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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. military under fire. a new push in washington to overhaul how the military handles sex assault victims. >> when i reported the assault, my commander responded with retaliation. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> taking a stuff stand against sexual assaults in the military. demanding the department of defense do something about the way those cases are dealt with. we are live and we have more on the new push. >> reporter: some lawmakers say military prosecutors, not commanders, should be making the decisions about whether
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sexual assault cases move forward. a graduate of the naval academy, she left the marines after she says she was gang raped by fellow officers. the incident allegedly happened in 2009 at the marine barracks in washington, d.c. where clay says the commander fostered a hostile environment. >> he decided in writing that calling officers girls ands was not harassment and any harassment was deserved because of what i wore or that i complained about it. >> she should have never had to learn the lesson she did and now the military has to learn it. >> reporter: pushing an amendment that would take decisions about prosecuting assault cases out of the chain of command. >> sexual assault in the military is not new. it has been allowed to fester in the shadows for far too long. >> reporter: department of defense officials say they have
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a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault. naval academy officials have revamped programs on campus. >> it is impossible to expect justice and legal system with commanders with no legal training. >> reporter: until that changes, she says victims will fear coming forward. trying to gain support for her amendment in the defense authorization bill. >> thank you. two navy academy football players are currently facing court-martial accused of assaulting another mid shipman. investigating the bullying case on the miami dolphins team and the player accused of racial slurs against another teammate makes his first public comments. >> reporter: the nfl wants to know the details behind what drove a young player to leave the team after he was reportedly harassed by a
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teammate. and whether the dolphins coaching staff was aware of the problem. miami dolphins players say incognito and martin were like best friends and brothers. they played side by side. >> did you have any sense that anything was wrong in their relationship? >> no, none at all. you know, i think if you would have asked martin a week before who his best friend on the team was, he would have said richie. >> reporter: menacing voice mails and text messages to martin including racial slurs and death threats that allegedly caused martin to leave the team. incognito had little to say when asked questions. >> i'm trying to weather the storm right now. this will pass. >> reporter: the storm may worsen. new video posted by tmz shows his shirtless at a bar using profanity and the n-word to refer to one of his teammates.
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the story has all nfl teams on alert regarding possible hazing of players. >> in baltimore, it would never happen. i mean, we have great leadership and guys are focused on trying to win. if you're out there focusing on trying to win, the little hazing and things like that, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: john harbaugh banned hazing among players when he took over in 2008. >> the dolphins say they'll cooperate and do whatever needs to be done to prevent further incidents. new details about a double fatal shooting in upper fells point. two brothers were shot and killed last night in the 200 block of south wolf street. the two were shot in the head, execution style. so far, no arrests have been made. anyone with information should call police. a strong warning tonight
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from townsen university to its students -- put down the cell phones, or you could become a victim. two targets robberies near campus, including one student stabbed. the attacker where is still on the loose. >> reporter: the victims were simply walking. it's just off york road. the first attack on sunday was a block from the second attack on monday. >> now that it's getting darker earlier, it's scary walking home from classes. >> reporter: these men are so dangerous right now, they're worried about retaliation. the names are being withheld for safety reasons. >> that's a mean street. burke avenue is not a little back road. >> reporter: the university is speaking about the violence that left one of their own with stab wounds. >> we feel like it's our responsibility to let them know when and where things are
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happening. >> reporter: increasing patrols and warning students to get rid of distractions. >> there's this phrase called apple picking. the cell phones are being picked out of students hands. >> you feel safe here, so people aren't paying attention. >> reporter: they include the suspects, described as three young men, and the method using a knife. >> that's what's scary. it's time after time now. they say the police patrol is out, but where? i'm not quite sure. >> cell phones were taken in both attacks. tonight we're learning more about the man police arrested in a major marijuana growing operation. stone is the ex-husband of lil mo. they found 158 marijuana plants inside his home. if convicted, he faces up to 16 years behind bars.
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the malpractice case against mark maday ends in a mistrial. jurors failed to agree on how much to award a prominent patient who says he cost him 10s of millions of dollars in deals. we have the fire works inside the jury room. >> reporter: that's right. the jury couldn't decide how much the former owners of the hospital where dr. mark maday worked should have to pay. the mistrial means the future is uncertain. after four days of deliberations at circuit court, the jury in the civil trial involving the doctor and his former hospital hit a roadblock. they couldn't reach a verdict on the damages an the judge declared a mistrial. there was tension in the jury room. >> the name calling, it wasn't good. it wasn't easy. >> reporter: in the first phase, a jury found the doctor formerly a cardiologist put unnecessary stints into the
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man's heart. feeling for his health, he left. he sued for $150 million claiming he lost out on millions of dollars from the development. >> there were people there who wanted to give us all of the damages and people who wanted to give us less than all of the damages, sand they couldn't agree. >> reporter: the amount of the lawsuit was not the problem. >> actually, no. it wasn't amount. it was the way the verdict sheet was written. >> reporter: wineberg's attorneys say at this time he hasn't decided if he plans to sue again. back to you. >> in 2011 the board of physicians in maryland revoked his medical license. a navy blimp that spent a few weeks hovering over baltimore is coming back. the navy's only manned air ship will be up in the air over
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maryland next week. it will conduct a week long test of experiment allophonic systems that could help protect personnel around the globe. it will fly near beltsville and baltimore city. its temporary base will be in frederick. the national zoo's newest tiger cubs take part in an important test. today they had their swim test. first one is was the male club. he had to prove he could not only swim but also climb out of the water to safety. then his sister took a dip. she didn't like it as much as her brother. both passed the test. they will be part of the exhibit starting november 18th. >> wonder if you can call that the doggy paddle. >> i don't think so. a family's fireplace goes up in flames and now a warning before you light the first fire of the season. i was in line with a bunch of people for the metal
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detectors when he heard gunfire. >> hear from one of the victims of the lax airport shooting. a little girl riding her bike on a highway. how she ended up there. some rain on the way for your morning commute. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ready?
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partly cloudy and 56 degrees in central maryland right now. a shooting outside a barber shot in detroit leaves two people dead and seven others injured. the gunfire started after two cars pulled up outside the building. shots were fired into the barbershop. that's where the two deceased victims were found. police are looking for both of the vehicles. it's a known site for illegal gambling. a scary scene outside an apartment building in san diego. sparks and flames coming out of the chimney. the fire caused over $50,000 in damage, but no one was injured. everyone should inspect their fireplaces before using them for the first time this season. prayer at public meetings. the contentious issue of religious expression goes all the way to the supreme court today. the case involves the town of greece, new york. their council meetings have started with prayer for the last 14 years. two residents say their rights
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are being violated because the prayer are overtly christian. the supreme court ruled an opening prayer was part of the nation's fabric. a decision is expected in june. the murder retrial of amanda knox reaches a critical stage. her boyfriend made an emotional plea to keep his freedom. they're being tried for a third time for the murder of a british student in 2007. their defense received a boost when an expert testified that the dna on the murder weapon was not from the victim. tonight, one of the victims is speaking out. he says he was waiting in a security line when gunfire rang out from the airport's ticketing area. people began running everywhere and then he made a fateful decision. >> people went into the bathrooms. i continued down the hall.
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i remember a couple of tsa folks still being in the hallway. no, i wasn't looking. it just hit me in the leg. >> brian's leg was shattered by the bullet. today at the airport, the slain tsa officer was remembered at a ceremony. the alleged gunman remains hospitalized. panicked calls to 911 in milwaukee when a 12-year-old girl takes a dangerous bike ride. she was riding her bike along the shoulder of the highway. at one point, she is seen crossing a ramp. fortunately, no cars were coming in that direction at the time. the 911 calls helped them find the girl and reunite her with her family. a necktie may not seem like the most original gift, unless it's this one. joseph a. banks teams up with hopkins this year selling
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miracle ties. >> reporter: brave describes these incredible young people. i'll tell you right now there were some visionary eyes that designed these phenomenal ties. 12-year-old lyla's favorite season is winter. she designed the holly tie. >> and holly is a plant that you see in winter, so i chose to draw that. >> reporter: the miracle ties are all drawn by the young patients at the johns hopkins children center, sold by joseph a. banks which presented hopkins with a $60,000 check from last year's sales. >> we're happy to be able to partner with them so we can make these children's stay a little easier while they're getting treatment. >> reporter: she received a heart saving transplant when she was just 2 years ailed. she designed this snowman tie. >> it's amazing to show the
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world just what i have and how my diagnosis is not as bad as people may think. >> they are so resilient and in facing really hard medical challenges. when you allow them to play and draw, it's easy to remember the child they really are. >> reporter: they are children on a mission. >> every buckaroo we make will be worth one person getting better. >> reporter: now this tie you're looking at, the artist is 11-year-old madison. madison titles this tie santa go green. we think it's a wonderful tie and we congratulate all the children with the john hopkins miracle tie collection and the wonderful job they do every year. >> very nice program, and congratulations to all the children. mine is done by 11-year-old thomas griffith. since it started in 1995, they have raised more than $9 50,000 for the children at hopkins.
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>> you can buy them now for christmas presents. >> got one too. mine's taking home the tree and it's by -- if i can read it here, it's by tom griffin. great program. joe banks has them. let's look at temperatures and conditions. a mild night after a warm day. it got up to 68. 56 now. south winds at 5. keep that warm air in for a little longer. the barometer has been falling, 30.10 now. 55 oakland and cumberland, they were up to 72 this afternoon. 57 d.c. 61 in easton. it's a very, very mild night for november. 59 rock hall. 56 bel-air. and 57 over in west minister. southerly winds will be with us and be breezy from time to time.
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they're going to keep that warm air in through the morning. however, during the morning we have to look to the west because that's where the clouds are. that's where a batch of rain will approach our region. it rained for 2-3 hours. not a lot. most the energy is passing through the great lakes into canada. a skinny line of rain will move across the region. clear across most of the area. there are clouds beginning to move into pennsylvania. the clouds move in. the rain in the morning probably over by noon. the front moves through the region and we'll start to see some clearing. just approaching pittsburgh, athens, ohio. cleveland, youngstown, down into cincinnati, and then it quits. the front goes through. it will become breezy, and air comes in from the northwest. means cooler conditions for friday and saturday. and this weekend looks pretty
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nice. a will the of sunshine and more pleasantly cool temperatures. 20 knots in the afternoon. a small craft advisory in the afternoon tomorrow. overnight tonight, clouds increase. the norm aloe normal low is 31. 54 on friday. it will feel chilly because it will be breezy. freezing friday night. 54 saturday. warming up sunday and monday. upper 50s with partly to sunny skies. a pretty nice weekend coming up, the ravens preach positive about their preach positive and then when you get up -- can i play?
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mark is here with our fan
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sports report. >> what do we say? when the going gets tough, let's see if the tough gets going. the bengals come to town sunday. today, two defensive starters missed practice. smith has a groin injury and darryl smith is out with a thigh injury. today coach john harbaugh and many of the players talked about ending a three-game losing streak. suggs tells me they've gone from state of emergency to def- con 5. >> we're just holding on and every man involved will do whatever it takes to get this thing rolling in the right direction. >> the ravens battle the
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division-leading cincinnati bengals. coverage comes your way sunday at 1:00. a follow up to the ravens loss at cleveland, browns receiver greg little says ravens safety choked him during a skirmish on sunday and that's why little threw his helmet which drew a penalty. he told us today that he plays hard and clean. he denies choking little and says he does not expect to be disciplined by the league. to baseball where it's silver and gold for the orioles. three orioles won gold gloves for defense. today three of them get silver slugger awards for their hitting. it goes to the top offensive player at each position. at first base, you guessed it -- chris dailey vis. davis led the major leagues with 53 homeruns and 137 runs driven in. it's the first time he's won the silver slugger and the first orioles first baseman to get the award since 1998. adam jones wins a silver slugger for the outfield.
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he's the first oriole outfielder ever to get the honor. 33 homers, 109 runs driven in for jones. both career highs for jones, he said he's surprised to find he's the first oriole outfielder to win that award. and j.j . hardy gets the silver slugger for shortstop, first time's ever won the award. his 25 homers, the most at his position. the three silver sluggers are the most for any team in the majors. cxsgsufitis the first time they've had three winners. all of them agreed they want to win as a team. they want to get to the play offs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're cheesy and crunchy. today is national nachos day. it was created 70 years in mexico. it was made from left overs. it became popular at sporting events in the 70s. they can be a snack, appetizer, or loaded up to be a full meal. >> looking good. it is the only bra in the world that comes with two bodyguards. that's because the victoria's secret royal fantasy bra is worth $10 million. it is made of 18 carat gold and contained precious gems including a pear-shaped ruby that sits right in the middle. it will be modeled at the fashion show next week. >> not sure what you do with that. >> not comfortable. i can ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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