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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now. path of destruction, a record breaking typhoon plows into the philippines. >> here is what people are talking about. a historic super storm is barreling towards southeast asia after ripping through the philippines. the death toll is increasing by the hour. first let's go to alphonso van marsh for the latest. >> reporter: the typhoon unleashed 20-foot waves. it forced more than a million people out of their homes.
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forecasters say the massive typhoon measures some 300 miles wide and may be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. philippine officials blame haiyan for many deaths and say the storm put some 12 million at risk. this man says "i saw those big waves and i immediately told my neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami ." the roaring winds and downpours knocked out power and telephone service. flooding and land slides bury villages. rescuers carry children to safety and distribute supplies including to tourist resorts. haiyan is on a path to hit china next where emergency preparations are underway. >> complete coverage continues now. bob turk is tracking this
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monster storm. >> this is moving quickly. that's the only caveat. it didn't slow down. it moved across central philippines around sea boo about 200 miles south of manilla. there is a big arch of islands there. this is one of the worst ever to hit the philippines. they say at landfall the winds were gusting over 200 miles an hour sustained at about 195 miles per hour. now, the future of it, this weekend, it's now in south china sea which means by the weekend it will be heading towards maybe north vietnam, louse eventually. the strongest winds are on the northeast so most of those may stay over the ocean hopefully but it looks like louse may get a direct hit next week and they could have winds of 150 or 160 miles an hour. when we track hurricanes and look at hurricanes this is more
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than a category 5 storm with the winds they had recorded there in the philippines. it looks like it is weakened, a little bit, winds down to 142 which made it category 4. when it hit philippines it was over category 5. we rarely see those storms ever in history. we'll continue to track it for you. i assume we'll see more reports of damage because communications are down so it will be a long time before we find out really what happened. >> thank you. baltimore county police say speed and alcohol contributed to a deadly crash in hunt valley. denise is in the newsroom with new information. >> reporter: the crash shut down york road for hours. it happened around thornton mill road around 10:00. the driver crossed the center line and struck a tucson and then spun into a dodge dart. the driver and passenger in the tucson were killed and the person in the suv is in critical condition.
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just a short time ago police identified victims as 85 year old charles wagner and 84 year old janine wagner. >> thank you. the state's attorneys office will decide if charges will be filed. crime concerns. a string of robberies has students and residents on edge. monique explains a new task force is being formed to improve safety. >> reporter: the task force is looking at ways to improve safety. it wants the changes to happen as soon as possible. three universe students have been robbed this week while walking in the same community. a 24 year old male was viciously stabbed after being approached. >> now that it is getting dark earlier, it is scary walking home. >> reporter: the second happened just a day later and the third thursday. the student said two suspects wearing black hooded sweatshirts and tape over their
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mouths pulled up in the vehicle and demanded her purse. the vehicle was a tan nissan. the suspects were thin black males. while no weapon was involved both previous attacks involved knives. >> that's been a real problem. these incidents literally are involving students. >> reporter: incidents have led david mark to create a task force to improve security. >> this is a very dark corridor. i think lighting will improve. the second thing we can do is improve awareness. >> reporter: the university has advised students to drop distractions and be more aware of surroundings. many are taking warnings seriously especially with suspects still at large. >> it's scary. >> reporter: they want these improvements as soon as possible. baltimore county police say they have increased patrols in the area.
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three days after polls close, still no winner in the election for mayor. after a count of absentee ballots the republican challenger has kept a narrow lead over the incumbent democrat josh cowen. provisional ballots are still being counted. officials stayed up until after 4:30 this morning counting ballots. october jobs report is released showing unexpected job increase in hiring. this is despite the government shut down. the unemployment rate was slightly higher to 7.3% most likely because furloughed federal workers were counted as unemployed. president obama makes an apology to more than 3 million who have lost health insurance because of the affordable care act. tara mergener reports from washington. >> you like your plan, you can keep your plan. >> reporter: for years the president promised again and again that no one would be forced off an insurance plan they wanted to keep because of
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his healthcare law. but more than 3 million americans have gotten cancellation letters and late yesterday the president apologized during an interview with nbc news. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> reporter: insurance policies that fall short of the new law standards are no longer valid. the president says his administration is looking at a range of option to his help people whose insurance has been canceled. the white house says fewer than 5% of americans will be required to change their coverage but that means about 15 million people. some 250,000 live in colorado. kathy wagner says she'll have to pay 25% more for the same
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coverage. >> i really just wanted him to know, i was so hopeful that this plan would move us forward but in fact i think it's moving us backward. >> reporter: the president says his administration wasn't as clear as it needed to be about healthcare reform. >> we are going to get this done done. >> reporter: tara mergener, cbs news washington. >> the president denies that he deliberately mislead americans. people are setting sail on this cruise ship now with a bit of a chilly start. i am sure it will be warm where they're going. i don't think many people are complaining on the ship. wjz has weather and traffic together. let's start with tim williams who is live near key highway with the wjz mobile weather lab. >> reporter: any cruise is a sweet one if you are leaving for some place warm. we are looking at temperatures
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around 50 now. the winds have been picking up in double digits across the area. this northwest wind has kept things chilly. we'll see these conditions through the weekend. it will stay breezy. the winds will die down. we keep that autumn feel, but into tomorrow expect that we'll continue to tap into a bit of the breeze and it's going to be brisk at times but it will be sunny. at least heading into saturday and sunday we'll talk about the ravens forecast in the next hour. it will be comfortable albeit on the cool side. bob will have your complete forecast. for now we are sending it back from where it is 50. we are on the water for a reason. we'll talk about that coming up. it has something to do with the pride of baltimore ii. we'll talk about it coming up next hour. back to you. >> thank you. we look forward to talking with you about it. let's check on our roads now at wjz traffic control. >> not a good start at all for north bound 95. there are delays everywhere. we had a couple earlier
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accidents contributing to the delay. now you are looking at a solid jam from 395 to route 24 in harper county. as far as the other side of 95 watch for delays from 32 to the belt way on the southwest side. traveling on the top of the inner loop accident at providence is on the shoulder but it has delays going back to 795. it is also taking a toll on the outer belt way, people are slowing at providence road, delays back to bel air for people trying to sneak a peek at what's going on. 70 west bound is having a struggle with delays from the belt way. give yourself at least 20 minutes to get by. as far as overall travel times from 83 to 95, 27 miles per hour average, 21 minutes to get through. traffic is very heavy 50 east bound at sandy point due to an accident at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. call to get 10% $100 or more all of your plumbing needs. back to you. >> thank you. happy birthday to the pride of baltimore ii. tim just talked about this. the ship is celebrating its 25 25th birthday. a fund raiser called prideafterdark will be held to commemorate the ship and all that's accomplished. the event is at bo brooks restaurant at 6:00. it will include silent auction, hors d'oeuvres, decaturs. still ahead at 4:00. >> ranting a raving, another embarrassing video of the mayor of toronto. what rob ford is saying about it. >> smouldering ruin, what caused a house to be blown to
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bits in new jersey. >> nine floors of some of the best care in the world. it opens today. the story is coming up next. >> it may be cool but will the weekend be dry? stick around for your updated forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sunny and 50 degrees in central maryland. the complete forecast is coming up. a powerful house explosion rocks a new jersey neighborhood. mobile phone video captures flames moments after the blast levels a home. the homeowners were inside. quick thinking neighbors sprang into action and got the couple out. they suffered burns and are listed in critical condition. days after apologizing for smoking crack cocaine the mayor of toronto is making another apology for new video showing him in an intoxicated tie raid.
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it's adding to calls for him to step down. >> reporter: this context is as murky as the video image. the mayor of toronto in what looks like a private living room flaring and threatening violence. the toronto star purchased the video from a source and posted it on the website this morning. within minutes, rob ford was out in front of his office to address waiting reporters. >> all i can say is again i've made mistakes. all i can do is reassure the people. i don't know what to say. i was extremely, extremelyien
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usual rated. >> reporter: the city counselor says the video shows behavior unbecoming to the toronto mayor. >> the video is obviously disturbing, very upsetting, very sad. >> reporter: toronto's deputy mayor was more forgiving. >> this is obviously a private moment and people in private often act differently than they do in public. >> reporter: toronto city council doesn't have the power to force ford out of office. can wall street end the note on a high week -- week on a high note? all the markets are up big. the dow was up 168 and s&p up 23 and nasdaq up 62. let's go to new york where allison has tonight's moneywatch update. >> stocks remain higher on word u.s. employers added more than 200,000 jobs last month. consumer spending was up
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slightly in september but not as much as the previous month. mcdonalds says sales are up but the fast food leader faces tougher competition. they're adding healthier foods to the menu to boost sales. customers will be able to order salads instead of fries with its value meals. coca-cola has been expanding into emerging markets including russia and china working to reach 200 billion revenue by 2020. one day after highly anticipated ipo twitter stock is retreating slightly. volatile trading is common for new stocks as investors weigh the long term value. the onion is going out of print but staying online. it's losing print advertising while the digital side is growing. last print edition of the onion will be out december 12. for all your business news log on to cbs the university of maryland
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trauma center opens a new $160 million tower. mike was given a tour of the new facility. >> reporter: if you are being wheeled around this place something has gone terribly wrong. modern trauma medicine was born here and now an astonishing 96% of patients survive but such success led to over crowding. designed for 3500, the old new hospital was treating over 8000 a year. today is the ribbon cutting for a new shock trauma hospital tower. physician and chief shows me a new room. >> we got the job done when we had the small rooms. it was cramped. these are beautiful. >> reporter: you can have all the state of the art medicine you want but the people who work here say don't underestimate the power of family. now there is enough room in the rooms to have the family here. >> we get families to talk to them about things they would normally talk to them about.
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like the orioles won, ravens aren't playing too good or whatever. it helps the patients. >> reporter: vips, doctors, donors cut the ribbon. back on the neurology floor we find shock trauma nurse of 33 years. >> it doesn't get better than that. not only do i work here, i get to work with some of the most amazing people. >> reporter: professionals who want shock trauma idea in their community, an idea financed by anyone with a vehicle in maryland. >> people in maryland expect to pay money on their vehicular registration so they can have this. this is a gift from the people of maryland to the people of maryland. >> reporter: tuukka new shock trauma trauma, eyewitness news. >> the project was funded by money raised from vehicle registration fees, private donations, as well as the state. coming up at 4:00 america's dumbest criminals.
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wait until you see what a pair of father and daughter crooks are caught doing. >> reporter: why the odds of a dangerous hit have increased. that story as eyewitness news continues. >> a nice weekend ahead. stick around for your updated forecast. wjz13 is always on for the top stories on cbs baltimore ,,,,,,,
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meteorologist tim williams here along key highway where we are celebrating 25th anniversary of the pride of baltimore ii. it will be a nice weekend. how will the weekend play out. >> reporter: i thought you were going to sneak off on that cruise ship. it's a little chilly now. let's look at temperatures and conditions, around the 50- degree mark depending on your neighborhood. west winds were really brisk. they have calmed down. the barometer is on the way
4:25 pm
back up, 50dc, 52 max river, dew point is way down again, this is another dry canadian air mass, 21 degrees. temperatures in the upper 40s, mid 40s to the low to mid 50s around the region. temperatures run from 4 to 12 degrees, 14 degrees colder today than yesterday at this time. the cool front came in and dropped our temperatures. to the west of us an area of low pressure northern montana, rain a snow ahead of it. there are clouds to the north of us. there were a few snowflakes in northern pennsylvania, lake effect snow. not a lot was reported. the winds were strong. you see the streamers coming down. we did have quite a few clouds, couple sprinkles reported but generally not a bad afternoon except for the chill in the air. over the weekend this cool weather continues into
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saturday. by sunday the winds become southwesterly and it becomes milder and behind that it turns colder again for the middle of next week. tuesday looks like it's getting really chilly and by wednesday probably only highs in the low 40s. some cold air is coming for next week. southwest winds 5 to 15, small craft advisory through midnight for the breezes. sunrise 6:43, sets at 4:57. 58 is your current bay temp. overnight look for 29 degrees at the airport, probably mid 30s in the city. a frosty night as winds quickly diminish. tomorrow sunshine, maybe a little warmer than today, up to 54 which is about five degrees below normal. >> it's tolerable. thanks. don't miss the primetime line up. at 10:00 is blue bloods followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. don't miss the action when ravens take on cincinnati bengals sunday at 1:00 live on
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wjz. still ahead, children with allergies, could your location increase your child's chance of having hay fever. >> massacre at washington navy yard, a dozen gunned down, the lawsuit being filed by the family of a victim. >> he said he said. the war of words over what happened inside miami locker room amid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30, 50 degrees, sunny, beautiful. a beautiful green golf course there. hello. thanks for joining us. the bullying controversy is capturing the spotlight. still new allegations are surfacing about what happened
4:31 pm
between jonathan martin and richie incognito. >> reporter: richie incognito's locker, clothes hanging neatly, a contrast to the mess caused by incognito martin bullying scandal. the head coach was back in front of the microphones thursday. >> any comments we would make at this time would be a disservice to the process that's about to take place. >> reporter: in the locker room most players had had enough of it. when asked how does a locker room stay together with all the distraction people outside of the football world don't get it? >> sucks for them. >> reporter: we get that. players who would talk were still trying to make sense of it all. >> you get to a point where you can't differentiate between what's fact and what's opinion. >> reporter: what's most puzzling is the relationship between incognito and martin
4:32 pm
that has begun to emerge. can we believe they were best friends as some said, two men from different backgrounds and experiences. martin is a stanford grad who talked of attending harvard law, quiet guy. and incognito perhaps the polar opposite. a man who at least one time apparently thought little of screaming racial slurs and using vulgar language publicly. the player twice voted by his peers one of the dirtiest guys in the game. >> what's perceived is he is this psychopath racist maniac. the reality is richie was a pretty good teammate and that richie and jonathan were friends. >> today martin's new attorney says harassment came from more than one teammate and included daily vulgar comments and a physical attack. the family of one of the victims of navy yard massacre has filed a lawsuit.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: that's right. the family of knight is seeking $37.5 million from the navy and department of veterans affairs. they claim red flags about deteriorating mental health of the killer were ignored. alexis gunned down 12 people before killed in a shoot out with police. at issue is whether the companies that employed alexis knew he was having mental health problems and if federal agencies were aware of his trouble. >> thank you. alexis was a civilian contract employee. a shocking jump in the number of sexual assaults in the military in just the last year. tara mergener reports for wjz from washington with more on what lawmakers wanted do about it. >> reporter: sexual attacks on military members jumped sharply over the past year. new defense report says 3553 members of the military reported being sexually
4:34 pm
assaulted this past fiscal year, an astonishing 46% jump from 2012. the study calls that increase unprecedented. it's unclear if the jump is because more victims are feeling comfortable enough to come forward because such assaults are becoming more common or if it's a combination of the two. >> we know from victims that they don't see an opportunity for justice. they see the command may be biased against them, may favor perpetrator, may favor pushing it under the rug because it makes the commander look bad. >> reporter: a bill has been written to take responsibility for prosecuting serious crimes out of the hands of military commanders giving the authority to military lawyers. 47 senators from both sides of the isle have signed onto cosponsor. others agree with military leaders who say such a change could weaken the chain of command. >> investigations will be independent but at the end of the day if we let commanders off the hook we have never
4:35 pm
solved a problem in the military without holding commanders accountable. >> reporter: debate on the bill is scheduled to begin later this month. tara mergener, wjz, eyewitness newses. >> sex assault numbers included assaults by civilians on military personnel. inadequate security measures may have led to worst breach of classified data in the history of the ns. a. sources say edward snowden may have persuaded up to 25 fellow workers at a spy base in hawaii to give him log ins and passwords telling them he needed codes do his job as computer systems administrator. it's unclear what rules employees broke by giving up passwords. a handful were reportedly removed from assignments. two are under arrest charged with breaking into a business and stealing copper. police say officers watched dennis asmussen and heather
4:36 pm
saul hut son enter a business and walk out with copper tubing, wiring, extension cords. police say the two were arrested while loading the items into a car. both were charged with burglary, theft, malicious destruction of property, trespassing. a super typhoon is moving into the south china sea after ravaging the philippines. look at this dramatic video of people washed into the water near a flood wall. several were rescued. others are missing. the storm caused severe damage but because it is the middle of the night there now, the extent of the damage at this time is unclear. wjz is live. meteorologist tim williams is downtown with a look at what we can expect here in maryland. first bob is tracking the huge typhoon. >> reporter: i believe we have a satellite picture showing it moving through the philippines. this is central philippines. it's close to the second largest city in the
4:37 pm
philippines. there will be tremendous amounts of damage. but because communications are down it's going to be a long time before we find out what happened there. this is one of the strongest ever to come onshore. 195 mile-an-hour winds reported apparently may have had gusts over that and it had about ten inches of rain from what i understand, about 12 hours. that's why they have additional flooding. 20-foot storm surge completely innodates coastal areas. let's look at the track as it moves to the south china sea. by later this weekend it is approaching north vietnam and eventually may make another landfall in laws sometime monday. it is weakened, winds are down to 142. but it's still a category 4 or category 5 hurricane. we call them hurricanes in the pacific. that part of the pacific they call them typhoons. storm surge was reported at 20 feet. you can imagine the damage must
4:38 pm
be unbelievable. we'll be keeping this tracking throughout the weekend and we'll hear more about this. as far as local weather, it is quieter here. >> it certainly is. we have cooler temperatures, nothing you wouldn't expect. we are here with the mobile weather lab and temperatures dropping out of the 50-degree range into the 40s. we are at about 48 here with a slight wind chill, winds are around 10 miles per hour. we are down around key highway celebrating this veterans day weekend and also a birthday for pride of baltimore ii. we'll talk about what's going on and you will hear stories about that on our newscast. as far as what you can expect, we are looking at temperatures staying on the cool side. it will be brisk and chilly through the evening with temperatures going down to the 30s. tomorrow we'll be in the 50s and we'll tap into a bit of a northwest wind much like today. the difference will be we'll
4:39 pm
have sunshine out like today but the difference will be less wind. we'll call it a breezy weekend heading into saturday and sunday. the forecast for the ravens game looks incredible, very football like, very normal for this time of year. we'll have your complete forecast with bob coming up. but for now from the mobile weather lab here around key highway, meteorologist tim williams sending it back to you. >> thank you tim and bob. let's check on the roads now with christie at wjz traffic control. >> if you are heading home you are in for a hectic commute. we still have the accident providence road on the shoulder. this is also affecting outer loop with heavy congestion from parker road to the jones expressway with an average speed of 25 miles an hour. on the westside inner loop stop and go from 895 past liberty, a lot of delays looking at you on 70 west bound starting from the belt way over to baltimore
4:40 pm
national pike. north bound 95 turns out to be a lengthy delay starting at 32 going over to 395. it continues to creep along to the 895 split approaching route 24 in harvard county, traffic moving only at about 35 miles per hour. let's take a live look. 50 east bound, some slowing there. we have an accident at the chesapeake bay bridge toll plaza. this traffic report is brought to you by united healthcare, stepping up for better healthcare. back to you. >> thank you christie. it appears earth has more bullets to dodge than expected. last february's meteor blast over siberia sent nasa scientists back to their computers. the worrisome numbers researchers have turned up. >> reporter: the odds of a destructive hit by asteroid has increased because number of smaller asteroids have been added to the mix. they may only be bits and pieces of the solar system but asteroids are a threat to earth
4:41 pm
and life on it. >> nothing to be frightened about except they're in the wrong chase. >> reporter: nasa's chief scientist. >> what we are realizing is there may be more small ones more frequently than anticipated. >> reporter: a realization that literally hit home last february when a meteorite exploded over siberia. suddenly astronomers. >> that was a wake up call. >> reporter: it exploded high up in an air burst. it was still powerful enough to injure 1600 people. if it had been an iron nickel asteroid. >> it could have hit the surface and made a crater. >> reporter: it prompted nasa to do a table top drill where one in dc was predicted to kill 7800 people. one smaller than a football field might do it.
4:42 pm
the rock that hit siberia was 62 feet. smaller asteroids make the odds of destructive hit four to five times more likely. siberia blast was the equivalent of 40 hiroshima a bombs. >> the more we know, the better we can make decisions about them. >> reporter: nasa plans for look for them and there is a goal to catch one for study and learn the best way to some day redirect them away from a collision course with earth. figuring in the smaller asteroids air bursts like in russia dropped from a possibility of once every 150 years to once every 30 years. back to you. >> that's a big jump. thank you alex. that low key table top drill nasa ran after the siberian explosion estimated to hit off mid atlantic coast could possibly generate a tsunami 49 feet high. >> something else to worry about. straight ahead on
4:43 pm
eyewitness news at 4:00, terror at the state fair. the latest on the charges after people are injured in north carolina. >> shocking allegations, why police say a teen tried to use the internet to get someone to kill his grandfather. >> start cranking up the heat for good. stick around for your updated forecast. until then, enjoy this beautiful sunset. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in arizona have arrested a man accused of attempting to hire a hit man to kill his grandfather. >> reporter: police say the 20 year old posted an ad on craigslist looking to buy a gun to kill his grandfather. an undercover officer responded to the post as an interested seller and met him at a local shopping center. that's where the plot changed as suspect asked detective to commit the murder for him.
4:47 pm
in exchange the officer says he offered an ipad, ipod and year of free haircuts. almajo faces charges of conspiracy for first degree murder and attempted first degree murder or a scheme where he attempted to hire to kill. >> he abuses his grandfather of mental, physical, emotional abuse. one day after turning himself in the owner of the ride that injured people at last month's north carolina state fair appears in court. the 32 year old is charged with two counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon and one count on a juvenile. he was released from jail on a $225,000 bond. the father and daughter are facing charges in kentucky after a laundromat burglary they almost got away with. watch as the two enter the laundromat and cover what they think is the surveillance camera. after covering the fake camera they begin emptying quarters out of each machine while the
4:48 pm
real camera records every minute. suspects are charged with theft by unlawful taking from a coin machine. it can be a miserable time of year for the millions with hay fever. a study shows the climate where you live could play a role in your child's risk. >> reporter: nine year old spencer sees his allergist once a month to get shots for his hay fever. >> i get swollen eyes, nose gets plugged hurt. >> reporter: where children live can increase chances of seasonal allergies. >> living in areas in the south and southeast correlated with high degrees of allergies felt to be related to high temperature, high pollen, and actually mold as well. >> reporter: wetter regions with average humidity have lower numbers of allergic children.
4:49 pm
people usually suffer in the string and fall months but some suffer year round. one doctor suggests kids stay indoors during peak hours of pollen season like late morning. >> once you are in for the day we tell parents have their children shower, bathe, get rid of pollen, change clothing. >> we spend a lot of time unfortunately but we try to balance it. >> reporter: the allergy shots have been helping but he couldn't get one this time since he had slight fever and sore throat. >> american college of allergy asthma and immunology says alaska, montana, vermont have the lowest population with seasonal allergies. unusual act of kindness caught on camera on a new york train as a man allows a stranger to take a snooze on his shoulder. >> i was so tickled that a new yorker would let another new yorker sleep on his shoulder. >> the stranger continued to sleep for almost 30 minutes.
4:50 pm
the passenger says he wasn't bothered and didn't want to wake the man who seemed like he had a long day. good for him. bringing a heavy jacket if you are heading out tonight. you are heading out tonight. >> bob has your updated ,,,,,,,,
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wow! the prices and variety here at walmart have completely blown my mind. we're back live around key highway right next to little havana across from the pride of baltimore ii which is celebrating its 25th birthday. call it a birthday with the ship. there are going to be a lot of activities going on this weekend also with veterans day. with more on the forecast i send it in to bob. >> a great weekend to spend at the harbor, dress for nice fall conditions, it will be chilly tonight and warm up this weekend. let's look at temps with 50, dew points down to 21, humidity 30%, west winds have calmed to 12 and they'll get much lighter as the evening progresses. the barometer is rising quickly
4:54 pm
to 30.2. it is 50 in dc, 52 up in elton. temperatures, mid to upper 40s to low 50s depending your location. we are running from 4 to 12 or 14 degrees colder today than we were yesterday as the front came through with a little bit rain, new dry cooler air mass came in. this morning we dropped down to 32 at the airport. tonight is probably colder. we had snow shower activity across pennsylvania and new york, typical lake effect stuff. not a lot reported but the cold air will be reinforced later in the week next week as an area of cold high pressure is building up. that brings coldest temps we have seen so far this fall. tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week probably temps in the low to mid 40s and there was talk about a big storm. it looks like anything that happens next week will happen way offshore, might see a little rain, a little cold rain perhaps on tuesday or
4:55 pm
wednesday. it looks like most of that has just kind of disappeared. there has been snow this afternoon in some places as you see. by sunday some milder air comes in with the next front and that will begin cooling us monday night into tuesday before it gets somewhat cooler than we'll see over the weekend. southwest winds 5 to 15, small craft advisory until midnight for the breeze. the bay temp is around 58 and the sun will rise at 6:43, sets at 4:57. tonight 29 by morning with frost in the morning. we have already seen that, 54 degrees tomorrow. that's running still about four degrees below normal for this time of year. it will be mainly sunny. the breeze will pick up sunday but it will be warmer probably around 60 if you are going to the football game. in the sun it will be fine. in the shade it will be chilly. >> the leaves are coming down. thank you. still to come on eyewitness
4:56 pm
news tonight. >> i'm pat warren, coming up >> i'm pat warren, coming up the ballot count in ,, mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nurses who get to know you. that's evergreen health. learn more at
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4:59 pm
stories and amount breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. three days later, still no mayor of annapolis. >> the tension and uncertainty grows. >> here is what people are talking about. >> who will be mayor of annapolis? days after the election in the state capitol that answer remains a mystery. pat warren has more on the wait and when to expect a winner. good evening. >> reporter: good evening everybody. right now they're hoping they can get this whole thing resolved in the next couple hours but by the time they have stopped counting votes for a spell in the early hours of


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