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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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talking about. >> the hunt is on. . murders, shootings, drug trafficking, witness imtimidation. the green mount area's black family guerilla gang did it all. thursday, dozens of people were arrested, with ties to the gang. one of them somehow escaped, still wearing handcuffs. more than a dozen others, still on the run. >> i promise you, we'll find them. our officers are working to track them down. >> reporter: david hunter had become the de facto leader of the ruthless criminal organization, responsible for numerous murders and shootings
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in the green mount corridor, dating back to 2005. one of those killed, carlos williams, had angered the gang by trying to open a drug rehab clinic on bgf turf. investigators say the gang's reign of terror went into other neighborhoods as well. this man has spent his career investigating gangs. bgf originated in west coast prisons, but has the second largest group in maryland. authorities charged white with running a detention center. he corrupted female correctional officers, getting four of them pregnant, a sign of bgf's power both inside and outside prison walls. >> take them out of the neighborhoods or someone's going to take over where they left off. another gang, maybe more bgf. no one knows right now. >> reporter: police continue their crack down on any gangs
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operating in the neighborhood. >> thank you very much, derek. prosecuters say arrested gang members will be prosecuted you said maryland's 2007 gang statute, which carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence. we want to update breaking news. a gas leak at a commercial building downtown, causing big traffic problems. sky chopper 13 is over the scene at charles and saratoga. captain jeff long has the latest. >> reporter: crews are breaking through the asphalt on charles street, searching for the source of this gas leak at the corner of charles and saratoga, right in the heart of downtown. it's shutting down several major roads here. now, the building that is affected here has been evacuated. a child day care center was also evacuated a little earlier. department of the environment, bge, baltimore city police and fire, all on the scene. as you can see, going left to right on your screen, that is saratoga street, shut down from liberty street all the way over
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to st. paul, and no traffic is either getting through on charles street. reporting live from sky high chopper 13, captain jeff long. back to you. >> usually very busy for a friday night. thank you very much. stay with us for updates on this breaking news. the family of a victim of the washington navy yard shooting is suing two federal agencies for negligence. >> reporter: the family of mary knight is the first to come forward with a potential lawsuit. family members are seeking $37.5 million from the navy and department of veterans affairs. they say these agencies missed or ignored signs the shooter, aaron alexis was troubled. he shot and killed 12 people before he was shot and killed in the rampage. under federal law, the navy and va must first investigate the claim from the family. if the agencies determine the claim doesn't have merit, the family will then file a
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lawsuit. right now, an historic storm is barreling towards southeast asia, after ripping through the philippines, killing at least four people and of course that death toll is expected to become much higher. wjz's first warning weather coverage, tracking where the storm is going next, but we again with alfonso van marsh with the devastation it's leaving in its wake. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan unleashed 200 mile-per-hour- plus winds, forcing more than a million people in the philippines out of their homes. forecasters say the massive typhoon, known as a hurricane in the western hemisphere, measures some 300 miles wide and may be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. philippine officials are blaming haiyan for many deaths and say the storm has put some 12 million people at risk. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: this man says i saw those big waves and i immediately told my neighbors
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to flee. we thought it was a tsunami. the supertyphoon's roaring winds and downpours knocked out power and telephone service. flooding and landslides buried villages. rescue workers carried children to safety and distributed supplies in the central philippines, including tourist resorts home to world famous beaches. haiyan is on a path to hit china and vietnam next, where emergency preparations are under way. >> our complete coverage continues with bob turk, tracking this monster storm from the first warning weather center. bob? >> philippines get about 20 of these storms every year, so they are used to them, but the infrastructure has been so destroyed by these unbelievable winds, let's take a look at the picture, you see unbelievably well-formed cyclone. a classic example of a hurricane or typhoon. they get about 20 of them a year, so they are in preparation as best they could.
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they got about a million people evacuated from the coastal areas, but they had 10 inches in rain in a short time. the winds are down to about 1142, were up to 195 earlier. as it heads across the china sea, it's going to get stronger, passing northeast of vietnam and head toward laos, hopefully weakened by then. on monday, it could make another direct hit into central portions of laos, eventually portions of china. we'll be tracking this over the next several days. looks like the category 5 storm, down to a 4, may get back to category 5 before it's said and done. >> bob, thank you. searching for answers, new information tonight about a fatal crash that left an elderly couple dead. wjz is live with more on charges just filed in the accident. >> reporter: vic, police say two of the drivers have been
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cited for dui. we are learning more about how this tragic collision happened. emergency vehicles cover hunt valley. baltimore county police say three cars collided last night, killing an elderly married couple. >> it's tragic, especially when you have two people. there's a family somewhere that's lost their loved ones. >> reporter: according to police, a driver was going north a york road near thornton mill road when it crossed the center line and crashed into the elderly couples car head- on. the driver went back into the right lane, into the line of another vehicle. police say the couple were killed. another person in their car, 79- year-old mary warner is in critical condition in shock trauma. this part of york road is now back open after being closed for several hours overnight as officers investigated the crash. when leroy richardson heard the
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crash last night, he rushed outside. >> the car was against the bridge on the left-hand side. like someone took aluminum foil and balled it up. >> reporter: he's seen several accidents on this road. >> it is a problem with speed on this road. this section needs attention. >> reporter: the fatal crash remains under investigation. the two drivers are eric stewart and brandon walsh, both of sparks and both cited for dui. >> the baltimore county state's attorneys office will also review the incident. breaking news from annapolis. days after election day in the state capitol, we finally have a winner in the mayor's race. wjz is live in annapolis. pat warren has the news. pat? >> reporter: literally two minutes ago, the final vote was counted. the new mayor of the city of
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annapolis, named, after two days of counting absentee and provisional ballots. it's the one question on everybody's mind today. >> is it over? >> the ballot would be counted. is that right? >> reporter: after a 19-hour marathon that ended at a quarter to 5:00 this morning, the ballot counting in the annapolis mayor's race continued through the afternoon. >> to reject this provisional ballot, reject it. this application would be rejected. >> reporter: the race held the story of a changing annapolis where many determined to nominate a republican challenger for change. >> we want change in the city. >> the city needs a clean sweep. >> annapolis is at a cross road. >> reporter: the mayor has not made an appearance since the counting started yesterday and his supporters are not inclined
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to be interviewed. >> love it. i'll be the youngest greek mayor in america. it shows every vote truly counts. >> reporter: that was the winner, the new annapolis mayor- elect, mike, a republican, first republican mayor in two decades at least, as far as i can remember. at this point, however, nothing is final because there are expected to be legal challenges. pat warren reporting from annapolis, back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, pat. much more on the winner of the mayor's race, coming up tonight at 11:00 on wjz. it was a breezy and chilly day, but it didn't stop a few brave souls are getting out on the water. sky chopper 13 caught this boat on the move this afternoon. take a live look outside right now. we had a nice, clear day, but you can really feel the change in the temperatures. wjz is live downtown with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is
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outside the mobile weather lab updating temperatures. >> temperatures dropping through the 40s, turning into a chilly evening, a bit of a breeze and windchill down here. we've been seeing the instruments registering as low as 31 degrees. we're down along the water for a reason, here next to little havana, across the water from the pride of baltimore 2, celebrating its 25th birthday. maryland's goodwill ambassador, one of the things going on this weekend that we're talking about. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, we're looking at temperatures dropping through the 40s, eventually down into the 30s for tonight. very cold toward western maryland. tomorrow as we get into saturday, good bit of sunshine through the weekend, but we keep the breeze. tomorrow, milder air moves in. high pressure will allow for mild air to move in from the south and temperatures, again, will get into the mid-50s. on sunday as we head into ravens sunday, we're looking at a pretty nice forecast heading into the bengals coming to town
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to take on our purple birds. you're looking at a 59-degree game time temperature around kickoff, 17 mile-per-hour wind, however, from the west. it's going to be breezy, but a good bit of sunshine. looks like a nice fall weekend. dress for the weather and you should be okay. we'll continue to keep you posted. now back to you on television hill. >> thank you, tim. you heard him. it is a purple friday in baltimore. ravens are back in action at home this sunday against the cincinnati bengals. our sports director joins us with more on this critical matchup and game predictions. >> reporter: after a three-game losing streak, the ravens have been talking about adversity. it all comes down to having to beat the bengals. cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high-powered offense
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that has them in first place in the north. the ravens need to counter by getting their own offense in gear. joe flacco and company have been stuck in neutral, far cry from the high-revving offense that rolled into the super bowl playoffs. >> we haven't been good in terms of precision in the passing game and getting the running game going, getting 1st downs. we haven't done it. >> reporter: ravens are back on home turf and with a record of 3-5, this one feels like a must- win. our panel of experts predict how the ravens will fare. >> i'm a little concerned as the ravens come back home to m & t bank stadium against the 5th ranked defense in the nfl. i don't see a win. 24-17, again gals. >> i can't go with the ravens with good conscience. there's no indication they will win against a good bengals team. i'll give them a couple points, but i see it going cincinnati's way, 23-16. >> let's face it, no one expected them to be 3-5. i'm
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going to give you another surprise. the anemic offense will come to life. ravens beat the bengals 27-20. >> i think the ravens will show real fight at home against the bengals, but i can't pick them over a real good cincinnati team. it will be close, but i'll take the bengals, this 24-20. ravens are more than capable of beating the bengals and i won't be surprised if they do. but the ravens haven't played up to their capabilities. my guess, bengals win 27-20, but that's just a guess. more in sports, coming up. >> hope you're wrong, mark! you can see the game sun at 1:00 right here on wjz. >> i just want to see touchdowns! >> that, too! still to come on eyewitness news, nsa spying scandal. how edward snowden apparently got his hands on reames of secret documents. >> reporter: after a string of violent robberies against university students at towson.
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how they plan to make students safe. >> and a special performance for the world champion ravens, coming up. >> and taking a live look outside, how is the weekend weather looking? your first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's clear, 43 degrees in central maryland. complete weather forecast is coming up. several armed robberies and a stabbing at towson. now counties leaders are taking action to improve safety. wjz is live there. >> reporter: staff walk through the area every single day. now a new task force is being created to improve safety. it started with the robbery and vicious stabbing of a towson university student. within just four days, unknown suspect, threatened and robbed two more students as they walked in the same community with towson and gaucher university. >> kind of scares me. not going to lie. >> a little freaked off at night walking on campus. >> reporter: the very next day, a second student this, time from gaucher, was robbed at knife point. thursday brought a third
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incident. here, a towson student says two suspects wearing black hooded sweat shirts and black tape over their mouths got out of the car and demanded her hurst. no weapon was involved this time. the victim told police the vehicle was a tan nissan and described the suspect as thin, black males around 5' 8 tall. >> that's been the real problem. these incidents literally involve students. >> reporter: the violent nature of the robberies are why this city councilman decided to create a new task force to improve security. >> this is a very dark corridor in some areas. lighting would clearly improve. we can improve awareness among students. >> reporter: the university has warned students about being distracted and police are increasing patrols in the area, but with the suspect still on the loose, many students are taking their own precautions. >> we're more aware of where we go at night. we're always traveling in groups. >> reporter: and the task force does plan to start some of these safety improvements by the end of the year.
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reporting live in towson, back to you. >> monique, thank you. the student who was stabbed remains in the hospital in serious condition. one of the men caught stealing documents from the maryland historical society was released from prison. his lawyer says his client was released after a year behind bars. he helped barry landau steal thousands of rare and valuable documents in 2011. he cooperated with authorities to help recover the documents. landau is serving a seven-year sentence. a rare performance today for the world champion baltimore ravens. >> reporter: arriving at the underarmour performance center for a special performance all their own. >> it was awesome. >> go ravens! >> reporter: the baltimore symphony orchestra's orch-kids star in a private show for their favorite team. >> i got the hang of it and i'm
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really excited to be here. >> i saw terrell suggs. i thought i must be dreaming. >> reporter: even terrence cody gets in on the action. >> i thought i was actually going to faint. >> but you didn't! you kept playing! >> yes. >> reporter: it's an after- school music program in east and west baltimore. >> it's a wonderful experience. i'm a huge ravens fan. my son is crazy about him. it's great we'll be able to collaborate on thanksgiving day. >> reporter: the ravens will welcome the bso team to m & t bank stadium. >> the ravens and the symphony will play at half time with the orch kids. the ravens announce a gift of $15,000 to the orch-kids. >> it's great to be able to feature two great local institutions on the same field. >> reporter: members say it's an honor to play on the field with the baltimore ravens. >> to have the sports team and the symphony and the city come
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together, that's very important for the culture of the city. >> reporter: ravens elvis dumervil said he was so inspired by today's performance, he's going to make his own donation to the program. >> 600 students learn to play instruments and take field trips as part of the program. chilly night for football, but a nice weekend. low 40s, down for 43 now. barometer is rising. when we come back, we'll take a look at a dry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. meteorologist tim williams with the w j.j. mobile weather lab. how will this weekend shape up? >> let's take a look at temperatures around the region. it's dropped with the sun going down. 43 degrees. going to be a cold night. 30s out in far western maryland. low 50s around some areas. locally, generally 40 to 50 degrees, closer by the bay. we have temperatures that have dropped 8, 10, 12, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and the winds have calmed down. a batch of moisture in texas, a little rain and snow in the highest elevations of the northern rockies. in the east, a little bit of lake effect snow in
6:26 pm
pennsylvania and portions of new york state this afternoon. here we had clouds that kind of made it over the mountains for a little while, but for the most part, partly sunny day, certainly cooler. there you see the lake effect snow. when the winds come across the warm lakes, cold winds pick up the moisture. soon as it gets into 500 to 1000 feet above elevations, squeezes it out in the form of snow. some days, they get hours and hours of these constant lake effect snows. this time of year particularly when the lakes are warm, you get some of your heaviest snows. once the lakes freeze over, you don't have a lot. won't see that for a while. cool here tonight, cool tomorrow. on sunday, mild air coming in ahead of another front that will cool us down for next week. looks like it's going to get chilly by the middle of next week. winds, southwest 5 to 15 on the bay. however, tonight, there the breeze is up. bay temp, 58 degrees.
6:27 pm
overnight tonight, cold night with the winds down to 29 to about 37 in the city. tomorrow, 54, lot of sunshine, a nice fall day to get out and rake leaves. it will be breezy, but warmer on sunday. close to 60 for the football game. >> thank you, bob. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news, new details emerging about the alleged bullying against miami dolphins player jonathan martin and how he tried to stop it. >> deadly diseases coming back with a vengeance. wjz investigators this alarming trend and explains how the health of your children is at risk. i'm linh bui. the story all parents need to watch, coming up on wjz. >> and coming up, threats from space. why the odds of a dangerous hit have increased. that story, as eyewitness news that story, as eyewitness news continues. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb ♪ every little thing is possible ♪
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. it is 6:30, 43 degrees and clear in central maryland. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. the nfl bullying controversy is capturing the national spotlight. new allegations are surfacing about what happened between jonathan martin and ritchie
6:31 pm
incognito. we have the latest from south florida. >> reporter: ritchie incognito's locker, his clothes hanging neatly, quite a contrast to the mess and how else do you put it, caused by the incognito-jonathan martin bullying scandal. thursday, dolphins head coach joe philbin was back in front of the microphones. he wanted to talk tampa bay, the opponent monday night. nothing else. >> any comments we would make at this time would be a disservice to the process that's about to take place. >> reporter: in the locker room, most players had had enough of it, too. >> you all ask us questions. >> reporter: when asked how does a locker room stay together with all this distraction? people outside don't get it. players who would talk were still trying to make sense of it all. >> gets to the sense where you can't differentiate between what's fact and what's opinion. >> reporter: what's been most puzzling is the relationship between incognito and martin that has begun to emerge. can we really believe they were
6:32 pm
best friends, as some have said? two men from very different backgrounds and experiences. martin, a stanford grad who talked of attending harvard law. a quiet guy by all accounts. incognito, perhaps the polar opposite. a man who at least at one time apparently thought little of screaming racial slurs and using vulgar language publicly. >> who wants -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: the players twice voted by his peers, one of the dirtiest guys in the game. >> what's perceived is ritchie is this psych path, racist maniac, right? the reality is ritchie was a pretty good teammate and ritchie and jonathan martin were friends. >> today, martin's new attorney says the harassment came from more than just one teammate and included daily vulgar comments and a physical attack. inadequate security measures may have led to the worst breach of classified data in the nsa.
6:33 pm
sources say nsa contractor edward snowden may have persuaded up to 25 fellow workers at a spy base in hawaii to give them their log-ins and pass words, telling them he needed them to do his job as a systems administrator. it's unclear what rules the employees broke by giving up pass words. breaking news, we have learned the fbi is investigating allegations of child abuse by a former civilian employee at the fort mead youth center. the fbi is leading the investigation because the alleged incidents took place at a federal facility. the suspect has been banned from the base. fort meade officials are cooperating with the fbi and have ordered a full review of all youth programs. president obama makes a personal apology to the more than 3 million americans who have lost their insurance because of the affordable care act. >> i am sorry that they, uh, you know, are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got
6:34 pm
from me. >> insurance policies that fell short of the new healthcare law standards are no longer valid. the president says his administration is looking at a range of options to help people whose insurance has been canceled. well, deadly diseases once nearly wiped out are making a frightening comeback in maryland and across the country. a warning that parents who don't vaccinate their children are putting others at risk. in this wjz health watch, linh bui explores an alarming and controversial trend. >> reporter: measles, mumps, whooping cough. deadly diseases. until recently, virtually eliminated, thanks to vaccines that prevent kids from getting sick. but now doctors see an alarming trend. more and more children are coming down with these diseases. >>it's a serious issue these diseases are coming back? >> very. kids die from measles on a regular basis. kids are in hospitals and can
6:35 pm
die from whooping cough commonly. so these kids are at risk. >> reporter: here in maryland, cases of whooping cough are sky rocketing, tripling from 123 cases in 2011 to nearly 370 last year. outbreaks of measles and mumps have swept through states across the country. just how serious a problem is it when a child gets sick? summer robinson experienced it firsthand. her son was just three weeks old when whopping cough put him in intensive care for five days and nearly killed him. >> when he was diagnosed, what went through your mind? >> you worry about breathing, how long he's been breathing, how long he's not been breathing. it's scary. >> reporter: too young for the recommended vaccine, her baby was defenseless. he's living proof one contagious person can start an outbreak. >> if your 10-year-old has it and you're in wal-mart near my
6:36 pm
3 week-old-baby, you could essentially kill my baby because you didn't vaccinate your child. >> reporter: if these diseases can be prevented by a vaccine, why are a growing number of parents not getting the shots? some fear the vaccines can do more harm than good. >> these vaccines and doses can be deadly. >> reporter: after researching vaccines and talking with doctors, this annapolis mom decided not to vaccinate her young children. she asked wjz to hide her identity because other parents are angry her kids would put their kids in danger. >> what happened that led you to make this decision not to vaccinate your kids? >> it didn't make sense to me. i didn't understand why a little human had to get so many drugs at one time. >> reporter: she believes her family's healthy life-style will keep her children from getting sick, but most doctors insist that's not enough. >> doesn't matter what vitamins they are, how healthy they are, natural, organic, it's
6:37 pm
irrelevant. your child will get sick. >> you don't ever want to be in an icu unit and not know if your child is going to live, especially over a disease that's preventible. >> in maryland, children must be immunized to attend school, but can be exempt for medical or religious reasons. the towson tigers open up their new basketball home when they host navy tonight. >> and coverage of the city- poly, in tomorrow's baltimore sun. . well, it appears that earth has more bullets to dodge than expected. last february's meteor blast over siberia sent nasa scientists back to their
6:38 pm
computers over worrisome numbers. >> reporter: they may only be bits and pieces of the solar system, but asteroids are a threat to earth and life on it. >> nothing to be totally frightened about, except they are in the wrong place. we're now realizing there may be more small ones, more frequently than we had anticipated. >> reporter: a realization that literally hit home last february, when a meteorite exploded over siberia. suddenly, astronomers were news. >> we are sitting ducks. that was a wakeup call, what happened in russia. >> reporter: because it was made up of compacted stones, it exploded high up in an air burst. it was still powerful enough to injure 1600 people. if it had been iron-nickel asteroid-- >> it could have created a crate tore. >> reporter: such a hit was
6:39 pm
predicted to -- nasa used to search out asteroids 100 feet wide and larger. the rock that hit siberia was just 62 feet. smaller asteroids making the odds of a destructive hit four to five times more likely. the siberian blast was the equivalent of 40 a-bombs. >> the earlier we gain warning, the better we can make civil defense preparedness decisions. >> reporter: nasa plans not only to look for smaller asteroids, but there is a goal to eventually catch one for study and learn the best way to someday redirect them away from a collision course with earth. all this means that the possibility of another air burst, like the one over russia, goes from once in every 150 years to once in every 30. back to you. >> that low-key table top drill that nasa ran after the siberian explosion also estimate add hit off the mid- atlantic coast could possibly generate a tsunami 49 feet high. the ravens team up with the
6:40 pm
maryland national guard to connect families with loved ones serving overseas. >> today, soldiers were able to video chat with ravens players. this is the seventh year the ravens and national guard have hosted this live feed. >> and of course monday is veterans day. how quick-thinking neighbors saved a neighbor inside following a house explosion, coming up next. >> and the debate over america's tallest skyscraper. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist tim williams, putting the finishing touches on your five- day forecast. >> and wjz has the top stories on at this
6:41 pm
hour. for updates any time, log ,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
. a powerful explosion at a house rocks a new jersey neighborhood. cell phone video captures the flips after the blast levels
6:44 pm
the home in villas. quick-thinking neighbors sprang into action and got the couple inside out. they suffered severe burns and are listed in critical condition. there is a great debate over which building in the u.s. is actually the tallest. the former sears tower in chicago has been the tallest for many years, but the new one world trade center in new york city skyline stands a record 1776 feet tall. now, the council on tall buildings is deciding whether the decorative spire at the top of the one world trade center should be included in its total height. the council will announce its decision next week. it is of course not even thanksgiving yet, but new york city is already preparing for christmas celebrations. the iconic tree that will join the manhattan skyline at the rockefeller center was put in place today. the tree was picked from a home in connecticut where it has been growing for seven decades. >> i saw the story on this
6:45 pm
tree. it was kind of sad they took it down, but the family was all for it. think of all the memories created under that tree. unbelievable. >> i know. i have mixed feelings. scott pelley has a preview of the "cbs evening news." >> could it be an answer to mass murders? a sweeping change in insurance rules that will increase mental health for millions. we'll have the details, plus introduce you to three computer programmers who say they found the answer to the obama care melt down. melt down. that's tonight on the ,,,,,,,,,, tnññ
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6:48 pm
. >> reporter: here in the wjz mobile weather lab, temperatures dropping down to just about freezing to start your saturday. look for a partly sunny skies, but breezy. milder with temperatures into the mid-50s. overnight lows into the 40s and back down to the 30s before bottoming out to around 32 degrees. back to bob for the next five days. >> a frosty morning, warmup into the 50s. warmer on sunday with a breeze. 58 monday, but chilly. tuesday and wednesday, low to mid-40s. could be rain showers in the area on thursday. north and west, maybe a few wet
6:49 pm
snowflakes. nothing big at this point. any low pressure that forms will be way off to our east out in the atlantic ocean. >> thank you, bob. still to come, the ravens get ready for the cincinnati bengals. >> mark has the scouting >> mark has the scouting report,,,, for intelligent life. for a greater purpose.
6:50 pm
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. the odds are against them, but they beat the odds before. >> and they need to beat the cincinnati bengals and they need to be healthy to do it. good news, some of the walking wounded are back today. terrell suggs and darrell smith and jimmy smith and corey graham were all on the field after missing practice time earlier this week. suggs is fine, but more are listed as questionable with their injuries. that means a 50/50 chance they will play on sunday against the bengals. ravens want to be at full strength, against a strong defense. the ravens know they will have their hands full this weekend. >> they just have playmakers all over the field, receivers, quarterback, runningbacks, offensive line is mauling
6:53 pm
people. they have playmakers throughout the whole field. it will be a great challenge for us. >> they always play us. it's always a fight, you know, with these guys. but this is the afc north. we don't expect it any other way. >> and the ravens need it. they need to beat the bengals to snap a three-game losing streak. you can see the battle right here on wjz. kickoff comes your way sunday at 1:00. college football previously unbeaten oregon loses for the first time and ducks quarterback marcus mariota is hurt in the process. stanford swamped oregon and mayor oat mariota suffered a sprained knee. he went on to continue playing in what ended up a 26-20 oregon loss at stanford. college football in college park tomorrow.
6:54 pm
terps will play host to syracuse at 3:30. maryland needs one more win to become bowl eligible. their record is 5-3. new season of maryland basketball kicks off tonight, season number 3 under mark turgeon. they did win 25 games last season, but didn't make the ncaa tournament. this year might be their time. >> so i feel really good about where we are. this is a huge year for us to improve on what we did last year, and we should. and i think we're ready to make that step. >> junior guard dez wells steps in as the terps' point guard, filling in for seth allen out with a broken foot. wells is one of 12 terps back from last year's team, which gives them plenty of experience. maryland and uconn just under way in brooklyn, new york. tonight at towson university, new season for the tigers basketball team, opening
6:55 pm
the doors to their new arena for their first regular season game. navy is the opponent in a 7:30 tipoff. towson is the preseason favorite to win the colonial athletic association after they went 18-13 last season, the greatest turnaround in ncaa history as they won just one the year before. highlights at 11:00. more on the ravens as well. >> thank you, mark. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for us right now. we'll be back at 11:00. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there is much more ahead on the cbs seasoning news with scott pelley, including the obama administration announcing sweeping health
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, could it be an answer to the mass murders? a sweeping change in insurance rules will increase mental health care for millions. major garrett has the details. the new employment report tells us which way the economy is headed. anthony mason reports. the death toll is rising in the wake of one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. seth doane has the story. and steve hartman "on the road." ed bray fought through d-day honor mandy beach. now he's defeating an enemy that has stalked him for 80 years. >> i don't care if it's about mickey mouse! i want to read one book before i die. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. after every mass shooting people seem to ask "why doesn't anyone do anything about mental health


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