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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the cox point fishing pier, at 810 riverside drive. a county police helicopter and volunteers from bowly's quarters, fire department, along with other rescuers, did locate and transport three people. they took them to franklin square hospital. still no upset on their condition. and the maryland department will be investigating this. >> we'll bring you more information as we get it. more breaking news to tell you about. a shooting near a pittsburgh high school. the shooting happened near brisheer high. police say the gunman came out of the woods and ambushed three students walking to their vehicles. officials say the victims expected to survive. police are still searching for one gunman. we'll bring you information as it comes in.
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and the city wants to add a piazza to a popular tourist attraction. but this plan is coming with a hefty price and turning the vision into reality could take years to complete. wjz is live at the inner harbor. investigator mike hellgren is there and explores the new plans and whether they're worth it. hi, mike. >> hi, kai. some of the big projects to add sparkle include a new pedestrian bridge, a pool and urban beach. but also basic improvements. and while city leaders and their partners wouldn't talk talk money. wean baltimore is asking the state for $3 million a year. and the project will be done piece by piece. >> reporter: you're looking at what the mayor calls a softer, greener inner harbor, with ambitious plans, including a pedestrian bridge, from harbor east to federal hill. all to improve the city's crown jewel, which some say has become a bit tarnished. >> i think they need to bring the people back. and whatever they can do to do that, you know, i'm all for it. >> reporter: while leaders report talking about the cost, they point to how vital the harbor is to the economy.
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last year alone, 14 million visitors spent an average of $217. >> without a doubt, the assets that defines our city is the inner harbor. we've allowed the inner harbor to become stale stale. almost as if in a time capsule, dating back 30 years. >> come to the greatest place in the united states. >> reporter: the goal is to expand on the old excitement, connecting the harbor with canton and fort mchenry. >> what does the inner harbor do? it connects us. >> reporter: rashfield could see a big change. they want to put a stage here, outdoor cafes, even a beach. and underground, they want to make a new parking garage. >> reporter: but there are reservations. past development plans like one from 2011, that included a removable bridge, convention center have yet to become a reality. and the cost would be paid through a combination of private and state funds.
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>> it's just a weight of mo -- waste of money. >> yeah, when they could be using it for other things. jazz some of the basic improvements include those to the lighting systems. and also crumbling brix. reporting live at the inner harbor. we'll have new reaction to the plan tonight at -- 6:00. denise is in the newsroom is in the moment. >> dozens were found at watkins regional park in upper marlboro. nine cars were completely burned out. police say someone parked the car in the lot and set it on fire. maryland national capitals park and planning commission. police are now relying on nearby surveillance cameras to investigate who started the fire. mary? >> it's unclear of the cost in
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damages. fortunately, no injuries were reported. >> reporter: tonight, police raids continue in baltimore. i the mayoruts the cabosh on others. wjz is live. rochelle ritchie spoke with the mayor, who says criminals haven't even felt the heat of the police yet. hi, rochelle. >> reporter: hi, kai. that's what she says. she also says that she and other city leaders are focused focus like a laser on gang members and are the violent criminals. >> reporter: these are the faces baltimore city police say are responsible for some of the crimes on city streets. one of them, according to police, is a confirmed member of the black guerrilla family gang, maurice hill, during a police raid. >> wjz was with police as they raided 11 districts. our cameras will go into action. >> get back, get back.
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>> police found heroin and cocaine. apparently to a baltimore city gang expert. one of the gang's many money makers. >> you use some of that to help in the day-to-day activities. and they pay. >> raids like these are happening across the city, as mayor stephanie rawlings-blake tries to rid her city of violent crimes. >> i want baltimore to be a safer city. and we've had these things in the works. and you know, this is similar. this -- we haven't even gotten the heat started yet. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office, has handed out 68 indictments in the last week. and with no plans to pull back on these police raids, more are coming. >> reporter: police say the bloodshed on the streets, the hundreds of people killed and the fear saturating the streets of baltimore community, is because of these ruthless gang members. >> we're going to focus on them and continue to get them. >> they're being blamed for much of the crime. and dismantling their operation is key to taking back the streets of baltimore. >> reporter: and the gang
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expert that we spoke with also says that going to jail for many of these guys is like a badge of honor. i'm rochelle ritchie. wjz eyewitness news. >> rochelle, thank you. police say the raids are random and happened simultaneously. well, you definitely can fill the chill in the air today. in hampden, a few brave souls were out skateboarding. where are there are coats and gloves and hat? one has a halt on. that's good. taking a live look outside. still feels more like winter than fall tonight. but another beautiful sunset. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram is bob turk are updating our temperatures. we'll start with bob. temperatures today, pretty much above normal for the end of december, not the middle of november. we're at 39 now. 23 now in oakland. 42 in d.c. and 37 down in ocean city. the dew point at 17, with clear skies and lighter winds, it can get very, very chilly tonight. but we won't have the wind to deal with that we've seen most of the day.
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right now, 8 miles an hour here. still 13 at oakland and 13 in elkton. that maybes the wind chill, about the mid-30s around here. only 19 in oakland. and around 33 in hagerstown. 36 in ocean city. so what do we have coming away? yes, a big, big warmup in the works. chelsea has a look at that. chelsea? >> thanks, bob. you are exactly right. we are going to warm up. but we have to get through a very cold night first. take a look at current temps across the region. northeast, all of that cold air over us and mid-atlantic. but check out down towards our south and towards our west. we have 50s on the map. 54 in new orleans. 51 in dallas. some of those 50s are going to be traveling our way. as soon as tomorrow. we'll have a warming trend, starting to begin. and eventually, by the weekend, we'll be looking at temps in the 60s. bob will have more on that coming up in your exclusive first warning forecast. for now, let's go back inside to bob. the struggle for survival after the deadly super typhoon is now exploding into violence.
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as the hungry and homeless try to get life-saving supplies. wjz has live complete coverage. jessica kartalija has more on how a local church is helping with relief efforts. first, alphonso van marsh explains how emergency crews are responding. >> reporter: more security forces are on the streets of tacloban, after people crashed a house. looters hauled away thousands of sacks of food, while membership waited in-- many waited in line to get something to eat. authorities say it's a logistical nightmare. 90% of the city is in ruins. stacloban's airport is destroyed. wohundreds of bodies on the streets, there is fear disease will spread. is this woman says the smell is overpowering. there are so many dead bodies that have not been picked up. forensic teams are working quickly to identify the dead
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and prepare for mass burials. but there are tales of survival. the head of this orphanage said his kids survived 20-foot waves that nearly swept them out to sea. >> they showed the true filipino spirit. they refused to give up. >> reporter: the u.s. is among dozens of nations sending aid to the philippines. >> reporter: alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> our complete coverage continues. wjz is live at the river of life international church. that's in whitemarsh. jessica kartalija is there and had has more on how members are helping those in the philippines. >> reporter: it's amazing. since we have been here, people have been coming in and dropping off donations. pastor are you shocked to see how much support you're receiving? >> definitely. the support is so massive and
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we thank you. >> one girl opened her piggy bank to donate. >> yes, they do everything to help the philippines. >> reporter: you are preparing to board a flight and head over there. what will you be doing there? >> i'll be shopping there a nearby big city. for groceries, for mosquito nets. i don't know if you understand what mosquito nets are. blankets. materials to rebuild. and medicines. kid stuff, baby stuff, baby food. all sorts. >> reporter: what would you like to see people bring more of here to the center here on philadelphia road? >> we would like them to bring medicines, canned goods, dry food. that are not expired. and of course, diapers. we want them to bring blankets. >> and of course, cash donations are always appreciated. >> cash donations are most welcome. >> okay, pastor thank you so much. if you cannot make it down here
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to philadelphia road, it is so easy to donate. we have donated, pastor. thank you for letting us be out here today. >> it's 10939, a1, philadelphia whitemarsh. >> pastor, thank you. jessica, thank you as well. relief efforts have been hampered by many affected communities. the philippine government is revising the estimated death toll from more than 10,000 to 2500 people. so some good news there. >> reporter: flying high from an overnight win. ravens are heading to chicago to take on the bears. wjz is live in owings mills. sports director mark vivian has more on how the team is preparing. the ravens are headed to chicago. after that thrilling overtime win over cincinnati. but the ravens are less than thrilled about how poorly they
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have been playing on offense. and one big question remains unanswered. what's wrong with ray rice. >> ray rice finds refuge on the practice field. it gets him away from the constant questions he faces about his subpar season. rice ranks near the bottom of the nfl in yardage for starting running back. part of a problem is a hip injury he suffered early this season. rice insists, he's healthy now and bound to have a breakout performance. >> i have no doubt at all. if i doubted myself issue i wouldn't be where i'm at today. you know, i'm -- you know, i'm at full strength. you know? and that's when the ravens are going to need me at full strength. >> we're working on this thing as a team. and like i said, we gotta be just better all the way around. it's not going to be one guy holding us back. you know, if we were doing some other things better than ray would have more room and he'd be able to get one on one situation to make guys miss. >> i still got all of the confidence in the world for ray
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rice. he's one of the best running backs in this league. and we have a lot of success winning games when 27 has his hand on the ball. >> rice reminds his critics, that even though his yardage is down, he still does other things to help the offense. and he's not concerned about his personal stash. >> i don't need to prove that i'm a pro bowler. i've been like three times already. and i won a super bowl already. proving that stuff all over again is really not in my best interest now. it's really doing whatever i can to make the baltimore ravens win football games. >> and there's good news for rice and the ravens as they head to chicago. they'll be facing a bears defense that ranks among the worst at stopping the run game. so certainly a chance for rice to get his game in gear. more coming up next hour, from here in owings mills. back to you for now. >> and you can watch the ranks take on the bears in something, live at 1:00, here on wjz. and then stay right here for our special wjz post-game
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coverage. we'll bring you highlights, reaction and analysis. it is a full day of ravens football, live here on wjz. still ahead at 5:00. beer pong predator. how police say a maryland man is using the party game to pray on people who have had too much to drink. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, could mars have been a second earth? that story as eyewitness news continues. this former maryland school for the deaf employee was charged with sexually abusing minors in his care. i'm derek valcourt. i'll tell you what the jury decided when eyewitness news continues. feels more like january than november out there tonight. how long will the cold temperatures stick around? bob is updating the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 39 degrees. partly cloudy in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a howard county jury convicts an employee on chacharges. -- two charges. the jury announced a verdict and it was read and has reaction from both side. >> reporter: all, there were seven child sex abuse charges. one for each of the seven young women who came forward with these scandalous allegations. but in the end, the jury sided with just two of them. >> reporter: clarence taylor came out of the courtroom in handcuffs after a jury convicted him of abusing two of seven teenage girls. they ruled that he brushed up against two and he was a dormitory counselor. taylor took the stand to deny wrongdoing am but in the end, the jury could only agree on
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guilty verdicts in the cases of two of the young women. ofof one accuser, they all agreed no abuse happened. for the remaining four girls, the jury couldn't agree at all. and the judge declared a mistrial. >> these types of charges are always serious. any time you're talking somebody who is in a position of power and trust. and know, we're talking a dorm mate. they're always serious. any tim a child -- time a child becomes victimized in any way. >> after making a may to let him go home until sentencing. but the judge revoked his bond, calling him a danger to society and sending him it jail right away. >> reporter: taylor's attorney plans to file. >> they asked a question whether or not they were allowed to consider certain aspects that were dismissed. and the judge gave them an erroneous instruction that they were allowed to consider it.
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and that wasn't proper law. >> reporter: taylor now faces the possibility of up to 50 years in prison, when he is sentenced on january 4th. it is likely to be 14 to 28 years in prison. he is the father of four children. he is married and his wife has stood by his side throughout this crile. >> for now, prosecutors say they are considering another crile. -- trial. for the charges they could not agree on. hi, kai. hi, everyone. well, trouble continues there on northbound 95. we've just had a report of an accident there at riverside parkway. we're also looking at delays, stretching from 395 to whitemarsh boulevard. also, watch for delays on the southwest side, from 32 past 100. with an average speed of 38
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miles an hour. as far as the top side of the inner loop goes, we still have the accident at the jones falls expressway, blocking the two left lanes. and the delay goes beyond that. beginning at reisterstown road to harford road. and stop and go, 895 past liberty road. several new accidents out there as well. eastbound 32 on the ramp to 95. washington boulevard at dorsey run. reisterstown road at driid hill. -- druid hill. this traffic report is brought to you by don white. check out the famous don white difference. at don white timonium chrysler ram. >> clear and frosty night on tap. look at the temperatures. already down to 39. it's just going to get colder tonight. but the winds will be dying down. winds only 8 now. barometer rising. come back and take a look at a big warmup beginning tomorrow. big warmup beginning tomorrow.
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uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. more like a january day, rather than november. it's going to get cold tonight. but we'll lose the wind. that's the key. so it won't feel nearly as raw as it has. 36, hagerstown. and they have snow on the ground out there.
5:25 pm
37, ocean city. 42 in d.c. once again, the dew point. this is very dry air. 17 degrees. very dry air. technically, probably out in western maryland, they'll be in the midteens 20. locally, low to mid-20s. some spots this morning were down to 21, 22. the airport did settle out around 26. 40 now, annapolis. and 37 at westminster. 44/26 today. the average normal now for today is 58 and 37. and the record, 77 and 22. we were just 4 degrees away from tieing that record this morning. across the country, here in the east, a lot of clear skies until you get out into the western section of the rockies. clouds around the gulf of mexico, out to the atlantic ocean. that's where the cold air has gotten to right around that region. and they've got clouds down there. and right now, in the northern section of florida, only in the 50s. right now, naples only at 70. they'll be down to 63 tonight. but they'll be back to 81 or so the next couple of days. here in the east.
5:26 pm
clear skies tonight. there were a few lingering flurries this morning and this afternoon, across a portion of pennsylvania and new york. they dissipated. we just have just clear and cold temperatures. however, the same cold, high pressure that is over us now, moves offshore. and what happens? look at this warmer air. 48, 38. 50, in minneapolis now. 53 in bismarck. denver, close to 70. so there's very mild air that will be moving right across the country. and it will be with us, beginning tomorrow. that's when we start seeing the warmup. 50s again. friday in the 50s. but by the weekend, we'll get into the 60s. yes, even mid and upper 60s possible by late in the week early next week. winds on the bay, southwest, 10 to 15. that brings the warm air in. bay temp down to 52. tonight, clear and cold. 25, maybe about 32 at the science center downtown. 52 tomorrow. not much wind. sunshine will feel very, very pleasant. >> we'd like the sunshine. >> thanks, bob.
5:27 pm
still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. something out of a soap opera. the surprise move a judge makes today in the alec baldwin stalking trial. poor test scores and low grades. now, several city schools are set to shut down. but first, the district needs reaction from parents. >> i'm linh bui, behind the scenes at the jersey boys. a sneak peek at the hit broadway musical. coming up on wjz. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 39 degrees and cloudy. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. several city schools may soon be on the chopping block. tonight, the district says a city wide review shows some schools need to close. wjz is live in tonight's school watch report, gigi barnett has reaction from parents. gigi? . >> well, kai. recently, city cool leaders took a long, hard look at schools. particularly charter schools. they looked at principals and buildings and came up with a list of schools that they say now must go. >> reporter: city school leader the spent weeks, thoroughly reviewing a long list of
5:31 pm
schools. armed with tough new standards, the district's recommendations came this week. among them, shut down seven schools in june. one of them is the academy. an all-boys school in east baltimore that is looking for more students students to enroll. >> that's why i wanted to bring him here. it's an all boys school, month of orientation. they seem to be good to me. >> guess we're going to be looking for another school. >> parents in other schools may be in the swaim situation. baltimore talent high. baltimore community high. baltimore middle and high school. high schools all on the chopping block for now. school leaders blame low test scores and grades, but some parents are shocked by results. >> >> he loves the school. he does his homework and grades. he doesn't complain about the
5:32 pm
school. >> reporter: this is the first time city leaders have done a city wide review of schools, programs and buildings at the same time. if the recommendations are approved, it would affect nearly 3,000 students and dozens of programs. >> i wish it wouldn't close. you know? and i think it should be... all the kids are coming here. they should have high standards for the children. >> reporter: well, wjz reached out to the city school leaders. nobody was available for comment. so the question now is, what's next? school leaders say for the next few weeks, they'll talk to parents and teachers to get their take on this. which is state law. kai, back to you. >> all right, gigi. sad news, but reality nonetheless. school leaders plan to vote on the recommendations at a special board meeting next month. we have breaking news to report to you. there's been an accident on i- 95 southbound in harford county. sky eye chopper 13 is live over the scene in riverside.
5:33 pm
captain jeff long has more. captain jeff? >> this accident is on the southbound lanes at mile marker 80, which is just south of riverside parkway. the accident involving a car, which you can see there on the left median, also, a tractor- trailer, which is on the right shoulder. most of the response is on the right shoulder. there was some leaking coming from the truck. looks like they're taking care of that. but with all of this activity, we're taking away a couple of lanes. so there's only -- take away at least one lane. two lanes getting by on the left-hand lane southbound. but the real impact is being felt by drivers heading northbound, coming out of joppa. nothing but headlights as we look south, very slow moving through this area. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> we will bring you more information as it becomes available. anne arundel county police arrest a man reportedly for impersonating one of their own. vic is in the newsroom with
5:34 pm
more on this. vic? >> reporter: well, mary, it ail happened around this time last night. that's when they got a report of a male subject, impersonating a police officer. conner had emergency lights and a large antenna, mounted to his chevrolet priest. conner pulled over a vehicle and approached the driver as if he was a police officer. the driver, who was pulled over, was suspicious. conner wasn't wearing a uniform and didn't have a badge. the male victim drove off from the scene and alerted police. police located the caprice in question, not far from where this traffic stop took place. >> facing several traffic violations and criminal violations, including impersonating a police officer and false imprisonment. a bizarre case tonight, involving sex assault and beer pong in maryland. police arrested a 38-year-old man they say targeted men who drank too much. >> reporter: police say joey
5:35 pm
poindexter, prowled college bars and sports events, looking for young men to attack. they say he frequently went to beer pong events in d.c. and maryland. police say poindexter also traveled to the national beer pong tournament in las vegas, as well as to dallas, atlantic city and salt lake city, in search of young men who were so drunk they were unable to defend themselves. >> the victims said they are heterosexual. and have never had another sexual encounter with another man. >> the assaults started last month at college park and the loony's pub and ended at poindexter's home in gaithersburg. the victim said he drank beer and liquor with poin democracier and everything after that was a fog. but he knows he was sexually assaulted. >> they seem to become highly intoxicated or drugs, we are investigating that. then he takes advantage of them. >> reporter: police say they
5:36 pm
found pictures of 10 other victims, all on thesome suspect's phone. >> it is a horrific crime. the fact that they're male doesn't make it less horrific. >> they are asking victims to come forward. >> we're here to help you. trust in us, please. >> reporter: after poin democracy -- poindexter's arrest, a couple more did come forward. but police fear there could be dozens more over the years. enrolling in healthcare plans on the troubled website is getting better each day. while the technology problems are improving, the obama administration still doesn't have a solution for the five million people losing their current policies because they don't meet current government standards. >> reporter: cracking a martian mystery. that's what nasa hopes to achieve with a new spacecraft. alex demetrick reports, it might answer an old question. how did mars lose its air,
5:37 pm
water, and possible life. >> this is the way nasa thinks mars used to look. >> 3.8 billion years ago, mars was wet and warm. it was raining, probably snowing in the higher elevation. >> in are the words -- >> it was much more earg-like. >> but then it went into an environment more conseussive to supporting life to the bitter cold the planet had today. the question is, where did all the air and water go? nasa will launch this spacecraft monday to try to answer that. it's called may have been. and it will order what is left of mars' thin upper atmosphere. >> reporter: dipping down and tasting -- taking in chemicals from that upper atmosphere. we're trying to see how much is lost over time. particularly by the sun. >> reporter: the sun is the lead suspect, blasting out highly-charged particles, called solar wind. earth is protected pie the waves by a strong magnetic field. something mars does not have. >> reporter: we think it has
5:38 pm
stripped away almost all of the air on mars. >> reporter: at least that's the theory marine spacecraft is being sent up to test. >> since it is pretty much long gone. >> we want to know what the culprit was. this is a csi, forensic investigation. >> alec demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the marines' monday liftoff will be followed by a 10-month journey before it arrives at mars. time for a look at tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a new program is under way in south baltimore. to help clean up the middle branch of the patapsco river. an interview with dr. maria trent who has just been named one of the most influential african americans. and coverage of the team's home opener against abilene christian. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. one of the most popular
5:39 pm
broadway musicals returns to baltimore. the jersey boys is now playing at the hippodrome. and wjz has a sneak peek. linh bui goes behind the scenes to see how the cast gets ready. >> they were one of the biggest pop sensations of all time. and this is the story behind the music. >> reporter: the award-winning jersey boys chart toss the end of the season and their musical hits. >> these four guys, off the wrong tracks of new jersey. it's about how they made it to ultimate fame and became the soundtrack to a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: wjz talked to the three female cast members. they played more than 52 characters who come with extensive wardrobes. it covers the 50s, 60s, 70s, up until today. we get to wear beautiful
5:40 pm
dresses. >> everything rigged. >> and the girls don't have a lot of time to change between songs. the quickest costume changes come in 8 seconds. >> to top it off -- >> you wear all of these wigs? >> correct. >> having the costumes and absolutely finally the wig. you know exactly who you are, and you can switch into that person when you get on stage. >> they'll take the stage tonight. songs you know and love. linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> linh, thank you. jersey boys runs for two weeks at the hippodrome. >> those guys were hit makers. >> the best music for sure. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. tackling a major problem in the nfl. how the players association team is teaming up with doctors to help former players with possible brain injuries. still fresh in their minds.
5:41 pm
city leaders aren't taking any chances. i'm monique griego. coming up, how they're getting ready for what could be a very bad winter. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. a big-time warmup. no snow headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first wa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 pm
chelsea? >> that's right. we are going to start the morning off, not so much on the mild side. we're looking at temps around 30 degrees. pleny of sunshine, though, on up into the 50s by the afternoon. and by dinnertime, we'll see temps around 43 degrees. partly cloudy skies. let's go inside to bob for a look at the next five days. bob? >> big warmup. 52 tomorrow. sunny, no wind, feels good. 56, friday. 62 to start the weekend. 65 on sunday. and it will be in the mid-60s, by the way, in chicago, with showers. and 68. chance of showers here monday. a low of 56. we're going backwards instead of forward. mary? >> bob, it maybe -- may not be in the forecast now. but a snowstorm is always in the cards when we hit winter. which we're not there yet either. wjz is live. monique griego is there. baltimore laid out its plans.
5:45 pm
>> we haven't had a major snowstorm since 2010. but snow mageddon is still very much on people's minds. and that's why the city isn't taking any chances and getting ready for everything. >> reporter: in 2010, back-to- back blizzards, left baltimore under 6 felt of snow. -- 6 feet of snow. and put the agencies under a massive response. >> snow mageddon was an anomaly that the city knows they will probably never see again. >> reporter: today, they laid out their snow response plans for this winter, which takes into accounts, previous storms. >> we take an assessment of what went well, where we have opportunities for improvement. and we fine-tune the work we're doing. >> reporter: this year, the removal is $3.2 million. and includes 150 pieces of equipment. >> reporter: another big part of being prepared is making sure the city has enough assault in its reserves.
5:46 pm
as of right now, more than 15,000 tons are ready to go. >> reporter: city agencies that include d.o.t., fire and emergency response, began coordinating months ago. they do everything from planning routes from the plowers to making sure all the trucks are working and ready to deploy. >> if the trucks aren't there, then you move the snow. and if you don't move the snow, emergency response vehicles can't get in. >> and while everyone is hoping to avoid another snow mageddon. >> especially in baltimore. the weather is unpredictable. you always have to be prepared. >> and the city is also reminding people to get ready at home. buying batteries and supplies. if a storm hits, you're not rushing out at the same time as everyone else. >> monique, i don't think you said toilet paper. and that's number 1. >> you know what they said, mary? they said, think of all the things you had in the house. remember that time and get them now. [ laughter ] >> all right. i will remember that candle.
5:47 pm
thank you, monique. and always remember, during snow emergencies, you can call 311 for assistance. a boston judge will reveal his sentence tomorrow for boston gangster james whitey bulger. bulger decided not to address the judge at his sentencing hearing today. but about a dozen relatives of murder victims did speak in federal court, calling bulger a coird -- coward, sociopath and rat. buller did not -- bulger did not look at them as they spoke. a new development in the alec baldwin stalking case. the canadian woman, accused of harassing the actor is now being held in contement -- contempt of court. genevieve stafford is charged with stalking baldwin and sending him dozens of e-mails. she was scheduled to testify against him today. but instead, she's sentenced to 30 years in prison.
5:48 pm
baldwin is denying her claims that the two had a sexual relationship. >> reporter: with sports- related concussions such a big concern, the nfl players association is announcing a big step to assist former football players. ko improspect -- im reports for wjz. >> charlie is preparing for life after football and wants a long-term game plan for his health. >> concussions are always going to be a concern. and had is something you don't know how your body is going to react, 10 to 15 years down the road. >> reporter: batch is signing up for a new program called the trust, which is part of ray collect -- a collective bargaining agreement with the nfl. retired players can sign up for a neurological and physical evaluation. >> there is certainly data to suggest that these players may be at greater risk for alzheimer's and parkinson's
5:49 pm
disease. and even a.l.s. or lou gehrig's disease. with that comes cognitive. >> former players can receive treatment earlier. batch says the trust is long overdue. >> if we can help identify what some of those problems may be early on, maybe that may solve some of these long-term problems. >> the program is free. anyone who has played at least two seasons can join the roster. in washington, ko im, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> the player's union received $22 million to set up the trust. it will also provide financial and career advice. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. denise is in the newsroom with a preview for us. inner harbor, 2.0. bridge, beaches, park. a major makeover. baltimore crowned jewel. also ahead, sex smuggling.
5:50 pm
a baltimore jail out of control. a former prison official talks to vic carter. >> how is it contraband nakes its way into the facilities? . >> and how a gang kingpin called the shots. on wjz next. >> check in for these stories and all the breaking news at 6:00. but now, back to mary and kai. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news. stop what you're doing and listen. cannon ball! >> honoring anchorman. how d.c.'s museums is paying how d.c.'s museums is paying tribute to a legendary bu,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
store it's -- it's hard to believe, but it's been nearly a decade, since will ferrell's anchorman hit the big screen. in a surprise move, the movie is now an exhibit at the washington museum. >> stop what you're doing and listen! cannon ball! >> the nation's most pompous local news anchor sauntered into theaters nearly 10 years ago, leaving behind a host of memorable lines. >> you stay classy, san diego. >> kind of a big deal. >> i love scotch.
5:54 pm
scotch scotchy scotch, scotch. >> now, will ferrell's character has found a place in the premiere journalism museum. >> i think pop culture and this movie really is a legitimate part of pop culture, is a part of what we do here. >> this is jazz flute. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: reporter in the field, brian fontana's special cologne. >> it's called sex panther, by odion. it's illegal in nine countries. it's quite quite punge ept. >> reporter: it's on display here. so is the whip, used in the movie's most famous scene. the ratings war. >> san diego teams face off in the parking lot. and there's great damage that occurs. >> reporter: veronica corning stone's 70 power suits have also been preserved. >> i love that all of her
5:55 pm
lapels are like out to here. >> reporter: but behind the humor, there is a serious issue. >> it is anchorman, not anchor lady. >> reporter: women, breaking news barriers. >> there really was a time when women were fighting for equality on the news desk. >> thanks for stopping by. >> stay classy. >> thanks for stopping by. >> stay classy, ron burgundy. >> anchorman 2, the legend continues, will be out next month. the exhibit will be on display through august 2014. >> and what do you remind me every night? you're -- >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> that's it. and then i bring you back down to earth. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> i just go yes, yes. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. >> how did a drug kingpin call the shots from here? coming up, a former security chief breaks her silence and
5:56 pm
reveals a drug and smuggling reveals a drug and smuggling operation that existed here for,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
baltimore city is putting the pressure on violent criminals. i'm rochelle ritchie. the message the mayor has for gang members, coming up next. trying to restore order.
5:59 pm
anger and desperation leads to loading in -- looting in the philippines. the increase to security efforts. >> redeveloping baltimore's crowned jewel. i'm mike hellgren at the inner harbor. highway city leaders want to add some sparkle here. how they plan to pay for it and how long it's going to take. feeling the november chill. cold air moves across maryland. first warning weather team will tell us how long it's sticking around. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. gang crackdown. >> city police turn up the heat. the mayor's message to criminals, still on the streets. >> hello,


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