whether or not there was spousal abuse. >> the evidence with the trial was very clear. every story that she told about these acts of alleged abuse we completely disproved. >> reporter: hitman walter
6:34 pm
walter bishop is serving life in prison. was offline and is getting daily work done. frightening statistic from aaa one quarter of all drivers say they dozed off behind the wheel. 28% of motorists say they have been so tired they've had a difficult time keeping their eyes open behind the wheel in the last month. driving while fatigued slows reaction time, impairs vision and causes lapses. the american eel once common on dinner tables is
6:35 pm
delicacies overseas. but declining numbers have some wanting to stopping the practice or calling them endangered. waiting game for jonathan graham and his special jersey request. for these stories and a lot more read tomorrow's baltimore sun and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz first warning weather team. wait a minute mother city's plan to make the most of its waterfront gets a little more complicated. pat warren explains, politics and the environment are slowing down harbor point developments. >> reporter: baltimore's waterfront is a local treasure. >> it's great. >> we love it. >> beautiful. >> reporter: and now harbor point is coming. >> last time didn't hurt. >> reporter: high expectations now center on 27-acre between harbor east and centers point. this 1989wjz archive video shows harbor point prior to the demolition of a chromium plant. the property value now at $10 million is expected to multiply to $1.8 billion when the new
6:36 pm
harbor point is completed. >> it's such a dynamic piece of property. it sits on the waterfront, clearly the best use of the real estate. >> reporter: the government shutdown and air quality testing has slowed the project. >> environment issues around it we should make light of that. but nevertheless it is an opportunity for the city to reclaim some of its lost land. >> reporter: harbor point includes $59 million worth of parks, a $29 million promenade and $10 million bridge. >> by having mixed use development there. these are all going to be opportunities for the city to generate tax revenue at some point down the road. >> reporter: a public meeting to review the projects environmental safeguards will be he'll november 14th. i'm pat warren reporting from the inner harbor, now back to
6:37 pm
you on tv hill. and epa is ordering more air samples. the lights are out on the washington monument in d. c. but it's good news the decorative lights which have been on nightly since july 8th are being turned off so that 500-tons of scaffolding can come down. workers have repaired most of the damage from the earthquake two years ago. it will take three months to bring the exterior scaffolding down. >> we need you to go to the top of the monument and start disassembling this and don't drop anything. incredible work. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. emotional protest why thousands in iran are so angry with the u.s. between a rock and a hard place literally. how a new york college student wound up stuck between two walls. i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram live at the wjz mobile weather lab here. we'll have a look at your two
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at 866-650-7900 today.
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tens of thousands of protesters packed the streets in tehran for the biggest anti american protest in years. iranians are worried that the president is getting too friendly with the u.s. people of iran rally this time each year to protest the take over. kenyan court is charging four men with a multitude of terrorist offenses. including giving shelter to the terrorist who took over the kenyan mall. michelle knight breaks her silence and talks to dr. phil.
6:42 pm
knight speaks of the abuse she underwent. knight revealed what gave her strength to ordeal more than 10 years of abuse. >> what does he tie you up with? >> one of those orange extension cords. i was tied up like a fish. an ornament on the wall. that's the only way i can describe it. i was hanging like this. my feet, and i was tied by my neck and my arms. >> you don't want to miss more of dr. phil's exclusive one on one with michelle knight tomorrow at 3:00 on wjz. a student at new york university is hospitalized after being lodged in between two buildings for two days. the 19-year-old was stuck in between these two buildings. firefighters had to break down a cinder block wall to rescue him. his friends found his cell phone on the roof of the building and called 911. it's believed he may have
6:43 pm
fallen off the roof. and a man takes a trip around the world in a unique vehicle. the engineer will circle the world in this amphibious car he rebuilt from a toyota land cruiser. it will take the mechanical marvel nine months to complete the journey on land and water. if he succeed seeds he -- succeeds he will be the second person in the world to complete a trip. >> that's like a duck boat. a little more high tech. scott pelley has more on what's coming up tonight. >> an nfl lineman has quit over locker room harassment. we'll tell you what it was all object tonight on the cbs evening news. >> here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall closing numbers from wall ,,
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learn more at a cloudy and chilly night throughout the area. will this trend continue? bob turk is updating the forecast but first, chelsea ingram is live at the weather lab with what we can expect to see tomorrow. can we see chelsea. >> reporter: things are going to warm up as we head into
6:47 pm
tuesday. we're going to start the day with temperatures right around 43. that's going to be milder than we were this morning when we bottomed out at 32. by dinner time temperatures right around 50 degrees. i'm live at the wjz mobile weather lab, let's go inside to bob with a look at the next five days, bob. >> reporter: we have a big warm up. look at these temperatures 57 tomorrow. feels pretty good. 63 wednesday. clouds and showers on thursday. 68, 44 for the low. that was close to our high today. back again, certainly below normal. it should be fair for the weekend, denise, vic. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight, a three game losing streak for the vickings. >> that's just ahead in sports. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's
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payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... now i don't know what to say. a very, very upsetting loss yesterday. >> mark is here with the wjz
6:51 pm
fan sports report. >> reporter: it is understandable that everyone some of the most passionate fans are losing fate, but not the coach. the coach was generally upbeat despite the ravens three game losing streak that includes that tough loss to the browns in cleveland yesterday. it was another case of the ravens being close, being close enough but not close enough to win a game. in position to win but unlike their super bowl run of last season they're making too many mistakes and not playing well enough over all. many of the same issues repeated during the losing streak. a lack of a running game, a lack of pass protection and critical errors on special teams. >> over the course of the last three weeks we have not been good enough to get it done. we agonologied that. we hoped we would be. we worked to get good enough. we weren't good enough compared
6:52 pm
to the team we played that day. we have to get good enough. we have to get better and that's what we'll go to work doing once again. >> well the ravens had played a lot of games on the road. there's good news. four of the next five are at home where they tend to play better that starts this sunday when the cincinnati bengals come to town. the bengals are in first place in the afc north. you can see the ravens battle the bengals right here on wjz, coverage will come your way at 1:00. injury report, jimmy smith was the only player that suffered anything considered serious yesterday. they will monitor him this week and see if the defensive back is ready for that game against the bengals come sunday. the coach also mentioned that offensive lineman osimeli will go on injured reserve. he's going to have back surgery. he will not play again this season. we talk all season about the status of player health because there are so many injuries. but today, a couple of head
6:53 pm
coaches are in the news because they're facing serious injuries. houston texans head coach gary kubiak remains hospitalized today after he collapsed at halftime at the texans game last night. according to reports, kubiak is resting comfortably. he did not suffer a heart attack. but sources do say his collapse may be due to a blood clot. no word on when kubiak will return to coaching. assistant coach wade phillips has been elevated to texans head coach. and john fox a good friend of john harbaugh. fox is out indefinitely after he had heart surgery today. he had an aortic valve replace -pl. a surgery fox had hoped to have done after the season. their record is 7-1. let's talk some baseball today. the final day for teams that make offers to their own free agents before the open market
6:54 pm
begins. the cleveland indians made a $14 million offer to starting pitcher jimenez. he can decline that offer to become a free agent and if he does the indians will receive draft pick compensation from the team that signs him. the orioles by the way did not make any qualifying officers to any of their eligible free agents by today's deadline. finally some members of the world series champion red sox had their play off beards shaved for charity today. mvp david ortiz and shane victorino went for the clean look with the gillette razor company. the red sox took facial hair to a new level during their run in nine years. maybe the orioles will grow some beards next year for similar luck. we'll see how it goes. more from coach john harbaugh at 11:00 as the orioles look toward the second half of their
6:55 pm
season looking to turn around the season. the cincinnati bengals coming up next sunday. >> thank you, mark. see you at 11:00. we'll be right back. next up, who is the gunman at l.a.x. how did they stop his rampage. assistant director john miller with inside information. the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss tonight's prime time line up right here on wjz followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight, could north carolina become the 51st state. voters will get to weigh in tomorrow on whether or not they would like to secede from the state. of course that's unlikely to happen since the entire state and congress would have to vote to approve the move. but there you go. >> okay. well whatever. that's it for us tonight. we're back at 11:00. >> thanks for watching wjz. maryland's ,, >> pelley: tonight, could they
6:59 pm
have stopped the l.a.x. shooter? los angeles police were enroute to his home before paul ciancia opened fire at the airport. ben tracy explains why they missed him. john miller found out how the gunman got the rifle into the terminal. how did the health care web site duck federal security requirements? sharyl attkisson found the answer. an n.f.l. lineman quits over alleged locker room harassment. mark strassmann tells us what it was all about. and elaine quijano on the forgotten p.o.w.s. they were captured and held in prison camps. so why did uncle sam turn his back? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. those who know paul ciancia are at a loss to explain friday's rampage at los angeles international airport and his apparent hatred for the t.s.a


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