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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  November 9, 2013 8:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm anthony mason. here are a few of the stories we'll be looking at on "cbs this morning" saturday. after raging across the philippines, a monster typhoon among the most powerful ever seen turns toward china with winds up to 100 miles an hour and stronger gusts. seth doane reports live from beijing. >> the nl bully investigation surrounding two miami dolphin players heats up. why both players are now in los
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angeles. plus, it's a giant. the most powerful, most capable, and most expensive aircraft carrier in history. today it gets a name. the "uss gerald r. ford." >> and turning the light on spider-man. the troubles that very nearly sank a broadway hit. all that and much more on "cbs this morning saturday", saturday, november 9th, 2013. captioning funded by cbs and welcome to the weekend. we also have some great guests here in studio in studio 57 this morning including will chef here to perform songs from the great est album. >> and the chef. we'll find out what's behind the seemingly simple italian staple. >> but first this morning's top story, now what's typhoon
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haiyan, it's now in the south china sea heading toward vietnam and china. the storm raced across the philippines with winds at 147 miles an hour and gusts at 170 when it made landfall. at least 100 deaths are blamed on the storm. thankfully it's losing some of its strength. seth doane has the latest from beijing. good morning. >> good morning, anthony. unfortunately that death toll number is expected to rise as workers get to harder hit areas. to get a look at some of the size of it, take a look at this image from outer space that shows this massive super typhoon. it tore apart buildings with its fierce winds. it devastated towns and villages throughout central and southern philippines. i never thought the winds would be that strong that it could destroy my house, this resident said. i do not know what i should do now. storm surges more than 10 feet
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high, sent walls of water pouring through some areas. eyewitnesses described scenes similar to a tsunami. one of the hardest hit areas, floodwaters filled streets, and authorities said bodies were strewn in the debris. here residents in the poll want province had to attend to the grim task of the dead. 2 million may now be in need of food aid. >> i'm very concerned about the situation in the philippines right now. we just have to see how we can get food to them very quickly. >> reporter: the fast-moving storm may have spared further flooding. evacuations of nearly 8,000 people saved lives. a work told us roads were blocked and communication lines
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were cut. >> massive devastation, pulled up trees ands ss ss piles of rubble and all this devastation. a lot of mix of emotions when you see all this tragic disaster. >> and now it is important to note it is too early to know the real extent of the damage in the philippines. meanwhile preparations and evacuations are already under way in vietnam, which is expected to get a direct hit from this typhoon on sunday. vinita anthony? >> seth doane in beijing. thanks, seth. now to the health care reform mess at home. president obama hopes that fixing the affordable health care website would fix the problem but now it looks like part of the law may have to be written because of the many millions of americans who have been cannescelled by their
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insurance companies. jeff pegues is at the white house. >> good morning, vinita. so far they have not gone into specifics about potential fixes. speaking to a crowd in the port of new orleans, the president once again expressed his frustration with the problems plaguing the website. >> i want to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write codes. >> reporter: millions of americans have had their policies canceled as a result of the health care act. they want to fix the gaps. kathleen sebelius is the secretary of health and human services. >> while there isn't i would say at this point, a specific plan, the president has asked to take a look at those coverage options. >> reporter: a top administration official tells cbs news they will look to rewrite sections of the affordable care act while also
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coordinating with insurance commissioners to offer relief or waivers to some of those who received cancellation notices, notices that came as a surprise to consumers who'd heard the president's earlier assurances that that would not happen. >> if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. >> reporter: on thursday he apologized. >> i am sorry they're finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> reporter: but republicans counter that they lost credibility on the issue. a spokesman for house speaker john boehner said quote, we are highly skeptical that there is anything the president can do administratively to keep his pledge that would be both legal and effective. that spokesman for speaker boehner accused the president of misleading the american public when he promised they could keep their health insurance. anthony, vinita? >> jeff pegues at the white house. thanks. tens of millions of americans will now have increased access to mental health care. it's an issue brought to the
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national stage following the sandy hook massacre and other recent shootings. the so-called rule promises to cover it. president obama promised to issue it as part of an effort to reduce gun violence. the government says 60% of those with mental health problems and 307 don't get the help they need. airports across the nation paused for a moment on friday to remember the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. her gerardo hernandez was killed in the line of duty. >> i would like you to join us in a moment of silence. >> reporter: the ceremony came exactly one week after he was gunned down at los angeles international airport. [ playing taps ]
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>> reporter: flowers were placed at the location where he was killed with a salute from fellow officers and appreciation from passengerers. >> because of him i'm able to travel safely and i just -- my heart goes out to the family and loved ones. >> reporter: the fbi says 23-year-old paul seeciantia shot him. he's been appoint add public defender who's been in the hospital since the day of the shooting. court documents say he was shot in the face and is unconscious and unable to communicate. investigators believe see ante ya targeted the tsa. a memorial will be held for hernandez on tuesday. all of this is happening at a time when the airports are add
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odds over who should be in charge. the tsa has ordered arptss to take over staffing by next march. the movie will sake them $88 million a year but airports say it could kproem mize safety. for "cbs this morning saturday," carter evans, los angeles. less than 12 hours after friday's moment of silence for that tsa officer who was killed there was another gun scare at the same terminal. police say the passenger took the unloaded gun out of his checked bag in a claim area and showed it to a limo driver who alerted the tsa officers. the man was arrested. and a bizarre incident at seattle airport. police say man bolted past security, race dound the concourse, got onto the tarmac and broke a window to get inside the man who was not armed and appeared to be high on drugs. very intense negotiations between iran and the u.s. over tehran's nuclear program resume in geneva switzerland.
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both sides agreed serious problems remain despite a push bisect of state john kerry. elizabeth palmer is in geneva with the latest. good morning elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning. a major diplomatic push indeed. we have just seen the russian foreign minister arrive. he has come to what is in essence, a diplomatic juggernaut. we have foreign ministers of france great britain, germany. and some talk of the chinese will come here to geneva. now, it was a long day yesterday, as you said. secretary kerry was in a four-hour marathon meeting with his counterpart. it ended at 11:30 at night. they all went straight out to breakfast. there are sticking points. particularly one is to what extent iranians will curb their nuclear program. not only the amount of material
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they produce but with the stockpiles they already have. and they would like a reactor that's not on line not to go online because it produces plutonium, which is much easier to convert to military use. the british foreign secretary did come out a little while ago to say there's good momentum lots of work to do. we're not sure whether they are happy with the limited sanctions they're being offered. but certainly at the moment it does feel as if a deal is within reach sometime this weekend. it's a preliminary deal as you said. it sets the stage for talks on a much bigger deal. but in and of itself as it happens it would be a very very significant shift in iranian western realizes. >> very encouraging. >> there have been talks in the past. how are these different, would you say? >> it's just a different planet.
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i have been at these things the last round, the last year. they were cold. there was a sense the iranians were going through the motions, but there wasn't political will. this time you see the iranians and the europeans talking in the halls. they're available to the press. and most significantly, the iranians arrived here prepared to negotiate in english. so that just makes everything easier. it saves a lot of time. and for the iranians it's a big concession, a diplomatic gesture that they really want something to happen. >> amazing signs. elizabeth palmer in geneva thank you. leon panetta and chris christie for talks about nuclear ambitions. and newly re-elected governor chris christie. the bullying case that has
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shaken the national football league in mid season. the two miami dolphins players at the center of the case are both in los angeles for very different reasons. jim axelrod is at the training facility in davy florida. good morning stpwhrr the two men at the center of the controversy rocking the miami dolphins here in south florida will both be waking up in southern california this morning. richie incognito flew there yesterday afternoon. his agent is based in southern california. jonathan martin has been there since last week. his parents are there. that's where he is expected to be interviewed by the lawyer hired by the nfl to investigate the matter. and he will get interviewed later next week. >> i appreciate you guys are doing a job, but i have no comment. and i will not be making a comment. >> this is richie incognito getting coffee at the los angeles international airport after arriving yesterday afternoon from miami. he joins the other player at the center of this turmoil in southern california.
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jonathan martin seen outside his parents's home. the latest statement from his lawyer david cornwell said jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room haze sexually violent threats against his sister. but dolphins players defend incognito. dimitri patterson is a defensive back. >> nfl locker room is a different environment. it is not like corporate america. it's different. it's a little different. things that guys say as a joke here people take serious outside. >> the dispute is playing out now as a series of dualing accounts and images painting two portraits of incognito. one, the jocular teammate sitting with martin on a team flight. the other a bullying crossing the line. this made by a volunteer at a
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dolphins charity golf tournament last year. the volunteer accused incognito of acting inappropriately, touching her body with a golf club. no charges were filed, but at least one former dolphin at the tournament apologized to the woman. so how will the turmoil unfold in the locker room behind affect the miami dolphins when they step out next to play on the field. we'll find out monday night in tampa bay, the next game against the tampa bay buccaneers. >> jim is axelrod in davy, florida, thank you. vinita? turning to the economy. encouraging numbers helped make this a good week. the dow jones industrial average jumped to close at a record high of 15,761. this falls on an unexpectedly jobses. the unemployment rate edged up to 7.3% from september's
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five-year low. that's due to federal workers who were idle during the shutdown. let's talk with diedre. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> all eyes were on the government shutdown. everyone wondered if there would be a trickle-down. was there a trickle-down? >> basically there was more time. that ended up skewing the numbers. you just mentioned you actually had a more optimistic figure come in 204,000 jobs added to the economy than any economist expected. it was great. you had a high high. the scary part is the participation rate, the number of people giving up on looking for a job. >> a 35-year low. >> which is really frightening which means more and more people are saying forget it. >> how much is related to the shutdown? >> some of it is an anomaly. the economists i spoke with said
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you have to take out both outliers. you take out the great number the great print that we got, take out the scary participation number. the bottom line is this whole report i'm sorry to say, is worth ignoreing. we're going to get another one before the fed has to make its next call. >> there was a glimmer of hope. we saw job growth. what sector was that in? >> we had manufacturing, retail. we're really focused as we're coming up on the holiday season. last year -- well it took about 70,000 people. some did actually convert to full-time employment. so amazon saying they're going to hire them and some of those will be converted. >> from what i've heard, the holiday hiring is going to be about what it was last year. we seem to have been stuck in this rut now for a long time. we're averaging 100,000 monthly over the last year. at what point do we start to see this pick up do you think? >> that's a great question.
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a lot of people are saying companies -- certain kinds of companies are starting to wait for confidence to pick up. here's something we don't talk about a lot. there's about 3 million jobs per month that are not being filled by americans, and one of the problems is the technology, the science, and the math background. there are jobs. they're just not jobs they can do. >> does it have an effect on the federal reserve stimulus program? >> well everybody has a feel good factor right? as far as affecting what the fed does, probably not. the fed is worried about inflation, job creation, and most people think we're going to be getting a new fed chairman in janet yellen. most think the stimulus will continue through march. that's one reason to bringing it back to why you are seeing such strength in the equity markets. look. money's cheap right now for the investors. >> and we had a notorious ipo,
8:19 am
initial public offering. >> i tweet, you tweet. i follow both of you and we're all on it. you did have a little bit of euphoria coming on the next day. when you pop up 75% the first day, who cares. twitter raise 2g billion in ipo. that's the biggest raise. i thirpg you have go back to alibaba. it's still not profitable. this is a big bet on ads spending. we'll see if it works out. 70% of twitter spending is coming from facebook to give you a comparison point, about 50%. >> nonetheless we saw bill millionaires and billionaires. thank you. >> thank you. >> time to show you this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" says several bikers have been indicted involving the drive over an suv.
8:20 am
a motorcyclist beat the driver after he ran over a driver and tried to get away. the fbi undercover officer was not working at the time. toronto, canada's mayor rob ford has apologized. he's been under pressure to resign. "the miami herald" says one of its reporters are being held by the government. he was taken into custody on thursday. the venezuelan government has not said why weis is being detained. "usa today" says chrysler is recalling more than 1 million ram truck to fix front end problems that could lead to steering problems. they know of two crashes that involve it. a nashville recruit says a worker learned the hard way how to keep opinions to himself when it comes to giving alert
8:21 am
warnings. he was apparently fired when a text tweet said quote, women drivers reign and obama care. >> so they're lining up for auditions in london today for two coveted roles in the next "star wars" movie. the movie premears in 2015. it could go to an unknown like when mark hamel did. >> i would like to play a wookiee. >> that's your dream role? >> that's my dream role. it's 7:20. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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coming up it is the most powerful warship ever built. the super carrier "uss gerald r. ford." it will be christened later. they work to work the obama care website, three workers found a workaround in a weekend. you're watching thm saturday. when i'm older
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. i thought if you don't mind i'd like to write out my thank-you notes. thank you, governor chris christie for winning a second term as governor of new jersey proving that whenever you run, it ends in a landslide.
8:25 am
>> you're welcome. >> that was almost as good as when he went on letterman and ate a doughnut. they kept making fun that all he did was eat. >> he's getting a lot of attention, a talk about a presidential run. a lot of people said his acceptance speech was almost like a presidential announcement speech. >> this is a "time" cover magazine. it says "the elephant in the room." as soon as it was out, it lit up. they said is this a cheap shot. should they have done it? >> there's a lot of talk on social media. >> coming up the latest on 1,400 paintings and other works stolen by the nazis in world war ii found in an apartment in germany. >> we'll be right back. this is "cbs this morning saturday."
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good morning. saturday, november 9th. what people are talking about. a bizarre fire is under investigation after the university of maryland medical center. firefighters are looking into a patient death at the hospital. the fire department says flames broke out in the pain's room, killing that person. the circumstances to testify fire and the cause of the death are still a mystery. the hospital says no one else was injured. a fatal accident involving a maryland state trooper leaves a teenager dead. state police say around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the oncoming trooper's patrol
8:28 am
vehicle. the trooper struck them. medics rushed the 16-year-old to a nearby hospital where he later died. the brother's condition is not known. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and it was a historic win for republicans in the annapolis mayor. the republican defeated the democratic incumbent by just 59 votes. the 30-year-old is the first republican mayor in more than a decade in the democrat-demeanor nated city. he wants the focus on lowering taxes and water bills and. a look at the
8:29 am
8:30 am
he has to say to the world, it was quite a light show last night, very high over the 9/11 memorial where the twin towers wasn't stood. >> they were testing lights o onn the spire. you can see that spire from 50 miles away. >> it's really beautiful. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason that and i'm vinita nair. we begin this half hour with a look at the most powerful pieces of transportation anywhere. it measures 50 feet long and costs nearly 15 $13 billion and it's a ford. >> sort of.
8:31 am
it's the navy's new super carrier which is being named today for the late president gerald r. ford. it's taking place this morning and chip reid is there. >> reporter: good morning, anthony and vinita. you can see it behind me. you may be wondering why they're christening a ship that's far from complete. it doesn't sail until 2016. the reason is in a few days it's going to be towed by tugboats and tradition dictates the first time a ship floats that's when you christen it. the gerald r. ford is the first in the next generation of nuclear air carriers. named after gerald r. ford who served in the war. he passed away in 2006. how would your father feel about this? >> one, he would be in shock because he never would have
8:32 am
expected this and he just wasn't that kind of a man, but he was a naval officer, a lieutenant commander. >> reporter: susan ford bales, president ford's daughter will krit christen it with sparkling wine. >> i won't be here in 50 years but it will be here. >> reporter: it's a labor of love. are e becca ann boyd has been here since the beginning. >> you can't help but get emotional and to be picked to do this, it's just an honor. >> reporter: captain john myer say ms. of the ship's upgrades are highly classified but the ones he can talk about are dramatic improvements over current carriers. the tower called the island has been moved farther back on the deck. >> by moving it out, you get
8:33 am
more space for aircraft room for about eight additional aircraft. >> reporter: it will produce 3 1/2 time as much power and electromagnetic energy instead of steam power will cat put planes into the wild blue yonder. the bridge will burris well state-of-the-art communications and warfare technology. >> do you look forward to a day when you get to sit in the captain's chair? >> absolutely. that's day i very much look forward to. i really believe sailors block at sea. >> reporter: a recent investigation by the government accountability office found technical design and construction challenges that have led to significant cost increases. there have also been delays, but the ship builders say they're addressing those challenges. susan ford bales understands how important it will be. but for her it's also deeply
8:34 am
emotional for her. it's very emotional for you. >> it is emotional. my dad's spirit is on that ship. i love the crew. i love my captain. they're my new family. and it's just been an amazing experience. >> reporter: speaking of emotional, at a dinner last night, susan ford bales presented a gift to the ship the flag that draped her father's casket. i'm told there was hardly a dry eye in the house. and anthony and vinita this is no longer the grumman ship yarp it's now newport news ship building. >> thanks for the krerkz. one way to fix the troubled website comes down to three young men. their job is to show the obama administration how to build a website that actually works. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: in a san francisco office shared by other startups three saw it as a challenge.
8:35 am
this was a weekend project for you. but a few late nights the three built the it solves one of the biggest problems. >> they've got it completely backwards in what people want up front. >> what they want up front. >> they want prices so they can make a decision. you come to the website, put in your zip code you hit find plans and you immediately see the exchange plans that are available for that zip code. >> they have plenty to of experience working at places like my row soft and twitter before setting off to start their own, but this was a public service. >> there us with no thought like how can we make money. we thought, this is a problem we can solve in a short period of time, so let's just do it. >> reporter: using information buried in the government's own website built by high-priced government contractors, they found a simpler way to present
8:36 am
it to users. >> that's a great thing about having a small team. you sit around the table, how does this work. there's no coordination meetings. you read the document and implement it. >> reporter: and the features keep on coming. i look at your website yesterday and that tax subsidy wasn't in there. >> we added that last night. >> reporter: that's supposed to be the manufacture complicated part. >> the subsidy application is fairly complicated but it wasn't too bad. >> you can't actually enroll but they provide contact information. users who find a plan they like can go directly to the insurance company without ever using for "cbs this morning saturday," john blackstone san francisco. >> they make it look so simple. now here's a look at the weather for your weekend.
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coming up next artificial trans fats clog arteries and cause heart disease. now the fda is moving to ban them. more on that and other top medical news on our "morning rounds." this is "cbs this morning saturday."
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it's time now for our "morning rounds," a look at the top medical news for the week. we have with us dr. jon lapook and cbs contributor dr. holly phillips. >> first up this morning trans fats are the ingredients that make many processed foods taste better and last longer but this week the food and drug administration says trans fats are no longer recognized as safe and the fda intends to ban them. >> trans fats increase your risk for heart disease. turns out that they elevate the so-called bad cholesterol, ldl. >> will this save lives and avoid heart attacks? >> this will save lives. the cdc says if we can reduce the level of trans fat currently in the american diet we can probably save about 7,000 people
8:42 am
from preventable death and prevent about 20,000 heart attacks. >> reporter: trans fat is created by turning liquid vegetable oil into fat. processed food manufacturers use it because it extends the shelf life and improves the flavor of some foods including snack foods such as microwave popcorn, crackers and cookies. packaged sups cakes, pies biscuits, stick margarines and vegetable shortables and ready h of the to-use frostings. and restaurants use it. they've been voluntarily reducing trans fats for years. in 2003 americans consumed 4.6 grams of trans fat a day. by 2012 it plummeted to one gram day, but the fda says there's no safe level. >> trans fats have been used for decades so why are they making a
8:43 am
move now? >> there's been a movement to taking it out of our supply and there's been a 75% drop in the consumption of it. but it's still dropped down to zero and even a little can cause heart disease. it can be anywhere. it's not a pack of cigarettes where you see what you're doing. it's kind of invisible. we're not sure which products have it. the fda says we're going take it out. >> the real question is it working? >> it is working. in fact, people were so frightened at the beginning that it was going to crash the number of people coming into the restaurants and it hasn't done that at all. in other countries that have entirely gotten rid of it for years, there's been absolutely no problem. you can put o'things in it that give it the flavor. the age at which some girls begin puberty is dropping. researchers followed girls for more than seven years. they discovered that the onset
8:44 am
of a girl's breast development has to do with her body mass index. i was so fascinate thad bmi is a bigger predictor than race or ethnicity. >> absolutely. this study did break it down a bit but for everyone puberty started primarily early. for caucasian, 9.7, girls in particular and for african-americans it started at about 8.8 years old. those are really really early predictors. but the predictor is obesity and body mass index. that's because fat cells trigger hormonal cascades. that causes puberty to happen much earlier. >> so how do girl this young cope with developing so fast? >> you know anthony, not so well. it's really very challenging for them. some studies show they have lower self-esteem, perform more poorly in school rates of depression. i feel like childhood is such a
8:45 am
fleeting time. i don't want them to get older. i feel sad at every birthday they have but really one of the things we've had to focus on is making sure our children are healthy, they're not obese, so their bodies develop at the same time as their minds and that's really what's most important. another new study can make men think twice about testosterone testosterone. >> when this restaurant owner luca marcato started feeling tired. he thought it was working aet the restaurant. his levels were low and his physician prescribed a gel containing testosterone. >> and now i feel the way i should be feeling. >> reporter: lower testosterone lead to fatigue, muscle and bone loss and decrease to libido. while it's produced for some conditions it's widely marked
8:46 am
for those who want to stay young. it's mostly those with heart disease. there was a 29% increased risk of heart attack stroke or death in those given testosterone. >> the cardiologist says we need better studies to assess the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy. >> june like women go through men oh p.a.w.s. man go through manopause. treating the disease may get us in trouble. >> reporter: the decision to prescribe it is complicated. >> there are risks. >> before you start treating millions of americans with testosterone, you probably ought to think twice. >> jon, those ads for low "t" as
8:47 am
they call it are everywhere. >> we're talking more than 100 million prescriptions. without having the long-term safety data that's where it's of concern. >> holly, what about women? we hear so mucher hormonal replace mnlts therapy of us. >> exactly. it brings us to the morals of the story. we can't fight nature as much as we would like to and i think those hormone levels are supposed to drop as we age and we should let them. >> finally this week there's good news through adults who suffered through music lessons as kids. it turns out it has a lasting positive effect on the brain. those who took four years of lessons as children have faster reaction times to sound. it may help prevent cognitive declean, each if they haven't played an instrument in decades. so i should have taken piano
8:48 am
lessons? >> i took lessons for three years. >> i did it four months. >> idy it for 18 years. i'll live forever. >> dr. jon lapook, dr. holly phillips. still ahead, what's ahead for the priceless collection of art. it was found in an apartment in munich, germany. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." [woman]ask me... [announcer]...if you think the best bed for one of you might be a compromise for the other one... [woman]ask me about our tempur-pedic. [announcer] they're sleeping on the newest tempur-pedic bed... the new tempur choice... [man]two people.two remotes. [announcer] firmness settings for the head,legs,and back... and with tempur on top,that famous tempur-pedic comfort comes any way you like it! [woman]ask me about the lumbar button. [man]she's got her side...and i've got my side. [announcer] tempur-pedic.the most highly recommended bed in america. [woman]don't touch my side! [ female announcer ] whether you're working like a dog or giving the dog a workout, find your balance™. every delicious balance bar® has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts. balance bar®...
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75 years ago today the gnaw zi regime in germany encouraged rioters to attack synagogues and businesses. it's known as the night of broken glass and the escalation of attacks on jews by nazis led to the holocaust. >> now there's been major discovery of more than a thousand pieces of art looted by the nazis. many of the pieces belonged to jews. elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: it was a treasure
8:52 am
trove by the likes of matisse and others. now in the hands of german prosecutors, for decades it had lain hidden here inside a nondescription munich apartment. the paintings are believed to be nazi plunder, the spoils of a huge grab by hitler during the war often by collectors of wealthy jews which ended up in the hands of cornelius gurlitt. >> he was a dealer at the beginning of the war. he his jewish connections have enabled him to know where the good art was held by collectors or dealers. >> reporter: after germany's defeat allied forces before able to recover some of them but a vast majority disappeared until now when a tax investigation led them to more
8:53 am
than a thousand precious works believed lost in the chaos and ruins of world war ii. for "cbs this morning saturday," i'm elizabeth palmer. >> a thousand paintings and there's going to be a big battle for people to get those words back. >> the german chancellor has been very vocal, that's the low point of german history. a satellite is up there but it won't be for long. gravity will pull it down. we'll tell you what you need to know. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ must be the honey! ♪ ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ [ telephone ringing ] [ clears throat ] hi. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. [ male announcer ] try coffee-mate girl scout cookie
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[ male announcer ] at scott, we don't need elaborate stunts just to tell you our products get the job done. instead, we give you $7.00 off disney's planes when you join scott shared values. ♪ ♪ sign up at [ female announcer ] you've got finding time for what matters, down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. tonight's top story is crack. i understand we have some crack and we're going to smoke that in the studio. whoa. whoa. you feel that rateight away. it's so refreshing. >> there's absolutely no
8:57 am
reality. "anchorman 2" is one of the movies coming up this holiday season. >> for some of you your local news is next. the rest of you stick around, you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." good morning. saturday, november 9th. what people are talking about. a bizarre fire is under investigation after the university of maryland medical center. firefighters are looking into a patient death at the hospital. the fire department says flames broke out in the pain's room, killing that person. the circumstances to testify fire and the cause of the death are still a mystery. the hospital says no one else was injured. a fatal accident involving a maryland state trooper leaves a teenager dead. state police say around 8:00 last night, two teen brothers crossed route 113 and ran directly into the path of the oncoming trooper's patrol
8:58 am
vehicle. the trooper struck them. medics rushed the 16-year-old to a nearby hospital where he later died. the brother's condition is not known. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and it was a historic win for republicans in the annapolis mayor. the republican defeated the democratic incumbent by just 59 votes. the 30-year-old is the first republican mayor in more than a decade in the democrat-demeanor nated city. he wants the focus on lowering taxes and water bills and. a look at the
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. coming up this half hour the sky isn't falling but a big european satellite is. it's expected to hit the atmosphere late tomorrow night and parts of it will reach the ground. and then what's old is new again in the hands of a unique entrepreneur. he turns unfashionably wide neckties into skinny ones. and "spider-man" survived
9:01 am
nasty mishaps. an insider tells us what went wrong and how it was fixed. first this half hour the red cross in the philippines says it has received edd reports that more than 1,000 people died when typhoon hightie typhoon haiyan struck. >> reporter: this super typhoon tore through central and southern fill leans leaving a path of destruction in its wake. entire homes and billuildings were simply flattened. i just got off the phone with barnaby whoo is a cbs reporter. he described scenes of water coming to shore. he said at times it appeared 10 feet tall. he said at times it was almost
9:02 am
like a tsunami and reminded him of the tsunami that struck back in 2004. he described horrific scenes of seeing dead bodies along the highway and scattered in the degree. we saw other pictures of residents in the proshvince who went about the task of picking up buildings there. the typhoon had winds as high as 185 miles an hour. also potentially saving lives, those massive evacuations we saw. around 800,000 people moved to safety. still there are significant problems. we're hearing stories of looting at the scene and we're also hearing about the lack of water and food. in fact, the united nations world food program says around 2.5 million people may be in need of food aid. rescue workers are still trying
9:03 am
to get to some of the hardest hit areas. some still without communication to try to get a sense for the scale and scope of this disaster. seth doane cbs news beijing. now to the bullying case involving two players for the miami dolphins. both men at the center of the case are now in southern california. jim axelrod is tracking developments from the dolphins training camp in davies florida. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. as much as this story has been centered here in south florida, the two men at the center of the the controversy are both in southern california where they'll be waking up this morning. richie incognito flew there yesterday afternoon from miami and was in los angeles by early evening yesterday. he's there to meet with his agent who is based in southern california. jonathan martin has been in the los angeles area since last week. that's where his parents live and that's where he is expected
9:04 am
later next week to meet with ted wells, the lawyer who the nfl has hired to conduct the investigation into this matter. right now the story essentially on daily basis you see accounts dripping and drabbing out, essentially painting two portraits, competing portraits of richie inncognitoincognito. on one hand you'll hear his teammates say richie incognito was a good teammate, that there are different rules that governor the culture of the locker room and he's being portrayed in a way that indicates a misunderstanding of how well liked he was in the locker room and jonathan martin didn't understand those rules. they'll talk about martin's nickname, the big we're doe. on the other hand you'll hear that incognito was repeatedly over the line with offensive behavior harassment and fighting, holding team meetings at a strip bar. i expect we'll continue to see the story play out just that way. these competing inches over the
9:05 am
days and weeks to come. how will all of this affect the miami dolphins on the field? we'll find out monday night. that's when they play their next game. it is in tampa bay against the buccaneers. anthony? >> jim axelrod in davies florida. thanks, jim. grand jury indict 11 motorcyclists including a policeman. the suv bumped into the motorcyclist in front of him. another pulled him out and beat him. he's being charged with assault and other crimes. a big satellite is about to fall out of orbit and no one knows where it will hit. it's got a ton of hardware and is due to plunge tomorrow night. jeffrey kluger with "time" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> i feel a sense of urgency.
9:06 am
25 to 45 fragments. should we be worried? >> a little bit but unduly so. when you have a up the of hardware coming down but no one knows where, that's not a good thing. it was intended to orbit around 165 miles. it's down to 105 and its accelerating. the faster it goes, the lower it goes, the lower it goes the more it speeds up and that ends in kaboom ultimately. >> they ultimately knew this was going to happen. >> they ultimately knew this was going to happen. this is the thing. all space debris comes down at some point. the only way a dead satellite doesn't come down is if you park it up in what's called a graveyard 2,000 miles up. it will stay up there for centuries. this one we knew it was coming down. it was flying low anyway. it onto has a small putt-putt ion engine. it's good for fine maneuvers but not for getting out of harm's
9:07 am
way. so it's going to come down add some point or other. >> ease my nerves. tell me where they predict it's going to fall? >> i'm convinced it's on 7 59 street. they predict it could drop anywhere on the surface of the world. i wish i could be more promising. here's the thing, 70% is water. only 30% is land. of the 30% is land only a small portion of it is inhalkted by people. there's vast vast quantity of desolate terrain. also what will survive the plunge will be about 45 pieces of debris none more than 200 pounds and it will all land within a footprint of 190 square miles. now, if that footprint is your house or soldier field at a game that's a very bad day. >> to say the least. >> to say the least. >> the odds are that's not going
9:08 am
to happen. >> there are actually a lot of these satellites up there, aren't there jeffrey? >> there are. we report this on this weekend. we have a massive, massive debris field in space. it's actually built around the earth. we've been firing stuff for more than 60 years and just in the past few years we've had some things aulger in. in 2011 there was an american krafrt russian craft, skylab hit in hit. so far it doesn't mean definitely not. >> tell me this is a learning lesson that we've now changed the protocol for when these things are cement up and how they come down. >> i wish i could tell you that. the only way we have changed this is with skylab we truly were caught unprepared. typically we have engines to boost this thing back up. but the other thing is this is a cost of doing business.
9:09 am
if you want global cell coverage, global coverage of the olympics, if you want the weather satellites if we want gps, we've got to have satellites up there doing it. gentlemen just we just have to know how to get rid of them. >> the good thing is no one got hurt. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva. elizabeth palmer reports from geneva. >> reporter: all parties in these negotiations are back at the table this morning. they went in right after breakfast, and that's after a long day yesterday that ended very late. in fact, secretary john kerry was in a 4 1/2-hour face-to-face meeting with his iranian counterpart that ended at half past 11:00. the russian president has arrived at geneva.
9:10 am
they have many others. there is some hope there will be still a deal from these negotiation but there are sticking points and they're big ones. predictably one of them is the extent to which iran will limit its nuclear program. not only the amount of nuclear material it produces but what it will do with the stockpile it already has. there's no word about whether or not they're happy with the limited sapgss relief that's being offered to them by its u.s. and allies. for "cbs this morning saturday," sunny to partly cloudy skies. a breezy day but comfortable. 36 degrees tonight with partly cloudy skies
9:11 am
up next 'spider-man" is flying high but the new book is about a back staimg story that has an early brush with disaster. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast i need all the help i can get. i tell them "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast
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proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? that's just my speed. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®.
9:14 am
he's taking push ups to a new height. 4 1/2 feet high. he's said to be the leader of exercise. that's just too much. come on. >> i'm trying to figure out why you'd want to do that. >> i'd have a hard time.
9:15 am
>> i can't do a normal pushup. speaking of super human powers the talk of "spider-man" on broadway became a nightmare. there were a number of serious injuries from the high-flying stunts. a new book "song of spider-man:the most controversial musical in broadway history" goes behind the skrooerns of that long struggle. published by sigh money & schuster anof cbs. you did this andre relive it in a book. >> the last thing i wanted to do when i finally made it to opening night was to actually go back into it. and then i realized man, someone's got to write about this. >> you never expected it to turn out this way, did you, with all this chaos and confusion and
9:16 am
bitterness. >> no. >> i think when people heard about this they heard you and bono of u2 being associated with it. in the book you said you didn't think they'd be a perfect fit for this play. >> what do i know. for whatever reason i kind of missed hearing their music as i was growing up in high school and college and then i went to that first college. i was just a week on the job. what i heard in their music just blew me away. the sincerity and miss mischiefness. >> they were so into it. from the very beginning. not just with the music. but we sat down for hours and hours and hours and worked out the story together. they were involved from the beginning to the end. they had this tour that went on forever but they were sending people in to see the show and
9:17 am
when they came back, they were incredibly involved. >> when i first heard about the play and i heard the price tag, $75 million. how does a musical cost that much money? >> one might wonder. first off, motors and winches, that costs more and you look at cirque du soleil, typically one of their shows is $100 million. as soon as you go into more circus-type, you know forms of entertainment, the price tagg goes up. we had a theater we were renting for a year. >> this was an anticipated cost? >> $30 million was the anticipated cost. we got the biggest leader on broadway and then we ran out of money. >> you were paying for it the whole time. >> then you started to have -- you started to have accidents with some of the gear we're talk about. i mean at one point did you think the show was kind of
9:18 am
cursed? >> yes. at more than one point. yes. i wasn't a very superstitious man before this show and now i believe in all sorts of things about fate putting its little hand in it. >> it's a rare treat to see a tell-all about broadway because so few are written. what's the latest on the director who was let go. >> i don't know. she's been very business. >> she called you though hasn't she? >> she raid it. she was wondering if she's going to have to worry about it. >> this is julie taymor. >> yes. i don't think so. everybody involved in the project were good people and talented people and i wanted to write a book that you know, actually did not -- you know, was this pointing fingers sort of tell-all but showed just how this process works for spider-man or for any show on broadway or for any group venture where something that's
9:19 am
intangible is arrested into the intangible world. >> it was a slow start but now "spider-man" is a top ten grossing broadway musical. >> thank you. up next learn how a man did something with nothing but a tie. well, a lot of ties. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. hey! are you the new colgate® slimsoft™? your bristles are so slim! [ slimsoft ] my floss-tip™ bristles are up to 17x slimmer than other toothbrushes. they easily clean between teeth and along the gumline. wow! so slim! [ male announcer ] colgate® slimsoft™. floss-tip™ bristles for a deep clean.
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@ in 1995 men bought a record
9:23 am
of neck ties and sales have been falling since. if dwroimt buy a new tie, your tice fall out of date. good morning. >> vinita, good morning to you. you know back in the day, fat and wide was in style. now it's about skinny. skinny shirt, skinny jeans, skiny ties. we met the man behind the company skinny fat ties and can take an old tie and make it fashionable. joshua adam bruk never has tied his livelihood to neckties. it started as a necessity. after losing his job last july he was out of money and had a closet full of clothes too old to wear on interviews. >> and then i found a big box of neck ties in my closet and they were -- you know they're just too wide to wear. >> reporter: what he found
9:24 am
instead was an opportunity. >> did you have any prior business experience? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: this is almost by complete accident. >> right. >> reporter: bruckner zwan to rr began to refashion old ties into skinny ties. he soon opens aed by online receiving old ties from customers through the mail. a lot of customers would say hey, i need a tie, nothing in my closet is quite working, why not go out and buy new ties. >> my response to that is why scrap the tie that you love. why not recycle something or upcycle something and make it totally you. >> bruk never began doing it. by directing people to his website he became the buzz of fashion bloggers.
9:25 am
>> reporter: what's the hardest part? >> this is going to sound crazy but meeting the demand. >> how many people do you have working for you? >> it's just me. >> just you. >> yeah. six to seven days a week. it takes about two hours to remake a tie and they're shipped back within ten business days. >> how is the business doing now? how are things? >> good. i just released a whole new website. >> i like how you did that. you go "we" as in "i." >> i have to catch myself. >> he seens sales triple in one year. working out of a shared workspace. bruckner has customers from as far away as london australia rngs and japan. >> you live and work in this trendy neighborhood in brooklyn. are your clients the type of people that live out here the hipster type? >> no. and that is probably the biggest shock to me. they're the real estate agents or attorneys and sometimes
9:26 am
teachers. >> does that surprise you? >> yes, yes, completely. >> and he can add news correspondent to the list. >> what are you saying? >> it's a nice tie. it's really a nice tie. >> if i'm wearing this down the street am i not being fashionable. >> with the ink stain probably not. it could be cool. koit uld be edgy. in terms of the width you could do something more fit for your body time. it could be taken down. >> i totally had no idea of the ink stain, by the way. let's look at this. what do you guys think? >> it is very sleek. >> yeah. >> i've never been a fan of skinny ties but that's the right thickness. >> that's the point he was trying to make. you can be -- >> i've about never been a fan of skinny ties. >> you can cut a fat tie to a skinny tie but once it's a
9:27 am
skinny tie you can't make it a fat tie. i put mine in the back of the closet unt
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
you guys are probably like this. there's a new poll that says 26% of americans would buy marijuana if it were legal in their state. can we take a look at the entire poll? 26% said they'd buy marijuana if it were legal. 34% said they would smoke marijuana if it were legal. 23% said, wait i'm confused. are you trying to sell me marijuana? 15% said i have some weed on me if you just want to go get baked. 2% said heh-heh, you made polls. >> let's not weigh in where we were. >> moving on hollywood loves
9:31 am
the holidays and this season moviegoers will have plenty to go to. here's a sampling. >> what is this place? >> the desolation of smoke. >> the girl on fire. >> apparently there was a mixup at the clinic. >> what? >> yo uer the biological father of 533 children. >> what? >> let's take a closer look at some of the season's most highly anticipated movies and here to help us with that is david carver host of witness ticket on i'm so excited for the sequel of ""hunger games."" you saw it. >> i did. if i say anything more strange and mysterious forces will take me away. it's a much bigger and grander movie than the first one. if there us with aing no on the
9:32 am
"hum ger gachlshunger games wts. it's going to be a huge box office opening one of the biggest by far. >> i'm looking forward to it. also on november 22nd, vince vaughn is back. we awe sa clip of it. a clip called "delivery man." what's that about? >> in his younger years he donated a lot of sperm to a sperm bank and he's the father of 500 children. it sounds goofy but it's quite a movie with several emotional scenes as he gets to know these several adult age kids. it's different than what we're used to seeing. it's a more subdued but it's a great family movie for the holiday season. you can take your parents or kids or grandparents to this. >> december 13th and i want to get the name right "the hobbit
9:33 am
sln hobbit:the desolation of smaug." >> the first one last year i think some people liked it. it did well at the box office. others weren't so sure. >> you were underwhelmed. >> i think that added technology through some people off. this one is going to be a continuation of the combination of the action and becoming lighter moments which delight some people and other people don't love it as much. >> the effects are great. >> it will be a big box office hit. >> december 20 tom hanks, he's got a film that involves walt disney. saving mr. banks. >> he plays mr. banks. >> it's from marry pop pistons from the 1960s to let him make her book into a movie and she was very resistant to the idea of having animation. all this kind of levity in the movie and you learned in saving mr. banks why she was holding it so dear to her heart and it has
9:34 am
to do with her family and her childhood. emma toms was terrific. top hanks will be a best supporting actor. >> it's a disney film with disney in it. >> it is. but it's an unflip. ing look of all the trials and tribulations in it. >> i have to say i can't wait to see that. let's talk about an"anchorman 2." anthony and i are certainly interested in it. i was surprised there was a nine-year gap. >> it wasn't a huge box office hit but it was a hit on dvd. some studio executives didn't love the idea. them it was going go a broadway show before it was a movie but then that fell apart. there were all these delays. finally nine years later it's back and now the anchorman team has gone from local news to cable news which is going to be a great. this takes place in the turn of the '80s and all the casts are back and a lot of the big stars
9:35 am
doing cameos, kanye west. it's going to be funny. >> meryl streep julia roberts, great family argument scene. >> "secret life of walter mitty." >> last but certainly not least "the wolf of wall street." >> it's the fifth time scorsese and leonardo da decap preyeo are in it. when the two of them wok together you know something good's going to happen. >> was there good buzz? >> it is. >> when you came i said it's too early for holiday moves but now i'm excited. >> now for a final look at the weather for your weekend.
9:36 am
coming up next "the dish." he's the meatball man. chef daniel holzman of the meatball shop. we'll drink to that one. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." [ telephone ringing ] [ clears throat ] hi. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. [ male announcer ] try coffee-mate girl scout cookie flavors. across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once-a-day, any time, and
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it's not always cloudy here in new york but there's always a pretty good chance of meatballs with deaf daniel holzman and his best friend and business partner are now the reasons why. >> they opened their first meatball shop in new york in new york. it was an instant hit. there are now five meatball shops including a new one. we're delighted to invite chef daniel holzman and his meatballs to the dish. good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't have to ask you what you brung because it's meatballs. >> >> spicy -- did i just choose a meatball? that's tough for me. polenta because i'm feeling a little indulgent and it's thanksgiving and there's nothing
9:40 am
more i like than roasted brussel sprouts with candies carrots. ry rahicotta and green beans because i love green beans. >> talk about this drink? >> it's a classic drink, pimm-based jim jer ginger. we make it seasonal. we put oranges and kiwi fruit. >> try this. >> what do you think? what's going on? >> i can tell they put the gin right on the top. >> i think it's an amazing picnic drink but it can work into the evening for you. >> we want to talk a little about your background. it's very interesting. you're classically trained chef and i think a lot of people thunk of meatballs as not as high end as some of the restaurants you worked in. how did you make that choice in. >> working in restaurants there is -- working in restaurants is
9:41 am
amazing. it's very difficult to work in a restaurant where your friends and family can't afford to eat. so i worked in all these high-end kinds of places but i lost my connection to the people i loved and knew so a meatball shop was a place where i could spend time with my families and friends. we opened up a kitchen right in the middle of the dining room and it's kind of an extension of our living room. >> you started out. >> i was 13. but there are labor laws. i'm not allowed to say. >> you start at 13? >> i was watching. they didn't let me wash the dishes. i had to watch the dishwasher. >> how did you talk them into that. >> a close friend in high school her anywhere was a meater de maitre d'. i was late to the interview but he let me in. i think i was so lucky. maybe because i had no idea what
9:42 am
i was doing so i was kind of fumbling around. it was like this guy needs proper training. i can't even teach him. we night a team of teachers to help this guy out. >> that's what got you going. >> working in that environmental with you know just the passion that exists and the camaraderie within the kitchen. it's just -- it picked me up. >> you weren't thinking -- when you went to culinary school you weren't thinking of meetballs, were you? >> i never dreamed of meatballs. meatleaf. >> many people think of it as italian cl you're not. >> the funny thing about meatballs, i thought about it as italian. i kunld of brought that to the table but meatballs are eun virsally loved and everybody has a food memory of their grand mare no matter where you're from. >> you have five locations now. you started in 2010 with one. >> so quickly. it was amazing. that wasn't our plan.
9:43 am
we were going to have one great restaurant and then it just kind of -- you have this family of people you're working with, and it's time for them to get a new job, and, you know i want to keep on working with these people and it was an opportunity to give our chefs and mateitre d's their own restaurant. >> twhawhat's it like working with your best friends? >> it's amazeing 98% of the time. but 2% of the time it's bad. we drag things from the past. but he goes home to his wife and i go home and -- >> i want to say, you don't have one or two or ten. if you go to the restaurant it's something close to 60 potential options of meatballs. >> we have 54 meatballs in rotation. it never ends because there's no -- think of a dish you love. what's a dish you love? >> meatballs.
9:44 am
i love indian food. >> there you go. so one of our chefs said, you know, i love the idea of this dish. wow, let's make a meatball? >> very creative. >> hopefully you don't run out of ideas. >> i don't think so. >> i dropped the pen. chef daniel holzman, thank you so much for being with us. for more head to our website up next will chef performs in our "second cup cafe." you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." >> announcer: this portion sponsored by toyota. let's go places." may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ ♪ [ beeping ]
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"second cup cafe," will sheff, singer with the band okkervil river. >> he grew up in a town with 500 people. it enriches much of his music. the town of meridian is the focus of okkervil river. here with the first single "down, down the deep river" is will sheff. splet all the way it seemed by 89 but it's not all right it's not even close to all
9:49 am
right ♪ ♪ down a hall in your house down a road in december ♪ ♪ down, down down the deep river down, down down the deep river down a hall in your house, down a road in december ♪ ♪ we lie awake at night in a tent and i say tell me about your uncle and his friend because they seem like very bad men ♪ ♪ well we ought to keep away from them ♪ ♪ bend in the road back there, we saw the place to go ♪ ♪ tell me about the greatest show or the greatest movie you know or the greatest song that you taped from off the radio ♪ ♪ play it again and again it cuts off at the ending though ♪ ♪ tell me i'm always going to be your best friend you said it one time why don't you say it again ♪ ♪ all the way down the line to where the telephone ends
9:50 am
come on and shout it on down the wire ♪ ♪ but it's not all right it's not even close to all right ♪ ♪ down a hall in your house, down a road in december down, down down the deep river down, down, down the deep river ♪ ♪ and as the rescue party, the volunteer team ah, they're just kids of ateen, and it's the worst thing ♪ ♪ they've seen they're standing all around that tree and i'm so sorry that i can't stop crying ♪ ♪ maybe they told you about the summer sky maybe they said there's a great gold spirit in the summer sky ♪ ♪ all your friends are your best, best friends are going to gather around you ♪ ♪ they'll make it all right ♪
9:51 am
♪ down a hall in your house down a road in december ♪ ♪ down, down down the deep river, down, down down the deep river ♪ ♪ down the deep river. as you're waking up in the dawn of that dream going dimmer and dimmer ♪ ♪ we can never go back we can only remember ohhhh snoetsz you're going down you're going down, we're going down down down the deep river, i knee itow it's scary baby ♪ >> now don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from okkervil river 'eers will sheff. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪
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tomorrow on "cbs sunday morning," rita sneaks with orlando bloom about the production of "romeo and juliet." and bill geist with more of what we all need, cute cat videos. >> and now here's a look from norah o'donnell with a look what's coming up on "cbs this morning" on monday. >> we'll see why problems with and state websites are creating new confusion. we'll see you monday at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." thanking iffer watching everyone. have a great weekend. we leave youb now with another song from will sheff of okkervil river. this is "black nemo." ♪
9:56 am
"meriden months stuck in indian summers. floating away floating away. on the back of the beast in the midnight charge down a broken beach the little stars they spin the sharpest shards of light on down to the mouth of the see in a morning curled up in a cab on the edge of the world ♪ ♪ the light's a fire of gold lying around ♪ ♪what when you heard it say
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