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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. baltimore city police continue to hunt down gang members, terrorizing the streets with drugs and violence. wjz is live with complete coverage of the gang problems. vic carter has an in-depth look at criminal activity behind bars, involving the black guerrilla family. how the mayor is putting pressure on gang members. rochelle? >> well, denise, the mayor says that she and other city leaders have a laser-like focus on gang members and other violent criminals. >> reporter: these are the faces baltimore city police are responsible for some of the crimes on city streets. one of them, according to police, is a confirmed member of the black guerrilla family gang. maurice hill, arrested during a police raid. wjz raided 11 homes -- was there with police as they raided 11 homes. our cameras are there as they go into action. >> down, down, down!
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>> reporter: seven people were taken into custody. police also found heroin and cocaine. >> they used some of that money to help with their day-to-day activities. and in another instance, they pay a tax. to the command structure. >> reporter: raids like these are happening all across the city, as mayor stephanie rawlings-blake tries to rid her city of violent criminals. >> i want baltimore to be a safer city. and we've had these things in the works. this is similar. we haven't even gotten the heat started yet. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office, has handed out 68 indictments in the last week. and with no plans to pull back on these police raids, more are coming. >> reporter: police say the bloodshed on the streets, the hundreds of people killed and the fear saturating the communities of baltimore city is because of these ruthless gang members. >> we're going to focus on them and continue to go after them. >> reporter: the black guerrilla family is being
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targeted. >> reporter: the gang expert we spoke with said, going to jail for many of these guys, is like a badge of honor. i'm rochelle ritchie, back to you. >> complete coverage continues with vic carter, who has more on the corruption happening behind prison call -- walls. vic? >> reporter: a former prison official breaks her silence, revealing the inside story of sex and smuggling at the baltimore detention center. >> reporter: the baltimore city detention center. more than a century old, just blocks from downtown. thousands of murderers, rapists and other violent criminals are locked here, many for years am but few people know the nation's most notorious gang, the black guerrilla family gang, was running an elite gang behind these walls. a wire tap caught him saying
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this is my jail. my word is law. >> do you know what bgf is known for? >> drugs and violence. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with wjz, shivella miles, the prison's former security chief and third in command, sheds light on the lockout. a thorough investigation finds prison guards having sex with inmates. four get pregnant. one each has the inmate's name tattooed on her neck. >> how is it possible for a staff member to have sexual relations with an inmate and nobody knows? >> there are so many involved. i have to get through the key hole to catch you, then there's going to be a slow movement in order to get that gate open. >> so there were private locations where no one would be around, where they were able to carry out this? >> no. i'm quite sure it was probably
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in the cells. >> reporter: wjz asked how white could get away with having sex in his cell, within feet of the guards. >> he was if the first cell on his section. >> the first cell? >> uh-huh. >> the closest to the security officer, and the closest to the entrance? >> yes. >> so he, of all of these people, had the most supervision. >> reporter: white also devises a sophisticated smuggling scheme. bringing in drugs to other inmates. white pays them off with profits from his illegal enterprise. >> how is it that the contraband makes its way into the facilities? >> now, coming in through the staff, by the officers. >> reporter: miles said before the indictment, she was not allowed to subject guards to the same kind of scanning to the prisoners. >> they do not and will not allow employees to be scanned on this device. >> reporter: miles insists, every time she tried to take control back from the bgf, her
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bosses stopped her because of a federal investigation. after she failed a polygraph test given by the state, miles is the only manager who was fired. but she is fighting back. >> all of these people are there. and the one to take the blame? it definitely wasn't my fault. >> reporter: they are spending millions on new technology to stop smuggling. the state says it is making progress. what does the top man have to say about this? secretary gary maynard said he admits he was embarrassed that corruption was under his command. i'll have that story exclusively tomorrow night. gunshots rang out at a pittsburgh high school. leaving three people injured. >> pittsburgh police say they have taken four people into custody for questioning. the shootings happened this afternoon, near breshare high school.
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the suspect came out of the woods near the school and shot three students. the gunman then disappeared back into the woods. the students ran to the school for safety. the official says two students were grazed in the head by the bullet the and one was shot in the foot and the arm. none of their injuries are said to be life threat sning. threatening back to you. >> police believe the shooting may stem from a drug-related dispute. and updating more breaking news. one person is dead, following a boating accident in essex. sky eye chopper 13 is over back river. maryland natural resources police say a 12-foot fishing boat with three men on board, capsized. a good samaritan was able to get in his boat and rescue two of the men. first responders located the third man. but he was pronounced dead at franklin square hospital. we do not have word on the condition and the accident is under investigation. adding pizzazz to baltimore's crowned jewel. a new plan aims to spice up the
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inner harror. but is the vision worth -- harbor. but is the vision worth the cost? wjz's mike hellgren has more on the proposal. >> the state wants to ask the city for $3 million a year. some of the projects include putting a pool in by robber field. and -- rash field. and also performing basic maintenance. >> you come down, especially at wintertime, and they're pretty much vacant. >> some parts of the harbor seems like it's been in a time capsule. >> reporter: they point out how the harbor is to the economy. last year alone, 14 million visitors spent, raking in money in state and city taxes. >> and we're from new york. and we're just delighted. >> come down to harbor place. the greatest place in the united states. >> reporter: the goal was to expand on the excitement, connecting the harbor with canton and fort mchenry.
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>> it was fruit stands and fish markets. now, you celebrate four seasons into the ritz carlton. that's a great shot. >> rash field could see a big change. they want to put a stage here. outdoor cafes and even the beach. and under the ground, they want to make a new parking garage remember. >> but there are reservations. past development plans. including a new moveable bridge. new convention center. and vegas-style light show, have yet to become reality. and the cost would be paid through a combination of private and city and state funds. >> it's just a waste of money in your opinion? >> yeah. >> immediate improvements include replacing cracked bricks and lighting. >> reporter: and those backing this took inspiration from parks around the world, visiting manhattan and looking at chicago and sydney australia. reporting live at the inner harbor. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> the waterfront partnership says the inner harbor supports
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21,000 jobs. well, the desperation for food and clean water is growing in the philippines. as alfonso van alphonso van marsh reports for wjz. the military is traying to keep order as emergency crews are trying to speed up aid efforts. >> reporter: more security appointments are on the streets of tacloban after mobs broke into a rice storage house. looters hauled away thousands of sacks of food, while hundreds of typhoon victims waited in line, hoping to get something to eat. disaster specialists are desperate to get supplies and medicine to victims. but authorities say it's a logistical nightmare. 90% of the port city is in ruins. tacloban's airport is destroyed. with hundreds of bodies on the street, there is fear that spreads. this woman says the smell is overpowering. there are so many dead bodies not picked up.
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forensic teams are preparing to pick up the bodies and prepare for mass burial. the head of the orphanage says his kids survived. >> they showed the true filipino spirit. they refused to give up. they were holding onto each other. >> reporter: the u.s. is among dozens of countries sending aid to the philippines. the united nation said the storm left more than 600,000 people homeless. alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and if you would like to help the red cross is one of the agencies taking donations. you can call 1-800-red cross. or go to its website, wwwith -- skateboarders department seem to mind the cold. wearing only hooded sweatshirts as they practiced their tricks. and this is what we saw a short time ago. but temperatures are dropping. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and
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bob turk are updating the temperatures. right now, we're down to 35. not that far from freezing if you're heading out. 35 in elkton. only 23 in elkton. once again, the dew points low. this is dry air. 18 degrees, dew point. 34 in ocean city. temperatures right now, with a north wind, not that strong. in fact, not right now, in the baltimore region, the winds turn to dead calm. but it does give some areas a wind chill. back in the teens and 20s to the west as can you see. we're still around 35. so really not seeing any effective wind chill. that's the good news. the other good news is, a big warmup on the way. tim in the outback will look at a big change coming our way. >> change is definitely coming. and change in this case is good. we have a shift in the wind that will be responsible for. winds as bob mentioned are coming from the north and northwest. that is bringing in very coamed, caked canadian air. our neighbors to the north and chicago are seeing things
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change, too but colder. and to the west, a little warmer. by about 10 degrees in some places like atlanta. tonight, we'll get into the 20s and even 30s around. but tomorrow, we start a run around 50 degrees n. perspective, 58 degrees. the overnight low, 57. we'll be at least at that level and above heading into the weekend. >> bob will have your complete first warning forecast in juv a few -- just a few moments. we have more breaking news right now. sky eye chopper 13 is over a scene of a bad accident southbound 95 at caton avenue. captain jeff long has information for us. >> reporter: at least two vehicles involved in this accident. and one person being transported. the car on the right-hand side there, was on its side. they rolled that over. not more than a minute ago. looks like they're going to start to clear this up right now. most of the lanes being taken up, all but one. traffic being forced to squeeze by on the left-hand side,
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southbound through caton avenue. the backups being felt all the way back to the fort mchenry tunnel. reporting live from sky eye, i'm captain jeff long. >> we'll bring you more information on this accident as it becomes available. flying high from an overtime win this last sunday, the ravens are getting ready to take on the bears. wjz is live at ravens training facility in owings mills. sports training director mark viviano is preparing. >> the ravens do head to chicago after that thrilling overtime win. but the ravens are less than thrilled with how poorly they have been playing on offense. and the big question remains. what is wrong with ray rice? >> reporter: ray rice finds refuge on the practice field. it gets in the way from the constant questions he faces about his subpar season. rice ranks near the bottom of the nfl and startage for the running back. part of a problem is a hip injury early this season. but rice insists, he's healthy
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now. and bound to have a breakout performance. >> i have no doubt at all. if i doubted myself, i wouldn't be where i'm at today. i'm -- you know, i'm at full strength. you know? and what's this the ravens are going to need me at full strength of. >> we gotta just be better all the way around. it's not one thing or one guy that is holding us back. you know, if we were doing something other things better, then ray would have more room and get in one on one situations. >> i still have all the confidence in the world in ray rice. he's one of the best running backs in his league. and we have a lot ever success, -- of success, winning. >> rice reminds his critics that even though his yardage is down, he's still doing other things to help the offense. and he's not concerned about his personal stats. >> i don't need to prove that i'm a pro bowler. i've done that three times already. and i won a super bowl already. so proving that stuff all over again is really not in my best
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interest right now. it's trying to do whatever i can to make the baltimore ranks win football games. and here's good news for rice and the ravens. their next opponents, the chicago bears, are pretty bad on defense. in fact, the second worst team in the nfl at stopping the run. so it should be a good chance for rice to get his game in gear. more on the matchup coming up later in sports. back to you for now. >> thank you very much, mark. and you can watch the ravens take on the bears in chicago, live at 1:00, here on wjz on sunday. then stay right with us for our special wjz post-game coverage. we'll bring highlights, reaction and analysis. it's a full die of ranks football live. here on wjz. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. humiliated by it. but i cannot change the past. >> confronted by the city council, the mayor of toronto faces tough questions and makes a startling question about his history with illegal drugs.
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this former maryland of the deaf employee, was charged with sexually abusing minors in his care. i'm derek valcourt. i'll tell you what the jury decided when eyewitness news continues. and another very cold evening in our area. so how much longer will these chilly conditions stick around? the answer is coming up in your first warning weather forecast. i'm linh bui, behind the scenes at the jersey boys. a sneak peek at the hit broadway musical, coming up on wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's clear and 35 degrees. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a howard county jury convicts two charges of sexually abusing two in prison. derek valcourt has more on reaction in the case. >> reporter: in all, there were seven charges of child sex abuse. one for each of the seven girls who came forward and leveled these accusations. in the end, a jury sided with just two of those girls. >> reporter: police escorted clarence taylor out of a courtroom in handcuffs. after a jury convicted him of abusing two of 17 teenage girls. they were adolescent students at the maryland school of the deaf in columbia.
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and he was a dormitory counselor. taylor took the stand to deny wrongdoing. but in the end, the are. >> reporter: could only agree on guilty verdicts in the cases of two young women. in one, they all agreed no abuse happened. the remaining four, the jury couldn't agree at all. and the judge declared a mistrial. >> these keeps of charges are always serious. any time you're talking about a person in power and trust, we're talking approximate dorm matter -- mates, they're always serious. and time a child becomes victimized in any way. taylor pleaded with them to go -- to his family. the judge revoked his bond. calling him a danger to society and sending him to jail right away. >> taylor's defense attorney plans an appeal, faulting the judge for misinforming the jury during deliberations. >> they asked a question, whether or not they were allowed to consider certain 's
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that were dismissed. and the judge gave them an erroneous instruction that they were allowed to consider it. and that wasn't proper law. >> reporter: taylor is a father with four children. he is married. his wife has stood by his side throughout the entire trial. he now faces the possibility of up to 50 years in prison when he is sentenced on january 31st. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. for now, prosecutors say they're considering pursuing another trial on the four charges they could not agree on. maryland del get and group maitorial heather mizur. mizeer is a montgomery county democrat. a delegate since 2011. she is running against brown and gansler. time now to check in with bob. chilly out there, isn't it?
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>> good news about this kind of cold weather is. when it gets to normal. it will feel so warm. >> you're right. >> there you did. right now, we're at 35. no wind. that's big being big news. barometer is rising. and temperatures will be rising as well. we'll have that forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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no wind. that's going to feel much better. 23 in oakland. we're at 35 now. still 42 in d.c.
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36, pax river. and 34 down in ocean city. locally, we have light, light winds. right now, only around here. no wind at all reported at the airport. most areas well under 10 miles an hour. and that does make a difference, as far as the way you feel. temperatures the way you feel. wind chill at 35 right now. but last night, we were in the upper 20s and low 30s. as you mentioned, temperature- wise, 35 here. but down to the west, much, much milder air. temperatures generally in the upper 40s. even low 50s way out there. we had a big warmup coming. once again, 23 in oakland. currently, around the baltimore region. temperatures ranging from 36 westminster. 35 in columbia, to 38 down by the bay. 44/26 today. the record, 77 and 22. and the normals, 58 and 37. around the united states, clear skies here in the east. that's why we have such chilly temperatures. but we did see it got a lot of sunshine today.
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however, tonight, with the clear skies. temperatures are going to drop. there's the warm air. we just talked about. 62 in denver. that warm air is going to move in our direction. by the weekend, we will be in the 60s. in the meantime, cold tonight. then milder air coming in for friday, thursday and into the weekend. very, very pleasant. southwest winds, 10 to 15. bay temp around 52. tonight, then, looking for clear skies, down to 25. no wind. a lot of frost in the morning. 52 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. very light winds. it will feel like a nice fall day. not even an early winter day tomorrow. >> good. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. brain injury concerns. the big steps to help retired football players. torched. nearly a dozen vehicles burning in a maryland parking lot. what police think happened. i'm jessica kartalija. donations for the philippines
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are pouring in. how you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:29. 35 degrees and clear in central
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maryland. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. first, he admitted to smoking crack. and now, the mayor of toronto tells lawmakers that while serving in office, he bought illegal drugs. jarica duncan has the latest on this story for wjz. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> reporter: toronto mayor rob ford took a while to answer that question, as he stood before city councilmembers. >> yes, i have. >> reporter: right after that admission, he went back to defending his record. >> i have saved more taxpayers' money than any mayor in charles history. >> reporter: after months of speculation, ford told reporters last week, that she smoked crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor. days later, this video surfaced of ford threatening someone. >> reporter: even though all but two of the 43 counselors agreed the mayor should step
6:31 pm
aside and get help for his drug use, ford says an apology should be enough. >> i'm humiliated by it. but i cannot change the path, counselor thompson. >> reporter: unless lawmakers can find a clear legal path to force him out, part of toronto's future rests in the hands of ford, until next year's election. >> toronto's mayor already has limited power compared to the mayors of many large cities in the united states. his power stems mostly from his ability as the only counselor elected by city wide vote to build consensus and set the agenda. bizarre case, involving sex assault and beer pong. mary has the latest. >> reporter: police arrested a 38-year-old man they say targeted men who had troop to drink. police say joey poindexter went to beer pong events, looking for intoxicated young men to attack.
6:32 pm
this started last month in college park at loony's pub and ended at poindexter's home in gaithersburg. that is all according to police. the victim says he drank with poindexter. and then everybody is a fog, but he knows he was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: police say they found photos of up to 10 other victims, all unconscious, on the suspect's phone. they're asking other victims to come forward. vic? >> after poindexter's arrest, several men did come forward. but police fear there could be dozens of victims across the country for the past 10 years. police are searching for an arsonist after nearly a dozen burning vehicles in prince george's county. wjz is live. christychristie ileto explains, the police believe it started with one stolen vehicle. >> reporter: that's right. police say someone dumped a stolen vehicle in that parking lot, then set it on fire. that fire, in turn, spread quickly to those 10 vehicles, nearby. >> reporter: the smoldering
6:33 pm
skeletons of 11 vehicles are the casualties wednesday of what police are calling an arson investigation. officers say someone set a fire at watkins regional park in the early hours of the morning. >> commission employees came to work and they noticed the vehicles on fire here in the parking lot. >> reporter: captain stanley johnson said 10 burning cars, buses and vans, owned by the maryland national park and planning commission, are essentially a total loss. >> it's really a shame. >> reporter: but police say it all started with this stolen cadillac. >> reporter: there was a vehicle, parked next to the commissioned vehicle little. that was stolen from d.c. it appears at this time. cadillac vehicle. and it was set on fire or either caught on fire. >> reporter: the fire intensified by the winds quickly wiped out the taxpayer funds. and activity buses for children and seniors. >> it's always tough when you lose resources to something like this. it's unfortunate. and hopefully we're able to
6:34 pm
find the person or persons who did this. >> reporter: police are relying on nearby surveillance cameras to fill in the blank. >> we're not sure if we'll get clear pictures of the vehicle coming and leaving or potential suspects. >> reporter: while officers caught the arsonists, park staff are trying to continue service without disruption. >> reporter: and park staff say two of the burned vehicles were new. denise, back to you. >> all right, thank you, kristy. no injuries were -- christie. no injuries were reported in this fire. panic over shortages of food, water and medicine. emergency relief crews are trying to speed up aid efforts. but looting has become an increasing problem. one of the strongest storms to hit the area five days ago. more on how you can help victims of typhoon haiyan. >> joining me now, pastor oy benge. tell me what you need. >> the response is astounding. you can see people are still coming in. but we still need more insides, clothing.
6:35 pm
comforters. and, you know, bed sheets. anything. clothes for kids. and, up know, -- you know, philippines are smaller than us. so petite sizes are well appreciated. >> reporter: you guys are doing a benefit concert as well this weekend? >> this sunday, from 3:00 to 9:00. it's going to be a marathon fundraising. it's going to be live at our website, at www.riveroflife- >> if you have one final appeal, what do you like to see more of? >> the task is so big, thousand cityless are still wiped out, families lost their homes, their lives. but i thank you for generosity. i appeal to you, if you have the heart, let's be one together in restoring the philippines. there are towns and cities all devastated. so i'll sure -- i'm sure that
6:36 pm
god will help us. >> reporter: pastor, thank you so much. and if you can't make it out here. we're on frifl and whitemarsh, we should mention. if you can't make it out here, just log onto or call 800-red cross. relief efforts have been hampered by the the isolation of the affected communities. the philippine government is revising the estimated death toll from more than 10,000 to about 2500 people. the obama administration says that fewer than 27,000 people signed up for healthcare, using the federal healthcare website. the lawmakers are -- they are released as they probe technical issues. the white house says the website will be fixed by the end of this month. states running their own websites say there are more than 17,000 -- 79,000 signups. the nfl players association is teaming up with the cleveland clinic to screen the brains of retired players.
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the program called the trust will offer physical and neurological eaferlingses for players. doctors will restore brain function and improve cognitive skills. the program is free and available to anyone who has played at least two seasons. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a new program is under way in south baltimore to help clean up the middle branch of the patapsco river. an interview with dr. maria trent who has just been named one of the most influential african americans. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. one of the most popular broadway musicals returns to baltimore. jersey boys is playing. and wjz has a sneak peek. linh bui has a sneak peek at how the cast gets ready. ♪ [ music ]
6:38 pm
bhoz who love -- >> reporter: who loves you, pretty baby ♪ >> reporter: they were one of the biggest pop sensations of all time. and this is the story behind the music. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the award-winning musical jersey boys charts the success of the four seasons and their greatest hits. >> walk like a man ♪ talk like a man ♪ >> reporter: these four guys offer the wrong tracks of new jersey. and it's about how they made it to ultimate fame and became, you know, the soundtrack to a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: wjz talked to the three female cast members. they play more than 52 characters who come with extensive wardrobes. >> the show covers the 50s, 60s, 70s, up until today. we get to wear beautiful dresses. >> reporter: everything rigged with buttons and magnets to make changing a snap. >> and the girls don't have a lot of time to change in between songs. the quickest costume change happens in just 8 seconds. >> and to top it off. >> you wear all of these wigs?
6:39 pm
>> correct. >> about a dozen wigs for each lady. >> having the costumes and absolutely, finally, the wig. you know exactly who you are. and you can switch into that person when you get on stage. >> reporter: they'll take the stage tonight with songs you know and love. >> you're just too good to be true ♪ can't take my eyes off of you moo ♪ >> reporter: linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> jersey boys runs for two weeks at the hippodrome and tickets are still available. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. no shortage of drama. a judge makes a surprise ruling in the alec baldwin stalking trial. and -- i'm alex demetrick. coming up, could mars have been a second earth? that story as eyewitness news continues. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. much warmer temperatures on the way after tonight. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at at this hour. for updates on the day's news
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and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,
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we have breaking news out of camp pendleton out of california. base officials say four mirn
6:43 pm
marines are dead following an accident. the accident reportedly happened during a range maintenance operation. no further details are being released right now. the drama continues today in the alec baldwin stalking case. the canadian woman accused of harassing the actor is now in held in contempt of court. genevieve siborran was supposed to testify today. puinstead is serving 30 days in jail for repeatedly interrupting the proceedings. she is accused of stalking baldwin. it is unclear if she will testify. baldwin is denying claims that they had a sexual relationship. alex demetrick reports, might answer an old question. how did mars lose its air, water, and possible life? >> reporter: this is the way nasa thinks mars used to look. >> reporter: 3.8 billion years ago, mars was wet and warm. it was raining. probably snowing in the higher elevations. >> reporter: in other word. >> reporter: it was much more
6:44 pm
earth-like. >> reporter: but then it went from an environment that might have been more conseussive to supporting life. the question is, where did all of the air and water go? nasa will launch this spacecraft monday to try to answer that. it's called may have been. and it will order what is left of mars' thin, upper atmosphere. >> reporter: actually, dipping down and literally tasting, taking in chemicals from that upper atmosphere. and we're trying to see how much of the atmosphere is lost to space over time. specifically by the sun. >> reporter: the sun is the lead suspect. blasting out particles, called solar wind. earth is protected by a strong magnetic field, something mars does not have. >> and over billions of years, we think it has stripped away. >> reporter: at least that's the theory the spacecraft is being set up to test. >> this is something of a forensics mission. >> we want to know what the culprit was. this is sort of a csi,
6:45 pm
forensics investigation. >> alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> after the marines spacecraft leaves cape canaveral, it will take until next september to arrive at mars. here's a look at the numbers on wall street. dow closed at record highs today. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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the chilly weather is making the norwegian visitors on this tall ship feel right at home. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the five- day forecast. first, let's go out to tim and that snazzy coat. >> i wonder if the norwegians are snapping any weather gear. we can certainly learn from them. we're looking at temperatures around 30 degrees. that's where we start tomorrow. good full day of sunshine. we'll get temperatures up in the mid-50s. with a bit of a shift in the wind, it starts to warm up from there. 52. overnight lows going back into the 40s. for the next five days, we're sending it in to bob. and a big warmup. tomorrow, at 52. it will start off frosty and cold in the morning. a lot of sunshine. very light winds, on saturday.
6:49 pm
back up to 62. low of 49. today's high was only 44. 62 and then 65 on sunday. clouds come back. some showers and 68 on monday. denise and vic. >> that's warm. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the ravens have had difficulty winning games on the road this season. i'm mark viviano, in owings mills. what the players saying about their trip to chicago to battle the bears. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ravens, gearing up to take on the bears. >> mark is live with the wjz the fan sports report complex. >> ravens were back in owings mills, with the exception of three starters, from the defense who sat out with injuries. haloti ngata. now, they have four days to improve their status, before the ravens play the bears in chicago. you know, road games have been problematic for the ravens so far this season. four of their five defeats have been on the road, with losses at denver, at buffalo, at cleveland, and at pittsburgh. the ravens are 1-4 in games played in baltimore. for years, the ravens have prided themselves as being road warriors. today, i asked linebacker
6:53 pm
jameel mcclain, about the team's mentality, when traveling into enemy territory. >> we all love it. we all love being aided. the role is a special type of game to me. you get the opportunity to feed off the energy of the stand in a negative manner. and a lot of guys thrive off of that. we all know one of the most notorious people in the league is terrell. he thrives off the opponents' injuries -- energy. we're looking forward to it. well, sunday is the ravens' first game in chicago. in eight years. and you can see them, battle the bears, here on wjz. kickoff at 1:00. and when the action ends, our special post game coverage begins. we'll have highlights, player interviews and analysis, with former raven, wally williams. that's ahead on wjz. former safety ed reed, cleared waivers today.
6:54 pm
the day after he was released by the houston texans. coach harbaugh told us today, the ravens have no plans on bringing reed back to the ravens. college football news. it's been tough times for the terrapins. the university of maryland's loss to syracuse this past weekend. with their third straight defeat. their fourth loss in five games. this all coming after they had started the season with four- game winning streak. terps now tried to stop that skid on the road, when they played at virginia tech saturday. >> you gotta just go and turn the page and say, okay, let's get back to what we do well. and that's being a team. being together. just worrying about what i can do, doing my job to the best of my ability. >> maryland plays at virginia tech saturday. that's a game you can see here on wjz. with coverage coming your way at 12:30. maryland has yet to win a november game in randy edsel's
6:55 pm
three seasons as head coach. baseball honors tonight. detroit right-handed pitcher, matt shers. honoring him as the best pitcher of the league. he was credited with 21 wins this season. second most strikeouts. justin ver lander won two years ago. the national league cy young award winner will be announced in moments. we'll have more on the ravens as they get ready for the bears. details coming up at 11:00. details coming up at 11:00. back to you for ,,,,,,,,,, tnññ
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. finally tonight, a rare orange diamond, fetches a pretty penny at auction. this 15-carat stone sold in geneva switzerland for $thrive million. the auction house says that's a world record, price per carat, for any colored diamond ever sold at auction. >> bob turk money. right there. >> as big as your thumb that thing. that's it for us. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news st
6:59 pm
>> pelley: tonight, the obamacare signup falls short by 80%. insurance purchases stumble, but more americans do find hope in medicaid. major garrett and nancy cordes had a first look at obamacare's impact. rescue workers hammer throw the hungry and homeless after the supertyphoon. seth doane is in the middle of it. aeurt security screening that cost nearly one billion dollars may be a fill your. bob orr has the government investigation. and in prison for years for a murder he didn't commit, ryan ferguson is free. >> first thing i did was talk to my parents and kiss my girlfriend. >> pelley: erin moriarty of 48 hours has the remarkable story. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there hasn't been so much anticipation about a number since a record jackpot


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