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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's okay. gunfire at a new jersey mall. hundreds of police officers swarm a sprawling shopping complex on the hunt for a gunman who opened fire. >> then i saw him walk past our door. and he paused for a second and just looked inside the store. and then he fired two more. more troubles for president obama's health care program while he promises a fix for the government's online insurance page, there are new questions about how much was known about the website's security measures. and new details in the abuse allegations swirling around the miami dolphins. the nfl investigates threats the suspended player allegedly made toward a teammate. this is the "cbs morning news"
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toward a teammate. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 5th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, a gunman who opened fire inside a crowded new jersey shopping mall has been found dead. police say richard shoop took his own life. there were no other reports of injuries. police swarmed the garden state plaza mall last night just before closing time. the mall will remain closed today. the mall is located about 15 miles northwest of new york city. and jericka duncan is there. >> reporter: shopping members swarmed the garden state mall in paramus, new jersey. these women came face-to-face with the shooter. >> out of nowhere, the guy walked right past the front door. he's like shooting in the air. >> he paused for a second, looked inside the store. i just froze. >> reporter: witnesses say the suspect was dressed in all black
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and wearing a motorcycle helmet. officials say no one was injured. >> this is not an active shooting scene at this point. again, we're just sweeping the mall making sure everybody gets out safe. >> reporter: security immediately put the mall in lockdown. many customers and employees hid inside stores until police could escort them to safety. >> it's okay. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows people league led out of the mall. >> it's the scariest thing, somebody waiting for you to come out. >> reporter: police were swarming the mall making sure everybody was safe. >> we go store by store, room by room that takes quite a while for 2.2 million square feet. >> reporter: john miller said police have run through active shooting drills at this very acility. >> they are literally familiar with the territory inside and this dynamic because they've already done this search in the training mode. >> jericka duncan reporting. now authorities say shoop fired
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six rounds from what appears to be a ak-47. police found a note in shoop's home. no to los angeles, some are arguing that the gunman who opened fire at a l.a. airport could have been shot if there were armed guards outside of the area. police say the gunman will not raise suspicions when he entered the terminal. alleged shooter paul ciancia looked like a normal passenger and had hid his weapon. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: tony grigsby can barely walk. the tsa agent is trying to protect passengers when police say 23-year-old paul ciancia shot him. >> i turned around. there was a gun, he shot me twice. >> reporter: investigators visited ciancia's apartment just outside of los angeles. he left with his roommate who drove him to the airport. authorities say ciancia walked
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into l.a.x., pulled an aassault rifle had hit in two separate pieces of luggage and opened fire. gerardo hernandez, one of the three tsa agents shot was killed. grigsby worked with hernandez and considered him a dear friend. >> only now it has hit me that i will never see him again. >> reporter: police shot ciancia four times and took him to a nearby hospital. his family released a statement through their lawyer. >> paul is our son and brother. we will continue to love him and care for him. >> reporter: ciancia left a handwritten note inside his bag saying he made the conscious decision to try to kill multiple tsa employees. but people who knew him say they don't know why he wanted to target the tsa. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. on capitol hill, lawmakers are pushing legislation to address what's becoming a key issue with health care overhaul reform. but termination of coverage letters some consumers are getting from their insurers. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning.
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>> good morning, anne-marie. it's those millions of cancellation letters received by americans that have consumers and members of congress here so upset. the president promised anyone who likes their health care plan can keep it. well, yesterday, he did express sympathy to those who are losing their coverage but said oftentimes, they were getting a bad deal. >> while virtually every insured is offering new better plans, and competing for these folks' business, i realize that can be scary for people if they just get some notice like that. >> reporter: the cancellation controversy has triggered challenges from both sides of the political aisle. the republican-controlled house is expected to vote as early as next week on a bill to allow insurers to continue selling policies in effect on january 1st, 2014. even if they provide coverage obama care finds insufficient. a similar bill introduced by senate democrats requires it. the president says his health care bill is designed to make the insurance market better for everyone.
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>> remember, one of the reasons that we took up health care reform was not just to help the uninsured but also the underinsured or the badly insured. >> reporter: another issue concerns website security. cbs news has learned as was being developed crucial security tests fell behind schedule. the deadline for final website security plans slipped three times from may 6th to july 16th. and that final top-to-bottom security test never got done. in an obama administration memo shows that four days before the launch, the government granted itself a waiver to proceed with a level of security deemed a high risk. >> nothing can undermine public confidence more than the fear of a security and privacy breach. you could have somebody hack into the system, get your social security number, get your financial information. >> well, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said at a hearing here
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last week, americans do not need to worry about security on but we now know that many americans are already experiencing security breaches. sebelius is back here, anne-marie, for another hearing tomorrow. >> another hearing, perhaps another grilling. susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. well, today is election day. a slate of political contests are on ballot across the country. the closely watched governor's race in virginia has become a referendum on obama care. as chip reid reports democrats are pushing terry mcauliffe in a tight race against a tea party favorite. >> are you willing to make your case every single hour, every single minute? >> reporter: campaigning for democrat terry mcauliffe sunday president obama said ken cuccinelli, a favorite of the tea party and a staunch opponent of abortion and gay rights is too conservative for the switch state of virginia. it's an argument mcauliffe has been making in a barrage of negative ads.
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>> cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control. >> even the pill. >> even the pill. >> ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme. >> way too extreme. >> reporter: mcauliffe, a former chairman of the democrat party told us his strategy in this race will help defeat tea party candidates nationwide. >> so there is a message in this race beyond virginia. mainstream, bipartisan, pragmatic leadership, bringing folks together. >> reporter: cuccinelli gave us a different take on the race. >> why is he leading in the polls? >> he's spending billions of dollars beating the tar out of me and most of it one truthful. >> reporter: his campaign says cuccinelli can still win even while sticking to his conservative principles. and his advisers say some of the credit goes to president obama. his visit here sunday, they say, firmly tied mcauliffe to the disastrous rollout of obama care and fired up the tea party base. >> make no mistake about it, tuesday is a referendum on obama care in virginia. let's go beat obama case, let's beat higher taxes. let's protect our constitution
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and send terry mcauliffe back to the other side of the potomac where he belongs. >> reporter: overall turnout in this election is expected to be low, so if there is a big turnout among tea party supporters, this election could be closer than the polls suggest and that has some democrats a little bit worried. chip reid, cbs news, arlington, new jersey. polls indicate incumbent chris christie holds a commanding lead over democrat barbara buono. during the debate, christie refused to rule out the possibility that he would resign before a second term is over to run for president. coming up on the "morning news," a survivor's story, one of the cleveland kidnapping victim shares the horrific details of her ten years in captivity. this is the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs morning news" sponsored by airborne, immune support, now in
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speaking out in an interview which airs today and tomorrow, michelle knight tells dr. phil about some of the horrors inflicted on her by ariel castro. >> so he gets you in this room. what did he tie you up with? >> one of those orange extension cords. i was tied up like a fish, an ornament on the wall. that's the only way i can describe it. i was hanging like this. my feet, and i was tied by my neck and my arms with an extension cord going like that. >> oh, my god. so he tied your hands and feet. and also around your neck. and hung you. >> in august, castro was found dead in his prison cell. officials say he accidentally choked himself. on the "cbs moneywatch," a multibillion dollar fraud settlement for johnson & johnson and a bill to protect gays in the workplace advances.
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alexis christoforous is in the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, alexis. good morning, anne-marie. asian markets were mixed. after comments by china premiere on the need to guard inflation. tokyo's nikkei added half a percent. hong kong's hang seng lost half a percent. and wall street posted modest gains on monday. the dow jones industrial average rose over 23 points. the nasdaq composite closed more than 14 points higher. the senate took an important step in passing a landmark gay rights bill. on monday by a vote of 61-30, the senate agreed to consider a bill that would ban workplace discrimination that against gay, bisexual and transgender americans. final passage of that bill could come by the end of the week. johnson & johnson has agreed to pay more than $2 billion to settle fraud charges. the government says the pharmaceutical company illegally marketed prescription drugs and was involved in kickbacks to doctors. this is one of the largest health care fraud settlements in u.s. history.
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and another record fine. this will be paid by wall street richest hedge funds. s.a.c. capital has agreed to shell out nearly $2 billion and plead guilty to insider trading charges. s.a.c. must also close an outside investment business. new york prosecutors say the deal proves no institution is too big to jail. anne-marie. >> alexis christoforous at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, alexis. still to come, a health update on the nfl coach who collapsed on the field. and why this college hoops player probably doesn't want to take this unbelievable trick shot ever again. . find your balance™. balance bar dark chocolate crunch has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. have you found your balance™?
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girl scout cookie flavors, out of the box and into your coffee-mate. nestle. good food, good life. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, cloudy today with a high of 52. miami, windy with showers. showers also in chicago and heavy rain in dallas. nothing but sunshine in los angeles. houston texans head coach gary kubiak remains hospitalized after collapsing during his team's game on sunday. kubiak was seen clutching his head and then falling to the ground at halftime. the team said kubiak experienced dizziness and a light-headed feeling before collapsing. he could be released from the hospital today. meanwhile denver broncos coach john fox underwent heart surgery on monday. fox will miss several of his team's games. a pair of backup quarterbacks shares a spotlight on "monday nigh football."
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in the first quarter, packers quarterback aaron rodgers is forced to leave with a shoulder injury. he's replaced by seneca wallace. bears second stringer josh mccown throws two touchdown passes. and chicago tops green bay 27-20. finally, it's a highlight he'd like to be able to forget about, i'm sure. university of kentucky basketball player james young goes into the stands to save a ball from going out of bounds. he flips it behind his back, and it actually goes through the hoop. look at that. problem is, that was the basket his team was defending. the good news for young, the basket was only worth two points for the opposing team. hey, he made it on national tv. when we return. over the line. a miami dolphins player under investigation for allegedly threatening a fellow player, using racial slurs. got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., cloudy today, 56, the high.
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sunny in atlanta. but showers in st. louis, 62, the high. denver, snow. and seattle, mostly cloudy. ♪ the miami dolphins are a team in turmoil. they've suspended a lineman for allegedly bullying a teammate. and now some threatening and racist messages have reportedly been uncovered. teresa garcia has the details. >> reporter: miami guard richie incognito won't be playing pro football for a while. he's been suspended for allegedly threatening teammate jonathan martin and his family using racial slurs. martin left the team last week after a lunchroom prank that was apparently the last straw. cbs sports analyst jason la canfora said he's seen text messages of incognito sent to martin. >> threats of i'm going to get your mother. i'm going to get your mother. i'm going to kill you, that is above and beyond the code. above and beyond what's accepted
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anywhere. >> reporter: now, the nfl will conduct a workplace review. >> if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. >> reporter: incognito's record has not gone unnoticed. in his first four years he led the league in penalties for unnecessary roughness. nfl players voted him the league's dirtiest player in 2009. dolphins players said they didn't notice any locker room hostility. >> i didn't recognize anybody being bullied, hazed, none of that. i feel like we're doing everything that in football you do. playing with your brothers. >> reporter: incognito tweeted sunday, three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. teresa garcia, cbs news. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," basketball legend julius erving visits the studio. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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4:55. chilly and dark. marty? >> it's 39 now. 56 at lunch. that will be the high. 51 as we fall through the evening hours. a pretty good amount of clouds around today. here's what we've got our eye on today -- candidates in next year's gubernatorial election will meet in annapolis to discuss environmental issues impacting maryland today. and your check lane will be available at bwi. it's at concourse c and you can access a, b or c.
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and aleksei may be out of birdland. making the 29-year-old a free agent. casillo, there we go. a man with a gun causes police to lock down a huge mall in new jersey. the latest on the shooter and dozens who saw him opening fire. thousands of marylanders losing their health insurance. the latest on the troubles ims pacting this state and millions nationwide. a problem with panned panhandling. more news, first boorng weather and traffic report coming up. well ladies, now there's big news in controlling your overactive bladder symptoms. the new oxytrol for women patch. the first and only over the counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the feminine care aisle.
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