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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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asteroids. more serious than immediately thought. eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. an investigation. an nfl player leaves his team. and another player is suspended. >> what other teammates say was really going on inside the locker room. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> the nfl hires a well-known new york lawyer, to investigate possible misconduct inside the miami dolphins organization. as jarica duncan reports for wjz, other players say the allegations don't make sense. >> reporter: miami dolphins' offensive lineman, richie incognito, and jonathan martin played side by side together. by all accounts, players say they seem to get along.
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>> richie said, jonathan is like my little brother. i think that's an accurate depiction. he gave him a hard time, he messed with him, but he was the first there to help him through any situation. >> martin left the team, accusing in incogcognito of racial slurs. the nfl appointed ted wells to investigate. >> it f the review reveals anything that needs to be corrected, we will take all necessary measures to fix it, to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: cbs sports special correspondent jeff brown said, nfl locker rooms are not chapels, but what happened in miami wouldn't too far. >> let me be perfectly clear. the use of racial epitaphs, derogatory language about the young man or his mother, by any stretch of the imagination is
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not to be condoned. >> earlier this week, incognito said he wants to clear his name. the dolphins' head coach says he and his team are focused on monday night's game against tampa bay. dozens of accused bank gang members off the streets today. they announced scores of indictments. denise is in the newsroom now with more on those charges. >> reporter: well, kai, 48 members and associates of the black guerrilla family gang are indicted. greggregg bernstein laid out his case. he said the group terrorized them for year. he hopes this large indictment will bring the group down. >> rather than simply prosecuting one of the cases, this sweeping and indicting against bgf will dismantle and eliminate their organization. and as a result, help to make
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baltimore a safer city. >> reporter: the black guerrilla gang was founded on the west coast, but has become increasingly more popular in baltimore. >> commissioner bats blames it. we'll is more at 5:00. a former baltimore teacher of a catholic high school is being accused of sexually abusing a student. he worked at the high school from 1975 to 1979. a former student said colojay wrest wrestled him on several times. they are cooperating with police. the priest who is now working in georgia has been suspended from public ministry. >> reporter: the race for mayor of annapolis may not be decided today after all. republican challenger, mike pantalides is seeking to beat out democratic incumbent mayor, josh cohen. they are hand counting votes
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from the machine that had technical problems, along with absentee ballots. no telling at this point how long hand counting could take. >> maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger said he is against running at this time. his constituents are urging him to run. but he hasn't made a final decision. he said he announced a decision by thanksgiving but that deadline may be pushed back further. if he runs, he could face a crowd like brown, gansler, and mizeer. big changes coming to restaurant menus. the fda is banning transfats from the food industry. as ko im reports for wjz, the heart-clagging fats will be phased out of restaurants stores. >> you can find them in fine and processed foods. and while many companies and restaurants have been phasing out transfats, the fda wants to completely cut them out of the
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american diet. >> i think that's good. i mean, obesity is a huge problem in the united states. >> reporter: government health officials say transfats are a public health concern. they're occur considered -- considered the worst kind of fat for your heart because they raise bad cholesterol. >> we could save about seven,000 -- 7,000 lives and about 20,000 heart attacks in this country every year. that's why we think this is an important step. >> new york was the first city to ban transfat. since then, several other cities have done the same. the fda says it will take feedback on the new requirement for two months. but then set a timeline for the phaseout. ko im. wjz eyewitness news. >> the institute of medicine said transfats provide no known health benefit and there is no safe level for consuming them. what a dramatic change from
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just this time yesterday. we've gone from sun and seasonably warm temperatures, clouds, a little rain, even cooler conditions. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is updating the first warning weather forecast. tim, it really kind of turned out to be a nice afternoon. the sun popped out. >> i was going to say what a difference a day makes. doppler radar, woke up this morning to showers across the region. the front responsible for those showers has continued to progress across the state, pulling the showers with them. so now, west to east, we're seeing more and more clear sky. and the closer we get to tomorrow, the more blue sky we'll see. temperatures coming down from a high in the 60s. we were in the 60s early this morning. and as you see out to the west, as it started to cool out, the clear air has started to settle in. we were looking at 34 in oakland now. 54 at bwi, thurgood marshall. and just this time yesterday,
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the change is drastic. 27 degrees colder out in oakland, now than it was this time yesterday for much of the state up and down the 95 corridor. just about 10 degrees or less. but still on the cooler side. and it's going to be this way for the foreseeable future. we'll talk about how it call plays out coming up. >> i like when we talk about the weekend, tim. thank you. let's head out to the roads. here's kristy breslin. well, a rocky start out there, for 95 southbound. all lanes were blocked just moments ago. traffic has been released. there was debris on the road. it's now on the shoulder. but we're still seeing a little residual delay there. watch for slowing 95 south, as you make your way towards route 24. baltimore, annapolis boulevard. a disabled vehicle tying things up, northbound on the jones falls expressway. as far as delays gthe west side inner loop. watch for brake lights there, 95 past liberty road. with an average speed of 35 miles an hour.
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slow from the jones falls expressway, to bel air road. traffic does ease up after that point. and if you're traveling along northbound 95, slowing from eastern avenue, to the beltway on the northeast corner. and heavy delays as well. northbound 295, from 32 past 100. let's now take a live look. as you can see, things look like they are going back to normal. 95 south, 24, where the debris was just moved over to the shoulder. and we'll take a look at jones falls expressway at cold spring lanes. this traffic report is brought to you by michael and son in baltimore. call and get 10% off. michael and sons back to you. >> thank you, kristy. an alarming new report from nasa out today. keep your eyes on the skies. >> i know you remembered that. scientists immediately thought that the media that exploded over western russia city last
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year was an anomaly. turns out, such incidents are four to five times more likely to happen than previously thought. nasa is reassessing what size space rocks to look for and what can be done about them. this new report comes out the day a fireball is spotted, streaking over the sky in southern california. take a look at the screen. it can be seen as far away as san diego. the national weather service says it was likely part of the south meteor shower, which has been especially active so far this month. astronomists say it doesn't bring big numbers of falling stars, but excite brightones. maybe praying would be good. >> and expect more of it,. >> right. >> as nasa reassesses its assessment. >> and hire morgan freeman to be president. >> and all good. stay ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00.
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somebody is shooting up garden state plaza right now. panicked calls for help. workers stuck inside a truck at a new jersey mall, as a gunman opens fire. brazen crime. flash mob robberies, where the latest incidents happen. unanswered questions. new video of the georgia teen found dead in a gym mat. what it revealed. and what should you expect if you have weekend plans. stick around for tim's updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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store shot of the flag on top of federal hill. and it is partly cloudy and 55 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a barrage of bullets inside a detroit barber shop leaves three dead and six injured. police are questioning a person of interest. the city happened in the city's east side last night. police say someone in a car opened fiber through the back door of a barber shop.
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the gunman then got out of the vehicle and conditioned to shoot into the room. police say the back room of the shop is known for gambling. newly released surveillance video. despite what police call an accidental death, the teen's parents say their son was murdered. >> reporter: the parents of 17- year-old kendrick johnson believe he was murdered. the crime, covered it up. police say he crawled into a gym mat, reached in for a shoe, got stuck and suffocated. newly released video doesn't provide many answers. a gym in val dofta, georgia. only this video is blurry. it also is the only video that shows the gym mats in the upper corner of your screen, where kendrick's body was found. >> just the fact that this one videotape is burglarying. and we are very troubled by that. this videotape seems to tell us
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that the truth has not come out yet. almost as if something was done to this video to help conceal the truth. >> here's more video. just a 12-second clip after someone turns on the light and enters the gym. the video starts here. the footage raises more questions than it answers. in this clip, for instance, kendrick johnson is seen walking into view. he then starts to walk or run out of view. and the next images captured by the camera shows other students. another shows an even briefer view of kendrick. walking on the right and seeming to run on the left. again, the footage skips ahead. there are no time stamps. but the school and sheriff's office have said this is the unedited, raw footage. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. >> the u.s. attorney for middle georgia says there is sufficient evidence to warrant a formal review of the facts. gone in a flash.
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a chain of sporting dead stores in chicago is hit by a rash of flash robberies. groups of people walking into stores and seconds later, are pushing entire racks of clothing out the door. in one store, the employee tries to catch the thieves but falls down in the process. sports authority is offering a $5,000 reward for information. lots of excitement on wall street, as twitter stock is sold for the first time. it wasn't all good news for the markets, though. the dow is down, 153 points. s&p is off 23. nasdaq down 75. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: twitter stock is flying high. soaring 92% in its first day of trading. investors couldn't get enough of the 7-year-old tech company, pushing the total valuation of twitter to $97 billion.
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some 237 million users of twitter, have yet to push a profit. and a faster rate than some analysts expected, given the 16- day shutdown of the government. average rates on u.s. mortgages rose slightly. mortgage buyer freddie mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed loan, went from 4.1 to 4.16% the. another model, tes la x caught fire. tes lasaid it caught fire because it dealt nobom bust spontaneously. shares of the next generation car are down by almost 5%. that's your money watch. for all of your business news, log onto at the new york stock exchange, i'm alison harmelin. vetterance day is almost here. and there is a unique local program, designed to help vets
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and others. it's happening in south baltimore. ron matz has more on how art therapy is helping some men transform their lives in charm city. >> this one will probably take me another two weeks. >> reporter: mark jones used to do heroin. but through has artwork, he's finding his way. >> it put my mind at ease. puts me in the place where i'm happy. it relieves a lot of stress. >> reporter: mark is one of the 90 residents at the baltimore station. a place where veterans and the homeless can live. for up to two years. >> they find them out on the street. sort of trying to cope with reality. and we bring them in here and give them an opportunity to make the changes that they need to make. >> reporter: mark has seized that opportunity with his talent. other residents have turned to art, too. a unique therapy for those in transition. >> teaching me all about life skills, about life, about living, without the use of drugs. and it's been wonderful, ever
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since i've been here. >> a new reality for veterans, too. >> we're just now beginning to, as a society, to figure out how we're going to really help these guys cope and reenter society in a productive way. >> mark jones says he expects to be here another year. with the help of his art work, turning his life around. >> you know, i don't want a whole lot out of life. i don't want to be rich. i just want to be, just happy. just normal. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> ron, great story. on friday, november 15th, the baltimore station will celebrate with its fifth annual restart with art. the art auction and veterans day reception will be held at church of the redeemer on north charles street. that's a great venue. it will be able to display the art very nicely. straight ahead. stunning admission. a hall of fame football player says he has a degenerative brain disease.
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tony dorsett. i'm mike schuh at one of the state prisons in hagerstown. what does this room and the annual bea gaddy thanksgiving day foundation have next? >> keep the blankets and umbrellas handy. tim williams will update our forecast. >> wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oh, that is very beautiful. >> i know. growing so much weight. probably just like kansas. >> that's amazing. you know? >> that's a nice shot. thank you, sky eye chopper 13. >> yes. >> isn't there an american the beautiful song? >> all on you, sam. >> amber waves of grain and that sort of stuff. it is a beautiful time to go out and enjoy the fall season.
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if you like the fall. temperatures are going be to a little chill theweekend. but it's going to be nice outside. get your sweaters, jackets and all. and get out and enjoy it. fall temperatures settling in. 55 degrees now. our temperature at bwi, thurgood marshall. we have been around 60 degrees early in the day. and then we started to drop, courtesy of that front that started sweeping across the state. and behind it, well, the cold air started filling in. 40 is your dew point. 56 relative humidity. west/northwest wind at 18 miles per hour. and you saw from those -- those grains flowing, that the winds have really picked up. 29.92, the barometer will start going up, as high pressure starts to again take hold of our forecast. right now, 34 in oakland. we have 56 in elkton. 59 in ocean city. 57 down in d.c. around the metro area, everyone ranging from about the low 50s really to the mid, 52 in westminster. 57 in anap will onis. and kent island, everyone else falling somewhere between those two. the winds have picked up.
4:25 pm
double digits toward the state. 23 miles per hour. 20 in hagerstown. 20 in cumberland. and these breezy conditions will be with us, until the front is clearing the area. this front, watched it pretty much push across the region. when you woke up this morning, you likely had mist out there. nothing too torrential out there. but we had the steady drizzle throughout the day. the front is moving out of here. high pressure is building in. it's the pressure between these two that will create the winds. that will be with us tonight in through tomorrow. we have high pressure coming from the west. it is also the clockwise flow around that high that is going to tap into the cooler temperatures. we're going to lose these 60s. normal high was around 63 degree. we're going to lose those 60s, we'll be dropping into the 50s as the cooler air comes in again, around that high pressure. look for a very nice weekend. it's going to be very fall like. just enjoying the cooler temperatures. sunshine returns. and definitely, it's going to feel more seasonal, as we get into saturday and sunday. looks like it's going to be a
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nice ravens forecast as well. we are inside the 5:00 hour. 4:58. tonight, going down to about 39 degrees. turning colder. patchy clouds will be around. tomorrow are a lot of sun. 54 degrees. mostly sunny, breezy and cooler than today. >> okay. and i'll remember my sweat earlier tomorrow. for -- sweater tomorrow. forgot it today. and tomorrow, a new episode of the hit drama elementary, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. ravens are looking to get whack into the win column. see that game this sunday, at 1:00 p.m., live on wjz. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. like something out of csi, but for your four-legged friends. the high-tech tools to solve crimes against pets. disturbing allegations. was palestinian leader yasser arafat secretly poisoned? massacre at fort hood.
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the worst shooting ever at a u.s. military base. what is being done to the building it happened in? eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,, mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care
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you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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it's 4:30. 55 degrees. partly cloudy here at fort mchenry. >> here's what people are talking about. >> mall mayhem. 911 calls just released today, reveal the terror inside a new jersey mall, when a man with a rifle opens fire. kathryn brown reports for wjz. >> and i'm in -- i work here. i'm inside the store. in the office, with the door locked, by myself. but i'm scared and i want to get out of the mall. >> reporter: 911 calls came flooding in from shoppers and store employees, scared for their lives as a gunman opened
4:31 pm
fire at the mall. >> there's some somebody shooting up garden state plaza right now. i'm in the bathroom. >> okay. all right. stay on the phone with me, sweetheart. how many people are in the bathroom with you? >> three. >> are they in your store? >> yes. >> some begged for police to escort them out. others whispered in fear that they would become gunman richard shoot's mixture next target. >> we're trying to figure out what is the best way to exit. >> how many people are inside? >> there's three of us. >> i need you to stay in the stock room. don't leave. it's not safe to come out yet. >> reporter: the store manager heard the shots and came face to face with the gunman. it's a moment he'll never forget. >> to have somebody shooting shots like that. i ran into the location and felt like wow. >> reporter: back at work, he imagines he'll have those flash backs for a while, especially when he hears loud noises. others who lived through the terror echo that sentiment. >> it's hard.
4:32 pm
you know? it really is. >> i noticed a lot of security before. i never saw security like that around the mall. >> reporter: there's extra security in place for now. and heading into the busy holiday shopping season, many say they'll be looking over their shoulders. in new jersey, i'm kathryn brown. the gunman himself, killed himself inside the mall but did not shoot anybody else. no shoulder will ever again enter the medical building at the fort hood army base. >> it is the site of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the army is going to knock it down. it was four years ago this week, a gunman walked into the building, where soldiers are processed for war and opened fire. army major nidal hasan, an army psychiatrist, was convicted of killing 13. prior to the shooting, hassan who study maryland immediate, had expressed critical views,
4:33 pm
described by colleagues as anti- american. >> a memorial or green open space will replace the building. governor martin o'malley is urging supporters to raise minimum wage. in a petition, the governor believes the state must make the choice to reach minimal age, which currently stands at $62025 an hour. a landmark bill first introduced by the late senator ted kennedy almost two decades ago, gets a vote in the senate. it extends anti-discrimination work laws by transsexual employees. danielle nottingham reports from washington. >> bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: 10 republicans joined senate democrats to deliver a victory to gay rights advocates, 20 years in the making. >> we have now said no more discrimination on the basis of your sexual orientation or gender identity. it's historic. historic occasion in the united
4:34 pm
states senate. >> reporter: the employment nondiscrimination act, makes it a crime for employers to discriminate against gay, bisexual, and transgender people. >> a cherished value of freedom of expression and religion. and i believe this bill violates that freedom. >> reporter: but the chances of the will becoming law are -- bill becoming law are slim. speaker john boehner has signaled he will not bring it up for a vote in the republican- controlled house. >> reporter: speaker boehner said the law would open up businesses to frivolous lawsuits. conservative groups agree. >> when we talk about this kind of employment discrimination law, what we're talking about is the right to sue. >> if the bill dies in the how, gay rights organizations will put pressure on the president, to issue an executive order barring people from from the
4:35 pm
use of anti-gay practices. >> a vast majority already ban discrimination based on sexual sexual orientation and gender identity. is the washington monument still 558,5 and 1/8th tall. engineers are scaling the peak of the monument, while it's covered in scaffolding. the goal of the survey is to cover the height that can be used as a reference point. a very breezy day to be at the top of the washington monument. a live look outside. look at that. cooler temperatures moving along with the breeze. two-way operations at the bay bridge are suspended right now because of wind warnings. wjz has weather and traffic together. we'll see christy in a moment. but we'll check with bob with live doppler radar. we had wind gusts, 32 miles per hour. ranging between 10 to 20, with
4:36 pm
higher gusts. take a look at radar. the rain came through with the showers. well off to the east now. rain well off in the atlantic ocean. we did only see it officially at the airport, 5/1 huhths of an inch. down to 55 now. only 34 in oakland. 48 in cumberland. the chilly air will move in our region tonight. still 59, ocean city. clouds still down there. 58 at pax river. attaches running sechtd 7 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. oakland, 27 degrees cooler. they really did cool down. and if we look into friday, it will be a breezy day, with a lot of sunshine, with temperatures only in the low 50s and a breeze to make it feel probably about 10 degrees cooler. dress for a chillier day. and we'll talk about the weekend when we come back. vic? let's check in on thed radios now with kristy breslin, at wjz traffic control.
4:37 pm
>> hi, vic. hi, everyone. things not looking too good there. delays on eastern avenue, going to whitemarsh boulevard. with an average speed of 30 miles per hour. and some spots, only 16 miles an hour average. stop and go there, from greenspring avenue to harford road. the west side inner loop, still struggling from 95 past liberty road. with an average speed of 32 miles an hour. if you're traveling along 70 westbound, delays stretching from 29 to baltimore national pike. couple of accidents lingering out there as well. northbound 97, at baltimore annapolis boulevard. and we still have a disabled vehicle on the northbound jones falls expressway. left lane and shoulder are both partially blocked. let's take a live look. you can see one good spot. everything is moving right along. that's at old court lane. this is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can always call them at 1- 877-75-bills.
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back to you. thank you, kristy. the bea gaddy thanksgiving day meal here draws thousands. but did you know that with weeks to go, preparations have already begun. and as mike schuh reports, the prep is already happening at a most unusual place. >> reporter: with lines this long on thanksgiving, the annual bea gaddy dinner, long ago, outgrew the neighborhood kitchens bea used to use. this commercial in hagerstown now cooks the bird. the gobblers have begun to thaw. >> they are to help the less fortunate. >> that will be a negative. >> look at the knives. they're chained to the tables. >> obviously, we're all incarcerated. >> that's right. >> reporter: we are inside the wire at the prison in hagerstown. with men who tried or succeeded at murder and robbery. >> what i want. >> reporter: it is unnerving to be so close to such men with razor-sharp knives. >> you'll have a job like this.
4:39 pm
>> reporter: after years of being walled off, these men had to learn to be model inmates, how to earn society's trust. >> you can learn from me. you know? i gave away my youth. >> they hope being a prison meat cutter will lead to a job outside. but for now, it is an exercise in the right thing to do. >> we didn't get to give back. we donate our time. >> reporter: this, from an attempted murderer who will never leave. >> reporter: in all, the prisoners here in hagerstown, will be preparing over 300 turkeys for bea gaddy. >> bea didn't care who you were, what you did or how you got there. she'd always 90 a place for you at the table. this is bea a grandson. >> without the help of this organization, it wouldn't happen. >> in mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, those turkeys will be thawed out this weekend, cooked monday, carved out, packed and refrigerated tuesday.
4:40 pm
>> that's amazing. straight ahead at 4:00. affairs was heart. what one police officer did that could have put undercover recovers in danger. monster storm. bracing for a typhoon-like feud before. what about the weekend? stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sorm of the year is slamming into the philippines right now. this super typhoon has sustain winds of 190 miles per hour, with gusts as strong as 230 miles per hour. thousands of people are being evacuated as a precaution. this is one of the most powerful storms to hit asia, in decades. for years, there's been speculation that palestinian leader yasser arafat may have been poisoned to death. now, a team of scientists in switzerland says it has evidence. alphonso van marsh reports for wjz from london. >> reporter: swiss scientists say new analysis of palestinian leader yasser arafat's remains
4:44 pm
show his body was full of radioactive poisoning that could not have been ingested accidentally. the forensic experts wouldn't say he was murdered but said his body 18 times the normal level of puloneium 2 testing. medical records say a stroke from a blood disorder killed him. scientists say the time frame was consistent in death with puloneium poisoning. some accused israel of killing the 75-year-old. israel has always denied the claims. >> reporter: suhat arafat teamed up to have his bones exhumed. one said if the french did an autopsy that would have stopped allegations. conspiracy. >> reporter: scientists admit
4:45 pm
their study was challenging, since nine years have passed since his death. make puloneium even that much harder. >> the palestinian community that has been investigating arafat's death will hold a news conference tomorrow. a pro football hall-of- famer is the latest to be diagnosed with signs of cte, a degenerative condition, many scientists say is caused by brain trauma. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on this. >> reporter: long-time dallas cowboys, tony dorsett is suffering from signs of the neurological disease. for the past three months, dorsett has undergone brain scans and clinical evaluations at ucla for the disorder. the 59-year-old has been suffers from chronic memory loss and thoughts of suicide. >> memory emotions and other functions. this is only the second time. living former players have been tested for the disease. autopsies of 50 exnfl
4:46 pm
players, including all-pro junior seau, who took his own life last year, displayed signs of this. >> dorseet played several seen seasons in the nfl and believes several concussions played a factor in his condition. a police officer accused of having an affair with a drug dealer and putting her colleagues in danger. now she has resigned and could face charges. stephanie elam has the story. >> reporter: sounds like something out of a made-for-tv movie. an undercover detective, sleeping with a suspected drug dealer. that's what former tempe arizona detective cruz did. seen here in a reality show, call trading places, where she swaps jobs with a police officer. the behavior compromised a five- month investigation, police say. >> of course it's shocking. she crossed that blue line. once you become a police officer, you cannot cross that
4:47 pm
blue line. if you do, you're in jeopardy. >> reporter: they began investigating her alleged drug dealing lover soon after june. soon after, claims they began sleeping with the suspect. and eventually, the pillow tops turned to confession, police say. she not only told them she was a cop but that he was the subject of her investigation. and she also allegedly outed some other undercover officers. she put other officers' lives in danger. as a result of her actions. all right? these police officers, you know, could have been killed. >> reporter: in october, tempe police got an anonymous tip about the intimate relationship with the suspected drug dealer, who, according to the report, showed police numerous sexually explicit text messages he'd swap with her. when approached by police about the investigation into her activities, bieber jacutes, who was married, chose not to speak and was placed on administrative leave. just over a week later, she resigned, ending her 14-year tenure with the tempe police
4:48 pm
department. in an internal memo, police chief tom rift confirmed that jacut resigned for personal reason. writing, i can confirm an active criminal investigation was undertaken, based upon evidence discovered. >> the case was currently in the hands of the county attorney, who will decide what charges if any, will be filed against her. a police precinct in new york is sued after an officer forced him to rap for his freedom. >> $39,000 in my pocket is loose change. >> the 27-year-old says those are the words that let him free. he says after officers learned of his rap skills, they gave him a choice. if he could impress with his rhymes, they would let him go. if not, he would stay handcuffed. a policeman says the department has no comment because the litigation is pending. new york city is getting tough on animal abuse.
4:49 pm
and investigators are using cutting-edge technology to put suspended offenders behind bars. maurice dubois takes a look at this pet csi. >> the parents of 17-year-old kendrick johnson believe he was murdered. the crime -- >> wrong video. that is the wrong video, obviously. we're so sorry about that. we, of course, will try to get that story for you a little later on. coming up, will things warm up again by the weekend? >> bob has the updated first warning forecast coming up next. i have an 11 year old, so he's eating more than ever. at walmart you could've saved 26% on tuna, how's that sound? that sounds great! well, my food budget is tight. every penny counts. $134.23! that's a savings of over $21 or 13%! wow! the prices and variety here at walmart
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have completely blown my mind.
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here's a live look outside. courtesy of sky eye chopper 13. there's the sun. take a good look because it's going down. >> goodbye. help this to warm up a little bit. but really, we've got cooler air moving in. but dryer conditions for the next several days. looks like a really nice fall weekend coming our way. take a look at temps now. it is breezy. that's the only issue we have right now. 55 degrees, with the west/northwest wind. 18. but gusting to 28. the barometer right now, pretty low. but it's going to rise this
4:53 pm
evening. 29.92 inches. 56% humidity. that should be dropping. the dew point around 40. that's also going to be coming down, as cooler, dryer air moves in. 40 in oakland now. 48 in cumberland. 58 in ocean city. clouds leaving the eastern shore. we really only got 5/100ths of an inch. very light. just around between 10:30 and 1:00 this afternoon. a little batch of rain moved through the region. temperature-wise, around the local area. 52 now. and 57 down by the bay. here we have a wind of 18. 23 in d.c., 20 in hagerstown. 16 in oakland. so the breeze has brought this dryer air in. pushed the front to the east. and cleared things out. very, very quickly. on the bay bridges and some of bay bridges, we have wind advisories. up on those breezes, very exposed winds, gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour. there are some restrictions on some of the local bridges. here's the rain we had earlier. way off to the east/northeast.
4:54 pm
fright rite now, the front to the east. to the north of us, a few rain showers. maybe coming from snowflakes overnight. as it gets colder up towards new york. for us, the front has moved through the area. dryer, cooler air coming through the weekend. by sunday, looks like high pressure moves off the east coast. and though it will be a little closer to normal, it will be a milder day on sunday, rather than saturday. it will be pretty chilly, tomorrow and friday. friday and saturday will be the coolest of the next several days. cooler air coming in. but eventually, by sunday, as this high moves off, our winds go back to the southwest. if you're going to be around here on sunday, temperatures probably around 60. while only in the low 50s on saturday. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. and looks like it may get colder sometime in the middle of next week. could be pretty chilly. we'll talk about that later on. northwest winds 10 to 15. bay temp around 58. and a small craft advisory, through friday afternoon.
4:55 pm
sunrise, 6:42. set. there you go. 4:58. uh-huh. tonight, patchy clouds. just a few of them down to 39. the breeze will make you feel even colder than that. dress for a colder afternoon and evening. 54 tomorrow. with sunshine. better breeze. and the breeze making it feel probably mid- to upper 40s. so dress for those colder feelings on your skin. the wind takes heat away from your body. makes you foo feel colder. that's wind chill essentially. >> should i wear a hat? >> you don't need to wear a hat. >> how about gloves? would you suggest gloves? >> should probably wear a hat and dmofs. >> and scarf? >> scarf is always good for the neck. there you go. >> pants? >> pants. >> should he wear pants? >> pants are very important. >> make sure you don't get arrested. >> depends where you are. still to come on eyewitness news. i'm deshec valcourt, in baltimore's greenmount corridor, city police say they have dealt a crippling blow to
4:56 pm
the black guerrilla family gang. that story when eyewitness news continues. these are the hands of a surgeon. a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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4:58 pm
indict four dozen members of one of the most violent gangs in the country. the charges against the black guerrilla family. nationwide. why the fda is joining in on the move. >> i'm gigi barnett. that story is straight ahead. countdown to victory. i'm pat warren. you are watching the board of elections, with the absentee ballot that will determine the outcome of the mayor's race.
4:59 pm
>> check in for more on these stories and all the breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. so long, transfat. >> the bold move by the fda and the impact it will have on your meals. >> i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm kai jackson. >> for the first time, the fda admits that transfats are dangerous. and now they want a ban on the hard substance in the food industry. it is a move local restaurants firmly agree with. gigi? >> reporter: that's right, mary. new york was the first to get


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