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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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narrowed to 50 votes. >> it's the one question on everybody's mind in annapolis today. >> is it over? >> ballot for the mayor race would be counted. >> reporter: after a 19 hour marathon that ended at quarter to 5:00 the ballot counting in the annapolis mayors race continued through afternoon. >> reject this provisional ballot, reject this application be rejected. >> reporter: the race tells a story of a changing annapolis where many democrats determined to elect a republican challenger to make a point. >> you are a democrat. >> yes, ma'am. >> we just want changes in the city. >> the city needs changes, a clean sweep. >> annapolis is at a crossroads. >> reporter: the mayor has not made an appearance since counting started yesterday and his supporters here are not inclined to be interviewed.
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as of now, the count is continuing and whoever the winner is can expect a legal challenge from the loser. i'm pat warren reporting from annapolis. back to you. >> interesting perspective. thank you. >> both candidates are still optimistic about the outcome. the family of a woman killed during mass shooting at the navy yard is preparing to file a lawsuit. denise has more. >> reporter: the family is seeking $37.5 million from the navy and the department of veterans affairs. they say that red flags about the deteriorating mental health of the killer were ignored. aaron alexis gunned down 12 people at the navy yard september 16 before being killed in a shoot out with police. the issue is whether the company that employed alexis knew he was having mental health problems and whether the federal agencies were aware of his problems or his troubles. the claim is that the first step towards filing a lawsuit.
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>> thank you. this is the first family seeking to file suit seeking damages. one of the strongest storms in the history of the world slams into the philippines thanksgivingering flooding, land slides, power outages and deaths. bob turk has more on the track and strength. let's talk with alphonso van marsh with a look at the dramatic damages. >> reporter: the typhoon unleashed 20-foot waves and forced more than a million people across the philippines out of their homes. the massive typhoon also known as hurricane in the western hemisphere measures 300 miles wide and may be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. officials blame haiyan for many deaths and say it's put 12 million people at risk. this man says "i saw those big waves and i madely told my
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neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami ." the super typhoon's roaring winds and downpours knocked out power and telephone service flooding and land slides have buried villages. rescue workers carry children to safety and distributed supplies. haiyan is on a path to hit china in vietnam next where emergency preparations are underway. >> our first weather coverage continues as bob has more on the storm, its strength and track. >> let's look at what it looked like when it went through the philippines. it was about 200 miles south of manila, the center. as you mention the winds probably up to 195, maybe higher gusts over 200 miles an hour, one of the strongest storms ever to come ashore on any land mass. they get about 20 a year. they had about ten inches of
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rain. if there is a good thing about this, it is that it moved quickly, around 25 miles per hour so it didn't stay in one place very long. it is in the south china sea and through the weekend it will head toward vietnam, the northeastern section. most of the storms will be i think over water bodies but by the time it gets to louse monday it could again be a category 4 or 5 storm. winds have come down a little bit. this afternoon they're down to 142 making it a category 5. when it hit the philippines it was over a category 5 storm with 20-foot storm surge reported in the philippines, just an unbelievable remarkable picture. if you saw it, it is a classic picture of a huge, huge cyclone. we'll have more on this and the damage it caused. it will take a long time to get information because so much has been destroyed.
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>> thank you. >> so far four deaths have been reported in the philippines but the number is expected to climb dramatically. about 20 typhoons hit the philippines each year. in 2011 a typhoon killed 1200 people. the hunted is on for more members of the notoriously violent gang. the black gorilla families terrorized a neighborhood for years. wjz is live there and there is more on the intense police crack down. >> reporter: police say they arrested two more gang members overnight bringing the total to 35. 13 more remain on the run. murders, shootings, drug trafficking, witness intimidation, the area's black gorilla family gang did it all. police raided a neighborhood arresting dozens with ties to the gang, one somehow escaped still wearing handcuffs. more a dozen others are on the
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run. >> i promise you we're going to find them. our officers and detectives are working around the clock to track them down. >> reporter: this man david hunter had become defacto leader of the ruthless criminal organization responsible for numerous murders and shootings in the green mount corridor dating back to 2005. one killed carlos williams had angered the gang by trying to open a drug rehab clinic on bgf turf. the reign of terror extended to other areas. tony has spent his career investigating gangs. it originated in west coast prison but has the second largest membership right here in maryland. white was charged with running the baltimore city detention center corrupting female correctional officers even getting four pregnant, a sign of the power inside and outside prison walls.
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>> take 48 out and somebody will take over where they left off. another gang, maybe more bgf. no one really knows now. >> reporter: they're promising to crack down on anyone involved in criminal gang activity in the city and vowing their fight against the bgf family isn't over. >> thank you. prosecutors say the arrested members will be prosecuted under maryland's 2007 gang statute that areas maximum 20 year prison sentence. two are under arrest charged with breaking into a business and stealing copper. police say officers watched the two enter a business and walk out with copper tubing, wiring, and extension cords. police say the two were arrested while loading items into a car. both now face multiple charges. a cooler than normal friday in baltimore, it is a bit
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breezy as this cruise ship departed a short time ago but they'll see a spectacular sunset on the water. here is a live look outside now. temperatures are dropping. we are in for a fairly chilly night. tim williams is live with the wjz mobile weather lab. happy friday mr. williams. >> reporter: happy friday to you too. we are looking at of course the measurements here, temperatures outside the mobile weather lab. we are along key highway to give you a position, havana club for those who know it. we are across the water from the 25th birthday celebration of the pride of baltimore ii. it is going to be a pretty chilly night to be out and about with temperatures dropping into the 40s. here is the mobile weather lab it is 48 with a 10 mile-per- hour wind dropping down to a wind chill around 39 to 41 degrees downtown. that's the first time we talk about wind chill. we are looking at the temperatures reflecting the fall feel. we are looking at the temperatures staying in the 40s
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for a while. the sun has gone down. we'll go down to about 32. tomorrow we'll look for milder air moving in. sunshine stays with us through the weekend and mild air building in. we'll get a shift in the wind to the south and that will help bring things up to the mid 50s. on sunday there is a big event taking place, ravens of course are back in town playing the cincinnati bengals and of course bengals are coming in leading the division. weather will not be a factor for the ravens to take a division rivals. the temperature will be around 59. it will be windy. we'll look at a 17 mile-per- hour wind from the west so the breeze will be there but it will be a sunny comfortable day. we'll have the complete forecast with bob coming up. for now i'm sending it back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news. a possible gas main break. captain jeff has more. >> reporter: the call came out less than ten minutes ago, a
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smell of gas reported in the basement of a residential high rise in the heart of downtown baltimore. this is at the corner of charles and saratoga. baltimore city police department with a huge response shutting down that intersection. no traffic is getting through. we'll keep you posted as they investigate the smell of gas here in baltimore. >> thank you. as mentioned of course we'll bring more information as soon as we get it. it's a purple friday in baltimore with the ravens back in action at home against the cincinnati bengals. we have more on the critical match up and game predictions. >> reporter: trying story building stop a three game losing streak the ravens have talked about a sense of urgency and being defined by adversity. will words give way to action sunday? it all comes down to having to beat the bengals.
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cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high powered offense that has them in first place in the afc north. the ravens need to counter by getting their own offense in gear. flacco and company have been stuck in neutral. >> we haven't been good enough across the board in terms of precision and the passing game and getting the running game going, getting first downs. that stuff leads to first downs. we haven't done it. >> reporter: ravens are back on home turf and with a record of 3-5 this feels like a must win. panelist experts predict how ravens will fair. >> i am concerned as ravens come back home against the 5th ranked defense in the nfl. i don't see it being a win. bengals 24, ravens 17. >> i can't go with the ravens in good conscious. there is no indication to me that they're going to win this game against a good bengals home. i give them a couple points for
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home field advantage. >> no one expected them to be 3- 5. so i am going to give you another surprise. the anemic offense will come to life. ravens beat bengals 27-20. >> i think ravens will show real fight at home but i can't pick them over a real good cincinnati team. it will be close but i will take bengals 24-20. >> tear capable of beating the bengals and i won't be surprised if they do. they haven't played up to their capabilities so my guess is cincinnati wins 27-20, just a guess. back to you. >> thank you. remember you can see the ravens and cincinnati sunday afternoon at 1:00 right here on wjz. we are keeping the faith. >> keep the faith. fingers are crossed. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. angry rampage, the latest
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scandal, the mayor of toronto and a closer look at his ranting next. >> a deadly crash, two killed in a three car pile up in baltimore county. coming up on wjz new details into how the accident happened. >> the brand new shock trauma, nine floors of some of the best care in the world. it opens today. the story is coming up next. >> sunny and windy this friday. so how will things shape up for the weekend? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 50 degrees in central maryland now, complete forecast is coming up. police are still investigating a fatal crash that left an elderly couple
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dead. wjz is live with more on what police believe happened. >> reporter: we are learning more about the three car pile up from police. emergency vehicles cover york road in hunt valley. police say three cars collided killing an elderly married couple. >> it's tragic, especially when you have two people. there is a family somewhere that has lost loved ones. >> reporter: a driver was going north when it crossed the center line and crashed into the elderly couple's car head on. the driver went back into the north bound side into the path of another vehicle. >> speed and alcohol appear to have been factors in the incident. >> reporter: the couple 85 year old charles wagner and 84 year old janine wagner were killed. another person in their car is in critical condition in shock trauma. this part of york road is back
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open. it was closed several hours overnight as officers investigated the crash. when richardson heard the crash, he rushed outside. >> the car was against that bridge on the left side. >> reporter: he tells wjz drivers fly past his home and he has seen several accidents. >> there is a problem with speed on the road. >> reporter: the fatal crash remains under investigation. wjz just learned from police that the two other drivers involved in the crash have both been cited for dui. linh bui. >> thank you. the state's attorneys office will also review the incident. if you are waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check in on the roads now. >> reporter: hi everyone. the roads are jam packed starting with the top side of the belted way, at least 35
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minutes over to hart ford with an average speed of 35 miles an hour. brake lights from 295 past liberty only moving at about 25 miles per hour average. as far as 70 goes it's still a drive for you west bound from the belt way. north bound 95 continues to be a major problem this afternoon. delays stretch from 32 over to 895 and then are expected to close down again from eastern to route 24. a couple new accidents. watch for an accident at 97 south at route 100. let's take a live look at 50 east bound, an accident at west road, two lanes blocked. this is definitely having an effect on the traffic. this is brought to you by bje smart savers program. visit bte smart
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back to you. >> thank you. a little chilly. >> a little chilly tonight. the winds are dying out. this evening it will be in the low to mid 40s shortly. we are down to 47 now, clear skies with the winds dying down. we'll take a look at the nice we'll take a look at the nice fall weekend right after i have an 11 year old, so he's eating more than ever. at walmart you could've saved 26% on tuna, how's that sound? that sounds great! well, my food budget is tight. every penny counts. $134.23! that's a savings of over $21 or 13%! wow! the prices and variety here at walmart have completely blown my mind.
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47 degrees here outside the wjz mobile weather lab. we are here with little havana and the pride of baltimore ii across the water celebrating its 25th birthday. we are looking at basically a very nice fall like weekend but it will be chilly heading into tomorrow. for more on how it plays out, in to bob turk. >> a nice weekend for football games. let's look at temps. it will be a chilly night. the clear skies and light winds will cause temps to plummet. we'll be below freezing in many areas by morning. humidity is low at 30% and dew point is way down there. the winds have calmed down earlier. around noon they were up to 24 miles per hour. it was breezy. now it's down to 10. barometer continues to rise.
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temperatures are anywhere from the 30s, 40s, low 50s across some areas. generally mid to upper 40s to low 50s around baltimore metro, warmer by the bay as you might expect. temperatures are running from 4 to 10 degrees cooler or around here 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. we did drop quite a bit. it's not going to be a hole lot longer really -- whole lot longer really. it's through tomorrow. then we warm up again. we had some snow shower across new york, pennsylvania as the ladies and gentlemen effect starts to -- lake effect starts to kick in. the air gets cold but the lakes are warm so you get a lot of chances for lake effect snow. not too far north of us they had snowflakes this afternoon. we saw some clouds this afternoon but high pressure over us with cool conditions, winds die down, a frosty morning. as the high moves off the east coast winds come back bringing
5:25 pm
milder air. another frontal system is coming sunday or monday and could bring chilly temperatures particularly tuesday, wednesday, thursday. probably only in the low to mid 40s by the middle of next week. it will be the coolest temperatures we have seen so far far. the bay temps are still in the upper 50s and sunrise is at 6:43 and sets at 4:57. overnight, clear and frosty with light winds, 29 by morning. tomorrow back up around 54, a little warmer than today but mainly sunny with a few passing clouds. a nice fall weekend. put your sweatshirt on and enjoy the weekend. it will be dry. that's good. >> good to know. bob, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, a private show, a group of kids break it down with their favorite raven player. a look at the event next. >> reporter: after a string of
5:26 pm
violent robberies against university students, community leaders are asking for change. coming up, how they plan to keep students safe. >> why the odds of a dangerous hit have hit in threats from space. ,,,,,,,,
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it's just before 5:30, 47 degrees and clear. good evening and thank you for
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staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about. several armed robberies, a stabbing. county leaders are taking action to improve safety. wjz is live. monique griego is there and taking a live look at has being done about it. >> reporter: thousands of students walk through this area everyday. they're going to create a task force to improve safety in the area especially because suspects are still on the loose. it started with the robbery and very much crus stabbing after university student and within four days a suspect threatened two more students as they walked in the same community. >> kind of scares me, i am not going to lie. >> i am freaked out walking at night. >> reporter: a block away a second student was robbed at knife point. thursday brought a third
5:30 pm
incident near fair montgomery county amount. a student says two suspects wearing black hooded sweatshirts got out of a car and demanded her purse. unlike the first two, this time no weapon was involved. the victim said the vehicle was a tan nissan and described suspects as thin black males around 5'8". >> that's been a problem. these incidents literally are involving students. >> reporter: the violent nature of the robberies are why he decided to create a new task force to improve security. >> this is a dark corridor in areas. i think lighting will improve it. the second thing we can do is improve awareness among students. >> reporter: students have been warned about being distracted and police are increasing patrols. with the suspect still on the loose many are taking their own precautions. >> be more aware of where we go. we always travel in groups. >> reporter: the task force does include two police
5:31 pm
officers and they tell us they plan to start some changes by the end of the year. as for all of the crimes police tell us they believe at least the first two robberies are connected. >> thank you. the student stabbed remains in the hospital in serious condition. police are called to georgetown prep in bethezda for the report of a gun on campus. why a teacher was arrested. they say he put the unloaded holstered weapon on his desk. he told investigators he brought it with him because he planned to have it serviced after school. when he was searched police found drug paraphernalia. he is facing drug and gun charges. no threats were made and students, faculty, staff were not in danger. >> vic, thank you. the school says a letter was
5:32 pm
sent to parents explaining the situation. he has been released on bond. bigger pay checks for minimum wage workers. boosting dollars may not close the gap between the middle class and the wealthy. >> reporter: maryland's lowest wage workers could see more cash in pay checks. the minimum wage is locked at $7.25 an hour right on call with the national average. the governor says it's time to raise it. he is launching an online petition to get it done. >> people are struggling. i mean we need higher wages. i know i do. i am a single mom. >> water bills go up, taxes go up. the only thing not going up is everyone's paycheck. >> reporter: o'malley didn't say how much he wants minimum wage to increase but in an online letter the governor believes boosting wage will help close income debt between haves and have nots. >> $7.25 an hour is not much,
5:33 pm
everyone agrees but it is more than $0 an hour. >> reporter: this economist agrees that workers need more in one of the most expensive states to live but he says the key is not raising the wage too high. he says in a weak economy employers will cut low wage positions. >> the labor market is weak. what you don't want to do trying to help people is end up hurting them by destroying their jobs. >> reporter: lawmakers considered raising minimum wage from $7.25 to $10 an hour. it failed and now supporters say they'll try again in january. gigi barnett, wjz. >> teens who work during the summer and holiday shopping season are the most negatively impacted billow minimum wages. despite government shut down job growth surged forward. the statistics show the economy added just over 200,000 jobs. most experts were expecting
5:34 pm
weak job growth because of the budget battles in washington. unemployment rose slightly to 7.3% but most analysts see that as a passing blip. markets were encouraged though. all the market indexed posted significant gains. dow finishes up 168. one of the men who stole document from his maryland historical society is set free. his lawyer says his client was released after a year behind bars. he pleaded guilty to helping landou steal thousands of rare and valuable documents in 2011. he cooperated with authorities to rehelp recover the stolen items. he is currently serving seven year sentence. it appears earth dodged more bullets than expected. the meteor blast over siberia sent scientists back to their computers. we have more on the worrisome numberses research has turned
5:35 pm
up. >> reporter: the odds of a destructive asteroid hitting the earth has increased because smaller asteroids have been added to the equation. they may only be bits and pieces of the solar system but asteroids are a threat to earth and life on it. >> nothing to be frightened about except they're in the wrong place. >> reporter: nasa's chief scientist at the space center. >> we are realizing there may be more small ones more frequently than anticipated. >> reporter: a realization that literally hit home last february when a meteorite exploded over siberia. >> that was a wake up call, what happened in russia. >> reporter: because it was made of compacted stones it exploded high up in an air burst. it was still powerful enough to injure 1600 people. if it had been an iron nickel associated rode. >> it could have made a crater! it prompted nasa to do
5:36 pm
quiet table top drill where such a hit on dc was predicted to kill 78,000 and an asteroid smaller than a football field might do it. nasa used to search asteroids 100 feet wide and larger. the rock that hit siberia was 62 feet, smaller asteroids making the odds of destructive hit four to five times more likely. the siberian blast was equivalent of 40 hiroshima a bombs. >> the early we have warning the better we can make decisions about them. >> reporter: nasa plans to look for smaller asteroids and there is a goal to eventually catch one for study and learn the best way to redirect them away from a collision course with earth. figuring in smaller asteroids the one like over russia the odds are a possibility in once every 150 years to once in every 30 years. >> thank you. that low key table top drill
5:37 pm
nasa ran after siberian explosion also estimated a hit off mid atlantic coast could generate a tsunami 49 feet high. time for a quick look at stories you will find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. more controversy for a proposed report on kent island. town senior citizen tigers open their new basketball home. when they host navy tonight. coverage of the city-poly rivalry marking 125 years with tomorrow's game. for these stories and more read tomorrow's baltimore sun and look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. university of maryland shock trauma center opens new $160 million tower. >> reporter: if you are being wheeled around this place something has gone terribly wrong. modern trauma medicine was born here at shock trauma and an
5:38 pm
astonishing 96% of patients survive. such success led to over crowding. designed for 3500, the old new hospital was treating over 8000 a year. today is the ribbon cutting for a new shock trauma hospital tower. physician and chief shows me a new room. >> we got the job done when we had the small rooms. it was cramped. these are beautiful. >> you can have all the medicine you want but the people who work here say don't underestimate the power of family. now there is enough room in these rooms to have the family here. >> we get the families to talk to them about things they would normally talk to them about like you know orioles won, ravens aren't playing too good or whatever. it helps the patients. >> reporter: across the street, vips, doctors, donors cut the ribbon. on the neurology floor we would
5:39 pm
a shock trauma nurse of 33 years. >> it doesn't get better. i work in this place and i work with some of the most amazing people. >> reporter: professionals who want shock trauma idea in their communities, an idea financed by anyone with a vehicle in maryland. >> people in maryland expect to pay money on their vehicular registration fee so they can have this. this is a gift from the people of maryland to the people of maryland. >> the project was funded by money raised from vehicle registration fees, private donations, as well as the state. updating breaking news we told you about earlier in the newscast. a possible gas main break downtown. captain jeff long has the latest. captain jeff. >> reporter: it's been confirmed that there is a gas leak in this building on the corner of north charles and west saratoga street downtown. as you can see they're accessing the road. they're going to get in and try to find out where this is
5:40 pm
isolated and fix it. in the meantime they have evacuated this building. they have also evacuated a nearby child daycare center and on scene is bge, maryland department of environment and baltimore city police department. this huge response is shutting down traffic. nobody is getting through charles and saratoga. >> captain jeff, thank you. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. still ahead on eyewitness news, public apology. the president addresses americans who lost healthcare coverage, his message. >> subway sleeper. this man dozes off on a complete stranger. what would you say? ♪
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on this great fall evening, dunbar. i am not sure they're playing but they have some great football players. we'll see some future nfl stars
5:44 pm
right there. we'll stick with this and let you know. tim is live downtown by the water some place. he is probably fishing. he has a look at your saturday forecast. tim. >> definitely a little milder than today. today we got to 54. tomorrow is higher. our normal now is 59. we'll be with the milder air starting off around 40 in the morning with a good bit of sunshine through the day. the high is getting through the mid 50s close to 60 before dropping down through the 40s and eventually down into the 30s for tomorrow night. for the ravens, close to 60, a nice football day. 58 monday, chilly tuesday and wednesday only in the mid 40s. there could be rain here on wednesday and north and west of us maybe a few snowflakes and rain showers. it looks like this low pressure will be way offshore. for the most part it looks like our area will miss major
5:45 pm
precipitation. >> thank you. a father and daughter are facing charges after a laundromat burglary. they might have gotten away with it if they hadn't covered the wrong surveillance camera. there is audio too. the suspects walked in and go for what they thought was the camera. one is the look out and the other es machines one by one. the cameras caught their every move. suspects are now charged with theft. president obama is making a personal apology for problems with the healthcare system. he spoke with more than 3 million who lost insurance because of the affordable care act. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: for years the president has promised again and again that no one would be forced off of insurance plans they wanted to keep because of this healthcare law. but more than 3 million americans have gotten cancellation letters and late
5:46 pm
yesterday the president apologized during an interview with nbc news. >> i am sorry that they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. we've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them and that we're going do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence. >> reporter: insurance policies that fall short of a new healthcare law standard are no longer valid. the president says his administration is looking at a range of options to help people whose insurance has been canceled. the white house says fewer than 5% of americans will be required to change their coverage. a means about 15 million people. some 250,000 live in colorado. kathy wagner says she'll have to pay 25% more for the same coverage. >> i really just wanted him to know i was so hopeful this plan was going to move us forward but in fact i think it's moving
5:47 pm
us backward. >> reporter: the president says his administration wasn't as clear as it needed to be about healthcare reform. >> we are going to get this done. >> reporter: tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> the president denies claims he deliberately mislead americans store the driver of a boat that crashed into a barge on the hudson killing a bride and best man is facing charges. the blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit at the time of the crash. the 35 year old stands criminally accused of causing deaths. the wedding party was leaving a restaurant in the boat when it slammed into a construction barge. despite new information the victim's family sympathize with the suspect. >> the family feels what? >> they feel bad about it. they hope everything turns out for him. >> you are not angry? >> no. he is a nice person.
5:48 pm
>> okay. >> even though toxicology shows he was drinking. >> bad mistakes. >> if convicted johns could spend 15 years in prison and he has traces of cocaine in his system. two men get cozy on new york city subway and the picture has gone viral. it's a middle age subway commuter with a perfect stranger snoozing on the shoulder. apparently the man being used as a bed rest was on his way home from babysitting his granddaughter. he says the man slept on his shoulder about half an hour. another passenger walked and asked if he wanted help moving the man but he said he wasn't hurting anything and he left him there until he woke up. the kindness of a stranger. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 these stories and more. denise is standing by with a preview. >> reporter: one of the most powerful storms in history goes through the philippines.
5:49 pm
the latest on the death toll and the damage it left behind. baltimore symphony orchestra make their nfl debut performing for baltimore ravens. the team is announcing the two will meet again this time on a national stage. arriving at the under armour performance center for a special performance all their own. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: baltimore symphony orchestras star in a private show for their favorite team. >> i got the hang of it and i am really excited to be here.
5:50 pm
>> i was like okay no, i must be dreaming. >> reporter: even cody gets in on the action. >> i thought i was going to faint. >> but you didn't. you kept playing! >> reporter: this is an after school program in east and west baltimore. >> it is a wonderful experience. my son is crazy about them. >> reporter: the ravens will welcome the team. >> baltimore raven and baltimore symphony will perform at half with the kids and so the baltimore ravens are announcing a gift of $15,000. >> it's great to be able to feature two great institutions on the field together. >> reporter: members say it's an honor to be able to perform at the home of the world champion baltimore ravens. >> to have the symphony and
5:51 pm
city come together, it's important for the culture of the city. >> 600 students learn to play instruments, take field trips and perform. it was hard to tell who was most excited. the kids or the players. >> that's a great program. >> it really is. >> good people all around. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, drunken tie raid. toronto's mayor is in the lime toronto's mayor is in the lime light again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 pm
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new mobile phone video people arranging of the mayor's intoxicated tie raid. it's the latest scandal to hit the mayor. >> the context is as murky as the video's image. the mayor of toronto in what looks like a private living room swearing and threatening violence. [ expletive ] >> toronto star purchased this from a source and purchased it this morning. within minutes rob ford was out
5:55 pm
in front of his office to address waiting reporters. >> all i can say is again i have made mistakes. all i can do is reassure the people. i don't know what to say. i was extremely, extremelyien usual rated. >> the city counselor says the city shows the behavior unbecoming the mayor. >> the radio is obviously very disturbing and very upsetting. it's very sad. >> reporter: toronto deputy mayor was more forgiving. >> this is obviously a private moment and people in private often act differently than they do in public. >> reporter: toronto city council does not have the power to force ford out of office. still to come on wjz's
5:56 pm
eyewitness news. >> reporter: the hunt is still on for more than a dozen members of a notorious gang baltimore police say terrorized baltimore police say terrorized ,,
5:57 pm
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00, taking down a notorious gang. the search continues for more members of the bgf.
5:59 pm
>> absolute devastation. one of the most powerful storms in recorded history takes aim at the philippine islands. >> getting closer to a final count. i'm pat warren, coming up the ballot count in annapolis mayors' race continues. >> an unseasonably cold day out there. will we see a warm up for the weekend? >> we are checking for these stories and the breaking news. reign of terror. scouring the street of baltimore for more members. >> hello everybody. >> here is what


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