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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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there's new information tonight in the lawsuit filed by ray lewis and other athletes. derek has more on why the players say the bank owes them. >> reporter: we're getting a look at some of the evidence that ray lewis and the other athletes say prove that millions of their money was taken without their knowledge. look closely at these two different sets of signatures. on the left are the real signatures of athletes. on the right is what their attorney claims is an obvious forgery. >> i was shocked at the scope and the magnitude of this case. >> reporter: he represents ray lewis and 15 other current and former nfl athletes who say they lost millions in unauthorized bank transactions. >> all they had to do is compare the old signature with
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the new one. it looks like it's just ray lewis's name in cursive. >> reporter: the allegations are against this man who helped athletes pay bill and managed money. they allowed ruben to open accounts and transfer money out using these signatures. >> anybody could look at these and tell they are forged. >> reporter: the nfl players insist they didn't know their money was being used for certain investments. the suit claims ray lewis lost nearly $3.8 million. the bank denied to comment on the lawsuit only
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pointing out that the case focusing on actions taken by bank atlantic prior to coming to bbnt. >> reporter: the financial advisor has been banned for life. security lost millions for other athletes. two violent robberies in two days. police are investigating another street attack at the college. >> reporter: the latest incident happened on the same street of the other robbery that occurred 24 hours before. a student was walking home from school last night talking on his cell phone. police say two suspects approached him and threatened to stab him if he did not cooperate. they stole money from the victim and left. a third suspect was driving the get away car. police believe the same three men stabbed a
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student multiple times on sunday night. that student remains in serious condition tonight. >> reporter: if you have any information, contact police. the cleveland house of horrors. it's hard to believe what happened inside of the home of ariel castro. tonight for the first time one of the women reveals the living hell she endured. jessica joins us. >> reporter: michelle knight talks about the abuse that she endured for a decade. the three women were held captive for 11 years. their abductor abused them until they were freed in may. >> help me. i'm amand a berry. i've been missing for 10 years. i'm here. i'm free now.
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>> reporter: six months after being rescued, michelle knight talks with dr. phil. >> he took a pipe and he held it like this over my head, and said, if you scream, i'll ram this down your throat and i'll kill you. so i didn't scream. i didn't make a noise . i just laid there. he takes me to the basement and ties me up to a pole with chains wrapped around it. they were so big. he wrapped it around my neck. he sits me down on the floor, and he says this is where you're going to stay. >> reporter: knight says she was raped. >> i was basically chained to the bed. >> reporter: she became pregnant at least five times. >> he was like, i'm going to do something about it. he punched me in my stomach.
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>> how did he do that? >> with a barbel. >> was there a time you thought you'd rather just die? >> yes. but that would be taking the easy way out. >> reporter: in august, castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years. he died in prison in september. >> reporter: you can see part 2 of dr. phil's interview tomorrow at 3:00 right here. the breaking news of the double shooting. police are still on the scene along south wolf street. two people were shot. one of the victims has died at john hopkins hospital. still no word on the condition of the second victim. no arrests or word of a motive yet. a terrifying crash sends a
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woman plungeing off the bay bridge. tonight, a new development in the case. mike tells us about the trucker responsible for the crash and his guilty plea. >> reporter: police say he just wasn't paying attention. these are misdemeanor infractions. this video shows the aftermath. >> they're coming. they're sending help. >> reporta young college student struggled to survive after an 18-wheeler slammed into her car and sent it over the bridge. the man pled guilty for making an unsafe lane change and driving at a speed greater than reasonable. they're all misdemeanors. the victim will never forget. >> the car hit the water.
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my mouth filled up with water. i felt like i was drowning. >> reporter: as her car was slowing, he was not paying attention and plowed into her. the mdta says he was a distracted driver. >> he was distracted due to flashing lights behind him. >> reporter: this is the second accident this year where a car went on top of the barrier wall. no one died in either crash. >> i am so blessed that i have the strength and he gave me the strength to say, you're going to be on this earth. it's not your time. >> reporter: the trucker is from hungery. this was his
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first time alone to the united states. >> reporter: inspections revealed no mechanical problems with the truck. one man is behind bars tonight following a major drug bust. police recovered more than 150 marijuana plants and more than 300 grams of loose marijuana inside a home on 230th street in pasadena. the home owner is charged with possession and intent to distribute. a maryland man charged and later released in the murder of his brother is killed in georgia. more on the death that is bringing a vicious crime back into the limelight. >> reporter: the story was a
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modern day cane and able story. a man denieded killing his brother, and now he is dead. the troubling story of him and his twin brother dates back to 2011 after a man was found strangled to death. >> the looks i have to deal with is the second guessing me. did you do it? or not? >> reporter: he was the suspect, but the judge declared a mistrial. >> i can imagine what my parents went through losing one son. i can't imagine what they would feel from the possibility of losing another one. >> reporter: police say he was shot by a close friend inside of a restaurant. police say he is
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the triggerman and charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> he wasn't paying attention to some safety practices and accidently shot him. >> reporter: howard county sheriff's office to office continues to investigate the murder. >> whatever did happen to your brother. >> is unsolved. >> reporter: police say they do not believe the gunman intended to shoot him. that gunman is in jail. repairs continue on a
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broken water main downtown. crews are trying to fix the pipe. a larger feeder line is being shut down meaning people will lose water or have low water pressure. we are enjoying a much mild er evening weatherwise. it's mostly cloud skies with a light breeze blowing. will warmer temperatures stim around? chelsea ingram is in the mobile weather lab. let's start with bob turk. >> reporter: last night temperatures were in the upper 30s. temperatures just dropped a couple of degrees. we're down to 53 now. the dew points are a little bit more moisture in the
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air. we're still running 12 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. 14 degrees warmer in easten. we were 34 this morning. d.c. was 40. the coolest spot was oakland with 30 degrees. looks like even warmer today. sun and some clouds. chelsea has a look at what we expect on wednesday. >> reporter: you were exactly right. we will see warmer air moving in. we have temperatures right around 56 degrees. now we're down below 56 degrees for the first time. warmer air is moving in as we head into your wednesday. take a look at these graphic. we're going to see warmer air moving in. highs will eventually make it into the
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low 60s. we're going to warm up even more going into thursday. that will bring a little rain though. back to you. >> reporter: thank you. the national zoo in washington, d.c. is asking for the public's help naming the panda. the female panda cub was born back in august. the name will be revealed on december 1st when the cub turns 100 days old. i see one name that will probably stick out more than others. mulan. >> cute. still to come, big campus scare. new details on the lock
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down at the connecticut campus. and a pro-football player leaves his team after being bullied. and coming up candidates discuss the environmental issues that will be key to the 2014 election. and your forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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. it is mostly cloud and 53 degrees right now. more coming up. and a case in miami that is getting national attention. >> reporter: it all comes after a miami dolphins player walked off the team saying hazing had taken an ugly turn. martin became a tackle on the dolphins team. this is richard incognito in a promo. that aggressiveness may have been on and off the field. he has been suspended for allegedly threatening martin
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and his family using racial slurs. martin left the team last week after a lunch room prank that was apparently the last straw. >> threats of i'm going to get your mother. i'm going to kill you. i'm going to find your mother. that is above and beyond the code. >> reporter: now the nfl will conduct a work place review. >> if the review shows this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary. >> reporter: incognito led the league for unnecessary roughness. he was voted the league's dirtiest player. hazing seems part of the right of passage. >> i didn't feel like anybody
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was being bullied. i feel we're doing things football teams do. playing with your brothers. >> reporter: incognito tweeted: three things cannot be hidden. the sun, the moon, and the truth. truth. >> reporter: so far jonathan martin has not commented on what happened to him. because of a fire in baltimore county, sky chopper 13 is over a home. the fire started in the attic. it was placed under control after two hours. no reports of any injuries. life outside of earth. the idea gets a big boost today. a space craft is show ing scientists the possibility is stronger than ever.
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>> reporter: the space craft is a marvel of human design. it's parked outside the gravitational pull of earth. it's looking for one thing: planets that can support life. the science team has added 800 planets which could support life. >> there are probably many more planet-like earth in our galaxy than ever expected before. >> reporter: it's tricky. the best chances of life lie not too close or far away from sun. it's maybe as close as 12 light years away. >> if one of the earth like planets is in the 12 light years, you could be looking at a star that has the earth like planet orbiting it. >> reporter: that's 72 trillion miles, so don't go booking a
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rocket ship just yet. >> it's going to take a very long time. 12 light years is a long way off. >> reporter: life doesn't mean intelligent beings. >> life as we know it forming over millions of years of evolution is hard to make. there's a lot of things that have to work just right. that doesn't mean we can't find life in simpler forms. >> reporter: big discoveries based on a simple idea. one form of intelligent life looking for others. >> reporter: the next step is to develop a tellscope to look at the planet. >> could be another bob turk out there. >> or one of you.
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53 now. east winds. we east winds. we have a little batch,,,,,,
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that's evergreen health. learn more at . i'm chelsea ingram. i'm live at the mobile weather. what can we expect for the next few days?
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let's go inside to bob. >> reporter: sitting on a nice bench. pretty pleasant night. let's take a look at temperatures and conditions. at least it's a lot warmer than last night. 53 right now. 57 in d.c. 37 in oakland. 37 down in ocean city . it's dropped a little bit from our afternoon high in the 50s. right now a very light 3 mile an hour wind. tomorrow it looks like still an easterly wind. an area of slow pressure over portions of nebraska caused some snow today. aspen got some snow today. western nebraska picked up a couple of inches. what it will do is force wind out of the south to bring us some milder
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air tomorrow. some clouds from time to time. we still have a bit of an easterly flow off the oceans that tends to bring some low clouds in. a mild day tomorrow, yes. cloud skies appear on thursday probably ending in the early afternoon. sunshine will return for the end of the week. the bay temperature around 57. still plenty of clouds around, down around 40. sun and clouds tomorrow with a high of 63. that will be above average for your mid-week. still to come. >> do you smoke crack? >> yes, i have.
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>> reporter: shocking admission. the mayor of toronto admits to doing crack cocaine. >> reporter: according to a new study, more drivers are drowsy driving. a gunman opens fire outside a new jersey shopping complex. how the situation ended. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. it's 6:30. 53 degrees and cloud recognize right now. here's some stories people are talking about. a gunman opens fire inside a large new jersey mall. police found the gunman dead from a self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: the family of richard shoop says he was on a suicide mission and didn't hurt anyone else when he started shooting. >> this was something none of us saw coming. we're not sure what caused him to do this.
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we're all devastated. >> reporter: six gunshots were fired. >> out of no where, he's shooting shots in the air. >> reporter: some employees and customers ran for their lives. others hid for hours. >> keep your hands up. >> reporter: this video shows people making their way to safety. >> guns aimed at us. they checked us. crazy . >> reporter: authorities found shoop's body and gun in the back section of the mall off-limits to the public. shoop had a history of drug abuse. >> he was definitely despondent in his life. it could have been general depression. >> reporter: authorities say they are released shoop did not
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take any other lives. >> reporter: prosecutors say shoop left a letter at his home. he referenced his depression and said the end is coming. a state university professor is arrested after a lock down at the school. >> reporter: he's apologizing for causing the chaos from a halloween costume. he returned to campus in his ninja costume. the campus was on lock down while swat teams investigated. >> reporter: university officials will decide if he can return to campus. one of the tsa agents injured is opening up about his
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encounter with the gunman. >> i'm not anybody special. a lot of people would have done the same thing. >> reporter: officer tony grizby says his first job was to get people safe. he says he will miss his friend who was killed in the intent. the gunman is facing murder charges in the case. it's not as a high profile case as drunk driving, but drowsy driving can be just as dangerous. >> reporter: nicole knows how dangerous drowsy driving can be. her accident could have been worse, but more than a quarter drivers admit to getting behind
6:34 pm
the wheel fatigued. their vision looks like this. >> it's very similar to drunk driving. it reduces your reaction time. it impairs your vision. >> reporter: experts say the trend is growing. >> you can see people later at night drifting and things like that. >> reporter: in 2010 , a truck driver dozed off plowing into a woman's car killing her and injuring her two sons. >> he fell asleep and hit them at 55 miles an hour. >> reporter: 19 to 24 year olds drive fatigued the most. 33% of those drivers did so in the last few days. avoid taking medications that make you drowsy and schedule breaks during long trips. >> you can kill yourself and everybody else.
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get yourself together. >> reporter: a simple warning that can make a big impact. you could be charged with manslaughter. >> reporter: only 17 states mandate that drowsy driving be taught in class. maryland is one of them. intelligence officials are meeting tonight to devise new guidelines on spying intelligence. the nsa spied on german leader among others. the 2014 candidates for governor take a crack at environmental challenges. >> reporter: celebrating break throughs like restoring the oyster population and the rain
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tax. >> you can see it was a 3300 fee just for the rain water. >> reporter: the candidates take stands to protect the chesapeake bay. the rain tax which charges property owners the rain that runs into the bay. >> we are embracing and implementing a plan that is fair and doesn't run away from our burden like other counties are. >> reporter: they might consider modification s, but gansler is enforcing it. >> we need to have a review of our tax structure. >> i would have preferred the original bill to be statewide. i'm open to having the conversation of expanding who it
6:37 pm
supplies to. >> i'm never in favor of putting the state mandates in local governments. >> reporter: ron george expects to see the tax revisited in the next session. keep in mind there's a 2014 session before there's a 2014 election. this and a number of other issues can change by then. back to you. >> reporter: they lowered the rain tax for all non-profit organizations to $1. a quick look at the stories you'll find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. a new coach and a new conference at loyola basketball. and meat pies for cold autumn nights. remember to look for the updated forecast. from the gridiron to the
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ticket counter, two players switched places at the airport today. they surpriseded customers in the gate area. it was boarding announcements and assisting employees with boarding their flights. >> that must have caused a commotion. still to come. >> i was thinking i'm going to die. >> reporter: a hollywood robbery after thieves break into a store. how much they got away with. forget black friday. you can get an even earlier jump at one major chain. >> reporter: live at the mobile weather. a look at your wednesday and 5-day forecast. . >> reporter: here are the top
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witnesses say a good samaritan rescued the people from the house. the man suffered burns on 70% of his body. a third person was rescued and not hurt. no word on what caused the explosion. terrifying moments in a jewelry store in hollywood. you see three masked men barge into the store. they stole nearly a million dollars worth of jewelry. the owners feared for their lives. >> i was thinking i'm going to die. >> it all happened so quick. three guys come out of the car and come straight to the store with hammers, gloves, mask. >> reporter: the owners were forced to the ground and pepper sprayed. one woman was thrown into a display case. rob ford makes a shocking
6:43 pm
admission. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> yes, i have. exactly. >> reporter: he says he smoked crack cocaine about a year ago in a drunken stupor. despite the confession, the mayor says he will not resign and wants to finish the term he started in 2010. k-mart announces its black friday hours. it appears to be the earliest opening yet. they will open at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving morning and stay open for 41 hours straight. early shopping has slowly been approaching on the thanksgiving dinner. sears will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. >> i hope they serve turkey to
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the employees. still to come, it was an unnerving scene in new jersey as hundreds fled the shopping mall. this on the heels of the shootings at lax. we're following the story tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers.,, my budget used to be a real downer. especially around the holidays. i made a list of everyone we need to get gifts for this year.
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. a milder tuesday evening. take a look outside right now. temperatures dropped very quick. chelsea ingram at belvedere square. >> reporter: thanks. we're going to start the day out with plenty of cloud cover across the region. temperatures right around 50 degrees. we'll see a couple of peaks of sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures are about 63 for your high. now let's go inside to bob. >> reporter: we have two mild days headed our way with some rain on thursday. looks like the rain will be over by the
6:48 pm
afternoon, just some morning showers around 63 or 64. mainly sunny as we cool down friday and into the weekend. >> reporter: thank you. week 10 of the nfl season is almost here. the picks are coming in for the pro-football challenge. jessica is at >> reporter: hi, everyone. after 9 weeks of the nfl season, it's still a very tight race. john scott remains on top with 87 points. we are tied with 85 points. then it's chelsea ingram with 84 points. you can still sign up for the 2013 pro-football challenge. click at the link on the top of the home page. you must be over 18
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to play. one entry per person. go to the website and sign up now. >> reporter: thank you. still to come, quarterbacks are getting hurt throughout,,,,,,,,,
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. gearing up for a tough game. we have the sports report. >> reporter: we've seen joe flacco take a beating this season. he says he feels fine midway through the regular season. the number of injured quarterbacks around the league continues to rise. just last night jay cutler is on the sideline. he's watching his team knock out aaron rogers who suffered a small break in his left collar bone. rogers will miss games while wallace fills in as backup. the packers lost to the bears. meanwhile, flacco rolls with the punches. he's been sacked 25 times so far this
6:53 pm
season. that has him on the pace for the most sacks in his career. this year alone, 12 teams have already lost quarterbacks for injuries. >> there's so many freak things that can happen that you really have no control over. you have to be fortunate enough to avoid those things. >> we need him to take fewer hits. we're going to continue to chase that. we'll get the ball out quick and picking up blitzes. >> reporter: when he starts sunday, it will be his 89th consecutive game. the ravens need to snap a losing streak when cincinnati comes to down. coverage kicks off at 1:00.
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houston head coach gary kubiak was released from the hospital today two days after he collapsed from the sideline suffering a mini stroke. doctors say he is expected to make a full recovery. it's a baltimore blast from the past. a former oriele is returning to the team. speaking of home-runs, chris davis hit more home-runs. the baseball writers of america have just announced davis is a finalist for the mvp award. the question is if he can beat out migel cabrera. the winner will be
6:55 pm
announced november 14. and the college basketball season tips off this week. alisa thomas was named the pre-season all american. she scored 18 points per game. maryland opens at south florida on friday night. >> reporter: thank you. we'l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. don't miss tonight's prime time cbs lineup at 10:00. person of interest followed by news at 11:00. christopher and terry banks were married in the parking lot before last night's packers game. terry says she was the one who had to convince her husband to have a pre-game wedding. the couple then went to the game. >> hope their team won. >> they did not. >> oh, no. back at 11:00. >> thank s for watching. don't go away. much more ahead on,, >> pelley: tonight, hundreds
6:59 pm
flee the shopping mall shooter. unnerving scenes in new jersey on the heels of the shootings at los angeles international. the nfl asks whether locker room harassment is out of control. mark strassmann on the lineman who called it quit. do testosterone supplements lead to heart attacks? dr. jon lapook with the results of a new study. and his honor the mayor confesses to less of this han-honorable conduct. he just says this about crack cocaine? >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. has it come to this-- has gunfire in public places become so ordinary? twice in a week, young


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