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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  November 9, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, up next, a state trooper strikes two teen, killing one of them. the latest on the investigation. an upset in annapolis. after a nail-biting election, a republican mayor will take the reigns. we will go one on one with the mayor-elect straight ahead. the ravens need to get back on the winning track. a look at the battle with the bengals coming up. and a live look outside. a clear and cold morning this morning. will it stay chilly throughout the weekend? the answer in the first warning
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weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. good morning and welcome to eyewitness news weekend edition. >> temperatures are starting off on the chilly side this morning. >> very much so. >> we will stay below the normal high. not quite as wind i did as the last two days or so. but breezy. a clear start to the day. not too many clouds. a crystal clear sky but that's going to the allow -- or not going to allow for heat to stay here. it will rise up and out. and tapping into cold winds and the northwest, temperatures don't get quite up into the
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cold range. overnight lows dropping down back into the 30s. and then for tomorrow, 60 degrees, partly sunny, windy again wednesday with the temperatures going up. a comfortable weekend, very fall-like. >> all right. thank you. but first, a look at the stories people are talking about this weekend. we are following breaking news from overnight. a fatal accident involving a maryland state trooper leaves a teenager dead. state police around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the oncoming state trooper's car. the trooper truck the teens and they are identified. a 16-year-old was take on the a nearby hospital where he died and medics rushed his brother to the hospital. this investigation is still ongoing.
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another developing story from overnight, families are displayed following a two-alarm fire in an apartment building. a viewer sent these photos into the news room showing the blaze. firefighters say the flames broke out in a ground level apartment and spread to dozens of residents very quickly. doctors say one of the residents has serious injuries. the red cross is now helping those families find new homes this morning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an upset, the city officially has a new mayor this morning. he is a republican city dominated by democrats. >> reporter: good morning. it was one of the tightest races in the history of annapolis, and in the end, the votes separated the candidates
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by less than 1%. a nail-biter: not in the city limits. >> reporter: more than 25 hours over two days, spent reviewing and counting absentee and provisional ballots. >> this count is over. >> reporter: and now three days after election day, it's official. the republican defeats the democrat by just 59 votes. >> the voters have spoken. and i respect to go with the voters and the voters have said they want a different direction. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the big win. did you ever think it was going to come down to 95 votes? >> not at all. >> reporter: he's the first republican mayor in more than a decade. he will be one of the youngest mayors in city's history. >> i think i have the leadership and i look forward
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to working with people. >> reporter: residents say they hope that work makes the city better. >> i look forward to the new mayor being open-minded and working with everyone. and really seeing annapolis for what it's been, what it is and what it can be. >> look nicer and bring the businesses back. wonderful. >> reporter: he says he's ready to get started. the mayor-elect says his biggest goals are lowering taxes and water bills. wjz eyewitness news. >> and again, the democrat has 10 days to file a petition for a re-count. a patient death is under investigation this morning. baltimore city fire says a fire died in a fire after flames broke out in the patient's room. the circumstances to testify fire and the cause of the death are both under investigation. no one else was injured. the manhunt is still on for more members of a notorious
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baltimore gang. they have tracked down dozens of accused gang members but dozens more are still on the run. we have the latest on the crack down. >> reporter: murder, shootings, drug the trafficking and witness intimidation, the black go reallily family gang did it all. thursday, police arrest dozens of people with ties to the gang. one escaped still wearing handcuffs. >> and i promise you, we're going the find them. our officers and detectives are working around the clock to track them down. and they are god at it. >> reporter: this man, david hunter had become the leader of the ruthless criminal organization responsible for numerous murders and shootings dating back to 2005. one of those killed, carlos williams angered the gang by trying to open a drug rehab
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clinic. investigators say it extended into other neighborhoods as well: it's the tip of the iceburg. >> reporter: he has spent his law enforcement career investigating gangs. it originated in prison but has the second largest membership here in maryland. earlier this year, federal authorities charged a gang member with running the detention center. he corrupted freeway correctional officers, getting four of them pregnant. a sign of his power inside and outside prison walls. >> take 48 out of the neighborhood. and somebody is going to take over where they left off. another gang, in one really knows right now. >> reporter: police vow they'll continue their crack down on the black gorilla family or any other gang operating. prosecutors say the arrested members will be prosecuted under maryland's 2007 gang statute which carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence.
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the family of one of victims of the navy yard shooting is suing two federal agencies for negligence. they are seeking $37.5 million from the navy and department of veteran affairs. they say they missedded signs that the shooter was troubled. alexis shot and killed 12 people before police turned the guns on him in a rampage back in september. parts to testify philippines are in ruins this morning after one of the strongest storms on record slammed into the region. at least 100 people are dead and many more injured. we have more on the death and destruction left behind. >> reporter: the typhoon unleashed 20-foot high waves and 200 miles per hour-plus winds. it forced more than a million people out of their homes. forecasters say the typhoon
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measures 300 miles wide and may be the most powerful storm to ever hit land. philippine officials are blaming it for many deaths and say it's put 12 million people at risk there. man says, i saw the big waves and immediately told my neighbors to flee. we thought it was a tsunami. the roaring winds and downpours knocked out power and telephone service. flooding and land slides have buried villages. rescue workers carried children to safety and distributed supplies in the philippine, including tourists resorts home to world famous beaches. the red cross says on one island, 90% of all buildings are destroyed. wjz, eyewitness news. right now, the storm is headed toward southeast asia. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is prepared to help in any way it can. a gas leak forces
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evacuations in downtown baltimore. we were over the 300 block of north charles street where firefighters shut the entire block down during rush hour yesterday. a contractor was working in a commercial building nearby and hit a gas line. and crews are working to repair the leak. and firefighters evacuated a day care when it happened. turning now to sport, the ravens are at the half-way point in the season and they are headed in the wrong direction. tomorrow's game with cincinnati has become a must-win situation. >> reporter: good morning. well the ravens have talked about a sense of urgency and being defined by adversity. those words gave way to action on sunday. cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high-powered offense that has them in first place with the afc north. and the ravens need to counter by getting their own audience
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in gear. a far cry from the high revving offense during the super bowl play-offs. >> we haven't been good enough in terms of precision and the passing game and getting running game going. and getting first downs, that stuff leads to first downs. >> reporter: they all practiced friday after they missed workouts this week with injury. back to you. >> thank you. and you can see the game against the bengals tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 live right here on wjz 13. >> let's hope we can get a win. >> we need a win. and weather won't be an excuse. it will be a good game. a good day for the game. there we go. so yeah, about 60 degrees tomorrow. maybe a little breezy. maybe a little windy for the kickers maybe. but beyond that, nice to be out at the stadium. just put on the ravens fashion and you will be dressed
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approximately. >> and don't blame the weather. >> or the weather man. a nice day today. shaping up. it's cold definitely. but a nice day. 34 degrees right now. the normal overnight low is around 39 degrees and dropping about one degree every three or four days. 39 degrees the normal overnight low. and 23 the dew point. relative humidity at 63%. and winds are calm. it will get breezy through the afternoon. 30.33 with high pressure in control. and right now, 28 degrees in ocean city. 32 in easton. and 30 in oakland. and metro area, everyone in the same range. 30s across the board. annapolis, 34. 41 in rock hall. a southeast wind, a south wind in washington, d.c. light winds wherefore they are blowing but
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it's going -- winds where ever they are blowing but it's going to stay around the 10 miles per hour range. and today the winds southwest. a bit of a change. we stay on the cool side. and stay below the normal high. and all offerer neighbors around this are warmer than we are from detroit over to chicago and through atlanta. we are kind of carved out in the area where high pressure is really just bringing in that cooler air for right now. we will see a bit of a shift. and the temperatures will go up tomorrow. and we watch the disturbance up around the great lakes or so. and it's also part of a front that's going to sweep through the area. keeping us this the cold air for now. and heading into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, a storm system that's going to be developing off the coast line that could tap into the colder air. and could bring us rain and snow. snow. we will talk about it more as we get closer to wednesday. and temperatures in the 40- degree range. it could be the first blast of
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colder air weather into this week. milder air for today, sunny and temperatures get into the 50s. and warmer tomorrow and the way it comes together with the sunrise today. officially at 6:45. sunset, earlier and earlier, 4:56 with a small craft advisory in effect through midday or so. 54 degrees, looking for 37 tonight. for tomorrow, temperatures up to about 60 degrees. and 56 on monday. 46 on tuesday. and overnight lows down as low as 27 degrees. >> okay. still to come, was it bully organize tough love? what exactly happened inside the miami dolphin's locker room. a former player is opening up about his experience with hazing. plus, dance party prep. why this woman started a flash mob right before undergoing surgery. ,,,,
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welcome back on this
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saturday morning. the 9th day of the movement a fall-like weekend shaping up. cool -- day of november, a fall- like weekend shaping up. 28 in ocean city. and 34 at bwi. and 30 out in oakland. a chilly start. the furnace is probably kicking on and off because of that. 54 degrees today. partly sunny to cloudy today. overnight lows into the 30s. around 37 degrees or so with partly cloudy skies and about 60 degrees into sunday. the five-day forecast come up in a few minutes. >> thank you. but first, back to the other top headlines of the weekend. the suspension of a miami dolphins player for allegedly hazing and harassing a teammate has at least one nfl veteran speaking out. he played for saints and rams and says hazing almost cost him
6:19 am
his eyesight. >> lost part of vision. >> reporter: he remembers his initiation into the new orleans saints. >> a guy go through a window and cut an artery. we had a couple broken noses. >> reporter: he says the hazing included being hit with a sock full of coins. a hit that damaged his vision. >> had a guy head butt me. and not, and i didn't get it as bad as a lot of guys. >> reporter: he is telling his story days after his former teammate from the st. louis rams was suspended by the miami dolphins. incognito allegedly harassed and bullied teammate jonathan martin. martin was spotted outside his parent's southern california home. the first time says seen since quitting the dolphins last week. in a statement, his lawyer shed new light on his reason for leaving. he endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional
6:20 am
locker room hazing including a malicious attack and sexually violent attacks against his sister. >> i don't know if i would say anything to him. i don't want to give him the courtesy of speaking to him. i don't think he deserves to be looked at. >> reporter: martin is meeting with an nfl investigator next week. >> now ritchie incognito is in southern california sources say. there are no plans for him to meet with martin. a judge in philadelphia hands out a prison sentence for the digital age. he banned her from using twitter for the next five years. prosecutors recommended the punishment because they say she used twitter to threaten a judge and social workers. the 34-year-old is currently serving a one to two-year prison sentence. a car length cal woman gets ready to -- a california woman gets ready to undergo surgery in a special way. she is actually the patient.
6:21 am
she used to be the doctor rather than the patient. but before undergoing a double mastectomymy, she insisted everyone in the operating room dance. this video has gone viral. she is doing well after her surgery and approximate she is at home recovering. >> she's got moves too. >> yeah. >> good spirits. still to come on eyewitness news saturday morning -- >> reporter: one of state prisons. what is this room? and the annual thanksgiving day dinner have this common? the answer coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. 64 degrees today. and then a system coming up the coast bringing us a mix of rain and maybe snow. but the temperatures are in the 40s. 46 on tuesday. 42 on wednesday. and 50 on thursday. overnight lows dipping as low as 27 degrees tuesday and wednesday. did you know that with just a little over two weeks to go, preparations have begun for the thanksgiving meal. >> and the prep is happening at an unusual place. >> reporter: with lines this long on thanksgiving, the annual dinner long ago outgrew the neighborhood kitchens they used to use there. commercial kitchen now cooks the birds. the gobblers have begun to
6:25 am
thaw. >> to help the less fortunate. >> reporter: look closely here. they are chained to the tables. >> we are all incarcerated. >> reporter: that's right. we are inside the wire at the prison. with men who tried or succeeded at murder and robbery. it is unnerving to be so close to such men with razor sharp knives. >> have a job like this. pretty much, you could say model inmates. >> reporter: they had to learn how to earn society's trust. >> you can learn from me. you know, i gave away my youth. >> reporter: they hope being a prison meat cutter will lead to a job outside. but for now, it's an exercise in the right thing to do. >> we get to give back. donate our team processing this. >> reporter: this from an attempted murder who ever never leave. they'll be preparing over 300
6:26 am
turkeys. >> reporter: she didn't care who were, what you did or how you got there, she would find another plate for you. at a table that begins in the cutting room at this prison, this is her grandson. >> without the help of the organization, it wouldn't happen. >> reporter: eyewitness news. >> those turkeys will be thawed out this weekend and refrigerator on tuesday. >> can you believe thanksgiving is only a few weeks away? >> but i'm ready for it. i am. i am getting there. but w the weather, getting there. >> okay. well, ready or not, it's coming. still to come -- fatal crash. an accident involving a state trooper claims the life of a teenager. the latest on what happened is coming up. plus, child sex abuse claims. the troubling allegations being made about a former employee. good morning. it's the anniversary of the
6:27 am
pride of baltimore too. a sailing history born out of a sailing history born out of triumph and ,,,,,,,, good news. we just got the stevens account.
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welcome back to eyewitness
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news weekend edition. >> here at the bottom of the hour, a chilly start. you know, i guess one person's chilly is another person's cold. 32 degrees is freezing. >> always. >> that's cold. >> but a lot of folks just think it's chilly. >> i don't know how chilly that is. >> temperatures starting off on the chilly/cold side. it's a pretty start to the day. skies are clear. and moon is bright. very calm to start. and winds will pick up through the afternoon. a breezy day yesterday. it will be just kind of that type of a weekend. the difference will be that the wind will be bringing in milder air tomorrow. today, the 27-degree temperature in oakland. and town toward ocean city, 32. and 34 degrees at dwi. the forecast high today up to 54 degrees. overnight lows down into the 30s. for tomorrow, back up to about 60 degrees. and that will be a comfortable day and plays into the raven's
6:31 am
forecast. a nice day for them. >> thank you. but first, a look at the stories we're keeping an eye this weekend. a developing story from overnight. a fatal accident involving a maryland state trooper leaves a teenager dead. state police say around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the trooper patrol car. the trooper struck those teens. a 16-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. the brother's condition is not yet known this morning but the investigation into the accident is ongoing. an upset in annapolis. the city officially has a new mayor this morning. he is a republican in a city dominated by democrats. we went one on one with the new mayor.
6:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. it was one of the tightest races in the history of annapolis. in the end, the votes separated the candidates by less than 1%. a nail-biter in annapolis. >> the voters not in the city limits. >> reporter: more than 25 hours over two days. spent reviewing and counting absentee and provisional ballots. >> this count is over. >> reporter: now three days after election day, it's official. republican republican defeats the democratic incumbent by just 959 votes. >> the voters have spoke and i respect the will of the voters and they have said they want a different direction. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the big win. did you think it was going to come down to 59? >> not at all. i thought either win by a lot or lose by a lot. >> reporter: he's the first republican mayor in more than a decade in a democrat-dominated city. and at just 30 years old, he
6:33 am
will be one of the youngest mayors in city's history. >> i think i have the leadership and the vision. and i look forward to working with people. >> reporter: residents say they hope that work makes the city better. >> i really look forward to our new mayor really being open minded and working with everyone and really seeing annapolis for what it's been, what it is and what it can be. >> trying to make things look nicer and bring businesses back. >> reporter: he says he's ready to get started. the mayor-elect says his biggest goals are lower taxes and water bills. wjz, eyewitness news. >> and the candidates have 10 days to petition for a recount. new details this morning about a deadly crash in hunt valley. it happened on york road. police say a car crossed the cent every line, colliding head- on with another vehicle and then went into the path of a
6:34 am
third car. a 85-year-old charles wagner and his wife both died in the wreck. they were in the car that was hit head-on. police gave a ticket to the other driver for dui. a federal investigation is underway into allegations of child sex abuse. the suspect has been banned from the base. officials are cooperating with investigators and have ordered a full review of all youth programs there. one of the men caught stealing documents from the maryland historical society is released from prison this morning. his lawyer says his client was released after a year behind bars. he helped steal thousands of rare and valuable documents back in 2011. he cooperated with thoracics to help recover the stolen items. -- cooperating with the authorities to help recover the
6:35 am
stolen items. the pride of baltimore two is celebrating its 35th birthday. pride one sank back in the 1980s. since then, pride has been all over the world representing baltimore. >> reporter: the crew and fans of the pride are celebrating its 25th anniversary. >> i cannot believe it's been 25 years. i had my son and the nephew on the pride several years ago. and it was lovely. >> reporter: the pride two is a scooter, nearly 100-foot long vessel built for speed. as sailboats go, the same as a ferrari in the water. these american ships, most of them built in baltimore, were used to steal freight from enemies. >> and at the end of the 1812 war, baltimore-built boats
6:36 am
captured more than 50%. over the past 25 years, the crew of the pride of baltimore 2 has navigated some 250,000 nautical miles around the the globe, educating the world about the history of maryland and america. the pride of baltimore two was launched in 1988. that ship capsized in a sea 250 miles north of puerto rico. yet the horrible event gave life to a new boat, the pride two. >> cost a little more than a million dollars a year. the fund raiser held in conjunction with the anniversary will go a long way. from the waters to road,
6:37 am
gas prices across the nation continue to fall and we love it. the national average price for a gallon of regular is now at the lowest that it's been all year. $3.21. that price hasn't been seen since 2011. and it's 25 cents less compared to the same time last year. here in maryland, a gallon of regular gas cost $32. today, nine cents less. one year ago, paying $3.49. turning now to sports the, ravens are at the half-way point of the season and they are headed in the wrong direction. the sports director reports, tomorrow's game with cincinnati has become a much must-win -- become a must-win situation. >> reporter: the ravens have talked about a sense of
6:38 am
urgency. it all comes down to having to beat the bengals. cincinnati rolls into baltimore with a high-powered offense that has them in first place in the afc north. the ravens need to could wanter by getting their own offense into gear. they have been stuck in neutral, a far cry from the super bowl title during the play-offs. >> we haven't been good enough across the board. in terms of precision and the passing game and getting running game going. getting 1st downs, that leads to 1st downs and we haven't done it. >> reporter: they all practiced friday after they missed workouts this week with injuries. >> you can see the game tomorrow afternoon live right here on wjz. and the season may be underway but you can still sign up for the 2013 profootball challenge. to compete, go to
6:39 am and click on the link at the top of the home page. just one entry per person and competing with people nationally for prizes. sign up now. and from football to basketball, the college basketball season gets underway officially. last night, they took on connecticut in brooklyn. maryland trailed by 17 points in the second half. but then made a serious come back. they cut the lead to three and then getting in, delaying the jumper. that pulled maryland to within a point with 40 seconds to go. a chance to win nit the final seconds, but the jumper is off the mark. connecticut gets the rebound and they lose the opener 78-77. it was a celebration, the tigers were playing their first regular season game at their
6:40 am
new oncampus arena. they work inside. he lays it in. as tigers race out to a lead and never look back. and later, the nice move and drive to the hoop and finishes it off with a reverse lay-up. a win over navy 72-46 in front of 4200 fans. the tigers host morganstate university on tuesday. >> i love that. >> some people like new carpet smell. new stadium smell. >> yeah. >> never quite thought about that. >> there you go. >> breathe it in. >> and they liked it. >> yeah. >> won by like 30 points. pretty good. good day or good night to be in last night. a little chilly. >> yeah, a fireplace last night. >> we did. >> time to do it. unfortunately, i was hoping to
6:41 am
get another few weeks in before the furnace had to come on. >> i caved. >> everybody pretty much has caved by now. but a chilly next few days. starting off with temperatures in the 30s and 20s around the area. and we are at 34 degrees right now. 23 the dew point. relative humidity at 63% with calm wins. 30.3 the pressure. around the state, temperature range is just about that 30, that's pretty much the average, 28 in ocean city. and 36 in washington, d.c. and then 34 in anap sis. and westminster coming in at 34 degrees as we take a look at the numbers. not really moving too much. as soon as the sun comes up, the winds will pick up as well. we have been looking at breezy days. yesterday, certainly breezy and
6:42 am
temperatures reflecting a northwest wind. a bit of a northwest component now. we will see a bit of a shift to the south. and that's going to start bringing in warmer air today and tomorrow. but today, we stay in the 50s. all of the neighbor, everybody from detroit over to chicago to caps cancer city and down toward atlanta and boston, warmer than right now. they're in the 30s and 40s. and we are closer to about freezing. several things going on over the next few days. a disturbance moving across the great lakes and that's going to be associated with a front that sweeps through and keep us in the cold range. and allowing the air to settle in over us. and then high pressure build in for a few days into monday and that will bring in the milder air tomorrow. tomorrow up to about 60 degrees as a result. and then a coastal storm developing into tuesday and wednesday. and that will tap into the cold air to the north. and that could bring us a
6:43 am
chance for a mix. a rain/snow mix. and temperatures are going to be in the 40s. not looking at any too major. but the high slides off. colder air settles in and the storm starts to move in here. we will keep you posted wednesday there. is basically a tuesday and wednesday event. sunrise today officially at 6:45. 4:56 inside the 5:00 hour for the sunset. and there's south wind on the bay at 5 to 10 knots and the small craft advisory has been lifted. chilly. and good grief. how did that come out? ache single digits day. 60 degrees for tomorrow. and then tomorrow and the rest of the week, 56 degrees on monday. 42 and 50, overnight lows into the 20s. >> not a cheesy day at all. saturday morning, a ski resort under fire for making snow that causes crashes.
6:44 am
how it happened when we come back. competing for bragging rights the. debate over america's tallest skyscraper. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 am
beautiful morn ago head. 34 degrees and mainly clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. several accidents in wisconsin but don't blame mother nature. it came from a ski resort. police say the canons were the cause. the snow that didn't land on the ski runs was blown downwind and the low cloud cover prevented it from evaporating. the road was eventually salted and no injuries were reported. firefighters in western new york battle a major fire at a farm. take a look at this. firefighters say they had to let it burn because of a lack of water. they say the blaze started in a storage building and quickly spread to surrounding structures. the fire burned for three hours at least. no injuries here. and the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. a battle of skyscrapers in the near future. who will claim the nation's
6:48 am
tallest building. we have the answer. >> reporter: it's 1,004 a51 feet to brag about. but it's rain may be coming to an end on a technicality. new york's new one world trade center measures 1,368 feet but the architect say aspire atop the building should be counted and if it is, it would be a birth of the nation's symbol, standing 1776 feet or 325 feet taller than chicago's skyscraper. the relative obscure council on tall buildings and urban habitat headquartered here in chicago will make the call. >> there can't be a tie. >> there's nobody abstaining. >> there aren't two tallest building. >> reporter: anthony wood is executive director to testify council which will vote today and announce the decision next
6:49 am
week. >> do you expect pickets? >> what i do expect is that there's a lively debate. >> milestone of the century. >> reporter: from 1908, new yorkers had the tallest buildings in the country. and then in 1974, chicago overtook them this the race to the sky. is new york about to reclaim bragging rights? >> a post-modern building. >> reporter: we asked the chicago ark texture foundation for guidance. >> well, the tower is tallest in terms of how high you can stand above the earth. but when you look at what is totally built from the ground up, then one world trade center wins. >> now if you're wondering, the tallest building in baltimore stand 520 feet. >> wow. here's a couple you didn't expect to see riding the train together. vice president joe biden's
6:50 am
office tweeted this photo of he and whoopi goldberg sitting side by side. biden frequently takes the train to and from weekend stays at his delaware home. it was a complete coincidence. >> the train is fun. got to say. >> yeah. it is. you get to relax. no road rage on the train. >> none. still to come -- >> huge ravens fan. >> reporter: a special performance for the world champion ravens coming up. use chase freedom at and get 5% cash back this quarter. so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at
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the baltimore symphony orchestra is making their nfl debut. >> they performed yesterday for the world champion baltimore raven. >> reporter: arriving at the underarmour performance center for a special performance all their own. >> awesome. >> the ravens. >> reporter: the orchestra kids star in a show for their favorite team. >> i was really excited to be here. >> i was like, okay, now i must be dreaming. >> reporter: even parents get in on the action. >> i was actually going to faint. >> reporter: but you didn't. you kept playing. >> yes. >> reporter: it's an after- school music program in east and west baltimore. >> a wonderful experience. huge ravens fan. my son is crazy about them. and it's great that we are going to be able to collaborate. >> reporter: the ravens will
6:54 am
welcome the bso team to the stadium. >> baltimore ravens and the symphony is going to perform at half-time with the kids. and the ravens are announcing a gift of $15,000 to the program. >> great to feature two great baltimore institutions on the same field. >> reporter: members say it's an honor to perform at the home of the world champion baltimore ravens. >> the sports team and the symphony and the city come together, it's important for the culture of the city. >> reporter: he says he was so inspired he is going the make his own donation to the program. wjz eyewitness news. and 600 students learned to play instruments, take field trips and perform as part of the program. >> a great program. >> a great program. ,,,,,,en we come back, the
6:55 am
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we will keep you posted there. and 42 and overnight lows getting down as cool as, as cold as about 27 degrees. >> cold is right. that's the first half of the saturday morning show. there's another hour of eyewitness news straight ahead. i've got barbecue for you this morning. >> are you on a mission. >> i am on a mission. mission barbecue will be here. >> and the doctor will be here next hour,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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