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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> hello, everybody. >> i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> the first blast of winter coming early to maryland. >> you can see from sky eye chopper 13, the sun set on a rather mild monday evening. but temperatures are about to drop and people out in fells point tonight already prepared with winter coats and scarves and hats. bob turk with the snow we may see tomorrow. bob? >> you need those winter clothes tomorrow for sure and probably by the morning. take a look at temps. still mild here but in oakland just dropping to the upper 30s
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but not too far away really cumberland still at 50. 51 ocean city. however a front out to the west of us and that front has shower activity ahead of it and snow behind it across portions of northern ohio, northern indiana right now, around indianapolis, getting snow at 33. cleveland just dropped to 32. pittsburgh still at 36. just as the front comes through, seeing rain activity overnight which more than likely as the cold air comes in, it will probably transition to some snow showers mixed with some rain. what do we expect around the region? generally from the mountains to our region, a trace, possibly a coating. east of this shore mainly rain, may see some snowflakes mixing in. but garrett and allegheny counties could very 3-6 inches of snow overnight into most of tuesday as the cold air moves in. a close look at this winter blast coming up in our full forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, bob.
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desperate for help. survivors of a powerful typhoon in the philippines have no food and no shelter. tonight 10,000 people are feared dead and it's proving difficult to get aid into the places that need it the most. wjz is live with complete coverage. meghan mccorkell talks to people with loved ones in the storm's path. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan destroyed everything in its path leaving families to find shelter wherever they can. survivors across the philippines are growing desperate, even painting signs for rescue helicopters. >> we want water and medicines for the injured. we need your help. >> reporter: u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> it was a 15-25 foot wave came across entire villages. and so everything's wiped out. >> witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon
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looks more like the aftermath of a tsumani. >> i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> reporter: bodies line the streets. some are using guns to fight off looters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the typhoon tore through a hotel. they used mattresses to help guests escape. tens of thousands are feared dead, but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today in one of the hardest-hit villages when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. >> alfonso marsh, wjz eyewitness news. the filipino community in larry manned is praying waiting for word on their family members in hard hit areas. meghan mccorkell continues our complete coverage live. >> reporter: with cell phone towers and the internet still down, many with loved ones in the philippines are now in limbo just praying to hear from their families. buildings crushed leaving
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people homeless in the streets. the enormity of the devastation overwhelming for juliet, the pictures are hard to see. >> i have people praying that they're fine. i can always worry, but what is it going to bring me? >> reporter: she hasn't heard from her mother, sister or knees on an island near where the typhoon first made landfall. >> seeing these videos, it's heartrending. >> reporter: the only thing she has received is this picture from her hometown sent by her brother, her grandparents and uncle still missing. >> roads are not passable. i heard that some people are able to go, but just take pictures, videos. >> reporter: the two women, members of the river of life church in white marsh where many families have been impacted by the storm. the church is now collecting clothes, food, medicine and other supplies to send overseas. >> we're planning to send a big container and we want to make it really fast, because time is of the essence. >> as she organizes the massive
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collection, the pastor still doesn't know the fate of her own family. >> land lines, stones, no nothing. >> reporter: now the entire community prays as they do what they can to help. and the river of life church will be accepting donations from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the next two weeks. a benefit concert is planned for this sunday. reporting live, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> meghan, thank you. you can help the victims of the philippines typhoon. catholic relief services, call this number or log on to their website, a campus on edge after two college park students are attacked and robbed. around 3:00 a.m. sunday, the two men were walking along paint branch trail when they were confronted by a group of 8-10 men and attacked. the group got away with the victims' cell phones and money. the students are expected to
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recover, but anyone with information is asked to call police. also in college park there is new information about a deadly house fire. police say 83-year-old reginald orum was killed when fire broke out in the home of 6200 block of palco court. they had trouble finding him about because of boxes and materials stacked in the home from floor to ceiling. his wife survived and is in stable condition, being treated for smoke inhalation. an unprecedented crisis along the east coast. dolphins dying by the hundreds. a new report shows the dieoff is the worst in history because it's caused by virus similar to measles with no cure and no vaccine. wjz is live at the waterfront. kai jackson has more on the epidemic sweeping the mid- atlantic. >> reporter: here's what's interesting. scientists are learning valuable information about the virus and what's up clear is now or if they will be able to apply it to help the dolphins.
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>> an epidemic disease has killed bottle nosed dolphins from new york to florida. it includes dolphins that have died in maryland. scientists determined the virus equivalent to measles in humans is responsible. >> these animal dolphins carry the virus in their system. >> reporter: this outbreak is the most unprecedented in their recorded history. the last major dieoff occurred between 1987 and '88. experts say in 2013 alone, 753 bottle nosed dolphins died. that exceeds the die-off in the 1980's. >> this really is unprecedented event in the large numbers that are occurring and in such a quick time frame, since july 1st. >> experts say even though they know what's killing the dolphins, right now there doesn't appear to be anything they can do to stop it from spreading. >> it's not like it's a controlled terrestrial population where we have easy access to the animals. these are just free roaming,
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they travel large distances. so it's very difficult to near impossible to try to vaccinate these animals against the virus. >> reporter: now scientists are investigating whether humpback and pygmy sperm whales have also been infected with the virus. >> humpback whales are endangered so this could have an effect on their population. >> reporter: scientists are trying to determine if the virus has mutated. they are still trying to determine the source as well. back to you, vic. >> although the virus can occur naturally in dolphins, scientists are trying to understand why this strain has been so deadly. today the 300 bishops on the catholic church in america arrive in baltimore. ♪ [ music ] >> they're in town for the united states conference of catholic bishops. cardinal dolan of new york began the four-day event with his final address as president.
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the bishop is set to elect dolan's successor tomorrow. a pleasant surprise for drivers at the pump as gas prices fall to a two-year low. and experts say this is just the beginning. this dramatic drop could continue. surprising numbers on gas station price boards are pushing drivers to pull over. >> that's why i stopped you, really, because it was so low. >> reporter: after years of constant hikes, gas prices in maryland and across the country hit a two-year low. >> we're seeing a steady decline in the prices of gas. >> reporter: regina alvera from aaa says right new in moreland the average cost, $3.23, slightly higher than the national average of $3.21 but overall they're lower than the same time last year. >> they affect me. i go in search of lowest price i can find in the city of
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baltimore. >> reporter: part of the drop of demand has to do with the low number of hurricanes this year. experts say our luck may continue into the holidays. >> all things remaining the same, we certainly expect prices to continue to interpreted downward through the thanksgiving holiday and possibly hopefully through the end of the year. >> and triple aaa says we could even get down near $3 a gallon before 2013 is out. veteran's day, ceremonies held across the country. one veteran receives a special presidential honor. >> he was there at of course gnaw what, he was -- okinawa, he was there ate would he jet stream mow -- iwo jimo. >> he is 107 years old and is believed to be the oldest living american from world war ii. he attended the wreath laying ceremony today. veteran's day marked with a parade downtown. every year it brings together people who might be strangers for most of the year.
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gold star mothers who carriedphotos of the children lost in combat it couldn't be more personal. coming up, your child's facebook page could play a big role in college admission. what it reveals about social mode do and student applications. a bus and a fedex truck smash into a building. the investigation into how it happened. i never meant it that way. >> dolphins richie incognito speaks out. i'm jessica kartalija, coming up on wjz. actions came from a place of love. our first taste of winter may be on the way. i'm bob turk. i'll have complete first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,
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mostly cloudy, 52 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a deadly accident during the afternoon rush hour in atlanta. police say a transit bus hit afedex truck and both vehicles were sent into the side of a church. the driver of the fedex truck was killed while the driver of the other was taken to a hospital in critical condition. investigators believe he ran a red light. there were no passengers on the bus. police in oregon say there will be no criminal charges filed in connection with the deadly wildcat attack at an
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animal sanctuary. they say renee rediswan's bloodied body was found inside an enclosure. she violated a safety rule by going into the cage alone. her mother said her daughter expressed concerns at the understaffed facility. two high-ranking officers are under investigation in the navy bribery scandal. vice admiral ted branch and bruce love last are suspected of accepting gifts. its ceo was arrested for providing cash and prostitutes to navy officers in exchange for classified information. the company that provides services at port throughout asia allegedly used the information to overbill the navy for millions of dollars. the two admirals have been placed on leave. the nfl player accused of threatening and bullying a teammate wants to set the record straight. richie incognito says he never
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meant to hurt fellow dolphin, jonathan martin. >> the owner announces today he'll meet with martin to get the facts. jessica kartalija has the latest on the scandal. >> i never meant it that way. >> reporter: richie incognito says he's embarrassed by the language he used with teammate jonathan martin. >> no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. that's how our friendship was. and those are the facts and that's what i'm accountable for. >> incognito says his actions came from a place of love. >> as the leader, as his best friend on the team, that's what has me miffed, how i missed this. and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> reporter: martin left the team two weeks ago after accusing incognito and others of harassment. incognito gave fox sports more than 1,100 text messages he exchanged with marten over the past year. one of them sent by martin just three days after i left the team saying, just know i don't blame you guys at all.
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it's just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. >> i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. >> reporter: dolphins owner stephen ross addresses the controversy for the first time monday. >> no thing, there will be no racial slurs or harassing or bullying in that workplace, in that locker room and outside the locker room. >> i've taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: martin has not spoken publicly about the issue. both players are expected to discuss the case with the nfl special investigator. >> i think i would give him a big hug right now, because we've been threw so much. and i would be like, dude, what's going on. >> reporter: richie incognito had been kicked off the university of nebraska football team as well as st. louis rams for issues involving teammates and coaches. jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> dolphins owner stephen ross says he wants to hear all the facts before he decides richie
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incognito's future. well, college applicants beware. more schools are checking up on your social media activity. more admissions officers than ever check an applicant's facebook page and twitter account. prospective students may be savvy at hiding the bad stuff. admissions officers say they are finding fewer items to hurt an applicant's chances. spongebob squarepants and snoopy are flying high near new york city. they are some of the new giant balloons in this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. the test flight included some of the 8,000 volunteers who will handle all those balloons. takes up to 90 people to operate one, especially if it's a little windy on thanksgiving day. i like snoopy. spongebob not so much. >> oh, no?
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i like strong spongebob. let's take a look. we have chilly cold temperatures on the way. tomorrow will be the coolest day, especially tomorrow late that we've seen so far this fall. 52 now. still the warm air. southwest winds at 10. barometer just beginning to fallagain. the humidity has come up a little bit but still quite dry. dew point at 27 degrees. 46 cumberland. we're at 52. 52 in washington. dew points once again, still quite low. clouds beginning to move in. for the time being, we're still in this mild air because we have the southwesterly wind just beginning to turn out at oakland. west of oakland some of the mountain air have temperatures in the 30s already. a little band of showers from pennsylvania to new york. behind that a little batch of snow through central illinois. not a whole lot really accumulating, but there's a
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little band of snow. it moves very quickly. as you get back to the north and northwest, clears out. that's where the cold air is sitting. bismarck 9. minneapolis 19. chicago down to 27. here in the east, however, 56, memphis. we're still 52. you can see the frontal boundary is right through there. the temperatures will be dropping during the morning as the mild air begins to retreat with the front coming through. rain showers transitioning through rain and snow showers. we might as i mentioned earlier, may see a coating in our area north and west. in garrett county, guaranteed 3- 5 inches of snow with the cold air. way out to the west, that's where they have the winter weather advisory late tonight through tomorrow. north wind up to 25 knots in the bay. a small advisory. bay temp 55 overnight tonight. rain showers moving in. 39 for the low. stay way above freezing. during the day tomorrow, still
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kind of mild with rain showers going to snow showers. temperatures will be dropping into the 30s after peaking around 43. the next five days, cold on wednesday, high of 42, 27. warmer thursday, 50. 59, back up to 62 again for the weekend. >> all right, thank you, bob. coming up, the ravens end their losing streak but many questions county. [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment? switch to a fios triple play online for $89.99 per month guaranteed for the first year plus your choice of a $300 bonus with a 2 year agreement. last chance! this deal ends november 16th! fios is 100% fiber optic
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john harbaugh says the hip flex or injury has -- flexor injury has hampered his ability to run. john harbaugh says he needs both rice and pierce to get healthy. >> both those guys are going to get a large number of carries. i think whichever guy is playing better should get more carries as we go forward. bernard has had his hamstring issues the last five weeks which he's coming out of. ray's had his hip issue, which he's coming out of. both guys seem to be gettinghealthier. that's a plus for us. >> they head to chicago next and the bears lost jay cutler, their starting quarterback. he suffered an ankle injury in the loss to detroit. the team says cutler will not play against the ravens. backup josh mccown will start. you can see all the action on wjz. the game kicks off sunday at 1:00 with continuing coverage when the game ends. join us for our special post- game show with highlights and
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analysis, a full ravens sunday ahead here on wjz. baseball's rookie of the year award serves as a reminder of what the orioles are up against in the american league east. division rival tampa bay is loaded with talent and today they were, wil myers the winner of the rookie of the year. the third time it's a tampa bay ray. myers follows his teammates. he was called up from the minor leagues in june, hit 13 homeruns, drove in 53 runs, helped the rays to the playoffs. fernandez was voted the national league rookie of the year. college basketball, look the rugby team showing support. taking on eastern -- back court defense causing the turnover. bodies on the floor. freshman elliott comes up with a loose ball. he'll take it threw the defense laying in 2 of his 19 points.
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